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Burgeoning Tech at CES 2016 | FULL SHOW | #114

January 12, 201682 min
3,600 exhibitors share 2.5 million square feet of space at the Las Vegas convention center for the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show to bring you the latest and greatest from the tech world! We delve into this melting pot of technology to bring you the most exciting news from the show floor.
Segment 1: GoSun E-Grill
With the ability to cook a meal for eight using solar power, the GoSun Grill is a hit with green-minded outdoor enthusiasts, and CEO & Founder, Patrick Sherwin, is excited to announce the next step. By popular demand, the GoSun E-Grill allows for cooking at night, dusk, or dawn! Find out how!
Segment 2: Wi-Fi HaLow
Most people don't know that Wi-Fi technology is promoted and certified by an organization known as the Wi-Fi Alliance. VP of Marketing, Kevin Robinson, gets us ready to connect our devices at greater range and through tougher obstacles with Wi-Fi HaLow.
Segment 3: Zolt Charger
Ditch that awkwardly large laptop charging pack and pick up a Zolt Charger. Head of Global Marketing, Steve Gibson, gives us the lowdown on the world's smallest laptop charger, and it's convenient size that fits right in your pocket.
Segment 4: Unimpressed at CES
From multitudes of iPhone cases with little to differentiate them, to more of the same in televisions, Richard Chemel is disappointed with CES this year. One thing that does have our attention though is the resurgence of record players, like the Panasonic Technics, and the novelty that comes with it.
Segment 5: EnerPlex
Charge your iPhone, Samsung, or iPad anywhere with EnerPlex's wide array of solar charging battery packs. Manager of Brand Development Justin Jacobs, MBA fills us in on the new hotness from EnerPlex, including the Jumpr Fit, Jumpr Pro, and Jumpr Fit IQ, which is their first inductive charging solution.
Segment 6: Edyn Smart Gardening
Paint your brown thumb green with the Edyn Smart Gardening system. Founder & CEO, Jason Aramburu, gives us the scoop on their solar powered Edyn Garden Sensor and water valve that allow you to check in on your garden from anywhere and give your plants just the right amount of water and love.
Segment 7: Catalyst Waterproof Cases
When it comes to waterproof cases for iPhones, and now Apple Watches, nothing even comes close to the award winning design of Catalyst cases. Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Josh Wright, assures us that their cases must pass rigorous testing down to 165ft depth, and barely add any thickness!
Segment 8: The Pulse of CES
We find out what is all the buzz this year from Engadget Editor-In-Chief, Michael Gorman, from virtual reality to connected home technology. Michael shares what is exciting him the most this year, from new connected car features form Chevrolet, Ford, and Audi, to LG's rolled OLED screens.
Segment 9: Piper
Keep your house safe with the Piper All-In-One Wireless Security System. VP of Marketing, Jason Domangue, tells us about Piper's multitude of features, including connectability with all Z-Wave compatible products, a 105 decibel siren, and an iOS/Android app that lets you control it from anywhere!
Segment 10: LifeFuels
Need a smart cup that can monitor your water intake and dispense necessary vitamins, minerals, and flavors into your beverage? Product Designer, Todd Metland, tells us why the LifeFuels smart cup is the perfect way to get on track with your water consumption.
Segment 11: SKROSS Adapter
If you've traveled internationally, you know the struggle of trying to charge your electronics. SKROSS' Sam Gerber explains how the World Travel Adapter can help you find the right adapter for the country you are in just by adjusting a slider!
Segment 12: Tech, Not-So Nerdy
As technology branches out to fill all aspects of life, being a tech nerd loses its stigma. CTA Senior Coordinator, Danielle Cassagnol, keeps us informed on what's new and what's next at CES, and shares some of her favorite tech, like the FitBit fitness tracker.

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