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2-16-19 - Movers & Shakers - Tim Sink - Movers & Shakers

Movers & Shakers

Dr. Deborah and Jack are joined on Movers & Shakers by Tim Sink, President of the Concord Chamber of Commerce! New Hampshire’s largest and most vibrant Chamber, the Concord Chamber of Commerce serves more than 950 businesses and organizations, and for over twenty-six years, Tim has led this growth. He is responsible for carrying out the many programs and activities of the Chamber including the Capital Area Student Leadership (CASL) program. Through CASL, New Hampshire’s youth is being inspired to become active, effective participants and leaders in their schools and community. More than 675 students have graduated from this program over the last two decades.
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2-16-19 - Movers & Shakers - Tim Sink - Movers & Shakers