Movers & Shakers
Dr. Deborah Osgood & Jack Heath explore what makes leaders tick through a series of interviews and discussions. Hear the stories of leaders from all over the country.

Movers and Shakers - Joe Faro

December 12, 201822 min
Joining Dr. Deborah and Jack on Movers & Shakers is Joe Faro, founder and ‘Head Food Taster’ of Tuscan Brands. With store and restaurant locations in Salem, Burlington, and Portsmouth, and the ongoing development of the Tuscan Village in Salem, this mover and shaker has successfully brought an authentic taste of Italy to New England. With a strong, passionate vision, Joe has proven that success is always possible, even when those closest to him doubted him. He is well-known for being hands-on in his restaurants, helping out employees and customers alike, and his generosity to the community, such as the annual Veterans Day Luncheon offering a free lunch to veterans living in the Salem and Burlington areas. His efforts have led to numerous praises and awards including 2017 Restaurateur of the Year.