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June 7, 2024 122 mins
Matt Thomas and Ross Villarreal of The Matt Thomas Show preview the Houston Astros traveling to Los Angeles to take on the Angels in a weekend series starting Friday. Outfielder Trey Cabbage joins to talk about facing his former team and taking advantage of his time in the Majors. Matt and Ross recap the Boston Celtics defeating the Dallas Mavericks 107-89 to take game one of the NBA Finals, react to a golf reporter mistaking Citadel assistant coach Everette Sands for former NFL quarterback Vince Young, tell their "Non-Florida Stories" and more on this Anything Goes Friday.
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Lunchtimers. This is the Matt ThomasShow, twelve o one nhe Town Morning's

Trip and welcome to a Friday edition. This is the Matt Thomas Show on
Sports Talk seven. I E.So basically, you want me to chase
down the production company and find outexactly what the hell Noah Ryan's doing down
that shaft it is. It's toobad, it's too it's so freaking deep.

And number it's number fifteen in KinsasCity retiring or something that I missed
the retirement. Wait a minute,Wait a minute, don't you do this
minute? Just give it to youover and over and over again like that.
See that's the thing about me isyou guys realize we all have deficiencies
in life. Mine apparently is vitaminD. Yeah, you need more D.

Is that what you're saying? No, I don't, I want the
sun. I don't need the D. You were malnourished when it comes to
the D. Oh not malinnursed.After yesterday's me, Oh my god,
oh my goodness, I'm still fullform me yesterday. There's a Friday edition
of the Mac Tommy Show on SportsTalk seven. Anti Ross and Connor and
myself. We went to have alittle barbecue at one of the Houston's most

legendary places. But that since theydon't spend money with us, the don't
get an advertising play. It wasgreat. Uh and uh so we ate
and ate and ate, and thenyou took the leftovers. We don't have
to talk about this, okay,we well, this is depressing. We
can, though, just tell theaudience what happened. So I had a
nightcap or a Crawford box cast iswhat we did. So on Thursdays.

Yeah, uh, you guys weregracious enough to leave me with the prized
leftovers of the fantastic food that wemade. I put it in my back
seat. Normally I put food onthe floorboard, but as I am exiting
Post Oak, I'm literally right hereby the place, somebody cuts me off.
A white SUV doesn't check their blindspot, just starts ramming into me.

Almost I jammed the brakes, foodgoes flying. Rip my delicious barbecue
leftover. So now did you notget to eat it? But I have
to. I had to get home. I had to take out my floor,
my format and clean my format.Oh you poor man, it's terrible.
And that was expensive food yesterday.Oh my God, can I this
is anything? Goes friddy? Yeah, go ahead. First of all,

you were very generous. We allate very very lunch. But you should
be thanking Jose Bray you and isbroken back for that lunch. Yeah,
I do thinking for that. ButI gotta be honest with you, and
I'm I mean, it was afantastic meal. Oh my god, it
was so good. But I sawthe final tally. Yes, that was
really expensive. And I'm not talkingabout just that place. I think bar

lower compared to some higher, higherrice place. I think barbecue right now
is just ridiculously expensive. Now youhave to put a lot of craft into
it. That's I guess why you'repaying now. Brisket is I mean,
it's a cheap piece of meat,or at least it was, but then
it's one of those things like wingsor like crawfish or what like. It's

a cheap thing that people eat.Yeah, but then once it gets popular,
it gets more expensive. Like fajetame inside skirt steak is like bottom
of the barrel steak. Correct,But now that fajitas are a big thing,
right, you end up paying fortydollars a pound of fijitas playing in
since there is an item at arestaurant. I think anybody knows this show

knows that I have a favorite Mexicanrestaurant, huh. And I've been going
there since I was in junior highschool. And they have something called a
steak name of the restaurant, Okay, it's a it's a ten out skirt
steak uh huh, covered in cheese, okay, with little bit tomatoes on
it. And again their marinate isthe best it's ever. When I'm on
death row and I have one mealleft, it's from going that ten ounces

of meat feeding meat to talk about. The cheapest meat with the cheese is
thirty five dollars. Yeah, soinside skirt is more expensive crawfish, wing
whatever. Right. And the samething with brisket. Now you used to
be able to get brisket like atthe at the grocery store for like ninety
nine cents a pound. No,not anymore. So now the prices have

gone way up. Yeah, andyou have to pay for you know,
I mean the guys that the peoplesmoke it for like twelve hours. That's
a lot of labor you're paying forit, right, But even it's thirty
dollars a pound there there's places thathave it thirty thirty, thirty four to
thirty five dollars, just crazy,just for brisket. All right, good
though, you know what, wecan bring food to the show on the
front at eight brisket and thought itwas good. It was really good.
Find the video at sports MC.Yeah, follow me on Twitter, get

me to I mean, I'm stoppedworried about counters and this ribs. Oh
my god, the ribs were supergood that we had. We had a
bourbon, not a bourbon. Wehad a bananas foster but oh no,
no, no bananas foster is.It was delicious. The jambalayah, the
sides of potatoes out, everything wasfantastic. And thank you jose A Bray
you for not getting to two fifty. It makes the heart, actually my

heart. He got to two fortyseven, Yeah he did, and you
were tasting the food. I wasgonna surve. Oh my god, I
know, all right. It isn'tanything goes Friday, Rick Ronalds. But
I got you. No, no, no, no, no no no
no launch no. I have topay up on a on a bet with
stand normfully on Monday. It doesn'thave anything to do with me. But
I mean if you if if Ia man that pays up as bets you
guys betting again, numbers nine anda half, but you have to lay

one fifty, so that's not reallya fair number. I think ten.
Maybe he should be it. Yeah, we're gonna discuss it, okay,
But there is just and maybe it'sbecause of It's not because of last year.
It is exactly about last year.But there were also a fourth down
conversion away from not making the playoffs. You under everybody understand that. Yeah,
I don't know. I don't believe. So that would have nine and

eight instead of ten and seven.Yeah, and not made the playoffs,
and you would have still owed moneythough I would have owned a lesser grade
steak dinner. Oh is that right? I think so? Yeah, I
had two levels of steak. ItI have to pay the higher end steak.
Now that's a shame. Yeah,that's what it is, all right?
Is it? Anything goes Friday?Here on the Matt Tomas Show.
Here's what you do. You puttogether your thoughts in your head, you
put down your beverage. I'm assumingmany of you are day drinking at this

point. Yeah, I a lotof day drinkers on the show, that's
okay. Make sure your verbs aresomewhat conjugated, not every single one of
them, at least some of them, and give us a shot at seven
one three two one two five sevennine zero seven one three two one two
five seven ninety. If you wantto follow us on Twitter, you may
do that as well. It's atSports Empty, at Sports RV and at
Connord de McGovern. I'd like tosay there's a lot of piping hot news

to get to in terms of theworld of sports. There, frankly isn't
because last night was Game one ofthe NBA Finals, which I'm going to
assume largely most of you paid absolutelyzero atention to. It's the whole game
because we haven't had a single NBAFinals or NBA playoff call and the two
months since the playoffs began. Uhhuh. I'm kind of putting the clues
together, so to speak. SportsRV. Wow. So I was last

night ready to watch that, andthen it was a complete blow in the
first quarter. It never really gotcompetitive after that got close. They got
within eight, did the Mavericks,but there was never a point that I
thought if I was a Boston fan. I was going to be nervous.
I thought when they got within eight, it was gonna get it could get
close, but largely Boston went ona run and responded. But largely for
me, it was an uninteresting game. It was, however, interesting that

Kristap Sporzingos, who has missed alot of time in this postseason, played
out of his mind yesterday blocking shots, hitting threes and when he's on the
floor and playing. There's really nochance that Dallas gonna win this series.
I mean, I said, Isaid the Celtics and six. It looked
like last night. And again,one game does not make a series.

But off of what you watched lastnight, you'd be hard pressed to think
that Dallas gonna win a single game. But again, if you want to
get on the NBA, I'm allfor that. Again, as anything goes
Friday, which means we don't necessarilyhave to go down the list of the
top talk about anything. Yeah,we can talk about last night. Congratulations
to the Oklahoma Sooners women's team forwinning yet another women's college series their advantage.

Just ask Chris Gordy. Did Gordyget get the right act? I've
not checked this Twitter mentions today havenot I have not seen, but there
was. I saw another woman tweetingabout the home field advantage and Sooner fans
were going after her. I wantto say, is Sooner Fan Twitter as
aggressive as astro Twitter can be?Ooh, I would say it's pretty close,

all right. Astros Twitter was alittle more aggressive with I don't know,
not death threats necessarily, but threatsof bodily harm and things like that
and racial slurs, that kind ofthing. There's nothing too big. Yeah,
it's Twitter. It is what itis. Yeah, So they came
how he was still getting ratioed intothe night. Let me bring let me
see how how many replies he wasat like four point fifty when we started

the show. Then I saw himover five hundred. Let me bring this
up here. Tell me that Gordygot six and thirty nine replies. Cordy
got Twitter new Twitter followers based offof his hot No Wonder hot take is
over national television. Now he gotseventy one likes and six hundred and thirty
nine replies. That is ratio.Oh I hope he's okay or Sooner Fan.

It's good for you, Cordy.I didn't think it's the craziest take.
And he said hot take at thebeginning of that. But you know
what that automatically means, I shouldn'tpay attention to it, Uh, I
guess because why because you aren't youkind of asking for it if you say
hot take, pure in and goingto it. Yeah, but I don't
think this is to me, it'srather innocuous, and I guess it's just
it's just a sore subject with Soonerfans. Yeah, because they've won four

national championships and the same stadium,yeah, four years in a row,
thirty miles from their campus. Andby the way, I again, I
spent more time watching that last nightthan I did the NBA Finals. We
don't need to talk about that becausebut that crowd was that stadium was full
of Sooner fans. Yes, itwas poor text fan just sitting there and
he's wearing his Bern orange shirt andhe's like, I'm like, he's the

only one out there. He wasa fit shot of water on that bad
boy. Trey Cabbage will join thisshow at two thirty this after the Tray
Cabbage, Let's go, baby,Now that's your guy. I'm gonna talk
to him about your gut feeling.Absolutely, I'm gonna make sure that Trey
Cabbage knows that I'm on his side, Okay, and we'll talk to him
at two thirty. We have nonefour to stories at two twenty, and

today's edition of Hell Aaron out oftwo fifty is all things Pat Say Jack
Tonight, No, he's alive,okay. Tonight is his last hosting of
the Wheel of Fortune. Okay,great, I'll get right on that.
Oh you always say what's what's hell? Now? I figure that's it,
right, And I just said I'mgetting right on what's problem? Like we
did it last year on pet PatSajack we did. Yeah what was he

announced his retirement or something? Yeah, he did. I'll just use it.
That's fine year. You know,how about I give you some kitty
yesterday for D Day. Oh,don't give away company secrets in the show.
I altered a few of them,all right, seven one three,
two one two A remix. Well, it's the same. I mean I
always say what's your favorite part ofthe show, and they go the whole
thing. I mean, you know, we're we're we're going to a low

clientele. Frankly, somebody did tweetyesterday. They want to be believe it
or not to go away, whichI thought was rude who said that.
I don't know somebody in Twitter,somebody probably don't follow or care about.
Maybe it's America's fast scarring sports radiogame show, growing very quickly. It's
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seven ninety Boy Ross. If youcheck out that risky business podcast yet oh
think it's fantastic, Check it outfor free on the iHeartRadio app. Oh
my gosh, sounds so exciting.Check out the Crawford Box cast, also
for free on the iHeartRadio brought toyou by Carbock Brewing. Let me tell

you I heard it yesterday live.Oh my god, what a mailed.
In sixty minutes that one talking aboutGeez with great analysis. We had a
lot of people calling in. Appreciateyou folks listening and talking some strugs with
us. Well again, the audienceprobably brought more than YouTube you Bronis.
That's that's a given for free onthe iHeartRadio app. Mm mmmm. By
the way, Trey Cabbage will bebumping him up to two o'clock today a

two o'clock phone call, so we'llmove Non Florida stories back to normal two
spot noon Pacific. Correct. Okayagain, we had a caller yesterday about
this. Oh was that mctagger joinedthe show. Bryan McTaggart. Yes,
I am a huge Pacific time zonefan. I just am mmm give give
my East Coast games at four o'clocklocal times. Oh hell's yeah? Oh

and then see, I know thisisn't our problem for you, but when
you watch Premier League, so whatso the earliest games here are going to
be six thirty and that's tough wakingup for six thirty games, trust me?
Four thirty? Hell no, giveme. Let me tell you about
your Sunday mornings in the Pacific timezone. Okay, you go to bed.
Let's say you go to bed lego on Saturday night. You're home

twelve thirty one and nobody's doing threeam. You usually get in trouble at
at one am. I'm often Iwas getting hitting the pillow at three am,
but I'm also at night now,Okay, then you're not counted.
You get up not real, Idon't exist. You sleep at eight hours.
Let's say you go to bed atsay twelve thirty on a Saturday night.
Yes, you get up at eightthirty, nine o'clock, you have
a cup of coffee, you havea little breakfast. At ten o'clock.

NFL games are on. Now you'resure your doubleheader game starts at one twenty
five or one oh five. Yournight game starts at five thirty. Oh
hell yeah, I know. Butthen the Manchester Derby is at like six
am. It's too early. Sobasically you aint your complete anti Pacific times

because of soccer. No, alsobecause ten am is too early for football
games. Oh no, oh no, I mean Mountain times. I lived
the Mountain time zone for two years. It's not bad either, I'll give
you that. Yeah, I think. I think Mountain Mountain time is the
sweet spot for me. It stillputs you in your West Coast games an
hour later gets you. It's eighteight thirty, which I guess isn't terrible,
not that bad, so stay yeah, come on, now you can

make it. Yeah. The onlytime zone that is just atrocious is the
Eastern Times. It's bad. Oh, it's real bad. Yeah, all
right, seven one three, twoone two five seven. And we had
some people trying to call in,but Connor had an appointment to do in
between breaks. So we will uh, we will get if you those if
we want to call in when tojoin us? Now you may do seven
one three two one two five seven. And I speaking to the West Coast

zone. You're gonna be on Astroson deck tonight, Yes, I am,
well one of you. Please callme. Last time I did an
eight and forty game, I didn'tget any calls, and I just kind
of felt like I was wasting mytime. So you're saying I need to
stay up and watch the entire Astros. You don't have to. Are you
talking about? Want to be meetingsomebody listening in the audience? Okay,
all right, y'all do me afavor. Let's really call Ross tonight and

let's make sure he paid attention tothe game by giving him some intricacies,
like what did you think about thedecision for who's pitching the night? Fromber
uh to throw that curveball in thetop of the six, ending with runners
at first and second and one out. Yeah, I watched. I watched
the game closely. When I'm doingthe post game. Fuck, I can
probably catch you. No you can't, Okay, No, I watch every
pitch. All right, Well we'llfind out. I know you put it

on the background. We'll find out. And you're like, I don't know
what you're doing. Work in thecrockpot or something. I hate crockpot.
Why Crockpot's amazing news set? Andforget nude turn vegetables, No, thank
you, come back silk perstable potrose sucks. Secondly, vegetables that are
in the in the stew for notknowing anything about food. Just put a

poor tenderloin in there, put someTARAAKEI sauce on it and some garlic,
and then set it. And thenwhen you come back home you've got a
delicious meal. Slice it up andeat it with some vegetables or something.
Okay, as long as you don'tjam vegetables in my I can live with
that. You can put vegetables inthere, you don't want to. I
don't want them all mushing. Youcan make charl beans in there. Charl
beans are fine. I'm okay withthat. With little bacon and jollopeno in
there, it's really good. Iuse salt pork, but yeah, bacon

works, hamhock, whatever you wantto use. Yeah, to eat his
own. But pot roast to mevery Midwest, very not interested. You
don't have to make pot roast.There's a thousand good things you can make
in a croc I know. I'mjust saying this growing up in part of
my life in the Midwest as achild. I'm gonna get you a crock
pot cookbook. No, you're notfor your birthday. No, I don't
want to get No, I don'twant to know. I know, let's
go get some more barbecue today.I don't. I think I need a

break like stomach. Okay, I'mstill full. I literally am. I
hate so much food. I justfeel terrible that your food went everywhere.
That's worst sucked, it really did. I went through the five stages of
grief about food, which maybe meansI need to reevaluate my life. But
that's okay. What other five stages? Uh? Denial to? What is

it? Denial, anger, bargaining, grief, acceptance and acceptance, grief
and acceptance. You're as so whatstage are you in now? I'm I'm
at acceptance all right. So whereare we on the Astros scale? I
have not done my job in lookingfor it. Okay, let me get
him right. Okay, denial,anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
I definitely hit all those. You'rein depression right now, your bellies

heavy, that's true. You haven'tgone to the bathroom. I'm in acceptance
now. Okay, it's gone.I mean, you don't look any different.
You still look, you know,basically the same shape you did yesterday.
Thank you. Uh. I thinkwe were in denial at the beginning?
Are we in anger? The astrosare dead yet though, Matt,
Oh, we're in denial stage.This is not a great thing for the
Astros here at all. I'm gonnatell you, I'm as worried as I've

ever been. And I said thislast night on the Crawford Box cast you
can catch for free on the iHeartRadio app. Astros by the way,
lost a half game because Seattle one. They have won eight of ten.
By the way, this is asworried as I've been because of because year
and your key year down for theyear and we're not. We're a little
close on Garcia, but way faroff on Lance mccullor's junior. These five
JP France, Is he okay?What's the latest on JP? I don't

think J Fran we even heard aword about JP France. Sounds like he's
not coming back either. That's whatI'm saying is it's like, these are
the five guys you got. Youcannot take another injury or you're going into
dipping into the minor leagues. HopefullyAlex Bregman and Kyle Tuck are okay,
but that also illuminates the point thatyou cannot you can't afford an injury in

your with your positional players. Yougot two minor injuries and all of a
sudden, Jake Myers is bet andclean up. There have been too many
guys this year that have been battingclean up for the Astros. Well,
would it be safe to say,and I don't know if you can find
this outn't know you're the computer stats. Are the Astros getting as less production

out of the cleanup spot the fourpositions than anybody else in Major League Baseball?
I can find out? But no, I would say they're probably not
bold no Causepaenia has been good thereand Bregman's had some good days there,
but not on They probably bought theomthird I was gonna say, I wouldn't
say maybe they're the bottom of thefive worst, but maybe they're certainly not
in the top ten. I wouldthink, I'll try to find it.
All right, You do that whileI remind the folks that you can join

us at seven one three two onetwo five seven ninety four and anything goes
Friday here on the Mount of Thomasshow seven one three two one two five
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Ross is our official researcher the MatThomas Show, and he spent literally minutes
coming up with this. How dothe Astros do? And the number four
spot in the lineup? You justwent, ugh, that's not great.
Well, well, it's also it'snot only that the numbers are terrible.
It's that you were basically right.You said that maybe they were dead last.

Well you you are right that theywere dead last. They are second
to last. Wow. The baseballin the number four spot, number one,
uh are is the Boston Red Sox. I don't even know who they
have at their cleanup spot. We'dhave to go check that out. It
doesn't matter. They're ops in thefour spot. Nine oh three. Astros
in the fourth spot six fifteen totwenty average Toronto is worst worst at six

thirteen and I think that is akey contribution as to the reason why while
this team may have a good battingaverage rossy, it's slugging numbers, it's
runs produced is low because we're askingguys that are atypical of being number four
hitters in the lineup to be battingas much as they have in that four

spot. Yeah, it's it's prettybad. Raphael Devers is the cleanup for
the Red Sox. So the Astrosare twenty nine out of thirty in the
fourth position. That's correct, that'san ops or is that just I put
in ops? Ok six fifteen?I can you want to go by war
No? No, no, nobodycares about it. One fifty one.
Oakland is the best with WRC plus. Astro is dead last in w r

C plus. It's seventy eight.That's with one hundred being average. That's
tough. Yep, sucks not great, Bob. By the way, I
got to tell you something, andI've not said this before, they're going
to have to make in the nextthirty days if they really want to get
into this bad boy of a race. They're seven and a half out right

now. They can't afford to losea series. Probably for a couple of
months. I know that's not Legitimately. They can't lose a series and be
fine, So every series is theymust win the series. I think when
you're seven and a half out,it's pretty darn close. A lot of

baseball left, Matt, that's thecategory we're in now. By the way,
let's check us see how the restof the teams get. What's the
what's the scoreboard look like for theAmerica League West today? Again, the
scoreboards should only be one deep.Okay, let's see when you need to
worry about astros. Mariners are inare in Kansas Cityroyls are eleven over five
hundred, don't care, and theRangers are playing don't care. Yeah you

should care. They're playing the Giantswho are okay, so yeah, they're
gonna win your game. When you'regonna sit, that's all I'm asking and
eat and say go Royals. I'masking for all we're doing. It doesn't
matter. It's a waste of yourtime. Trey Cabbage two o'clock on this
radio program seven one three, twoone two five seven ninety Tom's in Montrose,
Anything goes Friday, Tom Good afternoon, Good afternoon, Fellas, I

got a question for you. Sure, kind of looking ahead to the future,
will which scenario do you think ismore likely to supported by Houston sports
fans the return of the Houston Cometsor the return of the Houston Arrows as
an NHL franchise that I'll hang upright, Uh, what would be more

impactful would be the hockey And itwouldn't even be close even if it's minor
league hockey. No, no,we're not getting minor league hockey in this
town ever. Again, well,the Eras are minor league, so that's
why. Well he was just sayingthe return of Yeah, no, you
don't know, the minor league hockeyis dead and next time a hockey game
will be played in this city willbe featuring an NHL team, if it
ever, if it ever happens.Now, I'd be curious. I wonder

if you could get a couple ofteams to agree to come play in Houston
to see kind of how to gaugethe world, you know, how things
would be if to put a preseason game here. How who though we
didn't pick anybody, Salt Lake Cityhad preseason games before and they just to
kind of just see if people willenjoyed hockey, and they did. Yeah,
you could, you could play.You could have calgreagainst Florida play.
I mean, it wouldn't even matter. I won't go because I'm busy that

weekend. No, you're not.You don't know those sketches coming on.
I do know. You know youknow what. You're a hockey hater.
That's not true. Yeah, youhate hockey. I don't hate hockey.
Then you should say you should sayopposite. I don't ca when it's gonna
be played, I'm gonna be there. I mean that I was a hockey
lover. I'm a hockey in differencein different you're you just made up a
term in differencer. Yes, I'mthe one to make that board. It's
not you. The WNBA is notsuccessful, it's just not what do you

mean? Ratings are up, revenuesare up. Okay, well there from
the star players from they're getting playon ESPN next up and from point one
to one point one okay, good, Yeah, it's pretty good. Won't
be long term. The NCAA Women'sFinals a four outrated the men's final four.

Yes, are we sure about that? Yes? Okay, that's a
one off. Let me tell youI have done an amazing job in my
life. I get a lot ofpredictions wrong, but I've got a lot
of things right. Huh. Inthe last twenty years, I was told
over and over and over again thatNASCAR was going to be the third most
popular sport that was going to ultimatelysupplant baseball. I said, that's full

of crap, and I was rightabout that. Nascar is more niche than
ever before. And then I wastold around twenty ten then esports was going
to dominate the sports world, andI was right about that too. I'm
gonna be right about a third thing. Okay, go ahead. This Caitlyn
Clark run wall is important, andit is interesting and has gained more attention,

is not gonna make it everywhere inAmerica a household item because, frankly,
again, as I've talked about thisweek, this wasn't about Kaitlyn Clark
and the competition that was WNBA.It was about caddy women fighting with other
catty women about a superstar, andnothing to do with the sport. The
WNBA game is a very difficult sportto watch. It just is hell.
I can't get people in this townto watch the NBA, much less the

WNBA, it's not gonna happen.So there will be no w If there's
a WNBA team here, that'll befine, but it's a niche audience.
And maybe in frankly Rossie, maybethe NHL will be a niche audience.
I think it's gonna be very difficultto get hundreds of thousands of people to
buy into the hockey. There maybe eighteen thousand that will fillip a building
every time, and that's the mostimportant thing, I guess to anybody that

owns a team, whether it's Tillmanor somebodybody else, but you need eyeballs,
and you need eyeballs. You needlots of those eyeballs, and you
need those eyeballs. Be looking atthose banner and those boards with all those
sponsors on them, and the sponsorand so if you don't have eyeballs watching,
no one's gonna pay for it.Okay, So what are you predicting?
What is your prediction? What wasmy prediction? Is the WNBA is

not going to become this super mainstreamsport. I don't know they's gonna be
super mainstream, but the ratings areup in interests though Okay, so I'm
gonna send it. See Women's ChampionshipI brought. I pulled it up because
you tried to call me a liar. I'm not calling you hesitant. Nineteen
million viewers, eighteen point nine millionmen averaged fourteen point eight million. Okay,

but of course Caitlin Clark was ahuge part of that draw. Yeah,
so whatever reason, she's the hugestdrawing in women's sports. Let's figure
out what it's going to be likenext year. I'd be safe to say
to you about half that. Iwould presume it'd be down, just like
NBA ratings go up when Lebron's inthe in the final, yeah, and
they go down when he's not.Yeah. Just like Michael Jordan. When

you go to the NBA finals,everybody then either none NBA fans want to
see Michael Jordan do his bed,just like golf Tiger Woods on a Sunday
competitive you'll watch Rory McElroy not somuch. And the w NBA Finals were
the most watched in twenty years lastyear seven and twenty eight thousand years.

But that's the most watched in twentyyears, so that's good for them.
It's an uptick kind if I wasan NBA owner and be like, can
we just stop this? It's it'sit's just and I'm not being trying to
be misogynistic. It's just because there'sa lot of tough things in sports to
watch. It's just that's just onething tough to watch. It's just it's
not great. I mean, Idon't watch the w NBA. I didn't

watch the the champ You know whatI did, had the championship on the
back. It was on TV two. I watched the Women's hoptplay yesterday.
I was fantastic. I didn't thinkit was fantastic. I watch it.
I watched you stay on for Oh, here we go? Can you stay
on first? Here we go?Sorry, never mind a lot of anger
coming out right now, I'm done. I watched a lot of intably volley

women's volleyball. I think it's fantastic. Oh my god, I watched the
last two finals. But that's alsobecause the Longhorns are brash, your long
horns fanning. If it was likeNebraska versus UCLA, I would have watched.
Yeah, it was a long Horns. And so this is not me
being anti women's sports. It seemslike a little bit. No. I
hate women. I would watch gettingNo. I watched beach volleyball like a
Mota. Brazil's got a strong team. This they really want it makes them

so strong. I mean just uh, I think they're real strong in the
back end one thousand and one,one thousand and two, one thousand and
three seven one three two one twofive seven nati As, you can clearly
understand if anything goes Friday, TreyCabbage two o'clock, nown Florida Stories two
thirty and Helly are not? PatSajak at two fifty on Sports Talk seven
NINTI don't leave Matt Thomas in yourcar. Take him with you. Download

the free iHeart Right for your phoneat sports seven ninety dot com. Just
remember you'll have to feed him twelveforty eight. On The Matt Thommas Show
seven one three two one two fiveseven ninety seven one three two one two

five seven ninety we got to nonFlora stories coming up at two thirty this
afternoon. Where's your story from ROSSIoutside of Florida, Matt all, thank
you very much for that, andalso we've got uh Hellierna. All things
Pat say, Jack are you surewe've done a pass ajac before. You
have it on a file? Whywould I make that up? Tell the
truth, we really have it onfine, Okay, then just I'll have

I'll add that's fine. I'll sendyou the questions from last year and you
can alter or or come up witha couple of new ones. I like
that. Let's go to Chris onthe line one on Matt Thomas Show and
anything goes Friday. Chris, goodafternoon, Hey, good afternoon. Yeah,
I went down and saw the rocketlaunch at South Padre yesterday. That's
nice, amazing, seventeen point fivemillion pounds of fire erupting from the bottom

side of that thing. Well youshould have seen Ross at lunch. Anyway,
I want to call in and say, you know, Astros, this
is the they got it, thisis your die. And I think Gregman
has been you know, he's hurt. Tucker's hurt, but Gregman has been
been really, really socking it tothe ball. So I'm thinking maybe if
he passes around some of the BreggyBomb salsa extra hot to the entire team

for every game, they can getthat kind of fire back in their rally.
What do you guys think Matt,go ahead, Okay, what was
the question? Uh, Breggie baumbsalsa extra hot to get a little fire
in the belly for the for thelads. I don't I don't know what
their salsa intake is like, maybethey're like a medium. Who thank you,

Chris, Thank you Chris. Yewe were missing the rim shot there?
Yeah, I was was there?Was there a punchline eventually coming that
way? That was the punchline?I think? Okay, all right,
Mmm, I have no I haveno response. Okay, I kind of
tuned out. Actually, yeah,you zoned out. It happens. He

kind of lost me after the wholelaunching of the spect like when you started
talking about your daughter's volleyball, soI started, you know what, if
you feel like that's a big partof the reason why you tune out,
which feels like it's daily, abouttwenty to twenty five minutes, and I'll
stop talking about it. I won'tbring it up again. Oh man,
Sorry, I'm just looking for theLive Sports Canadian Grand Prix. No,
I'm good practice one all right?Uh? What was there ever a point

of that call or no? Imean we took a call recently that said
that they needed more fire and maybeit's a reference to that. And then
he also talked about watching I didn'tknow there was was there a SpaceX launched
today? I had no. Ihave no idea, no, no clue.
I don't really get into that.No, I don't either, not
that I don't appreciate it, butyeah, I mean, we're all going
to get to Mars somehow. CanI give you a general phrasing of the

term getting fired up for something?Okay? What I mean if you're expecting
athletes to be fired up one hundredand sixty two times, for that matter,
if you're expecting to be fired upeighty two times or seventeen times,
you're going to be greatly disappointed.I think, the further up, or

is it farther further you go upin sports, the less you need some
sort of manager or guy in theclubhouse or locker room to fire everybody up.
Think about before every NFL game,we go to the pregame show and
then they go to the game andthey show some guy hyping up somebody in

the in the huddle that we're notgoing to back down today because this is
our house, you take, We'regoing to luck to come in here and
take our house, and then theylose by twenty eight. I mean the
Texans can J. Watt did itnumerous times and never panned out if they
lost a lot, Like Ryan Fitzpatrickwas, Yo, look at me,
weren't they're playing Buffalo or something likethat. I believe they did beat Buffalo

that game. But the point isthey do it on both sides. Everybody's
all getting fired up and screaming,and everybody's all getting a hype, and
then somebody goes and loses by twentyeight. It happens. And same thing
with baseball. First of all,it's one hundred and sixty two game grind.
You don't need somebody yelling at youand all that type of stuff.
One hundred and sixty two games.These guys jose L. Tuvey doesn't need
somebody to motivate him. Now,I will say that, And Alex Bregman

and all those guys don't need somebodyto motivate them. I will say,
sometimes you need to kicking the pants. Yeah, but there's there's a difference
in kicking the pants and a teamthat doesn't have any fire, if that
makes sense. And I think logicallythinking sports fans know the difference between the
two things. I just said.So they had fire on Monday when they
won, and fire on Tuesday whenthey won, but no fire on Wednesday.

It is correct. Okay, Yeah, you just can't do it for
one sixty two. And I wantto tell you this is the worst thing
you're gonna want to hear from me. But I'm only here to speak the
truth to you guys, at leastsome of the time. You know what
motivates these guys, And really onething only more than championships, more than
Hall of Fame recognitions, more thanautographs, more than being seen, is

their paycheck. These gentlemen and forthat matter, ladies that compete in and
went in professional sports, they areobsessed with their financial gain. It's one
of Lebron James is gonna resound withthe Lakers. He's gonna make more money
with the Lakers. Anywhere else togo he may, he may, He
can go to any team he wantsto, and he would automatically make that

that team better. And probably ifyou added him to another team, he
could go win a championship and behappy. Lebron James could sign a two
year contract with the Boston Celtics thisoffseason. You wouldn't make a lot of
money. But he can go playthere. He can go in two more
championships. Put you put the BostonCeltics is currently put together with Lebron James.
It's a it's a fat of complete. Lebron wants money just like everybody

else, like all we all wantchampionships too. He wants money over championships.
I am he took less money fromthe Heat for them all to play
together. But let you But you'realso thinking less is not a budget.
He was not. He didn't takebudget dollars. He distill did very well
for himself. No, it wasit's not like he was on a league
minimum. No. But I'm sayinghe could go side less money he could

go take he could go make fivemillion dollars a year in law in Boston
for the next two seasons. It'dbe a good sum of money. He's
got over one hundreds of millions dollars, so he doesn't need much work.
He wants to go to play forthe most money. It's what okay,
I mean, if that's your opinion, I guess, yeah, it is
my opinion. It's my opinion.That I've taken discounts before. Okay,
maybe that's something the only example,but but you always said this discount like

he's doing it on a dime.He's still getting, he's still getting,
You're still getting Lebron at eighty five. But you're saying it's all one hundred
percent money, and I'm saying it'snot one hundred percent money. Okay.
Then if it's not one hundred percentmoney, it's ninety percent money, okay.
And there are just guys that willgo that want the check. They
just do. The check drives them. The check is the number one factor

I would say to a side.I'm not now. I'm also not saying
that nobody doesn't want to win achampionship. I don't want to make sure
I'm clear in saying that championships areimportant to a lot of people. You
can have all the money in theworld. Karl Malon was one of the
greatest players ever play in the NBA, but he doesn't have a ring and
it haunts him a little bit.I think ken I believe Kevin Durant took
a discount to join the Warriors.Yeah, I don't know if Kevin Garnett

took a discount to go to Boston. I don't know these things. That
was a trade. But the thingabout it is they still they're driven by
money, and so that's what drivesthem more than anything else is money.
Because put it this way, ifAlex Brugman leaves after this season, he

could go play for Arizona, hecould go play for Colorado, he could
go play for a variety of teams. Is probably his best chance to win
still a World Series before his careeris overth is stay with the Astros.
Same thing with Kyle Tucker. Theguys just want And again I'm not besmirching,
I'm not arguing. I'm not sayingthat I wouldn't be the same person.
But the fire in their belly,the fire comes from getting that big

contract from the agent way more sothan grabbing a championship. And I because
I've seen around professional sports a longperiod of time, I just have and
maybe I'm jaded to it, butthat's what that's what drives them more thing
else. You would hope it wouldbe. Ultimately, I'll give a eighty
percent of my money for a championship. No, not a single one of

them would do it, nor shouldthey really no, because again money,
money is the number one anything,the number one thing. If we were
the number one sports station week inand week out, which we're pretty close
to doing these days. Anyway,that's true, would would you be you'd
be happy about that, right,yes, But if you were getting an

extra dollars because of it, you'dbe pretty upset about that, right?
What if it was both? Maybethis is a bad example. I'm sorry,
Ross, I didn't mean a poorsultan your voice. I'm upset.
Seven one three two one two fiveseven ninety seven to one to three two
one two five seven ninety we'll sitthe second hour of the Matt Thomas Show
tray cabbage. In one hour,we have non folder stories and hell yeah

or not. It's twelve fifty seven. This is Sports Talk seven ninety launchtimers,
This is the Matt Thomas Show.A couple of minutes from the first
hour of the show. Friend ofthe radio program, we'll just call him,
Bill says comparing viewership of men's andwomen's final four is Apples and Oranges.

Men were on cable TBS and womenwere over there on ABC. Numbers
are obviously skewered, you know,it's weird. I wouldn't have thought in
twenty twenty four that would be adeal. But it is funny. Over
the air games, even though peopledon't necessarily say they watch over the air
stuff anymore, still drags tras's highernumbers than cable games because they're still and

I always find this incredible, there'sstill a large segment of the population,
maybe even some more so the cordcut that don't subscribe to cable companies.
Yeah, well, they also outratedthem by like five five million people.
I think it was what was it? What did I say, eighteen point
nine to fourteen point eight? Well, I guess it's four million. So
I guess the question would be ifyou'd have flipped them, if you'd to
put the Final Four on CBS likeit normally is. Yeah, I don't
know the answer to that question,but all the only point I'm trying to

illustrate is that the women's game wasvery popular and the Final Four was very
popular. Oh, I didn't knowone rate out or the other by four
million. The Kaitlin Clark effect madea difference, and of course did the
the over the air broadcast affected Iimagine, So yeah, to the two
to five million, don't know,but Caitlyn Clark to me, did more
to push it than anything else.If we get, of course Yukon and

Lsu and Baylor and who else Arizonathe Women's final four next year, and
there's no recognizable superstars it, we'llgo back to its normal number. That's
also the point though, that therenever has been a Caitlin Clark before,
and so the game is popularized rightnow. And you want to say it's
because of one person whatever I mean. I think in like nineteen seventy nine,

most of the NBA teams were losingmoney, and then Magic Johnson and
Larry Bird came along, like youneed stars, you need saviors, you
need those type of people, andsomebody took to further leagues. It's about
these star players, and right nowit's Caitlin Clark with the women's game.
So we gotta look look for somemore people to be behind. Yeah,
like Magic and Larry behind le Well, Angel Reese says, it's her.

Just ask her, does she's stayin game? But then she gets kicked
out a lot. I think shegot ejected before. By the way,
Bleacher reporters assuming that Lebron James toclean up. One of the other things
for the one o'clock a noon houris going to reject his option year with
the Lakers test free agency, wherehe will sign a three year contract with
the Los Angeles Lakers for one hundredand sixty two million dollars. That's a
lot of money, a lot ofmoney. So well, he took a

discount with Miami. Kevin Durant tooka ten million dollars dollar discount when he
was with the Warriors or one yearor how many years I think it was
over. I think it was oneyear. I'd have to do you want
to go really look up the countdown. Okay, Well, Kevin Durant took
less money, and apparently, accordingto my cursory research, Tim Duncan also
took payment cuts in order to allowthe Spurs to sign and in the NFL,

Tom Brady also took some cuts off. Tom Brady always So we've so
it went done with what happens.We've given you five examples out of five
million athletes. I'm sure there's othersthat we just have we just don't have.
Yeah, I'm just about fifteen yearsago, when I was living in
Minnesota, I had a chance tobe around the Vikings and around the Twins

a lot, and I saw achange in those athletes because I would have
thought that winning was everything, andthe Vikings were like, this is cool,
we make the playoffs. This iscool with Brett Farbs here, I
need my money. It's a businessfirst. It is a business because players
sometimes will try to I mean it'sloyal Showing loyalty to a team is foolish

because that team isn't going to showloyal to you, to you the same
way for ninety nine percent of players. Correct, everybody with that we just
named is like a first ballot Hallof Fame. Yeah, yeah, it's
a It's a special group of people, that's for sure. Although there are
also there was a linebacker with thePatriots that I think took a pay cut,
and I remember reading that story andlike, you're an idiot, why
would you you know to say,look, there are teams. Every team's

got somebody doing it on a budget. Every team will do We'll we'll have
that player that will say, youknow what I can get? I mean,
you know, we see it alot, and actually we see it
in the baseball draft. Some guyswill get will take under slot so they
can sign another pick. I thinkdidn't Carlos Korea take underslot to make sure
mccullors could sign here. I getmy years correct on that. Didn't Korea

take underslot? Well, they draftedKorea because he wasn't thought of as one
one, because they could sign himunder slot and then allow them to get
mcclors. That's what I'm saying.So Korea could have played hardball on that.
I guess so eventually, but hewanted to be one one. Yeah,
that was his priority. That's wherehe why he wears number one.
Yeah, number two. He werehome run yesterday for the Yankee for the

Twins, Yes, who cannot continueto They don't. They don't win any
Yankee stadium ever. You want threethings in life that are guaranteed, death
taxes and the twins losing in Minnesota. In New York, I found the
I found the guy, Josh Ucciof the p Just watch Ucci Ucci.
No, I think Ucci sounds better. Okay, I'm gonna go with Ucci,
all right. It sounds fun.That sounds good. He had a

two year, fifteen million dollar offerwith eleven guaranteed with the other team,
but he turned it down to acceptNew England's eight million dollar offer. That's
a team player right there. That'slike I said, that's foolish. Yeah,
you're Joshu tom Brady, you canprobably afford it. Lebron James,
he can. Kevin Durant, youcan afford it. Josh Ucci, you

need to go get your cash.You're you're to stay with the Patriots.
You haven't really chosen very many midplayers. For example, he did this
to stay with the Chiefs, togo back to back to back. Okay,
maybe you're doing this to stay withthe Patriots. Must love the New
England area a lot. It mustbe something good going down in there.
And in Foxborough. You know,Foxborough's not great. It's between Providence in

Boston and it's hard to get toone lane in one lane out. It's
not good. He wants to staywith Girodmeo apparently, that's you know what
I mean. He's got he's gotcoach coach seven million on fire for that.
Maybe there's maybe there'll be some Texansthat will do that as well.
That seems foolish. But see there'san example of a lower level player taking

less money. Is he single ormarried? Because I I guarantee he's married.
My wife's like, you're in,i'd be dann We're gonna do that.
He's twenty five, Okay, I'mgonna get I'm gonna guess single.
Yeah, he got married at avery young age. That wasn't a very
wise that happens. Well, Iwas twenty five when I got married.
See, should have waited a couplemore years, man, I would have

married the same person I was saying, which just been single a little bit
longer. You know, like you'reattached. I'm saving myself on this,
are you? You're not helping eitherby just I'm not jumping away from the
microphire eight. I'm gonna go aheadand clip this what and send it to
Kim. No, you're not thatcop or not wrong with you a lot.

I can't trust you for anything.I think I felt bad for you
for spending that money in an expensivebarbicue. If for a bad form,
God, it was so good,it was good. Let's go back today.
Just kidding, all right? Uh? Is anything goes? Friday seven
one three two one two five sevenninety seven one three two one two five
seven nights. So the Astros playedthe West Coast game. You're gonna have
be on Deck show tonight. Yeah, tune into the on Deck Show.

It's seven point thirty. I've gotthis show with you. Yeah. Then
I've got a ninety minute nightcap.If you want to leave early today you
can, then I've got Okay,I'll see you later. Bye. I
mean yeah, if you need toget your rest, treat me with a
good time, and then I willhave I'll have my a nice monologum going
to say about twelve minute monologue afterthe Astros game, take a break,

play Joe Spot and get out.Yeah. We don't get a lot of
calls on late night games. Wedon't do now, not a game Friday
though. The last really late nightor I will I worked was Memorial Day
and nobody called. But it wasMemorial Day. Everybody's already got day j
unk at the pool. I didone of those games in Seattle, and
I think I had three calls.Wow, it's about eleven thirty. People

like you better than me. Imean, I don't doubt that. And
I'm doing one of the games againstthe Giants next week, so I'll give
you a real good example of howthat's going to turn out. Yeah,
that's a first pitch, good luck, brutal, wishing you the best.
No, you're not seven one five? All right? So what else we
got going on this weekend? Wegot the Astros and the Angels. We
have the are you a must winseries for the Astro? I U's a

lot of must win series coming up. There's Baseball Super Regionals. Uh.
My son is already making his wayto college station playing playing Oregon Ducks.
Okay, who who are the Ducksany good? I mean, obviously they
won their region, but the theAggies are like number three team in the
country. Yeah, the Oregon isnot a ranked team. Uh. The
live golf tours here in town.Yes, my oldest son is a big

golf and he is going. Okay. Phil Michelson was in town yesterday.
I guess he's been doing some mediastuff. That was kind of cool that
he's actually talking. Okay, I'mnot making any bets in Saudi Arabia.
What do you think about we haven'treally even talked a whole lot about except
when in its infancy. What areyour thoughts generally speaking on on the lift
tour. I have not a hugegolf watcher. I don't care they're getting

all that money, and I wouldsay to the same go to the same
thing. We're saying to Lebron Jamesand all the NBA players. I say
to the golfers, go get yourmoney. I know there are people that
are concerned with human rights violations andstuff in Saudi Arabia, but probably look
at a lot of the corporate sponsorsthat we have here in America. Yeah,
I would think if you're doing andpoisoning you know, all these uh
like poisoning water supplies and stuff thatwe do here, and all these corporate

things that like crimes being committed hereand then they sponsor stuff and we don't
say anything about that. I thinkif we did a deep dib on about
every corporate sponsor of every golf tournamentor every sports and we we'd find somebody
having a little bit of exploitation oflabor and all that type of stuff.
Look, I haven't looked too deepinto it. I'm just saying the checks
cash I had, I don't know, that's my opinion. Then they have

really checks too. Yes, It'slike there's guys that are going to the
Saudi Arabian Soccer League. Christiano Ronaldois making like one hundred million dollars a
year over there playing for the SaudiLeague. And he's I mean, one
of the biggest stars on the planet. Another thing for you. You know,
the WW goes to Saudi Arabia abunch, Yes, they go to

the WW egos of there. Boxinggoes over there. You just had the
Tyson Fury Alexander Usik fight. It'sthe first unification of all four belts at
the heavyweight level in twenty years.And they all they're in Saudi Arabia.
Why because they cut him a bigcheck. Am I mad at Tyson Fury?
No, Nope, it's and that'sjust I state of the Ferris.

Everything is about the check for themost part, not I shouldn't say everything,
but a lot of things are forthe most part majority cut the check.
Yeah, you want Matt Thomas there, cut the check, not necessarily.
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Generators from Quality Home Products at Texas. Matt Thomas returns on Sports Talk seven

ninety Anything Goes Friday on The MattTommy's Show seven one three two one two
five seven NINTI seven one three twoone two five, Savannanni, Since Anything
Goes Friday, we're gonna take acall and then coming up at the bottom

of the hour, we're gonna hearfrom a silent reporter to golf tournament that
did not turn up particularly well forher. Speaking of her, Emily Rodakowski,
is that hardy pronounce her name?Am I close on that? I
think so? She's thirty two yearsold today? Oh, bless her.
We're sure the very best. Shelooks. Fantastic friend of the show.

Is she a friend of the showshe's ever been? Okay, we'll invite
her to come anytime what she wants. Uh, And this is where you
messed up what I'm gonna be onher Instagram the rest of the segment.
Okay, well, you know what, you're working a long day to day.
You need something to kind of Yeah, oh my god. Doug in

South padre At on Sports Talk sevenon a hitdle Doug hoother going, guys,
Matt, I got a question foryou and Ross about Stefan Diggs.
But just in thoseree for a second, Since Anything Goes Friday, Yes,
I know you went to that RingoStar concert up in the Woodlands and you
were talking about how good Colin Haywas. You know, he was the

driving force behind Men at Work.And he's got a CD out called Man
at Work and he takes all ofthose songs and does an acoustic version.
It's something I want to look atit. It's outstanding. And before I
get the Stefan Diggs, I havea small bone to pick with Ross.
Get him is get him. Iknow that the Beatles is one of your
favorite groups, and whether you likehim or dislike him, you cannot dish

Ringo Star is the drummer. Ross. I don't know if you ever played
drums, but if just for grims, go on YouTube one time and put
in Ringo Star and you can seedrummers like Dave Grohl from Ravana and the
Foo Fighters, Stewart Coche. Butthey talk about how good he was as
a drummer and how much he influencedthose guys so like them are dislike the

Beatles, He can't really, youcan't really dissed Ringo Star. He was
really a good drummer. I justI've been wanting to tell you that for
many a many times hearing you talk. But here's my question for you guys
in regards to Stefan Diggs, Matt, I know that when they signed them,
everybody was excited, and then whenthey cut off in the remaining years
of his contract, everybody thought he'dbe one and done. What's to keep
the texts from if he has agreat year of just putting a franchise tag

and keep them. They could asalways, you guys have a great show.
I'll hang up and listen to Thanks, Doug, appreciate They absolutely could?
Could they not? Yeah, mbut it's very difficult to put a
franchise tag on a thirty one yearold wide receiver. He'll be thirty perfect
situation to do it. You don'thave to You have to have them long
term and you pay him a lotof money for one year. But I

but he would also probably hold out. It would be a whole fiasco.
But you're also assuming that the Texanswould want to pay that much money for
one year of him knowing he's goingto knowing that you've already spending a lot
of money on Nico County. Thefranchise tag for wide receiver this year is
twenty three million, and they're payinghim twenty two million, So it's about
like a franchise tag this year,but also the franchise tag would go up

because Justin Jefferson just got his deal. I'm on, Rob Saint Brown just
got his deal. This isn't thefranchise tag average the top five or something
less, that's correct, So itwould the franchise tag will be going up
for wide receiver next year. JamarChase is holding out right now. Tee
Higgins is not happy with his deal. Yeah, he was franchise tag.
It's not going to be. Imean, the Bengals aren't going to make
him one of the top five guys, but Jamar Chase in all likelihood.

So let's take a look at this. What do you think and again,
whether you disagree or agree or notwith withnic Cassero did, what do you
think his rationale was behind eliminating thelast three years of that contract? I
don't know. The only thing thatmade sense is when it first happened,
we thought that meant that they couldget a compensatory draft pick for him when
he gets signed away. But thatbut that's not true, That's right,
So I I don't know. Letme let me give you something. Let

me give you some possible scenarios.A solid let me, say, Stefan,
this is a one year thought.If we like you, will put
a lot of money in your piggybank if you like us, kind of
a like you're dating. Okay,it's a relationship builder. Okay, there's

Option two would be we're going allin. We're gonna give C. J.
Stroud the absolute finest receiving core possibleand if we can't do it,
we will not go to this formulaever again, meaning they'll go with young
wade receivers as compared to going andyou get established guys. Option three could
be buffalo called and we couldn't refuse, but we all were giving them in

theory. And again I think it'sa pricey pick. But all you're doing
is giving your secon a second,extra second round pick to them, and
that Oh hell, I mean,could any of those three scenarios make more
sense than the others? Again?Oh hell, why not? It's a
second round pick two? I likeyou, you like me. Let's see
what it's like living together for ayear or three. Let's go all the

way through with building veteran players behindthis team which we think is really really
good and considiously contend and if itdoesn't work out, We've learned from our
mistake. Any of those three makemore sense than the other, I guess
then, and well, then alsoyou add in the fact that you you're
gonna get the best out of himbecause it's a contract year for him.
Sure, that's kind of the doyou like us do It's gonna be on

his best behavior to trial run.But do wide receivers that are known for
being divas always do they go usuallyregress back to what they normally are.
What do you mean, like,let's say what it is. He's a
diva, and I don't know howyou turn the diva card off for just
a year. I mean, RandyMoss was a diva, but he was
totally fine with the Patriots therell Owenswas a VA everywhere he went. It's

a case by case. Stephan Diggsis his own person. I don't know.
I don't know. I will generallyneed to stereotype in that particular game,
Okay, because I've seen too manyof them. Okay, Well,
I'm gonna talk about Steven steff OnDiggs the individual and tell you I don't
know. Okay, that's fine.I'm telling you he's been in two different
cities and has been an even both. That means he's not good. He

was also, I mean, washe a diva in Minnesota? I guess
yeah, all my Minnesota friends tradedthere because they didn't want to pay him
big money. Yeah that was business. Yeah, but then they drafted Justin
Jefferson and now they paid him bigmoney, so they chose person. It's
a different regime though, that's true. That is true. Spilman was the

general manager at the time when StefanDiggs was there. Look, I am
very anxious to figure it out.What's going to happen for Texans fans that
have listened to us right now,you are hoping that you're getting the very
best that you're hoping that he lovesthis young, exciting quarterback. Maybe he
thinks that at the end of theday, that Stefan that Von thinks that
c. J. Stroud is gonnabe is gonna be the game winner that

Josh Allen couldn't have been, theguy that gets over the hump. They're
gonna be able to make him.He's gonna be here for a year.
They'll make him an offer, orthey'll franchise tag him, or he'll walk
I mean it's whatever. I don'tthis year. I don't have vision Nikossea
ever using a franchise tag. Hedoesn't come across him with that kind of
person. Well, what do youmean because he hasn't done it yet.

Yeah, he also hadn't splashed infree agency yet, and he did.
It's about it's about the time andthe place. Well, my point is
is, why would you think hewould go to the franchise tag when he
could have already had him for fouryears and I had to worry about franchise
tagging the money was already there.I don't know, but it's a possibility.
I don't think there can you thinknikosse Area's completely ruled it out no

matter how this year plays, Ibelieve, I believe it's a zero zero
and write that down. Okay,I'm gonna put my name on it.
But it's a very strong gun.You said, write down, what's the
difference between his strong strong gun yourname? Put your name on it,
Matt, it will be there isno way zero none. I'm not going
to stutter. No how, noway, no no chance to fond Diggs's

franchise tag. Okay, I wouldsay it's very unlikely, But I wouldn't
say, no, you're not puttinga name on it. What do you
mean? But you would say it'sunlikely but possible. What do you want
to guarantee he's gonna be franchise tagThat would be stupid. I am I'm
guaranteeing it. Yeah, but you'reon the nineties. I would say it's
a very small percentage, but it'snot. No, I'm not gonna speak
in absolutes like some kind of fool. No, I'm putting my name on

it. That would be dumb forme to come out here and say,
I guarantee you Stefan Diggs will befranchise tagged. Why would I say?
I am not saying you're no,I'm saying he's I'm guaranteeing he's not gonna
be friend Okay, but you reallycan't. So it doesn't matter. If
he was twenty five, I wouldn'tdo it. But he's just gonna be
thirty one. That's the perfect timeto do it. Twenty five you lock
him up long term. Thirty one, you're not franchising tag thirty two year

old wide receiver one. You're committingyourself to one year for a big salary,
which he's already making. But you'realready you're lumping up big dollars.
Put it in there. No way, I'm riting. I'm not gonna sutter
now, No way, no house. Defon Diggs is franchise, and I'm
not saying he's not gonna stay here. I'm gonna make a franchise tag mm
hmm. Either they're they're gonna workout a deal for a couple more years
or another one year deal where he'sgoing somewhere else. Okay, until he

gets cranking in the six week becauseNico Collins getting all the passes twenty twenty
four. No way, no howStefon Diggs bikes my put my name on
of This is getting pretty long inwell, do you want me to run
through some of these real quick?Okay? What do we have pending?
Oh my god, you got liketen things ferders a lot. Zion still
pending. Zion Williamson will never everplay more than seventy games in a season.

He played seventy games a season.But he played seventy games. You
know what, I might go checkthe tip because I wrote down the date
that's January fourth, twenty twenty three. I might do a little research.
I got a lot of free timetonight between the nightcap and now see.
If you said seventy games including theplayoffs, there's no way. I'm but
I don't think it did. Alsopending, Trey Lance is a bus that's
looking pretty good. I love thatone. Also pending, Zion Williamson will

not play past age thirty in theNBA. Noil, Neil. I put
my name on that one. Yesyou did. I got the date.
Hold is he? This is whyI started writing down the date so we
can tick tape? How How oldis he? Now? Is he?
I think he's like twenty four?So okay, I gotta I'm not okay.
I don't feel great about but thatthat's not gonna beut of the Roman
possibility. Hold on, hold on, let me find out how old he
is. He's twenty three? Ooh, okay, I feel a little bit

better than that. Yeah, we'regonna be keep an eye on that one.
Keep going. If we're once I'mfired from this show, I'm still
gonna call you back. If I'mgonna call back to whatever show you're on.
Okay, very good? Uh oh, you put your name on it.
At least forty nine wins at homethis year for the real fast hunters
getting mad at us. Okay,Astros will have one of the four best

bullpenny that's that's got a shot.That's got a shot. They're in the
top ten now, thank you.Let's see, no conference championship in any
sport will ever be on streaming.Yeah, feel good about that. Okay.
Lebron James isn't going anywhere. He'ssigning with the Lakers. That's probably
right. Yep. Uh, StefanDiggs and a franchise tag Jose Erkiti will

never pitch for the Astros and yeah, yeah, I feel good about eight
and nine of those. H here'sa couple of wrong ones here recently.
If Texans win the division, DemikoRyans will win Coach of the Year.
No splash signing and free agency bythe Texans. Texans five straight losing seasons.
Wrong by the way, My firstputting my name on it is the
Texans will never go to the SuperBowl as long as mcnaart's on the fan.
From November of last year, MartieMaldonado signed a one year deal with

the Actual. Hey, some ofthe Astro fans hoping that was happening.
Utee Michael Brantley has done with theAstros that was in twenty two. No
chance, no way, no how, some good ones. Okay, I
still feel pretty good. Timer isso one thirty It's the Matt Thomas Show.
Seven one three two one two fiveseven seven one three two one two
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dot com t A c h usdot com slash radio friend of the Show
Tampa Strows on Twitter says he sentus a tweet of Albert Breer and this
was dated back fourth around the timeof the uh Stefan Diggs trade. Okay,
this is interesting, he says,is Apper Beer speaking and it's done

without dummy years on the back endwould also escalate Stefon Diggs's franchise number to
a spot where Houston would be unlikelyto tag him next March. If his
cap number for Houston is twenty twopoint five two million, his tag number
for next year the year after wouldbe twenty seven million dollars. Okay,
so it's very unlikely, very unlikely. But some people have to put their

names on things to prove that theyknow what they're talking about. What it
doesn't I got, I just ranthrough everything in this wrong pile more right
than wrong. Let me tell yousomething. You bet seven to fifty in
life. You're doing good things?Well, you're betting about you think you're
looking Maldonado numbers. Ye, no, no, no, boy. Another
friend of the show set me atweet from some dude name d addd tie

did taie, oh boy, whatokay? It's at him? Oh,
it says that's a friend Brett abearof mine on the right with Mike Fires
at Big League Dreams League City,where Fires is playing in a softball tournament
all weekend. Gotta give dude creditfor signing that and laughing at himself.
Brett said, he was really cool. That's Mike Fires. Yeah, Mike

Fires apparently was in the area ata softball tournament. You can't come here,
Mike Fires. I'm sorry, youdon't get to come to Hugh.
I mean he's already done. He'sobviously come to Houston. Did I would
probably not. I think it's terribleadvice. Anything goes Friday, So I'm

gonna say something that might be unpopular. Oh I when you pause for a
second, I knew the next thingyou're gonna say right after. If you
go and chase down Mike Fires ata softball tournament with a rat trap,
you're a loser. Sorry, geta life, Let it go. This
was years and years and years ago. The only thing Mike Fires ever did
was tell the truth. Sure herated or whatever you want to call it,

And sure it was because in mostcases of whistleblowers, he felt slighted
in some way, and maybe hethought the Astros were cheating when they shelled
him when he was with the A's. But Mike Fires just told the truth.
If you go and purchase a rattrap and chase down Mike Fires in
the suburbs of Houston with a rattrap and shout him down, get a

life. I'm sorry two things onthis, not as I disagree with what
you're saying. But one, MikeFires shouldn't come back here. It's just
not the right thing to do.Why. Who care? He didn't commit
a crime? No, he isa rat. Yeah, and there are
people that are gonna do stupid things. And I don't want as bad as
Mike Fires a rout. I don'twant Mike Fires Fire was a good person?

Probably not, No, But doyou need to know physically want to
go bother him at it? He'sgoing and play a softball game and you
think it's a good idea to buya rat trap and go chase him down.
Good? That good for Mike Firesbeing a good sport and looks like
he signed this guy's rat trap.But I don wouldn't want that. I
would stay away from that. That'sjust but that's just me. And number

two again, if the Astros wouldhave guess this is the number one thing
that is indefensible, If the Astroswould have signed him to a new contract
like he wanted, he wouldn't havesaid word one makes him a phony.
Correct. I'm not saying he's nota phony. Okay, that's what I'm
saying. Yeah, he did itwhen he thought they were still cheating and
they weren't, and he was gettingshelled by them, and that's one of
the reasons that he opened up onthis. But what was what was Mike

Fire's biggest crime? Telling the truth? Yes, but never would have said
truth if the Astros would have treatedhim, in his mind a little bit
better. Correct. And this isoften the case in in corporate whistle blowing
or where he would call that he'sjust a rat. I mean, he's
not the Antichrist, just a rat, or anywhere in any any workplace,

if some guy is snitching on youon the workplace, maybe I don't know,
you don't show up for a meeting, or you're late, or you
got drunk the night before and somebodygoes and snitches to you and the boss.
Yeah, it's probably for their ownbenefit, but it also doesn't mean
that they lied. Mack. Forinstance, if you leave us here at
seven ninety, uh huh because you'renot happy with the contract, Yes,
and you and you give outcool.I'm in contact with Mcallen's sports leader,

Matt and uh, you release theskeletons in the closet, we'll call you
a rat. But I wouldn't yourunned. I don't even have any good
dirt on anybody that I got nodirt on anybody. That's a lie.
Because you're rolling your eyes right now. No, I just got something in
my eyes. Okay, very good. All right, let's get to something
a little more lighthearted. Rossie.We got a problem with some people in

sports journalism, if we're gonna callit that, Okay. The number one
thing when you go to interview someoneis you kind of have to know who
they are. Okay, Yes,So, without any further ado, this
is the Golf Channel this weekend.Many amateurs and slebs in the field this
week. Vice I'm playing this weekand he is down with Lordy's six seasons

in the NFL, arguably one ofthe best and double A quarterbacks of all
time. At Texas picked up golfabout four years ago. What's the biggest
shift you make going from the ultimateteam sport to now the ultimate individual sport.
Now, I apologize you have thewrong First, I'm Everett saying it's

oversider it utre so which I'm afootball coach. But the thing is the
great thing about golfer is that I'mnot only competing against myself, but I'm
competing against everybody else. This istheir first program ever playing And what's the
best part of being out here?Well, being out here is a great

thing. And have an opportunity toplay with some professional golfers is a intimidating
thing but also a great thing.Good luck this weekend. Hey, I
appreciate it. Thanks. I canfeel my organs cringing into each other.
This is so bad, Everett says. So nice. Everett saying's an assistant,

not even the head coach. He'san assistant coach of the Citadel.
He was so nice. It's like, I apologize, like he you don't
need to apologize, Everett. Sheor a producer or so is that who
is that reporter? Do we knowa person's name? I saw her name.
I can't remember. I can gofind it again. But yeah,

she has bought like three thousand followerson Twitter. Because I don't know why
I saw her name and went toher Twitter. I was gonna be curious
if she had apologized, but shehas not. She is apologize. That's
not that's that gets Maybe she wastold the wrong thing. I don't know.
No, you don't. You haveto know the face a little.
Somebody tells you that's Vince Young.And if she's like, I don't know,

twenty five years old, Vince Youngwas doing his thing nineteen years ago
and she was since she doesn't rememberwhat he looks like, it could be
not her fault. Okay, Iyou know, And I guess you're right
on that. I guess you shouldshould go to Google and doubled. Yeah,
that's what I'm saying. I don'tknow. I'm saying. I don't
know if she's looked at him andsaid, hey, there's Vince Young.

Hey it's Vince Young. Can Itell you very closely? I felt like
that's happened probably to me a coupleof times in my career. I've never
goofed on that, but it wouldbe naive for me not to think that
I haven't been. Oh we surethat's who that is. That happens.

Let's be honest since we're in realhere on Friday, Matt, Please,
we've been at radio row at theSuper Bowl and especially with football player because
they wear helmets. Yeah, it'skind of it with like who is that
guy? Hey? Do you knowwho he is? And you know when
it's Matt Thomas, Hey, who'sthat? Get him on the show.
Hey, we need that guy immediatelybecause because Lufkin gets better guess than we

did. I don't. I don'tknow who that guy is, but I
want him on my show now.Okay, yeah, sorry, Matt,
geez, well do what we cannot true, I'm trying to find the
name of this reporter. People aren'tputting it in their articles. Well,
Lauren with throw, that's what itwas. Yeah, I saw it earlier.
Lauren was it with Throw? Yeah? And she's a reporter or is

she like just a field producer thathappened to in mic She was a reporter
for the Golf Channel and also hasbeen a reporter for Northwestern Football and seven
to twenty am in Chicago apparently mand no, she has not tweeted anything
about it. I imagine she's takingthe l And I mean, did you

do the right thing by did you? Here's what you didn't really comport herself
very well. I didn't say youhave to apologize. Yeah, she didn't
say anything. She kind of frozefor sure. Yeah. Now the worst
real quick and we're late here.Uh. The worst ever came to me
is I hosted a college basketball show. Huh where I was paid to do
this two hour show over at Morton'sDowntown. Norton's Downtown. During the first

final four we had here, Iwant to say it was the one that
North killin of Villanova played with Villanovamade the shot to win it. I
think that was whenever that year thatwas okay, and they said, do
we want you to come do thisshow? Put her on your station and
just interview coach after coach after coach. Was there? When was this?
I mean twenty nineteen, I wantto say, somewhere in that range eighteen

nineteen? Okay, wasn't I therefor? I think I had the Chilean
Sea bass and so they would putthese coaches in front of me, and
I don't know who they were.Yeah, usually what you could do is
if you had they had their ortheir logo, their school, right,
you can google that. But therewere some coaches Yeah that didn't. But

also you didn't. They're throwing thesecoaches at you. You didn't approach this
first correct. Yeah, there's alittle bit differ. One of the greatest
of all time. It's like,uh, and she didn't apologize or anything
like if that happened to me,I'd have been like, oh my god,
I am so sorry. But shekind of she did kind of freeze,
kinda kind of froze. She froze. She did. They started,
they're calling her miss Ice. There'regonna have it one for six of the

Mat Tommas Show. We're fifteen minutesaway from hearing from Trey Cabbage. Now,
Tray, I'm gonna have a littlehard to heart with him. I
got him hitting seven home runs thisyear. Let's go behind pace there seven
one three two one two five sevenninety seven one three two one two five
seventy. What I'm gonna tell Trays, Look, you get seven home runs,
you and I are gonna go downto Galveson for a little bit.

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we'll go to the beach. Maybewe'll get an airbnb, maybe we'll get
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V I S I T Galveson,Visit Galveston dot com. Get your

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NonStop travel destination straight there. Lookat the website. See everything they can
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island at visit Galveston dot com.It's visit Galveston dot com. Greig Visio
here the heart of the order isup right now. Matt Thomas is swinging
for the fences here on Sports Talkseven ninety on The Matt Thomas Show seven

one three, two one two fiveseven. How let's talk to our friend
Steve and Celi on The Matt ThomasShow. Steve Good, Afternoon, Afternoon.
Matt, hi had two things.I had two things. One,
do you really think the past showswill trade for a picture the deadline?
I think they're going to make atrade for a picture. Yes, I

think it's gonna be somebody that's gonnabe not very recognizable. It will not
have the kind of the luster thatlike the Justin Furlander did deal that in
a couple of years last year.I think it'd be somebody, probably in
middle relief to extend things. Maybea swing pitcher, maybe a guy that
would be a back end of thestarting rotation guy. I've somebody got hurt,
but I think there'll be somebody thatyou don't go ooh ah, I'm

so happy we have. I thinkit's going to be a deal that will
eventually probably send Chas McCormick elsewhere.I think Chas is gonna be the odd
man out. I would not besurprised if McCormick finds himself elsewhere and the
Astros get a picture back in return. That's just my just my good feeling
on that. Yeah, yeah,we wouldn't lose Dubon or somebody. No,
I think Dubon is a super utilityplayer. He's not gonna go anywhere.

Yeah. And then the last seasonof the game the Cats fight?
What yard line? Were you saying? That? Was that? Because I
said I was going to record thegame, which I probably will, but
I probably miss it if I'm notthere, so I want to make sure
I get my seats in the rightplace. What are you looking for?
A cat fight the last season ofthe game with the Texans, the last

game of the seasons, gonna getin a cat fight? Oh, that's
right with h oh. When youwere running through the schedule, a ten
yard line? That's ten yard linesline? Thank you? All right?
Thanks? Thanks to That's that waskind of in the weeds on that one.
Yeah, I forgot about that.Yes, for those of who don't
know, we were making our seasonpredictions. The title in Texans were gonna

are gonna have a cat fight atthe ten yard line? In one scenario,
Amy's strunk Krunk is going to beatup on Hannah. The other one,
Amy, the other one is Hannah'sgonna kick her ass. I got
a I got hand of minus sixfifty, pretty about minus four fitty.
But I mean, if anybody's gonnaget messy, do you think Hannah's gonna
get in there and get down absolutelyand mess up her makeup and stuff and

hurt her nails. I feel likeHannah will roll up them sleeves and throw
it. I mean, isn't isn'tAmy Skrunk more like Bill like a linebacker?
She's like in her sixties, didn'tshe? I don't know. I'm
just saying, if one's gonna getdown in the dirty, get in the
wei getting, we'll bet me forthis fight that's never gonna happen. We
should have a fight club on this. She is sixty eight in Howld's hand

back to hand of minus uh.It's very difficult to find her age actually
on the internet. Why do youthink that is in her early forties and
Cal's got to be in his earlysixties, correct? Going for that trophy?
Wife wasn't he? It was hissecond wife. I stand by my
original statement. If I had toguess oh, I love. I love

when you don't want to put yourcomplete name but you want to put your
initials on. It's go ahead,get go ahead to hear it. I
want to hear it. Hannah soughthim out and got what she wanted.
If I had to get I mean, do you think I'm wrong? You

don't hear me? To make youknow? You know how quick to argue
about you. I don't like it. Our number three of the men's on
the show. We are doing patSage like Kellyer, and I'm matting a
couple of things to it. Butthis is a good one from last year.
No, but you guys don't remember, so I'm not really worried about
it, all right. Seven onethree, two one two five seven Non

Florida Stories. Maya is coming fromLas Vegas on the final hour of the
show The Non Florida Stories. Uh, Connor's working on his, you're working
on yours, so we'll have totray cabbage coming up in just a couple
of seconds. Right now, Iwant to tell you about Big City Wings.
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Big Citywings dot Com. Lunchtimers,this is the Matt Thomas Show two to

one on Sports Talk seven ninety.It is the Matt Thomas Show. Matt
Ross with you for the next hourand anything goes Friday, We're gonna spend
a few minutes with Astros outfielder anda man who earlier this week hit his
first home run of this season.It was a member of the Astros trade
Cabbage. On the show tray,It's Matt and Ross. How are you
today? Good? How are youguys? Good? Listening to me?
Hey, my pleasure. Let metell you something, friend. You don't

know me at all, but Itold the audience you're going to hit seven
home runs for the Astros this year. So you got some work to do.
Can you help me out here?I like it. Let's see what
we can do. Huh, Noquestion about that? All right? So
you're back in Anaheim. Did youhook up with any bros yesterday from the
old team or you kind of separateyourself from them right now? No,
I got to go. I gotto go hang out and have dinner with

Joe Dale last night, So wegot to spend a little time together and
catch up. But once we goto work, then we'll be enemies.
Good because Joe Adelle took a homerun away from somebody last week too,
so we don't need any of that. Actually, we needed to drop the
ball a couple of times, youknow what I mean. I hear you,
hey, so, uh you getthe call back. Obviously you don't.
You wish no injury or harm toKyle, but frankly, because of

his injury and getting hit on theshin, they needed some outfield depth.
So this has just got to bea good case of making the most out
of opportunities right now, correct,Yeah, for sure, Like I mean,
obviously you don't want anything, uhLike, injuries are bad to happen
to anybody, but you know,you got to take advantage of the opportunity
that you get. So we're lookingforward to him and getting back because you
know he's he's swinging a hot batright now. We definitely want that minute,

but I'm just trying to go outevery day and give us the best
chance to win. And what hasit been like for you going to the
Angels coming here the Astros organization?A lot of people talk about what it's
like to be here. Do youfeel culturally it's any different or what has
your experience been like? No,it's been great here with the shows,
like they welcome me with open armscoming in and so super excited to be

this borg and to be around thewinning tradition. And you know, we
got a good club here and it'sreally fun to be around these guys.
And I was very grateful for theage of them my first big league call
last year, and now we're tryingto flip it on them and beat them
in a three game series. Sohow are you liking the heat down here?
It's thick, it is humid asall get out, But I'm I'm

from Tennessee, so I'm kind ofused to the South and all the humidity,
so it ain't and plus the devilmentit may makes it a whole lot
easier. Yeah, what is Blaine, Tennessee? Like? I mean,
you have to be a Knowles fanbecause of how close you are to Knoxville.
Correct, Yeah, definitely a boalsman, grew up born and raised.
There's not a whole lot going onin Blaine, but I love it.

We got our head light this year, so we're moving up. But
uh no, we got our firstred light, our first traffic congratulations.
Wait a minute, Wait a minute, there's more than that tray. I
heard there's a taco bell there inyour town? Now, is that true?
The truth? That is true.It's turning into a metropolis, as

we say. But no, wecome. We come from small town and
I love back home. But likeI said, we get to say on
a I don't know if we getthe same kind of heat, but we
definitely have the same kind of humidityback home. So we're we're making through
it all right. So not onlyare you with the big league club,
but you're having to avoid playing inLas Vegas, uh with the with the
Space Cowboys. And I'm sure you'veplayed there before because you were a thing

with the Angels organization. How miserableis that playing summer Triple A Baseball in
Las Vegas, Nevada with that heatthey get Honestly, it's it's kind of
a dry heat, so it's Imean, it's one. It ain't bad.
It's at least you don't have tochew the air before you breathe it
like in Houston. Oh I likethat lot. That's good. Chew the
air, it's very good. Yeah, So I mean it was Honestly,

it wasn't bad. It was kindof mild out there while we were there,
and plus it's the ball flies outthere, so it's not a bad
place to play. All right.So you have played primarily outfield, how
much first space do you have underyour repertoire. I got a pretty good
amount of time last year playing firstin a and I played actually, I
guess the majority of my games withthe Angel at first and I'm getting a

few games when I was down withsugar Land, I was getting a few
games a week there, So it'snot foreign. I could I could definitely
come in and you know, hopefullyplay a serviceable defensive first base over there
and then you know, see whatwe can do to help us out.
But I just go out and playwhere they put me. Yeah, And
that's the great attitude to have.But let me ask you about the defense
of the first base position, becauseit always feels like that's the default worst

player. And I you know,we've been a custom We had Juli Gariel
here, Jeff Bagwell, and it'sbring me to a certain extent, what's
the hardest thing you could tell ouraudience about the first base defensive spot that
wouldn't come across as oh, that'sjust a guy over there to grab the
baseball when it's thrown to him.Yeah, I mean, playing first,

it's it's different because like being onthe corners, it's kind of like I
mean, say, with playing third, Like if it's hit to you at
the corner, it's got to havesome funny spin on it, because if
a lefty pull the ball that far, like it's gonna have some top spin.
And if right hits the ball backsideto you, like it's gonna be
like slicing towards the line. Soit's not like not discrediting any of the
other editions, but like taking ballsup the middle, like everything's usually back

spun or straight on, but whenyou get something snaphook towards you at the
corners, like it's it's a littletougher than people think. And obviously you
know, picking up throws when guysare playing making great plays, like you're
the kind of the unsung last thoughtof blade. But you definitely got to
be able to finish it, youknow, picking a bad throw, avoiding

a runner and stuff like that.So it's, uh, it's definitely harder
than people give it credit. Andwhat about like building how much chemistry do
you have to have, like withyour second basement, like who's going to
get the ball, and with yourpitchers as well. Yeah, I mean
you've got to be communicating out thereat all times. So just being able
to gel with guys and know howyou know throw are gonna come out,

what a they're gonna look like,and you know like a four, one,
three one. You gotta know howmuch range you're you and your second
basement have to know who can youknow, take those in between balls because
that's when it gets uh, that'swhen it gets harry, is when communication
falls apart. Have you taken ahome run away from anybody in your career
Minor league or major league? Uh? Yeah, I think I took one

away in the in the minor leaguesa few years ago. I h I
want I want to say it wasa going over, but I don't know.
It was a big wall, soit might have just been a double.
But we'll say I took one away. I'm gonna tell you something right
now, Trey. You can lieto us. Sell it hard. I
mean like I jumped so high Icouldn't believe I got it, and then
I nonchalantly threw it back into thecenter, into the second basement. I

mean, you get part of radiois is embellishing on things. So I'm
gonna give you a second chance.I want you to give the drama of
you taking a home run away backin the minor league days. Yeah,
I took one away. We Iripped one off of a guy when I
was in a ball. He thoughthe got it, and I went back
and took it away. So nicelittle last little heartbreaker for him. That's

much better trade we're gonna get.We're gonna get you. So again,
let's recap things. You got onehome run so far. I need six
more from you. I will giveyou nothing in returning except the plaus and
accolades, but that's all I cando at this point. I got you
hitting seven home runs, so canyou get two against your old teammates?
This weekend. I'd love to let'sget after it all right, Trey,
Hey, good visit with you,my friend. I enjoy the uh.

I guess what's temperature right now inAnaheim? Even what is it? Is?
It? Is it reasonable or what? Yeah, it's not bad,
maybe below seventy So it's a littlechili compared to Houston. All R'm gonna
tell you right now you better dresswarm for San Francisco. Those night games
at that ballpark. Good God,you're gonna freeze your ass off. I'm
just telling you. That's what I'veheard. That's what I've heard. It's
miserable. Trey. Thanks for thetime of good luck this weekend. Frim.

We appreciate joining us. Appreciate youguys. Take care. We'll see
tree Cabbage with us here on theMatt Thomas Show. I've told you that
before ROSSI I will never go toa night gamer in San Francisco ever,
ever, ever, again. You'rea whiner. No, I'm not a
whiner. I don't need to moanyou when I go to games fifty four
tonight, but you're right on thewater in San Francisco. I will take

a low of fifty four to nightover what we have here, I'm going
to tell you with all due respect, and I mean I mean with all
due respect, so very little respect. Okay, so basically no respect.
When you were we were in thesecond we were in the second deck at
what was that T mobile? No? No, it's what's the ballpark in
h sat Oracle? No pack bell? No, No, I can't remember

whatever it's called. We had togo layer up with a coat and a
sweatshirt because it was so you hadyou had about fifty five degrees Oracle Oracle,
and you had about fifteen mile inour winds coming off of the cove.
I have been colder there than Iever was in Minnesota. Bundle up,

I don't when you were in Minnesotawhen you were snow blowing, you
a liar. I don't want tobundle up in June. Wasn't negative degreesbe
I'm just trying to embellish for theshow. I understand when people say they
don't want to live there because theweather is cold every single day, no
matter what. Yeah, I understandthat. To visit I'm sorry, I'm
just telling you taking it over.Do you want some sports empty advice?

The sports empty advice is the gamesat one o'clock in the afternoon. Magnificent,
beautiful, don't be a woos puton, put on the little layers.
You'll be fine. I'm gonna tellyou you tw You know what I
was talking about. Do you wantto heat it in decks of ninety seven
in the middle of the night,like we get here or I'm in my

bed sleeping. Well, that's true, you're not. You're in bed by
eight pm. And that's not trueat all because you're five diamond Matt.
You're not out with the people.I understand, all right, So here
we go. Monday low temperature fiftytwo degrees sounds great? No, who
sounds incredible? No wins from tento twenty miles an hour? Oh hell

no, Tuesday, Uh it's fiftytwo fur low, No, thank you?
With temp with the winds ten totwenty. Now when Thursday of the
day game, Uh, ten totwenty miles an hour, high sixty five?
Very pleasant? Hear me? Now, believe me. Later, So
what I'm saying, matter fact,I will you know, I'm gonna I'm

gonna flight. It feels like oneoh six right now, but you're not
out, but you're not outside.I would be if it was feels like
sixty three. I'm a flight toSan Francisco, to San Francisco to baseball
game. Second day, I didn'tgo to a baseball so I'm saying,
you got it out of time,good oracle, Go go, go,
go get somethings, garlic fries delicious. I was walking the streets and I

went to Sonoma in the Wine Country. It's pleasant. That's more inland though.
That's inland. That's what I'm talkingabout right on the I'm talk about
right on the damn day when Iwent to visit San Francisco, I'd go
back. Okay, I guess youcome with me to the Rocket's Warriors right
on the bay. There you freezeyour ass off. You're a whiner.
Then you and Draymond you can goout and have some dinner together and he's
gonna punch me in the face.Then you can go out and catch uh

Steph Curry's mouthpiece. Oh, let'sdiscuss salive and grossness on that thing.
Let's see what we got here.Yeah, it feels like one oh six
right now, Good God, WARRENSI, We're comfortable. It's fine, all
right. Bottom of the hour,non Florida story. Where's your non Florida
story from? It's not from Florida, man, how many times don't need
to tell you? Connor, yougot your non Floria story. He's he's
working on it right now. It'salso not from Florida. Thank you,

gentlemen. Really appreciate your insights onthose two angles there seven one three two
one two five seven NINTI seven onethree two one two five seven ninety two
thirteen. It is the Matt ThomasShow, Sports Talk seven ninety. Also
we've got coming up at two pointfifty. It is hell yarn out all
things, Pat Sajack. Will youwatch the last Pat Sajack Will of Fortune

tonight? It's throwing out there sevenone three two one two five seven ninety.
If you want a five, hellowus on Twitter. It's at Sports
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Service and Martin Spoon Moore seven onethree, six nine nine two six sixty
three. Seven one three six ninenine two six sixty three Affordable Tree Service.
This is the Matt Thomas Show onSports Talk seven ninety All Right,
I just found out if I'm overat the University Houston today they're having their

topping off of their football operations centerthat the capacity of of tdas Housteam is
going to be reduced for this season, just this season alone? Two bus
shut up to now, well,I mean, let me finish my statement.
Please to forty five hundred, aboutfifteen hundred less than normal. So

if you're going get your tickets fasterbecause they're gonna be a harder ticket to
get this year, what is thematter with you? Besides the U two
are such an a you really are. Let's go look at the old attendance.
Don't make you do it? Dowhat? How was that? How
many sellouts last year for U ofH Cooper program? I think yeah,

and it was about at least fortyTexas fans. That's fine, go ahead
and go ahead and look at thetickets the what was intendants last year?
Let's see home for you. There'sno way thirty seven thousand, it says
for which wouldn't be a solout selloutfor the uts A game. Okay,
go ahead at Rice Stadium. Wewon't count that, even though it's still

in Houston, TCU thirty six thousand. That feels about right, Sam Houston
thirty five, West Virginia, thirtytwo Texas forty to eight of obviously Texas
fans in the building. You're welcome, that's their don official donation to the
program. UH, Cincinnati thirty fourthousand, and these, of of course

are posted numbers. Of course thereweren't that many people in the mean.
I'm gotta be honest. I wasn'tall those games you just spoke of.
I wasn't West Virginia. I hadrockets that night, but we're not Oklahoma
State thirty three nine. I calledthat game, so I was how full?
Was it? Quite a few issuefans with there? Oh, which
is good. It's fine. Meanswhatever tickets are told to solder tickets sold.
That's true. So lowering lowering attendanceto forty doesn't look like it's really

good effect the bottle. It's gonnabe. It's gonna make it a tougher
ticket. This year's home slide forHouston UNLV huge. That's gonna bring probably
fifty rebel fans. Yes, Ricewill have fifty fans. You have to
do. You have to bank onthe other fans and your program's just not
good. Well, it's getting elite. We're always gonna be good. We're

gonna be elite. This year.Rice will bring fifty fans for the game.
Yeah, I always reading I alwayState will travel well. Okay,
um, let's see here, Utahwill not travel well. Let's see,
it'll be about thirty two to sevenfor that game. Kansas State probably won't

travel well for every one of thesegames. Twenty nine to nine. Baylor
will be here. That's not bad. Yeah, we'll bump you up thirty
five. Thank you. Have yougone to Have you gone to a game?
Yet? You went to? Youget into Texas game? To the
Texas game? And where'd you sit? I was I think it was in
the upper deck in the corner orsomething. But to bad sea? I
mean, yeah, it wasn't athere's not a bad sea in the house.

It's a very small stadium. No, there's big there's small teams that
have bad views. Yeah that's true, but yeah, not in this one.
It's a very small stadium. Butit's this gas small stop. I
mean, it's not a big timefootball stadium. It's it's the taj mahall
of the Southwest. Oh rickety DarrelKay Royal Stadium is a junk hole.

One hundred thousand plus. Yeah,about eighty thousand bleacher seats and about sixty
five thousand those are fairweather fans.I mean, I will give you the
DKR. It looks kind of weirdbecause the way that they look that's weird.
It's a it's probably it should becondemned, all right, No need
for jealousy, Matt, do yousee? Also ask Will Anderson Junior when
he played there, he said it'sthe loudest stadium he'd ever been in.

There was probably some of the Alabamafans. That's the reason why now they
stuck them up in the top corner. I was at that game, by
the way, I got sunburned forthat game. Yet, what Texas schedule
looks like at home? Uh?Well they're at Michigan, so the home
schedule is never read. The biggestgame is home for Georgia. Let me
go to Texas and any I thinkyou get Colorado State. Let's take a
look here football schedule. Go ahead, all right, so let's do your

crowd here you are the state school. It'll be one hundred thousand plus for
every single game. That's not true. You want to bet, Uh,
you're not drawing on a hundred thousandof Colorado State. You want to bet
that ain't happening? Would you liketo bet? We'll go look at last
year's attendants let's see. Okay,go ahead, you're going to the schedule.
Colorado State probably eighty still great,UTSA seventy ulm. You got to

be embarrassed with the schedule. Jesus, what the hell are you doing?
And then at sec slate you've gotthree pancakes before, before and after the
cakes. Cupcakes, pancakes, cupcakesA sound delicious. Yeah, let's see
last year for Rice ninety eight thousand, mm hmm home for Alabama on I'm
sorry, at Alabama that's one hundredthousand. Sorry, that doesn't count.
Home for Wyoming one hundred and onethousand. That's Embellichan tickets sold. I'm

just telling you, Oh, I'msorry at all. There was every butt
in the seat for the U ofH numbers we ran on. So I
felt like, you guys are goingYou get Florida at home. That's not
bad. You got Kentucky home.Nobody go to that, and you go
to A and M on November thirtieth. So ninety eight thousand, hundred,
one hundred two for Kansas, hundredone for BYU hundred two for Daryl k

Royle. So you know, twoand a half times the actual capacity of
some stadiums. Yeah, see whatyou drew for the red white game.
Probably more than your seat at I'mjust saying. I mean, I'm not
trying to be rude or anything.Yeah, they are. These are just
the facts. Let's see, noone wanted to go, Actually, no

one. It's no No intendants announcedfor that orange white game. Okay,
oh no, you know what itsaid. It says attendance of around forty
thousand. Okay, so that'd bea sellout for I wish you guys know
about the very best sellout for someperson. Holordo State, UT S A
and U l M. But man, seriously, play somebody at home.

Play somebody at home. They're playingMichigan at home. Next year. They
got George what'd you say? Whatwas the rest of the slate? Georgia,
Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi State,Florida, Kentucky. Yawn, this
is a yawn. Oh yeah,it's not the gauntlets. And then you
play at Vanderbilt. That's a threetouchdown win. Okay, they're in this

they're in the same conference. AtArkansas probably a two touchdown win in A
and AM. You're probably lose thatgame because you're gonna get a kick at
the very end and lose it.We'll see just throwing it out, all
right? Not shall see. NonFlorida Stories are up next to twenty seven.
It is the Matt Thomas Show,All Things Pat Sajak for hell Garing
out of two fifty. This issports Talk seven ninety time. But non

Bilorida story, Ben, What wasthat? It's the Non Florida Stories theme
song. Who put that together?I did, with a little help from
AI. There's an extended version.There's like a one second version. Do
we have the whole thing on inone second? Let's do it? All

right? It give me time tofind a story. We find interesting stories
that her outside the state of Floridaand share them with the people abused.
It's time for non Florida. I'lltime for No Florida stole on Coast to

coast o brad strange and wild.This is a bang of alligator tales,
but something that will make you smile. It's time for laughs from foreign world.

In this crazy world, there's nowhere. Oh my god, this is
great. Did you write the lyricsto that? I'd put together the first
thirty seconds of it. Can Idid the rest? The Ai took over.
Can I tell you something. I'mgonna take this, and this is
a god's honest truth. I heardmyself on AI two days ago. I

can't tell where I heard it fromor where I got it from, Okay,
I just got to protect for somereason. I don't know. It
sounded like me with a head cold, but I remember I was telling you,
I don't think it's easy to impersonatemy voice. I heard myself an
AI and it freaked me out.Why are you freaked out because it was
not me? Yeah, I thinkwe're actually negotiations to replace you with that

AI. Jeez, all right,it's working for a lot cheaper, makes
fewer demands, doesn't annoy or yellat anyone dateline, Oakland, California,
thirty two year old Michael Oliver meta woman in Las Vegas. They rendezvoued

in Las Vegas, ROSSI, Okay, and they agreed to meet up in
the Bay Area to continue their romance. Mister Oliver promised to help her get
a job at Tesla Instead, policesay when the woman, only as Jane
Doe in court records, arrived atthe airport at Oakland, Oliver informed her

that she owed him one thousand dollarsand that would have to work it off
through prostitution. What Oliver took thewoman around areas known for prostitution in Oakland
and Richmond and instructed her to walkthe streets. When she brought in three
hundred and six sixty dollars the secondnight, he became anger and struck her

and police got involved. What.Oliver has been charged with pimping and pandering,
but Oliver has thus far avoided moreserious human trafficking charges, which are
reserved for scenarios where prosecutors feel theycan prove a person was forced or coerced
into sex work. Police say Oliverthe woman met on social media, arranged
to meet for a brief fling inLas Vegas. Then he convinced her to

come to Oakland, where he lives. Oliver is due for preliminary here on
June the twelfth, and he's alsofacing two separate gun charges as well.
So apparently he meets a woman says, hey, come to Oakland, California
with me. We'll make some moneywork at Tesla. And oh, by

the way, I'm going to useyou as a prost I'm your pimp.
And he's been arrested for such thing. Wow, pampin easy, easy,
even when you're meeting in Vegas andhave a little romance or, as the
story says, a rendezvous and that'smine non Florida story. Wow, thank
you, Matt, thank you.Uh you want to go ahead? Connor?

I mean Dross doesn't have a storythat's not true. Last week I
told you about a Michigan driver bythe name This is why I was going
to do this, but I wantedhim go first incasion this okay, Well,
my non Florida story could be theAI thing. No, go ahead,
Okay. So last year last weektold you about the Michigan driver by
the name of Corey Harris who wentviral after zooming into his court date while
driving car when his license was suspended. Harris was ordered to turn himself in

and was given a new court date. At that new court date, it
was revealed that Harris has never hada license in Michigan or in the other
forty nine states. So Harris zoomedinto the court while driving with a non
existent suspended license. His non existentlicense was suspended for failing to pay child
support earlier this week. Harris paidthe fee to enable him to apply for

a license and plans to get hislearners permit in the next coming days.
Wow, so he's driving around townwith never being authorized to drive a vehicle
ever. Yes, and this guy'snot imprisoned at this point. He was.
He was in jail. He wasordered to jail after that initial incident.

MM. So we're gonna get likea weekly sagaupdate from this cat.
I don't like this, No,I think I think after this is going
to be done well. That therewas a clerical error and then there was
the re update that he never hada license anywhere. It's a very confusing
there you go, all right,thank you for your non Florida story.
Okay, I will go. Iwill to this story. I was gonna

use that one, but I waslike, you know what, Connor might
do the updates since he did thatstory last week. So I will go
to tell you about a woman namedKelly Knights. She suffers from a rare
disorder. Yeah, she was diagnosedin twenty eighteen. It's called parasomnia.
Parasomnia. Yes, this disorder leadsKelly to engage in a lot of different

activities while she's sleeping, such aswalking, in her sleep, talking and
also shopping in her sleep without anyawareness of her actions. Apparently, since
her diagnosis, she has woken upto an array of unexpected deliveries, including
a full sized plastic basketball court,tins of paint books, salt and pepper

shakers, children's playhouse, et cetera, et cetera. These unintentional shopping sprees
has a mass debts exceeding three thousandpounds. She is in England, by
the way, Okay, so you'retelling me she wakes up no in her
sleep, In her sleep, runsthrough her computer yes, and starts ordering
buying stuff. It's like a sleepwalker, except she orders stuff. Now,

you guys buying this. She's aforty two year old mother from England.
Can't she just return everything? Howis she getting debts? Can I call
BS on this? Okay, Iunderstand sleepwalking, I understand. Maybe leaving

your house, I understand, Butin your sleep, getting out of bed,
turning your computer on, going toa website, getting your credit card
out, or at least putting asecurity code in your computer that's already got
your credit card. Doing all thatin your sleep. Returning most items has
proven difficult, if not impossible.Quote, I couldn't refund any food purchases

like the hairbos that's the candies,the the sour streamers. Quite fantastic.
Anyways, either of you guys havebeen caught sleepwalking before? I have not,
have you. Yeah, I wasyoung and I walked down the stairs
and I woke up my parents byrummaging through the freezer, and they're like,
what are you doing. I saidI was hungry, and then they
said go to bed, and thenI just went to bed. Apparently that's

what those see. Well, sodo you believe this woman then? Connor?
Connor, Okay, you sound thatyours sounds more legit. We're talking
about a woman that runs to hercomputer. I think it's on her phone
as she does it as well.Okay, even so, it's still requiring
lots of it requires her hand.Had been doing a lot of moving around

buying things, selecting. I don'tknow if I'm buying this. I think
it's a little bit harder to gothrough the process of actually like checking out
and ordering things rather than like walkingdown the stairs in the house that I
know and rummaging rummaging through a fridge. Yeah, so I don't know Apparently
she has given information to scammers whileshe was asleep, and they've taken money
from her, like financial information.She's a mother of free disabled children.

Oh wow, this is a badstory. She knows she doesn't want to
take sleeping pills so she can remainalert if somebody needs her in the middle
of the night. Okay, okay, do you believe her? I choose
to believe Kelly Knipes cannot tell alie. She could be a scammer.

It just doesn't fill one hundred percentauthentic. Okay, but that you know
what, We're not here judge onnon Florida. Stay. I vetted the
story. It's been posted a bunchof plays. We're just here to report,
all right. That's our non Florastories real quick. Uh. You
know, Charles Barkley maybe a freeagent after next season. Just the next
season could be the last season forTNT. TNT may still have a chance
of grabbing some of the NBA cominghappening. I don't think it's going to

either. So yesterday he's watching thefinals in the halftime show. By the
way, the NBA pre in halfon ESPN ABC. Same thing is a
troch. It's Bob Meyer's former generalmanager of the Golden State Warriors, Stephen
A. Smith, Michael will Bond, and I think they had Josh Hart

of the Knicks on there too.Yeah, they got criticized for talking too
much Nicks and then they got JoshHard on the show. So yesterday they
were talking a lot about the DannyHurley to the Lakers deal. Charles Barkley
wanted no part of that during theNBA Finals, quoting Charles, I was
so mad at ESPN yesterday. Ilove Danny Hurley. This has nothing to

do with Danny Hurley, and goodluck with him if he goes to the
Lakers. But I was so blanked. I was thinking, meant to say
pissed, like we can say that. With Game one of the Finals and
Game one of the Stanley Cup Finalscoming on for them to spend the first
hour talking about what if Danley Hurleygoes to the Lakers. Barkley said he
was so upset that he'd turned hisTV off and discussed the stupidity he was

seeing. I was so blanking yesterdayI had determ my TV off. This
is how stupid they are. Y'allgot the Stanley Cup Finals and the NBA
Finals and y'all are talking about teamthat's irrelevant, and I'm like, whoever's
doing their programming has got to bethe stupidest, most bonehuted people in the
world. God, who the hellis running their programming over there? You

got those games as a network,and you spent the whole time talking about
what if Danny Hurley goes to theLakers, Good for him, good for
Charles. I'm like, what kindof idiots are running this network? That
was crazy. I just thought ofit was so stupid of ESPN. Yesterday,
just like, wait a minute,y'all get the biggest game in the
NBA season coming on, and tonightyou spend the first hour talking about Dan
Hurley. Meanwhile, Charles Barkley maybegoing to ESPN a couple of years.

He'll be a free agente for nextseason. He's right. ESPN spends all
the time loving on anything Lakers,anything Knicks related, and be damned with
the rest of the NBA. It'ssad, it really is. But also
ESPN has the numbers. When theytalk certain things, they get more ratings.

Yeah, so I guess. Soit's funny he's going right after somebody
he that he might want to gowork for it's true. We'll see I
thought what I thought NBC was inthe running. There's gonna be there's gonna
be an NBC package. There's gonnabe an ESPN package. There gonna keep
ESPN's gonna keep the NBA. JohnTesh says, cut the check. And

then there's gonna be an Amazon.It could be a Peacock package. Hell,
who knows, Amazon could probably getin. Then it's gonna be everywhere
too. B two B quibi?What was one that was on the what
was on foot? Uh? Whatwas the other night? It was on
U Roku Roku chann Roku Channel games. Well, now I have the Roku

channel app on my TV. Ididn't previously guess what I have in my
app as one and that looked atonce since that game Roku Roku, I
haven't looked at it one since either. All right, two forty four,
let's play hell here not all things, Pat say Jack seven one three two
one two five seven Audion's Hiss finaledition hosting the Will of Fortune tonight,
and we'll honor him next seven onethree two one two five seven. Honey,

this is the Matt Thomas Show onSports Talk seven ninety Ah, right,
here we go. It is aFriday edition about Thomas show. Anything
goes Friday. Thanks everybody that's beena part of the show. Thanks to
Trey Cabbage for joining us, whoguaranteed me he's gonna get me six more
home runs ROSSI so give me atleast two this weekend against his former team
Astros. Now listen. If youlike Ross, which I don't think many

of you, the research says youdon't. But if you do like him,
the few that you do, yougot on research. We've got we
we got some numbers. No,what do they call that? The focus
groups. The focus groups are likenot big fans of yours. You're gonna
be on from six to seven pointthirty, yeah, and then from seven
thirty eight you're in Astros mode.Yes, and then after the game you're

gonna talk to Drunks at eleven o'clockat night on the tenth Ink Show.
Correct. So it's really an allday Ross. Meanwhile, this is ass
Talk seven. It'll be a goodday that Clinton or Wexer could do the
show. Oh well they're not goingto. That's fine. I'll be hosting
the on Deck tomorrow. Yeah,We'll go Getters, that's right, wishing

them the best. We are wishingplease Astros win. And you know what,
can just one of you call mein the post game? I will
oh, you will yeah something?Five minutes up to go. In the
show, what should we Do?Week should Playmerica's fastest growing sports radio game
show. We simply call it Mondaythrough Thursday b Believe it or not.

But on Fridays we call it ahell Yeah or Not? And here's how
it works. Your call seven onethree two one two five seven ninety seven
one three two one two five sevenninety Today's edition of Hell Ye're Not is
brought to you by two Creeks CrossingResort dot com, where nature meets luxury.
Category Today is all things about PatSajack hosting his final Wheel of Fortune

tonight. I'll read your statement aboutPat statements and utterly accurate. You'll say
this hell answer the city of yourstatement is completely erroneous, full of bunk
and minute you'll say this not toohelly You announce in a row win your
prize. What are you playing fortoday? Connor? We got a pair
of tickets to see the Doobie Brotherswith special guest Robert cray Band on June
thirtieth at the Wooland's Pavilion, apair of tickets to see Nightcap Summer Sessions

with Shannon Sharp and Chattow Jessinko Johnsonlive at the House of Blues on August
twenty fifth. Not to be confusedwith Ross Verry Eel's Nightcap and a seven
ninety two shirt. Are they bitstealing you? It's fine, I can
have it. I think one ofthe local news does a nightcap show too.
Kevin on seven ninety You're ready toplay? Hell yeah or not?
Hell Yeah? Pat was not theoriginal host of the Wheel of Fortune.

It was Chuck Woolery hell yeah ornot? Not? Hellies? How do
you not know? That's an elementaryquestion. Even Ross knew to Chuck Ullerver's
original host, John on seven ninetyJohn, what was your favorite part of
today's radio show? Uh? Iwent shopping. I just got back half
an hour ago. One of Pat'ssay. Jack's early jobs in media was

reading newscasts for a Spanish radio stationin Chicago, even though he didn't know
a lick of Spanish. Hell yeahor not? Not yeah? Guess what
his job was? Duh? Drewon seven ninety Dree, You're ready to
play? Hell yeah or not?What's thaw the puzzle? Matt. Pat
Sajak was an army radio DJ inVietnam and once accidentally cut off a presidential

address from Richard Nixon. Hell yeahor not? Hell yeah, that's one
more to go. Pat Sajak hadhis own late night variety show on CBS.
It was called The Pat Sajack Show, and it was canceled after just
fifteen months on the air. Hellyeah or not? Not? Oh he
did? It was on CBS.It was Terrible Randy on seven Ninetie Randy,

what was your favorite part of today'sradio show? Oh man, I've
just started listening. Before hosting Wheelof Fortune, Pat Sajak did weather at
TV station WSMB in Nashville. Hellyeah or not? Hell yeah? There
you go, statement number two forthe whin. Pat Sajack published his memoirs

in two thousand and four. Itwas titled Life One Spending of Time My
Story Hell yeah or not? HeOh yeah, no, never never wrote
a book. Sorry, Anthony onseven and are you ready to play?
Hell yeah or not? Hell yeah. In recent years, Pat admitted that
he would have loved and he wouldhave left the Wheel of Fortune to replace

Bob Barker on the price is right, but he was never offered the job.
Hell yeah or not? Not?That is correct? I mean that
went up myself. Statement number twofor the when Pat Sajack appeared alongside hand
Van A White in a scene ofthe two thousand and one parody film Scary
Movie two. Hell yeah or not? Hell yeah? No, you didn't

watch the movie, did you?You didn't see him in there? Cross
will give away nothing. Zilch Counter'slike, oh, hell yeah, all
right, I want to tell youright now before we get to you to
the next show on this radio stationabout two Creeks Crossing Resort. It's a
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waterfront cabins, they have one historicfour room log cabin, and they have
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looking for the five star life thatI like and the outdoors all in one,
it's basically where nature meets luxury,it's going to be Two Creeks Crossing
Resort. For more details and tofind out all different types of properties available

for you and how to get there, you go to two Creeks Crossingresort dot
com. That's two Creeks Crossingresort dotcom. Please stop buy making a visit
out there for a weekend get awayand tell them your buddy Matt from seven
ninety cent? You all right,okay, how you feeling? Okay,
we got a minute. What elseyou want to talk about? Nothing?
The last forty five? Talk aboutthe night cab at six o'clock. I

mean that shows on dec At seventhirty. That's a lot of it.
Can one of you call me inthe postgame? I mean, like like
some in the audience, not justme? Okay, No, I mean
you can't if you want, ifnobody else calls, I mean you've called
me on the Rockets postgame I have. That's almost like a staple. We're
struggling on that program, but thenwe're gonna go. We're gonna get there.
Things can get better next year,I hope. So well we have

what don't you think we averaged percalls if we took all the calls in
the eighty two games? We didit wait into the West Coast game,
so probably seventy five shows and maybesixty calls zero point three. You know
I'm gonna say lessa what call theshow? Well, Jalen Green went like
two for nineteen. I get alot of calls. I bet you did.
All right, everybody, have agreat weekend. Stand by Adam Wexer,

Adam Clinton are going to entertain thehell out of you between now and
six o'clock. They called it bT, but it's right here on Sports
Talk seven et eighty
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