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June 6, 2024 127 mins
Matt Thomas and Ross Villarreal of The Matt Thomas Show review the Houston Astros losing 4-2 against the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday at Minute Maid Park. Catcher Yainer Diaz homered in his third straight game, and even though they could not complete the sweep, the Astros won the series 2-1 before heading on the road to take on the Los Angeles Angels for a weekend series starting Friday. Brian McTaggart, Astros beat reporter for, joins to discuss how will starting pitching will move forward with Cristian Javier and José Urquidy out for the rest of the season. Matt and Ross read "Mean Tweets" with Chris Gordy about Oklahoma softball, preview the NBA Finals, tell people "Shut Yo Bum Ass Up, Ain't Nobody Got Time" and more.
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Lunchtimers. This is the Matt ThomasShow, twelve one in each town.
What's happening on Timers? Good afternoonto you, and walk into a Thursday
edition of The Mat top of theshow. That's Sis Sports Talk seven ninety
change up hit the center, that'llprobably score the run. Jake Myers will

have to back pedal at the end, and it's a sacrifice fly for the
ninth place hitter. And it's onenothing Cardinals. Here in the third,
leadoff man Brendan Donovan hits this one, a line drive that'll get down into
right field. Cabbage over makes theplay, but that'll score the run as
Pages will score from second base,and the Saint Louis Cardinals extend their lead

to two to nothing. Here inthe fifth, strong enough. It was
a fastball in his hands two ohcount two, one pitch. This one
hit the same spot and that isdown for a hit down the right side.
Cabbage will chase it into the corneraround third base, Donovan to throw
in and it will be not intime, as Donovan will score. This
time went out, A throw isout two by just puts it in his
pocket. So a double by AlecBurlison and the Cardinals getting to Renel Blanco

here in the fifth any two runsin and it is three nothing Saint Louis.
It's two two pitch to Aeronauto andAeronato hammers this one the left and
that ball's gone. Jordan never movedan inch and never looked over his shoulders.
Nolan aeronautum airs that one out solohome run here in the sixth inning,

and now it is a four totwo Saint Louis Cardinals league. The
ball's two strikes, here's a swingand a miss, and they will tag
Singleton and that is the ballgame.So the Astros going for the sweep here
today, but couldn't get the offensegoing. Just a couple of solo home
runs and the Saint Louis Cardinals winit. Our final score here admitted may

Park, Saint Louis four, Houstontwo's rossy. We were looking for a
sweep. We didn't get it.Can't always get what you want, yeah,
but are we gonna get what weneed? Well? Thank you,
Oakland A's we need extra time offin October? Ye? Is that what
they're saying they wanted to sweep?We got two out of three Okay,

it's not bad, says one meatloaf. Yeah, we're not playing end
of the show. Ross wanted toplay that song again today and Conn and
I are like, that song sucks. This is a joke. It's because
it's so bad. It's just itgets worse every time you play it.
Like I, Hey, I thoughtI get some respect more for meat loafing.
Then I figured out I don't have. He named himself out of after

a home cooked meal. Yeah,Like, if I was to name myself,
I call myself prime rib. Nah. I think you're more like,
uh, chicken livers your ground Chuck. I'll take that. I like ground
Chuck. No, ground Chuck's gottwenty percent fat exactly. It's not as
fatty as the seventy three twenty seven, so it's not super expensive like the

lean. You get a little fatgoing. I make burgers with chuck.
That's my preferred ratio. Yeah,but you gotta done drain the grease out
of the meat. Yeah, wellyou put it on there. You never
want to. You never want todrain grease out of your meat. First
of all, that's why you buya George Forman grill. Matt, Oh
no, what a disaster. Thatthing was No. That thing kept me
alive in college. No, becauseit takes and a half to clean it

after one time it does you scrubit right off. You don't just scrub
it right off. The plate comesoff and you scrub it. It's very
easy. But you know what apot and pan. You'll wipe it down
with a little bit of water andyou put in the dishwasher. You called
it. You can't put the GeorgeForeman girl in the in the in the
dishwasher. I'm anti George Foreman.Grill period sophomore in college, ross was

all over the George Foreman. Now, that thing was awesome. Freshman Matt
Thomas got the sandwich maker. Thatwas not a bad where you like to
make a little But they didn't callhim paninies back in the day. You
know what I'm saying. They thinkthe hot sandwiches. Why you were in
the woodburn and stove, not inthe dorm in North Texas. No,
no, no, no, no, no. All right, so you're

off track two minutes into the show. Fine, we didn't do a show
yesterday. No, I'm got someketch it up to do. Yes,
some of us worked yesterday I'm you. Would you do all the pregames?
Yeah? Yeah, light work.Oh let me let me guess, Let
me guess. Dana Brown have itfeatured heavily on the program, highlights analysis,
Mountain Matchup, Who's Who's hot,Who's not? Kind of thing and

mailing in Thomas and mailing in Thomas. I worked on my birthday. By
way, you should I take mybirthdays off? Who the hell would take
a Rando Wednesday off me? Iwill be off for my birthday this year,
and I think I have been forthe last like I don't know ten
years. That it shows you.I am mister determined. I work all
the time. I don't care ifit's Christmas, thank you word, Halloween.

I will work Flag Day. I'lldo whatever it takes to keep the
people Houston and forming on their HoustonAstros or volleyball trip Kansas City, Philadelphia,
Orlando, Vegas. In July,Vegas, and I will not be
working this time in Vegas. Youwill not be hearing from me at all.
Okay, well, I'll just befounding coaches. Good look at the
craps tables. At least you haven'tbeen able to blame me for all your

failures at the craps tables. Wait, I gambled. We went to we
can name the hotel because we're gonnabe doing some work with them. We
stay. We went to Circle whenRoss and I were down in Vegas for
myself's birthday, and I spent onehundred dollars on the craps table. And
I think I have a there fifteenminutes. The ratio is better than normally
is normally. I'm done in fiveor six minutes. We've mess some nice

folks over there. Got a freedrinker two. Yeah, it's a good
time. Yeah. We will bethere in August and looking forward to a
that's gonna be a big event,right, yes, absolutely. We'll tell
more about it in an upcoming warwar details as we get them, all
right, busy show today is it? We have Brian mctagger at one o'clock
okay, wonderful, We have shutyour bum ass up at one thirty.

Oh okay, and then not thatI expected this to be on the show
when I went to bed last night, but today we will be starting a
new segment that will do randomly whenit's appropriate. A new segment. It's
Chris Gordy mean tweets, oh andagain that that wasn't on the Bengo car
when thinking about things for the showtoday, poor guys getting ratioed out of

my mind. I wake up thismorning a little after seven o'clock and I
go to look at Twitter and seewhat was going down. By the way,
if you sent me a birthday message, thank you very much. I
very much appreciate. Happy birthday,Matt. Thank you. I didn't get
one from you, Yes you did. I think you retweeted somebody else.
I tweeted it. Oh did youOkay, I see, I mean I
must have you muted. So Gordywas running through. Gordy's tweets can run

all the gambit of things. Theycan be about Broadway musicals, a gamut,
I say, gambit. It's agame show back in the seventies.
Stay with me on this X man, okay, gambit. It runs a
gamut of topics. Yes, it'sobviously a lot of senc stuff, usually
about the SEC. It's a lotof him taking pictures with people, or
anytime somebody makes the news, he'llput some interview of them when they were
like a sophomore at SEC media asright, or it's when he gets a

chance to interview random nineties bands atWorld Series events. That's that kind of
thing or larger heard. Sorry Creedyou were talking about that's right. I
couldn't help myself. So he isclearly not happy that Oklahoma is one victory
away from winning. I believe theirfourth consecutive College World Series in softball.
I'm not happy about it. Didyou watch it in the game yesterday?
I watched the beginning of it andthen I started I was doing laundry.

It was kind of a background deal, especially once it was like six to
one, and six to one issophobare eight to three? I believe?
Okay, and his basic thought onTwitter and we'll we'll do these a little
later on the show. We're tryingto prove past the astros just for a
little bit here. But his pointwas why does Oklahoma City get to host

the College World Series every year?And Oklahoma has dominated in the last handful
of years because essentially it's a homefield advantage, and in reality, Oklahoma
City to Norman's about thirty miles,so it's not very it's very close.
And my point to him was isthat where else are you going to put
this event? That's going to drawthe type of crowds and the hotels and
the restaurants that I mean, ifyou put the College World Series in Los

Angeles, it might do okay.But people in Oklahoma City live for the
College World Series sample, just likein Omaha they live for the College World
Series baseball. Yes, but indefense of Gordy, and there's some defense
of him, by the way,in defense of Gordy, there are a
lot of national championships that rotate.Of course, college also does not.

I mean most of them rotate.And number two, the first two words
of his tweet are hot take,like Keith knows that this isn't okay,
hot take. Maybe we need tomove this thing around because they're dominating so
much. It's really kind of justonce you put hot take at the beginning
of your tweet, it's kind oflike a yeah, this probably happen.
I know it's not going to it'snot that big of a deal, but

clearly, oh you softball Twitter,which apparently is a very angry bunch.
It's an angry same thing, Iknow, and it's been a thing because
they've been dominating for the last severalyears. And well I've had to hear
about it on Twitter because I followa lot of Longhorn stuff, but he
put hot take like relax, ohyou softball. We're going to later on

in the show. I don't knowwhen we're gonna do it, but probably
my guess would be maybe two o'clockhour. We're going to read Chris Gordy's
mean tweets. And if Gordy isstill here, he doesn't put in a
forty hour week usually, so ifhe's still here, we will read those
tweets. Uh. And I ifhe wants to read them back to himself
or he wants to react after whatthese people want to hear him get fired

up and angry. So let's getwhatever is going to have that happen.
Yeah, I'm down. Yeah,So we'll have Chris Gordy mean tweets like
I believe it or not. Todaywonderful and we have again shut shoball mass
up in Brian mctagger seven one threetwo one two five seven ninety seven one
three two one two five ninety Ihave a gut feeling that hit yesterday.
It was official and I hit itseven one three two one two five seven

nine zero. Recap of the Astrosand what they're expecting to do this weekend
in Los Angeles and in San Francisco. After I tell you about the folks
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app, and the promo code issports Empt Lunchtimers, Lunchtimers. This is
The Matt Thomas Show. Twelve eighteento the Matt Thomas Show. Oh my

gosh, I love this place.I do. I really do too.
We are such a dysfunctional group ofI mean, I could use a better
co host, but I've been sayingthat for a decade now. I've only
been in full time of cost sincenineteen they never listened to me ever.
They just don't ever expect merry.You're stuck with me. I don't care

where you go if you move somewhereelse, on coming with you? Yeah,
I know, right, all right? Seven one three two one two
five seven on. We're gonna doa little reading here. Oh okay.
Now only we're gonna do some reading. We have to have a reading music,
and we're also going to have Rosschange his voice. Oh okay,
because I feel like it's appropriate.So, without any further ado, here
is the official Matt Thomas Show readingmusic. Oh fantastic, don't even I

know what you're gonna say. Goahead, a fantastic song by one George
Benson. Yeah, okay, that'sall I'm gonna say. All right,
thank you. Let's get five setup here we go. Okay, hold
on, let's let it play thistextus long again. Bill, Let's go.
It's a jam though. Oh,let's get ourselves a wine. I

can't even focus, by the way. You gotta help me with something.
Okay. My legs are so white, they're the whitest I ever been in
my life. Yes, you don'tgo outside, though I do, watside.
I just don't wear I'm what therestaurants are so cold now that I
like to put shorts. I don'tlike to put shorts on. I don't
like to get cold. But howam I going to get these bad boys?
At least to a can adult mendo that? Don't you have a

spray tan any thing? Let thatbe worse? You don't do anything outside?
I do. I walk around,I do walks, yeah, and
stuff all the time. But Ijust don't. But I just I don't
want to kind of like sending thegate. It's okay, you can just
be pasty, Matt. It's whoyou want. It's ridiculously pasty. I
am. I mean, I'm likealbino white. Yeah, you're translucent almost
all right. And that's for adifferent issue. So sorry. So there

was an article made by one JeffreyPasson. Yeah, he breaks down every
single team go ahead, ABSPN anduh he happened to put a few quotes
together about what he thinks the Astrosare going to do between now and the
end of the season. So,without any further ado, here's sports RV
with Breezon in the background in Jeffpass and voice reading what Jeff Passon thinks

the Astros are gonna do between nowand the trade deadline. Most front offices
don't think the Astros will wind upsubtracting. It's not owner Jim Crane's style,
and Houston still possesses a solid enoughcoreps that contending in twenty twenty five
is entirely realistic. That said,the Astros have four potential routes they could
add, which remains an option becausedespite the hole they've dug themselves at twenty

six and thirty four, they're justseven games back of first place Seattle.
They could stand pat and hope thereturns of Luis Garcia, Lance McCullers junior
help with depleted rotation. Jose Rikhitiis likely headed for Tommy John surgery,
and Christian Javier's status remains up inthe air. No, it's both Tommy
John Jeff. Sorry. They coulddo a soft unload, moving only their

pending free agents, both big names, third basement Alex Bregman and relieve a
Ryan Presley. Or they could gofull reimagining, shipping out outfielder Kyle Tucker
and let imagining or imaging. Oh, I'm sorry, reimagine, he says,
full imagining I've never heard the termreimagining. Yeah, you got to

reimagine something, okay, fair,Yeah, reimagine there's no wars. Reimagine.
That's not to saw. The peoplecontinue on okay, shipping out outfielder
Kyle Tucker and left hander from berValdez in addition to Bregman and Presley.
Generally, when trading players of Tuckerand Valdez's ILK, teams wait until the

winter to ensure the largest market possible. But if the inventory of available players
is grim this summer, and ifthe Astros don't believe they're a playoff team,
it's incumbent on GM Dana Brown two. At the very least, listen
to offers and see if a contenderwill overpay to reap two postseason runs from
Tucker or Valdez, even if itgoes against Crane's instinct. Uh, that's

pass is not one of your bestvoices. But that's not bad. I
believe the best passing is done byWexler at the radio station. I think
the best passing is done by you. Let's hear it. No, No,
that was me, Jeff passing.I'm wearing a gray suit int this
medium, and I look like aring bear at a wedding and I put
my fist bump out to have peoplebump in. They don't bump me back.

What's happened? What happened? Bro? I don't think he saw him.
I think he saw him. Thinksays, shut your bump ass up.
He did see him, all right. I was there when that happened.
That. By the way, howclose were you? I was like
twenty feet away? So what wasyour initial thought? Did did Jose not
se him? Or thought he wasrebuffed? As they say? Oh I
love that? All right, sointeresting comments. I will say this,

even though we make fun of Passingfor being a complete dork and geek,
he is connected. There was notnecessarily noth anything to connect there. But
if there's anybody that knows the sport, yeah it is Jeff Passon. He's
tight and he's breaking. He's brokensome astros. Yeah he does. Okay,
didn't he he had something recently?He didn't have Dusty Baker. That

was Bob Nightingale. Okay. Hemight have had a Nightingale and Dusty,
you're tight, very tight. Hemight have had the Joe Spata. I
can't recall it A been all right, while all. That makes a lot
of sense. And while I dobelieve that Jim Crane is not a seller
by trade, by history, he'snot done it really before. Yes,

I'm gonna throw a hypothetical at you, and I'll throw the hypothetical to the
audience as well. That's seven one, three, two, five, seven,
nine of the Astros today, wakeup seven back of the Seattle Mariners
America League West because the Astros losingyesterday didn't hurt per se because the Mariners
also lost. Okay, if they'reseven back forty eight hours before the trade

deadline, seven back, and youwere in a similar role as Reggie Jackson
and Jeff Bagwell are to the Astro. Hey you mean general manager Dana Brown.
No, I don't think I stutteredon that. No, And you
had similar responsibilities as Reggie did andas Jeff does. What would you do?

Would you tell him to buy sellor none of the above? Seven
games back July twenty ninth or giveor ten? What's the state of my
rotation? Because this is gonna beJuly thirtieth. You could have Luis Garcia
back. Well, okay, letme give you some hype. You have
Garcia back, You don't have mcclor'sback, but Garcia is on a pitch

count the rest of the season forsure. Yeah, who's my first basement
every day? Does it rhyme withMose Momrayu or does not? May Mabbage
does not either one of those.I'm gonna say that Singleton. Singleton's your
primary you need to be Yeah,probably you're still buying. Although if it's
jose A. Brady, but he'sactually been decent, but that's not happening.

No, I'm presuming that jose Bradyis gonna be interested. I'm saying
that I'm not necessarily worried about theroster construction. I'm worried about the standings.
Seven back with two months to play, I would say they would be
buyer. I don't think Jim Cranegives up at that point, because really
that's the one making the call.Can I tell you as an Astros fan,

because that's what I am first andforemost. Yes, I'm lucky enough
to hold this microphone to talk aboutthem every day. But I'm I mean,
I'm been a fan more than I'vebeen a sportscast. I don't know
if I could, I mean,it would it'd be very painful for me
to see them become sellers, becauseit would, it would, it would,
it would. With all due respect, and this most amazing time in

franchise history, I don't want toever end. They always have Actually do
some do come back. For instance, if you were a Braves fan the
nineties, you didn't you made theplayoffs fifteen years in a row or something
silly like that. You took acouple of years off, and then you
got back in it and you eventuallywon a World Series. Yes, so
it can happen. Everybody goes downa little bit but then goes back up,

you know. But most times whenyou go up, you rarely ever
cut and then go deck down.You rarely ever come back up again.
Look at how long the Yankees it'staken for them to get back tor relevancy.
Kansas City was an American League powerhousefor a short period of time.
The Rangers, now they went up, up, then down a bunch in
the invention, won the World Series. So they spent half a billion dollars
that they did back up so selfishly. Matt the sports fan doesn't want them

to do that. But I don'tknow if Matt the baseball thinker would think
that they could make up seven gamesin two months if it's taken them,
if it's taken them three months andthey haven't made up any ground, Yeah,
if it's a whole month and youhaven't made up a single game.
We're June sixth today, so we'retalking about July twenty eighth. That we're

talking about two months in essenta jelineis July thirtieth, I think, and
you cannot make any ground up intwo months. Maybe it wasn't meant to
be. And that's why it's sucha mixed conversation because I don't care about
really Luis Garcia or Lance mccullors orwho's playing first base. I'm looking at
what's ahead of me, even ifI'm seven back, which you know teams

have overcome similar deficits. It's butit's that's a very short period of time.
You're gonna you may, you mayfight and scratching claw all your way
to win this division. But thenyou got sitting there, got the Yankees,
who have been a thoroughbread this entireseason. In the way you might
have this Kansas City team may notgo away and they may win the division.
You might have Baltimore. Who's thinkingwe can go in there and do

this. You might have to.I mean, there's it would be just
a small accomplishment, but the bigpicture is winning another American League championship.
Yeah, losing Javier is huge.I mean, Orkidi wasn't gonna be one
of your playoff starters. Oh theway I hit those on the gut feelings
on those mississ you did. We'reall proud of you. I didn't think
so go ahead. Well, I'mvery sad about it, all right.
Yeah, I would say I'm gonnagive you this. I would say,

if they're seven out July twenty eighth, you gotta sell. I don't think
they will. I don't think theywill either. But here's the problem.
You're about to lose one free agent, uh In Bregman. You don't have
a replacement for him. Will Wagnerjust I don't think he's cutting it at

third base at this point. ZachDezenzo is back, okay, but I
don't think the confidence is beating theirchest over by Bregman. See you later.
We have a hair apparent coming here. Yeah, Well, you have
to figure out first base because there'sno way you're carrying Jose or Brady on
this roster in twenty twenty five,there's no chance unless unless he all of
a sudden zero he's two seventy fivehit, or the rest of le's done.

He's done, and then you're goingto think about Kyle Tucker in a
lame duck season next year. Thisorganization has not been able to replenish the
minor leagues, not through anybody's fault, per se, just because of the
first and second round pick for twoyears, missing picks, trading two picks
that you had that you needed tohave because you wanted to bring back Justin

Ferlander. There's just not enough thereright now, and I think replenishing what
you could get and getting yourself readyfor twenty five and filling up some spots
might be worth it, especially ROSSI. If I'm saying seven back, if
I'm thinking five back and that mademe, that's a small number, that's
just two games difference, But Ithink you can make up five and feel

better about yourself as compared to beingseven back. I think Jim is going
to only sell if he absolutely hasto. He's going to give this team
every single shot that they have ifthey're still breathing because it happened the way
that it happened last year as well. You you still give them that shot.
I think you will. Seven onethree two one two five seven ninety
seven one three two one two fiveseven ninety Hopefully we're not having this conversation,

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Quality t X dot com. Wow. A reminder that Brian mctagger joins us
at one o'clock today one thirty shutsyour balls up and believe it or not,

today I get two fifty. Thisis the Matt Tommy Show, where
again I want to make sure I'mvery clear when I tell you this.
I don't want them to be sellers. It would play be the aros and
you think they're done. That's whatI'm getting through. That's you're just selectively
hearing. Oh okay, that's notout of the ordinary for you. I
want them to be within and again, then it may sound stupid if it's

five games, seven games, Isay, Mat, it's two games.
What are you gonna do? Idon't know. Five feels like that's approachable.
You have to have a cutoff somewhere. Yeah, there's a threshold somewhere.
Yeah, it's just I needed tostart making MP some ground. And
the funniest thing is you're two outof three in look against Saint Louis and
you're still seven back. Granted,hurts that you you went five minuto the

homestand losing those two out of threeto Minnesota. Beat up on the Angels.
Come on, now, then weowe them week because of course I'm
the backup left fielder. Well,yeah, you can't get mad at it.
Oh well, the Mariners they've beenbeating up on the on the Angels,
and well you lost your series tothe angel so you got to take
advantage of these games. They gotit and then San Francisco just got swept
last week at home against the Giantsor against the Yankees. Angels just swept

the Padres by the way, whatdon't let the Angels get hot now?
Oh no, we can't have thatall one run games. That's got to
be frustrating for the Padres fans.All seventeen of them Astros are off to
astros are off today. Do youthink they're in Orange County? A shown
at the hotel pool. I wouldinclude that uh huh b took their families

to the amusement parks in the area. Yeah, which one is that?
There's two of them? Not SburyFarms there's not far and it Sbury Farms.
Yeah, it's an amusing park.Okay, that sounds made up.
No, it sounds like that's whereLeave It to Beater was filmed. And
it may not be called that anymore, but it's it's it's definitely there.
It's gotta be since this is thatlike old McDonald's farm off A nineteen sixty
No, no, no, bythe way, did all always take our

kids there at some point go tothe crawfish pond? Is that where they
do out there? Let me seeif it's still called not spurry Farm.
It's amusement park. Yeah, it'sin Park, California. Oay, they
hit the petting zoo and stuff outthere. No, it's got roller coaster.
See oh okay, well I knowyou know because your son is the
the roller coaster of fish. Anddo you go to Disneyland or do you
say, you know what, boys, it's going to la and get in
some trouble. I don't know whatelse is there to do out out in

Anaheim. It's no, it's justit's it's amusement parks. It's okay.
Downtown Anaheim, it's okay, yeah, downtown historic downtown. You know they
call every ser downtown sugar Land.Is that like historic downtown bash Drop Texas?
I don't think it is? Okayme, I'd be you know what,
how to be getting these pasty whitelegs and a good suntan is what

to be doing. I'd be good. No casinos down there either. Well.
Actually the problem with getting a tan, Matt, is you have to
maintain the tan. So I meanyou just leave it, just be who
you are. But I look atmyself and go, look, can I
show your mind? Way now?I don't. I mean, I'm not
trying to get blinded. We alreadyturn off the the these led lights because
they hurt my eyes. See that'sthe thing about me is you guys realize

we all have deficiencies in life.Mine apparently is vitamin D. Yeah,
you need more D. Is thatwhat you're saying? No, I don't
I want the sun. I don'tneed the D. You are malnourished when
it comes to the D. Whatif I want to I don't want the
D though, but you need it. You just said it yourself. I

don't think so. I'm happy.I'll I'll take plenty of vitamin C,
but no D, okay, well, let's keep your immina healthy. Mena.
Okay, So to my point is, I just don't want I don't
want us to have that uncomfortable conversation. We'll see plenty of time left,
a lot of baseball left. Wherewe are we in stage three, well,
with the five stages of Matt Thomas'sactual season to go. Look,

because we're still a ninety nine gamesomething like that. Still lot, it's
a lot, but it's also notthat. Maybe I don't think you make
that next transformation to the stages untilat least eighty one games are being played
at least happens, and you're overa third way of this season. When
do we say this is who theyare a below five hundred baseball team.

I don't believe that's who this iswho they are. Well, it's funny
because Dana Brown was at the ballparkon money kept saying, you know,
when we get to five hundred,that's what we're gonna start to push.
I'm thinking, man, you gottapush to get to five hundred right now?
Yeah, you got to go.You need it. Literally a seven
game win streak, yes, sevenin a row, we're five hundred.
I'm not ready for streaks. I'mready for series wins. Okay. The

bottom line is, if you're gonnaget back in this race, losing two
out of three to Minnesota at homeis not the way to do it.
Well, beat up on the Angelsthis weekend, get something back. Don't
go to that. Beat the Giants, and then you got some softies coming
up, right. I think whatthey had the twenty eighth weekst schedule in
baseball remaining. Okay, so there'sa possibility. But the Mariners are thirtieth.
Yeah, we don't count them scoring. I mean just saying their pitching

is really good. Okay. Youknow what I want to ask mctagger when
he joins us at one o'clock?What do you want to ask him?
So Orkety next year? Maybe youmaybe even know this. You know Orkity
has got one more year of arbitration. Hm, why would you want to
pay him a dime? Maybe he'snot going to pitch for you. I
don't know exactly how that goes.I think you file at a low number.

I don't know. I mean,I really don't know the answer to
that. You can't let him go? Why not? I don't think you
can. Hopefully may Taggart has theanswer. Yeah, we'll get the answer
from Brian mctagger because he knows allthose mumbo jumbo number stuff. But I
was thinking about the Is show.I was like, wait a minute,
because remember I told you, Idon't think if her Kety's ever going to
pitch for the Astros again, Soyeah, are you are you going to?

I just think the union there wouldn'tbe some kind of thing where they
say, oh, you got TommyJohn, Yeah, we're We're not going
to make you an offer. You'redone. There's no way that union would
have would be able to stand hearbitration. YE have to get some sort
of if you have some sort ofhe's got service time, I would imagine
you're getting you're getting paid off yourservice time. Now they don't have to

make him a qualifying offer the yearafter, and then that makes him a
complete frige. Now again, whenyou don't offer you a qualifying offer and
it leaves you don't get any draftcompensation back, right, which I don't
think they would. I don't know, I don't think offer it's a certain
number every year it would be itwould be over ten million dollars. It
would be way over that, SoI don't think you'd want to be like,

Okay, yeah, I will acceptyour qualifying offer. That's right.
It's funny. Justin Verlin is like, what remember two years ago? No,
please, man, I love you, Jim Crane. I love that
you love my white belt? Butno, hey, why are you so
fixating on his white belt? BecauseI don't see anybody else belting. He's
the only person I've seeing wear awhite belt the last five PGA tour on

Sundays, Ricky Fowler probably rocking awhite belt. Would you wear a white
belt we go to Vegas in August, would you wear a white belt?
Yes? At some point with myElvis impersonator outfit, you wear white pants.
Yes. Just throwing it out there, Robert and James. We'll get
to you coming up in the nextsegment. Also, you know, tonight
Gay one of the NBA Finals.Oh, full breakdown from Peach Basket himself.

Will anybody in our audience be listeningor watching that? I'll be watching
me too. Nothing else on Astrosare off tonight. I watch the Longhorn
softball team get their brains beat inagain. Ooh, Gordy mean tweets when's
that coming up. We'll do itsometime like maybe like early two o'clock hour,
anything about that, two twenty somethinglike that. Don't you have to
check with him he's coming in.I'm gonna check. Well. He probably
already left for the day probably sevenone three two one two five seven dowty

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eleven thousand dollars all summer long,each month, all from the Shell Federal
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FCU dot org. The Houston SportsBuffet is open. How not responsible radio

hosts? And I give you sizzlinghot fire takes some lunch, but the
Matt Thomas Show, I ain't nosissler. I'm gonna go to corral on
seven ninety twelve forty nine Sports Talkseven. And I'm afraid to put a

pull question about the NBA Finals thatpeople are gonna watch because I'm definitely afraid
of the results. I would thinkmost people are not watching, even though
I've got probably a little more basketballfans on my Twitter account the other people.
Because those people that followed you thinkingyou were the NBA player named Matt
Thomas and they forgot to unfollow you. Is it because you are peach basket?

I'm offended by both statements. Wellboth why even Connor look at Connor
either laughing or sneezing, depth andbreadth of your basketball knowledge earning you the
name peach basket. No one callsme that. Actually, people do actually
tweet Matt at sports mt peach basket. If you think peach basket is a
great nickname for him, which Ido. I think it's a terrible one.

I'm offended by it, which willfurther you run into your Twitter account.
It's one of your one of yourgreat nicknames that we have for you.
Here, you got you got toomany nicknames for me. I don't
think we have enough. Actually,you're you're like the Babe Ruth of nicknaming.
I know, everybody, bunch,how many nicknames? Is Wexler have?
Uh? Doctor Wexler? The HumanSports Center? The Human Sports Center

is what you call him? Yes, that's what else. I don't know
what's Adam Clinton's nickname? He doesn'thappen. Don't have nicknames because you're notable?
Does does Lima Lima have one?Do Stull have one? Nobody's nicknames?
Matt, that's what you got nicknames. That's what we call you,
full throat Thomas. Nobody calls methat either. That's upsetting to me.

I'll put that on your grapeestone.They call me mister radio aprodisiac. Yes
see see that one ft radio Afrodisiacis one of your nicknames. Robert and
Katie are on seven out of GoodAfternoon. Hey man, I agree with
you. I'm not ready to stillAnd as far as basketball, are they
still playing? I mean their seasonis way too long. It takes up

all the football and half of baseballalmost But anyway, that's not why I
call it. I'm just wondering ourdivision with the Astros. Are we all
just basically equally bad or are weall just equally good? And that's why
our records are like under five hundredor five, you know, around five

hundreds. You know, I'm justtrying to look at the glass half fools.
That's fine, Yeah, I mean, if they were in any other
division, they'd be getting their asskicked by double digit games. So let's
just get that way. Thankfully wherewe are where we are League West,
And it's not that they're beating upon each other, they're just not very
good. The meatles is the worstof the best. Does that make sense,

yes, because yeah, if yougo to our old friend run differential,
Matthew, the Mariners are a plusseven. But there was a long
part of the season where every teamin the American League West had a negative
run differential. Yeah. For example, the New York Yankees are a plus

one fifteen, they're insane plus oneoh four. The Phillies very good.
Plus seven. That's what the Marinersare. Astros are a minus three.
They've scored three four fewer runs andthey've allowed this year. They're not a
good baseball team at the moment.The Rangers are going to be better,

especially they get chers are back atany point, right, and he still
doesn't pitch it? Has he?I thought he'd been throwing bullpens or something,
but that still doesn't mean he's beenpicking. Yeah, Yeah, I'm
sorry I misunderstood. Yeah, Seattleis going to hang around because they've got
great pitching. Yes, Seattle.I mean playoff baseball is tailor made for
Seattle. If they're just if theirstarters in their bullpen just shut everybody down

and they win every game four totwo, they can do that. Yeah,
that's what they've been doing so farthis year. Yeah. I would
still lean towards the Astros if theygot on some sort of run. Being
the most complete team in the division. I still believe that Max Sure's are
a live BP on Tuesday. Thatmoney they're spending on him and he has

not. I mean, look,the Astros have one of those two.
His name is Lance pic Colors.Yeah, he's only making seventeen in zero
point seventy five or whatever. Bythe way, can I I don't mean
to give you an unpopular take onsomething. Yes, I love Ray three
re the grocer store store, Okay, I was there yesterday. I'm not

a fan of the commercial where they'respeaking in Spanish. What Yeah, that
commercial is incredible. It was finethe first time. Well, that's all
those commercials because they play the Imean, when you watch Astros games,
you're watching about the same four commercialsover and over and over. I'm gonna
say this. It's not that II will let me let me rephrase.
It's not that I don't like theRay three re commercial. I'm having fatigs

over it. Okay, you're fatigued. I get that. Yeah, they're
They're usually good for a chuckle thefirst time, but the seventy fifth time
and we're only sixty games into theseason. Let me be official. Nor
which I shop at? So nowhere you get my money. You're what
they call rotate your commercials a littlebit. Let's get a little different flavor

in something again. Let's go backto the Peno driving Bregman's car. They
have the Yeah, that's the onesthey've been rolling out this year. It
was the Bobblehead one. Okay,it was Yeah, it's just okay,
it worked last year. Six outof ten. Yeah, I give the
Yeah, the Novella one is likean eight out of ten. But if
you want to say you're getting tiredof it, I'm okay with that.

Yeah, that's what I'm saying.I'm getting tired of it. Let's go
to Vince in Midtown on the MattThomas Show. Vince Good Afternoon. Yeah,
I got a question for peach Basket. Yeah, I love it.
What is it? What are youhearing on the rockets? What they're going
to do with that that number threepick? Excuse me, I'm not hearing

anything because everybody's just speculating at thispoint. Thanks Vans for the phone call.
I would personally move the deal,move it. The problem is,
in years past, you move thethird pick, you're supposed to get a
great rate of return. This issupposed to be one of the lousiest drafts,
maybe in NBA history. You're notgoing to get great return. So

I think maybe there's some people inthe Rockets office that are probably saying,
we'll go find the third best playerin this draft, even though it's a
sucky draft. Why do I carewhat one through thirty looks like? All
I care about how is good numberthree going to be? And I mean
I think if you look at tendifferent places, you'll get just about ten
different rankings of the top three becauseeverything's kind of like, in a way,

everybody's equally not great, right,good not great? So I think
you could even I think the bestof the Rocket seems like the Rocket's best
chance might be draft night, whereif somebody falls and somebody wants to trade
up and scoop, they might lovethat. Yeah, that might be their
best offer. There might be somebodythat loves the third pick, or the
Rockets may have somebody going there issomebody on our draft board that we have

looked at and we love that.If we get it three, we're snagging
them. My only philosophy is notin love with this draft. Have been
reading a lot more about the lastcouple of weeks. Still not in love
with it. And I do wantthis team to get older, more mature,
and I don't think carrying as manyyoung players as the Rockets have done,
especially not so much the last year, but certainly the last couple of

years doesn't forward your progress in termsof getting back into what you want to
do. And that's back in theWestern Conference playoffs next year season. It
Yeah, it's gonna take internal growthor you're gonna have to move in and
try to get a star. ButI mean, they're just they're just in
a tough spot to me. Ifit was a decent draft or there was
a top three like there has beenthe last four or five years, I

could justify staying youthful. But I'mrunning into about ten different mock drafts.
I see two different things that theRockets could do. Now, there have
been a couple of deals out therethat have beentrigued me. Miles Bridges does
intrigue me. Not Miles Bridges,Michale Bridges. Miles Bridges is not Michale
Bridges does. Yeah, Jeremy Grantvery much intrigues me. I mean,

it's adding Jeremy Grant gonaugh. IMy gut feeling on this is that I
think Imea Adoka would like to getanother veteran player in. I just don't
like where the Rockets are. Theyhave to find a way to whip up
star level talent and see I thinkJeremy Grant can be that as long as
he stays healthy. But the problemis he has had injury concerns the last

couple of year. This Western Conferenceis disgusting. It is It's too bad.
It's it's so freaking deep. Iknow, but you're gonna need a
seismic till. I don't think thethird pick in the draft unless the Rockets
just uncover this gem all this suddenputs them into the forty six win club.

Prayers up for Jalen Greens All Starpotential twelve fifty eight. Let's talk
to Brian McTaggart next here on theMatt Thomas Show. Seven one three two
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all right, ten twenty minutes withour buddy, the one the only
Brian McTaggart tag. They allow youto had vacation time in the middle of
the season. I mean, youdon't work that hard. Come on,
now, what's going on with that? Yeah, I've had I've had two.
I've had a couple of one weekvacations here in the last month.
So I get more time off thanJohnny Carson. Somebody told me so.

But I'll be back tomorrow. Yeah, it's I think it's kind of rather
lazy because there are people trying toI mean, Alison Footer wants your job
immediately. I don't know what's goingon with that, but there's a lot,
a lot of relationship issues between thetwo of you at this point,
Well, I got to rest upfor October. You know. Oh,
I see how you're working. Isee how you're working out of that.
Hey, I got a logistical questionfor you about arbitration, and we were

just talking about it forty minutes ago. And I don't know if you do
the answer to this. So,look, or Katie probably isn't going to
pitch next year. I mean,there's a chance if the Tommy John comes,
let's say, at least on schedule. But let's say he doesn't pitch
next year, what do they haveto do it's just last year of arbitration.
Do they have to offer him aminimum amount of money just to be
on in the organization? They can? They can they just cut ties with
them right now if they wanted to. Yeah, they could non tender them

at the end of the season thathe would become a free agent. You
know. If they tender them,then they got to go through the arbitration
process. So I mean, andhe'll get a raise. I think I
think mcclor's before his extension went througharbitration when he was Injurdany just I mean,
you're gamming to get a raised,So he would get a raise wouldn't
be much of one, but yeah, yeah, they might decide, especially
if they need the forty man rosterspot or just you know, let's let's

just let's just non tender him andmove on. So that'll be a decision
they'll have to make at the endof the season. So as that happened
to other places, Because I wouldassume that people do get hurt and do
miss large periods of time, whetherit's a pitcher or or a position player,
I mean, that would be andI don't mean to be rude to
Jose because I'm sure he's a veryfine guy, but you're you're essentially maybe

paying for maybe a month and ahalf of baseball pitches. Maybe. Again,
I don't help me out with this. Help me why the Astros would
even tender him. Yeah, Imean, you know, it's, uh,
there's probably some loyalty towards him.I mean, they's he's a quality
arm when he's healthy. But ifhe's injured so much and you know,
misses two full seasons, you knowthey could, you know, but let's

just, you know, let's justcut ties and go elsewhere. I mean,
it's I think it's pretty rare forguys who are injured to getting non
tendered. I don't know if there'sany rules that say they can. I
don't think that's the case. Butyou know, they have a lot of
a lot of piston Jose or Keatynow a couple of surgeries, and and
you're right, he is one ofthe He is one of the best guys

in that club, a great guy, and it's just a shame he's having
to go through this. All right, Uh. Jeff Passing in an article
today about what he thinks the Astroswill do in terms of buying and selling.
Look, we're still about eight weeksaway from ultimately being that around the
trade deadline. As they sit rightnow, there's seven back, finishing off
a homestand when they went five hundredthe schedule. We'll start to soften up

a little bit here, But sotoo will the Seattle Mariner's scaled softing up
as well. What is your stateof the team after watching them go losing
two or of three to the Twinsand then winning those two or three against
the Cardinals this week? What what'son your mind right this moment as we
speak. Yeah, I mean they'rejust sort of spinning their wheels. It
just seems like there's they just can'tget all their everything, you know,

uh, all their ducks in arow at the same time. There you
know, they get Diaz going andthen you know Bregman's hot, and then
he gets out and we all knowthey're starting pitching right now. The depth
is there is no depth. Imean, these are the five guys.
I mean they uh, they pulla couple of guys off the scrap.
He can put them at triple A. But I think I do not see
a scenario where unless they completely recrane whatever Sell I mean, he's gonna

go for it. I certainly thinkthey could go after a starting cher,
you know, maybe a first basementof the trade deadline. You know,
the question becomes who do they tradeprospect wise, because they don't already have
a great farm system, but theyhave tradable chips. They could get deals
done, but again, you're digginga deeper hole with your farm system if
you deal away another three or fourprospects just when the farm system's really taken

a hit here over the last fouror five years. So they're in a
very interesting spot because I just don'tthink they're in position to be sellers,
but I think it'll be buyers.And you know how aggressively will they buy?
And what did they have to offer? Yeah, and speaking of the
rotation and the lack of depth,what do you think it just your gut
feeling as far as timelines and justa level of impact to be had by

both Luis Garcia and Lance mccullor JUNR. Yeah, I mean it looks like
Garcia will come back if he keepsprogressing after the All Star break, and
mccullor's told me a couple of timesthat he's five weeks behind Garcia his recovery.
He's five weeks behind him whenever hecomes back. Whatever he's doing in

his rehab, that's what mccolors willbe doing in five weeks, So that
would mean mid late August for mccolors. I think it will make an impact
just because it's another their healthy arm, if they can stay healthy somebody.
Garcia is a guy who can reallyeat innings quality pitcher as well, so
just having an extra arm, notsure what you're gonna get with mccullors,
but you know, when he's healthy, he is, you know, one

of the best, you know pitchersthat that they'll have. So they do
have a lot of injuries, alot of concerns, but a couple of
arms are on their way. Andyou know, if your astros, you
cross your fingers and not only theycan stay healthy, but they can come
back and contribute. And it feelsto me like there there's kind of a
lack of depth as the position playersas well, not just the pitching.
I mean it feels like to me, Brian, they're they're they're on the

rage razor's edge. The margin forerror is so low. I mean you
have I mean, the last coupleof days, I love Jake Myers,
but he's not a cleanup hitter.Yeah, you're right. Uh, the
triple A talent is not the greatest. I mean, they do have some
guys coming behind that a double A, but you know, the guy's probably
not gonna make an impact that thebig leagues this year. So their roster

is a little thin. I meanthey I think an offseason they could,
you know, maybe stand to signa couple of guys that, you know,
just for depth purposes. That couldbe guys who could you know,
step in and play in the bigleagues for the entire year. You don't
have to go out and sign PeteLonzo or anything like that, but just
just replen us to depth a littlebit, because upper levels of the minor

leagues, like you said, arethin right now. So if somebody's injured
a position premier, which you know, fortunately for them, they haven't really
had any significant position player injuries likethey did last year with alto Bay and
Albarez. But one of those guysgoes down then sort of like they're pitching,
they're they're in big trouble. BrianMcTaggart MLB dot Com with us here
on Sports Talk seven and all right, tag. So I was at the

ballpark a couple of times this week, kind of general stuff about a bra
who's return to first base. Neitherhim or Singleton have done much offensively really
the better for a better part oftwo or three weeks, especially since a
Brew has returned. Uh any whispersin the organization about hey, we like
what we see or it's more thesame, or we're still holding out hope

that there's going to be some hotstreak in his bat over the next couple
weeks, because I feel like thelonger they continue to go on with this,
it's going to become a more ofa sore subject. He's getting boot
and pinch hitting opportunities. His defensebeen okay, but the bat just doesn't
look significantly different than it did beforehe left. No, and he was.
The thing is he was so badbefore he left that even if he

comes back and is a tick better, it's still not good enough for what
you expect out of first base.I think that's a position that, yes,
they need to address sooner than laterbefore they fall too far behind.
I think it's the trade that muchcloser gets closer. I think that's a
position they absolutely have to address.And again, you don't have to go
and get Pete a Lonzo, butgets somebody who can play first base for

you and give you competitive at batsand play above average defense. Because neither
Singleton or braw You defensively have beenvery good if you look at the numbers.
So if their pitching can hold,they can address first base. You
know, I think they got ashot to make a run for this.
Black Ross said, it's a razorthin margin at this point, and the
longer you don't address first base,you're just making it that much harder.

And do you feel like it's hamperedthe team in terms of roster construction because
of the fact you've gotten only twoguys playing the same position, but two
guys that are just not giving youmuch offensively the same spot. Yeah,
it's not ideal, and it's notlike they can you know, neither one
can do anything else, and they'renot big helps off the bench. You

know, Singleton can give you init bat here, they're a left handed
bat. We all know you canthrow a box. Neither one is a
long term answer at this point.I mean a bray New is just not
working out this year. I meanthey know that, and at some point
someone's just gonna have to say getin a room and say, look,
we need to do something, anddo it now. But you know,
if they get ten eleven games back, it might be too late because not

only are you chasing a Mariners teamwith the terrific pitching staff. Now you
get back in the Wildcard, there'slike six or seven teams ahead of them
at this point, it's hard toclimb over all those teams. So it's
probably go time at first base,I think, to figure out what you're
going to do to improve. Excuseme, I got all choked up talking
to you last question, jan AreDiaz home runs in three straight games.

It comes off of him taking acouple of days off. Do you think
Joe and maybe even yan Arab said, look, maybe we need to alter
his schedule a little bit. Maybethat time off did him some good,
because obviously the bat the last handfulof days has been much more impressive than
it was a week ago. Yeah. I mean, I think there's definitely
something there that he you know,he gets some time off, he comes
back and freshed and hits. Imean, they have a very capable backup

in Kartini. I think maybe ifyou start him two out of every five
games and Yaner three out of everyfive games, maybe mixing a d Heer
and there for Yannor that it'll workout. Because you know, he's swinging
the bat like he did last year. I mean, I thought yan Or
Diaz with you know, thirty fivehome runs this year and just until recently,
I was, you know, wonderingif you know he was going to

hit ten. So he's showing thepop, the opposite field pop that we
saw last year, when the balljust sounds different coming off it's bat and
the adapt to altar is playing timeplaying just a tad bit less than so
be it because they went out andmade TARTINII their big off season signing,
and he's, uh, you know, he's a quality guy. I mean
he could start for some teams,and so, you know, maybe you

need to lean out hand a littlebit more. Brian, my man have
saved travels South southern California. Imean, this has gotta be a tough
trip. La and San Francisco onthe same trip. I mean, that's
uh, that's a tough travel foryou, my friend La San Francisco.
Yeah, it's uh. I'm nota fan of the Pacific time zone.
I don't know how you feel aboutit, Matt, but it's just,
uh, I don't like being twohours behind everybody. I wake up and

I feel like everyone else is alreadyeating once. I absolutely love it.
Do the show, take a nap, call an NBA game, beautiful part
of the country, Zero issues withit. Talk to you next week,
Frank. We appreciate it, allright. Let's see, that's Brian me
Tagger West Coast hater, California haterwant not only hurt only Earth click ever
been in part of it was inSan Francisco, I think Mountain time is
perfect next to central. Uh.Worst is eastern by far. Oh yeah

bye. The finals are starting atnine thirty or whatever, nine nine forty
nine start time. Oh god forbid. Washington State Oregon are playing. Oh
my gods, they call it whatthey used to call it pack twelve at
night? You mean pack twelve overnight? Yes, now it's just nothing overnight.
Who's gonna take over those light nightslots? Big ten West Coast games?

They're still gonna play on the WestCoast, aren't they? I mean
Washington and Oregon. Pack ten footballis great. Big ten football is next
beautiful in Vegas. And then whenyou find out Hawaii's got a home game,
Oh that is true. You're thecasinos, the four in the morning
cashure tickets seven one three two onetwo five seven Dowty seven one three two
one two five seven ninety. Wegot shut your bum ass up at the
bottom of the hour, just fifteenminutes away. Get ready for that here

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That's Underdog Fantasy promo code Sports Empt. Matt Thomas continues on Sports Talk seven
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seven one three two one two fiveseven ninety seven one three two one two
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sports empt and at sports RV.Yes, if you want to send a
some well wishes a happy birthday evenbelated to at sports MT. His favorite
nickname is Peach Baskets, So goahead and send those two. Oh,
don't do that. Why would youdo that? Why not? People think

that you're telling the truth. Nobodythinks I'm ever telling the truth? Is
good? That'll julye. Yeah,you know I thought about this. You
actually lie more than I do.That's not true. I believe it is.
I'm a truth teller, matth you. If anything, I'm too honest,
I think. Oh yeah, Ihave people that have gotten your cross
hairs because of your truth telling.One of them is Missus Clayton, Missus

Thomas too. You know what you'vedone, You've basically angered all the females
that are associated with this show inthis radio station. I'm sorry. I
just tell it like it is Matt. Yeah, sometimes you lie, other
just sometimes I hold back. Ohlying is the best though, It's just
so much easier. Okay, yeah, all right, so let's do this
real quick before we get to believeit or not. Okay to shut your

bow masks up. NBA Finals justtonight. Yes, there have been two
thoughts about the long delay in between. One as you can't predict these long
delays. They both series went ashort period of time four and five games.
Yeah. Secondly, the network's controlthe television industry and the networks say
you're going to have these games onthese dates and we're not moving them up

for you. Third is they sayhaving a week off in between games doesn't
necessarily build up attention to it,but it gives those guys chance to heal,
rest their bodies, not you know, be bouncing back and forth between
city and city. That we shouldget as fresh of a Dallas team versus
a fresh as fresh of a DallasBoston team playing the finals. Yeah,
and that's a good storyline because LukaDonci has been battling a sore knee all

playoffs. Yeah, that's because he'sdowey. That's why his knees sore.
Yeah, and so it's holding toomuch weight he was carrying. If he's
carry can have knee sores. Uh. Anybody can have knee dropped fifteen probably.
I mean, he could be hittingthe gym three to sixty five.
I don't know if he's gonna hecould still have knee soorts. It just
makes me feel good that the nonprototypical athlete can be successful. Like when

I was growing up, some ofyour guys in baseball were the best,
and they were I mean, look, Frando of Alezuela was one of my
favorite pitchers growing up for the Dodgers. Is fat? Okay, you're going
David Wells on us? David Wellsgreat picture. Fat Babe Ruth is famous
for that, but uh, thestories of young Babruth Apparently he was in
pretty good shape. He ate fortyone hot dogs. Yeah, is that

right? Smoke its smoke a cigars, Yeah, well, smoking Menthols and
knocking back cigarettes on on the traintrip between Boston and Philadelphia. Huh.
Propositioning hookers on the base paths soyou don't have to be completely lean,
No, certainly not in baseball.But Luca, my question again to you
is how does someone that runs upand down as much as he does in
such a short period of time stilllooks like you can go for a cigarette,

breau. There's nothing like basketball shapeeither. I mean you're sprinting up
and down that credit for forty plusminutes. Nikola Jokic in the second quarter
looks ghassed. Yeah, but thenhe goes out there, drops like fifteen
with five assists in the fourth quarter. I don't know how he does it
and gets to the basket, turnsin space. Here's no foot speed whatsoever.
His nose is Rudolph, like,his whole face is red. And

then he's just like dominating and hehates playing, yeah, and he's generally
speaking to I want to be outthere. He's out of shape, and
then he's schooling everyone. It's incredible. It's like if he actually liked basketball
and was in better shape, youknow, fifty point triple double, everything,
he'd be like, he'd be tentimes a player that created dul Jabbar
was the World Chamberlain or Kimiz.He's thinking about like the diet plan for

his horses. Out there at thefree throw line, He's like, can
I get this game out with it? Is there a chance for me to
get to Croatian back in time.Is it Serbia or is this Serbia Serbia?
Okay? And I believe doncis Slovenia. Okay. Yeah, so in
Demonisci mody unis is Lithuanian. He'stalking about dominant players Alpera and Shangun.

Yes, by the way, cultHero and Turkey. Yes he is.
That's good. It's nice that Rocketplayer has like, yeah, it was
obviously huge in China for absolutely wellLeslie Alexander before him. Very happy about
that, very very pleased. Notso happy when Daryl Morey said what he
said, But that's another here northere. Don't go support in Hong Kong
over there, Darryl. Come onnow, all right, so I have

the the Celtics winning in six games. I think that's a I would say,
but I wouldn't be surprised with Celticswinning. They do twe now right
they Okay, that's a long flightDallas to Boston. Do you prefer the
two three to two or the twotwo? What save a trip? But
I undersmo game five, Yeah,I like it saving two three to two.

And this is something that was broughtup yesterday on television I won't say
who it was because I don wantto admit that I was watching the show.
But the Major League Baseball on agreen and Major League Baseball runs off
a different calendar than an NBA playoffsplayoff schedule dose. But you get to
wait for those World Series games too, But essentially you're done in four weeks
by the time the wild card tothe Game seven of the World Series is

done in about four weeks. Yeah, because baseball is an everyday game.
As the Rockets last played a basketballgame, I want to say, what
April the twelfth, if this gamething goes seven, We're talking about April
fifteenth to June twentieth, two monthsin change of playoff basketball. So you're
saying, you're saying it's extremely insanethat Lebron James made nine straight NBA finals.

I'm saying that there's a lot oftime off in between. Yeah,
it is, and it's just hardfor a sport like your Your sports soccer
has like this eleven month season.Yeah, they just finished the Champions League
final like a week ago. Theystart in August. There's basically no offseason,
and they have the Euros in thesummer, and I think part of
it to move over to baseball fora second. Part of the reason why

I think people have been a littleconcerned about the Astros is that they have
played seven consecutive extra sets, multiplesets of games in a short period of
time. They play these three thesewald cards, they go right, the
divisionrund, they take a day off, they play the Championship here, they
take a day off, they putthe World Series. I mean, that's
a lot of games. That's alot of innings thrown, that's a lot
of bat bats, and maybe fathertime catches up with them at some lack

of depth, injuries racking up TommyJohn's left right, last thing about that
before we get to oh yeah,you know, we'll save it for next
time. All right, let's whenwe come back. Let's tell us people
to shut their masses up. Ifthere's somebody out there that you're just really
really mad at, let's go.I'll tell them to shut their by masses
up. And ain't nobody got timefor that either. Seven one three two
one two five seven ninety seven onethree two one two five seven nine zero

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dot com. Here let again,hear let me again, hear let again,
dam here again, dam here,Let me again, damfident here Let
again, here Let me again,Time here let again. Dampday one five
Sports Talk seven ninety. This isthe half hour you unleash your animosity,

your anger, your despair, yourdisgusted. Let's go seven one three two
one two five seminnati seven one threetwo one two five SEMININTI. It's ain't
nobody got time for that meeting tosomebody at their office? How about this
person Ross? How about that guythat just texts you over and over and
over again. You're busy doing somethingyou just don't have time to text back.
But you don't want to be rude? Can you just say nobody got

time for your text? I guessif people want to interact with you and
be your friend, Matt, Idon't see a problem with that. Yeah,
but what he's a text like?Fourteen times an hour? Fourteen times
an hour odd timesessive? Yeah,okay, just saying, how do you
impolitely tell somebody anybody got time forthat? I don't know. You just
say, ain't nobody got time forthat? I believe it's what you're gonna

say, Matt, Right, nobodygot time for all? Right? Mine
is gonna go with something I don'tnormally go with. And as other teams
and their fan bases, let's bebrutally honest. I don't like the stereotype,
but the Chicago White Sox fan aregutter, trash out, go ahead.
White Sox fans are trying to geta member of their team into the

All Star Game. Yes, they'retrying to get Martin Maldonado into the All
Star Game. Is he having agreat season? How is he doing?
He's having a terrible season. Oh, last time I checked, his batting
average is seventy six. His OPSis two forty four. Chicago White Sox

fan, two forty four ops.That'd be like Astro fans trying to get
jose O Bray. You into theAll Star Game. Don't be d bags,
Okay, Chicago White Sox. Youyou have I think the worst television
announcer in baseball right now, who'sgetting in fights with everybody in town.
Your team sucks, You have nofans, you are your stadium and your

entire fan base is in the scariestpart of Chicago, and you're trying to
make fun of one of your players. If he sucks, he sucks,
which we obviously know that's the case, but to try to try to put
him on the All Star Game isembarrassing him and you. So I would
say, Chicago White Sox fan,there can't be more than about one or
two of them. Shut your bumass up, mahe shits your bum ass

up. Man, there I saidit. Okay, you know what I'm
coming after. Oh you softball fan, go loves his Chris Gordy alone.
You're lucky he even performs for you, masterds. Look the tweet said,
hot take. Most national championships foractual, relevant, good sports rotate year

to year. I know it's differentfor softball. And if he's saying hot
take, that means it's not reallyto be taking that seriously. Take it
lightly. You don't have to getall butt hurt because your program is gonna
win their fourth national championship. AndChris Cordy is like, hey, that'd
be cool if they would rotate thisthing around. Maybe they're getting too much
of a home field advantage. Ohyou softball fan, and I know there's

billions of you out there for whateverreason. Shut jobumass up, shit jobum
ass up. Man. Let meask you this. Could he have just
avoided all this by not tweeting thatat all? I mean, I guess,
but they see That's the thing.I actually don't say seventy five percent
or more of what I want tosay on Twitter because I just don't even

want these problems because there's these ifthere's a ocean of idiots on this Twitter
sphere now, and it's always beenan ocean of idiots, but it's worse
now. Then there's bots everywhere,and you can't even speak your mind and
say that is just that, thatis zero percent controversial, saying, hey,
hot take, what if they movethis thing around because they're getting a
little bit of a home field advantage? Now are they going to know?

Is that a reason to move thisentire thing somewhere else if they think it
won't be more profitable. Probably not, But he put it under the hot
take manner. Relax people, it'sNCAA softball. But here's the point.
If you're going to move it outof Oklahoma City, where's the second best
softball stateium in America? I youknow what, I have my team working

on a report on that. We'llbe back to you in six weeks.
That's gonna take that long to figurethat out, all right. We got
to look at economic factors, fanbases, travel plans, international airports.
We got a lot of stuff toiron out. Matt, all right,
I think I'm good, Connor,you got this week bad about it though,
now come on it. That's sensitiveOUTU fan. We'll hear from him

at two twenty connor. What doyou got? So before coming into work,
I'm going in six ten south andI got to take the exit and
then there's a U turn. Igotta do a quick you turn I got
to do to get into the parkinggarage here. Yes, me too.
Yeah. So there's a yield signbecause when that light goes, that's going
the opposite way. Right before weturn into our parting garage, there's people

coming. I got across like threelanes try and get in the partan garage.
And so I'm waiting because I knowI got to get across four lanes,
and somebody hawks at me and Ibecause the lane is protecting and I
guess they're just trying to get backon six to ten. But somebody hawks
me even though I've got my turnsignal on signaling that I'm gonna get over
all these lanes try and get intothe park and garage. So day before
somebody hawks me. Today, Itry and gun it to get ahead of

the people. As the light goesand nobody lets me in it, I
gotta do like a loop around,so an'ybody got time for that person honking
at me, getting in my head, making me feel bad for waiting at
the yield sign. I get overthese four lanes. Hey, nobody got
to stop honking at Connor. Yeah, just let me that's driving stressful?

Are so bad. Let me tellyou something, any nothing compared to Salt
Lake City drivers. Really, Ohmy god, the worst driving ever had
in my entire life was in SaltLake City, Utah. Well they all
could they hear the horn from therapture you start driving? That's not a
bad line from you. Now again, you're gonna have all Mormons on you
pretty soon. But that's not herenorth there, Okay, all right?
Seven one three two one two fiveseven nine, And let's start with Patrick

south Side. Patrick, what's thematter with you? Patrick? Hey?
All right, you're just talking aboutthe Twitter idiots for them, the virgins
of astro Twitter. Don't need toshut your mom ass up about Trevor Bauer
coming to pitch for the ash Or. I'd rather watch didn't have to sit

there and watch Trevor Bower putting ona freaking asher All go and go,
all right, thanks very much.Oh the Trevor Bauer thing took a Trevor
Bauer call yesterday on the Nightcap.By the way, I got something for
you. Look the home run thatthe Cardinal, what was it? Uh?
I forgot his name already for theCardinals. I got forge about the
Cardinal like Burlson, the one thathit the right field where mauriceaum was out

there. Yeah. Now, grantedyou have a baseball coming at you,
you don't have much time to thinkabout it. But if you see Mauricio
Dubon head to the wall and giveyour boy a chance to make the grab,
nobody got time for you grabbing andgoing for a home run ball in
right field. Nolan Gorman. NolanGorman, who had a bunch of home

runs in a series. It lookedlike Dubon would have would have caught it
if the fan didn't put his handsup. But also, and that was
like he was a couple. Ithink he was like in the second row.
It feels like you kind of getlocked into the baseball. I'm with
you. You may I guess youjust turn your back and hope it doesn't
hit you in the head. Iwould say, if you're in the first
two rows or three rows of theof the outfield wall. Turn around.

We won't make fun of you,will actually consider you to be a responsible
baseball fan. If you step awayfrom even attempting to grab the baseball.
Maybe you need to wear a helmetout there in right field. Those Kentuck
Crowns aren't doing the job all right. So I would say to first row
baseball fan, second row baseball fan, anybody got time for you going to

try to grab a home run ball? Hey, nobody got to That's all
I'm saying. Let's go to Rogernorthwest side Roger, what's the matter with
you? Hey, Matt Translisent MatsOkay, So I've got callow you.
Sports fans have got to call themfans because whenever they call and look out

on my Facebook and I see allthese posts about go mass anybody from Tetions.
I'm ready for that. No you'renot. You're not from Houston.
You're a If you're ready for themass, you will also to smash you
like everyone. What's that to happen? So all these friendly ass sports fans

hot, shut your bumb asses up. Shit, So bum ass up?
Man. Yeah, By the way, there is no allowance for rooting for
the Dallas Mavericks. Zero not azilch Dallas Stars. They were still in
I get it. We don't havea hockey team. You cannot root for
the Dallas Mavericks. And if Isee you and hear you root saying go

Maps, I want to take youto shut your bum mass up. Man.
I don't mean to pull a Gordy, but hot take. You can
roothoof for whoever you want. Oh, don't even shut your bumb ass up.
Sits up. I wanted you tosay, and I can think less
of you. Go and say youknow you don't like brisket. It makes
me think less of you. Butyou can do it. Go and say
go. Say you what. No, I'm not rooting for the Maps.
Go mAbs. By way, I'mgonna have some brisket. Launch it.

We're going to eat barbecue for therow up. No, I would not
say go Maps. All right,we'll go with Mark Cuban happy. No.
No, nobody's allowed to say goMAVs. No, no, no,
all right. Here's the situation.We're currently in Ladies and gentlemen.
We have two people online. Forthe next segment of the show. We
have James and garden Oaks and Bradand Houston. No. Ross explained what

people can do right now if theyso chea geeze, for the love of
God, we will put you aheadof both of them. Seven one three
two one two five seven ninety.I'm gonna do it again slowly seven one
three two one two five seven ninety. Please, I'm begging you, and
remember what Ross said. Just goes. If you call the next segment,
you get in front of those twoguys. If not, it's James and

Brad fire beware. Seven one threetwo one two five seven ninety. Are
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yell until takets can come to yourneighborhood. T A c ch us dot
com, tachas dot com, slashradio for the best internet that's taxas.
Matt Thomas putting the h in angry, want to just scream for a second?
H Town Sports for lunch on sevenninety All right, Dan Matthews in

here quickly. I don't know howgood of this is going to be of
a shut your bumb ass up,but since you are a friend of the
show, bring friends into the showoccasion. What's make you, buddy?
Shut your bumb ass up? Aggiefans, don't don't. Don't be trying
to rise up LSU fans in saying, oh, poor kiddies, you didn't
make the super Regionals. Last sidechecked. There is nobody that has epitomized

underperformance like Aggie has for many years. You have paid a coach nine and
a half million dollars to go away. Since getting to the league, you've
never even made it to Atlanta oreven in consideration to make it there for
the SEC championship game. And oh, by the way, don't go after
programs that have seven national titles ina sport when you have none. Shut

your bum ass up, man,Aggie fans getting over zealous. This is
shocking in the history of Shut yourbumb ass up. Anybody got time thinking
about two years we've had a shutyour bumb ass up about college baseball and
softball? Yeah, what's up onthe same day? Man, We're in
the lean times of sports. Hey, it's an evolution of the show.
Matt Bray, I got a Frenchopen shut your bumb ass up? What

you got? I'm just kidding.I mean, I'm watching it. I
don't know who's winning, don't reallycare at this point, it doesn't matter.
Let's talk to is it? AndO A N D oh and oh
and and what's the matter with you? So? I got a quick one
for you all for all the patchfunds bringing the share price down for game
stop and all the shenanigans the stillallows. Ain't nobody got time for that?

Hm? Go ahead, I gotone more for you. Ross.
I love you, man, butyou cannot comment on the host food.
Shut your bumps up. That's whatI'm talking about. You can't just don't
comment on people's food. Why nottell Amando? You gotta be nice,
man, that's what nice to Matt. Yeah, thank you? And and

you're you know, you know whatif I had if I had another brother
in law to be you, Imean, I'm just commenting. No,
you're you're ridiculing you're, you're,you're you're. I would never ridicule Matt.
You're Nope, close my end.And I just I'm caring and understanding.

And you have bad food takes.You know what Anel just told you
to do. Shut your bumb assup. Then I did. Shit your
bum ass up? Man? Ray? In spring Ray, what's the matter
with you? Hey man? Itotally agree about the Dallas fan. I
was in the University of North Texasand Rockets were playing the Spurs and it

was barely you know, season forfootball, not even thinking about football,
and they weren't running the scores onthat they were talking about their quarterbacks hangnail,
And I was like, shut yourbumb app up. I want to
know about a playoff game between twoother teams in the state I was back
before you couldn't open your phone andget the scores. You had to actually
watch the actual NewsCap so anyway,I haven't called in like five years or

so. Hey, just one thoughtabout Presley and to get not being able
to be the closer versus effective.I think Preshley's effective when he got the
league because he doesn't have to comein and challenge anybody. He can throw
all that crap on the ground.He hasn't got anybody on base. If
he's got a you know, threerun lead, when they come in he's

tied, he ends up walking somebodybecause they're more patient. I think that
is an issue where him being I'mnot saying I want him to be the
closer, but I'm thinking when hehas the lead, he's a better pitcher
than when he does it. What'syour thinking? Thank you very much for
the phone call. Ray. Ithink that we are to stop thinking about

this being a mind game. RyanPresley is a late leverage pitcher. Eighth
inning outs tune tend to be justas important Rossi's ninth inning outs. Many
times, he was an eighth inningguy when he first came. Just just
get the outs. Yes, Idon't think about it. I don't care
about the scenario. You put theJohnny Cash stuff on there. Yeah,
he's fine. I don't think it'slike a two to two county's sitting there

saying, Man, it's only theeighth inning. I'm not going to execute
this pitch. That's right, Justget outs get the vlosity. VOSSI is
still ninety five. It is notlike it. It's down that much.
They still like the shape of hispitches. He's had some bad luck.
He's gonna be all right, areyou Presley? Are you shape pitch guy?
That's what Joe Spott said. That'sa big that's a big word,
shaping pitches. Sheep. I makesure you're careful on that one. All

right, let's go to a jayin Spring Jay, what's the matter with
you? What was our fella?So I tried to do the responsible thing
and pay a little money and getmy brakes done properly. And I go
to my dop fiend mechanic guy.Yeah, and just yesterday I hear screeching
in my truck. Sounded like mycars being stabbed from to find out that

that the brakes wasn't put on properly. Now, if I was with my
dough fend guy. At least Icould choke him. A pistol will give
me when it's a problem. Soto anybody thinking I'm a sensitive for saying
such a thing, shut your fullman. So I'm team j on that
one. He was attempting to runto protect the innocent, was he not?

I guess so yeah, all right, Uh here we go our buddy
James and garden Oaks. James,you're on keeping breath? James, how
are you, friend? I'm doingfine and thank you for taking my call.
This this one goes directly out tothat comrade known as a C that
got cut in one of the guysthat catch you straight. He needs to

stop talking about the Yankees, becausethese Yankees are not like the last couple
of years. They want like theninety eight Yankees. Okay, they look
like they got everything in gear andthey're coming for whoever's there. And I
believe everybody wants to see East CoastWest Coast Dodgers against New York and it
looks like it's gonna come. It'sgonna come up by it. And also

it might hurt him a little bitmore because they might sweep the Oscars and
get all the awards from from thebest pitcher of the year, most vibel
player, and even the manager ofthe year, mister Boone, who catches
a lot of you know, uhstuff because they say he's not a good
manager. And I'll share you uhtaking a coin and thanks. Shout out

to my boy Brad out there.All right, man, take care of
fellas. Ship to bam mass upman. Clinton catching strays again? Why
is Clinton catching straight? I don'tknow that's true. Host being called out
in this segment me and Clinton.Yeah, come on stand Northfleet haters get

in here. You hate Alima takelet's go Brad hate man Thomas takes out
those daily. I'm used to thosekind of stuff, Brad. What's the
matter with you? Ye, Brad. Shout out to my boy James.
It's more intelligent than three fourths thanknuckleheads that call your show to go along
you first all they're all in denial. Shut your bomb asses up the astros.

You're not going to the World Series. You're not getting anybody at the
trade that the line is gonna takeyou to the World Series. Just live
with what you got. Trade offthe guys like Bregman Presley, I Bray,
you get rid of them anyway youcan and move forward. And then

next year in the off season,mister Crane, both spend more money and
see if you can win that way. Quit crying. You're not winning.
It's over. Shut yourbumass up,man, all right, Houston. That's
how we ended the show with Jamesand Garden Oaks, Brad and Miami.
But they're shut their bum asses up. Hm. Cool? All right.

My shut your bum ass up fromJonathan was about Clinton's wife, uh mozzarella
sticks. Comments from Ross I hadbad connections, so I couldn't tell you
hilarious love y'all by all means tomean Matt for not being liking to Molly's.
I got something for you all.Guess what if you don't like the

fact that I don't like Timali's andI don't like enchiladas and brisket is purely
average. God, I tell youone small little thing from my heart to
yours. Shut your bum ass up, may shit, So bum ass up,
man. I wonder if you're Iwonder how people feel about oatmeal cream

pies, which I know you don'tlike. I don't like those either.
Okay, guess what kind of cakeI had for my birthday yesterday. I
need a ruling. A tomaly cake, Nope, German chocolate. I'm not
a big fan of coconut. Iunderstand that people love it. Coconut is
I will eat it. Now youput a piece of German chunk. That's
good, it's going down. That'sgood going down. But it's it's not

my favorite. But I know peoplethat love it. And I love coconut,
okay. I love almond joy,I love mounds, and I love
German chocolate cake. And you knowwhat, I'll eat an enchilata if I
have to. I'll eat it Tomaliif I have to. But I am
choosing it, and Ross and Iare going to give brisket in an hour.
So there you go. Shut yourbo messes up. Let's start the
two o'clock hour with the astro JeffPassen comment, let it simmer a little

bit, okay, And then attwo twenty Chris Gordy hate tweets. He
went after OU softball, and OUSoftball went after Gordy seven one three,
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back to the astros for quick Wehave a We have a new producer at
training. His name is Trey.He's been training for like six months.
I don't know if we're gonna workus first real shift here at the station.
We don't know. We gotta learna lot of nuance this show,
because eventually Connor, who's learning thisshow beautifully, is gonna be like I
need to get paid more, andwe're gonna say no, you're not getting
a dollar more from this. Hejust can't throw people in hot grease because

Matt Thomas will fly out the handleon you. That'srated. Start be rating
people. Yeah, I will sendsome text. Don't worry about that.
Uh So he's like Trace, likeI can respect the Angelota talk, I
can get the tamali, but he'sreally upset with the brisk conversation. I'm
not anti briskets. Matter of fact, we had barbecue from Rudy's, our

sponsor the show. They brought usbarbecue. We could go Tuesday. I
had brisket as part of it.I'm not gonna not eat brisket. It's
just I'd rather have a rib orsausage over the brisket. And it's and
I've heard about the lean brisket,the fatty brisket. This brisket's here,
this brisket's there. It's fine,it's just not preferred. It's like I
would eat a blowney sandwich. Idon't prefer ballooney. Okay, give me

carved turk, brisket and bolognay,give me roast beef. Give me a
PISTRAMI if you will. Okay,but it's just brisket. It's just not
that, it's just it's fine.It's the burger King of briskets. No,
yeah, you cannot say that inTexas. I just did you just
simply can I've lived here forty roughlyforty years of my life. I can

say it. Then take number two. You went to a pole question on
oatmeal cream pie. I was justcurious. I want to get the pulse
of the people. I just putoatmeal cream pies on my Twitter account at
sports RV and I just put yesor no. You got fifteen percent.
No right now now, I wouldeat an oatmeal cream pie. It's not

what I would prefer. The onlycream that I like is the Oreo cream.
Okay, I know what you wantedto do. I didn't want to
do anything. Yeah you did.You're thinking it, so was Connor.
He's all there, smuggler. Yeah, you know where you wanted to go
with that. You can't use itbefore, Like the oatmeal cream pie.

I like goat milk cookies. Okay, what about oatmeal raisin omeal raisin cookies?
Yes, those are overrated. I'mnot a big raisin fan, but
I'll eat it with my raisin bran. Oatmeal. In general, I like
oatmeal, yeah, brown sugar,butter Nope. I you know what.
I go oatmeal, a little milkand uh splendor even healthy. I don't
put on percent meal skim. Yeah. I put some walnuts in there and

make it a little crutch here.Okay, But I don't think anybody goes
God again. I shouldn't say this, but I'm going to say anyway.
I don't think people are runn aroundtown going gotta go for a snack.
I'm dying for an oameal cream pieright now. I I have been that
person. My name is ro forinstance. I love them. I would

die for an oriol right now.All those middle mebbi stat snacks, I
love bay. Wait, you findme dessert tight as part of our meal.
I don't know if we're gonna haveroom, but I will. I
go peach, cobber whatever you want. I lost the bet. I lost
the Jose Bray you bet. Yeah, you were wrong. I mean,
I'm sorry, you were right.I was wrong. You're smart, I'm
stupid, and you win and Idon't have to pay up. By the
way, watching this rolling Garra.Stuff's good. Uh are you a big

tennis fan? Not really? No? No, yeah, it's on the
on the tennis channel. I puta lot of sports on. There's nothing
else. We're gonna put McAfee onif you want, gonna do that,
okay, all right? So therethere's our food takes today. We got
to mean tweets with Gordy coming upin fifteen minutes. Can't wait. That
should be some good stuff there.Seven one three two one two five So

hello seven one three two one twofive seven ninety. Jeff Passing today put
little quotes out about the astros ofwhether they would be buyers or sellers at
the deadline. What are you thinking? You're gonna read it to us again?
Okay? You want me to doit? Do I have to do
it in Jeff Passing voice again?Yeah? Sure? Why not? Oh?
Can we get some reading music.He's busy trying. That's fine.
And see he's very busy. Don'tworry about it. Think I think they're

having their own podcast back there.No, it's fine. I mean,
this is this very involved, Matt, this is live radio. You don't
want to mess anything up. Okay, got to keep it going, all
right, but I will start okayhere it comes. Most front offices don't
think the Astros will wind up subtracting. It's not owner Jim Crane's style,
and Houston still possesses a solid enoughcore that contending in twenty twenty five is

entirely realistic. That said, theAstros have four potential routes they could add,
which remains an option because despite thehole they've dug themselves at twenty six
and thirty four, they're just sevengames back of first place Seattle. They
could stand pat and hopeful the returnsof Louis Skarski her MIC's on. Sorry
you're coughing into it, I won'tright in the hope, the returns of

Luis Garcia and Lansom Keller's junior tohelp a depleted rotation. Jose Orkatie is
likely headed for Tommy John surgery,and Christian Xavier's status remains up in the
air. This is dated because he'shaving Tommy John. They I don't know
if that may not be completely true, isn't it? Javier, I thought
he's already gone under the knife.One on went under yesterday and one's going

to day. I thought, okay, before it doesn't matter. They're gone.
They're done. They're done. Theycould soft unload, moving only their
pinning free agents, both big names, third basement Alex Bregman and reliever Ryan
Presley, or they could go fullreimagining, yes, reimagining, shipping out
outfielder Kyle Tucker and left hander fromBervaldez and addition to Bregman and Presley.

Generally, when trading players of Tuckerand Valdez's ELK, teams wait until the
winner to ensure the largest market possible. But if the inventory of available players
is grim this summer, and ifthe Astros don't believe they are a playoff
team, it's incumbent on GM DanaBrown to at the very least listen to
offers and see if a contender willoverpay to reap two postseason runs from Tucker

or Valdez. Now, Dana Brownhas said, and thank you for the
reading music. Dana Brown has beenvery vigilant about they don't want to be
sellers. Yes, now you're gonnabe buyer. You can say, here
are three different thoughts on that one. Even if the team goes south and

falls further and further back and outof contention, they're not going to sell
off pieces. They're gonna try torun it back next year with some additions.
Mm hmm. Two he could beflat out lying, which would make
him you would doubt his credibility withfuture conversations about anything that he talks about.
Or Three, he's getting the mandatefrom Crane. You're not going to

make any moves. Yeah, Imean, there, we're obviously we're gonna
know more than a month and halfplus whatever it is. But I would
say if they were having any semblanceof being close, Jim Crane loves winning,
and Jim Crane will push for themto stay in this thing for as

long as possible. He's not.I here's the problem. The only thing
that is going to hurt him isif they wind up doing just the opposite
of what Dana has been saying andselling off pieces. Yeah. I mean,
if if let's say, another startergoes down before Luis Garcia and Lansma
Color's Junior can come back, andthen you know, you years continuing to

have Bregman's gump come out of hisslump. He's been very good the last
ten games. He's been mashing,but he also just got hit on the
hand. Hopefully there's nothing long termthere, but there's just you have no
depth, you have no margin forerror. You're seven games back and you
have no depth. If a coupleof guys go down, then maybe it
will be smart to sell at leastthe free agents, the soft unloading,

the option that Jeff passed, asfar as Alex pregnant Ryan. So let
me real quickly ask you this.Why would Dana be so dil vigilant,
I should say, and saying thatis it because he's always his glasses half
full that he believes the team isgoing to get to five hundred and get
back in the race. Did youhear him a week ago say he wasn't
worried about Christian Havre, say hewasn't worried about Jose RIKII my worry level

is minimal. In fairness of damon. If somebody like I was there when
we were all asking about buying andselling, what would be the responsible answer
to believe that a your team isgoing to come back and get back in
the race, but also be notlye and say hey, if things don't
get back with the're reconsidered you saywe honor all circumstances, want to win,

We anticipate us being buyers of thedeadline. Could he then set after
that, but allow us to reconsiderif things don't go according to what we
think of the plant. What hesaid was really I mean it was it
was what you're supposed to say.So you don't think an that there will
be any brushback at all if theyfrom the fans again and from media that

would tend to maybe go after himand say, wait a minute, Dana,
you told us a month ago thatyou were never gonna sell. Now
he doesn't have to be a goas hard as he does as far as
the optimism, but I think that'swhat you would expect from your general manager.
I would rather him be this thanbe kind of man you pay about
it. You've hit seven straight ALCSappearances. Of course he's gonna say we
got one more in yes, yep, yeah, I would generally agree with

it that I would want to gowith his rationale and say, yes,
be positive, be thinking about whatyou want to do, and that is
becoming buyers the deadlines compared to sellers. I just don't want him to be
in a situation where he's paying himselfin the corner and say, well,
six weeks ago you said this twofourteen of them Matt Thomas Show. Will
we'll get to you talking about thetrade deadline. Also, we're gonna get

into some Chris Gordy mean tweets inthe next segment as well. I want
to tell you right now about TwoCreeks Crossing Resorts, say brand new friend
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Show continues on Sports Talk seven ninetyAll Right, first, of all,

let's rate this fight song. Youstay out of it. I hate this
song, but yes, I am, of course very biased. It gain
like six yards on a first downand play this song. They play this
song fifty five times a game,and yes, it makes me very angry
when I hear it. It's it'striggering. I will admit, it's fine,

it's it's a college fight song.Yeah, I would. I would
say objectively it's I don't see itas one of the best. But also,
yeah, my my glasses are tintedburnt orange on this. All right,
So let's do this. Our friendChris Gordy is in studio with us,
going to join us here. Yes, and Gordy comes in on occasion

when he thinks he's going to addsomething. Useles it's about something Southeastern comment
related. And so we're gonna lethim walk his way out of this somehow,
some way, because he woke upthis morning kiss his lovely bride,
made himself from breakfast. Huh,put on his favorite logo T shirt.
We got scratched by his evil cat. Yeah, what happened to somebody beating

you up at the house? How'sgoing on with you? No? I
hit myself with my door card doorsing this show. All right, I'm
here to save the show. Ilove that drop. I love it so
much. I wish we did itmore often. So if you continue to
de troll fan bases, you arealways welcome to come on to this radio
show. You do this, right, shall I read the tweet? All

right? So no, Gordy needsto read it, and then we'll and
then we'll read the mean tweets back. Okay, so now any further Ado,
Welcome to a first ever edition ofChris Gordy's mean tweets. The funny
thing about this tweet is this wasin my drafts for the last couple of
days, and I didn't I keptforgetting to tweet out. And this morning
I woke up a sound you know, softball game two tonight. Let me

just tweet this out after OU wentup one to oh in the Women's College
World Series against Ross's beloved Texas.Yeah, baby, let's go, it's
over. I said it's over.I said, hot take Oklahoma softball going
for a four peat. It mightbe time to move to women's College Mild
Series out of Oklahoma City, orat least rotate to another city. Sooners

with a clear home field advantage everyyear. For those unfamiliar, Norman,
Oklahoma is a thirty minute drive fromOklahoma City. It is in their own
backyard. When they play these WorldSeries games in Oklahoma City, ninety percent
of the stands are Oklahoma fans.I'm not arguing we don't do this in
any other sport. Imagine if thefinal fans well Baseball, salt bad put

together. But like, imagine ifwe played the Final Four in Houston every
year and Kelvin Sampson, the Kook'sone four straight title would be all for
it? Would everybody say, like, Okay, we gotta rotate this thing,
Let's move it. Why are weplaying at one stadium in somebody's backyard.
Okay, so it's our responsibility.Hear on the Matt Thomas Show to
kind of get a sense of whatpeople thought about your tweets. And I'll

go on and Ross, I'll readone, you read one. You want
to go that way? Sure,we'll start with at brand be drum underscore
rivals. What a hot take.It's a stupid take. Nebraskan baseball is
so dominant, right Creighton two?How about teams beating ou and not let
them get there. Also, whatabout UCLA with double digit natties. They

have won an OKC more than OU, so has Arizona. Make it make
sense? But again, by retortto that would be if Creighton had won
four straight titles at Ome Hall.Will we not be saying the same thing?
Drift Venables, This is a tiredand lazy take is getting really old.
This group is just insanely good andwell coached. People think, oh,

you could roll out a team fullof fifth graders and win the whole
thing solely because they have a lotof fans in the stands at JW underscore
Hof. This is such a clowntake Chris Gordy. The crowd doesn't throw
a hit or field the ball foryou. And newsflash, in OU's record
setting round of seventy one straight winsspanning twenty three twenty four seasons, only

five of those wins were in theWorld Series in Oklahoma City. They dominate
everywhere, So maybe skip a dayof taking your moron pills. I mean
both could be true, right,They can be really good at softball and
they have the luxury of home fieldadvantage. Do you take moron pills?
I didn't realize that I didn't takethem today. Cry harder, little bro

Boomer. That's from Perch, Purechaos. Here's another quick one, Matt,
since I got a fast one,Cope and c Oh I was gonna
use that one. Sorry, absurdthem, I'll get it. Well,
I'll do another one for you whileyou find another one. The football dude,
don't stay. I'm gonna know that. Go ahead, the football dudes
not a hot take. There's stilltime to lead this post. I can

delete. It's getting me closer toa monetization on Twitter. Next, Cash
MC, your whining is mute unlessyou stated this nonsense starting in the nineties.
Remember when Arizona and UCLA were thepowerhouses, Duwayne MAXI it's been there
since nineteen ninety and OU has wonseven times. Take a lap. Yeah,
and now they're about to win fourstraight. At what point when they

win eighth straight do we start toconsider maybe moving this thing at sooner?
JG. At least your take isoriginal, hasn't been beaten to death.
Congratulations on the creativity. Well itwas new to me. I apparently Oklahoma
fans this has been a topic foryears. They are very butt hurt over
this, but Bobby said that dudewasn't born or was a baby when the
Pac twelve dominated softball. I toldhim, yes, I was born in

twenty twelve at t l H fourteenforty four. Loser take loser mentality.
You have to beat the team toone at all. You don't move locations
hoping to hand out a trophy tosomeone else. Maybe give up sports and
go with flower planting. You'll help, It'll help those feelings. I mean,
these people are really completely dismissing ahome field. You'll imagine stupid.

Can you imagine if this stadium wasin Austin, Texas and the Longhorns had
won four in a row, whatthey would be saying? Oh, I'm
sure the Sooner fans would be allmighty, it was okay, God,
you were getting annihilated. Well,a lot of followers picked up, like
a hundred followers to that. Ifwe go what else I got here?
I mean people a lot of peopleare mentioning Oklahoma State. Yeah, they're

like, what about Oklahoma stand likethey're not as good? What that's very
simple. Yeah, once you giveyou guys and dominate and you have ninety
percent of the stands routict for youwhen you get there. I didn't know
this. Many people in Oklahoma hadthe internet. One of them brought up
quote tweet that somebody please. Oneof them brought up They're like, where
were you? Where were you atLSU was winning the title in New Orleans.
I said, absolutely, it's ho'tfield advantage. But this would be

like if the title was played fivestraight years in New Orleans and the LSU
won it five straight years, we'dbe saying, hey, let's move this
thing around. Right, here's agift of here you go, and it's
an l that's rude. A lotof them saying, too, there's no
other ballpark that can host it.Brother, I'll raise one hundred thousand dollars

this weekend. We'll build a newsoftball stadium. Okay, it's not like
that's the most impossible thing. I'mlooking for the pettious stuff here, I
can't forget a lot of good ones. All right, at calling you a
casual clown emojis, People are callingyou a cry baby. People. Oh,
people said it was the first timeI ever watched softball. Now you
can attest it's not the first timeI've lost you. Love softball. It's

very bizarre. Let me tell yousomething. There is not a man who
knows more SEC softball than the ChrisGordy. It's fun, it's clean,
it's two quick hours. You're inand out. Boomer twenty three, brilliant
work. It's the stadium that winsgames. Ffs, see my picks in
nude bio. Okay, that's nota bad one. Yeah, but we
can agree it's stupid that they playthat close to it at two putts for

par you meant horrible, not hotcorrect seem very nice. Geez, let's
see. Uh using your logic,shoud Oklahoma State Resert received the same advantage.
Oh you whatever, order Cowboy fans, they come to your defense at
all on this. I mean that'sa false equivalency. It's once you get
there. There is an advent whenyou have home basically a home crowd of

for a title, for championship.We don't do this in the other sports.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry that youhave to deal with the wrath of
idiot Sooner fans. What if weplayed the Super Bowl five straight years in
Kansas City and the Chiefs one allfive would want to be saying like it's
not fair. They are very triggered. This is actually pretty funny. I
don't know if you caught the Chechiobumbass up segment at one thirty Cordy,

I defended you and I told oyou fence shut their bumbasses up. Thank
you. I can't believe how manyreplies you're getting here. Jesus, I
didn't realize you were that popular.Well, let's be real. Since Lekold
Riley left Oklahoma football has not beenvery good. Here we go. Their
basketball program hasn't done crowd. Weeven beat him in Norman that they're paid

a lot of money for that coach. What's his name? Uh in oklahomaimals
no no basketball? Oh oh,I don't remember. I don't know.
Last one I remember was the guyused to be a lin Kruger. But
he's gone. Let's see here,Porter Moser. That it sounds like you
just pulled letters out of a hat. Porter Moser. He was the hot

that's the coach of basketball. Yeah, are you sure doesn't teach country western
dancing? There? That's pull themos up on the main stage. Now,
let's go. Yeah, he's onthe lone star stage. All right,
let's see uh can everybody's like explain, Oh, here we go.
This is from Craig with a bunchof numbers. Just stop whining. Every

team has to get to the WorldSeries until someone steps up and builds a
suitable stadium to accommodate as big orbigger than Devin Is it Devin Park?
Is that how you pronounce it withall the amenities. It's not gonna happen.
Devn Park was world has World Seriesthrough twenty thirty five. At j
Jake Martins is what a lazy take? Oklahoma? What heaven is? It's
lazy. You're a lazy brea thattheir fans are filling up ninety percent of

the stadium. Isn't that that's fact? That's not opinion. Mark with a
bunch of numbers. This is abad take. It's yeah, it's not
to take away from the team.It's just saying there is an advantage,
and it's not saying it's the reasonthey're winning. It is an advantage.
Here's when it really hurts you.At Luke underscore Swanson, this must be
your first time watching softball. Ifyou think this is a hot take,

Oh that that hit, that hitbelow the belt, Hey it's softball Gordy
over here. God, seriously,I can't. Will you You need to
go on some Oklahoma radio when yougo to Southeast SEC media days. Eddie
Radakovich, whoever you guy's name,he's like he's like mister sooner on on
Uh. He was the first oneto retweet it this morning, that's what.

But I did tweet at him.I said, dude, if the
suitor fans of my mentions bring thispassion to the SEC, they're gonna fit
right in. There'll be delusional likeTennessee fans and Florida fans at Boomer Beard
trash take, I just love that. Uh klanumo g economo, G economo,
g economoji oh at boob obsession sayslooking for click session, Well that

is Gordy too, looking for clicksand engagement. Well done, look at
you clickba click cloud chaser. Let'smonetize it, let's get some money off
it. Yeah, come on,Elon's about to send you a check after
all this interact. A weird littlethis is weird, little cowboy says,
love this ratio for you? Yeah? I said, like, what did
you think it's all Oklahoma fans?Of course they're gonna agree that there's no

home fill advantage. Literally every otherfan base will tell you it is,
though, please thousand impressions we've got. Look, Gordy, we got a
very little, very slow summer comingup the next month or so, let's
go trash everybody you want to inthe sec do whatever you can't because this
needs to be a staple of theshow. Oh, we'll bring down the
sooner fans. You think they're goingtwelve to oh this year. I'll jump
on the friggin Steve Sarkisian, who'sbest seasons were aimed for it Washington nine,

USC and ETN five at Texas beforeyou went twelve to two, Here
we go ten and a half.You can back. We're gonna go breaking
your way under. We're getting youout of here. You've already you've already,
you've already built your grave, Dougyour grave. Two thirty three Sports
Talks and the view is expressed byGordy only in lack a sec. Oh

man, I need I need Gordyto do more of that. That was
good. If he's gonna try,you know, we gotta do we all
we all as all on air.We should go troll a fan base.
At some point you're gonna have totroll Aggie's one week and because you don't
have any hatred for the rest ofthe schools, dnancesy besides Texas and US,
besides Oklahoma and A and M.Right, you're indifferent to the A

M thinks. So you've taken alot of shots at A and M.
A lot. Just their fans areterrible. Now some time, I want
not talk about the programs itself.We respect these programs. It's the most
powerful sports conference in America. It'sI will At the same time, I
wish them the best, but Ialso want their fans to be miserable.

Like if you like, I can, I can see why A and M
fan thinks Texas fan is the worst. Like my son Peyton despises you and
Texas fans. Why what did wedo? Because you're Erican hockey hockey,
You're holier than that. Did IWhat do I say about the long Horns
program that is so cocky? Youjust rub it in with all the different
things. You just talk about theirstats and what they haven't done, and

that they haven't done Jack. Theymade the playoff last year, but they
haven't won a championship. They haven'tbeen in the championship game before last year.
But you have never but you havenever really ever taken massive shots at
Oklahoma fan. Oklahoma fan I respect. Actually for the most part, at
least football fans seem pretty crazy.Yeah. I've mixed it, mixed it

up with o U fan a lot. I've been to five Red rival and
I bet you the five years gonezero incidents. Yeah, you gone and
go that girl is hot or thatdude's pretty cool. We've had beers together,
We're fine. We've had some Fletcher'scorn dogs together. Yes, some
good yeah, good looking ladies atthe game. I've saw we Actually last
time there was like some frat Broskisfrom Texas and some frat Broskis from Oklahoma.

They were kind of chirping at eachother, but nothing happened. Okay.
I just I think we need tomake this a regular part of it.
I and honestly, I wish therewas somebody in the Big twelve I
could go at, but there's reallynobody because we're going to own the league.
And by the way, Oklahoma Soonerfan football has they have seven national
championships. If you're going to actlike you're a holier than now and bigger

than everyone, and that is Aggiefan. They haven't won the conference championships
in nineteen ninety eight. You knowwhat I'll do. I will go at
Kansas basketball fan next year. Literally, Hitler was invading Poland last time they
were winning a national championship, okay, And they spend millions, hundreds of
millions of dollars and unfortunately for them, they just keep falling. They love

their new coach and well good JimboFisher loves them too. Jimbo Fisher don't
care where is it. Didn't somebodybuy that Jimbo Fish Sure? Uh national
championship plaque that they made him whenthey announced him as the coach. It
was Jimbo Fischer like two thousand questionmark national championship plaque that they day.

That's terrible. Yeah, I meanthis is these are the people we're talking
about here. They make a nationalchampionship plaque for a coach that hadn't coached
a game yet. Well, asI've told you for five hundred thousand times,
I want to say a dog,I am so happy that the two
schools are in the same you're Aggiefan I'm for sure I'm more Aggie than
Longhorn. That's I mean. Look, my middle son goes there. He

is one year away from getting adegree from one of the great institutions in
this country. So I'm very proudof him. And if he if,
if I had to go on whatside of the fence, on the side
Dirty Martin's bought it there. That'sa burger joint in Austin, just off
the drag, just north of thedrag. And the food is good.
I love Dirty Martin's. Good burgers, good patty melt, good cheese tots.

Best college burger you'll find is inLubbock, Okay, with the cheese
sticks. I can't I forgot thename of the place, but those remember
I'm gone a couple of years.Okay, let me put best burger Lubbock
and see what comes. Best burgerlove and put cheese sticks toasted root.
No burger theory, no buns overTexas, come on, hewp Mere Red
Riders, Fan Sonis Burger Blue SkyChris Stakes, No tasty burgers, combo

Joe's, No best cheese sticks inLubbock. The burger place has great?
Was what you had? You?Uh? It's Spanky, that's it.
Okay, Spanky's delicious right in themiddle of campus too perfect. Okay,
So yeah, I'm I'm jealous thatyou have hated rivals in your league.

I don't have any. I can'thate Arizona State. Why come on,
man, you guys, and againthe Jayhawks and mixing it up. I
can't hate Oklahoma State. Yeah,I don't have I don't have hatred for
Texas Tech. I'm not gonna geta fire with Utah fan. Cougar's fans
hate Longhorns. That's because you wereafraid to play us. Afraid. Yeah,

we beat you. We beat youdown like drums twice and should have
beaten you in football tube. Nowfor the referee that the crew, that
lady, sorry it was a touchdownmissed, no, but it's a spot
guarantee. They were going to scorea touchdown to get the two point conversion.
You're telling you the way we weremoving down the Fielderal House record right
here it says l I'm seeing anl right here, Matt. You've moved

on from us, and that's fine. We'll create wonderful memories beating up on
b y U. And I'm sorryKansas basket football is small potatoes. It
is what it is, Matt.It's gonna change when we win the Big
twelve and we watch you guys playingthe animable for the ninth year in a
row. What's their win total thisyear? Four and a half? Three
and a half. I would takethe over. Would you do every year?
And well? Last year you fellshort? What is believe it or

not? Today? I don't knowyou really? We got coming up next?
Is that today? It's today andit's seven minutes seven to one three
two one two five seven out sevenone three two one two five seven nine
zero. You're gonna be going tosome Big twelve sporting events, some SEC
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sports MT. Matt Thomas continues onSports Talk seven ninety two forty nine of

The Matt Thomas Show. Tomorrow,Trey Cabbage will be on the radio program,
going back to his old haunts sportsRV. He was a former Los
Angeles Anaheim Angel of something Fulton,Fulton County or whatever they are. He
was their minor league hitter of theYear last year. Yeah, spent a
lot of time in Salt Lake City. Yeah, a lot. And now
he is trucking his way to sevenhome runs. For your gut feeling,

So my gut feeling of zero isout closer than I am. Yeah,
but no, no, it's zero. The seal has been broken, that's
true. He's he's lost his homerun Virginity the Astros, with the Astros.
I don't know if he hit himwith the Angels. I think he
was too. May get a study. I mean, as long as if
Tucker doesn't play, this weekend's gonnapay a little bit. Tucker playing.
What's the deal? I mean,did you see where the ball hit him
right on the ship? Is hegot to hit their Saturday? And I'm

sure it was all take your time, Kyle, No, the Astro.
There's seven games back. I don'twant I don't want limpy put I'll Tucker
out there, put an iron plateon it. Let's go wrap it in
ten uh Saran raud yeah or somesome yeah that too. Oh, I'm
not trying to cook his leg.Oh God, what do you want?

I don't know. It's wrong withyou. I don't know what you're into.
All right, So we're gonna bumpnon Florida stories to to twenty tomorrow
in lieu of Oh. We don'tnormally have the Astra player joining us on
Fridays, but we're gonna do it. You know, two thirty, So
get that. What else you got? Tomorrow? We're gonna have an intense
recap of Game one of the NBAFinals, intense, full three hour coverage.

I mean, we could do thator we could talk. Is CJ's
trying a little cocky these days?What do you mean? He put himself
in the top five. He didapologize for leaving Joe Burrow out because Joe
Burrow's I think was out of hismind because he's hurt. Just throwing the
question out there. Oh, we'lldiscuss. I have an answer for you.

And yet I think you know whatbattle Red Ross is gonna say.
What battle Red Ross is gonna say? He is the best quarterback ever.
I'm so lucky to have a franchisequarterback. Say you got to do it
for a second season with me Maddie, you're gonna be saying it at four.
You're gonna by November first. That'sfine. By November first, you'll
be like, you know what,Ross, You're right, Yeah, I'm

okay with saying that. Let's go, baby. Five minutes left to go.
In the show what should we Do? Wait? Should play? Meerka's
fastest growing sports radio game show.We simply called him Believe It or Not?
In Here's out Work. You'll callseven to one three two one two
five seven ninety seven one three twoone two five seven ninety Today's edition I

Believe or Not as brought to youby Big City Wings with thirteen locations.
Today's Thursday. That's by one getone free boneless wings at Big City Wings.
In Big Citywings dot com. Thecategory to day is all things about
D Day right June sixth Yes,I'll read your statement about D Day's statement's
completieth anniversary? Happy anniversary or nothappy? Yeah, it's not really a

big buttorical Let's start of for suresaving the world, all right. Uh,
we will read yours statement about theD Day. If the statements completely
and utterly accurate, you'll say this, believe it. If it's erronious full
of ball com made up. You'llsay this not to believe or not's in
a row. Win your prize,and we have just added a new prize
to the vault among the other greatprizes. Connor tell them all about it.
We got a pair of tickets tosee the Doobie Brothers with special guest

Robert Craiban on June thirty at theWoolla's Pavilion. Tomorrow is when we're gonna
have those pair of tickets to seethe nightcap Summer Sessions with Shannon Sharp and
Chadow to single what the Summer Sessionsnightcap? Summer Sessions. Our nightcap is
ninety six. No, nobody's gonnasay that there's a different night cap.
It's a different night But today wegot tiguess. Go see the Doobie Brothers

with the Robert Cray Band and aseven ninety t shirt. Let's play Believe
it or not. Let's talk toKevin on seven ninety. Kevin, you're
ready to play Believe it or not? Believe it, Kevin, Good luck
to you. Over twenty thousand shipsand landing craft were used in the Normandy
invasion, the most in world militaryhistory. Believe it or not Believe it?
Nope, just six thousand. Getyour ships right, get your fat

straight. Way too many ships?Anthony on seven ninety Anthony, what was
your favorite part of today's radio show? Shut yo the number of Matt Thank
you friend. I appreciate that thenumber of the United States troops killed,
wounded, missing, or captured atNormandy exceeded sixty excuse me, twenty thousand,
more than any other single battle.Believe it or not Believe it?

No, just eighty two thirty.But thank you for the birthday wish.
Paul on seven Ati, Paul,you're ready to play Believe it or not
Believe it? The D in Dday stands for day, Believe it or
not Believe it. There you gobelieve it statement number two for win.
After about eight weeks of bitter fighting, the Allies secured the beaches. Believe

them or believe them, believe itor not not. That's right, held
a my June eleventh. That wouldn'tpres very long at all. Lewis on
seven Are you ready to play Believeit or not Believe it? The beaches
the Allies landed on in Normandy werecode enamed Omaha Iceberg Trident and Neptune.

Believe it or not. That's right. There were utah Omaha, Gold Juno
and sword Statement number two for thewin. The Normandy landings were delayed twenty
four hours because of poor weather conditions. Believe it or not, I believe
it. There you go another oneor congratulations. That's for da John on

seven ninety John, you're ready toplay. Believe it or not? Believe
it? All of the landing beachescombined and constituted only about fifty miles of
beaches. Believe it or not ityeah, I believe it. Stayment number
two for the way, and theGermans were late to send reinforcements in Normandy
because American spies tricked them into thinkingthey were landing somewhere else. Believe it

or not. Free winners today.Oh sorry, we got a lot of
information on the show though. Mmhmm. All right. So Gordy hate
tweets Oklahoma? Who didn't hate tweetOklahoma? Oh? Hated? Who is
Clanton in a hate tweet? Icannot wait to have a hate tweet of

Clinton stuff. Think about it.You're looking very James fans looking very James
click today, by the way,I mean almost you always look like James
Clink, but you really look likeJames Click today, more so than normal.
But I'm still sexy. Af Letme tell you about Big City Wings
with thirteen Houston locations. I toldyou a minute ago. It's buy one,

get one free Boneless Wings. Atany of the thirteen locations. You
can watch the NBA Finals tonight.You can watch the World Series of Softball
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been going to the Kingwood location onSaturday, but they have specials every single
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On Boneless Wings. And you cando that today at any of those thirteen
locations, with more to come.To find a location here, you you
simply go to Big Citywings dot com. That's Big Citywings dot Com. Tomorrow
Trey Cabbage on the show Now I'mFlorida Stories and a complete recap of Texas,
Oklahoma in the Softball World Series inOklahoma City, unfair advantage. Listen

to you, Gordy up next climb, It's wexcellent, It's bet On Sports
Talk seven ninety
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