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Best of: Stream It, Post It, Farm It | FULL SHOW | #145

August 27, 201684 min
Need some help choosing the best streaming method? We can help! Also, have you ever posted something on social media that you knew you shouldn't have? You're not alone, but you should definitely be careful about what you put on the World Wide Web. We have a testimonial to prove it. | Download Full Episode #145

Segment 1: Get Into Streaming! | Download Segment 1
Are you looking to get into the streaming world and ditch your cable or satellite provider? We help Rich Connors determine which streaming device will cover as many of his prerequisites as possible.

Segment 2: The Hunt Continues | Download Segment 2
Richard Chemel offers up an unorthodox solution to our streaming service dilemma, Blackchip Media's IPTV, although we have some questions about its legality. Then, Jason comments on the portability of the smaller streaming boxes, and Xbox One's ability to integrate cable TV and all streaming services.

Segment 3: Chrome Vs Fire | Download Segment 3
When it comes to streaming sticks, there are two real contenders for your wallet: Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick. We discuss their key distinctions, like Chromecast's ability to connect your computer to your TV, and Fire TV's voice control.

Segment 4: Consoles Vs Apple TV | Download Segment 4
When it comes to simplified home entertainment system a gaming console like Playstation or Xbox might be your best option. Jason explains how these two consoles might be the best option for anyone looking for a consolidated device. Also, learn why turning to cloud storage and using an Apple TV could be just the thing you need.

Segment 5: Akoustik Indiegogo | Download Segment 5
Don't miss your opportunity to get your hands on the "A" by AkousticArts, the speaker that only you can hear! Business Developer, Matthieu Ventelon, fills us in on their upcoming Indiegogo campaign that will enable early backers to get these speakers for 65% off!

Segment 6: Skits Tech Case | Download Segment 6
The Skits Tech Case is great for anyone who works with electronics in their job. Find out why Gregg says this case is one of the best engineered cases of its type.

Segment 7: All Joking Aside | Download Segment 7
Be careful what you post on social media, it could come back to haunt you! Clear Founder, Ethan Czahor, tells the story of his appointment and quick loss of his job as Jeb Bush's CTO.

Segment 8: Let's Be Clear | Download Segment 8
If you're scared you may have made some incriminating tweets or Facebook posts in the past, there is hope for you. Founder Ethan Czahor tells us about his new app, Clear, that examines all of your past posts and brings your attention to things you've said that could be questionable.

Segment 9: Clean Up Your Act | Download Segment 9
If you're thinking about working in the realm of politics or somewhere else in the public eye, get on Clear's waitlist and be notified when it comes out! Clear will show you questionable content from your social media pages and give you the option to delete it.

Segment 10: Wakey Wakey | Download Segment 10
Are you tired of being jarred out of sleep by a startling alarm clock? Lucera Labs' William Rusell tells us about their new Kickstarter campaign, the Wak?, a sunrise simulation alarm clock with the frame work for updates in the future to do multitudes of other things for your morning routine.

Segment 11: Farmer Graham | Download Segment 11
Our teen tech tester, Graham Hill, is back with an interesting business idea to apply smart technology to farming.

Segment 12: Future Farms | Download Segment 12
What if you could play Farmville for real and take home a share of the crop? From remote gardening to crowd sourced crops, we discuss the possibilities of social farming.

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