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Geek Therapy Radio Podcast

We're ALL geeks about something, so embrace your inner geek! Join your "Mental Curator" Johnny Hemberger each week as we explore our many, many exhibits of geekdom in an open, fun, and heartfelt way! Subscribe on YouTube! Contact info and much more


June 8, 2024 39 mins
What does the future hold for Geek Therapy Radio after this final broadcast?
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My HOA said I'm not allowed to build a beautful office shed that will increase value and curb I want to park a giant eyesore on my driveway instead. A converted cargo van...
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Rambling about my experience with the ROG Ally while I drive around the Texas coast birdwatching.
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Pi 5 talk @ 8:55. I'm testing this new podcast format, so let's talk about the Raspberry Pi 5!

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The U.S. Tik Tok "Ban" is just a thinly veiled attempt at a money grab. Your free speech doesn't matter if there's money to be made.
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Why the Apple Car was cancelled and why I upgraded earlier than usual to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

* I meant the MODEL S was introduced in 2012 (Not X)

0:00 Intro
0:28 Apple Car Cancelled
13:10 Current state of EV market
26:41 Z Fold 4 Woes
35:00 S24 Ultra
#samsung #samsungs24ultra #apple #applecar
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My Z Fold 4 is acting up...and that's got me thinking about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra sooner than I typically do phone upgrades.
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Yeah, I didn't mean that Apple "doesn't spend a dime on R&D", so let me clarify...

Apple Stats
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Many early VR adopters (Oculus, Quest, HTC Vive, etc...) might be skeptical if Apple can solve or overcome the VR hurdles we are very well aware of. Can Apple Vision Pro defeat the laws of physics?

Podcast available everywhere, search "Geek Therapy Radio Podcast"
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In this podcast episode, I talk about how the sub-$1,000 Sony ZV-1 is above and beyond a simple point-and-shoot and has become a versatile, indispensable tool for run-n-gun videographers and content creators.

Podcast available everywhere



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I finally collided with the ROG how has it been?
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Me + Adult Beverages + Electric Scooter = I'm too old for this...but it was VERY fun.
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December 1, 2023 39 mins
After all of the missed deadlines and hype, the Cybertruck is official taking deliveries.

My other podcasts:

Science Bites

Tut Tut, Now What

Total Eclipse of the Pod

Sharks: Tooth be Told
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November 10, 2023 39 mins
DeLorean hype has reached critical mass. There are now at least 3 "DeLoreans" in the works from 3 different "DeLorean" companies. This is heavy.

DeLorean GTO

DeLorean Next Generation
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At some point in the 3rd segment (19:11) I began to ponder my first car and some of the wacky things I did to it...
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Starfield discussion starts ~ 16:50 (or a little past, depending on ads...), but before then, I offer a little insight and encouragement to those curious about starting their own podcast.

Mark as Played
As digital artists, whether audio, graphic, or otherwise, sometimes the best thing we can do for our art is to go analog.
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In segment 4 (@29:00 ish..) I dive into my current PC build...a power effecient but BALLER SFF PC "reasonable budget" gaming/workstation!

The build:

CPU: 65w TDP, 12 core/24 thread, Ryzen 9 5900
GPU: 70w TDP RTX A2000 6GB
RAM: 32GB 3600Mhz CL18
NVME SSD: 2TB 5000r/5000w
PSU: 300w SFX
CASE: Silverstone ML06-E

5900 (65w TDP) vs 5900X (105w TDP) gaming benchmark video I mentio...
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Despite being a major player in hybrid vehicles, Toyota has yet to fully plug into the EV marketplace. Recently, the automaker has made bold promises to mass produce solid state battery EVs within this decade that offer 745 miles of range and a full charge within 10 almost sounds too good to be true...
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If you know of a USB Type-C or Thunderbolt dongle/hub that worksflawlessly between EVERY device you own (PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad, etc...) I'm all ears. So far I haven't found one. Only some that are "better" than others. There is usually some trade-off from device to device.

This has been the "least bad" dongle I've used (not on Amazon anymore...)
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