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Executive Director for Ipswich Caring, Cheryl Forster-Cahill has lead a diverse and exciting career path. An educator for most of her life, her path began as a pre-med student at Northeastern University. From there, she transferred and graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a B.A. in Sociology and Psychology and began working for Aer Lingus. It wasn’t until she settled down and began raising her children that she found her career steer toward education. As an educator, she pioneered the integration of technology into the Ipswich Middle and High School, and was actively involved in the planning and building of the new Middle and High School buildings as Principal of Ipswich Middle School. Cheryl’s outstanding leadership was recognized several times throughout her career including being named the Massachusetts Middle School Principal of the Year in 2007. Through Ipswich Caring, a volunteer-run non-profit providing support to families in need, she continues to be a leader in her community even into her retirement.
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