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June 10, 2024 130 mins
Matt Thomas and Ross Villarreal of The Matt Thomas Show discuss the Houston Astros winning two out of a three-game road series against the Los Angeles Angels, missing out on a sweep opportunity with a 9-7 loss on Sunday. Ryan Pressly took the mound in the eighth inning and allowed a pair of runs that tied the game at seven. Josh Hader finished off the eighth but gave up a walk-off home run in the ninth. The injuries continue to mount for the Astros after third baseman Alex Bregman was hit by a pitch in his left hand, which led him to exit the game, and left fielder Kyle Tucker was placed on the 10-day injured list with a right shin contusion. With most of the concern centered around injured starting pitching, could the Astros look to make a trade before the deadline, and will the abundance of outfielders on the roster serve as the main compensation? Dan Hurley turned down a six-year, $70 million offer from the Los Angeles Lakers to remain the head coach at UConn. The deal would have made Hurley one of the NBA's six highest-paid coaches. Matt and Ross discuss rumors concerning Trevor Bauer returning to MLB, react to Caitlin Clark not making the U.S. women's basketball team for the upcoming Olympics, review the Dallas Mavericks dropping two games in the NBA Finals, play "To Tell the Truth" and more.
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Yeah, lunch timers, this isthe Matt Thomas Show, twelve oh one
in Age Town. What's happening lunchtimers. Good afternoon to you, and
welcome Joel Monday Edition. This isthe Matt Thomas Show on Sports Talk seven
ninety the two and that is linedin the left center. That's a base
hit on his way to third base, goes O Hockey. He's a round

third and will score. And thesecond is battle with an RBI double,
and it's seven to six. Astroszach metto with his fourteenth double of the
season and his twenty fourth run battedin, and the Angels have the time
run at second base with only oneout the oh one to Stephani check swing

round Paul right side out to meto his left field. His only play
is that first gets the out there. Neto scores and we're tied at seven.
On an excuse me, RBI groundout by Stephanik On the second ghost
Boniac too. Joel Spott has donehere. Two ball softly hit left side,
so it's left Dubon. He pobblesit and everybody's gonna be saved.

On the third base goes Moniac asDuban couldn't handle that brown ball to his
left. It's an error, thesecond for Dubon, who entered the game
in the sixth in a at thirdafter Bregman left with the left hand discomfort.
First pitch and o'hapi hits it inthe air to left. It sends
back Cabbage toward the corner leaf.Did he catch that? He did not?

It's a walk off home run?But is it? Did I did
o'happy pass Polar? I believe it'sa walk off home run for the moment
Cabbage almost robbed it, But I'mcurious. Did o'happy pass Polar at first

base? And if he did,then he is out and the game's over.
Dotter Wendelstat twirls his right index fingerin the air and the Angels,
with a comfort behind nine to sevenwin over the Houston Astros, walk off
to run home run by Logan o'happy, his fourth hit of the game.

Kind of name is Logan o'hockey.It's Logan o'happy. It's an Irish name.
He plays front team that has nofans. He plays the loot like
nobody's business. Logana Happy with abrahmin A stick and a Trey cabbage dropped.

Speaking of cabbage, a corner beefrom cabbage. Quite didn't they taste
it? He swings a mighty Shelleyfor the Los Angeles Angels. Oh,
some guys have all the luck,Trey Cabbage is not, and the Astros
have none of the luck. No, no, the luck, no luck
of the last season, laddies,luck of the Irish way is? This
is logan o'happy? Is the Irishaccent the easiest to imitate? I guess

I don't know. I mean,I don't think you know. One of
ours is terrible but better than yours. This is why I like hoasting with
you. I don't have great impressions, but they're at least better than yours,
and mine only have to be betterthan yours. That's rude, but
probably somewhat fair. Oh another quicktake, go ahead. Rod Stewart slightly

overrated. I'm gonna go full blownoverrated. Okay, he provides nothing for
me. I love that song,screaming, scratchy voice. I love forever
young. If you want my bodyand you think I'm sexy, that's catch,
But the rest of the stuff iseh. Maggie May is just okay.
Yeah, he's you know what,I will go, Okay, I
won't go extremely over it. I'lljust go regularly. You're coming to my

side, I would say fifty fiveforty five overrated, not a big fan.
You gave me free tickets to RodStewart. I will play lightly decline.
I will take one time I wasin Las Vegas and going to the
bathroom at the Rod Rock Cafe.What now, tell Okay, this is
the one that's off the strip,that's not there, one that's now the
I believe it is the emerging hoteland can't keep track of this. I

have to keep them out taking overthere, giag, I know, I
know. So I'm in the bathroomand I'm like, do I hear Rod
Stewart like right next door? Becauseit didn't sound like it was a song,
didn't sound like it. He wassinging in the earnal. He was
in the in the the rock refereebar next to it, like in a

not on a big feaer, butjust like in a regular bar, just
singing. I was like, that'sRod freaking Stewart right there, just singing
in a bar. That would havebeen like, well, you know,
you go to casinos and you havelike the place, the little lounge.
You have a couple of beers,and you have the karaoke singer or the
people that think they're karaoke singers singinga couple of songs. It was freaking
Rod Stewart was right there. Yeah, yeah, but that's neither here north

there. It's not. But again, I some of my stuff I do
like. It's just not one ofmy all times. Rossie that it was
your week. It was good.I guess I probably hit a little too
hard on Saturday and I spent allday yesterday recovering. Yeah it's gonna happen,
but yeah, it did happen.But that's okay. It was a
good weekend, I think, exceptfor you know, the astros loss.
Yes, I had a thirty Iwould have liked to them one. I

had a thirty four ounce beer BigCity on Saturday night, and you still
recovery, got home and fell asleepfor within five months. Proud of you.
You drink of an actual beer.You didn't have something that was just
fruit juice based, which is whatyou normally do. I actually drank a
low carb beer, to which I'mtrying to stick around. You are dropping
low carb. Keep my eye onyou. I'm picking and choosing my battles,
like time I got to pay offmy stay in the North Front.

Oh okay, so the steak doesn'thave any carbs. Yes, the vegetables
want to any carbs, but thattheir bread is so amazing at this place
that I'm gonna have to have threeor four slices now, of course,
God, yes, literally, Oh, I can't help myself. I have
to ask because Stan was talking aboutthis when I was coming in. I
was listening to the Next Up programten to twelve. He was saying,

how hard or do you go afterthis? Now? Do you guys have
rules? This is what I woulddo if it were you and I had
a steak dinner. You're you're payingfor food. I'm paying for booze,
and I got the tip. Howhave you all discussed? Oh, I
think I'm paying for everything. You'reyou call it. You're calling booze too.
Okay, Well then I'm getting well, I'm not gonna drink tonight.
Yeah. What if I want afive hundred dollars bottle of cab, Well,
then he's gonna pay for them,That's what I'm saying. But if

he wants to have a G andT. I'm not gonna argue bout it.
You give him, like two drinktickets. This is what you should
do. You get two drink ticketsand then he can hand them to you
when he wants two drinks. Well, the first one, if he orders
the first one, it's going tobe no roll of the eyes. The
second one's going to be the roleof the eye. The third one's gonna
be the third one's gonna be supercheck on that police taper check. Yeah,

that's right, Okay, Yeah,But we lost a bet on the
Texans wind total this year ago,and I'm a man who pays up,
but it's thrashed on that one.It was six and a half. We
had a level for a family stikehouse and then we had the upper end.
Well, I didn't expect them towin ten or finished with, Yeah,
it's I'm paying the high end.That's a shame. You know,

you don't feel bad at all.You've lost a lot of bets to me
in the last couple of years.That's true. I find as well,
when's the last bet you won withYou said there was gonna be a splash
and no splashes in free agency,but you nick Assario, and it was
like bombs were going off in thePacific with the splashes. So it was
a paf on that back of chips. I don't remember. Okay, very
good, all right? Local ninelose yesterday a game they should have won.

I hate have won. I don'tmind the two out of three series
loss, but maybe losing the lastone hurts because you want to get the
brooms out and the second time that'sout, you want the rooms out.
You had the lead. JV basicallytold Joe a Spot to get your ass
back in the bench. I'm goingto finish these five minutes. You are
not gonna take me out. I'msorry getting that, He's like, I

need three hundred wins, get outof here. No, I don't think
that's it at all. I thinkthat's part of it. I think it's
innings for a guaranteed contract for both. Yeah, but he wasn't. But
he was down the game when hedid that. So how did he know
that they were going to come back? Well, they did. You only
give your you only get one chanceto do it. Yeah, so he
was in line to get the win. He was, And I may have
a philosophical change about something that hashappened on a team on a day to

day basis, So we got thatwe have to tell the truth at one
thirty today. You know, thereare so many people that like to want
to fire the manager immediately on thingsbecause every time the Astros lose, is
always Joe a spot his fault,just like it was every time the Astros
lost it was Dusty Baker's. Yes, I don't ever usually believe that,
but if I'm the Oregon coach,I'm looking for work today, I think

I'm going to get fired. Ididn't catch that I watched because again,
the Dallas Boston game was just okay. It wasn't spectacular, although Luca played
well despite the fact that apparently he'sgot every bone in his body broken.
Stop telling me that you're hurt andthen you play. Every time he was
questionable. I think he's been questionablelike eight times in these playoffs, and

every time thirty points. It's it'sridiculous. But Oregon, in look,
college baseball generally speaking, sucks andthere's just not any pitching involved in it.
We've seen him with the Os thisweekend of some really, really ridiculously
high scoring games. This Oregon pitcher. I don't remember the guy's name.
It doesn't really matter for the sakeof the argument. But was out there
and just throwing ball ball ball,ball hit, batsman hit, batsmen hit.

I mean, it was a hotmess. And finally the Aggies were
down eighty four and scored nine inthis one inning geez off of two hits.
One one was a grand slam byJeff Kent's son. Really, yeah,
Jeff Kid's son plays for the Aggies. Yeah, that's cool. Does
he have a mustache? No?I hope his attitude is better than his

dad. His dad was a prick. My god. Well, I'm just
telling the truth. Okay, anybodywas around Jeff Kent would back me up.
Okay. Point being is this thatthat poor Oregon pitcher Ross needed to
leave four batters before he did.And I thought it was just it was

criminal that this kid is out therewho can't find the strike zone. It's
one hundred degrees in College Station orwhatever it was, and the Aggies just
are just walking walking. One basehit hit by pit They need to be
replaced. And the coaching staff forOregon just sat there and watched it happen.
And so if you want to reallywanted to argue about whether or not

a manager or a coach should befired when you leave somebody out there.
As long as that poor kid ofOregon was out there getting beat up,
you deserve some of the blame onthat. So, I mean, A
and M was a better team,but it could have been Curtail a lot
faster if the fact that Oregon's coachwould have had a heartbeat and said,
you know, maybe I should repullthis guy after he's walked four guys in
the inning nine runs on two hitsis embarrassing. It's college baseball, though

it's actually impressive. You know,so bad, Yeah, it's so bad.
It's good. All right to tellthe truth Today at one thirty this
afternoon on the radio program we havea Believe It or Not today, and
Rossi has said, Matt, I'vegot to get you. Got you have
apparently a very strong take on theKaitlyn Clark not making the US Olympic teas.

Oh my god, I mean,I just I'm boiling over with rage.
Well I would hope not. I'mnot. I mean, you could
be okay, but I'm not allright. Seven one three, two,
one two five seven ninety seven onethree two one two five seven ninety.
Also, and I know you're notmuch pregame guy, but we are watching
the implosion eventually of the greatest pregameshow in the history of television, and

we're now being we're having to beforced when not forced, but we're now
having to see maybe the worst pregameshow in history currently going on in professional
sports. We'll discuss that as well. Seven one three two one two five
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for all the information you want,it's mhmdicare dot com. More. Matt
Thomas now on Sports Talk seven ninety, thank you for being a part of

our radio show today, twelve twentyaris our time. It is Sports Talk
seven HOUNTI I didn't thank you,I said down thinking the audience. Oh,
you're you're required to be here.Actually not required. We compensate you,
which we could change we needed towith handsomely. We like you.
We think we think you get alittle fire in the ability for the business.
We don't think you've given up.Yes, not yet. No,

it depends, actually depends on theday. Today. No, I'm happy
to be here. How about tomorrow. We'll see Wednesday, You're gonna happy
be here. It's a short day, that's true. Why uh, we've
on deck at one thirty. Yeah, but then I got to do postgame.
I mean I could do it freeif you want me to. No,
it's fine, Matty, all right, So make sure take your rest.
You put in a lot of time. I did, by the way,

doing eight o'clock pregame shows on Saturday. A little weird. I would
imagine. I felt like there wasno one listening. Not that we do
like a hey, if you're listening, call me, but we don't take
calls in the pregame show. Butit was just like one time somebody did
those years ago. I won't nameany names. Oh I knew who it
was. It's called not being NavidMaladi. Oh. Sorry, we don't

rhyme on this show that often.Oh No, that MLB network is posting
is playing the highlights of this astroza. I'm freak cabbage. You're catching
the ball but not I went togo go to pizza while this was happening,
okay, And so I was listeningto as you just heard Robert Ford's
call, and I couldn't. Iwanted to see the video of it.
So Babage goes to the ball,leaps, he comes down, comes back

into plays like I got this ballon my glove, looks at it,
goes oh, hell no, Idon't have the ball, and then his
arm hits the cushion and the railingand then that's when the ball pops out.
I believe. So he caught it, but then he didn't hold it.
You think it's a little gimmicky,having that kind of that kind of
outfield wall out there. It isweird having the having to interact with the
fans right there. M M.Just seems like you're your good job to

the fans. They weren't really inthe way Trey Cabbage should have caught it.
It's not like one of them slappedthe ball out of his hand.
I would like to say, shouldbaseball be less gimmicky with its baseball seams?
But I think part of the charmof Major League Baseball's having gimmicky stadiums.
I mean the I mean, theGreen Monster says, gimmicky is a
gift. Oh my gosh. ThePesky's poll in there too, Pesky's Poll.

And how about the right center feelwhere the bullpen is again right next
to uh, you can jump basicallyinto the bullpen, grab it. I
mean, yeah, it's weird.There's all sorts of intricacies. Like people
always say, Matt, what's yourfavorite arena in the NBA, And I'm
like, unfortunately, they all areabout the same. Yeah, they're all
ninety four feet long. They haveclub suites, and I mean there's a

couple that have a little bit moremore charmed to it than others. But
generally speaking, I can't give youa big difference between the U or the
Philadelphia seventy six ers play and wherethe Sacramento Kings play. Yeah, should
we do that? Do what?Where? You just added, like a
put a hill somewhere on a ona basketball court or a football field.
I miss tows Hill. Well,I'm in the minority, but I miss

tows Hill. You're in the minority. I don't miss it. I know
that, Yeah, But you knowwhy I miss Towns Hill because it was
so dumb. It was like itmade no sense. You got Lance Berkman
going up there and falling down.Ritchie Sexon I believe didn' he hit a
ball off of the pole out there, And you wouldn't love it if Lance
Burton would have gone back to makethat grab what he did, and then

Torquem isn't legs in half. No, Frankly, it's lucky that in the
history of Tows Hill no one sufferedany serious injuries. But I would say
this growing up the Boston Celtics,the old Boston Garden had a charm to
it, The form had a charmto it. The Summit certainly had a

feel for it. I would saythat thirty years ago NBA Arenas had different
kind of vibe to it. Nowthey're all about the same. Yeah,
sterile, lacking and personality lifeless alittle bit. Again, it's about club
suites and food and drink and getmaking sure the court side seats are full

and all eximizing your dollars. Yeah, but yeah, so yeah, if
they said, well, who's yourI mean when people ask me about my
favorite place I go, I alsuallytalk about the cities. It's compared to
your least favorite. So don't youhate the garden? I hate broadcast locations,
but I think the general fan doesn'tcare about that. But that's the
Garden is my least favorite place tobecause there's twenty percent of the court I
don't even see, Yeah, whichis it's just a travesty. I'm sorry,

Matt. Sorry, you won theten too, Okay, I mean
I was expecting less than that,so I guess somewhat nice fair, right,
If you were sitting next to me, you're like, man, you
got a point there. Maybe nextyear. The worst are San Antonio,
Dallas, Orlando, Boston and what'smy fifth worst? Off to think about

it, but there's well, Ihaven't been to Angel Stadium, but it
looks nice. I'd go. Youknow, it's funny. I took the
kids about seven or eight years ago. It's lipstick on a pig. Really.
Yes, that stadium has been arounds into seventies, uh huh,
and they have obviously done It wasa football baseball because the Rams used to
play there many many years ago,and so it was a multi purpose stadium.

So the Rams left obviously to goto Saint Louis. And they have
tried to you know, the outfieldwall and all the little the fountains and
all that, trying to add alittle bit more to it. But it
could use an overhaul. It's justit's just old. It would be like,
what's a good example that you havebeen to. I mean it's like
Daryl Carro at Donger Stadium. Dodgervery similar to Dodger Sham, except Dodger

Statum just is in an awesome location. And I don't think Dodger fans necessarily
need all the bells and whistles.They just want to get in the stadium.
Yeah, it's also fit, andit's also not a bad seat in
the house. Play seats Dodger Shatumseats like fifty five thousand, and there's
not a bad seat in the wholebuilding. You got to Fenway Park,
there are some lousy, lousy seatsobstructing destructive view. Same thing at wriglar

Field too. I've been a regular, I haven't been a Fenway got to
make it out there, maybe thisyear because you are our insider playoff.
Oh yeah, making the playoff unlessunless Gordy's like, I can handle this
by myself. Yeah, probably,he's got to get his vacation time in
there. So No, he workshard, actually, having been on these
trips with them. He wakes up, he wakes up at eight am.

He's working, and then he worksall through the night. And I'm being
dead serious. Okay, Now someof that working is, you know,
being on and I mean he's gotto fourteen reviews in every Southeast Harford and
yeah, but he's very he's verybusy. He's got to hit in Pensacola
and he's got to hit it alreadyto run this do as shows all that
stuff. Yeah, very busy.Lad, So really you should probably just
go by yourself then so you canwork on other things. Back that's not

true. Astro's playoff odds, bythe way up fifty forty one point three
percent according to our friends at FANGRAF. So you're saying there's a chance forty
one percent chance. All right,I have a philosophical change that I did
not want to make about how theastros are being uh performing these days that
I'm going to have to flip ona little bit. Okay, I'll tell
you I when come back, Whenwe come back twelve twenty seven Sports Tracks

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The reality is this, and thisis very painful for me to say,

but Joe A Spot is going toprobably have to and we'll discuss it
with him tomorrow when he joins us. He's gonna have to probably do some
mixing around with his high leverage closedrelievers. It's it's Ryan Pressey. It's
just not working out right now.It's just it's laborsome to watch him.

I think there's a confidence issue.I know his era is not atrocious.
It's been a lot better since thefirst month of this season, but it's
still there. Isn't this uber senseof confidence. I remember when the deal
was done, when Josh Hater camehere seven eight to nine was gonna be
lockdown, lockdown, lockdown, andit's been far from that this year.

You know, obviously Hater gimhim up. The home run wasn't great yesterday,
he had not pitching multiple days.He'd actually try to go out for a
second inning. I think Jose Abraywas probably being used. Excuse me,
Brian Abrady is being used too much. So I think he's gonna to adjust
that a little bit. But whenhe does do that adjustment, I think
Brian A. Brady should be areathingingguy. I know it's painful for Presley.

I know he's been there, donethat. I don't believe this should
be a permanent change, but ROSSII'm just not feeling it right now.
I'm just not I and I'm ahuge Ryan Presley fan, man, I
just am, But the reality ishe makes coffee nervous right now. He
has been struggling as of late,but all I mean, well, I
would say as of like the lastcouple of times he's gone out, but

he was turning it around. Hedid have a good like fifteen sixteen appearances
in a row where he had givenup runs in some of those, but
his era was under three, butalso yesterday as a practical matter, in
the if we're not even we're talkingabout traditional roles, we're talking about where
they were in the lineup. Youused Brian abray you for the top of

the Angel's lineup, and Ryan Presleycame in to face their number six hitter,
Kevin Pollar, So seventh, eighthwhatever. You used Brian A bray
you in theory against their better hitters. Yeah, so it doesn't to me.
Rather than the roles, it's justabout the higher leverage spots. And
I've been saying this, I meaneven since the offseason. Brian abra You

is their second best reliever behind JoshHater once they signed him, so he
needs to be used as a weaponin the more high leverage situation. So
if you want to call it theeighth inning role, which is traditional,
and it seems like Joe Spotta isfor the most part keeping with traditional roles,
call it what you want to,but yeah, I think flat out

Brian abray is a better reliever thanRyan Presley, and so whatever what we
want to call it, I'll reredefining to make a non definable role.
Does that make any sense to you? Yeah? Uh, kind of.
I know what you're saying. It'slike you don't have to and I don't
want managers and I don't want Joeor anybody to be robotics. Say this

is my seventh guy, this ismy eighth guide, this is my ninth
has my situational It has to bematchup driven to me, and I would
say in a vacuum yesterday, usinga bray you against the Angel's top of
the lineup and then using Presley againstthe starting with the number six hitter was
was a fine way to go aboutthings. But unfortunately Ryan Presley, who
has been better and isn't bad andhas had some bad luck, but there

was some hard hit contact off himyesterday. I think one of those doubles
was like one hundred and two.Also pitched twenty five pitches the day before
that Saturday game. That is thatis correct and that it's certainly something to
consider, and that was in afive run game where you could question going
with your high leverage guys there aswell, which I think Bray you didn't
pitch, but I think Montero PresleySouth Martinez, Yeah, yeah, we

haven't seen what's his face? OurSouth African friend, Taylor Scott or Scott
our South African friend. I lovethat, But yesterday you went to Verlander,
Martinez, Montero, Bray, youPresley hater, you should not have
had nine runs given up with allthose names that I rattled off. Yeah
against really just an okay offense.Yeah, they hit a lot of home
runs do the Angels. It wasn'tlike it wasn't like Presley was the only

issue. But you want again,I think things would and I mean it's
karma whatever the case would be,but maybe the game would have Hay would
have had better stuff if he wassitting there protecting elitis compared to having to
come in in the ehinging to bailout a guy who had not had good
stuff in the eighth inning. Idon't know if he hater only got two

outs and gave up two runs,Like, you just can't win with a
game like that and the offense.I mean the josel with a four hit
game, McCormack helping the car.Yeah, losing that one hurts. It's
almost like again, Jose Abray,you got you two hits, including driving
in a run on a hard hitdouble that he pulled. I'm just saying

it's funny you changed your ten ofyour voice pretty quickly on that. I'm
just saying it, like I've reallybeen way out on jose A bray you.
But there's those were some productive abs. Those looked good. I know
you know I'm not asking. Okaythat what make sure I am not selling
to you. Okay, Okay,I'm not selling. I'm just talking.
I'm just saying, like, well, here's the here's the reality. He's

gonna be able, he's gonna getmore opportunities to play because it's not like
John Singleton said, oh you hoseyou burn, you won't take my spot.
Watch this boom boom boom. Whenhe first came back, it was
like some soft singles. The otherway, it's like whatever, but like
three three hard hit ball is ninetyfive miles an hour above. He had
three hard hit balls yesterday. I'mjust saying, I'm giving you the facts.

I'm not selling you anything. I'mnot saying he's back. I'm just
saying. I'm just saying he's battingsub two hundreds since his return. I'm
saying it was encouraging. Umm,Okay, he's got his average at to
one thirty. Two. Is hesup two hundred? He's probably around there.
He was six he after his firstout yesterday he was six for thirty
two. So let's give him twomore hits. Let's put that. I

an't worry about it. Oh no, I like to don't hurt yourself.
Eight divided by thirty four. Uhman, maybe two thirty five? Is
that right? Six for thirty four? Yes, I got seven for thirty
five, which is two hundred exactly. Okay, So now he's now for
those two hitches, now twos sixtwenty two. Hey, that's better than

what we were getting. And honestly, and this is not nice, but
it's true. It's probably better thwhen Singleton's giving you the last two weeks.
It's about the same neighborhood. Yeah, which is I think a huge
indictment against a position. Yeah.Yeah, he's still not good. Let's
talk to Bob and Sugarland on theMatt Thomas Show. Bobb at twelve thirty
seven, Good afternoon, Hi Matt, Hey, I'm going to preface this

with Happy Father's Day to you forthis week, same to you and everybody's
we're all jumping on Presley and Haterwith this. I got to put yesterday
on the NT curse. I'm sorry. What did you ask Drey Cabbage Thursday
or Friday to give me some homeruns? No? No, no,

no, no, no, ohno, I know you're Bob. You
made him tell it and then youmade him retell it with more color,
yeah, which he did. Yeah, so I'm trying to build a boy's
confidence of it. Obviously did notwork. Yeah, you get out of
here, Bob, get out ofhere. See you. No, I
don't, uh, I don't.I don't know what you're talking about with

the MT curse. No, thatwas a that was a facade for about
three or four months. Really,there have been significantly more blessings than there
have been curses. Uh. Yeah, I don't really bring that up anymore,
but thank you, Bob, appreciateyou. Listen. I don't care,
Bob. You shouldn't brought it up. You should apologize to me.
Well, I told you that.The moment it died for me is when
apparently players in the Astros clubhouse weretalking about and that's like, okay,

the bit has gone too far.Yeah, it's just it's just a bit,
but it became way too serious.Yes, it was a it was
a bit that some took too far, and really I blame Lancerline. I'm
sorry, Manson Merlin. That's fine. NFL dot com'st Manson Marline and it
on. If he gets struck bylightning, it won't be. It would
be. It would be a terriblesituations, but there's a chance you could

survive it. You could also befried like crispy bacon, but that's a
different issue for a different time.Oh, it was a fun bit while
lasted. Yeah, yeah, foryears and years. Let's go to Rick
in Spring branch on seven ninety attwelve thirty nine. What you got right?
How's it going, guys? Good? I guess I'm an old timery.
You know, I was back whenthe ashers in baseball was doing complete

games. Pictures were finished off,the games came to one hundred plus pitches.
This day and age is totally different. Now, you what five six
anything you bring into bullpen. Ikind of wish we went back to the
old school of baseball. You know, the guy's out there for seven or
eight innings until he doesn't have it, and then you bring in the closer
or something. You know, itjust it seems like baseball. So I

don't know. It's it's totally changednow and the whole game has changed.
I'm just not a fan of thenew baseball manager style. Well, let's
put it. Let's put it inperspective a couple of things. When we're
through one hundred pitches yesterday, Yeah, that's number one. I think you
are overestimating the amount of it's aboutpitch count, necessarily about innings. It's
about pitch count. First of all, money is being spent on these pitchers

to extraordinary levels, as you wouldknow. Second of all, the number
of arm injuries is increasing by theit feels like by the month among every
major League Baseball team. So youcan bind money, investment, longevity,
and the fact that you know what, guys are protecting themselves a little bit.
It's going it's going to be ina situation where you're gonna see less
and less of the complete games.That's why watching Fromberg that other night was

so impressive, because he was ableto give you nine and all, by
the way, do it with lessthan one hundred and ten pitches. If
he'd have been in one hundred pitchesbut going in the ninth inning, they
wouldn't have mis situation so it's allabout pitch count and I and in this
particular situation, Rick, As muchas I do appreciate the old school way
of baseball, I have zero problemwith this. I need my guys that
I'm paying fifteen twenty twenty five thirtythirty five million dollars to be with me

all throughout the season. I'm notworried about them getting an extra out in
the eighthenning of a game in earlyJune. A good point, very good
point. The game is definitely changsdollars is definitely, thanks for sure.
So that's a very valid point.What about Bullpenn by committee at this point
for the Astros, No, wedon't really have a true closer. We
don't really have a truth no no, no, no no no no no
no no no no no, no, no no no no. Josh Hander

is the closer. I don't knowwhat you're talking about. He's the closer.
Well, he's having the issues rightnow. He can he could come
a closer again. He's just waita minute, wait a minute, no,
wait a minute, wait what waute? He had a he had a
blemish, he did not have Hehas not a issues right now. He's
been generally speaking since the first ofMay. Very very good. Yeah,
well you're right, I'm just frustrated. I'm frustrated as just man. It's

taking it out y'all. Sorry,guys, as we're here for daily twelve
to three Sports Talk seven ninety thanksfor the phone call. Even with yesterday,
since May two point twenty five er A and fourteen appearances. Yeah,
what happened to It's just it's justone game and every problem is exposed.
Like Astros win two games against Anaheim, beat the crap out of him.
You don't hear a word one aboutBullpen, Presley, fire a spot,

a fire a spy, the lineupof I'll bray you. Meanwhile,
the Astros give up a game andnot granted it was been nice to get
the sweep, it'd have been niceto stay with Seattle and Texas in the
midas the game, no doubt thegame. It was blown. But then
it becomes every horrific fake made upstown Like there was somebody on Twitter yesterday.

I don't know who this person is. I've had the long since.
Uh mute them that said that bringingthe Terry Franconick, bringing him in would
fix the things for the Astros.I mean, my god, are we've
we just don't have any acumen inbaseball? What is it? Terry up
to? What is tep dough?He's probably up to three hundred pounds and
enjoying retirement. Hey, but whenI retire, I want to get to

three hundred pounds. Unless unless he'san active walking lifestyle. I don't know,
But come on, we're blowing alead and you're gonna you're gonna ask
for a managerial change. So Fridayand Saturday, Joe A Spotted knows what
he's doing. Yeah, Sunday he'sclueless, and Terry Francona should replace him.
Yes, I mean, it's justnot bright and any bright people when

I follow on Twitter. That's whyI mute. I'm muting people and blocking
people like a mother because I'm justseeing some horrific sports takes. Yeah,
mute button has been. It's infull blown. It was doing some muting
this weekend. I was like,I was doing good. It feels real
good. You know what I did? I pulled them Matt Thomas, I
blocked somebody on Saturday. I neverblocked. Good for you. It's Blocking's

fine. It was a special case. It needed to be done. I
know this person. No, Idon't think so, but I was just
I was tweeting a Saturday that theTrevor Bawer thing people are just inventing stuff
to be arguing about. Trevor Boweris not going to be He's not coming
in Astros. And then somebody toldme that I was tweeting that for attention,
and I said, okay, wellhere I'm going to prove you I
don't need your attention. I amblocking you. Ooh, so you lost

the follower. It felt good.Yeah, all right, blocking and muting
can's more of a i'm i'm I'mI'm a blocking money. I know especial
against hig school athletes. I thinkI can help their careers getting the block
immediately. Kids out of Savannah,Georgia and Fort Collins, Colorado's five to
six once sixty defensive end. Yeah. Brother, focus on gaining some weight

and not following this guy in Houstontwelve forty four of The Matt Thomas Show
seven one three, two one two, five seventy. We're gonna get to
this Bower thing real quick. Wecome back Twell forty four to seven ninety
Cougar's Coast. Kelvin Sampson. Here, you're listening to the Matt Thomas Show
on Sports Talk seven to ninety.Jeez, Jerry, that's one. That's

two. We'll leave it at two. The Los Angeles Lakers. Do you
not know? Oh? I donot? Well, now I do because
you said Lakers, Well you don'tknow. I'm going with this two.
I feel like Dan Hurley would bea three. Dan Hurley not the coach
of the Lakers. Okay, WouldanHurley have been a three? You think

from Mere News right, because Imean he's back to back national championship winning
coach. Yeah, okay, notDan turning He's like Dantoni. No,
No, it's Dan Hurley's turning downthe Lakers show. He's turning it down,
turning it down. That's yeah.Okay. I thought you were gonna
say they hired somebody. Nope,nope, turning it down. Okay,
that's the news that somebody turn thejob down. Yeah, you're like ESPN,

now, no, nothing. Theywere gonna make him one of the
highest paid coaches. He is aback to back national championship coach going to
one of the five landmark NBA franchise. I like that's a second tier,
so it's JJ Reddick. Then whocould it be? Now, Wow,
that sounds like a song, Matt, just throw that out there, Okay?

Uh if I mean, do yougo from a two time if a
two time n CLA National Championship coachturns you down? Mm hmm. What's
what's plan B? Planing? B'sprobably Lebron's friend JJ Reddick. But apparently
Anthony Davis wants no part of that. But oh really again, that's it's

all speculation on the world wide Web. So I don't know. But apparently
Rob Polinka, the Lakers general manager, went all in and has been and
has been just basically daily texting,hourly calling. Please come take this job.
We think we think we need yourkind of discipline and he'd be able
to run the show. Basically.What do you think about that? Staying

at Yukon and turning down seventy milliondollars to coach the Lakers. See,
we were talking, we were talkingabout this just before. I would have
done it unless I just don't wantto live the California life. He's an
East Coast guy. He has astand stores Connecticut. It's one of the
plumber's Butts of America. It reallyis. It's awful, it really is.

So why go to LA you haveLebron, you don't have a bad
team, you don't have a championshipof the team. You're not even close,
really, because he must be thinking, I'm gonna be going there for
a couple of years and probably gettingfired. But then if that is the
case, which I talked about before, went on the end of the day,
he will get a college job theday after he gets fired from the

Lakers. Now, the only reasonwhy, the reasons I would think,
why he wants to stake you Connorwon, He's probably getting a raise.
Two, he's an East Coast guy. Three, he's never been in the
NBA circles before and it's a differentanimal. Go ask every college coach who's
tried to go to the NBA.And four, Connecticut apparently is going to
be a top five favorite to repeatagain for a third national champion back to

back to back. Yeah. Hasthat not happened since UCLA back in the
day. Probably, Yeah, becauseUCLA has gone back to back to back
as in Houston, but they've didn'twin championships. So yeah, that would
be the first three peats since theWooden Ara team. No, I'm talking
about teams that win championships. Yeah, so not you of h that felt

personal. No, it's just SLA. It's a fact and move along because
it was Florida before this, right, and then it was Indiana before that.
From as far as back to backs, yes, did Bobby Knight in
them. They didn't do back toback to back, I don't think.
No, nobody's done three in arow since UCLA, I think. But

does that even mean much in thecollege in the world of sports landscape.
If I told you that Yukon winsagain next season, I think it's pretty
hard. Do people go, ohwow, Rossie. I'm just telling you.
This is just my feeling on this, and maybe I'm wrong, but
college basketball people care about it forexactly four weeks. That's true. But

I would say as an athletic accomplishmentin this day and age of NL and
transfer, portal and the mid majorsare stronger these days. I feel like
because they have more continuity. Imean, going back to back now to
me is crazier than I mean inFlorida, you had everybody came back,
right. Corey Brewer al Horford yoking, Noah, all those guys like they

all came back and ran it back. Yeah, I know they had some
of the same players, but theylost some as well. So going I
think it'd be just as far ashow difficult the accomplishment is, it's more
difficult. One is. No oneis denying how difficult it is. No
one is saying great colleges. Butin the landscape of the sports world in

which we live in, if Isaid that Connecticut team won three straight NCAA
championships, the average sports fan nownot saying the above average college basketball fan
or the above average fans, Theaverage sports fans go, that seems nice.
When does baseball start? Or whenis spring training for football? It
just doesn't carry the cloud that itdid back when college basketball as an entity

meant more. College basketball in theseventies and early eighties meant more than a
dozen twenty twenty four. For theexact reasons, you just, yeah,
you're not gonna have as many eyeballson Dan Hurley and Yukon. But I
guess it's it's a matter of whatmatters to him, and it seems like
that's what matters to him. Yeah, is going back to Yukon and doing
it, yeah, is to reachhis own He's not gonna starve on whatever

contract he's on at Yukon. It'sless games. You don't move the family.
His parents still live in the EastCoast. And maybe he's pressure even
Oh my god, he'll never havea day of pressure in his life ever.
Again. You win two straight nationalchampionships at Yukon, are you kidding
me? Yeah? You lose twogames? That are the Lakers. Yeah,

you can lose twenty games in arow the next five years and the
like, I still our two timenational championship coach. So what does Lebron
do now? And what does theassociate general manager the Lakers do now?
At this point? Yeah? Yeah, I guess the ceiling at Yukon is
back to back to back. Theceiling of the Lakers is what four seed?
Seriously, Yeah, do you thinkthey're gonna receed in the second You

think they can knock off Denver?If he is a perfect coach and just
does so well over expectation there,they're probably like a forceeeding out in the
second round. That's literally probably theirstem. Yeah, yeah, so I
guess it makes sense the more Ithink about it. But the thing of
it is the money is incredible.Yes, I'm sure it's all guaranteed.

And isn't there a part of youthat says I can do this. I
think every coach that has got acompetitive bone in their body says, you
know what, I can run?I mean we now most of them fail.
Most college coaches that go to theNBA and NBA go to college vice
versa typically fail there in there inone lane. The only coach I can

think of that was ridiculously successful bothwas probably Larry Brown, but by and
large most of them leave. RickBettina was not successful. John Cali Party
was not successful. Some recent ones, well, Brad Stevens was success.
He's a good coach, but thenhe just moved up into the front off.
But I think that his transformation hasbeen good. Trying to think who

else has been in in the NBAthat was a former college Oh, Billy
uh Billy Donovan didn't do much,not much either in Oklahoma City or Dallas
or Chicago for that matter. Soyeah, it'll only be up to him
that And you can also just sayit's a gut. My gut tells me
it's a bad thing. To do. Yeah, and maybe that's what he's

going with. You know, Iguess it makes sense. All right,
coming up in a half an hour, we have to tell the truth.
Oh okay, I don't have totell the truth to it, No I
do. I've got four sports takes, one of which you believe wonderful,
and we got that coming up inthe s in about half an hour from
now. We got believe it ornot today at two fifty, and we
have your phone calls on the astros. Two out of three ain't bad weekend.

A lot of those, you knowwhat, Rossie, keep giving me
a lot of two out of threes. Okay, I'll accept that. Seve
one three, two, one,two, five seven ninety where uh,
well, you're speaking of not necessarilywhat my gut's feeling. What's your gut
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at fixmilow t dot com. Launchtimers. This is the Matt Thomas Show
astros when a series should have gota sweep. They're in San franciscoing out
of taking on the Giants. Ifyou're going to the game the night,

bring a parka a scarf because youknow, grown men can wear scarves.
Rossi, as we've been able todetail on the radio show today. You
said that they can't. But that'sokay. I just don't say that,
you're a mister fashion. They didcome in the fashion Matt Gucci. That's
right. Uh. Dan Hurley isgoing to stay at Yukon, So the
Laker's still looking for a coach.The Celtics beat the Mavericks last night to

lead two games to none of thebest seven series? And what else going
on? Anything else? I'm missingthe big headlines the day. I don't
think I'm about Dan Harley, believeit or not. Today an honor to
the coach, really in honor ofhim turning down a job. Well,
I don't know. You give methe what's the piping hot issue of the
day? No, you don't wantto go with Carlos Alcarez the French Open
winner. I watched fifteen minutes ofit yesterday. Yeah, what'd you think?

Because I was looking to I onlywatch one political show because I'm not
very political, Okay, but Ido like to meet the press show for
some reason. I just like towatch them like argue with each other,
all the different people. And thatwas the French Ship was uns I watched
a few minutes of it. Watcheda lot of college baseball this weekend.
Okay, so the Aggies do theirthing and good for the secure A spot
heavy SEC heavy acc mix at theupcoming College World Series in Omaha. That

sounds about right every year. Yeah, basically, if you're a school north
of say Saint Louis, don't botherplaying college baseball. You get no chances.
Everybody is everybody in how many superresio there's one, there's one or
two left? I think to thegame threes. So okay, all right,
I want you to look at Iwas gonna cough and you were looking

North North Carolina State. Looks likethey're still playing two blowouts in each one
of those two games. That shouldinclude the college baseball conversation. All right,
so let's get this out of theway. If you're waiting for the
Astros to say they're not interested inTrevor Bauer, you're never going to hear
them say that because they can't talkabout a player that's not theirs. It's

against the rules. They will befines, there will be penalties of Major
League Baseball. Even if he's inthe Mexican League. You cannot mention anybody
by nick if unless you unless youyours. If he's in your system,
you can talk about him free andclear. If he's not in your system,
you cannot speak to it. Withthat being said, the Astros are

not going to get Trevor Bauer.And I don't care what you read on
social media. I don't care whatfake website has or what fake person says
this. I think the Astros know, unless there is a philosophical change in
the next thirty to forty five days, they know that bringing Trevor Bauer here

would get a tremendous backlash a aroundbaseball, b on their fan base,
and most likely in their clubhouse.I know he's been cleared of charges.
I know there is nothing criminally goingagainst him at this point. He's just

a bad human being. And itdoesn't mean ross that being a bad human
being doesn't afford you an opportunity tobe a manor league baseball player. No
one in Major League Baseball is holdingany team back from signing Trevor Bauer.
He is free and clear to signwith any team he wants for to You
don't have to give compensation, youdon't have to offer him a certain deal,

you don't have to go into abidding war. You just basically basically
have him available to you, freeand clear. There's just a reason.
And let me see if I canremember how I pointed back a few weeks
ago to this exact conversation. Thereare thirty teams in Major League Baseball.

None of them have called about theservices of Trevor Bauer. For a reason.
The reason is he is just abad guy. His spin rates dipped
significantly when Spidertack was cracked down uponhe was under investigation. In twenty twenty
one, a separate woman in Ohioside a temporary order of protection. In
twenty twenty a third woman accused Bauerof sexual assault in twenty twenty two and

twenty twenty three. There are thirtyteams that can get his services and all
have declined to do so so far. He crushed the Astros when he was
in the big leagues. He hasgot a terrible reputation for being a bad
teammate. He goes in that astro'sclubhouse who be hated immediately. No one

will like him, no one respectshim. You have to have a good
clubhouse culture for every single day ofthe baseball season. Trevor Bauer does not
bring it. Trevor Bauer will notbe in the Astros clubhouse. Yes,
my name is Ros Vireal and TrevorBauer will never be a Houston Astro.
My name is Matt Thomas. Andwhat Ross said, I say as well,

Trevor Bauer never an Astro. Thankyou now now, now, if
that was to happen lose a largepart of the fan base. You would
lose me h, you'd be outon the Astros while he was there.

Yeah, okay, I think thereare thousands of people who agree with you.
Doesn't mean I would never, doesn'tmean I would never go to a
game again, doesn't mean I wouldnever ultimately root for them. But he's
toxic. I can't disagree with that. And you can't bring toxic toxicity into

a major league club out, especiallywhen you're trying to chase Now. I
know, look, the Astros pitchingissues are well documented, but you do
have the trade deadline, and youhave the fact that Luis Garcia could be
back. I ain't counting on oldLance trying to and you do have a

couple of pitchers that are doing somethings at the minor league level that aren't
ready. It's like, you know, when you pull a steak out too
early, when there's just the redjuices flipping everywhere. You don't want to
I like them well, but thepeople on steak comedium they don't want them.
Rare. I order mine rare sometimes, I know, and look at
how you turned out, What doesthat mean you came out too delicious.

I came out too early. ActuallyI was right on time, Matt,
I was a c section. There'san appointment, okay, Uh, Matt,
the Ben says, I'm putting myname on it. Borro pitch for
the Houston Uh, we'll pitch forHouston this season, not the Houston Astros.
What's Houston like this so long?Is there some double a softball team

or something? Yeah, maybe I'mputting it. Okay, if he pitches
for the Astros, I can veryeasily not root for them. And here
and here's what, here's what willhappen. The Astros will try it to
if they And again, I don'tthink there's any interest at all. No,
I think there is zero zilch interest. I think the Twitter reports,

if you've seen anything, they're eitherlying or just wrong or inaccurate or getting
incredibly bad information. Correct. ButI would not. I would not root
for a team. And look,there are a lot of people that love
the Astros that when Roberto Assuna washere they hated him. You can you

can take a step back from whatyou love. Like Ross and I have
been friends for a long time.If Ross had some sort of character flaw,
I would say you know what,Ross, we didn't take a break,
You're gonna put me on break.That's fine, doesn't mean I would
end, does mean I'm gonna andour friendship doesn't mean necessarily our friendshi would
grow. But it is what itis. They can't bring him here,

and I don't think they're the onlyteam thinks that they're one of thirty that
thinks that otherwise he would be backin the majors with all the team I
mean, look at the Rangers.They need Max Schus are still pitching at
the Triple A level at this point. There are teams all over this place
that would die for a starting pitcher. And yet you never hear Trevor Bauer's

name. Nope, So you're notgonna hear the Astros say it because it
can't. And honestly, the onlytime I will pay the Trevor Bauer rumor,
and it's a horrific rumor, isby legitimate sports people. If if
Bob Knightingale says the Astros are kickingthe tires on Bower, then I would

probably take a little bit of causein it. John Morossi, I would
used to do that, but nowJohn Morossi is bad. Yeah, but
I don't think he would make itup if it's even though I think passes
a little squirrely little twit, youknow what I mean, I would still
still believe what he had to say. The Houston Astros are showing cursory interests,
and the much malign Trevor Bauer isthat what he would say? A

buster only do a buster only?Can you do a not real do?
Tim Kirkshon, can't you you?Just in the sixty eight I was like,
oh, that was a great play. He throws Bob Feller, hold
on. I think I think Igot a good Tim pretty good. I
was watching the game Tuesday Fastball,You've got ale. That may be my

best impersonation next to Keith Jackson.I can I can do it? Tim
Kirkshon, I'm probably if I don'tknow. It's a little bit of Scooby
Doo. Oh it's a It's alittle bit of the drunk guy. Think
about it. Take a Scooby Doodrunk person, elderly person. Mix it

with a strong baseball. Mine adrunken, elderly Scooby Doo drunk Scooby Doo.
Can I get a Scooby is thatgiven all right? What's wrong with
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Sports Talk seven ninety seven one threetwo one two five seven nine is zero
seven one three two one two fivesev nine. If you want to jump
in on the conversation on Twitter,at Sports Empty, at Sports Survey,
and at Connor d McGovern, let'stalk to Andrew of the Matt Thomas Show.
Andrew, thanks for holding What's goingon? Uh No, a whole

lot. I've heard you were talkingabout the whole Trevor Bauers situations. I
wanted to call in. I'm afirst time caller on this show. I've
called in the Shawn Salisbury a fewtimes, but uh was all on my
way home to call and check in. I am not a Trevor Bauer fan.
I do not like the guy,So I'm gonna go ahead and throw
out throw that out there now.I'm not advocating the Astros get him.

However, if they did do somethingstupid like that, I wouldn't abandoned the
team. I just I'd find away to get over it. I mean
Roberto Rosuna, I didn't really likehim either, but the short time he
was here, he did a nicejob closing for him. I mean,
so yeah, I mean, Idon't think it's a fundamental decision for every

Astro fan to say, what's moreimportant liking my team, liking my team
in winning or not liking my ornot liking the guys but still winning.
It's it's it's everybody's personal opinion.There's no right or wrong decision, because
you can treat your own fanom theway that you can treat it. Yeah,

and if they got Trevor Bauer asmuch as I wouldn't like it,
if he went seven and one asfirst eight starts, I'd get over it
real quick. And maybe that's mostpeople do. Most people. When Roberto
Asuona came here and behaved himself,he was a very fine closer for this
baseball team. I mean, there'san argument to that. He did great.

He did a very good job.And thank you for the phone call.
It's up to each individual person's Yes, I just think the Roberto Assuna
stuff. Again, if I'm mixingmy history up here, please correct me.
When Roberto Assuna had the assault chargesagainst his girlfriend. I would be

safe and saying and Ross if I'mwrong, tell me the most Astro Baseball
fans did not have a firm feelof who Roberto Asuna was. They had
heard the name, they had hearda player have domestic abuse, and unfortunately,
there are a lot of athletes inall the sports that have commit these
types of situation suations and crimes.But Roberto Osuna wasn't in our face.

Roberto Osuna wasn't a guy that tookextraordinary measures to mock everything about your team.
Roberto Osuna wasn't a guy that hadany issues with the Astros under any
circumstance while he was pitching for theToronto Blue Jays. Am I right about
that? Yeah, it's a differentsituation. Trevor Bauer made a living,

not literally, but made a livingcrucifying everything about the Astros. Couple that
with the fact that numerous teams gaveup on him because of his antics.
Now, granted, he's very verygood. No one's arguing that point.
And I don't even know what hisMexican League members are. I don't particularly
care because it's great at this pointin his life. That's double a baseball

at the very best. I justthink with the history that Bauer has had
in antagonizing and attacking the Astros,the fan base, the garbage, the
cans, the all the different things, plus the fact that he has definitely
a reputation of being a complete loosecannon, I think makes it a completely

different situation, in a situation thatI think would rub Astro fans a lot
more than they would and I shouldn'tsay a lot more, that would rub
a new section of fans and say, you know what, we don't need
this kind of uh, negative personin our clubhouse, no matter how good
he is. Yeah, they're probablydifferent situations. By the way, I

was looking Roberto as soon as pitchingin the Japanese League and I'm doing pretty
well. Apparently he's on a fouryear, twenty six million dollar deal.
He's twenty nine years old. Hewme. Remember why did the Astros let
him go hurt? I thought theyrecommended he needed Tommy John. He said
no, and then he went togo pitch in the Mexican League or something
like that. Okay, because itwas it was it was. It wasn't

a clean exit. It was weird. Something had happened I don't remember really
what it was, but I justyou know, there's something. And again
he was he was not acquitted.He was never formally charged, correct,
but there are charges were dropped.I don't know, but I think he
still has pending cases as well.He I think he settled another case as

well. Did did Trevor Bauer.But the bottom line to me is he
I mean, he's a free man. He's a freeman. He can throw
a baseball. There's yeah there.He can throw a baseball. He is
free to sign with any baseball teamhe wants to and it's up to the
team to decide if they want himto throw a baseball for them. Yeah,
And so far here we are intowhat how long has he been?

How long has he been out ofbaseball? Out of he? Is it
two or three years? At least? It's there's just gonna be a handful
of athletes that professional sports teams aregonna say it ain't worth it. And
whether it's because of social issues,whether it's because of previous situations with spousal

abuse, whether it's situations when itcomes to like friends, you just said,
Roberto soon as twenty nine years old, right, he could be on
a Major League Baseball team today.Absolutely, he can make more than twenty
six million dollars being a closer.Uh yeah, that was a four year
deal in Japan. That's nothing comparedcompared to what he could make here.
Last pitch in the major leagues intwenty twenty one did Trevor Bauer. So

just what I would say is this, if you are one of those fans
and say why have the Astros kickingthe tires on them? Just answer the
question why has nobody legitimately given hima chance to come back? And then
you think about it for five orten seconds and then you go, Okay,
it makes sense, it's not happening, and then we can move on.

It's swelled up this weekend because ofreports from people, and that reports
not reports, Okay, I'm sorry, from people, not from non reputable
sources. They're not even really mediape And he apparently he posted on ig
of himself grabbing a Ash's hat,which that's just Trevor Bauer has been a
troll his entire life. Exist whywould you, if you have been out

of baseball for all that time,run to your Twitter account and do that
when you know that whoever signed youis gonna want to have to put together
a very very effective conservative media campaignto say, Bauer, you're coming to
our team, We're gonna protect you. We'rez face. The Astros did that.

The Astros when they signed Uh,when they made the move of Toronto,
made sure that all media is like, hey, we know the history,
we know this is coming in.Here's how we're going to handle this.
And they tried to at least softpedal. It didn't necessarily work,
and then the topman thing happened,and the topman thing didn't really have to
cause it didn't help. But theywill whoever signs, if Trevor ever plays

again, we'll soft play this andsay here's what we're gonna do to make
sure this guy is a good guyfor our team. That dude running too
his Twitter account and picking up anAstros hat doesn't necessarily go to on the
lines of conservative way to bring aguy back in the sports. Yeah,
he's not coming back. It's justnot happening, or at least not here
in Houston. I'll say, Imean, think about this. Let's go

to Colin Kaepernick for his for asecond here. Okay, he was very
much stilling, very much in theprime of his career. Mm hm,
and no one took a chance hewas also yeah, also wasn't very good.
He'd gotten replaced by who was itAlex Smith or who replaced him back
in the No, it was somebodyworse than that, Blaine Gabbertt. Yeah,

because Smith was the chiefs of thetime. Yeah, Blaine Gabbert replaced
him. But that's a whole notherball. Here's the argument for those that
are Kaepernick people, they would havesaid, look at all the scrub quarterbacks
that have been given out for Kaepernick, better than a lot of the backup
quarterbacks they were in the league.Absolutely, So Again, some teams just
say, at the end of theday, it's not collusion, it's just

we don't want the there's difference collusions. When you all get together and say
we're not doing it. You couldhave many different opinions and say I don't
want tterver power. I don't thinkthat. In an owner's meeting in baseball,
they all sat around and said,who wants server power? I do?
I do? I know you can'thave them. No, you just
you should get them. I thinkwhen you collude, you do it collectively.
In this particular case, I thinkthere are thirty Major League Baseball teams

that said the headache, headache ain'tworth it. Seven one three two one
two five seven ninety seven one threetwo one two five seven nine zero.
If you want to join us,we have to tell the truth. Coming
up next, we'll have it foryou coming up where I give you four
sports takes only which one I believeWhich the four do? I believe?
You'll find out coming up in thenext segment of the show. Right now,

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on Sports Talk seven Hoey of thisa weekly adventure that we called to Tell
the Truth, where I have foursports takes for you only, of which
one I believe. So three ofthe four rules, just to make sure
we're very clear, yes, willnot be the truth. Okay, car.

So with that being said, lastweek you were not with us,
mister McGovern so you are. You'refree and clear, your slightest clean.
You're gonna leave. I got itwrong, Yes, you did get it
wrong. You and David got itwrong. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I love it when ROS gets arewrong. It feels right. I don't

remember. All right, here wego. It's because Matt has like some
real bad take that he believed.But that's usually that's the only way I
get wrong. Weekdays twelve or threeSports Talk seven ninety. Let's start number
one, guys, I firmly believethe Astros are training an outfielder at the
deadline, trading a way, Atrading way. I can't tell which one.
Okay, could be Jake Myers's yourboy, could be a chance McCormick,

could even be a Joey Liperfido.Okay, Uh, they're going to
move an outfielder. Number two.We're going to get more replays added to
the NBA. And the one callthat I think you're going to see changed
in lieule of what happened last nightwith PJ. Washington and the foul there
in that game is you're going tobe able to challenge a non call and

upgraded to a foul. You canonly challenge a call right now in the
NBA if it's a foul called andsaying it's not a foul. You cannot
challenge a non call and upgraded toa foul. Okay, Okay. Number
three, Caitlin Clark will eventually beadded to the Olympic team. Somebody's going

to be hurt. Something's going tohappen, and there's going to be so
much public pressure that Caitlyn Clark isgoing to be added to the Olympic team.
Okay, okay. And number fourESPN is getting annihilated for their NBA
coverage. Okay, next year,Stephen A. Smith is off the NBA
coverage of the finals and their weeklyplayoff game at weekly packager games. Okay,

Okay. So here are my four. The Astros are absolutely training an
outfielder, I believe. I alsonumber two is I believe they're going to
be getting more replays out of theNBA. You'll be able to challenge a
non call to make it a foul. I also believe take number three that
Caitlyn Clark will eventually be out ofthe Olympic team. Or four, I

believe that's Stephen A. Smith isgoing to be taken off of the coverage
of the NBA and they're going tosay because of his commitments to first take,
they'll make up some mamby pamby excuse. Okay, but he's getting annihilated
for his coverage. He and MichaelWilbon both and I think ESPN has to
step up its game when it comesits NBA coverage and they're going to knock
Stephen A. Smith off the NBAcoverage. Okay, which is the four?

Gentlemen? Am I telling the truth? I think I have an answer,
but I'll let Connor flesh us out. What do you think? Connor?
First of all, I think fouris the easiest want to throw away?
You think so? Oh? Youlike four? I don't know.
I'm kind of throwing ESPN's ride stevenA as much as they can. Yeah,

yeah, I mean Matt could believeit, but it's this is the
thing. You know. He couldbelieve it, but it would be a
bad take if he did. ButI don't think it's right. That's not
a fact. It's his opinion.These are my opinions. I believe my
opinions are amazing. Yeah, Ifeel like number three you can throw away
as well. I think so too, although it's not bad. Yeah,
I was gonna say he got mebetter at this. Yeah, okay.

My initial reaction is probably one.My initial reaction is probably two. Okay.
I think he believes the stuff aboutthe challenges in the NBA just to
slow these games a long. Doesn'twant to slow these games down. Yeah,
but it's it's it's not about whathe wants. I guess it really
wouldn't be slowing the game down becauseyou can just it's just not eligible for

a challenge. I'm saying that theNBA is going to change his rules and
say, hey, I see aguy out there on the opposing team fouling
of my guys. I can challengeto say, yes, you can look
at that and say that was afoul. You cannot do that right now.
You can only challenge fouls and changethem to being overturned. Yeah,
that's reasonable. Okay, all right, I'm gonna go with number two.
I'll go with one, just soyou can be right if I'm wrong.

Perfect. As much as Stephen A. Smith doesn't know his head from his
ass, he makes way too muchmoney, they're not dropping him. He's
a lightning rod for that network,both good and bad. Just like Skip
Bayless is just like what's his facethat does the midday show over there?
Stephen A. Smith is staying onNBA coverage now. Michael Wilbon, Pat

McAfee, Yeah, Michael Wilbon,I wouldn't be necessarily buying some new real
estate. Did you see what hedid? Yes, he said he put
one of his key keys to awin with somebody who wasn't playing Jim Naway
Junior, okay, who didn't playlast night? Oh well, you could
still be your key to a win. No, No, he needs Tim
Hardway to play in the series.He's gonna never live this down. I

thought, didn't Tim Hardway Junior?Did he play Game one? I don't
know, but he didn't play yesterday, okay. And it was strange because
everyone's making a big deal of thefact that they said this is a guy
that's going to could make a hugedifference, and he didn't play, which
means he's just not He's just showinghim with the arena, not making any
phone calls, not talking to anybody. Yeah, and that's just paying attention,
not paying attention. Caitlin Clark's notgonna be added to the Olympic team

because if she does get ouded ofthe team, it's going to become basically,
you do this because of public pressure. The US Olympic COMMNTY made its
decision right or wrong, but they'renot going to say, well, she
was just on the edge of ourlist, but we just couldn't take her.
And we'll get to this Caitlin Clarkthing a little bit in a minute
here but I don't believe she's gonnabe added the Olympic team. Okay,

Connor mcgonnoughd McGovern, Yeah, theAstros are training for an outfielder, trading
an outfielder. They just are.There's too many guys. I know,
poor kid, poor kid, poorguy. That's a shame. Don't you
think there's just too many. Ithink they'll trouble, probably have the trade
for somebody. You're gonna need astarting pitcher, and and you have since

you have no minor league talent thatyou either want to train or is ready
to go, no, and youneed an immediate fix like a middle reliever,
because I think you're gonna run.You're gonna run some relieving issues here.
You're gonna run innings limits for Arraghettyand Renel Blanco. Yeah, they're
gonna have to trade an active player. And that's why I think Jake Myers
and or Chas McCormick will be thetop two guys in that list, or
for that matter, and maybe evena Joey Libraffito could be. Now sample

size of him basically is triple A, yes, but then we've seen triple
A guys get moved all the time, he still in in three hundred at
the major league level. I thinkli Berfito is he didn't play an entire
lick this weekend yet makes me wonder, oh what are you wondering? Makes
me wonder if Joe Espotta won't puthim in the lineup. And then there

was some common from Dana Brown overthe weekend when he was on the TV
broadcast and like, we like thisguy, and then it's up to Joe
to put him in. He basesbasically what he said. So what are
you saying? I'm saying, doesDana like low Perfido more than Joe?
Hmmmmm, just a thought. Okay, there you have it. So sorry
we're not getting more replays in theNBA. I would like to see more

replays in the NBA. I thinkgetting calls right is the most important thing
sports Survey and Connor, but theylike the links of the time of these
basketball games. They don't want togo any further. So I don't think
we're going to see the ability tochange a non called a foult. Hopefully
I'm wrong about that. Hopefully theywill change our mind, but I don't
think it's a front burner conversation piece. So I had it this week.

Yeah, nice job about you,Ross, That's a shame, and that
was to tell the true job.Connor ro all Priddy, you're very close,
all right, So let's get thisCantlin Clark thing real quick. Okay,
So apparently she's not one of thetwelve best correct uh, And the
naysayers are saying, wait a minute, you have the most dynamic, most

interesting player that league has ever everever had, and very accomplished at college.
You mean you can't put her onyour roster because of what she's done
to transform women's basketball from a sportthat absolutely no one cared about to actually
a few people care about. Youmean to tell me there isn't room for

her on that roster. That's whatthe naysayers are saying. Mm hmm.
The pro she's not one of thebest twelve is that if she made the
team a lah a Christian Lahner backin the Dream Team, the chance of
her playing a lot would be minimal, and then they would have to face
ridicule about why they're not playing KaitlynClark. That would become a story.
That's right. So basically, CaitlynClark is the biggest lightning rod of twenty

twenty four and see that in avariety of different directions. We have brought
up the women's basketball more in thelast two months than we have in probably
the last ten years. So canI give you my really dumb down approach
on this. If she's not oneof the best twelve, she shouldn't be
on the team. That's it.That's it. If she's not, let's
move on. She's not good enough. But my question is who is the

signing? Is she really not oneof the best twelve? A girl that
absolutely transformed college basketball into summer relevancy. Yeah, but she's a rookie.
That's all I'm saying is I don'tknow how good the twelve are in front
of her. I imagine they're better. Are they doing it because they're doing
because they don't want the Kaitlin craze? Now, I would imagine if she
was one of the best twelve thatshe would be there. I don't know

for a fact. I don't unlesswhoever is selecting this team has some sort
of grudge against her, and there'sa lot of grudges. Oh my god,
If Angel Reese is making the squadand Kaitlin Clark doesn't make it,
then maybe it makes sense. Yeah, you would think it'd be very hard
for a rookie as dynamic of arookie as she was to make the first

her Olympic team in her first opportunityto do so. But I can't.
I'm not in that world. Ican't speak to it. Yeah, I
can't go up and down the rosterand say she needs to be in over
their person. I just can't.But I will say, again, being
very very elementary on this ROSSI sheabsolutely destroyed the competition in major college basketball,

the very best college basketball you canplay. She was playing it.
M hmm. That doesn't mean anything. All time scoring leader shoots from the
logo on a semi regular basis.Now, Harry said she was gonna have
a mid career. I did.I did, But I'm not worried about
that. This is nothing to do. There's two different arguments on that.

I'm just saying, if you're goingoff, if you if you're going off
for w NBA numbers, of courseshe's not one of the best twelve.
Okay, well then that's that.But they shouldn't be. They're not.
That's not what the that's not thecriteria to make a critic is one of
the best women in America. Soif you're one of the best, if
you're the best college basketball player inAmerica, that doesn't put you in the
top two. No, it's adifferent it's a different league. No.

WNBA and Olympics are two different animals. No, I'm talking about the I'm
talking about college in the WNBA.Okay, that's why I'm saying I'm pleading
ignorance on this. I am forthe most part too. But I'm gonna
imagine if she was, she wouldbe on the team. It's much easier
for me to buy that a rookiewho doesn't have the experience is left on

the team. But what if therewas no WNBA? Well, I don't
know then how what are her Russianleague numbers in? No? I don't
Why would you? Why do youcare about the college the pro numbers?
It's what what she just did inher college life. That's the most recent
large body of work she has,right, and that she was the best
at that. So you're telling methe best college player can't make an Olympic

team. You're telling me. I'mnot saying they can't okay, but how
often is the the rookie, somenumber one overall pick rookie on the men's
side is making the Olympic team.I don't know as far as rather than
just as a token though. That'sthe issue, is that would she be
really making it because there's public pressureor does she really make the team better.
I again, I'm gonna imagine ifshe's left off, she doesn't make

the team better, there's somebody aheadof her that's better, which means breakdown
the roster. You're telling me thereare twelve better players in Caitlyn Clark.
Then obviously this team's gonna crush,and I think they're supposed to crush anyway.
Yeah, but man, it hasbecome I mean, I can't get
away from my sports, and Ithought having people do it. And thankfully

you and I are keeping this ata very very base level. On this,
I will let you know I don'tknow what the hell I'm talking about.
I'm going to back you up onthat and say that I'm frankly fatigued
about all these people fighting about her. It's become race, it's become gender,
it's become sexuality, it's become everythingthat it's not supposed to be,
but yet it is. But yeah, yesterday you could not go two feet.

I'm watching turning a sports program onand hearing about the controversy about why
not she's not on this roster one. It's the Matt Tommy Show, Sports
Talk seven Nauti seven one three twoone two five seven Natty seven three two
one two five seven ninety. Thatwas Believe It or Not today. That
was to tell the truth. Ishould say Believe it or Not is coming
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seven nine. It is the MattThomas Show. Did you watch any of
the London games between the Mets andthe Phillies. No? It was kind
of cool just seeing a fan baseagain. There were a lot of actually
a lot of Phillies fans, alot of Met fans that made the trip
over to Good for them. Igot cool. I got a note for
you. London overrated. Oh boy, you heard me? Uh food sucks?

Well, I do. I haveheard that from a lot of people.
Are rude? Are they? Oh? Yeah? I thought they were
nice and welcoming. No new doodoo. No, you haven't been there
in many years, Matt. Iyou know that's fair. I've not been
there probably in what I think theydo. They dislike borish Americans, but
almost pleasant. I'm sure you likea borish America. Thirty. It's been

almost thirty years. I went withthe ninety five team to London for the
World Championship. So I will hopeto get to Europe someday, but it's
pretty expensive and well that's a roadblockfor me. Well, let me give
you a get when's your birthday comingup? December nineteenth? Howl? Will
you be? I will be forty? Oh, I forget you a special
birthday for forty anything. I don'tthink you've ever really gotten me anything,

have you? Oh? I've givenyou things, gift cards. No,
I bought your plane ticket one time, did you? Oh? Absolutely,
I don't remember that. Yeah.What I what I get from you this
year? I don't remember. Igot you some barbecue. Actually no,
that was because of the lost bit. No, but I put I got
you it's a little bit extra likewhat because we were gonna before we as
nice. Let me get to thisreal quick. Okay, y'all, brisket

people out the hell up? That'stomorrow, Matt. No, it's not.
It's not until Wednesday. No,it's not until third stick. We
have to. We have an astrosdagame. Okay, save it to Thursday.
I know I'm gonna get this offthe chest. I put a little
dabble of barbecue sauce on there,like e brisket. If you need sauce,
it's not that good. Mean thenRoss Lorel. You know I looked
at him when he did it.People like barbecue sauce. For the love

of God. If you like barbecuesauce, let people enjoy barbecue sauce.
What's the difference when I put aketchup or a mustard or a mayonnaise on
a sandwich or barbecue sauce. Ifpeople will enjoy a little barbecue sauce,
let them put it on there anddon't shame them. So shut up on
ass up. Well, I alsoshamed you for It's like putting a one
on a nice stick you can jewish. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but

brisket and a nice steak are twodifferent animals. Okay, literally, well
not literally, but no, it'sliterally the same animal. It's the same
animal. You get my drift onthis, now you don't. If you
find sauce on a brasket, thatmeans you just don't even have a good
brasket. Go tell that place thisguy been because they're though it was their
sauce. I didn't bring my owndamn sauce. I brought that their sauce.
It was on the table that peopleenjoy. I understand you're upset about

this, but there are stupid IfI'm just making the analogy, I'm sorry.
I put a little sauce on there, thank you very much, but
I try it without the sauce.You we had ribs, and you said
let's get the glaze on it.Yes, apparently it be rib glaze shaming.

Y'all barbecue people go to go tohell. Seriously, it's just ridiculous.
First of all, you you haveyou you you have orgasms over your
over the meat that you're cooking wasgood. And then you then you criticize
other people for putting sauce on toanything. You backed it up, basically,
But I didn't. Did I sayanything to do at the plate at
the table? I mean but youno, I didn't. Wait, I

wasn't gonna bring it up because I'mletting you eat it the way that you
can. Thank you, then thankyou for what I'm saying. I didn't
bring it up okay, And theguy took the whole thing and went,
no, I went dibble, youwent dibble, dibble, dibble, And
yeah, I didn't say anything.I let you eat it you want.
And I think also part of barbecueis how good your sauce is. Sauces.

I think sauce is very important.I think people get too snobby over
it for sure. Yeah. Iwill eat like the first slice or half
slice. Yeah, I will haveit. I will try it to get
the full flavor without the sauce onit, to taste how the brisket is
made and get you can taste thebark better and all that type of stuff,
and then yeah, you can havea little dabolis sauce. We gotta
stop being such food snobs, especiallybarbecuers. Good god, it's like,

damn dude, Jim in the Woodland'son seven ony, thank you for letting
me spout off your The floor isyours. Yeah, if you gotta put
sauce on me, then it's notthere. You go oh my god.
Hey yeah, So just real quickon the on the I just want to
come on with Kaylin Tugdill. Soyou know when you get Tarazi, he's

been on five Olympic teams. Who'sgonna be her six? He's forty two
years old. Nobody wants to watchher play. Griner just played in her
first game when June seven. She'sbeen out injured all year. She makes
a team based on her history.If you've got someone who's bringing attention to
your sport in the in the women'sbasketball has never been something that's highly watched

by people in this country. Butyou've got someone who's going to track that
crowd and the raisings are going togo to the roof, why not put
them on there because you're trying tothe ratings matter is zero point zero percent?
Okay, will you just say that? No, no, no,
you say that, but you butbut they don't generate money. When Kristen

and Layton they're played on the team, he was on that for what they
wanted a college kids on the team. And yes, they were switching from
college to protos, so they wantedone token college player and then he didn't
play at all. Then put heras a token for someone who's not gonna
give us playing time anyway, they'restill going to win the goat medal.
Well, then how's that going toraise their ratings. If she's not playing,

you just said they want they shoulddo it to raise the ratings.
If she's not playing, it's notreading people. People will go watch her
if they can see her for thebench time, they're gonna go just play
the game. They're gonna go regardless. The Olympics are a different animal.
They're not They're not going per seto watch a particular player. They're going
to, frankly represent. If you'rein Paris and you want to go see

US events and you're a basketball fan, you're going root for the for the
for the country, for the logo, for the flag. You're not hurting
for the players, but for televisionviewership. They're gonna want to watch it
from over here. I'm not gonnago over there to watch the women's team
play. Are you playing on goingover there anything? You're making no sense?
What what's the argument? The argumentyou want to say? Because you're

you're hardheaded? Bro, you knowwhat you are. You're an idiot.
You don't put brisket on anything andmake the breaming. First of all,
this has been an adiotic sports take. You gotta be embarrassed for who you
are. Do you are you embarrassedfor who you are? Yes or no?
Yes or no? What I'm hardheaded? You're the dumb asses said

you gotta if you put saws onyour brisk good right, I didn't worry
about TV ratings. Why what isthat os on on the show? Oh
you go taggers? He was makingno sense. No, he wasn't call
me hard headed? And I meanI don't want to hear I am hard

but we all are. Yeah someextent. What that's pretty funny, dumb
ass take. He hung up.I think I lost a listener. Oh
well, appreciate you, Jim One. I love you, Jim. Thank
you Jim for listening. I feelfree to call any time. Seven one
three, two one two five sevenninety Final Hour with the Matt Thomas shows

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Thomas Show, two of three SportsTalk seven ninety Thanks all that listen,

those that call, those that wanta good debate. It's all in good
fun and I'm and even if youcall me a hard headed I'm okay with
that. Now let's answer this question. Need to bring up will the television
ratings be significantly different for Kaitlyn Clarkbeing there or not. I think there
would be a ratings boost to that, probably, But I guarantee you that

USA Basketball ain't, no, won'tcare at all about television ratings, and
frankly shouldn't. You're supposed to buildthe best basketball team. If they did
care about ratings, you would haveseen probably Kaitlyn Clark make the team and
start trying thirty five minutes. Yeah. Yeah, that's not USA Basketball's responsibility,
that's not the gymnastics team, that'snot any they're there. Yeah,

put or not. You play towin the game, and NBC can't call
and say, hey, this gamebetween this game between US and Puerto Rico.
It'd certainly be a lot easier ifratings wise on Peacock, if we
got our girl. Kaitlyn Clark commentssaying she is an alternate. Yeah,
and apparently there's some player for theAces that's not playing, that's apparently hurt,

that's just transferred to get in there. So unbelievable. I don't Again,
I never would have thought in amillion years there would have been so
much angst over a single basketball playerwho's done nothing but It's not like she
said any controversial it's unless she's she'ssucker punched somebody. It doesn't like she
got thrown out of a game.Didn't. She didn't go on social media

and curse out somebody. She didn't. It's just like she's just playing.
But man, there's a lot ofhatred for her. Now. Do I
think she's the cleanest player in theworld. Probably not. I've heard does
she can throw an elbow with thebest of them. It's trash talker,
a little bit of a trash talker. You can't see me and all that
kind of stuff. Yes, sowhat it gets run for the sport.

We've talked more WNBA in two weeks, and we've talked about it in the
last fifteen years of the show.Absolutely. And my guess is when she
settles into being whatever she is,that the WNBA will be off the right
arm of general. She'll be nextShe'll be in the next Olympics something.
Yeah, played two Olympics. Yeah, and Dina's in the Olympic too.
I think she's like, how oldis Diana really still dominant? Damn?

I think yeah. I mean Ihaven't checked my WNBA scoring leaders lately.
Maybe I should. Oh, I'mgiving you a plenty of ideas for believe
it or not. Today, I'mjust telling you, okay, and again
I'm I will stand firm on this. If you love your brisket with sauce,
if you love your brisket with nosauce, if you love your ribs
up with a glaze, without aglaze, do not judge what other people

like to eat. But I wouldsay, if you're having a nice,
good, expensive brisket, try itwithout sauce first. And I did try
without sauce. I didn't put Ididn't put sauce on every single bite.
Okay, I didn't watch your everybite because I don't care. Apparently some
do. Like the video we took, I put some sauce in there.
Yes, what you did. Andby the way, most of y'all can't

cook. Most of you think youcan cook. Most of you can't cook.
You think you can cook. Ohman, you make me last like
most of you think you can managea baseball team or coach a football team.
No, guess what, Matt ThomasRossfield Reale. We can't coach a
basketball team or a football team,or manage a baseball team. Now we

are afforded the opportunity to use thesemicrophones and our voice voices to think we
can do it, but we can'tdo it. Diana Tarassi averaging sixteen point
six points per game in the WNBAfifteenth fourteenth. It's Caitlin Clark. Oh
no, here we go saying,hold is how old is Dinah Tarazzi?
By the way, she is fortyone. She'll be forty two at tomorrow.

Happy birthday to Diana Tarassi. Shealso Gemini is are we still in
the Gemini? Ryan? I haveno idea. I don't care about that
hocky stuff. I don't need toaccept it. I've reminded about it every
year. Okay, you'd be Ithink a typical general Gemini. I'm like,
yeah, you're probably right. Allright, let's go to Roger on
the Matt Thomas Show at to ohwait, hello, little Roger dude,

Matt hatchtag double h. So,I uh I gotta, I gotta shut
your bomb ass up. And Iknow it's early, but they said I
can do it, so I'm gonnado it. Uh So the number one
is Data Brown and Joe has botheredthe usual suspects again. They contradict themselves
on a weekly basis and getting kindof tiredsome already uh data Brown saying one

week that, hey, you know, we're always we're always looking for pitching.
We're always in the market for pitching. And then he goes in the
radio and says, well, youknow, you don't always got to see
it back there, just like gettingan acquisition is like acquired a great pitcher,
so and then bought last night withthe same old Presidy's our guy.
We're not gonna go away from him. That's the guy. Well if that's

gonna be the guy that you cansay goodbye to most of the season because
it's just not gonna happen with thisguy. He's got the eighth mental block
and he's just not gonna get pastit. Over said, done with.
And the other one is for misterJames and Garden Oaks and whoever wants to
call in, and there's a platformand there's a stage for talking about New

York sports or LA sports or anyother sports besides Houston for that matter.
But this is not one of them. This great radio station is not for
that. So if you want tocall on a sports take make sure it's
a local sports take and uh,with that, I have to say with

your with Joe, with James andthe garden Oaks with his Leo Getz from
meet the weapon to sounding ass,shut your bum ass up? Okay?
Which did was that? Was thatJoe Pesci and lethal weapon? I don't
know what he was talking about.The reality is is now now people are
taking on a context what Dana Brownhas said, which I knew was gonna

happen because I heard it happen onthe Next Up show today What's Up?
Dana Brown did say getting a Joseno Jose Luis Garcia is like getting adding
a picture. He didn't say that, of course, and that's exactly what
normally general managers say when they haveYes. Now, he didn't say that
he wouldn't be not looking for apicture. He says that the phone lines

are always open. Those two statementsdon't contract. Yeah, we're not.
We're mixing up our metaphors here alittle bit with people and because they're not
hearing things properly. As a generalmanager, your phone should always be on.
You should always be taking calls,you should be always maybe making calls.
So Dana did not lie. Dana'snot talking on both sides of his

mouth. They're two separate things.Dana's not going to hit the mute button
on his phone or silence or hadthose notifications sent quietly because Luis Garcia could
be coming back. That's not whathe's saying and now he's implying, and
certainly not what he's going to bedoing. Will they make a trade?
Will they be nearly as ferocious aboutmaking it? Maybe not because of Garcia's

return whenever that happens to beate,But he's not gonna not want to make
some sort of at least inquiry abouta variety of people just because whether or
not Luis Garcia comes back or not. So I think we need to be
a little carepable what we're hearing fromother people. Those are two different animals,
two different statements, and both canbe true. They do not contradict.

Oh, Dana's gonna try to findsome pitching. Dana doesn't have a
lot of opts. Dana's gonna tryto find he's got this full chock full
of prospects farm system that he canjust wheel and deal and get it.
That's why, to tell the truthtoday, I think it was they're gonna
have to move an out for theynot that. I don't think McCormick and
or Myers gets you a great rateof return or low Perfido for that matter,

if that was the player that was. By the way, go back
to what you said or learned lasthour. You think Loperfido is more highly
thought of by Brown than Dani Spaana, maybe give us a little foundation,
give us comments from Dana Brown abouthow he feels about Liperfido and basically saying,
you know, yeah, we keepcalling him up and unfortunately he doesn't

get the opportunity and Joe doesn't puthim in the lineup much so. But
also, I mean, you've gotother guys as you still have to play
chas McCormick at some point, JakeMyers, Mauricio Dubon, you have a
glut of guys who are just guysat this point. That's what the problem
is. And you're trying to JoeyLiperfido is more than just a guy,

but they he's not being able toget the opportunities. But we don't know
if he's just more than a guy. We don't sample size too small,
very small, by the way,do we want to see Mauricia Dubam playing
third base ever again. He madea couple of errors. It isn't funny,
they always say in the baseball theball finds you the second he's in
there for Alex Bregman, boom onethe screen at him. Yeah, that's

tough, and it wasn't error onthat second one was It was a tough,
tough, slow roller play he shouldhave made though. Right, here's
the reality. Today's official scores inevery ballpark always lend towards giving the the
battery. I hit correct, Soif you're given on hers, it means
you've earned him. You basically doneeverything you can to botch that play,

and he's gonna be okay. How'she hitting these days? Old Marie su
Dubon. You know who's hitting well? Is Josey has got two ways back
a little bit, that's nice,Yes he is. Jordon's back a little
bit, Yes he is. Oh, Jordon's all the way back. Think
so oh yeah, mister nine hunt, mister in one thousand ops coming up
soon hopefully, or you know,over nine. I think he's close to

over nine. Don't have to go. Look Maurici Dubon still hitting well two
nine to seven with a seven eighteenops. And he's getting plenty of playing
time. Yes, he is notenough for some, not enough for some.
I think for me super utility gettingplenty of playing time, and frankly
is getting theings a lot of timebecause of Kyle Tucker's absence. Yes,
all right, seven one three twoone two five seven ninety seven one three

two one two five seven ninety Ibrought up Ryan Presley in the noon hour.
We'll revisit that conversation coming back.Plus, what are we going to
do with one of the greatest televisionshows and sports going away Apenion essentially in
the year and one sticking around?I guess he is. The thing to
do would be just not watch it. But man, every day somebody's writing

articles about how bad this show is. We'll tell you about that, not
ours. Most the show's written aboutus are pretty pretty good. I don't
know if we've had how many articleshave we had written about the show in
per se? Well, you knowthat that goofball failed radio guy that wrote
that's a what do you call it, a consultant? He doesn't he doesn't

write about us. We don't payhim money for it. We don't massage
him failed miserable PD. Now I'ma consultant. I don't know. You
don't know what the hell you're talkingabout. That's a different issue, a
different time. Okay, over there, what's the out? A few get

over here, focus on the show. All right, we're going to breathe.
Okay, Hey, I did myunderdog fantasy pich yesterday. I was
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It's Underdog Fantasy dot Com with thepromo code sports MT. This is the
Matt Thomas Show on Sports Talk sevenninety All right, two twenty one,

I have Sports Talk seven and whatis believe it or not that we finally
figured out a topic. Dan Hurley, by the way, not taking the
Lakers job. Correct, all right, we're honoring him by saying no,
thanks to the Lakers. To me, look, I think having been to
both places, La stores Connecticut,I mean you couldn't talk about two opposite

ends of the world. Uh huh. La is super sexy and fun and
the weather is good and the celebritiesand I guess obviously the huge pressure.
Yes, Yukon familiarization, family collegegame, back to back national championships,
great money, never has to worryabout ever getting fired there. True,

but interesting to me, we alwaystalk about how maybe the most involved and
or difficult job and all of coachingis probably head of a big time college
football program. You're dealing with boosters, you're dealing with nil, you're dealing
with the portal, you're dealing withI mean, all this stuff that goes

around with it, and then oh, by the way, you got to
win on Saturday. Right, Howdo we compare that as far as an
NFL job is probably preferable to theNBA, and what Dan Hurley is doing
at Yukon is you're not dealing asmuch as with the portal and basketball just
because the roster is smaller. No, you are dealing with the portgram.

You deal with it. You're dealingwith it. You're just not as much
because there's only so many sports.Well, because you as a coach,
you are not the CEO of abasketball program. If you're a head basketball
coach in college basketball, in mostcases not all, you are still drawing
up plays, you are still reviewingfilm. You are still doing that.
I think a lot of really goodfootball coaches can balance both. But I

also think there are sometimes as youget older, you are handling a lot
of the responsibility, handing off alot of responsibility to your coordinators and your
assistant coaches that you're called upon togo in and close the deal for a
player you're in too close, you'rein on the field, you're asked to
do something on a third and twoor a fourth down, or going for
a fake pund or something like that, trying to shake up the apple cart.

I think in back college basketball,you are still drawn up plays,
you are still in the think tank. And by the way, your staff
is only about twenty percent as bigas a college football staff, so I
think there's a lot of work toit now. Granted, your season isn't
as long as college football is.But I think there's still a lot of
headaches that come with college basketball.That's what I'm trying to wonder. So
in theory, it's still a loteasier or not a lot easier, but

easier in a way to be dealingto be an NBA head coach. The
biggest nbah, the biggest NBA pressureis that everything you do is magnified because
if you are just a routine coach, it's a marquette, You're off the
radar. If you're a coach ofMilwaukee with all the stars and you're not

winning, you're gonna get fired.Yeah, just like the mit holes are
no and Adrian. Yeah you knowsaying I mean there's a difference. Yes.
Also, players generally speaking in collegerscan't get you fired. They can
do it a little bit more nowthat the nil is coming to play and
transfer for al but Lebron James getssideways with any coach, any superstar.

Look at Giannis and Milwaukee. Iflet's say the Rockets, all of a
sudden, Jalen Green becomes this massivesuperstar player for the Rockets, and he
gets sideways with Amadoka and Jalen's like, I'm not signing a super Max here
because I don't like the coach ninetimes out of can't tend the player wins.
You don't have that, you don'thave the the the ratio to player

winning over coach winning is lesser atthe end is in the college level.
That is at the NBA level,right, And I guess in the NFL.
I mean the players have more power, way more power in the NBA
than they do in the NFL,no question about that. I'm just curious
the reasons he would turn this down. And you want to you want to
be in pursuit of of back toback to back. And as much as

we think that we think the LAlifestyle is glamorous, maybe it does turn
people off. There are people thatwould that would live for New York and
the East Coast and never venture andwant to venture to Los Angeles and vice
versa. Hell, there are peoplethat I know that love southern California and
hate Northern California. You know whois one of those people? Me?
I don't like Northern California under anycircumstance. Yeah, you're a Sacramento hater.

Nah, Sacramento. I don't likeSam Frchisko. I don't like the
Bay Area. Anything about it isexpensive and flank flank, Frank flank,
frankly dangerous. Southern California's not dangerouseither, but I guess too it is
dangerous. I just like it seemsmore a little more laid back in southern
California. M H, San Diego. Is that your town? Oh?

San Diego's my town. Cornell Islandmy town. That's a little too fancy
for even you, Matt. Ican make millionaires over there. I can
make it my life. I don'tknow if you could afford it, so
you can easily hate California. Youjust can't. I can't fathom that,
but others can't. And that's whatobviously. Dan her, Los Angeles,

California, No thanks, coach ofthe Lakers, No thanks. I'm gonna
stay here in se seventy Connecticut.Seventy million dollars you turned down, yep,
which the Woes report says that wouldmake him top six paid, and
probably Polinka, their general manager,would not be in his way too much.

What about the GM Lebron James.He's probably gone in two years,
actually, no, three years.He's gonna sign a three year deal,
make upwards a fifteen million dollars year, play until he's forty three. Yeah,
and why wouldn't he. I wouldn't. I wouldn't suggest otherwise it's crazy
not slowing down that much. He'sgonna. I guess he's gonna make sure
nobody can touch his all time pointsrecord. I'm sure that drives him.

I think he wants one more championshiptoo. I think, well, he
ain't getting it. Well, thatwas good, and I do believe.
Now you and I've talked about thisbefore. I don't think it's going to
be this year, but I dobelieve at some point Bronnie and Lebron are
gonna be in the court. Atthe same time. It's kind of feeling
like the Lakers are going to takeBronni yeah, yeah, and give him
fifty million dollars a year. Sohe sent a three year contract, geez,

because that's because that's what you dowhen you have Lebron James, I
guess, And that's what Genie Busswants to do. The business first,
Okay, my uncomfortable thought about theAstros where it's worth repeating, Okay,
and it hurts because The guy I'mgoing to talk about is I think one
of my favorite players on the team. Why do you keep making that handover?
Sorry, no, I got arthritis. I think I slept on my

hand. Funny, but you makethe same motion every time. That's not
true. You gotta cramp over there. Yeah, I'm cramping. Know why
you're right? Handsman? Cramping somuch? Very easy to figure that out.
Why, Yeah, I slept onit? Funny every day every day
when you get on from work.What when you're watching your favorite Baywatch episode

seven one three two one two fiveseven ninety seven one three two one two
five seven ninety Okay, you don'tneed that, dude, aheadsets, I'm
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that promo code sports MT. Allright, I'm just gonna say it's gonna

get out of the way because it'spainful. I think Joe's got to the
spot. Who will join us Tomorrow'sgot to reevaluate the high leverage situations late
in the game at least first ourterm the mojoches isn't good with Presley right
now, and I know that thereare some numbers that have said that wrong
place, wrong times. X FIPis pretty good, maship XBA, xw

DOCW XWWE no XWWE. It's it'sI would just say my confidence level at
him in the eighth inning of gamesis at its lowest point since he's been
with the team. And that's fair, I think. I mean, I
said coming into the season, BrianObray is their second best reliever, so

he should be used more on leverage. But using yesterday as an example,
though, Brian A Bray, youdid face the top of the lineup,
and that's the thing too, RyanPressing, you're facing the number six,
seven, eight, You need tobe taking care of business there. Yeah,
not giving up rocket doubles and thenwalking the number nine hit. Yeah,
there's just very few times. Notsaying it's not ever happened, but
there are very few times in thelast even when he was closing that he

didn't have congestion on the base pass. He just draws too much traffic and
especially in a close game with morethan one at bat left in the particular
game for the opposing team. He'sallowed games to get either within one run,
give up the lead, or tiethe game. And another case in
point of that was yesterday. Yesterdayhe was bad. But yeah, month

and changeo, he's been a lotbetter. He was horrible to start the
season and then he's rallied. What'shis month? What's his era? What
are we today? June? Whattenth? Oh, you don't want to
hear June, cause go ahead.June is seven point three six. But
May was three point seven to two. Is three point seven to two.
Still isn't that great? I mean, honestly, you're telling me giving up

almost four runs a game every nineinnings he pitches. Mm hmm in the
month of May. Rossell help meout. That's a guy that pitches an
inning of game. So every ninetimes he pitches, he's going to give
up a run, or four tonine times is going to give up a
run. That doesn't sound like agreat Okay, I'm running up. Yeah,

three point seven two times roundown atthree point five. Okay, that's
fine. Three and a half times, and I'm a Ryan Presley guy.
You know that this is I justthink maybe maybe a little more concerted effort
to put a bray you in theeighth over Presley, at least for the
time being. Okay, wouldn't bethe worst. Had that horrible outing against
the Rangers in the beginning of theseason where he gave up four runs.

Yeah, since that, he's beenin twenty three games within the area of
three point six three. He's beenokay, not not. He hasn't been
shut down, and I don't thinkhe's shut down anymore. He's thirty five
years old. I think he's asolid guy. Yeah, sounds like a
to me as the seventh inning guy. Let's go to Philip in Paarland on

the Matt Thomas Show. Philip whathe got today? Matt, you said
Silicon Valley is a dangerous place.What do you mean by that? Silicon
Valley, northern California dangerous? TheBay Area Valley, the Bay Area,
Yeah, the whole area. BecauseI was thinking about going to Oakland to

see that. You know, seethe last year, this is the last
year for the I would not suggestthat. Oh, come on, Matt,
it's the last year. Are theygonna knock it down. No,
they're keeping it up. They're goingto Sacramento. They're not the same staying,
they're not leaving. I mean they'reteams living, but they're not.

Yeah, but you know, it'snothing without the team. I'm sure Philip
can make it to and from thestadium and be fine. I mean,
Philip, you'll be fine. Imean, you're only gonna get about a
fifty fifty shot to get mugged.I mean, one of the games.
Aren't getting mugged, Matt, Okay, forty sixty you got a four and
ten chance of getting mugged. Don'tlive in fear, Philip. You'll be

fine, and be careful and becareful. Not the step in feces when
you're there either. Well, thatcould happen. Wow, that can happen
at a park inside a minute Maypark. Yeah, yeah, yeah that
Yeah, there are plenty of streetsnearby. And because I've literally seen a
woman drop trout outside of minute that'snot bring that. You know, that's

not nice. Don't really what happened, Philip? Really? Okay, that's
gross. Get out of here,see you later, all right. No,
I'm sure the Bay areas got asmuch crime as Houston does well all
major metropolitanities of crime. I meanwhen don't just say wherever you go,
try to follow the time honored doctrinedon't start none won't be none. Yeah,

I agree with that, but alsobe careful. And if you're going
on, if you're going for anoaklon A's game at night, don't start.
None won't might not be none.You may be out of control on
that. Well, there's only fourthousand people going. Yeah, are all
four thousand people getting mugged outside ofthe state? And come on, I
mean, I wouldn't recommend just sayingokay, this is I don't like northern

California. Silicon Valley's fine. SanJose, Monterrey's not Monterree, but a
Palo Alto, Palmuntah sam whose likesouth of San Francisco is fine. On
the on the on the on thatside of the bed, Yeah, for
sure, Santa Clara A. Let'ssee a San Jose. What else would

be there? It would be agood part of town. I don't know.
I don't know that Eric well enough. I just know that downtown San
Francisco can be a little aggressive whenit comes to what's homeless. Sorry to
hear about it, but it's justthe truth. Okay, Portland's very aggressive
with it's homeless. M hm.Terrence Jones agrees, No, I didn't
say people being aggressive to the homeless. You always missing that story. Yep,

Yeah, he was aggressive towards them. Hey, yeah, Okay,
we don't want to bring this.Let's go to Why am I snorting so
much today? I don't know,It's been a funny show. Dave,
Good afternoon. What's on your mind? Hey, you guys, I like
your show a lot. Let mejust say, Matt and Ross, you
guys have a nice chemistry, easylistening. Thank you, thank you.

Yeah. Hey, the Hurley thing, I know not many people are interested
in this, but I'll just saythis. I think Dan Hurley sort of
played the Lakers. I don't knowthat he's ever that interested in going out
to the West Coast like you guyssay the East Coast guy, but you
know, just to turn them down. Was it just builds his brand?
You know, it just adds tothe cachet when he's out recruiting. Not
that the guy who's won two nationalchampionships probably has hard time recruiting, but

still to say, you know,he's the guy who turned down the chance
to go out there and coach theLakers. You know, why not do
it or at least kind of pretendthat you were serious about it, but
then decided, you know what,I'd rather be in Connecticut. That's all
I got to say. Yeah,I mean, think about this. If
Dan Hurley's on a recruiting call.Yes, you know, the Lakers wanted

me, but I am committed toyou. But look look how good we
are here now. If I'm turningthe Lakers down, how could you think
my squad's going to be good?It's not bad, doesn't hurt, and
probably get a raise from Connecticut.Yeah, oh he's going, oh absolutely,
what does he makeing? And yousee what is sound? Okay?

So let's say, okay, youcom played probably forty games this year,
right, six year, thirty twomillion dollars deal after last season, so
five and change. So he's gettingfive million to coach forty games. If
that means that's a tournament run,a championship run. So he's getting eighty
thousand dollars a game. I'll go, look what their overall record is.

I can't find it right now.Okay, So eighty thousand a game.
Yes, he's getting how much isthirty seven and three? So exactly for
the game? Forty games and that'sa that's a max. If you don't
make a tournament, you're playing thirtytwo thirty three, yes, thirty four.
Well he can make the tournam he'sto be out of a job.
So he's making eighty g a game. Yes, what was the Laker offer
again? Seventy million? How manyyears? Okay, seventy million over how

many years? I think was itsix six? So that's seventy million divided
by six it's eleven point six sixsix million. Divide that by you coach
eighty seven games, so let's putit in ninety five because you're assuming play,
okay, make one hundred and twentytwo thousand dollars a game, so

still more. And you don't haveto deal with recruiting, and you don't
have to deal with boosters, butyou do have to deal with la media
and pressure and Lebron James trying torun your team. Yeah, and Genie
Buss holding hands with what's his face? The two to four hosts that was
here Jmore. Oh, she they'remarried, You know that, right?

What you do that no, Yeah, Jay Moore and Genie Buss, Yes,
are married. Yes, since winbeen by four or five years.
I had no idea Wait a minute, you didn't get to have invite to
the wedding. No, good forher. He's also she's also older than
him. Yeah, this is goodon you. Jmore. Smart get a

big deal from networks. Come on, that's gotta be a prenup right,
probably to some extent for sure.Yeah, there's no way that Jaymore is
gonna own part of the Lakers ultimately. Oh man, that's you know what,
tip of the captain to j Moore. Jeanie Buss is sixty two.
She looks good for sixty two.Gonna be honest. A lot of work
done, is what it is.It was fifty three. Ooh, got

himself a cougar. Good for him. Great tickets. Yes, can you
see any of any wants to atthe Staples cents or anything front row.
She's probably a minx, you knowwhat I mean. All right, I'm
turning my microphone off for the restof this segment. I'm just saying what
you're thinking too. I wasn't thinkingthat. Oh, let me tell you

there's some sixty two is out there. I don't know any but I'm assuming
there's gonna she don't asks. There'sno way she acts sixty two. I
mean her face is probably eleven.Uh no, probably five. All right,
let's play believer? Oh my god? What? Oh you don't mean

forget? You know that they they'renot just going to bed at eight thirty
every night. Genie Buss former uhplayboy? Uh playmate? Right, non
playmate, but a centerfold? Doyou ever see that Ross is working on

Believe or Not? It doesn't wantto answer the question. That's fine.
Let's tell you about Big City Wingsbefore you get to play Believe or Not?
If you want to play by theway seven one three two one two
five seven nine zero seven one threetwo one two five seven ninety. Today
is Monday. I got a coupleof specials for you. One dollar chicken
tenders, minimum of five available foryou at all thirteen Big City Wing locations,
plus thirty four ounce Big Bruce specials. I had a big brew from

Big City Wings on Saturday. It'sa lot of beer. If you can
chug a lot of beer and enjoyit with some great wings, great sandwiches,
and those one dollar chicken tenders.You get thirty four ounce big brew
for just four dollars and fifty centsin a domestic. If you're gonna get
a premium, it's five dollars andfifty cents. It starts at three o'clock
goes all the way to eleven o'clock. Tonight at any of the thirteen Big

City Wing locations, they have lunchspecials every day from eleven o'clock until three.
They have a Father's Day special comingup this weekend. Eight wings plus
thirty four ounces of beer for justfifteen dollars, dining only only on Father's
Day at any of those thirteen BigCity Wing locations. They're there also for
catering graduation parties, work events,celebrations. Catering pack is gonna have fifty

wings in them, one hunred wings, one hundred and fifty. You want
a big pack, Big City Wingswill make it happen for you. That's
one dollar chicken tenders and three fourfifty and five fifty big Bruce Tonight at
Big City Wings and Big City Wingsdot Com. Matt Thomas returns on Sports
Talk seven ninety to forty nine.Sports Talk seven ninety It is the Matt

Thomas show. Before we play BelieveIt or Not, our friend Asia is
joining of the show. Asia.What's on your mind today? Asia?
Hey, well I had to callsomebody would appreciate the story. First of
all, I'm in Houston and I'veliving here for a while now, so
maybe we'll have a drink sometimes.Anyway, I was then seven eleven,
this tall guys in front of me. You know, he looks like an
athlete, right, and I'm lookingat him and then all he looks like

Vince Young. You know, I'mtrying to looking at a bracelet on.
You know, I'm trying to figureit out. It's like, did anybody
tell you you look like Vince Young? He said, I am Vince Jong.
It's like you said, you areGet Jung. Yeah. So anyway,
I just thought that was pretty cool. And he was real quiet,
you barely said anything. And thenI told him, I've told you before
that I've put you know, DJJohnson's phone, Thomas Roy Williams, Derrick
Johnson, Quentin and Jamer and blahblah blah blah of him. Right,

I think he was after them,so I didn't put for him. But
anyway, he just was real quietand like Okay, nice meeting, you
buy and all these other people aroundme, no one said anything, you
know, and this one guy kindof started talking to him. I'm like,
wait a minute, I'm not goingto recognize an Indians talk to me
anyway. I just had to sharethat because you know, to the book,
right of course it is. Noware you sure it was him?
Because there was a sports reporter,a golf reporter that misidentified him last week.

What you just like broke up awhat? No, there was a
there was a golf reporter at agolf tournament that thought she was talking to
Vince Young last week and it wassomebody else. Are you sure it was
Vince Young? I'm pretty sure I'msaying yes, because, like I said,
I recognized him. It wasn't likeI don't know, I just really
think what Plus, he did havea long horn. It wasn't like it

was like a he had a longhorn bracelet on, but it wasn't like
a gold one or anything. Itwas just like a nothing fancy or anything
like that. I'm pretty sure itwas. And yeah, it feels like
it was. Well Asia anyway,so you're you're you're living in Houston now
basically yes, yes, yes,yes, yes, all right, Well

I'll be back there even once ina while, but you have to I've
gone to some Astros games. Igot to figure out where y'all are.
You know when I go to theAstro games. All right, we'll see
you later for sure. Look forwardto meeting agents sometimes. She's been a
fitness enthusiast and been a listener tothis show for a long period of time.
Rossie, we appreciate all the theOG's joining us here on the show.

Yes we do. Normally we're inthe left field concourse during the most
games, drink playoff game, duringploff games, which will regular season.
Matt doesn't want to see you people, or are you during the regular season?
Uh, I'm working around with peoplewalking around with a headset on.
That's fine, Okay, can yougo in a lot of people like that?
Five minutes something? Go on theshow What Should We Do? Wait?

Should playmericus fastest growing sports radio gameshow. We simply called it be
Leave it or Not? And here'show it works. You call seven one
three two one two five seven ninetyseven one three two one two five seven
ninety Today's edition to Believe It orNot is brought to you by Underdog Fantasy.
All right, all you stat gurus, go to underdog Fantasy dot comun

is the promo code sports empty andwin some serious cash with dog Fantasy dot
Com. Promo. Coach Sports MTcategory is all things about Dan Hurley,
who turned down the Lakers job.Today, I'll read your statement about Dan
at The statement is completely and utterlyaccurate. You'll say this the same as
Tironi's full of bunk coming up.You'll say this too. Believe or not?
In a row win You're prize.What are you playing for today?
Connor? We got a pair oftickets to see Styx and Foreigner for the

Renegades and Jukebox Heroes tour stopping atthe Winds Pavilion on June twenty second,
and a seven any T shirt.Let's play Kevin on seven Aine. Are
you ready to play? Believe itor not? Believe it? Dan Hurley's
first college coaching job was as avideo assistant for coach k at Duke.
Believe it or not? Not?That's right, statement number two for the

winning This year, Dan Hurley becamethe first back to back in Natesmith Coach
of the Year winner since Billy DonovanBelieve it or not? Believe it No,
newdo one went back to back.I'm sorry, thank you for playing.
Anthony on seven ninety Anthony, You'reready to play. Believe it or
not? Believe it. Dan Hurleyis very active in Yukon's practices and off

and participates in their layup lines andshooting drills. Believe it or not?
Believe it? No, he likesinstead of the bench and relax. Matt
on seven Ninetie, Matt, whatwas your favorite part of today's radio show?
Hello? Yeah, yes, ohyeah I was. I liked the

part when he talked about the theWNBA. All right. While Dan Hurley
was at Seaton Hall, his headcoach was PJ. Carlissimo. Believe it
or not believe it? That's right. Statement number two for the way Dan
Hurley won the n T his thirdyear coaching for the Rhode Island Rams.
Believe it or not? Believe it? No, I'm sorry. Oh I

feel terrible. You're halfway home,Andy on seven ninety Andy, You're ready
to play. Believe it or not? Believe it. Dan Hurley's wife,
Andrea, was his high school sweetheart. They actually have known each other since
they were in elementary age school.Believe it or not? I'm gonna play
the odds. Believe it? No, they met in college. What are

the odds? It's fifty to fifty? Am I right about that? Rossam?
I'm missing something here? Roger,you're on seven ninety. Roger,
you're your favorite part of the radioshow today? Well us. Dan Hurley
is listed on a public speaking website. His fee is between thirty and fifty
thousand dollars per engagement Believe it ornot? Not? It is? Would

you pay thirty thousand dollars? Listen? Dan early, yell at you.
I don't think so. Jason onseven nine? Are you ready to play
Believe it or not? Believe it? Dan Hurley has the same morning routine
every day. He wakes up atsix o'clock, eats blueberries and raspberries for
breakfast, then meditates Believe it ornot? Believe it? There you go,
congratulations, Gross What is your morningroutine? Every day? I wake

up, roll out of bed,and shower and then come stare at you
for four hours? All right?My routine is coffee at eight thirty,
shower at nine thirty, get hereat eleven o'clock. Wait for you to
arrive three hours of great radio.That's my routine. All right, folks,
I hope you had a great day. Thank you very much for spending
some time listening to the radio showtoday participating if you see is there a

nightcap tonight? Oh? There is? Is it gonna be a ninety minute
nightcamp? No? He's saying no, all right, maybe the boys?
You know what, the boys couldThe boys could go three to seven thirty.
They hardly work. They're gonna notworking on Wednesday at all. With
the two forty five, first pitchcame and come in here and defend themselves.
So we got a minute left togo in the show. Do I

need to talk to you? Fine, you don't have to. I mean
I could cover for a minute.Just backing up, that's gonna say.
You just really burning the midnight wells? I'm sure all right? Uh were
in no NBA game tonight? Youwatched I watched some of the hockey on
Saturday? Did you? I didn'tcatch it? Now? Florida three nothing
over edon tout it on in thebackground. I mean I almost felt like
I was watching the Florida Panther fansthat were like excited for a little and

then they were thinking, well thisis great now, but when is a
talk of all we're gonna throw hisnext pass. I'm sure it was a
sellout crowd though. Yeah, butI mean it's seventeen thousand seats. You're
ready for hockey. If hockey canwork in Fort, can't it work here.
I just don't want to have anothersport to pay attention to. You
don't have to pay attention too many. Yeah, it's a stretch thing.
It'll labor some event for you.It's more work. Do you like an

and M in the College World Series? I'm gonna go with I don't know,
North Carolina. Are they in it? I M believe it. I
believe they are or not. Infact, I feel like every ACC and
SEC school's in there. Anyway,All right, up next our Buddy's Clanton
in Wexley. They're gonna entertain you. Well I don't if they entertain you,
but they're gonna talk for three hoursat least until six o'clock, then
the night cap at six, justtill seven, because lord knows, we

can't go an extra half hour tomake the programming sound good in the station.
That's with Rossfeld Reality I'm Matt Thomas. The team is up next here
on seven ninety
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