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May 30, 2024 86 mins
Matt Thomas and Ross Villarreal of The Matt Thomas Show recap the Houston Astros losing three straight on the road against the Seattle Mariners with the latest defeat ending in a 2-1 final in the 10th inning on Wednesday. Spencer Arrighetti will start on the mound Thursday as the Astros look to avoid the series sweep and gain some ground in the AL West, currently sitting 6.5 games back from the lead in the division. Matt and Ross discuss Stefon Diggs and Danielle Hunter participating in Texans OTAs, react to the Red River Rivalry game between Oklahoma and Texas being moved back to a 2:30 CT start time, say "I Just Don't Get It" and more.
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Yeah, lunch timers, this isthe Matt Thomas Show, twelve oh one
in ahe town. What's happening lunchtimers. Good afternoon to you, and
welcome to a Thursday edition of TheMatt Thomas Show. This is Sports Talk
seven ninety. Dur goes three totwo. Pitch shallow center. That's got
a chance to get down, andit does. The Astros strike first and

it's Jake Myers. One nothing.Bregman races to third base, a soft
single by Myers with the ball onhis hands, one out going on for
dominant. Camp Zone first pitch andcan Zone ropes it deep to right center
field and you can kiss that one. Good bye. Cam Zone hits his
fifth home run of the year totie the ball game at one. Berlander

takes a moment back up there.Pitch clock down to four, the two
to zero, there is a numberright back to Erlander on one hop lobs
one over the first and it's aneasy out, and another one, two,
three, eight in a row retiredby later. Here's the one.
Hey Crawford hits it well the rightTucker racing back, he'll get there,

make the catch, but the Barrinerswill win it. As Plass will tag
at score two to one Seattle thefinal in ten JP Crawford the walk off
sack line, Yeah, runs rightaway. Damn one run per bell.
It feels like one run per game, but it's one inning per game.

The hell's going on? I don'tknow. I mean, I didn't realize
the Astros were facing Cy Young,Sandy Kofax, Greg Maddox, Roger Clemens,
and back to back and out oftheir bullpen too. When did Ryan
Standing become really awesome? Mean goodgood Man's unstoppable. Lord, this is

the problem you Oh you had theanswer. No, I know, but
you just said this is the problem, so, which which means you've given
me the hope you're gonna for usas fans. I feel like this would
be a lot easier to take ifwe didn't have this in the context of
the entire season, These three gamesin a row by themselves in a vacuum.
It's like, you know what,it's one hundred and sixty two game

season. You're a little bit snakebit, But we've been doing this where
it's groundhog Day. This is happeningover and over and over and over again.
Lack of execution in the clutch,cannot advance, can't even advance the
free runner to third base. Imean hit a fly ball or a ground
ball or something. And apparently fivepitches were thrown in the tenth five five

five, not one five. AndI mean that's fine if you're gonna go
and you're trying to go ambush styleand all that type of stuff. But
if you're doing that, then imean, get a hold the one.
Can you at least hit a threehundred feet rather than lazy pop ups that
aren't going to advance runners. Andit's just it's getting to be a bit

exhausting, That's all I'm saying.If this was then that's what I'm saying.
That's the problem. It's like wecould dismiss this or sweep this under
the rug and say, hey,we would go to our old We keep
it in our back pocket. It'sbaseball. That's baseball. Well so far
this has been baseball for the entireseason for the Astros. Yeah, that's
where it hurts. It hurts.Doesn't feel good. A little disappointed.

Three straight close losses, three straightto the good pitching performances. Taylor Scott
was lousy to tenth, but that'strue. I mean he got two outs.
Boy, that JP Crawford fly ballwas deep whatever, three straight quality

starts. Bullpen's giving up two earnedruns, and you are zero and three
in this series where you needed tomake up ground on the first place Mariners,
and you're losing to the team that'sright in front of you, just
going Chiching, chi ching. Andyou're trying to stave off a sweep today
against Logan Gilbert who threw eight shutoutagainst you last time. Oh but you
got the spent to ed a giddyfriend of the show, great spokesperson for

the team. I mean, I'mwishing for the best for today. Let's
just say my optimism is not high. Well, you're gonna be listening.
By the way, Adam and Adama full day off today. What are
they doing? I don't know whatis Adam Clinton doing right now? Probably
ten grand theft auto. Yeah,he's running over hookers and grand theft auto.
He's probably in his theater room rightnow, just joined the day off,

A well deserved day off. Meanwhile, I did the show yesterday and
the on Deck and the tenth Dinny, Yes, you did a ninety minute
night cap yesterday. Which I bythe way, before you're it was yesterday.
Yeah, you know, you're right, I'm talking about nevermind something else.
And yeah you did the tenth thingytwo days before that your callers yesterday.
I don't think I was just trollingyou or whatever. But Frank was

a legendary caller to the show.He was He was very upset about the
Ashtros. He said that that's likethe only thing that he has to live
four. Well, the Astros.Let's get him laid. Yeah, let's
find something good. Sex will beat a bad baseball team. I hear
the Legos are popular with the adults. Now, pick up some Lego sets.
There's some on sale. Yeah.Yeah, I have a friend of

mine still to this day. We'vebeen friends for probably over thirty years.
Uh huh, still collects hot wheels. Yeah, people do that. Miles
Turner of the Longhorn Legend and ofthe Indiana Pacers is a big Lego guy.
They that's what Lego pivoted. Apparentlythey made a business decision. They're
like, we're gonna go after adults. We're gonna make these We're gonna make
it way more expensive for these likeStar Wars sets, that take hours and

hours, and people got really intoit and they've been making more money,
so good for the Lego company.Yeah. I did Legos when my children
were growing up, and then Ibroke them and I just dropped massive amounts
of F bombs and I just thoughtit was not appropriate to be screaming at
my four year olds about these Fbomb Legos, and so I gave up
on them. I did them all. We did the Thomas the Tank Engine,

we did a Door of the Explorer, we did the Wiggles, we
did the only thing we didn't dowas Teletubbies. Thank god we were able
to avoid the Teletubby I think they'repeople saying that the Teletubbies were trying to
indoctrinate the children or something like that. Yeah, that whole controversy. Yeah,
we didn't have to go through thatanyways. Yeah, let's talk about
it. You know what, I'drather talk about the Teletubbies in the Houston
Astros right now. I would not. I'd rather talk Astros in tel Tubban

now. Great. If you wantto get into uh a Wiggles conversation,
I'm all about that. I reallydon't. You don't know who the Wiggles
are. I mean, I knowwho they are. I don't want to
talk about freaking rock stars. Whenthey came cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti,
potato, potato. Okay, thisis what it's coming to. Hey,

everybody, Stefan Diggs showed up atOTAs today. Yes, I'm so excited.
I am excited. God, Ithink, God he showed up there.
Thank god he was traded here andshowed up. Think. Oh,
I'm so happy. I was soworried about to show up to do but

there, he's a good teammate.I hadn't really given it a thought,
but I'm glad he's there. I'mI'm pleased. I'm so Now you can
start printing the Super Bowl tickets now, well, I mean the odds are
looking pretty good. What are theodds these days? They were I know
that. I know for a fact. They were twenty seven to one before
the Digs acquisition. Oh then theywent because I mean I got a little

ticket on that. All right.Now, here's the thing. Has the
Texans win total change from nine anda half? I don't think so stank
the juice might have gone up becauseI'm going to like Charles in Night three
weeks and I could want to betthe under, right, you don't know
that. I mean you're a textanhater number one, not texhanded number one.
You've been You've been betting the underlike the last five years, and

I've collected multiple times, but lastyear didn't I did not collect. Now
I got a pan, I gotto stay a steak dinner. Yeah,
for the last eight months, I'vebeen trying. But he's apparently always busy,
very busy. I don't know whatthat means. He's a man about
town, he's a man in can'tskewed some secrets when it looks like it's
uh, staying steady at nine anda half. But you do have to

lay one fifty for it minus onefifty, as in basically three to two
hundred and fifty dollars to one hundredeither way. No, just for the
for the over. Oh so Itook the under, I'd get a plus
one fifty. Yeah, come on, now, books got to make their
money. You're probably getting like aplus one to twenty men's probably Look,
that's probably true. All right herelook at math kings. Here's here.

Yeah, they're not in a sponsor. H here's the radio show today.
We are in our mode until twoo'clock. Yes, and then you're leaving
me at two o'clock later. Imean, do you want me to stay?
He get mtaggered to Brian McTaggart.Brian McTaggart from Seattle. Yeah,
by the way, can we canwe I'm done with the grasshopper food eating.
I don't like it. It doesn'tinterest me. Can we be done

with that? I mean they weretrying to do something you're talking about on
the broadcast last night. Yeah,it's just refuses to eat it. And
thank god Jeff's got some sanity inhis brain. I give it a shot.
Oh no, why not? Nochance? Open your mind, Matt.
No, I'm sorry. I haveall of my mind. I will
you know what all of them inmy mind too. If you're telling me
that there is a tomali in thistown that is spectacular, I will eat

it. If you're telling me thereis a spectacular amount of guakam oay that
Mama Villaryoo makes, I will tryit. Oh my god, it's so.
And we are going a week oneweek from today, we are going
to eat some brisket that you thinkis the best in town. It's some
of the best in town. Iknow the best in town is unfortunately closes
at three. Well what time we'reoff at three? Now three? Next
week? Yeah, they close itthree point being is this I will try.

I'm not interested in eating insects.It doesn't appeal to me. I
don't care what weirdo in Seattle saysit's going to be as good or not.
Well, I mean Todd Callis likesthem. Well, that's on him.
But he Julia Morales likes them.I mean they they're first. Oh
she doesn't. No, I thinkshe did it. It's a dare Well
Todd Callus likes them. Okay,well, then people eat them. You

can get them at certain restaurants herein town. Crickets, I think.
Okay, I would like to knowfrom those of you out there in radio
land, when's the loss and hehead a cricket? Hmmm, not talking
my phone, I'm talking about theinsect. By the way, you can
get a bag of whole roasted cricketsfor seventeen fifty's from Amazon. That's gross.
By the way, today we werehaving some work done in front of

our house. Okay. The biggestraccoon university in my entire life is hanging
in my front tree in my house. How many pounds would you say it
is? I don't know, butI think it's pregnant. I'm not kidding
you. Really, it's huge.Uh No. The workers that were in
front of our house were like,oh my god, come out here and
see this thing that came out knockedthe door and go look at that raccoon
just hanging up there. Okay,I don't know why I brought that up,

but it is what it is.I don't know. People eat rightcoon.
Somehow we went from the astros toeating crickets, to the wiggles to
the raccoot to raccoons. That's theMatt Thomaston to three normally, but new
into two today we're gonna bump up. I just don't get it from two
thirty to one thirty because there aresome things I just don't get and we're

gonna have. I'm gonna have,hopefully, have you guys help me figure
that out. Okay, by theway, Connor, I heard them do.
I just don't get it. Yesterdaythey to the segment what happened.
They just they didn't understand the segment, which I don't get why they don't
get the segment. Maybe that couldbe your I just don't get it.
Coming up at one thirty, You'reon Sports Talk seven ninety no believe it
or not today, So all ofyou that no one listen for that one
segment of the show per day that'snot on. And we've Astros Dick at

two o'clock seven one three two onetwo five seven ninety seven one three two
one two five seven Adam Clinton tellinghe wants he says, hey, blank
off the both of you. Okay, that feels for listening. That feels
rather rude but truthful. Oh telluh, Wax is over at Texas.

So at least he's putting in somehours today. No, uh no,
it's but Clinton's doing some home repairsome sort. Good for him. Seven
one three two one two. Yeah, he'd be paying somebody. I think
he's taking a nap. Seven onethree two one two five seven ninety seven
one three two one two five seventy. Is there someone of a blessing that

the Astros games and playing sol lateat night the last handful nights, maybe
there's less people watching. Just throwingthat out there. Attention, fellow Houstonian's
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the state Medicaid program. Again,it's mhmdicare dot Com. Lunchtimers, lunch
Timers. This is the Matt ThomasShow twelve nineteen on Sports Talk seven nine

eight is the Matt Thomas Show.ROSSI I did the tenth ending last night.
Took a couple of calls. Fine, feeling all right. I mean
I'm a little wounded. You don'tlook sluggish or anything, thank you,
because if you're you got a bellyfull of case, I'm all jacked up.
My mountain dew. Yeah, ithappens. But I got a tweet
yesterday that I had not seen ina subject line in forever. Okay,

may I read it to you wellas you struggled to pull it up.
I'll give you a little bit oftime follow Matt at Sports MD. Thank
you, Thank you for I don'tknow, all right dates on his daughter's
volleyball team. I give you morethan that. And I brag about her
because I can. We're you,We're all proud of her. Yeah,
it's gone on and get worse.It's amazing what she's accomplishing with with having

the setback of you as her father. If you want to mute me,
that's fine. I know I knowexactly who mutes me. Who doesn't trust
me on this? Lord? Allright? And then, and the feeling
is mutual, I'll be muting yourass. It's mutual. Well, I
see what you did there. Thankyou. I see who you are out
there. I like your tweets everyonce in a while, and you never
like mine. I know who youare. Start calling you out by name,

but it's you're so hilarious, allright. At Marco Meyer's m I
E. R. Five says coachesaren't doing anything right. This is according
to the astros here. They allneed to be fired. So you're gonna
fire every coach, all right,that, every single over one of them.
I would go hire Bull Porter againto light a fire under these clowns.
Oh yeah, I know he suckedtoo, but I am tired of

them half assing everything and not doingthe little things like moving the runners over
man. And here's the bigger problem. There were three people that liked it.
I'll go like it too. Wherelet me go find it. Don't
do it. I'm liking it,don't do it. I'm gonna go drop

alike on this. All right,I'm gonna say something. I'm gonna tell
you see the worst too late.You should be embarrassed. Can I tell
you something what I'm and I thisis only for a I don't I can't
put a percentage on this, butI'm gonna put it at about thirty percent.

Okay, thirty percent of astro fans, whether they call a radio show,
whether they are I engaged on anyforum of social media, primarily Twitter,
are some of the dumbest people I'veever seen in my entire life and
heard from. Okay, I listenedto Stan show for a while. He

had back to back callers that wereso atrocious I turned it off. Hmm,
that's tough. Great show. Bythe way, listen, tend to
noon you can. It's it's fine, doesn't separate itself from anything else.
But that's a different issue, adifferent time. That troubles me ross that
the loud thirty percent makes me wantto hate all one hundred percent of Astro

fans. I understand, especially duringthese difficult times, in these trying times,
I think it's a mixture of things. It's a mixture of what the
team is doing. It's of howthey're losing all of these one run end
or close and or extra inning ballgames, and the fact that they've been
so excellent for so long, andthe fact that quite frankly, when your

fan gase fan base gets bigger,the dumb sector of your fan base gets
bigger. And also a lot ofnew fans aren't prepared mentally for the grind
of one hundred and sixty two gameseason. That is clearly the case.
So I ask you this before Igo to the phones, because we got
Chris online one who says he hasan idea of how to fix the ass

wonderful am I a reporter, isthirty percent feel about right? Or am
I am? I over or underthe number that should be there. I'm
talking about now, the average,most average fan goes to the games,
roots and cheers for them, andthey get mad they lose. They tell

their friends, they tell their familyman that suck our team loss. Well,
we'll get them tonight. It's thatthirty percent who think they know it
all, and I'm not a knowit all. I am far from it.
I learn things about baseball every damnday. It's the hardest sport to
talk about because there's so many differentnuances to it, and that you can

be so bad one day and sogood just twelve hours later, like the
Astros to Seay could go out andscore nine runs today. I think it's
gonna happen. Probably not, butit's very much a possibility. Be nice,
you are who you are. Youcan see teams that will score ten
runs the one night, and asthe next night they'll score zero. The
Astros have been great examples of thelast couple of years. But I truly
believe as a major market radios,I'm beaten. I am being beaten down

by the thirty percent of the dumbassesout there. They've proclaimed to be somewhat
knowledge bowl about baseball. I willjust turn you to the late great George
Carlin who said, think of howdumb the average person is, and then
realize that means half the people aredumber than that. Hmm. Kind of
reflect on that I've reflected. Okay, let's talk to some people. Let's

hope that that thirty percent has notwildered their way out of this radio show.
We love you all, yes,but remember if we appreciate your support.
We appreciate your support, but knowthat three out of every ten people
that you run into a talking aboutastros don't know what the hell they're talking
about. Just putting that out there, Okay. I would say the Bullporter
tweet yesterday would be one of those. Care would be in one of those

situations, and the four people thatliked it, Hey, I'm one of
them, Baby, my great tweet. I rest my case. It's a
great tweet. Chris, you knowhow to fix the astros. The floor
is yours. Thanks. Yeah.So I think they just need an edge.

You know, we know how talentedthey are, we know they're injured,
but they don't they don't have thatedge. You know, they need
to light a fire under their butts. How do they go about doing that?
And I think there's a little toomuch rationalization going on. I think
they just need to like go outthere and get like, you know,
there needs to be some fire.So like if Spencer needs to dot Julio

Rodriguez in the back well bench alittle bench is clearing incident. Yeah,
whatever it takes, man. Yeah, how about like Joe Spotta can give
Scott Service a forearm shiver when theygive the level guards the beginning of the
game or something that would definitely bebetter than being asked to be ejected.
Yeah, so that's it. Justplay with fire. Yeah, No,

they just need to get some firein their belly, light a fire under
their butts. Thanks for the call, Chris. Gotta do something, maybe
like a pregame wrestling match in theclubhouse they can set some guys up and

really get get some fire in theirbelly, or like they could roast one
of the players, or just alot of fights. I don't know.
So you're telling me they're missing thefire. Yes, baby, they need

to get some better music. Walkinto the plate. Okay, well you
don't really get walk up music onthe road. You can. If you
have fire, you go to thepiano. Its just say I'm putting this
damn song on ship and this iswhat you put on. Yeah? Does
jose L two they know this?Turn up? It's a great sign am
getting fire. Don't you think ac DC is a definitive fire up band?

I think I definitely am a shortlist one of the all time greats.
You hear this song, I wantto be I want to have a
better segment than we had just herethat I thought you're gonna say something else,
But okay, I don't know howthat's possible. Matt turn up.
Let's go some fragments like I'm gonnaput this song on before we walk on

the field. Maybe downloads into hisiPhone. He put on two headbands today,
saying one's not working anymore. Yeah, all right, So we've been
able to to uh what do youcall it, uh galvanized? Find the
problem isolated? Okay, isolate theproblem. The astros need to get fired

up. Let's go fire them up. They're listless and lifeless out there.
Yeah. Yeah, when they're winningtwelve out of seventeen, they had some
fire. Well, then they lostthree. They lost three in a row
to the a's and the fire forthe last nine. I think it's like
it's the cold Pacific Northwest breeze thatYeah, it's like fifty four degrees out
there. That the story that fire. They can't get fired up that way.

Terrible seven one three, two,one two five seven ninety seven one
three two one two five seven ninezero. I mean, yeah, you
know twenty four and thirty two sixand a half out Rose, It is
it a must win Thursday. Ithink for mental health it is you lose

four straight and say, I don'tthey have a four and a half hour
flight coming home. Well, assomebody tweeted us, we need to have
a therapy session of orrow if theylose again. Oh we're doing it.
Twelve to one. No, no, no, because he's gonna play one
as you're waking up the stripper.Hey, by the way, we walke
the strippers up. And I don'tthink we've had a bad week when it
comes to things we regret saying,right, Connor, you gotta eve material
for this Friday. I don't thinkyou have anything? Do you? Probably

a little bit? Why don't youfind some he's talking to it why don't
you find some stuff from the Ateam today? Oh, they're not on
m I'll uh, I got somestuff in the archive I can pull back.
Oh yeah, yeah, rehash,Oh yeah, rehashing is no if
you go to I mean, I'vegot a great library of Matt Thomas drops.
I don't think you hit in mypersonal anything. I think I need
to race decades. Oh my godin the archives. There's some weeks where

I have too much that I haveto get. Okay, that's enough like
that. Let's go, baby.Just use Adam and Adam stuff today.
Three to six. Oh, they'reon with the astros. Good great job
guys, for sure. Keep upthe good work. Hope they hope they
really working hard. Up the work. That check when an example to set,
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think your life is in bad shape, just put on ESPN A little college
softball going on Alabama and UCLA.Has there been games There'd been a bunch
of honeys playing that game, justsaying what you disagree? Tell me time
I'm wrong. I didn't tell youyou're wrong? God? Who is uh?

Who's the number one seed in thesein the softball tournament Tech University of
Texas? Oh nice, wonderful,Oh you is very good. They're going
for a four peet, aren't theyyeah, oh you softball almost they have
like a home field advantage every yearbecause we didn't even celebrate the recent Longhorns
rowing national championship. He did youknow A and M won the national tennis

championship. Oh they did? Yeah, good for them because my middle won
that before my son Peyton. Yeah, is mister Aggie through in. So
I mean that's congratulations to the Aggieson that. Yeah, they've won something.
Yeah, that's I mean, it'smore recent national championship than anything Cougar's
have done. Meanwhile, the HoustonCougars went winless in Big twelve tennis this

year and fired the coach. Reallyyeah, I mean I don't know why.
I know that I have a littlebit of a clinical illness. M
I meny never mind. Well,wishing the Cougar's the best, of course
they are. I saw who arethey playing? Week one? In football?
You and Ov? They're only threepoint favorites against the Running ReBs.
I saw. I think UNOV isactually a decent football. Oh they're really

good. Yeah, I think Ithink they played in the Mount West championship
game. If I'm not mistaken ayear ago. Don't hole me to that,
but I think that. I thinkthey went to a bowl and then
we're going to Oklahoma the next weekendshould be better. By the way,
those of you that are Texas Oklahomafans, you're eleven o'clock kickoff at the
UH Red River Rivalry. Whatever isa shootout is no longer in play.

The game has been moved to twothirty. Yes, which I think it
would beneficial for everybody, although it'dbe a little bit warmer. I mean,
it's a bit of a challenge gettinglit by eleven am. But I've
always been up to that challenge.I make this promise to you Sports RV.
Yeah whatever, I shut up.I'm just saying it's not happening.
Okay, you've been promising me fortwelve years you're gonna come to the game,

and you have not just checked.I don't even care anymore. Okay,
whatever, Okay, I've been tofive now long words are four and
one. When I go just saying, can I just say this and you
can just say whatever? That's fine, Okay, go ahead. The Cougars
do not play that week, andif I don't have a Rockets game,
we'll go to the game. I'llhold my breath, but I don't want
to sit in the seats. Iwant a club or some series. No,
why what do you mean? It'snormally the first week in off October.

It's pleasant in Dallas October twelfth,cause would be pretty warm. Oh
my god, I want the mostMamby Pamby fanciest human being on the planet.
You can't be out there in likeseventy seven degrees. No, but
I want food and drink available tome. And I understanding in lines.
That's why you get a Fletcher's cornydog before the game, and you get

some wax paper cup beers and youget all lit up on that are their
chairback seats? No, it's bleachers. That sounds very uncomfortable. Year or
there's one hundred thousand people in thatbuilding who deal with it. Hey,
we carry the UT games. MaybeI'll just I'll call Craigway. You are
not getting those tickets. They're goingto me if anybody's getting them. Wait
minute, If I'm going to makethe special tription, I get special treatment

when you're you're absolutely you're accustomed descendingwith the crowd worst. I'm just saying
you can't. You can for aseventy seven degree sunny, beautiful game.
It the historic cotton ball. It'snot gonna be sixty three in raining.
You can't guarantee. Every time I'vebeen the weather's been good. All right,

normally it's very good. I wouldlike to have you put on a
poncho for yourself. There's gonna beone hundred thousand people there. You're better
than all of them. Yeah,I know you think, so it's not
true what you think. So canI sit in the press box? I
guess you can get a credential.I guess i'mis s Morty. I'll do
that. He's always trying to freeloada credential spot. I know. I

guess I'm looking for a locked inse see, like what is that?
Let's go to h Danny in theWoodlands at twelve thirty nine on The Matt
Thomas Show. Danny, good afternoonto you. Yeah, good afternoon guys.
Hi. Yep, So, justbeen sitting in traffic going forty five
south. Uh. Long time listener, definitely a long time Astros fan.

So you know, listen to theprevious caller about need to get some sort
of a fire in the belly.You know, there needs to be some
sort of leaders that steps up onthe team. You've got some guys that
have been on this team through twoof these championship runs that they've had.
I don't know, you know,is it is it, Bregman, but

somebody needs to step up as aleader. Look at maybe some films in
the past to see what's happened inthe past. It gets some of these
pictures that I know they probably dothat far to the games, but man,
to see them go out there andthen the pictures do what they need
to do and then just show upand give them an opportunity to win.
But then the falter because they can'tseem to get the clutch hits. Man.

It's it's just devastating, and Iknow it's hard for them guys when
they go back into the coldhouse.So I'm gonna hang up and I'm gonna
listen and we'll see what you guysthink that. Uh man, it's you
know, I know it's a longseason, right but right now, if
they're losing against these teams that arein our division, when we get to
kill it, if the season,it can hurt them because we could lose

the home build advantage. So I'mgonna shut up and I'm gonna listen.
Thank you very much, appreciate thephone call. Here's the thing, Having
not play in any of these sportson a professional, for that matter,
collegiate level, can you really inyour hearts when people say this team needs

to bring fire, this team needsto bring energy. Do you think Kyle
Tucker and Alex Brugman and jose AlTuovay step of the plate, get in
the batter's box and I'm being seriousabout this and go this is okay.
I'm gonna swing a couple of timesand I'm hoping I make contact. But
if I don't make contact, youknow I've made contact before. I'll make

contact again. It'll be fine.I think there is an element of hustle
in football. There's an element ofeffort in football and basketball, there is
an element of desire. I don'tthink in baseball those types of things are

missing from the average player. Idon't think Justin Verlander went up to the
mound yesterday and said, you know, if i give up seven, four
or five runs over six innings,I'm doing what my teammates are do and
I'll be fine. I think JustinVernlond treats this like every game is the
most important game in his career.I think Alex Bregman has been wearing it

out by all the negative things thathave been said. I think he's trying
his best. I don't think thisis a lack of want to desire now
are there are certain things like goingthrough motions, because that's what baseball is,
going through the emotions. Of course, you can't treat every game in
the month of May like it's Gameset of the World Series. But I

also believe these guys know what's aheadof them, they know what the problem
is, and I don't think they'retaking deliberate attempts in order to hurt the
success of this team because they justdon't have the fire in their belly.
No, as a practical matter,that's just it's just simply not true.

I as you laid out, arunning back can go and fight for that
extra yard. That wide receiver canmake that one little cut. That quarterback
can avoid the sack and maybe takeone more step to his left to try
to stay that keep the play alive. A basketball player can hustle for that
extra rebound. A that that basketballplayer can take one step to his left

or one step to his right toget a better shot. That one player
can play a better defensive series andbox somebody out. That's effort, that
his desire, and that's pretty easyto dissect who's playing hard and who's not.
It's very hard to for anyone togo to anybody and say, you
know what, uh, Jan erDiez, you know luck, you're having

fun. You know you really wantto do this very badly. I I
think it's very hard to judge.That's I mean, yeah, you can
go with some things like as aguy busting it down the line when on
ground ball or something like that,which I mean jord On Alvarez has come
under fire before in previous years.I think Jeremy Paania as well, and
he kind of he really runs downthe line nowadays. But it's little things

like that. But I mean,Alex Bregman has been in a Major leaguer
for nine years, jose L Tuvfor what thirteen years? Someone else somewhere
in that neighborhood, I mean yordOn Alvis, Kyle Tucker. These are
veteran guys. They don't need andif Joe Spotta starts screaming at them and
flipping tables, and MF and everybody. Then he's just gonna completely lose his

voice within that clubhouse. It's aboutthese guys being professionals, doing what they're
supposed to do and executing at ahigh level, which they're just not doing
consistently. When you make changes withcoaching stabs and managers, you do it
because of tactical decisions. You doit because of lineup placements. You do

it because you are staying with somethingtoo long. But Baseball's a six day,
seven day a week job. Youhave to have Alex Bregman at there
six seven days a week. Youjust do. And as much as many
of you love Mauricio Dubon, ifyou're telling me the only reason why the
Astros are not competitive are not winningmore games is because your eight slash nine

hitter is not getting his normal singlesin. There are bigger issues for this
baseball team than Mauricio Dubon not playing. I like Mariso Dubon. In fact,
I thought he probably should have pinchedhit yesterday as compared to letting Chas
McCormick hit in the tenth put Ohwhat's his face? Greg Kepinger out there
at Kessinger Kevinjow I don't even carewhat his name is. He never plays.
Let him be the pinchronner at secondbase. Tu bona to swing in.

But other than that, it's aboutit's about. It's about the top
of the order one for five yesterdaywith Altuove. It's about two more strikeouts
for Jeremy Paine. You it's abouta team that's just not hit the ball
right now, and really, franklyhasn't hit the ball enough this season against
even the really good teams, andthey're really lousy teams. But I am

very hard. It's hard for meto dissect whether or not a team is
hustling. What's the matter? ROSSI? The umps scorecard was a plus a
half a run for the Mariners.That they're down a run and a half
in three games. That's extremely rare. Like I'll go to the other games
from yesterday. Plus point one fourfor Cleveland, plus point zero four for

Chicago, plus point three to fivefor Toronto. Like, my god,
it doesn't matter. In the end, they still should have executed. They're
not catching a break, nope.And usually home team's road teams are not
catching great breaks. Seven to one, three two one two five SEVENATI twelve
forty six The Matt Thomas Show.This is Sports Talk seven ninety from H

down. This is a four hdown. This is this is Sports Talk
seven nights because right now you seeit Leton USA right now. Now back
to Matt Thomas. This show willgo to two o'clock. We'll have I

just don't get it at one thirty. We should do that thursdays of two
thirty. But we're gonna be anASTROSK coverage at two o'clock. Brian mctagger
will join me from Seattle, comingup in about seventy five minutes or so.
Seven one three two one two fiveseven nine zero seven one three two
one two five seven ninety. Let'sgo to Franklin in Cyprus on the Matt
Thomas Show. Franklin, good afternoon. Hey you're afternoon. That's for taking

the call. Show in the eventand managerial change is required. Uh uh
in the their future. What doyou think of you these two candidates and
like your opinion, Joe Madden orBuck Show Waltzer more, they're more in
the uh dusty managerial skill sets upand listen all right, I don't think

Joe a spot is losing his job. So I'm going to tell you that
this is kind of a mood conversation. I think I'm not saying he's he
should be buying long term real estate, but I'm also saying that I don't
think that's going to be the situation. And I do not believe that Madden
or show Walter will be serious candidates. Show Walter's passed his prime and Madden

kiss came off a frustrating, veryshort term tenured running Anaheim with the Angels.
I mean they both have great,uh managerial records, and both are
old school if you will. Butyou're all going to come to find out
something pretty important that the manager inbaseball has the least to do with his

team's impact over any other sport.That's gonna paint some of you. No,
bring both quarterback, that's what theyneed. Let's go well, something
a fire under. The caller askedabout whether it would be a Joe Madden
or a Buck Showalter be a type, and I just said, no,
Buck show Walter. I mean,Buck's gotta be in his seventies, right.
Did he ever win a World Series? No? I don't think so.

Colon wins. I guess Joe Spotthas never won more and but show
Walter was a finalist for the Astrosjob a few years back. That's true.
It wasn't like they don't know whohe is. Let's see, he's
sixty eight years old. As Ipull it up, he is a four
time Manager of the Year but azero time World Series winner. But it's
eh, it's the players. It'sthe players. It's the players. Players.

I mean, they were properly motivatedand not just going through the motions
when they won the weekend series againstthe A's. It's funny nobody was calling
for Joe a Spot his job whenthey beat the Brewers, who out of
three no, no, a firstplace Brewer seat. Correct. So you're
telling me three games on the road, three close, one to two run
games in Seattle against the first placeteam and now we get a fire Joe

Spot one run game or no,Well, I have two run game and
then two one one run games.Terrible three quality starts. Get some hits,
fellas. I'd rather get made changeswhen the team loses, like if
they drop two or three to SaintLouis and suck more suck against Anaheim.
I mean, if you're getting blastedeleven to two every game, and it
looks like the team doesn't care orsomething. Yeah, mailing it in,

yes, but I don't I don'tsense that now are they? Are they
running around sacrificing live chickens before games? No? But please win today,
Please win? You know what itis. And I can't look. I
can't wait to do this post gameafter they get swept four games? Why
not? Why are you doing it? You should one of the items should
do it. They're busy. Let'sgo to Steven in Los Angele on the

Matt Thomas Hilhis Stephen. Hey,Matt, how are you today? Fine?
Thank you for asking. Yeah,this, this whole like discourse on
Espada, which is a big topicon Astros Twitter, is laughable to me.
I mean, I mean, he'sonly going to get fired in my
opinion, if he loses the clubhouse, which I don't think is the case.

You know, right now, Imean, just news splash to anybody
who's listening. Seattle's a really goodteam. I mean, I mean,
well, maybe that's like a stretch, but they've got a really good pitching
staff and the Astros have a hardtime against them. They've only won one
series all last year, you know, I mean they're predominantly right handed pitching,

ashers are predominantly right handed hitting team. And just I mean look at
the series. I mean, KyleTucker hitless, Jeremy Kenny Pina hitless.
I mean, Jordan Alvarez has acouple of hits, but they're as singles.
I mean, they're just you're notgoing to win a lot of games
when one through five is you know, I think what the first game they
were one for eighteen and you knowyesterday, no RBIs you know, one

through five. So it's not justa spata. It's the guys. They're
not hitting right now. And Imean there's really nothing more he can do
other than he's putting his best hittersat the plate the most times. He's
putting his lesser players at the bottomof the order so that they hit the
least times. It's not on aspata. It's on the players. Everybody.

They've got a hit. Thank you, thank you, listen, thanks
even Yeah, I am again,I feel like I'm a broken record on
this, so I'm going to justsay it for the tenth time today.
This is about the nine men thatput the uniform on and in the starting
lineup. This is about the bullpen. This is about the starting pitching.
This team was constructed in a certainway, built on strings of heart of

the order back into the bullpen,friend, and as rotation guys, let
you down. I don't I don'teven. And here's the thing, Ross,
this isn't even. He can't blamethe injury card. Every day nine
is healthy. Yeah, none onthe hitters. Yeah. The majority of
the injuries they've had are with withthe pitching staff. Yeah. John Singleton
was zero four with two strikeouts.He had that nice little surge for a

little bit, but he's been terriblelately. And that's why again, jose
O braw whether you like it ornot, is going to get an opportunity
to play his way back in.And what's going on with our good friend
young yourdas twenty three home runs lastyear. He's the heir apparent there.
Oh my god, you must playhim every day. Two fifty three ops

of six forty five. That's gotto be kind of what was Martine Maldonado's
last year. Don't do that finalhour of the Matt Thamas Show. It's
kind of strange to say this mancan imagine doing two hours of radio a
day, six six for Maldonado lastyear, six forty five. Right now,

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That's Texas lunchtimers. This is theMatt Thomas Show. All right,

here we go with our number twoof the Matt Thomas Show. Good after
do to you, Ross, matt'connor, and you the fine people of Houston,
Texas, Texans today on the Ot A Fields where Stefan Diggs was
there. Let's go manby. NicoCollins was there ready, uh and I
think it's about it. Okay.They ran some drills, cost some passes.

Teamwork was great, wonderful. Doyou want to play the Adam Wexer
recap from Texans ot A. Whatdo you mean? Did he recorded one?
Yeah? He walked out of thestadium again. I mean, I'm
good. I'll drop him alike.Will you sure? What's his name?
Adam Adam Adam j wesdam j.He's only changed his middle name Joseph.
I think it's Joseph Okay or HYMIyou know, I don't know what's one.

It's one of the two seven onethree two one two, five seven,
any Astros by the way, I'mnot I've been checking to see the
I'm sure right, because if youknow who plays first base today, Oh,
the lineup is out, and youknow who is at first? Rid
off the whole thing up. He'sat an eighth Astros against Logan Gilbert.
This from our good friend Chandler Rome, Altuve, Tucker Alvarez. Oh,

Tucker is dhing by the way,jord On Alvarez in left, Jeremy Pana
at short, Bregmant at third,Jake Myers and center, Victor Carratini catching
Arraghetti a bray you is at first, and then Mauricio Dubon and right field.

It's over. It's over for thehoes. Let's go. Duban,
the greatest of all times, isin the lineup today. Let's go,
baby, Let's go. He's aboutto hit three bombs and he's gonna gun
down two guys at home and oneguy at first. Know what if he
goes over? For people, cannablame Hi because you're not playing as much

as he should be. I don'tknow. Oh, Brad's a break.
He wasn't even the game yesterday,and still people are blaming him. No,
you were making I'm not making thatup. I got a tweet.
I'll pull it up. I swearto my tweet beats your tweet. The
both Porter tweet wins it all winyesterday here h town lelo go figure a
Brave comes back in the Astros suckagain. Hen't even played yesterday. Oh
so basically they're blaming him just forbeing on the roster. I mean John

Singleton filled in nicely. He wouldover four two k's. That's very a
bray you like performance from him.You're saying the aura of a bray You
affects other people playing that position.Uh huh okay. By the way,
when he knocked in that run,the entire clubhouse went nuts, or the
entire dugout went nuts. Because theylove Josea Bray just saying, just saying,

well, we also love the walkon who scores a basket when the
score is ninety five. Third day, they weren't cheering for Joseah Bray you
like he was a walk on.He's a walk on. He wasn't a
kid that they let onto the footballfield and score a touchdown. That's not
who Joseah Bray you is. Matthe's the guy on the team with the
GPA of four point zero to helpthe team GPA go up to two point

one. He's a conference all honor. He's the kid that's gonna graduate in
this group. Okay whatever, No, he's a former MVP and everybody cheered
for him. No, he's likeso everybody, yeah, exactly, there's
no, that's not it. Youcan't even hates him. But the dugout
loves him, and Jeff Bagwell loveshim. Jeff Bagwell really loves him.

Well, he's Is there anybody inthe planet rooting harder for Jose Abreu than
Jeff Bagwell, Well, it wouldbe Jim Crane probably won I think it's
Jeff Backwell. Still, that's right. I'll tell you what if we mentioned
this before on the show yesterday.If this doesn't work out and he doesn't
come back, you will never seeJeff Bagwell involve another baseball decision again.
Matter of fact, you may noteven see him involved in ever again.

Anyway, not willing to bet onthat. I'm willing to tell you that
he's going to be a tremendous ambassadorfor this organization. But in terms of
being in the war room. Shouldn'the already be out? And then I
don't disagree, but this is Jeffgoing down to save face. I'm just
that's what I'm saying. If he'snot out, I mean Montero's looking better.

Nancy and Tomball on the Matt ThomasShow. Nancy, good afternoon to
you. Thank you for taking mycall. Sure, I just want I
was driving home from the grocery storeand heard you talking about how to fix
the ASTROS, and I'd like toshare a text that my seventeen year old
grandson said to me this morning.He is really into the Astros. He's
really into all kinds of statistics andanalytics and you name it. He knows,

he knows it. Okay, thisis what he says the ASTRO should
do. They should DFA review,bring Low Furfrido, back up option Chas
to triple A till he figures itout, and call up Leon. Then
the lineup should be out to theyPenya, jar Don, Tucker, Myers,
Gregman, either Singleton or Low praffdoat first Diaz and Leon. And

that's that's what he thinks will willbring the He said that would be a
fun lineup. Grandma why are wemoving Tucker out of the second spot?
He didn't say. Well, waita minute, listen, Grandma, you
got to tell your grandson I needrational thoughts behind this, and you,
as a great grandmother to this childof yours who loves some baseball, you
need to you know, you needto pose that question back then. If

he's going to be a future generalmanager, I need to know why he
wants to move dunker down back inthe down on the order he just does
not want Brigman in the forehole ever. Okay, well, then let's keep
call Tucker where he is right.I don't know this is what he thinks
will work. Okay, he doeswant to be a general manager one day.
His dream job would be Dan Brown'sjob. This is what this kid

wants. He's going to major insports management and he loves it. And
is he going to college next yearor the year after? Uh, he'll
be a senior this year. Where'she go to high school? Bridgeland?
Oh? Okay, Cyper, Iknow people from Bridgland very well. It's
great school. It is a goodschool, all right. So Nancy,
please stay in contact with us,because if he does become a general manager,

we want to have an insight andsource with him. So will he
will he give us like exclusive interviewsand set when when he gets that first
big job. I'm sure he will. Unfortunately, I'm eighty two. I
probably will not be around it all. Oh let me tell you something.
You sound like you're no more thansixty a tops. Nope, none,
unfortunately. But he and I goto a lot of games. And I
just bought a legacy brick for himand me, and I'm going to give

it to him his birthday's December.I'm going to give it to him for
his birthday. Wow, you'll spoilers, Nancy, Nancy, you just told
him on the Ranger Market Radio Shorethe gift already. How's he good?
Supposed is he supposed to as asurprised now or what? Oh he's supposed
to be in school? Oh doyou know he's listening to this show.
He just heard Grandma just expose hisgift already. Now it's gonna be like

thanks Grandma. All right, Okay, Nancy, nice to hear from you,
but don't be a stranger of theshow. We appreciate it. There
you go, Nancy, and seventeenyear old wants to yeah, I mean
I don't trust gm acim if hewants now, Dan Fanger Bray is gonna
probably happen. I did gut feelingby July fourth. Jazzy Fizz, I
don't know if he's gonna They're notgonna option. They may trade him,

but they're gonna option. No.I mean, he did his rehab time
in Triple A. They're gonna givehim time to try to be good here
at the meeting. I don't likeNancy's grandson moving Tucker down the lineup.
Where's more as much chas McCormick fanclub. They were all over the Jake
Myers fan club last year and theyear before. And he's the greatest thing
since sliced Bread. And now it'stime to option him back to Triple A.

And everybody was ready to scream JessiFizz, Jesi and Mauricio Duban needed
to be off the team in twentytwenty two. Yeah, yeah, when
he was in two hundred. Nowhe's the greatest thing ever. Yeah,
we're finicky bunch. He's in thelineup today, so let's go. I'm
expecting at least four hits from MauricioDubon don't even do that. You giving

him. He wears Houston Astra Houstonon the front of his uniform and astros.
I want him to come through.Let's go Jess in the Gallery on
seven ninety High, Jess, mHey, Matt Hey Ross good Jess.
Let's uh, let's talk about Let'stalk about this situation with the eating crickets.

Actually tried crickets in Mexico City andlamer sid and they're really gross.
I gotta go with you, Matton this one. Yeah, thank you.
I will say a worm, afried worm, Yes, I could
do a crickets are eating your phonesfrom Mexico City? Are you calling on

a cricket phone? I like that, get you. That's the most clever
thing you said in a month thatthat doesn't feel right at all. I
feel like he give you two tothree clever sayings per show. They must
have just sailed right over my head. I'm just saying I would try it.
I'm not saying they're good or they'rebad. You're you won't even try
it. That's great at least ourgood friend, Jess in the Gallery.

I tried him and said he doesn'tlike them. Again, I I don't
have to try something not. No, no, I don't want to.
I don't. I won't like it. It's edible food. Okay, let's
go get some living and onions afterthe show. I haven't had living and
onions a kid. Disgusting? Whynot? First of all, it smells
bad. When I went to LaI tried, I had raw squid.

I can't one. We used tolive in Minnesota. My wife wouldn't that
bad. My wife's just go thegrocery and get some fish. And I'm
like, fish is expensive. Shegoes, just get a cheap fish,
like a white fish something. SoI got ludifisk. Oh yeah, And
then we got and then we putludafisk in the oven and it boil over
with acid and stuff. We threwit away and didn't even eat it.
I feel like you didn't cook itright. Oh no, ludafisk is nasty.

I'd give it a shot. Idon't think you would. When you've
seen green acid coming out of afish, you don't want to any part
of that. I mean, peopleeat It's a regional thing up there,
right, Nobody know it's it's arunning joke. Oh well, then why'd
you do it? Because it wascheap. Oh, I didn't know any
better. I was just moved toMinnesota. I didn't any better. Now
I know better. If you wantto go uf Aluta Fisk, knock yourself
out, I give it a shot. Ye people eat it gross. I

just don't get it. At onethirty, I just don't get you.
I don't get this show. Sevenone three two, one two five seven
ninety seven one three two, onetwo five seven nine zero. If you're
on Twitter, want to follow usthere. We'd love to have you at
Sports MT, at Sports RB,and at Connor d mu Govern one thirteen.

This is the Matt Thomas Show,and we appreciate you listening to Sports
Talk seven ninety Matt Thomas continues onSports Talk seven ninety one nineteen on The
Matt Tommy Show. We've got tojust don't get it coming up at the

bottom of the hour, where ifyou call in and you basically just have
something you just don't get and we'rehere to help you with it, we'll
have no believer or not to say. Because we're starting a little bit earlier
with the Astros on DECKA two firstpitches at three ten, Brian mctaggery with
us coming up at about two fifteen. Right here on Sports Talk seven ninety
seven one three two one two fiveseven nine zero seven one three two one

two five seven niney. Let's talkto Steve and Katie on Sports Talk seven
ninty. Steve, good afternoon.How you doing. You know McDonald's has
a lousy hamburger, great French friesin the Coca Cola. They're consistently bad,
but they're consistent. My point isthis, and I'm gonna talk about
kids two. I got four kids, and you know what, the love
language for one is not the lovelanguage for the other. I would have

Regman at five or six, butnever at four because he has fear of
loss, and he does better atfive or six, but when he gets
to four he has no freer loss. I want pick to nine. I
would prefer the guys that hit threehundred, like Labrafido and Dubon, and
I want Myers. Those are thethree I want. Now, you do
what you want with the rest,but I want. The problem we have

is left on base, where thehomers we hit are one man homers,
one solo shots. Typically Tucker comesin every once in a while. But
my whole premise is they're not goingto change al Tuo by so put somebody
in the eighth and ninth that hecan bat in instead of batting himself in
only. So I don't know.I think they need to choose the nine.
You know, Moneyball talks about,you know, how Billy Bean screwed

up the man. You know,they do what they want, and they're
doing that right now with at Brelloand all that stuff. I don't know.
I don't see that, but Iwould like to see nine consistent people
play all the same time, becausethe problem is if you do a Breo
on one in three game and nottwo and four in the one in three
game, he goes, oh forwhatever, and he goes he goes four
for four or three for four inthe game, he's not playing. You

figure that one out on my hangerand you try to decipher what I just
said. There's no chance of medoing that. There's just no possiblity.
I have no idea what the hellyou just said. I was like a
schizophrenia patient. I hope everything's okay. So he was. Bregman has been
hitting five the last few days.He wants to bump back down to five.
He wants the nine best hitters.Well, unfortunately, there haven't been

nine great hitters collectively for a longperiod. And they're going with a Brady
right now because this is his lastchance. This is literally the last couple
of weeks, the Jose A Bray, who's at least in an Astros uniform
major league career. It is whatit is. Yeah, I mean yeah,
and du Bond's hitting three hundred orhe's in like what three nineteen or

something like that. He's in thelineup today, number one, and I
don't even know how wet it hurts. He's not good against right handed pitching.
That's one of the reasons he hasn'tbeen used so far in this series.
There is a day game after,so they're going with him today.
They're giving Kyle Tucker a half dayputting in the DH spot. And Mauricio

Dubon is your if you put himin the lineup every day, He's not
going to hit three nineteen and numbertwo. He has no power. No,
he is an eighth or nine placehitter in this lineup, and there
are there is value in eighth andnine because you want it good, you
want the lineup to turn over asthe caller brought up a minute Dubon,
I really feel bad that I keephaving to like trying it. It sounds

to me like in my head likeI'm trying to bring him down to pay
I'm not right. He's just notis He's not the savior of this team.
No, as I said before lasthour, if Mauricio Dubon playing more
turns this team into a ten overfive hundred team, then I'm all for
it. But he's not the reasonwhy. The reason why this team offensively
has having its issues, not justthis series, but this entire season is

that Paynya has not been good sincethe first month of the year. Bregman
hasn't been good for any long stretchof the season. Jordan Alvarez does have
any power anymore. Being very truthfulabout this, yan Er Diaz has seen
his bating average drop about fifty pointsin the last month. The other Astros
twitter savior. I mean, thisisn't what's up with the on your das?

Can we talk about that? Ithink we're all watching the same team
here, are we not? Whyis Janardeas ground out the third every time
he goes up? You're trying topull the ball too ho much. I
guess I don't know. I reallyhad high hopes for him. I mean,
well, you know what it is. I'm gonna say this, it
ain't easy going from being a parttime, no full time. It's not

The wear and tear of your bodybehind the dish is going to have an
impact. Whether it's in your footspeed, whether it's in your flexibility,
whether it's in your being fatigued,whether it's your bat swing, whether it's
your mechanics. He's he's got alot more on his plate. And I
believe yan Ar Diaz two to threeyears down the road will be just a
very fine catcher for the baseball team. But right now it's an adjustment that's
coming at the wrong time. Andour good friends and with the advanced metrics,

his his fly ball to home runratio was higher than way higher than
normal as and he was due forsome regression with home runs. And maybe
we're saying and I think we're seeingmore of who he is as compared to
what we wanted to see what hewhat he was last year. Debbie and
Sugarland on the Matt Thomas Show.Debbie, good afternoon, Good afternoon,
Thank you for talking to me.I just want to thank Ross for his

support of Jake Myers. I've beenat Jake Myers scot for forever. But
Ross has set a fabulous job offighting against the media, against that poor
guy. Yes, he's number one, number one of all center fielders in
outs about averaging to take the frontscores. He's amazing and he's taken so

much abuse from the media that Rosshas been steadfast in his support and I
want to thank him for that.You're welcome, Debbie, thank you.
I'm talking about I'm happy to bethe voice for the voiceless. No,
the voice. We're pumping your organizationup. No, you haven't been.
We've taken a lot of it's overthe years, Matt, Okay, a
lot. But I had ridiculed.I had been pushing the fan club.

We bring it up on a dailybasis. We've been made wheat, spat
upon, and dismissed, and youwon't take any more. Now's our time
to shine baby, Okay, rightnow? Although hand hey, he drove
in the only run yesterday he did. He was a highlight. It was
a line drive, a rough frozenrope off his bat. Thomas and l
Campo on the Matt Tommas, Sure, Thomas, what's going on. I

have a question about the Jessin Verlondtrade last year before last season ended,
the met said, okay, youwant Vernonder back. We want two young
the mental players out of your farmsystem. And I don't know what the
guy's names were, but one ringseventy ninth I almost twenty fish of some
top one hundred pole was that trade. Judge Boss's astros didn't make it to
the World Series last year, andI'll hang up listen, thank you.
Kay, Well, it's all goingto depend on what those Drew Gilbert and

his buddy do, Ryan Clifford,and they're both their top hundred guys.
They're both like in the seventies oftop hundred lists. But no, you
can do this after the fact typeof stuff. But Justin Erlander was the
only chance you really had as faras starting pitching in the playoffs last year.
Christian Javier was good for his firstcouple starts and then he fell apart

in Game seven. You pushed allyour chips in. Did it work out?
No? But that's hindsight. Atthe time, Jim Crane said,
I care about Penance over prospects.You have these two unknowns, that unknown
quantities, and you knew you neededstarting pitching. So I will say no.
I mean maybe in ten years,if Ryan Clifford's a Hall of Famer,

we can we can talk about it. Uh, let me give you
Drew Gilbert because I just happened toGoogle search him really quick. Okay,
it's been hurt ninety eight percent ofthe year. Played seven games for double
as Binghamton. No excuse me,uh, Triple A Syracuse seven games,
Okay, two forty batting average,slugging three, twenty one on base three

sixty one home run and has beensidelined due to injury after those first seven
games and is yet to return.Okay, how's Ryan Clifford doing. Take
you a minute. Ryan Clifford isnumber seventy six on the MLB pipeline Top
one hundred. Drew Gilbert, Oh, he's up to forty two. Right,

twenty three year Ryan Clifford. RonClifford, but you made the move,
You pushed all your chips in,you went all in, and you
lost. Unfortunately, you were onegame away from from facing the Diamondbacks and
winning another World Series championship. RyanClifford's played for two teams in the minor
leagues this year, at High Aand Double A Binghamton's Double A. Thirty

one games at High A, thirteengames at Binghamton Double A. His combined
batting average this year between the twois one ninety three on base of three
seventy one ohps of six sixty eight. How's he a top seventy guy got?
I mean, it's because he justtools, as they say, first
baseman. By the way, oohthat hurts. Ryan Clifford's not gonna I

mean, he's not on this teamthis year. He's not gonna be up
for a year or two probably.Nope, nope. All right, ladies
and gentlemen, our next segment isone of our maybe we need it.
Don't you think we need something?All right? This is where you come
on this radio show. Okay,what what's the matter now? I'm sorry
nothing. Somebody's tweeting me about Dubondbeing great against right handed pitchers. In

thirty six games, he's hitting twoninety three. That's has he played thirty
six games against right handing pitching Numberone, number two his career. He's
got an ops like six oh fiveor something like that against right handers.
Well, I don't really necessarily carelefty versus rty splits. I just know
that I have a pretty good field. Doesn't mean I'm right. Yeah,

I have a pretty good feel thatif Mauricio Dubon played six to seven days
a week, he'd regressed to itbeing about a two forty two to fifty
hitter. But with that being said, ROSSI I would have liked him seen
him more in this series. We'regoing and we're gonna see him today.
Yeah, we're gonna he's in theretoday and should have pinched the sessions in
there today. Let's go. Let'sget four hits. Yeah, but if

he goes oh for four, theMariso Dubond truths, I don't want him
to go for four. I don'teither. I don't want him to go
four for four. And I wantpeople to tell me how great he is
against right hand and pitching. Let'sgo. I'm ready two jacks, let's
get over three hundred, let's getthat ops above seven hundred. Let's go'd
be nice, all right. Ifyou don't get something, if you just
don't get it, anything could besports could be life related. Seven one

three two one two five seven Natiseven one three two one two five seven
ninty. What don't you get We'lltry to help you seven one three two
one two five seven eighty one thirtyon Sports Talk seven ninety. All right,

this is a weekly segment. Wedo it two thirty. But because
we've got astras coming up at thetop of the hour, we're gonna get
right to it. Things I justdon't get. Mine's gonna be a good
old fashioned generic one. Uh.I don't get why people food shame you
and music shame you, because Iget I get them shamed at me quite

a bit. You know what,mind your own damn business. If I
don't like Tamali's, so what ifI love them the grib so what,
I don't force it down your troat. I don't. I don't. Don't
judge other people on their tastes.Give me an example. You can't.
Anybody ever says no, you can't, Yes, I can. Uh you

talking about Kendrick L. Marteks,My Kendrick Marteks. No, I just
find them funny, Okay, thatyou think he's the Picasso of rap.
Mus I didn't say that. Yeah, you put him in the same breath.
No, I put him in thesame breath as an artist who has
moved forward his genre. And bythe way, if I think the grateful
dead sucks, that's my opinion.Yeah, you can disagree with me.
Dead heads are not gonna be happywith you, but they're all dying anyway.

Is cursing you from the heavens?Yeah, he probably is. So
I'm gonna say for those of youthat spend a lot of time criticizing other
people's food and menu items and music, I just don't get it. Mind
your own damn business, That's allI got. I do get it.
Your tastes are terrible in both thosethings, so you get a lot of
abuse. I hate you. Iknow I love you that. I don't

rip your I don't rip your foodtaste, do I. I don't rip
your music jam, especially when you'recutting a rug on the floor of the
date with the girls, do I? Because they're both exquisite? Oh exquisite
A regular Fred's stare over here?Yikes? All right, So you know
what, next time you catch meripping your music taste or your food taste,

Okay, that's then call me outon it. Okay, Now I
will say this, Lauren, He'llbe the number one record of all time
is a complete atrocity. Yeah,you haven't listen to the album. It's
fine you have not listened to it. I mean I hate it. I
heard him a certainly earlier today onthe show, yesterday's show seventy seconds,
but it was nothing. It's notthe number one album of all time.
That's just a bunch of twenty fiveyear old want to agree with the sentiment

that it's not the number one albumall the time. But it's a fantastic
album. I'm sure it's fantastic.It's not the number one. You want
to listen to it, there's nochance. Okay, I told you that
Rubber Soul's one of my favorite band. What is your favorite Beatles album?
Abbey Road was what they had three? I like, I like a Revolver,
I like Rubber Soul, and uhlet it Be is also excellent.

Okay, White album is kind ofbecoming a favorite of mine as well.
So what was the other Beatles?They only had two Beatles on there,
No Ray Charles, Nope, theyhad Miny Billy Joel on there. The
Strangers one of the greatest albums ofall time, right, I don't know
ask Apple Music. Screw you,Apple Music. I don't get you,
period, Connor what don't you getthis week? My man? So,

the Dallas Stars are playing in theWestern Conference Final on the NHLM They lost
last night, by the way,sorry about that. So yeah, I
was disappointed because I've picked the Starsto win the stand the Cup and therefore
am rooting for them. However,I'm receiving some criticism from friends for cheering
for a Dallas team. But Houstondoesn't have a hockey team, so why
can't I cheer for the Texas team? You I'm going to say, I

don't get it either. If therewas a Houston hockey team and you're rooted
for Dallas, I'd have a problemwith it. But since there is no
even if Houston wasn't in the playoffs, No, you can't root for Dallas
anything, Okay, unless it's ateam a sport that we don't have a
team in this town. So mewanting to see Luca in the finals.
New new, new new counterpoint.You can root for whatever you want,

but you also have to be subjectyourself to ridical ridicule. You can be
a huge berry man, a littlefan that's fine. Yeah, but you
also just have to know you're gonnasubject yourself to ridicule. And I have
been ridiculed for most of my adultlife. So yeah, be what you
want to be. Just know that, Yeah, send your aspect to that.
It'll be repercussions. Yeah, don'tdon't. Don't let I forty five

hit in the backside. So Iwill say, I do get it.
You should be ridiculed for loving Dallasteams, except in this case mm hmm.
Okay, with no start, withno NHL team, here you are.
You are a free agent. Youchose the Stars, and for that
I wish your team nothing but thevery best. Okay, all right,
Rossie, what you got? Imean, I kind of want to say
I don't get it, but II mean, I guess I do.

But it's just we've been through thisfor years. If you're even if you've
hopped on the Astros bandwagon, you'vebeen a fan since twenty seventeen, presumably
you would think, which means thisis what your eighth season as a fan.
Even if you that's the moment youstarted, You're eight seasons in and

we still have to be these prisonersof the moment to one game and every
day living life and death as ifthis is like the biggest game ever and
overreact to small sample sizes. Andnow you know, Mauricio Dubond goes from
being the goat of the team asin a billy goat not in the greatest
of all time, to now he'sthe actual goat and he's him not being

in the lineup is holding everyone back. Chas McCormick. Everybody wants him pinch
hit for when he was the toastof Astros Twitter last year. And we
still are falling victim to these small, minuscule sample sizes of games and plate
appearances and bullpen appearances, all ofthis. I don't get it. Oh,

I totally get it. I've metAstro sweater. People that follow the
Astros are dumbasses. Even if youhopped on the bandwagon this is your eighth
season. Nope, nope, it'sall it's only growing. The number of
people like I like twenty fifteen Astrofan I kind of enjoyed because we we
didn't have very high expectation. Wasfun. That was crushed asmus old oiled

up hair, that was that wasThat was Hank Conger. Remember We had
a woman call in with like insideinfo on Kolbe Rasmus and he that he
puts lotion on his hair and stufflike that. Fun times. Yeah,
we were talking about sneaky snake JakeHank Conger dropping f bombs and doing the
robot in the robot, I meanlife of Dallas Kickel spinning his eighty six
min hour fastball to getting winning games. And we were just over the moon

they made of they made a wildcard. Yeah, but ever since then
we've just been a super cranky bunchspoiled. All right, let's go,
Uh, Vince, what don't youget my man? I don't get why
the n b A, tnt nB A, post Posts and Pregame have
added a known socio path named GreatDraymond Green to their teams and at the

top that off, he's out.He's up there in the perch calling,
uh the game of one of thechoking victims. I don't understand why he
what he adds to, what's sogreat about him? Where they had to
add him to that team? Uh. I will say this and thank you
very much for the phone call.I totally get it. Jimon Green is
a lightning rod he's controversial, hehas things the same name, very recognizable

name, still has amazing star power. And yeah he's a sociopath, yes
he is, but he's eloquent.But he's also kind of he's been hating
on everybody, especially Rudy Gobert.He attacks current players. So he's everything
that today's sports television wants. Sounfortunately, Vince, thank you for the
phone call. But I get it. You get it, you get it.

I mean, I get it.You get it me too. He
does a good job, but Iwish you would spend less time crushing everyone
and more time analyzing the games.But that's also punditry in twenty twenty four,
that's pregame shows. I don't getit. Did you see Steven A.
Smith? Like, we have totalk about the state of the media.
I don't like the way this isthe direction this is heading. Excuse
me, you're the one who startedthis terrible direction. You would first take

are the reason for all of this, not that it wouldn't have happened any
What was he talking about in relationto h I'll go find the exact comments,
all right. He was talking about, like, I'm concerned about the
state of sports media direccause you causedthe problem. What, Glenn, what
don't you get, my man?I don't get why people stay in the
fast playing on a highway and speedlimit or under the speed limit? Move

over? Also, whatever happened wheneverevery time Justin Burlander had to pitch,
Brisio Debon had to be in centerfield? That's all I got, boys,
I'm sorry, what about Maricia Dumontin center field? Why white time
Justin Burlander pitched in the center fieldlast year? Whatever happened to that?

I don't know. They also wantedto make sure that Martine Malano was his
personal catcher to don't forget that either. But he's in rashows now, and
I mean, uh, mile thatI was known in Chicago, so uh
that's his white Sox stands problem.Now. Yeah, did you find a
quote? If you didn't find youdidn't find okay what I found it,

but I didn't maybe scrolling. We'lllet you look for it. Last thing,
Greg and Houston, Greg, whatdon't you give it? Sir?
Man? I mean, Katie,how are you? Brother? We're great?
Thank you for asking. Hey,I got a weird question for you.
I just don't get it. I'llcome. Dal Maxville's not in the
Hall of Fame. I have asleeplessign over that my man. I do

Dal Maxville former major league outfitter andat Lena Bray position coach. I don't
know who that is. I'm sorryyou didn't watch the Braves in the eighties.
Dal Maxwell's patrolling third base coach fora young Joe Tory and a younger
Chuck Tanner. I was in diapers. Let's check out the old four times
now zero time All Star, onetime Gold Glover career, two to seventeen

hitter m H five fifty two career. Ops. Yep, I think I
get it. Hey, now,oh, we got star times for you.
Houston Cooker football games coming out.Who cares? We'll tell you about
them because it's the lead topic.Next. Okay, now stop astros on

deck. In fifteen minutes here onSports Talk seven euty, I want to
tell you about game time. Now. Look, the Strolls are back home
to which means you don't have yourtickets yet. Do you you want to
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That's game time dot Co or theGame Time app and use that promo

code sports empt for twenty dollars off. This is any green shagree three an
sit down. This is the MattThomas sow a Sports Talk seven ninety huh
for your rockets one. It's aMatt Thomas show. Hey, Matt,

did you ever figure out the stevenA. Smith? Now? Oh yeah,
I pulled go ahead, Jesus.We just talked about hold it up.
But then now I, oh mygod, I close the town.
You don't want to tease the audiencewith something and say something. Okay,
well foundation here it's basically the yeahhe was upset with. He said he's
concerned for the sports media's future.Quote, where the hell are we going?

Well, I know we're going puttingmoney in your sports from the days
of Howard Cosell. To me,it renjer made in terms of commentary.
Uh, I think sports world isI don't know he feels like a the
sports world is going in the wrongdirection. Okay, thanks for that,
Steven, I appreciate you. Youeverybody has the freedom to have a voice,

but you can say anything, Youcan get away with anything that's wasn't
what the world was. That isexactly what he's his career on. I
mean, what I mean is thatthe ultimate case of the pot calling the
kettle black on this we don't knowwhere it is. It's foggy, it's
got Madden's Madison Avenue scared, it'sgot a whole bunch of people up on

their toes wondering where all of thisis going. I know where it's going.
It's going to Pat McAfee and SkipBayless and Steven A. Smith and
anybody else that wants to scream andyell and not have any foundations for sports
takes. Makes me sad every day. Actually, I mean that's I I

just fore thought it a survey fora students asking about the world of sports
media, and I said, that'swhat we're going to that very few people
that have the stones. This isthe reality of it is ross that have
the stones to say whatever they wantto say, don't care if they get
ripped. Don't care if it's accurate, don't care if it hurts feelings,
don't care if it makes any difference, as long as you can close your

eyes at night and feel good aboutthe money that you're about to receive.
Because you're going to be so outlandish, you get likes, views and clicks
in them. But that's also Imean, we can put that on some
of the consumers. It's like whenwe complain about all you know, we
get all these sequels at these moviesand there's no original ideas, well,
stop going to them. It's likethey all get a billion dollars in the
box office. I'll give you areality reality television, the Kardashians. We

supposedly despise the Kardashians. The ratingsare quite good. They create content every
year and people watch it. Yes, So that's why I do not watch
First Take by and Large now oncein a while, and maybe not because
I have ESPN on the next morningtelroom in a hotel room. I have
not watched Skip Bayless. I don'tknow how long I haven't seen the word.

I've had I've had that what's thatshow called Undisputed? I've had that
blocked for years. I mean youjust you don't. You don't have to
answer anybody except the television programmers.You can say whatever you want. That's
why Draymond Green were talking about thecallar earlier. Draymond Green is gonna say
whatever he wants because it's shock valueand TNT doesn't care about journalistic integrity or

playing both sides of playing fair.It just did you hear what Draymond Green
had to say? When Kenny Smithsays something, nobody particularly cares. When
Charles Barkley goes off on a tangent, or Shock goes off on a tangent,
Raymond Green goes off on a tangent, it gathers headlines. That's true,
I mean breaking including us. Whenis the last time we put a
Kenny Smith SoundBite on this radio showabout something he had to say about the

NBA? Never? I don't thinkso. When Charles Barkley says something,
we do crazy. Yeah, wehaven't put any Charles Barkley breaking down pick
and roll coverages, which he doesn'teven do anyways, or hasn't done for
years. Yeah, that's what sportsmedia is, and we as on a
local level, have to kind ofnavigate those waters a little bit, because

if we come on the show andjust talk about how hunky dory everything is,
people are gonna be like, thisis boring, don't care. I
want to find something else. Wehave to have a certain level of entertainment
value. But I don't think youand I do a lot of shock value
to it. I don't think so. I trying to have fun. Yeah,
I entertain this show is about funand entertainment at least we try to
be. We yell at each otherwhen it's appropriate. Well it's because you

probably hear saying to take stupid things, you know. But you know,
I've carved out a nice little nicheand I don't think I'm gonna changed.
He's done great. So you know, I just couldn't be what I'd want
to be as a sports broadcaster ifI had to go on es. Well,

I'll give you a case in point. Our friend, my friend Ryan
Hollins, who on the Rockets TVbroadcast. He was doing some stuff on
ESPN before he got the Rockets job, and he basically was coerced and I'm
not trying to put words in hismouth here, but he was co worced
to saying things way more controversial thanhe ever wanted to say, because if
you're going on First Take and thoseother shows that they don't want thoughtful analysis.

They want this just over the topscreamings. Not Vince Russo, Mike
Russo or Chris Russo, Chris whatever, Jed Dog, mad Dog, just
screaming and yelling just so it thinksit sounds like he knows what he's talking
about. Yeah, he starts bringingup Bob Coosey on his all time lists
of greatest players ever and stuff.I don't care what you say about Davante

Adams. I saw Steve Lodging play. Yeah. By the way, speaking
of receivers, you see Jayalen Wattlegot a huge deal with Miami. Were
talking about this just yesterday. Himand Tyreek. Tyreek Hill are both sickly
rich now in Miami. Mm hmm. So there is a platform for two
receivers to make serious cash and doeshappen, Matt, But it ain't gonna

happen here, I don't think.So I put my name, you did
put your name on it, oneand done. Stefan I showed up for
the second day of OTA's Diggs.Yeah, he's there. Good team play.
You can call him a dva todaygood. Oh, he's the diva.
He mean every ninety receivers or divas, it doesn't matter as long as
he produce. Jerry Rice is oneof my five favorite all time NFL players.

Jerry Reischl a diva. I willI'm still on Jerry Rice Hill greatest
football player of all time? Nowthe Hills. There's a lot of people
exited this hill. Well, whowould do that? And for time?
Brady? I don't. I thinkin football you can have more than one.
Jerry Rice is still far and awaythe all time leader and in yards
and catches and all that stuff.What five time super Bowl champion? Four?

Four? At least four? Ithink No. If you want to
say that Tom Brady and Jerry Ricehave the two greatest of all time,
it's okay. I mean it's quarterback, and that's Filet Mignon and h New
York Strip, No faut. PatMahomes is coming. I don't know if
he's gonna get seven super Bowls,but that's a team accomplishment. How much

further is you got to go toget to Tom? What's he does he
have? Three? Now? Yeah? Oh my be going for three in
a row this year. Right,how old is he? Is he even
thirty? He's the best side armquarterback out in the history of the NFL
twenty eight. Yeah, this isnot good. All right, let's go
see J Stroud. C J Stroudgreatest ever from Ohio state so far already

that's not saying Actually he's quite sayinga lot because it hasn't been very many
Miles Crins, Craig Crimsall, CrimsalCrinsel. All right, Ross is putting
in a tough seal. Later AdamClinton type you post you are, Oh,
I shouldn't rip you in up nextme an astros on Deck one fifty
seven with a word for Galveston Island. Oh, don't forget about old Galveston.

Nar Old Conedy McGovern visit galveson dotcom, Listen to this show,
drive mcgalveson, have a great mealat one of the great seafood restaurants.
Maybe get some ice cream, playsome putt putt golgoots from golf check out
Moody Gardens, go to the beach, go to the strand do whatever you
want to do. There's so manydifferent options, from building sand castles to
playing golf to exquisite cuisine. Imean, the food in Galveson is so

good, whether you're going for aday, a couple of nights, or
a week. There are vacation rentals, there are hotels, there are motels,
there are condos, so many differentoptions, and it's a little hideaway
for my family. We enjoy goingto Galveson. I promise you, if
you've never been for an extended periodof time, you're gonna need some help.
And that's why you go to visitGalveson dot com. Let's visit Galveson
dot com. They'll set up everythingyou possibly would want when it comes to

a great island getaway. Let's visitGalveson dot com. Visit Galveson dot com.
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