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Encore: Internet, TV and Human Augmentation | FULL SHOW | #119

February 20, 201684 min
Gizmodo Senior Editor, Adam Clark Estes, joins us to talk about the FCC, net neutrality, and lobbyists. Then, we discuss some upcoming Apple ventures and their new Apple Watch. Digital Media Zone Editor, Richard Gunther, tells us why we should accept TiVo back into our lives.
Segment 1: Net Neutrality
Not generally known for making popular decisions, the FCC recently passed the strongest set of net neutrality rules and is in high favor for them. Gizmodo Senior Writer, Adam Clark Estes, joins us to discuss the net neutrality ruling.
Segment 2: ISP Temper Tantrum
Large ISPs are grasping at straws after the FCC net neutrality ruling. We observe the carnal mudslinging contest.
Segment 3: Go Home Lobbyist
Big corporate lobbyists dollars are hampering the advancement of technology. We analyze how present regulations are stifling the evolution of the internet.
Segment 4: The Apple Event
The Apple Event is coming fast! We know the Apple Watch will be there but what else does Apple have to show us? Also, we speculate about Apple entering the car industry.
Segment 5: Stick Schtick
Do you find the wide array of devices needed to catch all of your favorite shows cumbersome or annoying? Jason feels the same way! We explore possible solutions with Digital Media Zone Editor, Richard Gunther.
Segment 6: Embrace the TiVo
How is TiVo staying relevant in this streaming day and age? We discuss TiVo OnePass and TiVo's streaming service as a streaming alternative.
Segment 7: Retail Wars
Amazon is setting the pace for the future of Retail. The Amazon Echo is a WiFi Bluetooth speaker that can stream Amazon music, and uses voice recognition to order things off Amazon.com for you.
Segment 8: Family Fun Echo
Amazon Echo can be a fun family activity with the questions and answers feature. We debate the actual value of this device in a world where the features are already present elsewhere.
Segment 9: Reality Bent
Virtual reality is not be a figment of our imagination anymore. Magic Leap, one of the biggest start up companies ever, is promising to bring us the next generation of virtual reality in the near future.
Segment 10: Exercise Coach
Want to get fit but don't have time for a lifestyle change? Founder and CEO of the Exercise Coach, Brian Cygan, tells us about his new fitness gyms that use technology to give you real time feedback and promise a better physique with only 40 minutes a week.
Segment 11: Transhuman Emergence
Are you a cyborg? According to Jason, anybody with a mechanical implant or prosthetic limbs is probably a cyborg. The lines of acceptable human augmentation are blurring.
Segment 12: Cyborg Body Mod
WiFi Breast? Implanted Bluetooth Earphones? How far is too far when it comes to body augmentation?

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