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Tech On The Move | FULL SHOW | #120

February 27, 201683 min
We explore the world of mobile tech with the latest from the Mobile World Congress, and tech on the go from companies like Kube and Radiomize this week on Pop Tech Radio.
Segment 1: Phone Friend
In the race to stay relevant, LG brought some new "Friends" to the table at the Mobile World Congress. TechnoBuffalo.com Editor-In-Chief, Sean Aune, fills us in on this new modular system on LG phones.
Segment 2: VR and Galaxy S7
We take a look at the VR news that came out of the Mobile World Congress, like HTC's new 'Vive' and Samsung's Galaxy Gear. Sean Aune also assures any Galaxy S6 users that they won't feel left out if they don't get a Galaxy S7, unless you really want the "Always on Display" feature.
Segment 3: iPhone 5se?
We discuss the iPhone 5se, Apple's rumored new entry level phone, with TechnoBuffalo's Sean Aune. Also, do we really need scales on our phones? Jason conjectures we may see this feature added due to phones already having the required technology.
Segment 4: The History Project
Create a meaningful narrative with your memories in an online scrapbook. The History Project Co-Founder & CEO, Niles Lichtenstein, explains how their site turns your life story into an interactive narrative.
Segment 5: Akoustic Indiegogo
Don't miss your opportunity to get your hands on the "A" by AkousticArts, the speaker that only you can hear! Business Developer, Matthieu Ventelon, fills us in on their upcoming Indiegogo campaign that will enable early backers to get these speakers for 65% off!
Segment 6: Nexia Home Intelligence
Pick and choose which features you need in your smart home with Nexia Home Intelligence. Busines Director, George Land, tells us how Nexia can help you control everything in your house from automatic door locks to connected thermostats.
Segment 7: Radiomize
Focus on your drive while staying connected via your smart phone. Founder & CEO, Shmulik Kaz, tells us about Radiomize, a smart steering wheel cover that helps you control your phone and remain safe.
Segment 8: Stop and Drive
Stay safe with Radiomize's Stop and Drive modes. Shmulik Kaz explains how these modes can detect when you are driving or stopped and block you from sending out going messages or calls while in motion.
Segment 9: Treat SmartCare
Amir Harandi had the dignity and safety of the elderly in mind when he created the Treata SmartCare System. Find out how this system can help you keep an eye on your aging parents or grandparents while giving them the independence they need.
Segment 10: Treata Smart Watch
The aim of the Treata SmartCare System was to keep elderly care affordable, and now for a limited time you can claim yours for $199 on Indiegogo. Amir Harandi fills us in on some of the features of the smart watch and its ease of use.
Segment 11: Kube
It's almost Summer time again and for all of our adventures we need a good outdoor sound system! Founder & CEO, Russell Williamson, has a solution for us with Kube, a 17"-by-23" ice chest and Bluetooth speaker that is perfect for your summer escapades!
Segment 12: Cyborg Body Mod
WiFi Breast? Implanted Bluetooth Earphones? How far is too far when it comes to body augmentation?

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