The Tinsmen Podcast

The Tinsmen Podcast

Adulting may have tried to rob us of our spirit, but it hasn't taken our love of a cold tin and a laugh with our mates. A good dose of judgmental commentary, heavy on the sarcasm and unwilling to let facts ruin a yarn. Or a rant. If you're old enough to know better but still to young to care, get yourself a cold one and waste some time with The Tinsmen.


July 3, 2024 86 mins

Second Half Escalation Incoming. As More tins go down, the excitement comes up.

Wrapping up the Midget Mission

Bit more listener input.

Are Dildoes so name because of Dill Pickles?

Premixed tins are no good for old people, but stay tuned for Mystery Gins.

Do you want to see a Great Smash Off?

Keelz isn’t salty about losing a cooking competition 12 years ago.

Polish Tacos.


Keelz has a Spotify Update!!!!!! Strap in folks!!!!

Mark as Played

Paulies taste of Westralia

Not being shit - generally. Some are doing better than others. All better than us.

Phone books

WA is excellent. Perth is ok, mediocre at best.

Quokkas vs Quakkas

Family holidays and the shitstorm that goes with it.

Division on beach carts. Paulie innovates - road train beach carts.


Mark as Played

A small departure from the norm, Let us know what you think.

It was an absolute pleasure recording with these two. Relaxing, in the bush, shootin' the shit with some salt of the earth legends.

Big thanks to @brugan brewing for bringing the beers. A most excellent Mid-strength IPA. And Adrift Brewing (coming soon) for the Hazy. Get around ém.

Now semi-retired much earlier than most, Jed and Kel spend their time working a couple of m...

Mark as Played

Second half of the 2024 Opener comin' atcha!

More on Keelz car gathering 

Garz' missus is an epic tightarse. Which is handy for him because he can't fix a coffee machine.

Mystery Beers from Deep Elite Brewing

Garz enables a rambling shark monologue from Johnsy.

Trevs Love List

Garz cops a fair bit about his parents sex life.

Shit hats.

Jocks are optional.

Taking Jet skis to the next level. Well, another level. Probably not a good o...

Mark as Played

Update on Garz’ Hamscapades

Festy communal swimming holes.

No British Racing Green. No sparkles. No closure. But a short east coast adventure. Let us know if you want to see the footage.

Either end of the scale on FB Muppetplace and fancy products.

Johnsy comes clean about pink drinks.

Old manning the kids slang.


Mark as Played

Merry Tinsmas!!

Mariah Carey, weird Christmas Carol Lyrics

Drone shows are not fireworks.

We were wrong about E-Scooters

Snarting; now you know that’s a thing.

Christmas staples to roadhouse staples

Bibs. Paul eats a lot of stuff that’s not food.

We need you to start bullying sponsors for us.

Professional Shorts, Steel capped thongs.

Keelz gets crafty. Noni Hazelhurst crafty, not craft beers, but there is craft beers too. Shows us ...

Mark as Played

The boys have been let out in public and took the oppourtunity (geddit?) to head to PHAT Brew Club and catch  up with Lachie from Perth Dude Food (Insta, TikTok) and No Crying in the Cool Room Podcast (YT, Insta, TikTok and all good poddy spots).

A mint arvo of Yarns, Tasty Beers (Special mention to the Phat and Juicy NEIPA) and some equally tasty burgers was had and the result is some very confused ...

Mark as Played
October 31, 2023 147 mins

Garz has been Eurotrippin

Bit of listener feedback

Australia post is trying to start shit

Go fast smoker bits,

Wrestle skate roller jam; world chase Tag

Shitty internet, planes are fuckin old

Shit on sticks and Keelz love/hate relationship with Darwin

Dodgy marketing directions and equally dodgy FB Marketplace listings.

Garz gets amongst some Man on Man action in Turkey

Far too much chat about scrambled eggs. Le us how boring you f...

Mark as Played

Fat bastards talk chicken and hotsauce aftermath.

Which obviously leads to faecal transplants. Clean snaps are the key to happiness.

Complain about China all you want, but they’ve been delivering the bargains for years.

 Rich people get no sympathy.

Obscure extreme sports – Everything you can dream it to be. But always descends to pornography or death.

Lamenting seasonal and limited release beers.

If you’re old, jam something betwe...

Mark as Played

Due to some technical difficulties, the lads needed to fix the game so as to not break their promise of an episode per month. This one also got a bit long so the call was made to split this one in half. So fear not, the title will make more sense when part 2 comes out.

In this first instalment:

Keelz still doesn't know what British racing green with sparkles looks like

Banh Mi – All about the bread. Nobody wants bunnings mouth


Mark as Played

Stout and whiskey – a questionable combination

Warroora Wrap up

Keelz is officially in old cunt territory a mint boys trip was had to commemorate; a story about a fish none of them caught  – but Johnsy is still claiming both Skipper and boat dad credits for; there’s no need to exaggerate already bragworthy fish, but Red Rooster Rotisserie Rankin IS worth bragging about.

Anal probing is imminent – the lads have checked with an actua...

Mark as Played
June 30, 2023 106 mins

Gday Hop Hoovers, this ones a bit out of sequence but sometimes thats gotta b done in the name of good times.

In this one........

Ferrari, stop scaring the kids; Sex kit handycraft facebook groups; Bit of chat about sourdough;  Is Keelz in a bottleo matrix?

Human zoo – People arguing about cartoons,  getting cranky at people doing the same thing as you.

5 minute life hack videos are only hacking your time. But aggravating people is...

Mark as Played

FOMO in random Facebook groups; Spousal tick checks; Colourful Characters of Cockburn; Keelz great business ideas for lazy entrepreneurs.

2 cans 1 Cup. 

Debate: Dishwashers - Scandinavian Architects vs Methed up Racoons

Spotify. Would be a Tinners ep without us bitching about Spotify?

Domestic dunny dramas

Blind curiousity.

Looooootta talk about Rocky Ridge Brewing; we dip ou...

Mark as Played

Garz still doesn’t get Flamingoes

Either end of the sour spectrum. A bad sour could sour your view of sours

Radioactive poo. Yes, it’s a thing  

More on our curiosity with blindness. FYI- not taking the piss out of blind people, genuinely empathically curious as to what it’s like.

Stay tuned for a blind ep in the future.

Giving Garz Shit about his g...

Mark as Played
March 28, 2023 123 mins

Opening with a variety of tasty beefy treats, the boys get into;

Bond films and cartoons brainwashed us into distrusting Russian people

Meat smorgasbord and how chimichurri goes with everything. Let us know if ice cream and cinnamon doughnuts are on the list

Burger Dimensions and what’s with dunkin em in stuff??!!

Tacos: aussies are fucking them up, so we’re renaming them. Introducing Nacho Burgers and Taco liners

Mambo and sunburn...

Mark as Played

Happy New Beers Tinners!

Yeah, yeah, we're a couple of weeks in, but being the first for '23, it's gotta be said.

The boys kick off 2023 talking about what they'd do if they won lotto; Post-chrissy catch up. Pud (of course); the face Garz pulls while eating Glace Cherries; Is it Glassed, Glass, Glazed, Glah-say, or Glazeer cherries? Ham. So. Much Ham. Prawn face d!cks. Aaaaaand what everyone got (or didn't get) for christmas feat. ...

Mark as Played

Merry Christmas Tinners! In the first Chrissy Pudcast:

Improving trainos and helping out drunk mugs

Email signature fuckery


Old man chat: Garz is into sourdough, Lawn - Johnsy wants the kids to keep TF off it, Keelz would like his neighbour to make more of an effort with his.

What has happened to professional dress standards?


Mark as Played

This time round, the boys catch up and swap of few old yarns with old mate Nick Thake. Marine Biologist, Commercial Diver turned Wedding Photographer.

As the title suggests, Nick does his best work with his fly down.

The boys talk Orcas, sharks, fish, brides and other things found in the ocean. 

Keep your ears peeled for a sweet Dad Joke, it's so slick you may miss it.

Mates who bought a pub together and we plug our mates beers. Wh...

Mark as Played
September 8, 2022 90 mins

The Space Turtle beers really kick in on this one. So blame Garage Project for what you're about to hear.

Garz goes all wanky workshop in his garage; Baiting on Gumtree and the online marketplace minefield

Garz cooks the mystery beers and turns into an Indian 4-Packer but Keelz comes to the Mystery Beer Rescue; Rebekah Tisch

Shops that bring in Self Service Checkouts are encouraging questionable behaviour and Dad Jokes

Garz likes t...

Mark as Played

Part 2 of the WACA & FTF Bushcast ft. Taylor Daw in the Guest Host spot.

We find out where Pete prefers his cake and what the lads don't like to eat. Spoilers: It's not cake.

Harry brings and elephant into the room. The "Big Pages" and their place in social media Kangaroo Courts. Harrys thoughts on ripping skids and picking up your shit.

Harry tries to get Keelz to fight his wife over pumpkin and #wifewars is born.

We smash a 6-pac...

Mark as Played

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