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June 12, 2024 64 mins
Matt Thomas and Ross Villarreal of The Matt Thomas Show recap the Houston Astros defeating the San Francisco Giants 3-1 to tie the series at a game apiece. The Astros will attempt to win three series in a row with the final game against the Giants on Wednesday. Matt and Ross review comments from Bill O'Brien who addressed his time as the Texans head coach and general manager, relive a funny interaction with a caller, react to the passing of NBA legend Jerry West, preview game three of the NBA Finals and more.
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Yeah, lunch timers, this isthe Matt Thomas Show, twelve O two
and ache down on's happening to lunchtimers. Good afternoon to you, and
welcome to a Wednesday edition of TheMat Thomas Show. The Sports Talk Seminartie.
Trying to put this in place somehow, so two and he does ground
her up the middle and they haveto go to first. Dubon a great

jump ahead first slide. The Astrostake the early lead one nothing on the
ground out that was perfect, thatwas nowhere near being a strike. It
was well off the plate. Awaya sweeper. I'll two a fold,
but kept the hands back enough andjust reach for that ball. Just put
it in play, make something happen. Excellent jobs. Cabbage at third,
Dubon at second's two to zero,Ragman chops a softly left side coming in,

bare handing it. Chapman for thirtyfrozen away Cabbage scores, Dubon scores
and the Astros lead three to one. Chapman cut in front of the shortstop,
wisely bare handed that ball and histhrow went off the glove of Flora's
at first BLOCKO set at the belt, the two two swing and a foul
tip held on too by Carcini,wound up getting chatted with the slider and

the side is retired. Eight strikeoutsfor Ronel. Bloco works around Bailey's two
out double presley, the high sethands away from the body, the three
to two swing and a mess count. Florido strikes out on a curve ball,
and that is the ball game.The Houston Astros pick up their fifth
win in their last eight as theydefeat the San Francisco Giants three to one,

evening up this series at a gameapiece change. That morning, Rossie,
this show is b smoo like.See like I'm now, I've never
listened to song and it's entirety,but you've probably heard it before. I'm
sure it's an NBA Arenus. Ohfor sure. Oh that's true, for
sure? Should I download the songon my phone? Are you a Big

Sean guy? I like Sean Starwas very fine? Six it's a week
morning? Is Big Sean the rapper? Is it s e A N or
s h A w N? Youtell me, I don't know it's s
e A would take some more likeShawn Salisbury. Yeah, we ten Sports
Talk seven ninety. We're giving themtwo plugs that's right. Look, I
look forward to the reciprocal treatment tome and A Brown joining them some later

in the week, not today,Joe Spot. They're on West Coast time,
like we're not waking up. Yeah, yeah, that's right. I
think A Spot is going to joinus tomorrow. All right, great,
hopefully to discuss another series win.Oh three straight series wins. I'm halfway
to get a gut feeling just tellingyou which, Oh the series win one?
Yeah, okay, and he's gottabeat Logan Web. What's fine,

He's he's he does have some lossesthis year. He does have any r
A and you do have from erValdez. This game is gonna go about
two fifteen. I'm thinking, couldthere be Now he's gonna say there's no
chance that Adams will work today.No, I mean no, they're taking
the day off. I mean thetwo hardest working guys at the station.
I mean these guys never ever,well, I shouldn't say ever. Adam

Wexel likes and works out to theday part doing it like days and days
of draft coverage and stuff. Soif there's like some Dynamo press conference,
he's out there catching it's he's outof the but Clinton, it's in it
three and out at six, andthat's as far as it goes. That's
okay. Sometimes you earn that levelof excellence, Matt Well when he deserves
it, earns it. Let meknow you're not there yet. No,

I've been I've been hustling on thesestreets for a long ass time doing the
tenth Inning last time. Oh,by the way, we have a great
moment in the tenth Inning show tonightshow today? Are we getting at one
hundred percent? Fine, I'll findit. Have you found it yet?
And you're gonna make it? Iknow I've been No, what have been
doing? You mentioned it in elevenfifty six. But that's who I am.
I tell you the very last second. Walked in here, I set

up my computer and then we startedthe show. Right. We have a
great moment in the tenth Inning show. Okay, we have concerned Connor find
the sounder. It is concerning TrevorBauer. Oh really, yes, you
didn't play the Well, no,it's late at night. There's no one.
I mean, that's a Matt ThomasShow exclusive. You can play a

nightcap because you're on the voice ofthe two. So that's fine, all
right, we have a I wouldn'tsay a snack size an edition to the
show, but we have a heavyappetizer. This isn't a full meal show
called a light lunch. I guesswe're in the lunch. If you're gonna
have a big dinner, you're headingto the Brazilian steakhouse tonight. So we're
going a salad. We're a nicetoss salad during the show today. Yeah,

nice green toss salad. Of course, heavy dressing, extra dressing,
A thousand dollan underrated dressing. ButI know I love that McDonald's degree.
I guess that's right. It's underrated, most overrated French. Who's see this
sounds like one of the worst.This would this would top soups as the

worst fantasy. We're not doing it. We're not adressing. Yeah, you
kings one Caesar two Italian three,balsamic vinaigrette four four, No, a
thousand dollans above balimic vinegrad. Okay, we're moving on. Point being is
this We're a toss solid edition ofThe Matt Tommy Show. Wants to be

toss salad. We're gonna have.It's better than a word salad. By
the way, Nick Assaria will notbe joining us on the show today or
ever. Well, that's a shame. I mean, we want to talk
sweater vests with him. Do youthink he would loosen up that way and
talk sweater rests with Probably not.Okay, that's fine, all right,
So we've got astros to get toa little bit today. We have some
interesting Bill O'Brien audio yes about himbasically admitting he was a complete disaster in

Houston, which we could have basicallybacked him up on. I think he
says I'm a complete disson I'm gonnaparaphrase he says, I'm a complete idiot,
a fool, and an a hole. He said that. We'll also
get to a great moment in thetenth inning show, which if we can
try to find for the next timeit we'll try to play it because it
does relate to the astros. ItAlso, we have on for you today

a very interesting email that I didput on Twitter. I don't know if
you get do you get the sameTwitter the same sort of weird emails that
I get from Twitter? No,done from Twitter? From just in general?
Oh, I mean I get someweird ones generally. I got a
doozy. I did not get theone that you're talking about that you tweeted.
Yeah, and I want to knowwhy I got it, and I

want to know how you possibly gaugesuch a thing. But there is a
really bizarre poll that is out thathas the city of Houston thirteenth in the
citt and the country at doing something. What do you think of this?
Sports Harv, Well, you actuallyknow the answer, but I just wanted
to you know that. It's alittle tease there. Okay, so we
do something. The thirteenth best inAmerica. Could be cooking, could be

art, it could be live music, it could be sports radio, it
could be green grass, it couldbe golf courses. But it's going to
be none of the above. Okay. So if you have not seen my
Twitter account, it's no God,No, We're five and horrific traffic or
top five and wave of doing thewave? Yeah yeah, sad? Okay,

how many times they do the wavein San Frisco this weekend? And
I'm gonna put that at zero.I think it was happening in Seattle.
I think it was happening somewhere,happened at cole Field Soccer. But soccer's
boring, so trying at at AngelStadium, but you can you can't always
tell. It sounds like somebody isstarting the wave because there was only like
twenty thousand people. You have touse like there's some kind of uproar people

are doing the wave. I gotone for you. What's more annoying the
wave at Minute Made Park, orif we were a Dodger fan, the
beach ball every single game. Wesaw the beach ball multiple times. When
Craig and I went to the Dodgersplay the Padres in April, the beach
ball was out. It's a tradition. I guess the wave is probably more

annoying wave because that actually, Idon't want to say it distracts the players.
They should keep their focus. Butwhen it's a one to one game,
Let's or whatever, and there's abig moment, rather than Minute Made
breaking out the wave, I wouldlike the fans to engage and cheer in
the game. Yeah, that makesa lot of sense. No, not
to Houston, No, because again, well again, I think largely most

people that are waivers are are affluenton astros Twitter. I think there's not
a far separation between those two groups. Of people. Okay, and I
hope I'm wrong about that, butin the like, I am all right.
What else is going on in theworld of sports? Oh, Jerry
West passed away? Yes, unfortunately, I believe it or not today,
Yeah, and we'll do it tomorrowon him. I'll tell you this.

As great of a player as hewas, and obviously he predated me watching
the NBA, but he's probably eventhough he's the logo, he may be
the greatest front office executive in thehistory of the NBA. I don't know
if there is a dead with playeror just executive. I don't know.
I mean, he basically helped outthe Lakers for a long time. He

helped out Memphis, he helped outGolden State, he helped out the Clippers.
I mean, but notably, hewas a part of Showtime. He
helped create Showtime. Pat Riley redauerback was great for the Celtics, that's
right. I don't even know whoelse. Darryl Morey. I think Darryl's
got to win a championship for thatto happen. Just kidding, Daryl Morey,

could you could argue the most innovatoror change the game. Yeah,
but see, I think I thinkwhen you are does Celtics have bombed sixty
threes in two games in the NBAFinals and that's a large part because of
Daryl Mory or it could be youcould also but then that that same criteri
would said that Mike D'Antoni is thegreatest coach of all time because he basically
says, you shoot a lot ofthrees and you make seven seconds or less.

Yeah, I think I think whenit comes to those types of honors,
and I like Daryl, but Ithink you have to have a championship.
I just kind of think that's that'sthat's the low bar barometer. Ow
they would have had one in twentyeighteen, I know, not for all
right, Chris Paul's hamsteram. Ithink Trevor Risa was on a podcast recently.

Yeah, he was saying that,and so he's right. Did he
take the responsibility for his horrific shooting? I think so? Oh for twenty
seven I think I think frankly,Trevor wore that more than anybody else on
the team. I think that's theworst night of my life watching sports.
It wasn't great. No, mine'smine was five centma jam and that's not
even close. Oh okay, eleveno'clock at night wenting bag and the slam

dunk. Oh god, that's terrible, all right? Seven one three two
one two five seven nine. Ifyou want to get in today seven one
three two one two five seven ninezero, we're going to try to find
the great moment in the ten endingshow of yesterday. It was me basically
arguing with the dude about Trevor Bauer, okay, and he wasn't listening to
me. And I find that tobe ultimately disrespectful. If you don't listen

to me, okay, wonderful youcall a show you would want to listen
to the host? Correct? Yes, I would. Well, sometimes a
lot of people to hear to themselvestalking at eleven forty at nine, you're
probably right. Seven one three twoone two five seveninety. Would you like
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calling seven one three five two sixeyes or checking out b ecylasik dot com
for the incredible folks at Berkeley Center. What more? Matt Thomas now on
Sports Talk seven ninety all right,Ross has found it, so coming up
in about fifteen minutes, you're gonnahear a great moment of the tenth inning

show, which we haven't had alot of those. You know, we
used to have a lot of those. Do we have early on when the
team was good, or was allthose great moments when they were just terrible?
It was primarily when they were terrible, when I was just begging yeah,
and then women were getting inebriated andthen openingly asking you to cheat on
your wife with Connor, you shouldhave heard this. You would have loved

sports empty. Back in the day, I had women calling the shows.
One woman, I'm gonna embell usa little bit. There were several dozens
there were Lately they were like thiswoman, her name was Angely I believe
yes, called him and was like, so, you know, I'm tired
of my husband. I know,you know you're a good dad. How
good dad I was? You know? So I just wanted to say,

what's up? So what's up?She and then she goes, so,
what's up? What's up? Iwas like, what's up? Girl?
It's like, uh hello. Itwas pretty great. I wish I had
that somewhere, but I don't.Just there are some there are some moments
of this show. It was theold timer to me, that was an
Aldheimer. Uh, we don't havethe audio. There was a guy we

used to get people because it wason seven forty calling in about like the
boom. Yeah, and they wouldcall about the the body snatching people or
whatever, the poltergeist. They wouldgive you like coast to coast calls,
yes, because they wanted the coastto coast. They didn't want to do.
You know what Coast to coast Am is okay, Yeah, it's

like the conspiracy theory radio. Theydidn't want to do. They didn't want
me going through a nine to twoloss to Atlanta. They wanted to hear
their neiboo roo. Yes, agame there room and Brian bogus Sevic all
right, and what else was there? What else was that? Some Carlos
Penia, Carlos Penia and Chris Carterplaying meaningful games? And Justin Maxwell mat

Minge. I'm Alzheimer, one ofthe Alzheimer's, Rick Ankiel, Rick Rick
Ankill some sucky teams? Was thissome lean time? Mean while I'm doing
I was doing TV at the timetoo, So I'm having to talk forty
minutes on that. Yeah, rpcsnRIP all right, back on the phones
we go, we brough on anetwork and then it folded. Uh yeah,

so we are a lot of otherpeople. Okay, I was only
a part timer. They treat mevery well. It's good. Missed that
money, Sure you do. Jasonand Kingwood on Sports Talk seven nine of
your twelve twenty one Jason, goodafternoon. Hey guys, have y'all looked
at the land about Have y' allseen it today's lineup? Yeah? I
have not seen it. Oh,it just came out five minutes ago.

I see it now came out Okay, So I want you to look at
that. And I got a questionabout it. So let's do let's do
this let's tell the audience what itis. First. I'll two a second,
Bregman third, Alvarez left. Noproblems at this point, right middle
three, Here we go. Oh, you get a couple of hits and
you get to you get to thatcleanup John Singleton, clean up? Pay

you fifth? Six? Do youhave a good history? Logan Webb quarantiney
seventh, A Bray you against aright hander batting eighth and uh, well
it's because you're you're dhing A Singletonand then you get Tray Cabbage batting ninth.
Oh that's as as an old radiohost of my co host would say.
That's interesting. Okay, So myquestion is what's more Agreeds putting John

Singleton at clean up when he's battingtwo nineteen on the season, or playing
both John Singleton and Jose Bray youin the same lineup. I will hang
up and listen, enjoy y'all's day. Well, uh, you're not gonna
be happy with my answer, Jason, thank you very much for the phone
call. We don't know who's tired, who needs a day off, whose

bat is slow, who you're tryingto get in. This is not setting
up a lineup for a game fiveof a division series or a wild or
a championship series. Uh, ifthey win tonight six to two, no
one's gonna complain about the lineup.The reality is whoever's out there there,

yeah, and and there're gonna besome awkward looking lineups now, paina to
me. We've talked about this before. It is just not a cleanup hitter.
It doesn't have enough pop in thebat. So maybe taking a little
bit of pressure off of him anddropping him a spot in the lineup could
help. Dubon really isn't a sixhole hitter. I mean, the whole

lineup just I mean, but again, you're not crazy, it's you you.
I mean, Trey Cabbage hasn't hitmuch. We love him, good
guy, go in front of theshow. You're getting Dubon in there,
but he's not gonna I mean,it doesn't pack a powerful punch. Should
be brutally honest with you. Butright now you've got what who's who's not
unavailable to you? Y Diaz isout today. Yes, I'm gonna guess

you would want Cabbage in there orKyle Tucker has struggled, needs a day
and m Acaras in the IL stillno, I mean, I'm sorry Jake
Myers. Jake Myers's struggle is reallygoing on. McCormack. I mean,
if I put McCormick in a coupleof these spots, I mean, I
don't think there's a lot to dealwith here. Frankly, so unfortunately to

my brother in Kingwood, I wouldsay this is a day game after a
night game lineup. Couple with thefact that the guys that are not playing
today weren't going to strike fear inthe Giants pitching order. I'm gonna imagine
they have some sort of matchup numberthey like John Singleton against Logan Web.
There has to be and I alsothink it's part of it is as let's

get pain out of the fourhole thatbut that's just a guess on my part.
That's fine, and John Singleton gotI got on base three times yesterday.
And we will get an update onthis lineup, okay from our good
friend Brian McTaggert, who will joinus as part of Astros on deck today.
How did that happen? Because DanaBrown did not speak Today's Today Wednesday

Wednesday, so we were more andsince tomorrow McTaggart's flying it would not be
available. We're putting him on today. Mm hmmmm hm. Funny, How
it's funny, How it's funny howthings work out sometimes? Well, I
mean, what was I supposed todo? Wait till Friday, get man,
get the mctagger who's on the beatin the city with the pulse the

team. Meanwhile, listen to yourGABBRONI but not knowing how it's talking about.
Okay, very interesting, not veryinteresting at how these things work.
It's not how it works out.It's called it's called prepping, prepping the
show, hailing it in, notmailing it in. I've been putting this
audio together right now, I gotscratch my throat. Sorry, look at
me. I listened that night Capyesterday. It was good. A lot

of astros talk and our good friendJosh Hader. Hmm, what are you
talking about? Use it early?I talked more than you're going to talk
in the next with Brian McTaggart's goingto talk more in that show than you
are. That's not true. Prettyclose, but it's not true. I
want to say it was about closeness. It was about this spot about nine

minutes of McTaggart. Uh uh.But somebody has to ask you questions,
and I heard your questions. Himand mine are much better. Okay,
Yeah, you guys talk about pointsand hotels for four minutes of an interview.
Don't forget the Couger. Don't forgetthe Houston Cougar. You guys just
talk about Cougar's hotel points and wellthe Houston Cougars. You could get Cougars

in hotels. That's exactly United pointsthe entire interview. That's always compelling,
I mean Schmiden. Yeah, wedon't. They're not a sponsor of the
show. If they'd like to be, we'd be happy to make them the
official airline of the Matt Thomas Show. All right, when this program returns,
you're gonna want to listen to this. A great moment in the tenth
endings show is all straight ahead afterI tell you about the incredible people at

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com. Visit galveson dot com.All right, twelve thirty one. I

just put a tweet out so ifyou want to get in for the next
minute. If you're not well,I say, if you're listening to show
for that meant thank you. Butpeople, you know, there's I'd like
to say that people listen to theshow every day, but they don't because
every time I go to Believe orNot and I say, what's you favorite
part of the show that got justtuned in? I mean, yeah,
you do a prize giveaway segment everyday. You're gonna attract some prize horse.
I want non price horse. Howabout one day you mix up and

you do believe it or not,well, i'd have to write it early.
You know the topic for tomorrow.Okay, you're gonna do it at
like one fifty five tomorrow. Here'swhat we're gonna do. We're not gonna
tell him one time. Oh,I like, it's gonna surprise it this
you know what? This is genius? What was your So it's probably gonna
be, but it'll probably be sometimein the one o'clock can't because I'll switch
your favor protract show. So farOkay, and as I say, I

just tuned in, I'm gonna hangup on the immediately. You're gonna have
to basically lie. And the easiestthing to say is I love the Astros
talk. Uh huh. So allright, let's take a phone call and
then we're gonna play the audio fromthe tenth Inning show yesterday. All right,
James and Kline. You tried tocall like seven times yesterday and every
time we went to you weren't there. So I'm gonna try to put you
on now, James, what haveyou been holding for for the last couple

of days? Yeah, I wantto talk about that lineup today. He's
got today with again in Kingwood.Can you hear me? Yes? Good?
I think something's drawing with my uhSnapple spy phone. But uh,
anyhow would you set the table forSingleton? That's just crazy. I know
what you just said about how someguys may need some rest, but why
not put Alvarez it? For atleast he can to hit a home run.

I mean, so can Singleton,but not not not come on,
let's get well. I mean Iwant Alvarez to hit more than I want
Singleton to hit. Yeah, butyou need to set the table for something.
I don't care by sitting the table. I want the I want the
big dog eat. You want JohnSingleton to come up more than ord On
Alvarez. I want John Singleton tohit fifth or six. I don't want
h third, in the last,fourth, in the last, I don't
know several years. So who doyou want? All right, let's do

this. Let's do this, James, Let's let's do James creates a lineup,
go for it. What do yougot? Let's go? Okay?
I got I mean I got altwo, and then then I got Bregman.
Then I got Jake Myers, andthen I got Jake Jake Myers is
not playing today and is struggling.You want him in the three spot?

All right? All right, alright, alright, I got you, James,
continue, okay, then I gotdriving them all in. Oh you
do, okay, that's probody getthey get on bass, all right,
I got you, I got yourdog. I got you. And then
after that, I'm gonna put Quarantiniis gonna be okay, I got it,
go ahead, and then I'm gonnago with Singleton. All right.

Then I'm gonna go with ye.But I'm gonna I'm gonna have Chas McCormick
because he needs the a BS well. Why isn't John Singleton in the a
BS well? I mean because wegotta get we gotta get uh Chazz going
again. Singleton is what he is. I mean, he is what he

is. All Right, It's fine. I can go with that. I
can look all right, James,thanks for the phone call. Jake Myers
batting third. I don't know ifI'd go with especially when he's not in
the line up today and has beenstruggling. Only the last two weeks or
so, he's been having a horribleJune. Get the over four with three
strikes. Give the June numbers.I'll pull them up from the president of
the Jake Myers fan Club. Hey, come on, man, why are

you gotta hurt me like this?Because the truth is sometimes this is gonna
be hurtful. Okay, since thecalendar has turned to June, I mean
had a couple of multi hit games, but overall, go ahead, No,
it's actually my baseball reference is broken. Say it. The Wi Fi
just went down again, one seventyfive ops of four to twenty. Yeah,

you want that, your three holehitter. Okay, it makes that's
sense. Put it in the babeRuth spot number three. Okay, this
is actually a perfect segue. Ilike this. Actually, you know what,
we should make that a rule.If you complain about the lineup,
you have to make your lineup andthen we get to make fun of you.
Yeah, because you're making fun ofJoe. Spot is on it.
You know you're a genius, Matt. Yeah, you have great idea.

It's segment called you make fun ofJoe. We can make fun of you.
Yes, Jake Myers third and Ilove Jake. We love Jake.
We love Jake. Great center fieldercovers a lot of territory arm isn't so
strong. But that's okay, allright, without any further ado, ladies
show, But I present to yousomething that happened to what about eleven?

Did you figure out what time itwas last night? I want to happen?
Oh you want me to give youexact You don't have to every time.
Guess it was eleven thirty seven,eleven thirty seven last night on these
airwaves that we call Sports Talk seven, and we present to you this now
great moments from the tenth Innen Show. Kevin's in Spring Branch on the tenth

Inning Show. Hello Kevin, Hello, Hey, I was just curious,
what do you think that Trevor Baueris gonna have to do to be ready
once the Astros signing. They're notgoing to sign him. The Astros are
gonna sign you know. That's whatdo you know that he's doing, Kevin.
They're not they're not going to signhim. They're going to sign Trevor

Bauer. Boss man, listen,idiot, they're not going to sign him.
Okay, you don't have to callme an idiot. I'm all right.
Why don't you listen to me whenI tell you they're not going to
sign him? Oh, I meanyou're you're not listening to me whenever I
tell you they are going to signhim? Well, who are you?
What do you know about it?Tell me who are your sources? Where

are you getting this from? Well, let me just say that the Astros
are going to sign Trevor Bauch.Okay, listen to me. Are you
going to be able to answer aquestion of mine or not? If you
know they're signing? And where areyou? Where you're getting this from?
Let's go what do you got?I'm not gonna say who I got it?
Then I don't believe you. Thenyou don't want to tell me who
you got it from. That Idon't want to hear it from you.

It's too it's too close to theAstros. Well then who is it?
It's it's it's too early too.I'm for what, but too early for?
I mean this is this is freshnews? No it's not. It's
not fresh news. If you wantto break the news, what is your
name? Let's go out and giveout your phone number so people can call
you and give you credit when youhit the story. Right now, I

don't need any credit. I wasjust curious, what do you know that
Trevor Bauer would have to do.I mean, like, you know,
when a pitcher goes through spring training, he's got to work up the innings
and everything. So I was justwondering, do you know if he's working
out or anything like that. I'myou know what, you know what,
Kevin, He's starting tomorrow's games.So whatever your sources are are wrong,

he's starting tomorrow for the Astros.No, I didn't say he was starting
tomorrow for the Astros. Then whatare you saying? This is stupid?
Have you been drinking? Are you? Are you on a recreational drug?
Right now, I'm driving down thefreeway sixty miles an hour coming back from
Angleton back to Houston. All right, well, congratulations and breaking the story.

Tell everybody where they can get allthe other breaking news do you have
on the Astros? No, Idon't have any other breaking news. I
just heard today that the Astros aregoing to sign Trevor Bauer telling you that's
what I heard. Okay, well, then you're hearing that information. I
think it's you knew how close itwas to the Astros. You'd say,

well, then you think if ifyou're not gonna tell me how close it
is that I'm not going to believeyou? So how about that? Well,
I understand that, but I'm justtelling him that Astros are signing Trevor
Bauer. Okay, it's it's it'sit's gonna happen. Okay, thank you
so much. Appreciate the information you'vegiven me. Five minutes of my life
I'll never get back. And thatwas another great moment from the tenth inn

In show. Hmmm, that wasgreat. Can I just tell you that's
out there? You gotta you calledthat guy straight up idiot twenty seconds then
it's rude? Was that rude?Yeah? A little bit. What do
you want me to do? Treatingwith glass and respect? No, he

kept saying the same thing over andover again. Yeah, driver was Yeah,
he was like he was a Ibought that was broken. He was
like he was on repeat. Yes, you know, you try to shuffle
your songs around it you play thesame thing over and over again. CD
skips, Uh, nobody knows.The kids don't know what a CD skip
is. Uh. Connor McGown,do you know what CD is? Have

you ever owned a CD? Yes? I have multiple CDs. Do you
have a CD wallet? Uh,I used to have one. Yeah,
nice, are you on my Areyou on my Space page? I wasn't
old enough for my Space when Icame out. Jesus, Yeah, this
is is. What's the most annoyingstoryline of this year for the Astros?
Is it Trevor Bower coming to theAstros because because we all own Unison,

jose bre you sucks, Yeah,Univer on that, but it keeps coming
up, and he's in the lineuptoday. I would like that story to
be over. Yeah, the TrevorBauer thing, it's bad, Someboddy Craig
Lovati, Craig calling the show.What's up? What you got Craig?
Our fans are mentally ill? Yeah, no, no kidding. Mentally ill

was exactly what we've talked about itbefore. And like I, you know,
you know, pull the cooking back, you know, I go to
a therapist. I go to apsychologist, and I that's good. These
people need help. No, thesepeople need help because I listened, you
know, basically to the station twentyfour hours a day. I listen like
everybody else, and I get tothe point now where I listen for the

callers because I hate him so much, because here's the thing I understand,
Craig fire. Yeah, Craig,I can, I can, I can?
I can realistically hear somebody trying totroll me, and I can kind
of play along with it. Thatdude wasn't trolling me. He was legit
ultimately telling me that Trevor Bauer hadsigned with the Astros. They're they're obsessed
with Trevor Bauer. They're obsessed withplants, but colors like he's an ex

boyfriend. They call like every fiveminutes asking where he is, did he
did he talk about us? Whenis he coming back? Can we trade
him? Like it's it's insane.I don't know. Part of I think
we talked about this one time thatI really wanted a team to go through
it for a prolonged series of reallybad seasons, just to kind of weed
out the insanity. And I thinkit's happening, but it's coming out.

It's uh, we are weeding outthe bad ones. I hope maybe they'll
go back to being Texans fans.Maybe that's that's what this is all leading
up to. I don't know.It's and Craig, thanks to the phone
call. It's good to hear voicebuddy, I'll just say this, I
need Trevor Bauer to go somewhere else. So just look, we can get
out this, get out the Astroscent. And the Astros can't comment on

him because they can't because he's nota player with THEIRS. You can'not comment
on a player that's not yours.It is against the rules of Major League
Baseball to comment on anybody else's teamor a pending free agent unless you signed
the player, even if he's signedto the Mexican League. I guess,
But do you have any you knowyou're not hearing anything. The Rangers are
in desperate need for starting pitching,yes, and they haven't. You don't

hear Why Why does an Arlington faninfiltrate their radio shows? Maybe they are.
I would actually believe that if wetalk to a Dallas sports radio host,
they've heard about Trevor Bauer. Youknow, let me put it in
the old Twitter verse, Trevor BowerRangers. It's gotta be some some Rangers.
Gim me give me some Give mea contending team who needs pitch?
I mean, is there every teamneeds contending pitch? How about Trevor Bower?
Yankees gotta be something to this,right. We just can't be the

only ones that are the victims ofthis. Seven years a guy tweeting the
Rangers saying Trevor Bauer was treated unfairly. I'm still amazed that no one,
including the Rangers hasn't signed Trevor Bauer. This Rangers fan is saying, mm
hmmm, do you want to beRanger Fanastro fan? Do you really?
Do you really? Do you reallywant to have the reputation of being them?

Rangers fans saying if Trevor Bauer getsto Houston, be mad at the
Rangers. Dear Rangers, please reachout to that bad man, Trevor Bauer.
It's happening in Rangers Twitter. Thankgod, thank god, one of
the only dumb ass fan based talkingabout the other guy tweeting the Rangers sign
Bauer outage, which is his Twitteraccount. Okay, and one more thing
on this. You know, sohe went to his Twitter account and took

a picture of guests of him pullingan Astro's cap off the wall. I
mentioned this a couple of days ago. Rossie. If you if you're trying
to sign somewhere and you know thatyou're gonna bring a lot of damage,
bad pr Why would you usurp whatthe Astros would have to or anything for
that man would have to do totry to calm the waters of signing him.
The first thing you need to knowabout Trevor Bauer is he's a troll,

yes, clinically ill and a baddude. Who who outed that I'm
not under We're done twelve forty five. Sorry, I just thought it was
a good call last night was areyou playing a ten thing and we'll pay
by more of these? Is agreat moment. Maybe you'll have one tonight
after the Astros game. So thegame goes two hours and fifteen minutes like
I did yesterday. I mean it'sLogan Webbin from or Valdez. That's five

o'clock post game show five to twenty, which means the Wexer Clanton combination should
be here to do that. Thatis correct. I will be on in
their time slot. So basically theyshould give you some of their money.
I would have hoped so, butI'm not gonna be hope full. And
then I'm gonna do I'm gonna goAnto seven. Then we're going to nightcap
mode. If you get on theair pre six o'clock, which I would

say seventy five percent chance I do. Then I'm a tweet about it,
okay, and say give that mana raise, Hey the man, tag
pay the man twelve forty five USif I go for five? What if
I have a bad show, wellthat's well, never forget what I say,
because you're probably gonna have a badshow, twelve forty five on Sports
Talk seven out of Here's ros Percentergetwell, I tell you how you have
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me when I say not every clinicin Talent is like that, but they
are at Synergenics, at fixmlow tdot com. That's fixmlow t dot com.
Rippit hs tale like five slam ajamaaro, Yo, what's up to
your boy? Bumba to trilog withthe whitest man in America, Matt Thomas.
You and now tune in the SportsTalk seven to ninety Maine all right,

coming up in about ten minutes,Rossy, one of the biggest d
bags in Houston sports history, Fastis up about his time in Houston.
Hmmm, I'm intrigued. You shouldbe one o'clock Sports Talk seven. I
we'll have it for you coming upat about ten minutes from now. No
believe it or not today, butwe'll do it tomorrow. We'll honor the

one on only Jerry West, andI got news for you. We're not
gonna tell you when we do believeit or not. Okay, little experiment
here, Jerry West Jersey number.You know what, I'm not a big
don't uh don't know what when Isay it? Can I make just a
wild guess because I'm not big.Jersey number attached to player thirteen forty four

forty four. I think thirteen wasdid Wi word thirteen. I can't remember
way forty four because it was retired. I think maybe Mike d'An toni ward
for West Virginia or something like that. Terrible, terrible, uh Jerry West
moment unfortunate for him in later inlife, towards the end obviously that show
Winning Time. It was about theLakers on HBO. Yes, basically it

made him look like a complete nutjob. Didn't like it, and he
didn't like that. On a matterof fact, I think he sued HBO
and said, hey, you needto retract this be who this is,
who you think I am, becauseI'm not that guy. But what if
it's fictional? Yeah, but therewas Lakers. There was an easy to
name Jerry West based on a truestory. But I think. But if
you used the name that's for somebody, that's for a lawyer, that's about
my head. I mean, whatif we said, listen to the Rossville

real story and it was fictional,we would say hard working, diligent on
time, over aggressive, like sue, super aggressive, sue, sue,
sue, sue, sue. DependableWait a second, I'm dependable about it
than you were ten years ago.Okay, one time I ran out of
gas on the way to my Myfavorite was that my alarm didn't go off

at a love thirty. Yeah,that happened. That happened like one time,
one and more than one recently sinceI've know. I'm saying ten years
ago, it was a it wasa bad problem. It's not true.
You've gotten better. It's worse thanyou think. You've shown up on time.
Congratulations, Sharon. I believe that'show you pronounced the name? Is
this iron? This is Sharon?Oh Sharon? Is it? Hmm?

When I think of Sharon, Ithink of s H A R O N.
How do you how do you spellyour name exactly? That? What?
Oh? Okay? Well, theyoung these young people that they don't
know the good value named Sharon calledback. That's right, Sharon. What
do you got today? Well,you know, I'm just curious. I'm
in the mental health field, andI'm just wondering these guys know, I

mean, and it's very privately.Did they do a lot of mental wellness
sports enhancement or yes? They dolots of it. They do. Yes.
In fact, was it not fromberthat went and saw sports therapists for
a while? He has? Ithink I knew that they have mental health
professionals on the on the staff.Yeah, I can tell you that they

know that. Yeah, if therewas any issues with any professional athlete,
I think in twenty twenty four sharingthey could get somebody a sports psychologist on
the phone in a millisecond. Goodgood, good good, Because it just
seems to me that sometimes it's theconfidence thing going on. And you know,
easy for me to say from myTV set, but I used to
I didn't do baseball, but myone of my brothers still the he's getting

up there in an age, buthe still plays for amateur league. So
I get a lot of insights fromhim. And I just wondered, So
I'm glad to know that. Yeah, for sure, know that for sure.
And by the way you should recommend, you should recommend your services for
ninety percent of our callers, theyprobably could use some help from you.
Well, hey, I mean youknow what. I'm driving to my new
private practices. We speak so withyou serious? You know what shared You

are now the official therapist of theMatt Thomas your congratulations, You're on See
you later. I got my phonenumber, I imagine I do. We
got your number now, don't everforget that. By the way, you
want to call him prancas, wegot your number. We're gonna give it
out and call you back. AndI do it too. I do call
people back. I have done thatbefore. Oh I god, it feels
so good. Hmmm, I'm vindictive. Oh I know you you If you're

on my side, we are brothersfor life and sisters. If you cross
memm, We'll get you back.Okay, Matt, Thankfully you and I
are on the same side, havebeen that way for fourteen years. Wouldn't
dare cross your Matt. That's whatI'm talking about. All right? Uh?
What else going on? We gotWe got NBA Finals tonight. Are

you excited? Yes? No?Porzingis all in all likelihood, IP is
also coming news also coming out thatI guess you could. You could argue
because he's seven foot three and Idon't know the his bone structure and all
that and ligaments, but yeah,he's super tall. Guys do have issues.
Yeah, I would say anybody overseven feet tall with big feet,

all right, p But he's gothe's got a variety different things. It's
hurting him. Look at Doncics hasgot a bunch of ailments. He's been
apparently taking painkilling ejection injections before gamesDallas minus two and a half. I
haven't seen a listening, but tome it sounds like Christops might be listed
as questionable, but he's listened.It's a game time decision. I don't
believe it to be true. Theysaid it was some kind of serious ligament

issue. Yeah, there was alot of really big medical words in their
listing. Oh yeah, which waylove to do way beyond our our pay
grade? Longhorn Legend, Greg Brownthe third also listed as question. Will
Michael Wilbon make uh tuh? TomawayJunior the pick to click tonight? I

hope not. By the way,there was something that I was reading a
story, and I don't know ifpeople particularly care about this kind of stuff.
But you know they've been playing theseRocket Nick's recap games, these replaybacks
on Space Hitty. Yes, andyou know NBC and CBS before that would
do these great, long theatrical buildups. Yeah, we don't see that
anymore because Bob cost this monologue.Well, all the CBS guys, Brent

Musburger would do it, Dick Stocktonwould do it, Bob Costas would do
it, Marv Albert. I meanit was these way to kind of crescendo
at the start of the broadcast.Well, you know the reason why they
don't do that anymore is because theywant that to be ad time. Yeah.
They basically want to go ad adad ad, play this introduction music
and get right at the game.Yeah, they don't want to. They
don't want to wail the Lakers coachsituation for three minutes and then more ads.

Correct? Do you I miss that? And maybe that's just the TV
I think. Yeah, it setsthe stage, it's well written, it's
theatrical. It it lends to thegravity of what's going on, and especially
if they're well written, which alot of those Bob Costas ones were.
You know, what'll do I usedto go listen to I've gone to my

one. Let's go find one fromthe ninety four season or ninety five,
either one of the two championships haveBob Cosenerro and we'll do it like one
twenty. It's like Michael Jordan goingfor greatness a third straight championship tonight on
NBC and then boom, John Teshand I'm so good, and I'm gonna
find a CBS one from the eightiesthat I loved. Okay, great,
you know, I'm just trying toI'm just trying to see contribution. I'm

just I'm trying to add something thewas Okay great. Twelve fifty eight.
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Lunchtimers. This is the Matt ThomasShow one O three on Sports Talk
seven. I have we got Astrosbaseball coming up at the bottom of the
hour. We'll get certainly done alot more of that as we get to
on deck. Brian Attager will joinus from uh San Francisco as well as
part of this one. All right, Bill O'Brien said a couple of things.
I have not heard this, butit is making the social media streets.

Connor help us out here. Wherewas this audio obtained from? It
was on somebody's podcast or somebody radioshow or something. It is a podcast
called Next Up? What Yeah?Next? Next Up with Fleet and and
and what is it? He callshim. He also calls him something else
g money or something like that.Doesn't the Fleet call cg Okay Gez Geez,

that's exact, Guy Gez Gordy International. He calls him g Z.
All right, so, uh he'son a podcas cast and Bill O'Brian admitted
that maybe his time not so muchas a coach by himself, but coach
and a general manager, could havegone differently. That was a tough time
in Houston. We were a goodteam. We made some decisions relative to

the organization to try to fill theGM role. We went after some guys
we couldn't get them, and atthe end of the day, we went
a full year I think without aGM. Really myself and another guy did
it, and then there was ayear where they were like, well,
we're just gonna, you know,make you the GM. So in the

end, that's not who I am. That's another lesson learned, right,
Like, you know, I didn'treally enjoy being the GM. I didn't
enjoy negotiating contracts. I in somerespects I lost relationships with some of the
guys that I was coaching, youknow, because I was also I didn't
really enjoy that. In my opinion, there's very few guys in his history

of football that can ever do that, and they're the greatest of the greats.
And you know, I feel likeI'm a good coach. I know
how to coach. I think youguys know that. But those things I'm
not great at I can evaluate talent. I know how to evaluate talent,
but I'm not. I don't Ishouldn't be negotiating contracts and things like that.
So in the end, that wasa mistake by me, and I

wish I really didn't do that togo to be really honest with you.
You know who loved him negotiating contractswith Larry Tunzel. He thought he was
a great She thought he was amazing. He was the best. The Miami
Dolphins think that Bill O'Brien is agreat general man. There's a lot there's
a lot of athletes that have zeroissues with Bill O'Brien. Now, he
said they went after guys, that'snot necessarily true. They went after one

guy, Nick Cassio, and thePatriots said, shut up on mass up,
get out of my picnic, getout of my little pig ROAs or
or my lobster bake. Get yourass back to Houston. Here's tampering charges.
Yeah, and I'm gonna sue yourass if you do this again.
Yeah. So I think we're tryingto recreate history a little bit here.

How about when he said, youknow, I'm a good coach, I'm
a time by where you guys knowthat, Well, maybe they don't know
that. Maybe they're like, no, we don't think you're a good coach.
We think you're a douche. Imean he's got to be. He's
got to have some level of competency. He's been around for this long.
Yeah. Yeah, Now, goodluck to the b C Eagles, which
is really weird. Yeah. Iguess ACC football that's there for the taking

at your girl, But that's adifferent issue. I said, ACC volleyball,
come get your girl. What Yeah, what are you talking about saying?
I'm not I'm saying accy football.Is Bill talking about your daughter?
Yeah? Okay Ac. In themiddle of this, Bill O'Brien said,
yeah, yeah, okay, Isaid ACC football, ACC basketball not bad
ACC volleyball. Yeah, okay,Okay, back to it. Yeah,

he's he's in his rightful spot.He can he can be the boorish.
That's why I called him, BillO'Brien, borish Bill. Okay, he
can be his borish. Hearing hisvoice kind of makes you cringe, or
at least me makes you go.This guy didn't Speaking of that man,
he was able to evaluate himself inthe NFL when we were running it at

the Houston Texans. Yeah, wemade some controversial decisions, but you know,
we made some good decisions too.We traded some top picks for Laramie
Tunssel. Laramie Tunsseel was one ofthe greatest left tackles in the history of
the game in my opinion, andhe still plays there. I don't think
he gave up many sacks this pastyear. So there, and there's other
examples of guys that we brought inthere that were really good players that we
made decisions as when I was generalmanager or when I was doing it with

somebody else. So it wasn't likeit was all terrible. Now, you
know, the media narrative as it'sterrible, But for me, it just
personally, it's more about being acoach, you know, and that's what
I love to do. That's whoI am. He wouldn't even mention name.
I know that's number one. Andthen also the median narrative is that

it was terrible. Okay, No, he sabotaged the franchise. His moves
were his moves were terrible. Hewas an I can't say good coach.
I would say a decent day threetimes Brian three times. Yeah, but
I think he is trying to revisithistory and recreate the facts that we all

have vivid memories of. Mm hmm. It's funny they didn't bring up the
you suck, you suck to partof the Bill O'Brien regime. Here I
pulled up a list of some ofhis moves. Trading a third rounder for
Duke Johnson. That was bad.Trading Davin Clowney probably wasn't that worst?
Oh the worst idea, LARRYMYE.Tunsel. Yeah, you got a good
player, but you gave away multiplefirst round picks and then made him the

highest paid tackle on the market.You well overpaid for him, and he
lacked that his he lacked his assoff when he got to negotiat with second
rounder for Brandon Cooks, I guessthat's okay. Oh, this was bad.
A third rounder for Gary on Connley. Oh, that was a horrible
move. Crime in DeAndre Hopkins.Of course, in the David Johnson movie,

we haven't even mentioned that, theone that made you and I for
two straight minutes ago. What what? Yeah? He is reinvent he is
he is reu What do you callwhen you reinvent? Reinvented history. History,
he's reinventing history. Yeah, Iguess. I mean we all kind
of do that. I know Ido it daily. Mm hmmm, Like

when you embarrasses yourself in front ofa woman or something like that, and
then years later your buddies try tomake funny for it and you're like,
oh, it wasn't that bad.Or we wound up going out after all
when you never did no, oryou know, she was with another guy
and she really couldn't go out withme. You fell and everyone laughed.
You're like, oh I was Everyonewasn't laughing. It wasn't that bad.
Yeah, yeah, Yeah, wehave somebody. These guys are overplaying there

somebody in this office that does that. Really, I'm not naming names,
but we got a guy. Wegot a guy that likes to reinvent history.
Remember that time you said Ryan Leifwas the greatest all of time and
he was gonna be better than PeytonManning. I don't know if I don't
know if that's really what I said. Do you know we've talked about this
before. I had Ryan Leaf overover pace. Why I brought it up,
Yeah, but I'm not I don'tknow but I'm saying that you can

make mistakes. Now I didn't.I didn't say what you just said.
You're now embarrassing a little bit.Hold on, now, I'm just kidding,
but I know. And that's oneof those things you go, you
know what you missed the sports team, But that was a pretty big one.
That's a good move. That otherone that other people have made to
you. You goofed on that froma guy was on the league within three

years to a hal Ofay quarter.Actually I figured it out. It's your
fantasy team. Like you're you're likefour and nine, yeah, and you're
like, you know, we've hadsome injuries, we made some good moves.
Okay, we picked up Christian McCaffreynumber one overall, like the simplest,
easiest move ever, A good move. Yeah, how about this one?
We were we were just one scoreaway in all those games, one

one drop pass or one complete orone big hit or one free throw made.
Yeah, Justin Tucker scored fifteen onme. Was it my fault?
Yeah? Uh, Javier and passit get down Deane at one ten?
Hi? Hoavier? I did it? How's going buddy? I didn't really
have a call, but as y'allbrought off that uh hold down your Hopkins
trip thing. Do you also havethat clip of y'all freaking out when that

happened? I think we do somewhere. I was listening to when it happened.
That was funny. I would theplay I had it, so maybe,
yeah, that was archives. Didy'all find it? Give it a
play before you'll cut out or something. Well, we'll do today. We
have a short show, but well, you know, we'll do it on
Friday. We'll find it. We'llfind it for Friday, buddy, all

right, thanks the Yeah, we'veplayed within the last year, so I
know we've done it. It's kindof someone like an anniversary bit right,
Yeah, when's the anniversary of theMatt Thomas show. Well, you know
there's the other shows in town.They count how many five on the show
thousand show? Where are you at? Matt? The first day I did
the show the second time around,the seven ninety part of the Matt Thomas
career was January third, twenty ten. Okay, it was a Monday.

I remember taking the job on ourFriday and Al Farvey was a coworker of
ourses. Yeah, we need youto be down here to start to show
on Monday. I'm like, I'meleven hundred miles away. I'm not packed
the thing yet. Okay, wellyou can get here, right, okay,
I sure why. He was alittle young in the business. He
was, but I got here.It was here. Now, you did
not produce my first show. Ibelieve I did. I did, but
it was a rotating there was ifat first it was rotated, and this

was in twenty ten, and thenI was made full time in February.
Okay, so I believe I didwork your first show, but then there
was kind of a carousel a parttime. Okay, all right, very
good. And then that's because Coreywhatever his name was, he impregnated his
girlfriend and he was going to leavebecause he wasn't gonna make enough money as
a board out. And I said, well, thank god, your boys

can swim. Now I'm full time, So thanks shout out to Corey and
his potency. All right, realquick, before we get to a time
out here, Bonnie Joe is withus on the Matt Thomas Show. Bonnie,
how are things good? Timing?I was about to walk into TJ
Max. Okay, so, bythe way, TJ Max, before you
go or the best snacks you canget as you're about to check out at

PJX. No kidding, my Paul, I bring stuff, but he's like,
where did you? I'm like,oh, in line at TJ Max.
Yes, oh heck, yes,yes, absolutely agree, totally okay
and Thousand Island Yes, best stressingup. That's what I'm talking about,
Bonnie Joe. Now we're now we'reback. I'm called got Bill O'Bryant.
So I agree with Ross on thevoice. Okay, I just hear his

voice. It's like fingernails on achalkboard to me, you know, I
mean just it just drives me insane. And to me, he's like always
seems so boastful of himself, likehe was this he's like some icon in
the coach world, you know,and and he's not and isn't. And
to listen to him talk, healways has to build himself up or make

it sound like you know, I, you know, I this and I
that and when I was there andwe did this, and you know,
it's just he just the noise meto no whend. So I just wanted
to agree with y'all on him.Great to your voice, Bonnie Joe and
good luck at TJ Max. Andby the way, don't buy too many
snacks while has you been to TJMax for the snacks I have? No,
I'm telling you, if you wouldnot think you'd get caught up in

that snack world. But it's good. You know the I want I want
bought most recently. You know hehad those drumstick ice cream cones. Yes,
or the very bottom of the conehas chocolate around the cone part of
it, the very bottom Okay,they have a bag of snacks of that
bottom of the cone chocolate wrapped arounda waffle cone. Really, that sounds

kind of good. It's oh.I normally go for the the fine pound
bag of sarapatch kids that you caneasily find that so so, but I
go I'm more of a Ross guy, mostly because it's across the street from
where I live. We probably namerecognition to no. Although one time there
was a guy there. He washe was a security guard. He was
drunk and or high, and hewas talking and yelling at everybody and I
was like, hey, man,you want me to blow your mind?

Excuse my name is Ross. Andhe was like, oh my god,
hey hey. He was calling peopleover he was on drugs, but he
was having a good time and hewas nice. Okay, but no,
I don't go there because it's myname. Okay. I actually got ridiculed
for that as a child. SoI should hate the store. Oh you
should. Yeah. TJ Max greatand they don't spend money with us,

so reray Rack, reray Rack hasgreat snacks as you get to the to
the check. Okay, thank you, Matt. All right, when we
returned, a little ode to somegreat television and how NBC in the nineties
and CBS in the eighties would createdrama before a game. Now it's ads,
ads, ads, ads, announcerads, ads, ads, no

halftime analysis. They don't have topay attention to the game in nothing but
ads and ads are important, butyou have to put them in context.
You got to have a little bitof drama building up, like this show
build drama speaking about I'm want totake about something right now, but I'm
not going to spend nine minutes tellyou about I'm looking to tell you about
affordable tree service. If your treesare suffering because of the wet weather we've
had in the last month or so, it seems like, then I want

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it sounds like the NBA and NBCis coming back, not next season,
but the season after, which meansI would assume it'd hear this now right
now. It's currently heard on FoxCollege Basketball, which is just atrocious Villanova
versus Seaton Hall with John Tesh inthe background. Oh hell no, this
is NBA, all right. Sowe were talking about this before There was
a story on our website called AwfulAnnouncing that says, what can ABC do

better to improve their coverage of callingand presenting NBA playoff games? One of
them said, build some drama intothe introductions. It's compared to playing extra
ads. As a kid of theeighties and as in a young adult of
the nineties, I loved the wayCBS and NBC did their open to their
NBA broadcast. I have an exampleof one from nineteen eighty five, who

as a kid and you found onefrom nineteen ninety one and nineteen ninety one.
Yes, so let's do the onefrom CBS versus is nineteen eighty five.
I want to say, this isan Eastern Conference. I don't know
what it is, but it's eightyfive, it's a playoff, and it's
Brent Musburger still lie by the way, uh doing rest He still retired.

I mean he's resting. He's probablyresting comfortably betting on some thing. At
this point. Here's Brent Musburger introducinga playoff game in nineteen eighty five on
CBS. The Lakers have waited oneyear for redemption, and now they're on
the brink the heroes have been many, the determined Magic, Johnny, the
Age Lives, Abdul Jabbar, theunsung Duel, Cup Check and Rambus.

And a victory today meets a Worldchampionship. This Championship series has been a
classic heavyweight battle. The Celtics scoreearly and often in the first round,
where the Lakers battle back were stunningpower Obdil Dabar and Morgan. The Celtics

get up off the deck behind LarryBird and the Dennis Johnson buzzer Peter,
but they were staggered again by theLakers fast breaker. Now the Celtics was
that of the bell one more time. The World Championship rounds Graham byrd Kale

and Magic. The stars are ready. That is excuse my French on this.
That's just sex right there on television, all right. So let's fast
forward a few years later. NBCgets the game, some CBS and you

get this from Bob Costas. ChicagoBulls clinched their first NBA title tonight.
As most expect, the easy,obvious impulse will be to call it a
triumph for Michael Jordan and his teammates, which it certainly would be, But
that's not the whole story. Yousee. If tonight is the night,
it will also belong to the franchise, a work in development for twenty five

years. In particular to the Bullsof the early seven who embodied the spirit
of their feisty city. Tonight wouldbe for Clifford Ray and for Tom Borwinglem,
who struggled mightily but could never quitematch up with the dominant centers of
their era. Tonight would be fora pair of street fighters who may have
been the best defensive backcourt in NBAhistory, Jerry Sloan and Norm Van Laer.

Do you think they're proud to seethe current rules holding Los Angeles under
ninety points a game. Tonight wouldalso be for the sterling pair of forwards
and scoring press Chet Walker, nowa film producer here in California, and
Bob butterbe Love, a business executivein Seattle. I think they'll be watching
tonight. These Bulls of the earlyseventies played in the Western Conference, where

despite their grit, there was oneteam they couldn't seem to be, one
team that knocked them out of theplayoffs three straight years. Yes, for
Los Angeles Lakers, it has takena while, But if tonight is the
night those old bulls will enjoy ameasure of satisfaction as well. Here we

go, oh yeah, oh yeah, that's just the NBA NB How you
introduce a finals game? Oh notwith Steven A. Smith talking about the
Lakers opening on the neck of pacaIs making moves and then playing nine minutes

of commercial Kaitlyn Clark and Kaitlyn Clark, Roger before we get to astros on
deck? What do you got?Oh man? I just was thinking about
the old time those you should havedid that one with the rest of helpers
Finals in eighty five with the Lakersand Rockets. That was a good one
as well. Uh So, Iwas just thinking about this and brave thing.

So I just think that Sapata hadhis hands tied. Like I said
before earlier of the season, Ithink he's just a puppet, uh doing
bag walls and data Brown's work andjust just just talking and filling up,
filling up airspace when they asked yourquestions because he still has a brain walking
in that lineup. That just meansthey don't want to win and money conkers

long. That's all I gotta say. Thank you, Roger, all Right,
appreciate it, Bun. All right, Ross, look at your nap
in. Okay, we're gonna hearyou on the tenth Inning Show. Yeah,
I mean I guess I might stayup here. I guess then we
got a couch in there. Yeah. I don't want to drive back during
traffic because the games drive. Thegame's gonna end it like five right?
Yeah, really, Clinton, Wexsershould be here. That's not other here

nor there. Well, far beit for us to ask them to actually
work? Yeah? All right,real quick, Classic Elape Buick GMC zero
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trains Encores. Thenllis in Sierras allat Classicelite BUICKGMC dot com. That's Classic
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