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Mike Etchart at NAMM | FULL SHOW | #117

February 10, 201683 min
The National Association of Music Merchants show is one of the biggest trade shows of the year. This soul enriching, musicians dream was the birth place of the Consumer Electronics Show, and has been around for 115 years! Find out what's going on in the music industry, from Daisy Rock Guitars, to the musicians market place: Reverb.com.
Segment 1: What is NAMM?
Mike Etchart takes the reins of Pop Tech Radio this week as we explore NAMM. What is NAMM? Director of Public Relations, Lora Bodmer, fills us in on this 115 year old trade show, which was the birth place of the Consumer Electronics Show, founded in 1901 by piano merchants.
Segment 2: Daisy Rock Guitars
As an aspiring female musician in Los Angeles in the 1980's, Tish Ciravolo always noticed a little discrimination in the market. Years later, one of her daughters drawings inspired her to found Dasiy Rock Girl Guitars and make fretted instruments for girls.
Segment 3: Happy 100th, Dreadnought
Martin Guitars has been one of the pioneers of acoustic guitars since the early 1800's. Artist and 58 year NAMM veteran, Dick Boak, gives us the history behind their 100 year anniversary celebration of the Dreadnought guitar.
Segment 4: Valuable Guitars
When Dick Boak started at Martin Guitars, they were still using old assembly methods and tools, but as tech has advanced, so have their methods. Dick tells us about his museum displays based on the old builder's stations and what a vintage dreadnought guitar might fetch from a rich collector these days.
Segment 5: Acoustic Resurgence
Eric Clapton's Unplugged album in 1992 spured on a resurgence of acoustic guitars. We chat with Dick Boak about this resurgence that's still happening today, their new John Lennon D38, and the Ballad of the Dreadnought film to be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival in May.
Segment 6: Pro Tools
If you need a Digital Audio Workstation to help you record like a pro, then Avid Technologies' Pro Tools is for you. Worldwide Pro Audio & Pro Mixing Segment Marketing Manager, Tom Graham, tells us about their new feature, Avid Cloud Collaboration, which allows you to connect over the internet and work on the same session with your fellow musicians.
Segment 7: Reverb.com
If you've ever tried to search "Fender" on Ebay, you may have run into a problem! Reverb.com International Outreach Specialist, Rachel Geistfeld, explains how their site is the marketplace for musicians, and why their all-musician staff can be sure to provide the best service to their customers.
Segment 8: First Time At NAMM!
Who better to help you buy your next musical instrument than other enthusiastic musicians?! Rachel Geistfeld gives testimonial to the shopping power of Reverb.com, and describes her exhausting, and exciting, first time at NAMM.
Segment 9: A Musicians' Candy Store
Being at NAMM is a soul enriching experience for any musician or enthusiast. Del Breckenfeld and Mike Etchart chat about the cool people they get to run into at the National Association of Music Merchants trade show.
Segment 10: Period Correct
We take a stroll down memory lane with Del Breckenfeld as he tells us about his work matching period correct instruments with their parts in the film industry.
Segment 11: Fender History
Have you ever noticed in commercials or films when they black out the logos in inconspicuous ways? Del Breckenfeld says they probably didn't buy rights to use their name! Del gives us some Fender history.
Segment 12: Vox AV Modeling Amps
Want to get the classic tones of many different amplifiers, but don't want to spend the money or have the room to house all of them? Korg USA Product Manager for Guitar Brands, John Stippell, informs us about their new line of Vox AV Series modeling amplifiers on display at NAMM.

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