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Encore: Google Fiber and Home Automation | FULL SHOW | #116

January 30, 201684 min
This week Jason and Gregg discuss the rising tide of Google Fiber in urban centers. Then, we delve into the benefits and challenges of home automation. Plus, the Apple v. PC battle rages on.
Segment 1: Google Fiber
Google Fiber is coming to Gregg's home town in Raleigh, North Carolina. How will Google Fiber change the game for internet providers, attract new start ups, and save you cash?
Segment 2: Invigorating Effects
How noticeable is the speed difference for businesses who switch to Google Fiber? Jeff Rorh discusses the invigorating effect Google Fiber has had on Kansas City Starup Village.
Segment 3: Squareoffs
Squareoffs, an online debate platform focusing on sports, politics and entertainment, made the move to a residential area of Kansas City for Google Fiber. Founder Jeff Rohr describes the rocky rollout process of Google Fiber in the early months.
Segment 4: Home Automation
Don't be scared off by high price tags. You can begin automating your home for less that $100. Richard Gunther of Digital Media Zone shares his favorite products to get connected at an affordable price point.
Section 5: Digital Media Zone
If you're a hobbyist who wants to set up your own media viewing experience in your home, Digital Media Zone has the information you need. We discuss the lack of official standards in home automation and electronics and how to navigate which standards to trust.
Segment 6: Wi-Fi Compatible
Remote sensors and other Wi-Fi Compatible devices bring some piece-of-mind when away from the home. We discuss the benefits of products like Wally Home Sensor and Nest Thermostat and Smoke Alarm.
Segment 7: WEMO
WEMO is a home system that plugs into your power sockets and controls aspects of your home remotely, like lights and air conditioners, while leaving the socket available for use. Jason evaluates the usefulness of WEMO in his own home.
Segment 8: JamStik Trial 2.0
JamStik, the 16-inch stringed portable guitar impressed both Gregg and Jason while at CES. Gregg's household puts the JamStik to the test. Will it live up to Jason's stellar reviews?
Segment 9: Apple Chargers
Apple is at the forefront of the technology race, as displayed by their massive earnings, but when will they conform to a standard charger? We debate.
Segment 10: Apple's Success
"Its worse than McDonalds" Gregg remarks in reference to the high turnover/low quality found in Apple's competitors. We discuss the importance of convenience, quality and price when buying new tech.
Segment 11: Computers Read Emotions
Computers are soon to be able to detect emotions and mental disorders. How can these advances help reduce unwanted outbursts and what are the ethical concerns of such monitoring?
Segment 12: Just Ask Facebook
Will emotional monitoring be used to help or hinder our relationships? Kim Garretson sounds off.

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