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Encore: NASA, Music, and Gadgets | FULL SHOW | #103

March 7, 201684 min
Looking for your last pair of headphones ever? Want to go to Mars? You can do one of those right now, and it's sadly the obvious one; but stay tuned for NASA's plans for the future and the latest gadgets, phone apps, and Tesla's futuristic car tech.
Segment 1: Master & Dynamic
If audio is your life, you need a pair of Master & Dynamic MH40 headphones. Master & Dynamic Founder and CEO, Jonathan Levine (@MasterDynamic), and Jason explain the high quality and level of craftsmanship to be found in these headphones.
Segment 2: Quality-philes
Neodymium, quality brass or aluminum, and lamb skin create a signature sound profile specific to Master & Dynamic products. Jonathan Levine (@MasterDynamic) tells us what lead him to use the materials he does in his products, like brass in the new ME05 earbuds.
Segment 3: Water On Mars
Thanks to increasingly defined picture quality, scientists have found water flows on Mars! NASA (@NASA) Solar System Ambassador, Matt Funke (@TurnLeftAtMars), describes the kind of water and the possibilities, however small, of life beneath the surface of Mars.
Segment 4: NASA's Game Plan
NASA has revealed their long range plans and they have the little kid in Matt Funke (@TurnLeftAtMars) very excited. The government funded space program aims to have regular manned missions to Mars by 2046.
Segment 5: Aspire One Cloudbook
If you need a work or college laptop with just the right bang for your buck, the Aspire One Cloudbook by Acer is the perfect solution. ERN Production Assistant, Cody Castleberry (@ERN_Live), recently tested the $199 dollar laptop and reports to us with his findings.
Segment 6: Model X Tech
In the auto world, Tesla seems to have the upper hand when it comes to technology. Cody Castleberry (@ERN_Live) informs us about the Tesla Model X and some of it's key features, including an ultrasonic door sensor for it's Falcon Wing doors.
Segment 7: The Bazillion Dollar Club
Your next ride share could land you the business opportunity of a life time. Dave McClure (@davemcclure) tells us about the startup that pitched to him via #pitchvctaxi. Occurrences like this lead Bazillion Dollar Club Hosts, Dave McClure and Brady Forrest (@Brady), to make a show about the tech start up industry.
Segment 8: Start-Up, Fall Down
Dave McClure (@davemcclure) and Brady Forrest (@brady) give us a preview of the Bazillion Dollar Club's five remaining episodes this season on SyFy. Then, we learn about some of the startups that didn't quite work out, like a company that ended up using funding to buy themselves a new car.
Segment 9: Build-A-Bot
Meccano (@OfficialMeccano) is bringing robotics and programming to the classroom with their build-a-robot, Meccanoid Personal Robot. Product Designer, Andres Garza, walks us through all the possibilities and teaching capabilities of this kid-friendly robot.
Segment 10: Data Shaming
A new feature in iOS 9 called Wi-Fi assist is eating up people's data. Kim Garretson (@KimGarretson) lets us know about this data-draining setting and a data-shaming feature that reveals to iPhone users which apps are using the most data.
Segment 11: Custom News Letters
After views on their home page dropped 50% year after year, New York Times decided to change their approach. Kim Garretson (@KimGarretson), describes how the media outlet let their audience choose their topics of interest and garnered restored levels of traffic to their web site.
Segment 12: Tinder For Music
When you're on the hunt for new music, Pandora and other similar apps might fall short with limited skips. Our man-about-the-internet, Kim Garretson (@KimGarretson), introduces us to a new app called The Best Song that is the self-proclaimed tinder for music discovery.

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