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March 27, 2024 126 mins
On this episode of What Happened When, Tony and Conrad are delivering some WHWMonday Patreon magic with a double dose of WrestleMania action! This BONUS SHOW topic comes from LKBH Travis Carter of Louisville, who wrote: "...Wrestlemania 8, specifically the Savage/Flair and Hogan/Sid double main events. I am originally from Bloomington IN and was lucky enough to have attended WM 8 as a high school senior. A carload of buddies and I got tickets mostly to see the Nature Boy live and were disappointed when we got there and saw our seats were obstructed by the scaffolding that held up the video boards. So myself and 2 other guys noticed 3 great seats that were not being used and sat there the whole show. I remember loving the Hart/Piper and Flair matches and being confused by the finish of Hogan/Sid. I also remember thing Liz was the most beautiful human I'd ever seen. Love the shows and look forward to hearing your thoughts..." This BONUS SHOW topic comes from Pastor Tim Sensabaugh of Naples, Florida. He remembers the main event of WrestleMania 21 when Bautista won the World Title. Tim wrote:  "...I selected this match because it represents an intersectional time in my life professionally, personally, and in the specific context of my wrestling fandom. During my early days in college, I would get together with two close friends Kurt & Chris for an “unsanctioned PPV watch-a-long” with members of the Christian student club during the Monday night wars. After graduating from seminary, Kurt & Chris went overseas to mainland China for a two-year multi-cultural mission and I accepted my first pastoral position at a local church in central Florida. When the first promo for Wrestlemania 21 aired announcing WM21 would be in Los Angeles, I immediately thought about Kurt & Chris. They were scheduled to return from their extended trip to China right before WM21. We all agreed that we would reunite at WM21. So going into WM21 I was primed for a change and there was nobody I was more invested in as a fan than Batista. He is the only wrestler I can remember following from the very beginning of his career until the very top of his career..." MANSCAPED - Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code WHW at BLUECHEW - Try BlueChew FREE when you use our promo code WHW at checkout--just pay $5 shipping. That’s , promo code WHW to receive your first month FREE FANATICS: From the NFL, MLB, to college football and beyond, Fanatics is the ultimate fan gear store! The next time you - or someone you know - gear up with Fanatics, you can support What Happened When too simply by using our dedicated link! STARRCAST - Be part of the very first international STARRCAST in Australia! Get tickets and information at SAVE WITH CONRAD - Stop throwing your money on rent! Get into a house with NO MONEY DOWN and roughly the same monthly payment at ADVERTISE WITH WHW - If your business targets 25-54 year old men, there's no better place to advertise than right here with us on What Happened When. You've heard us do ads for some of the same companies for years...why? Because it works! And with our super targeted audience, there's very little waste. Go to now and find out more about advertising with WHW. Get all of your WHW merchandise at On, you get early, ad-free access to more than a dozen of your favorite wrestling podcasts, starting at just $9! And now, you can enjoy the first week...completely FREE! Sign up for a free trial - and get a taste of what Ad Free Shows is all about. Start your free trial today at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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