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Pop Tech at CES 2016 part 2 | FULL SHOW | #115

January 16, 201681 min
We're back with more coverage from the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, with the insider's scoop on new products and policies.
Segment 1: Dashbon
Change the way you watch movies at home and on the go! Dasbon's Andrew Lynn fills us in on their mobile theater systems, Flicks and Mask, for the party and personal viewing experience.
Segment 2: Sensory at CES
If you've ever used a Samsung product with speech recognition, verification, or facial recognition, you've used Sensory's proprietary software. Chairman & CEO, Todd Mozer, explains how they use custom algorithms to create an experience that is 'TrulyHandsFree,' 'TrulySecure,' and 'TrulyNatural.'
Segment 3: eBlocker Mobile
Reports show, some smart refrigerators have been sending pictures of their owners and food back to corporate HQ! Talk about privacy invasion! Co-Founder & CEO, Christian Bennefeld, gives us a rundown of eBlocker, a device that anonymizes online behavior and blocks unwanted access. Also, find out how you can take advantage of this internet security tool on the go.
Segment 4: JamStik on Androids
If you're looking to learn how to play guitar, or are a 30 year veteran stringed instruments, JamStik is the guitar controller for you! Sr. Music Product Specialist, Chris Heille, describes the uses of the JamStik Pro and announces Android M compatibility!
Segment 5: YouTube on Dish
We've been saying it, satellite and cable companies need to get on the streaming bandwagon, and now Dish Network has! Product Communicator, Paris Bradley, fills us in on the features of the Hopper 3, including 16 tuners and the ability to stream YouTube and Netflix.
Segment 6: Monster Blaster & Fatality
Monster always has a huge presence at CES, and this year is no different. Product Manager, Eric Kiner, gives us the details on the new Monster Blaster boombox, and a fresh partnership with Fatality, an award winning eSports player.
Segment 7: Flo Rida and iRig
Record interviews and musical ideas on the go with the iRig Mic Lav. Recording Artist, Flo Rida, never leaves home without his iRig products, including his iLoud Flo Rida Edition speaker. Find out why!
Segment 8: digitalSTROM
As our homes keep getting smarter, we need a way to control all of our smart appliances and home systems. digitalSTROM CEO, Martin Vesper, shares how their system streamlines your household devices, intelligently.
Segment 9: Wireless Power Consortium
A lot of people are getting rid of their frustrating, tangled charging cables and switching to Qi charging systems. Wireless Power Consortium VP of Market Development, John Perzow, explains how they bring all Qi enabled brands together into one standard, much like USB or HDMI.
Segment 10: Masterful Wireless Headphones
In a world of disposable plastic products, Master & Dynamic's metal and leather design stands out. Chief Product Officer, Drew Briggs, describes how they bring unparalleled sound quality and stylish design to the forefront, and fills us in on their new wireless MW60 headphones.
Segment 11: iKlip A/V
Get professional quality recordings at home or on the go with IK Multimedia's iRig line of products. Starr Ackerman tells us about their new iKlip A/V, the first professional audio and video capturing system that connects to any iOS or Android device.

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