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In April of 2018, Ahni Malachi was named Executive Director of the New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights, a state agency dedicated to enforcing the state’s anti-discrimination laws. Even though this position is new to Ahni, the desire to be of service is not. Prior to her Directorship, she was the Public Service Manager for six years at WMUR, where she managed and executed public serve announcement (PSA) campaigns in excess of $2 million in “in-kind” airtime annually for local non-profits and community organizations. As a PSA producer, Ahni won several awards including multiple NH Association of Broadcasters (NHAB Awards, an Emmy for her collaboration with the DEA, and an official commendation from the NH Department of Safety/State Police for the “I Am A New Hampshire State Trooper” Campaign. Ahni believes her steadfast personality and a genuine desire for all to feel heard, allows her to see past surface issues and look to the heart of any matter.
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Movers and Shakers - Ahni Malachi  - Movers & Shakers