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Tech, Aliens, and Internet Manners | FULL SHOW | #113

January 4, 201684 min
We examine some new tech ideas, from a home beer brewery to an isolated sound system. Then, we explore the possibilities of an alien super structure orbiting a distant star. Also, the internet is up in arms about... well, everything... pretty much always. Does the internet need to take a chill pill?
Segment 1: Brewie, Home Brewing
Do you dabble in beer brewing but don't have a lot of time to commit to it? Marcel Pal has the answer for you in his product, Brewie, a brewing computer that automates the process for you.
Segment 2: Games for Change
Gaming can be a powerful tool beyond just the realm of entertainment, i.e. Math Blaster. Games for Change President, Susanna Pollack, gives us the mission statement of her partnership with N Square. How can we create a game that will connect with audiences and get them thinking about how to make games constructive.
Segment 3: Power of Gaming
Win $10,000 for your game idea! N Square and Games for Change have partnered up to challenge people to create a game that can engage with audiences to improve nuclear security. N Square's Morgan Matthews and Games for Change's Susanna Pollack tell us more.
Segment 4: Fields of Sound
Ditch the headphones and listen to personalized field of sound without bothering your coworkers without isolating yourself. Akoustic Arts' Mattieu Ventillon gives us an overview of their speakers that create specific directional sound that is not audible by people outside of the sound zone.
Segment 5: WTF Star
There's a lot of chatter about alien superstructures being found near the star KIC8462852, or the WTF Star. NASA's Matt Funke explains what we are seeing to give us that impression, and clarifies that other things could be causing it.
Segment 6: Dyson Sphere
Could we be witnessing the construction of a Dyson Sphere? NASA's Matt Funke explores the possibilities of what we are observing around KIC8462852.
Segment 7: Pepsi Not-So-Perfect
Pepsi did a limited run of "Back To The Future" themed bottles that went on sale 45 minutes early from Walmart and Amazon.com and sold out before their proposed release time. We discuss the social media uproar with Richard Chemel. Did we mention that these were $20 bottles of Pepsi? Ouch!
Segment 8: First World Problems
Social Media explosions like the one that happened over Pepsi and Star Wars are the perfect example of how out of touch our society can be. Gregg Stebben can't stress enough: Get over it and get some perspective.
Segment 9: Range and Autopilot
Tesla released an over the air update that gave some of their cars an autopilot feature. No, no one had to return to a dealership! We chat about Tesla's technological savvy and compare their range to the Chevrolet Volt and BMW i3
Segment 10: Amazon's Rebuttal
Amazon.com has been receiving a lot of flak recently about the so-called terrible working conditions in their company. Kim Garretson tells us about Jay Carney's story that reveals Amazon's side of things.
Segment 11: Fake Review Crackdown
Fake reviews are running rampant on Amazon.com, and they are cracking down on it. We chat about Amazon's move to sue 1,000 fake reviewers, and the cultural problem of giving distorted reviews of products.
Segment 12: Picture Perfect
Kim Garretson recently went on a vacation in the Mediterranean and used that time to test out his new amazing cameras. Kim tells us about his experience with the Sony A7R and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70.

Chat About Tech, Aliens, and Internet Manners | FULL SHOW | #113

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