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June 3, 2024 126 mins
Matt Thomas and Ross Villarreal talk about what going on in Houston sports and more on Monday, June 3rd, 2024. 
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One h town. What's happened inlunch timer? He's good afternoon to you,
and welcome to a Monday edition ofthe Matt Thomas Show. This is
Sports Talk seven ninety. I'm Mattalongside Ross as always, our buddy Connor
mcgovernent has a day off. Idon't know what is it for it,
but you know what, people deservetime off. I think he gave us

a reason and I don't regret.We kind of forgot. I was fine.
Our old buddy, Dave Artist ishere too. Yes, one of
the funniest moments in the history ofthe Matt Thomas Show happening on Dave Artist's
watch. Yes, we had toreplay that. That was some that was
really, really really funny. Allright, but we got that going on
today. We have to tell thetruth at won thirty this afternoon, Yes
we believe it or not. LarryAllen is that we're gonna go with.

I guess so sudden death there?He rests, Yeah, what happened to
Larry? Uh? Cause of death? I'm determined at this point, right,
Okay, I don't know, sowe don't know exactly what's going on.
But if you're a Dallas cowboy fanand oh he was on vacation in
Mexico with his family. Oh thatis horrible. Can we all just pray
that we all die in our sleepat ninety man foreign country and having to

deal with that as a family member, that's gotta be nightmare. Yep.
Ross is somewhat cranky today. Iwouldn't say full on cranky. Why is
that because you are not happy thatyour beloved Texas Longhorn baseball team got beat,
not only beat in the regional,but you got beat in College Station,
which will be your second home eventuallyafter the Aggies and Longhorns playing a

regular basis now for the foreseeable future, I would College Station become my second
home. I'm just because they're gonnabe going there for basketball, going there
for football, for baseball, forsoftball, to track and field, for
tennis, all the things that generallyspeaking, none of us care about.
Yeah, I don't normally like goingto that town. And then you poured
salt in the wounds because you knowthat we were watching the Aggies yesterday and

finish off Louisiana Lafayette in their playoffgame. Louisiana, Matt. It's Louisiana,
Loafia, Louisiana, Raging cag andthe bubbles came out quite a bit.
You're not a big fan of theold bubbles, are you. Those
bubbles suck and they're distracting, probablyfor both the hitter and the pitcher,
probably for everybody. But what itjust shows you, why does he spending

a million bubbles like you're six yearsold? It's if my four year old
nephew was out there. He's fivenow actually, and he was out there
blowing bubbles. That makes sense.Why are we adults in college and do
it and blowing bubbles? You knowwhat? They're just happy they're filling up
college baseball sea. Good for them, they can maybe get their first baseball
championship ever. Wishing the best ofthe Eggies. I don't believe you to

be accurate at all. There's yourthere's your first lie of the day,
probably lied many times before that firstever would be great for him, all
right? How you reach the showtoday is ridiculously simple. You can join
us at seven one three two onetwo five seven ninety seven one three two
one two five seven nine zero.If you want to follow us on Twitter,

it is at sports mt at sportsare you and artists? I forgot
your Twitter account at David Artis sevenand David Artist seven is also a tour
guy in at Astros games. AndI gotta can I just I gotta ask
you a question. The press boxat min It Made Park is always about
forty degrees? Can you do youknow anybody in the higher ups that can
actually warm the that that part ofthe building up. I don't know what

you're talking about. Oh my god, it is so as matter of fact,
I called rossed. It is ifyou can bring me a jacket and
he'd forget he did, he was. I didn't forget that, asked me.
It got you got too late.I was thinking you would be home
at eleven forty five, and youwere, you were, I wasn't.
Yeah, So needless to say,I'm doing the on Deck show tonight and
I may be shivering and make ita small walking with you. Poor babies.

It's just cold. What are wedoing here? What are we doing?
Every restaurant is cold now, EverySpaceball Stadium is cold now. I
don't know. I haven't noticed thisupward trend in coldness, and I guess
I haven't been in the the pressbox in a couple of weeks or something,
and they've been cranking it up becauseI don't remember being too Like Taggart's

always in full long sleeve shirt andhe's got to park it, park it
up, park on. I'm askingfor a space heater. It's just not
good. Oh my god. Well, I hope you poor babies. Maybe
is it war more in the seconddeck? Maybe I should go up there
tonight. Yeah, yeah, justsaying maybe you could finally for once join
the common folk. If you're talkingat a club level, it's pretty cold

up there too, thank you.That's the level what the press box is
in. Yeah he knows. Artisthas my back on this, Okay.
Got the sponsor in the club leveltoo, Yeah, we don't. We
don't mention, Ronda. Listen,they have sponsoring the show. Thanks,
So they probably sponsored. If itwas the classical elite every sugar Land level,
that'd be different, different mezzanine andright there there you go a very

good all right. Speaking of theballpark yesterday, first of all, and
I know that we are now streamingmore than ever. Yes, baseball did
itself no favors by putting the gameon the Roku channel. Yesterday. I
found it download the app. Rokugot what they wanted. Uh, Roku

got me a download. I alsohad on one of my smart TVs in
the house, so I don't knowif it naturally came with that, but
I watched the game. Yes,did you notice there were like no commercials
in the game. Uh? Notreally. Maybe I was on my phone
too much, That's probably it.They were promoting all their repeat channels,

and there's endless Baywatch you can watchon one channel. I did notice that
there's also this one CSI channel orCSI channel, the bay Watch channel,
the movie some nineteen eighty four channelyou can watch. And then they kept
playing this damn Zen commercial baseball ZenMLB dot TV was providing them. Yeah,

Matt, we'll find your baseball.Is there only no damn Zen?
When the Astros offense isn't doing squadI don't need Zen. When Ryan Press
is giving up a running the eighthinning. Hey, he's so back to
my initial point. Okay, Rokumight have won the battle, but they're
going to lose the war. YouI guarantee you Ross, you are not

going to watch any more Roku inthe next six months. And you watched
the previous I'm putting it on theBJ and the Bear Channel tonight. You're
not, yes, I am.You are not going to watch the full
House network. You are not goingto do that. That's how I'm spending
my Monday. It's what it is. And again, for you and I
that have watched television, we haveall these different streamings. I don't know
if the average person could have foundit. I don't know if the bowl

average person definitely couldn't have found it, but the above average person probably did.
I don't, huh, I don'tknow, did did? I'm gonna
put a poll question did you watchthe game yesterday on Roku? On Roku?
Well, I mean the vast majorityof people didn't. In theory,
even in Houston, right, they'renot going to pull a fitting share.
Well, I was gonna say wouldI guess the question would be a formulated
is would you have watched it?I don't know, we even forget the

the roque. Did the game beingon Roku prevent you from watching? That's
That's what I'm here for, Matt. And then on top of it,
Todd Callus was fine, and JulianMorales is fine, and La Troy Hawkins
is a really good dude, buthe's boring as a popcorn. He was,
my god, wake him up thesleepy, give him some coffee.
It was like, you know,callous, and he was he was trying

to be objected. Was he wasworking a excuse me, tandem broadcast or
whatever you would call it was Toddcall. It was broadcasters, but it
was an a broadcast. Yeah,yeah, but they mixed the mixed the
call, and so Todd had tosend sell a little more energy for the
Minnesota home runs that he normally wouldhave if it was a for an Astros

broadcast. Yes, but my god, ROSSI I mean, wake LaTroy up.
And there were a couple of homeruns for the Twins in a double.
Don't forget that double either. It'sfine, good stuff, Brian Presley.
So then I watched the game,took an app walk up. Yes,
put the Seattle game on against Anaheim. Oh okay, how'd that go?

It's a shutout for the Mariners.They swept the Ring, they swept
the Angels three straight. Well,Astros got their shot against the Angels and
they lost two or three. Soand now the Astros are seven and a
half out I see your hand nearthe panic button. They're Matt, it

ain't there, Okay, to getclothes. But my hand is no longer
on the back of my head.You know how you when you're when you're
in your hands like you're relaxing,you're in the back of your recliner.
You're amazing. Moy, Yeah,amazing, moy eating on some roval bread
and brockers. Ain't popcorn, okay, And then the hand can somewhere going

to your shorts if you need to, you know, keep them moving.
No, no, I don't wantto hear about your hand going into your
shorts. And now the hand isout. You know what it's doing.
It's doing this. It's it's it'sall tense twittering. It's not tight twiddling.
It's uh no, I would notbe toiling my twitching. It's that
there's definitely a twitch going, gota shake going. Yeah, it's it's

not it's more than the rightist Okay, rossy seven and a half. Not
good. Let's go June third,though, a lot of baseball go what's
the next stage from the from theofficial Matt Thomas remainder of the season.
Oh, are we still in alot of baseball left. I think when
you're oh, well, yeah,when you're over one hundred games left,
it's a lot of baseball left.Once you get past that, though,

it's time to get serious. Andwe are at sixty games they've played,
still one hundred left for a littlebit. For there's still plenty of time.
Teams have come back from seven anda half before. Yes, they
have. It's June third. It'snot like Seattle's crushing the baseball. They're
just pitching really well. You alsogot to hop the Rangers, who were

three and a half ahead of youanywhere about the flip and the flop.
I ain't worried about to jump over, Okay, I'm just saying. I'm
saying they need to stop doing thisthis, you know. And again,
Presley didn't do any favors yesterday,but you got another quality start out of
Hunter Brown, three runs over six. Yes, and the offense wasn't good

enough. Yeah, the offense hasn'tbeen good enough for basically eighty percent of
the year. Am I right?Well, start of the season, it
was the pitching, all the injuries. It feels like just lately the offense
hasn't been bad, has not beenup to up to snow. Have you
noticed that Kyle Tucker's averages dropped Altuveninto the day off You needed it,
you got it used to Altuve isa pinch hitter. Yesterday struck out.

I mean this just Ragman's been hitting. Ragman's hitting, Your nun's been he
hit two bombs on Saturday. Yeah, Kartini's also doing his thing. But
yan Air Diaz his bat has beenwoefully quietfully your buddy, alarmingly. Jake's
regressing a little bit. Well,yeah, if you thought Jake was gonna
hit three hundred o ps nine hundredpresident the fan club was certainly a little

believe. I thought I thought hewas gonna hit three hundred. Yeah,
you need to be impeached. Findone instant to me saying Jake Myers is
gonna hit nine hundred ops all year. I can certainly try to find it.
All right, So we'll get tosome astros conversation on the show today.
We also have to get into this. I don't know how deep we're
gonna get into this. This CaitlynClark Bologney, Oh oh, I startup

controversy. I love this. Thefirst WNBA segment in the history of this
show, all the national shows.That just shows you how light the sports
scene is. They've gone forty fiveminutes an hour on Caitlyn Clark and whether
or not she's being beat up asa bully. How about improve your game?
Oh snap, get your weight up? Son? Is that what you're
saying? Or daughter? I mean? And you know, look, I'm

a girl, dad, I ama an athlete. I'd love what this
World Club, this World Series ofSoftball has been fantastic. Hook them horns,
Hook them horns. I watched thestate Saltpole Championships with the weekend because
our school that Carly goes to Kingwon us. She has a lot of
her friends on the team. Watchthat. I am a huge fan of
volleyball, as you know. Butthe w NBA, you better just suck

this is a how do you?How do you do this one? Better?
What? I was gonna say somethingthat guys usually say, but it
doesn't fit this particular situation. Yousay, suck it up. No,
no, no, I wasn't gonnasay that at all. No, let's
save this, let's get out ofthis segment. We gotta hit our breaks

on time, Gordy, We're hittingour breaks on time, unlike the previous
show seven one three two one twofive seven ninety seven one three two one
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org. What more Matt Thomas nowon Sports Talk seven ninety but up a
cool question. Did the game beingon Roku affect you watching the Astros?
Four options where yes, no,I found and got the channel, had
other plans, or went the game. Very small sample size. This is

within the last two minutes, fortyfive percent people said yes, thirty three
percent knows that I found got thechannel, twenty one percent said had other
plans, and zero percents that wentto game. So nobody that at least
was looking for the game went tothe game. A couple of people have
said that they were looking that Rokuwas looking for some financial information. I

downloaded and didn't have to put uson my phone. It didn't have to
put a single thing in there.Yeah, it sounds like you went to
rokoon or something TYPEO what kun orsomething put it in on the end.
Now again, they what they're doingis they're looking to grab those particular audiences.
I can't imagine somebody in since anygoing the Twins Astros games on today.
I can gotch them let's go.What am I going to find it?

Roku easy? I don't know.Roku cut the check and the and
MLB said let's go. But really, what I really want to know about
this is that Peacock had the earlygames, the last up layers, and
we're not satisfied with the results.They're not They're never going to be satisfied.
This is a terrible, terrible idea. This is a strict cash grab

by MLB. Yes that is.There has nothing to do with relationships.
It's about strictly money. Those arethe conversations they need and have, and
I'm sure they have been having.Is are we cutting your nose off?
Despite your face? Are you takingthe short term just for the long term?
Are you well? I guess itwould be the opposite of cutting your
nose off, But you know whatI mean, honestly, in all honesty,
I would be upset if I werethe Astros of the Twins, because

I have a chance to broadcast alocally televised game that will actually get viewers,
that will actually satisfy my advertisers thatactually spend money, and I don't
get to broadcast that game. Iguess you have to weigh I mean it's
because the game was on Roku,and if you didn't watch the game,
you have to weigh that. I'magainst the people that did sign up for

which I did, which you did, and and possibly Roku thinking there's going
to be some long term broth outof that for them, I guess,
and then the money there And it'sone game against the they put in the
Twins. One game against the Twins. Did you lose fans yesterday who couldn't
find the game? Probably not.No. This it is a balancing act

between the check that Roku cuts majorLeague Baseball against the check that the Astros
are getting from their advertisers. TheTwins are getting their advertisers, Yeah,
that are not being paid off onbecause they have one last game. The
same thing that could be said forApple TV. You lose a lot of
Friday night games. Weekend television habitsare good. Baseball does well on weekend.

I guess Apple TV is satisfied becausethey are they are. Yeah,
But Pete Cock's like, yeah,I'm good, We're done. Piece wrote
the Roku channel. I mean again, there were no advertisements. It was
basically, hey, the hehaul channelson Channel fourteen forty three. It's good
stuff. And that damn MLB zenthing that kept showing up over and over

and over again and the loss backto more important things. If you're Joe
A. Spotta, who's your eighthinning guy? You don't want to answer
this. You you don't have to. Jose Bray, I mean, and
Brian A brave. Jose Bray wouldbe quite interesting. Brian Obray would be
Jose Brady wasn't. Wasn't your ninthinning guy, at least at the plate

yesterday, That's for sure. Hewas Brian Brady. That's that. Okay,
let me he's been good enough.Then I will tell you. I'm
gonna give you another layer to thequestion, who's your seventh inning guy?
I guess, go ahead, saidPresley or Taylor Scott, keep going,

Ruffael Montero, Yeah, Seth Martinez, No, Seth isn't. I don't
remember last hitched. I mean,Ryan Presley had been turning it around to
some degree. Just two of thelast three times he's gone out, he's
given up runs. Now, Yeah, and it's and it's troublesome because Ryan
Presley has been one of the bestrelievers the Asters have had during this championship

run. But he showed some slippagelast year and he's thirty five years old.
Yeah, and it's just and Iknow there is there a certain faction
of he's getting squeezed lied. Butthere were a couple of calls yesterday that
we did not go in his favoriteBut that's gonna be a possible. That's
gonna happen with every major league pitcher, and there's gonna be a couple of
fluky hits and a couple of thingsthat are gonna hit bounces in landward.
But it feels like he's had moreof that than any perhaps any other page.

It has been some bad luck forhim. So that's why we turned
to our good friend field independent Pitching, Matt, which you love. Okay,
So before you do this, afactor is in hard hit contact,
walks hits. Does it justify thehe's been in the wrong place, wrong
time thing at all? It can? Yes, Okay, go ahead.
Two point seven eight is field independentpitching, So it's about era. So

it's like he has a two pointseven ERA according to Field Independent Pitching,
meaning he's not giving up a wholelot of hard hit contact. His whip
number is terrible. One point six. Now, let me ask you this
does everybody's would you call it fitfip? Can it does? Everybody is
always lower than there really are ANo, sometimes it's gonna be higher.
Correct. Okay. For example,last year, the FIP of Blake Snell

was much higher than his e rA, which tells you there could be
some regression was getting bases, butget everybody on base. And then,
for example, Hector Nerris's FIP washigher than his e r A because he
would get into all these jams andthen magically get out and that's not normally
sustainable over a very very long sandsize. So I'm just saying, I'm
just saying, it's just now youknow what, that's a that's a metric.

That was that was that makes sense. He presented in a logical way.
You didn't overthink it. But itdoesn't make out. I don't mean,
yeah, mine is the runs givingpeople at the water cooler going hey,
guys, I'm sorry, but theFIP is a lot better than ISRAELI
are a somebody, one person.I'm gonna go to the water cool and
I'm gonna I'm gonna post up atthe water cooler and I'm talking X fit

with somebody. You're gonna walk overthere and you're gonna be hearing about l
you baseball. You don't hear anythingelse here at this radio station. See
the good thing. Blair Henry's erais one thirty five, but his ex
fib is only forty seven. Henley, Yeah, you can't call my his
right name. What did I say, Harley or whatever? God I said
Blair Henley, I thought, Butyeah, I I could have got it
wrong. All right, let's gouh and take a short time out.

We'll come back and talk to thegreat people of Houston, Texas. It's
seven one three two one two fiveseven ninety seven one three two one two
five seven ninety. If you're outon Twitter today, give us a follow
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teenagers. I am, but Ifigured it out how it happened seven one
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you on Sundays. What the hellwas that? Oh my god, that
awful. Nineteen ninety seven sports Radiohates that you keep looking at me to

say something. I mean, youdon't have to, Adam, Abrodia,
Adam, it sucked. That wasterrible. I thought the butt heead was
the best of the three. Nowhave you seen the SNL sketch, Yes,
from earlier this year with that wasone of the funniest things I've seen
in a very long period of time. It was the only reason it was

really funny is those because nobody couldkeep it together on set, and that's
part of what makes it so funny, I think. But that's kind of
an SNL thing. It's like easyout. If the sketch isn't that funny,
everybody just starts laughing. No,I think no, I think there's
they're so trained not to laugh atwhen it's super funny, they just can't
hold it back. Like Jimmy Fallonused to laugh in every single sketch,
and then it was kind of kindof got annoying. It got annoying because

there were some things like the oneof the most overrated sketches out there is
when Rob said, I would say, you're liking a juice, the juice
is good. Yeah, I usedjuice. That one was yeah, you're
right, and they were breaking characterin that and it was like, eh,
but I think generally speaking, becausethe woman the Heidi whatever her name
is, it was the woman Betatwice it wasn't Howdy Flice whatever her name

is. She said that was thefirst time she's ever broken character because she
turned around and she couldn't believe howfunny it was. Yeah, so I
was no, I laughed. Iwould normally agree with you, but in
this particular case, I think theyall were just like, this is damn
funn No, it was hilarious.I laughed the whole time. It was
really good. I'm just questioning howmuch. And I was a Beavis and
butt head guy back in the day. I liked it back in the day.

I'm gonna watch it recently and I'mlike, this wasn't that. Well.
They did it for a long timeand then they took a huge break
and then they came back and itwasn't nearly as good as break that or
we grew up a little bit,I think, so. I mean they
were really just making jokes like chokingon chickens and stuff like that, and
like it wasn't that. I don'tthink it was as clever as maybe we
thought it was. In nineteen ninetysix or wherever, there was a movie

that was done by Harry Hamblin,one of those risque kind of like before
Lifetime movies came out that the cheesystuff that go off okay, And there
was a scene where they said,well, there's somebody coming after you,
and who's the woman said yes,and Harry Hamlin says, what's the guy's
name? And she says his nameis Stephen Beavis. And I watched this

movie out of nowhere just laughing myass off because I was like, Beavis
was the guy's last name. Itwas totally made up Beavis the name Beavis.
And Butthead Do America was also afilm that I enjoyed when when I
was younger, I guess a teenager. Yeah, I think I saw it
too. I mean again, ifyou've had if you had a guy from
Unsolved Mysteries, was the FBI agentor something? Let me tell you mid

nineties, going out, having afew pops, getting home at two o'clock
in the morning and turning a MTVand seeing Beavis and butt Head. It
made you laugh. Yeah, andespecially if you were high, you thought
it was a funny show. Everyone, probably in the history of television.
So all right, seven one three, two one two five seven ninety is
is the way you can reach ushere on the show. Let's talk to
Christian on the Matt Thomas Show.Christian, good afternoon to you. Now

that Tom Roll and David Artist quitthe closure gout, I thought, oh,
our phone sucks either your phone he'syelling too much? Is that it
is? Yeah? Okay, Ithink your phone shorts out when you yell
so much. Christian. But goahead, go ahead, okay, let
me go ahead and continue. Quickdisclosure. I think I was one of

the few people who actually enjoyed watchingthe Strolls game on Roku yesterday because it
reminded me of watching games on twentyVision or TV shifty one back in the
day only, except I'm used towatching things on Roku now because I watch
a lot of anime, true crime, and old sports on it. So
call me weird if you want.But still, though, the main question
I want to ask before I getoff the line is, considering that there's

been a lot of comparisons lately tothe five Astros, including the whole season's
dead declaration that I think Space CitySports put out a few weeks back,
is it only gonna get worse beforeit gets better for the local nine?
And that's all I gotta say.I'll talk to your own social media,
all right, if it's gonna getworse for it gets better. If it

gets any worse, the Astros aregonna not be in a chance for it
to get better. It's, youknow what I've been kind of feeling like.
I've been feeling like they're an eightyfive win team that started the season
twelve and twenty four, and theystarted being an eighty five win team the
last like months, and that's justwhat they are. But unfortunately they started

off on such a bad run thatit's that much more difficult from the recover
and oh, by the way,and they're just not that good. Well,
go back to your original point.If you thought they were eighty five
win good, I'm saying that's whatthey're looking like this season, not what
I predicted preseason. Oh okay,so all right. So the question then
is does eighty five wins is thatenough to win this division? No,

because they're playing like an eighty fivewin team that's already eight games below five
hundred. So if they want toget to eighty five, they had played
basically six hundred all of the restof exactly, and I don't think they're
capable of playing six hundred. Wegot one week for my June tenth prediction,
that's my June nineteenth looking they're eightunder and I've got sixteen. I'm

done though I'm done too. Andalso, wasn't there some gut feeling that
you missed? Oh yeah about theBullpenny ra I think, yeah, I
think something else. Oh it wasit was Bregman's ops by the end of
June eight hundred. No, youwanted seven hundred, did I? Really?
That's all I wanted? Yeah,he's it's he's got it's up now

though he's up to six eighty twothat I thought. I thought I released
a eight hundred. If you're givingme, if you're giving me seven hundred,
if you said eight hundred, youneed to be mentally checked again.
Well it's gonna need to happen.We get your psychological reevaluation. Okay,
now, yeah, you had himateven hundred by into June. I thought
you could hit it. I meanhe started hitting. Now he's been he's

been their best hitter the last coupleof days. He's had like what six
home runs in the last three weeksor something like that. Bregman has come
alive. I was looking at thenumbers. Kyle Tucker's what happened about?
What happened to our Tuckbucks. Seethat's the thing too. I mean,
you're not expecting Kyle Tucker is havinga great season, but it's it's not

in line with what he's had hisentire career. The number of the home
run numbers are still there, nineteenohps in nineteen seventy four. But you
think, I mean, after lastyear, he's been around nine hundred the
last couple of years. He's notgonna go just all of a sudden be
the best hitter in baseball, alongwith like Sho Heyo Tani. So I
felt like he was kind of duefor some you know things, were things

regress, and I felt like hewas gonna regress a little bit, and
it's happening to some extent, buthe still had a great season. Here's
some realities. Jerry Paine, youreally isn't a five hitter, speaking of
regression. Jake Myers really isn't asix hitter, speaking of regression. Mauricio
Dubon really isn't a seven hitter,speaking of regression. Jose A Brew really

isn't a hitter? Speaking of justdead now, Chaz got on base,
shous They had to via the buntbut did so. Yeah, the corpse
of Josea bre who drew a walkas well. Joseo Brew's ops is now
at three thirty five. That's sobad. I saw that on the graphic

yesterday and I was like, ohmy god, I'm looking at the ESPN
box and it puts on basin sluggingseparately, so when you can easily add
it, that's a problem. Threethirty five. My god. Chas McCormick
has just been terrible. Chas's opsis six sixty five, twenty six as

very close, as close we're workingon it. I wanted to round up.
Yeah, I mean, here's problem. Pitching hasn't been great. It's
it's it's been better. Obviously presslygiving up the run yesterday wasn't great.
This team just can't hit like itused to, not even close. Well,

team ops their sixth in baseball,and you asked you, You were
like, why, what's what's there? What's their team risp among the thirtieth.
Last I looked, it was fifteenth. It started off the season twenty
sixth. Then they went to nineteenth. I saw them in fifteenth. I
can look now it probably regressed again. I'll go look it up for just
for you, Matthew and oh bythe way, and they were bringing this

up on the Next Up show earliertoday, Next Up when we haven't had
a week because of course I'm inthe backup catcher, the Astros have not
had a lot of crooked number innings. First of all, for a week
they were only scoring in one inning. Secondly, weren't scoring much, and
third, I mean, this teamneeds a good old fashioned eight three win
with multiple home runs and multiple crookednumber innings. It's happened a couple of

times in the last week, butby and Large's team offensively just has not
been They've been you know what they'rethey're like, They're like that girlfriend of
yours back in high school. Explainthe first base they want put out?
First base not a problem. Secondbase, Uh huh? Getting there,

uh huh. Third base after awine cooler feels good. You kick it
out. You just can't get home. Wow? Is that to Matt Thomas
high school experience? And you're walkinghome kind of I don't know, painful.
Some people were getting home in highschool with a lot of pregnancies in
high school at Nemets. Wasn't therea class called how to get pregnant in
high school? Limits? No,this wasn't how to get pregnant? I

guess into his school in that one. Yeah, there wasn't a boom boom
room, I think, And Idon't mean if to go blue here,
but it's but you are. I'mgoing to go blue and you're not gonna
stop. The Astros are blue ballingat all. Right. They're sixth in
team ops. They are eighteenth inteam ops with runners in scoring position.

Yeah, normally those things even outlast year they were second behind the Orioles
by the way, Cleveland vastly Clevelandfirst, far and away, and they're
eleventh in team ops, so maybethey could be how many runs scored are
they were? They're ranking thirty thatthis is an easy fine for you.
Yeah, well, total runs isdifferent, gonna be different from runs per
game. Right, they're twelfth inruns, I can I think they're worse

in runs per game. I'll pullthat up, but I'm still I'm again
looking for a stretch of seven eightnine games where they are putting up six
seven runs on a consistent basis andallowing the pitchers to have a mistakeer near
it now and then because they're goingthere. Not everybody's gonna be perfect.
Not every memorable Penn is gonna havezero ERA fourteenth in runs per game out
of thirty, just ahead of theDetroit Tigers, just behind the Boston Red

Side. Frankly, if you're youknow what you're at ross. If you're
fourteenth and runs per game, you'renot going to the playoffs unless you have
the Atlanta Braves starting rotation, whichthe extros are like twenty sixth and TmrA
I'm gonna go let's just set ithappen, all right, twelve forty four
of them at Thomas your second twentysecond era fourteenth and run scored per game,
So the numbers are backing up beingthere seven and a half games out

of first pace seven one three two, one two five seven ninety seven one
three two, one two five sevenninety is the Matt Thomas Show. Twelve
forty four is our time, andnow Ross is going to tell you a
couple of things about not, youknow, maybe getting from third base head
at home. Yeah, yeah,you know what if you're struggling to get
home, if you're feeling like youjust can't get over that hump, you're
not sure what the deal is.Energy's not great motivation libido. Uh,

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Tea dot com for Centergenics. TheMatt Thomas Show continues on your computer.

Listen to Sports Talk seven ninety onany device with our free iHeartRadio app twelve
fifty on Sports Talk seven ninety.David Artists is our producer today and David's
was did a great job filling inwhile we were transitioning from one producer of
the next, and Artists still employedwith us, which is nice because most

of the guys are left or golf. He's here, we let go.
Uh. But while David was fillingin, we had one of the more
unintentional funny I would say maybe oneof the top five unintentioned miscommunication. I
didn't think there was to set thingsup for you. We were talking about
Creed well giving away Creed tickets orsomething. I think maybe. And then

everybody at that moment in time forwhatever in the show was doing their Scott
stop voice. Yeah, but youcan you can do you can you find
some Creed for us? Just findingany the band, the band, not
the movie. We'll get to thatevent. If those of you don't know,
uh, I think so. Ithink that you were they were talking
about the ash in the playoffs.They're playing the Rangers, right, and

you were talking to you were talkingto Taggart and they were playing Creed in
the press box or something. Isthat what it was? No Creed?
No, no, Creed had appearedat the show. Creed had appeared at
the at the game. Yeah,they did the national anthem or something.
And then now I remember, Ican't even do it, had heard and

lion Creed what? And then andwe were in the press box. Oh
can you see the dolls earlier lot? And so we were we were in
the press box, and they madean announcement over the press box, Uh,
Creed will be speaking in fifteen minutesif you'd like to go down,
and they Cody ran sprinted, Imean beads of sweat, pooring. He

like looked at me in the face, didn't say a word, and then
like started sprinting down to the elevatorto be one of the first people to
get pictures and ask questions to ScottStop and other members of Creed. So
that's why I think we were talkingabout Creed. So we were talking about
Creed. We were doing our verybad Creed impersonation. Yeah, all the

astros were not wide opened. Nothey lost the game. No, actually
they won the game in Arlington.They want they couldn't win in Houston.
Lodger's heard hose tuber. Yeah,okay, so Ross's and Arlington. Yes,
I was here and I told Dave. I said, Dave, let's
come back with a Creed song,yes, and continue this segment. And

he did come back with a Creedsong. Let the audio. This is
back from what October of last yearfinished the story for us. You much
find me ride a lot of ROSSIis a deep cut here apparently what in

for the shop? I asked artiststo play a Creed song. You say
me like a change. Well thisis the Scott staff I love it for.
Did I not tell you to playa Creed song? Is this today?
Oh Jesus, this is from Creedtwo. Man, oh my god,

he played something from the movie CreedThe Change. Okay, well I

meant the band, not the movie. Have you been listening to her show
or is this the other show you'relistening to? More specific than for you
just said Creed. You just saidyou just said a song from Creed.
So you say, are you listeningto someone else's show? You listen to
Sixthad right now? Is that whatyou're doing? Just said a song from

Creed? You yes, a songfrom Creed. Oh my god, oh
my god, oh my god.Okay, but find me reset, I'll
get show. Oh man, Idon't think I can talk. All right,

that's good. That's good stuff.Artist a good sport. But that
was that was definitely I couldn't breathe. I know we could hear you.
And then we didn't give somebody Ithink Gordy to give you a CPR in
the room. I got a littlebit of tears. Okay, focus,

Thomas, let's go. We gota deep breath. Okay, your major
market radio host. Let's go.We can do this. We do this.
Oh my god. Alright, manokyou're making me laugh. Stub it,

stuve it. Okay, that's muchbetter. That's better. That's much
better. We needed that. Allright, let's go to the phones.

We got people. They want totalk. Good recovery. Let's man,
that made me laugh again all over. That was not rehearsed, trust me.
So I was gathering myself and youstarted losing it, and then I
started losing. It's your fault,Matt Oh. I take full blame for
that. I do, I absolutelydo. But the artists a good sport.

It was fun. It was fun. Creed the movie, Creed the
band. I mean, let metell you. And and I used to
be a producer of other people's radioshows before, you know, when I
first got in the business. Andsometimes you think you know what you want
they want, like I will tellyou this, our Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.
I produced his show for many yearsback at KOCVM, and there would

be times that I think he'd wanta song and he would give me the
deaths there, like what are youdoing? That's exactly what I didn't want.
So it happens to everybody where youthink you're on the same page and
you're not. But thankfully it wasjust a really funny segment. So no,
no, nobody was harmed in theproduction of said broadcast. Yeah,

it was good times. I wascrying. And then they lost the Rangers.
No, no, they couldn't have. You were and Arlington. They
didn't lose the Rangers, but thenthey lost the series. They did.
You know the thing about this andthis goes back to what was the National
Series twenty nineteen, Right, they'reup three to two, all right,

And I remember having Verlander on games, and I remember having a j on
and I remember saying the exactly.I said, Hey, best of luck
tonight, but thankfully you've got tomorrowto win it. And he's like,
yeah, you're right. And theydidn't win it. No, they didn't.
Thanks for bringing it up, Matt. How's the what's the Astros home
record in twenty it's under five hundred? Got to be right, Yeah didn't

you Uh didn't you say fifty homewins this year? I did. That's
also a got feeling that will nothit well, you got time. They're
ten and twenty one. No,no, I'm sorry, no, no,
no, no, no, it'sthe White Sox. Sorryteen, seventeen,
fifteen and seventeen. Hey, theschedule does soften up, by the
way, Yeah, We've been sayingthat for a month. It's really gonna
be about to get solved. Okay, youet Detroit, You got Chicago white

so bad, and the White Soxare soft. Colorado's gotta be coming up
soon. The Giants just got sweptby the the Yankees and Samprusco over the
weekend. Things are things are procressing. Weakest schedule remaining in baseball twenty eighth.
You're Houston Astros. Okay, soyou're saying there's a chap, but
who are you trying to catch?Seattle in Texas? Seattle thirtieth? Oh

hell, we're screwed, all right. Seven one three two one two five
seven ninety. We'll start the secondhour of the Matt Thomas Show coming up
in a moment. If you wantto join our conversation, you may do
so at seven one three two onetwo five seven ninety. Also to tell
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Home Products of Texas. All right, here we go with our number two
of the Matt Thomas Show. Itis Sports TX seven hounty where the NFL

big story today is justin Jefferson getsa big fat four year contract to stay
with the Minnesota Vikings, gonna makehim, I believe, the number one
receiver paid in the NFL or closetwo. I think so, depending on
aav if you will and guarantee money, don't like call guarantees, which I

think he has eighty eight million dollarsfully guaranteed. Let me ask you this,
with a rookie quarterback going up,there is that a good and investment
to put that kind of money intoa guy that may not be able to
pay him any media dividends until youget the quarterback of whether it's JJ McCarthy
or not, who knows. Itis obviously very risky, but I think

it's a risk you have to takebecause Vikings management. You're not saying that
JJ McCarthy is going to fail,right that that's what the end is.
Yeah, first round pick and youassume your first round pick's is gonna be
starting quarterback very quickly. You kindof have to plan your whole team around

the fact that you made the rightpick, even if you maybe didn't.
But there is a philosophy out therein the NFL world that you go get
your quarterback first, then you payyour receivers. Yeah, but Justin Jefferson's
already on the team and it's timeto pay him. Yeah. I mean,
the stars don't sometimes don't align right, the timing doesn't work out.
But if McCarthy struggles and the Vikingsruggle, are you making Are you making

the best financial decision by paying aguy incredible amounts of money for a team
that's not ready to win yet.I could see that being a mistake.
I'm just saying, if you're inmanagement, you kind of can't think that
way. You can't say, well, we'll just let Justin Jefferson go.
One of the most dynamic wide receivertop five wide receiver in the NFL.

You could franchise tag him and thefranchise tag. When was his deal up?
Was it this year? I don'tknow. I would think it was
done ahead of time. Okay,Yeah, he wasn't walking the free agency
world coming up here, so thatwasn't I'm just look again, rarely do
things line up properly. Case inpoint, the Texans on the other side

of it feelix C. J.Strawt has done enough to prove that he
is a worthy franchise quarterback to puta lot of money into the wide receiver
corps, and they have done thatwas at least a fon Diggs for one
year and obviously signing Nico Collins extentlast week. It's just not that we're
gonna sit there and watch over thefinance of the Minnesota Vikings. But normally

you don't spend that kind of crazymoney on a receiver until you know that
the quarterback is gonna throw to him, is gonna keep him busy. I
think you operate under the auspices thatJJ McCarthy is the guy and you're gonna
be happy to have Justin Jefferson ashis number one. So like this year,
maybe that'll be a bit rocky,and then JJ McCarthy is the guy
next year and you're so happy youhave Justin Jefferson. Yeah, now we

will work out that way. Idon't know. I would tend to think
not, although everybody says to me, be in love with J McCartney.
Look, everybody loves J. JMcCarthy, but you're supposed to love your
first round picks. But as dude, you're not talked about before On draft
day the day after, there weretoo many quarterbacks that were drafted so high
up that expect every one of themto be successful is just foolish. Correct.

The big money for Justin Jefferson kicksin in twenty six, at which
point they might restructure and all thattype of stuff. Thirty nine million there,
so he may he's making eight anda half this year, fifteen million
next year, so by then youhave look at JJ McCarty. That's not
terrible. Yeah, but at thatpoint if you try to, let's say
things aren't working out, how doyou trade a guy that's making thirty nine

million dollars a year who's going tobe You can't trade him now. You'd
take a huge dead gap hit atthat point, So that would be forty
million. So you are absolutely hopingthat it takes JJ McCarthy less than three
years to develop into a fine NFLquarterback. That's what you're banking on.
If not JJ Justice, I don'tcare. He's got his money. Well,

he's probably even care a little bit, but I'll say this, it's
going to ultimately ruin what you haveto do to fix the Minnesota vikings,
which doesn't seem fair that you haveto pray that your quarterback's good in order
to make the wide receiver deal justified. But that's just the way it happens,
how it goes. Yeah, allright, seven one three two one
two five seven ninety seven one threetwo one two five seven nine zero.

Astros getting ready to play the Cardinalstonight. I'll have the Indeck show for
you at six o'clock. I'll beat the ballpark for that. If I
have pneumonia and won't be able tofinish it, oh my god, it's
just too coold there. Fine?You sure? Yes? Can I call
you and send you a video ofme? Shi? No, I don't
want a video of you shivering.That's bizarre. Well, I'm just saying,
artists, you work in the thetour group today. I think he's

busy producing. Okay, you willbe giving out sage advice. Ooh okay,
seven one three five seven nine zero. Let's go to the phones and
talk to Brian Apparentland on the MattThomas Show at one on nine. Brian,
good afternoon, Hey, good afternoon, guys. And first of all,
thanks for replaying that creete segment.I was laughing hysterically when artists came
back, or when Hunter came backwith that. Uh when y'all were doing

that show live and I had topull over to the side of the road
because I was laughing so hard.Uh so I brought back memories. That
was just that was just classic.In all fairness, he did what you
what you asked him to do.He just yeah, took it the wrong
way. Uh. Has there beenany updates? And I fear Kidi has
gone for the year, but havethere been been any updates that have come

out on those two guys? Secondof all, on Garcia, it is
good to see him actually throwing liveVP. I think that's an encouraging sign
that hopefully you get him back maybefirst of July, if they don't have
to hold on until the All Starbreak. But also, I haven't seen
anything lately on Lance mccollors. Mywhole thought is you never see him pitch

for the Astros again, because wehave set back after setback after setbacks,
and then, you know, Idon't know how you get this team fixed
offensively because outside of a couple ofguys who have hot stretches and glad to
see Brigman, you know has hada pulse the last couple of days.
I just don't know how you fixit because they're still hitting the ball,

they're just not doing it timely.But ultimately, I think you know,
it comes down to the division.You still somehow can start chipping away.
When you play the Rangers and theMariners, you still have a shot at
this thing. As crazy as itsounds, but a good show, guys,
Matt, Happy early birthday. Thankyou. The next couple of days
you shared with a couple of friendsof mine, So that's the only reason

I remember what day. Good friend. Thank you, Brian nicely to hear
from you. Yeah, us geminis, we all like to hang together.
The updates. Wait, it's yourbirthday coming up. It's Wednesday. Okay,
I'll get you your Your present isbrisket. Here we're going Thursday,
but I already owe you a betfor that. You know, I'll get
your dessert. That'll be your present, like cobbler. Yeah, you're already

for an unpopular take. Oh,here we go, Here we go,
med food. Unpopular takes. Loveapple cobbler. I love peach cobbler.
Okay, I do not like cherrycobbler. I do not like blueberry cobbler.
Those are both fantastic. But you'reso weird. Am I supposed to
love every fruit? No, you'renot supposed to. I mean it's basically

they just pile a bunch of sugaron the fruit and then you have it
with a little ala mode with someice cream. Say, I don't like
cherries or blueberries. I like blueberrymuffins. I don't like blueberries. Okay,
see this is what you will eat, blueberry muffins because it's mostly the
blueberries by themselves. No, butnot blueberry cobbler. Correct? Blueberry is

the last time you had blueberry cobbler? Probably never. I don't like blueberries,
but you like blueberry muffins, Iknow, because it's mostly batter.
If the muffin has too many blueberries, and I will throw the muff off,
throw the muffin away. I wantto be a muffin flavor with blueberries,
not a lot of them. SoI'll be taking an I want to
interview you one day to sit downfor three hours podcast. I'm gonna ask

you about all your crazy ass opinions. Not crazy, you bet quirks.
Uh. You don't like cherries,no any kind? Do you drink an
old fashion Yes? With a cherry. Take the cherry out? What about
cherry? What if if you're gettinga an Oreo shake and they put whiped
cream and cherry on it, takethe cherry off. You won't eat the

cherry. No, cherries are delicious. I don't like cherry. Come cherry
flavored Starburst, Nope, I don'tlike Starbursts. I got one for you.
Do you like lettuce? I meanI don't. It doesn't really.
It tastes neutral. You like salad, Yeah, I'll eat salad, all
right, So Kim will order asalad. Your wife, yes, okay,

uh no, lettuce on a bigmac. She wants to lettuce off
on a taco meat and she's onlydoes not like the tomatoes and doesn't like
the lettuce. Muy's got quirky things. Okay, you mean to tell me
you got nothing quirky? I meanI don't like. Well, it depends
on my burgers. For fast food, I will order without tomatoes, but

I eat tomatoes. But that's usuallybecause the burger fast food tomatoes aren't quality.
They're like nasty, they're not red, they're not fresh, the red
tomato, and yeah, they're likethey're like light pink because they're not even
full red. I even go tothe rock in the Rocks and I get
a red tomato. Do you getdeep red, delicious juicy tomatoes or are
they kind of soggy and pink?Soggy and pink? No, you know

what I'm talking about, Yes,you do, so. Yeah, for
the most part, they're not asquality. If I'm making a burger at
home, I'm gonna get my ownoff the vine tomatoes and a must slice
them, and they're gonna be delicious. You should never go out and eat.
You're the worst food critic. Heoh, here we go, very
very tough on everybody, all right, one fourteen. Thankfully, when you
and you and I go to BigCity Wings, you're another big of a

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special every day, and in fact, they always want me to say,
Matt, tell the people that yourlunchtiming buddies that Big City Wings has lunch
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dot com again one dollar chicken tendersand Big Bruise either four fifty or five
fifty today at Big City Wings.Matt Thomas returns on Sports Talk seven ninety
coming up at the bottom of theeye. Will have to tell the truth
where I have four sports takes,Ross and you and artists will figure out
which one of the four I'm tellingthe truth on wonderful and you have been

pretty good lately as of the lastfew weeks ago. The whole show,
the hold the whole segment. Hmm, I'm deep inside your head, Matt.
Okay, that seems fair, allright. I guess a few for
for a couple of weeks there questionI have, which is says I had
four hundred eight votes on this isquite a few and less than an hour
did the game being on Ruku Rokueffect you watching the astros yesterday? Four

options were yes, no, meaningI found or got the channel. When
when I say found meaning illegal stream, I had other plans and went to
the game. Wins the game threepercent okay, had other plans, fifteen
percent okay, yes, forty fivepercent wow, thirty seven percent said no,

I found and got the channel.So basically, and again that your
take. You're talking about two hundredpeople. They lost almost well they do
lose it from at least this smallpoll. Two hundred sets of eyes plus
somebody else and that was in thefamily that would have been at home watching
would have been watching the game,but didn't because I couldn't find the channel
or didn't want to go find thechannel. Interesting. I think baseball,

I think all sports teams executives basicallyhave said, we're in the we're in
the your twenty twenty four, allthese dreaming devices. If you want to
see your team and we tell youwhere to go find it, you'll go
find it. The price, Yeah, it's just there's just so many Roku,
Apple, Peacock everything. At leastRoco doesn't charge you, that's true.

They just want your eyes on theirchannel, so you can go to
the I Dreaming Genie channel and theGreen Anchor's channel. Yeah, I think
we got we have Roku here,Yeah, we do. Go see what's
on. So that's so. Ijust wanted to pass along. We'll give
another update before the end of theshow. All right, are you paying
any attention to this Caitlyn Clark stuff? Kind of it seems like she's getting

beat up on. She and howmuch of this and I don't know enough
I guess is how much of thisis just jealousy? Well, I would
say a lot of it is justSo here's here's how a purely outside perspective
of this is. Okay, nowI'm gonna consider myself the complete outsider on
this. The WNBA is gaining moreattention, more fans, more television sets,

more interest on sports broadcasting, whetherit be on websites, whether it
be on TV talk shows, whetherit be on this radio show than ever
before period. Right. Yes,especially in markets outside of the WNBA,

they don't have teams, And it'sa Caitlyn Clark effect. Absolutely, She's
a massive star for whatever reason.Here's where I'm Here's where I'm guessing this
is going along. There is hey, we were here before Caitlyn Clark was
yes, and we're gonna be hereafter Caitlyn Clark is here. But mostly
it's we're here, we were hereway before, right, And there is
some extreme jealousy, I would think, so, I would imagine. I

don't think every single right, thereis some jealousy. I'm sure there are
some women who are embracing this andsaying she's bringing light to our league and
helping us out and helping our bottomline. And then I'm sure there are
some that are jealous and they're benefitingbecause there's going to be more revenue in
the WNBA where there hasn't been anyrevenue before the Ladies are flying charter parent
planes for the first time ever.Oh really, yes them. Yeah.

Uh. But there is some resentmentbecause I'm on spirit. Oh I saw
a spirit fight over the weekend thismorning, let me taste something. Spirit
fights are just the best. Absolutelythe waffle house. I'll still put waffle
house one. Spirit might be two. That's I'll go with you on that.
Uh. There is resentment because ofall the notority she's getting. Yes,

there is resentment because there are somethat believe that she's getting this positive
attention because she's white and heterosexual ascompared to the majority of the women in
the WNBA being homosexual. Okay,I don't know what the breakdown is.
I don't either, but I thinkit's pretty fair to say. Okay,

and there is a lot of theresentment. I don't think it's so much
about that. I think it's moreabout the fact that this is a young
lady that has been such a star. She comes into her league and she's
needs to get the rookie treatment.Ross you and I have covered I haven't
covered, especially younger in my life. The superstar rookie player getting rookie treatment.
Everybody in NBA, everybody in sportsgets rookie treatment. They have a

name for it. They call itwelcome to the league moment. Yeah,
we've been talking about welcome to theleague moments for NBA and NFL players.
So the argument has been, arethey doing it because they're welcoming here to
the league or are they doing itbecause they are just flat out jealous and
resentful that we don't have an answerfor. That's not fair to gloss over
an entire league over that. Tosay that every WNBA player is resentful and

jealous of her would be foolish tosay. But it's clearly more than just
a handful. It seems like she'sgetting beat up on a lot. Yeah,
So everybody is spending all morning longtrying to justify whether this latest act
by Angel Reese was some sort ofheinous act and why does you know the

why is this being allowed? Becausethis young lady, this Kaitlyn Clark,
has been able to put this leagueon its back. Why is she getting
such treatment? And I think thepredominant opinion of players in the league is
we all got this treatment. It'sjust being magnified because you didn't care when
I was a rookie. You carebecause Caitlyn Clark is such a recognizable name

that now anything she does is goingto garner attention. And this is I
guess where we need to yield topeople that have been following the league for
a lot of years. And Ithink some of those people are upset,
like, Hey, I've been coveringthe NBA for years and years and years,
and now all these people and peopleare mad. Apparent apparently Pat McAfee
was talking about Kaitlyn Clark and peopleare all upset about that. I don't

even actually exactly know what the detailsare, but you're getting this national light
shown on something where people are talkinglike they're experts and they did they they're
just not. All I can tellyou is this. I've called a lot
of WNBA games in my life,very early in this league, in its
beginnings. I watch a little bitthis year because I want to see how

Clark did. The league is stillunwatchable to you. To me, I
haven't watched it, So I meanit's unwatchable to me because I haven't watched
it. I'll try to. I'lltry to tune in. When's the next
big game. I couldn't tell youwhat do they do? They I know
what you know, Thursday nights ontn T. What's the what's the marquee

w NBA matchup of the week.I don't know, but it's been.
They're on ABC a lot. Imean, the Indian almost in every Indiana
Fever game is On's smart by theleague. It is smart by the league.
But they're also the worst team inthe Leaguey're getting their as kicked every
single time. Yeah. I mean, when you're the number one overall pick,
you usually go to a bad team. Yeah. So I'll just say
this, the little that I've watched, and I'm not saying I've watched a

lot, it's still very difficult towatch. A lot of miss baskets,
a lot of turnovers. It's Ithink the NBA is look has its warts
as well, but at its mostaverage, it's a very still, very
fluid game. Yeah, you stillalso have to contextualise. It's like,
i mean, going from watching collegebasketball to the NBA, it can be

a tough watch watch watch. I'vewatched a lot of college baseball this weekend.
Thank God, the long words ofloss and it's over. It's it
can be a tough watch college towatch. From the level of major leagues.
Right, So if you're expecting NBAefficiency, you're not sure to get
it. You're not going to getit, but so you kind of have
to change your mindset. But allI would say is I think there are

a lot of people that are reallybitter at her for a lot of wrong
reasons, when they frankly should bethinking her because that one young woman has
gathered more attention for that league thanit's probably had in the last twenty years.
Yeah, and I'll give one moreexample. If you European soccer and
then you watch MLS, wolf isa drop off. Yeah, It's just

you have to kind of have tochange your chains the way you look at
it. They score goals in EuropeanWell, yeah, okay, I just
know because i'm usually games zero zero. No, that's that's not accurate.
I believe it's an old trope forthe nineties. But that's okay, pretty
good. Zero zero you're stuck inyour waist horn to wedges. Yeah,
there we go. Three sons.I haven't heard that joke in thirty five

years. I know you have itone twenty eight of them. At Thomas
Show, We're gonna play to Tellthe Truth next where uh. David Art
is our producer for today, andRoss will have to guess which of the
four takes I actually believe that isup next to tell the truth after a
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But I do, Ross, Ido. It's up to you,
an artists, to figure out whichof the four takes I have. I'm
telling the truth. Okay. Forthose of you either knew the show it
is every Monday at one thirty.I have four sports takes. Only one
of them I truly believe. Okay, all four of them could eventually happen.
M h. Only one I reallybelieve, jentlemen, right, are

you ready? Here is take numberone. I never thought I would say
this, but the heart of theorder, the Painias, the lesser extensive
of Brayu's, the Yanaiir Diezs havenot come through in crucial RBI opportunities.
Okay, I have the astros toconsider moving jose Al tub out of the

leadoff spot, putting more speed atthe top, Okay, putting the three
four, five six RBI producers inthat particular area. And while I love
Joseal Twov's the leadoff man, it'dbe best for the team to move them
out of that spot. Okay,Okay. Number two. I was so

impressed with the Dallas Mavericks in theirfive games over a very very good Minnesota
basketball team. I'm starting to changemy view of things. I think they're
going to upset the Celtics in sixgames and win the NBA Championship. M
M and again I ever would havethought that, but the way the Mavericks
with Doncic and Irving together were soridiculously good games begin August fifteenth. I

believe PJ. Washington, Daniel Gafford, Derek Jones. I mean it's it's
a loaded basketball team. Okay,Derek Lively. Did I say Derek Jones
is Derek Johns in their summer?I think Jones is Derek too? Sure?
Why not? Okay? Number threeI put on the I was slipping

the channels last night. The UFLis a disaster and the XFL's version of
the or UFL's version of the Houstonfranchise. Now, the game was yesterday
was a Memphis. But they're notdrawing flies at Rice to anim either.
Okay, I think we're losing theHouston Roughnecks. Houston Roughnecks are going to
fold the end of the season.They'll move the franchise somewhere else. I

think. I think having the UFLand other NFL cities is doing them,
no good. What's ever? Theteam sucks, nobody cares, nobody's going.
Television ratings have been abysmal. I'mnot saying the UFL is going away,
but the Houston Roughnecks are going away. So I would say rip to

the Houston Roughnecks up the end ofthe season. Okay, and last but
not least, despite the fact thatAstros Twitter wants a spotifyed and every coach,
whether they know the position or not, to be fired ROSSI, there
will be no changes in the coachingstaff or the managerial staff for the Astros
at any point during the season.After the year, there could be at
any points at any point, howmatter how low it gets. Okay,

everybody stays right where they are atleast through the end of the season.
So let's recap that again and thenyou an artists can deliberate. One the
Astros should consider moving helsal two beout of the leadoff spot. Two of
the Mavericks are going to upset theCeltics in six games, okay, Three
of the Houston Roughnecks will fold downthe season to move somewhere else, or

four there will be no changes inthe coaching or managerial staff for the Astros
at any point during the season.Those are the four? Which one am
I telling you? In my opinion, the truth generally go all right,
David, how are you feeling?I think it's the Mavericks winning the finals.

Fourth. I could see the fourthas well. I don't think the
next are moving. I don't thinkhe wants to tell two D the Alito
spot, but Matt has panned theUFL for a couple of years. I
think it's three or four, sowe agree on fourth. I don't think.
I don't think the Astros are makingany moves, you know, manager,
I don't think hmmm, so youthink he wants to sell You think

the Celtics are to win the finals? Tho. I feel like a lot
of people are starting to pick theMass because they are hot and they are
upsetting people. I'm gonna go withthree, all right, Well I would
I would go two. Do youhave to agree on this or no?
No, we can disagree. Okay, I'm gonna go with two. I'm
gonna go with three, and thisway we can cover most of our bases.
At least one of us will beright. We have a fifty fifty

shots. Fifty fifty shot number one. Uh, the Astros heart of the
lineup is not doing great, butI'm not moving hellsal TV the lead off
spot. He's there for me forone sixty two whatever. It was easy
to throw O. Sorry Matt,but you had some good ones. I'm
sorry, David Artists, but theCeltics are still one of the NBA championship.

I was impressed by the Mavericks.I think it'll be a good series.
I think the Celtics win in sixgames, a show and so long.
I don't know, Yeah, youdon't know. Matt's terrible takes them
now. These are fine. Actually, would probably get it right one Connor
week. Yeah, yeah. Thetwo first two were easy to throw out
to me. The last two Ithink we're good and I couldn't really decide,
but I went with three. Allright, It's either three or four.

And I will tell you that theHouston Roughnecks are a two terrible football
team that no one cares about.But I think the UFL wants to keep
big market teams in, so Ithink the Roughnecks are going to stay,
which means the one I was tellingyou the truth is I don't believe there'll
be any changes in the coaching ormanager for the Astros this season. I

don't know if I agree with thistake. That's why we were three doesn't
mean it's the gospel. It's justhow I feel. You're okay, So
if that's the case, who doyou think. I'm not saying anybody should
go. Okay, Okay, that'sgood. I don't think anybody should go.
Would they go? Would Jim Cranesay we need to shake something up?
Here's my thought on this. Sevenyears of excellence absolutely has to come

to an end to are you tellingme the first sign of something going wrong
somebody has to be the scapegoat forthat. I don't believe people work that
way. I just think it's possible. That's like having sales manager of the
year January through November. He slipsin December and you fire the guy.
I mean, they won the WorldSeries and Jim Crane fired his general manager.

That's because he, give me,didn't get along with him. I'm
just saying, oh, you're sayinga tipic. Okay, Okay, that's
fine, that's fine. I'm justsaying it wouldn't be the most shocking thing
in the world to me. IfJim Crane says, look, we got
to shake something up. Let's getsome new voices in there, whether it
be hitting coaches or and I'm sayingthat could happen. I'm saying it didn't
happen between now in October, okay, because I think they're going to rally

a little bit. They're waiting forthis rally. We've all been patiently waiting
for this rally. There's been heartbeats. I'm not saying they won't be changes.
As a matter of fact, Ican almost guarantee changes, okay,
but it won't be till life forthe seasons over ward. Okay. And
that was this week's edition up totell the truth. So neither one of

you got it right. That's correct. That's all right. You know who's
happy about that is cottam McGovern It'sfine, it's probably listening to that.
My heart ready up going. Ihad number four the whole way. All
right, let's take a quick timeout. We'll talk to Steve, and
we'll talk to David, and we'lltalk to you guys at seven one three
two one two five seven ninety sevenone three two one two five seventy Ross
is obsessed with a roccoo network andI'm trying to find you something on Vivo

Latino. Let's get you on there, boy. I Heart's got a bunch
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be that guy, but do realquick. When I was a kid,
there were three channels back in mydude, two eleven and thirteen baby,
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I was a junior in high school, life wasn't the same, Miss mahsse
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any device with our free iHeartRadio appeight on the Matt Thomas Show. Good
afternoon to you, Houston, Texas. We really appreciate you spending some time
with us today seven one three,two one two five seven nine. Let's
go to Steven Huffman and we'll talkto David after that. Hi, Steve,
thanks for holding man. I agreewith you on the rough Nicks for

sure, uh and and I agreewith you on TACAS. In fact,
I'm gonna become a TACAS customer sincethey get me oaked up my new house.
Hey, first of all, that'llbe the best decision you've ever made
your entire life. And I meanthat all hardly. I'm I'm a customer
myself, and I've been more thanplease. Thanks for saying that. I'm
well, I've talked to others andeverybody says what you say, so and

I got to have it in mybusiness. But listen, we're probably gonna
disagree on this. But I thinkthe problem is Jim Crane, and I
think he's calling all the shots thatlineup yesterday was was it was shameful.
I mean, he's got McCormick anda bray you and he's trying to I

don't know what he's trying to doanymore. And he puts out to be
on the bench. We need towin these games. I mean, you
put the very best on the fieldand bring Joey low Perfido back and send
McCormick. I don't know where tosend him, but put Dubon Doobie at
first base. We need offense.We need guys can hit the god dang

ball and drive in runs. Yesterdayyou had what sixth at best guys that
you know? Would you know we'rehighly productive and the and the other guys.
Cormick so bad, he had abunt. Uh. That's not what
we need. The other thing isRyan Presley. I love him, but
that's it. Ryan. You knowyou don't have it anymore, dude,

and you're killing us in the eighthinning. Change him out, put put
Sean Duban in. He just broughthim back. I think this guy.
No, no, no, no, no, no, I don't know.
They didn't bring Sean duman back.U they brought he brought him yesterday?
They did. They called him backup for a one Oh geez.
I mean I'm sorry then I missedthe twenty six man around the roster.

Yeah, but you're not putting SeanNo, no, no, no,
no, no. All right,So there's several layers to your phone call,
Steve. Okay, let me sostay with me on this. First
of all, Jim Jim Crane isnot developing and not creating the lineups.
Okay, that's first and foremost.I think I think you know better than
that. Secondly, they're one hundredand sixty two games. You're gonna have

to give guys some days off,even jose L t b who is not
hitting the ball particularly well as oflingked, So even jose L Tuba needs
a day off. They did notcreate a lineup. They don't create lineups
to go this is a loser lineupor not gonna win the game. That's
not what they do. What theyhave to do is they have to balance
putting their best nine out there asoften as they can. And the reality

is, here's the thing. SteveKyle Tucker never wants a day off,
Bregman never wants a day off.Al Tuve never wants a day off.
They have to get days off occasionally. They don't take very many, but
they do. And even Out hedidn't get a full day out because he
was a pinch hit, was apinch hitter in the ninth th inning of
the game and unfortunately struck out uhnext on the on the Joey Librafito.

I don't disigmcessarily disagree that Joey litBifido shouldn't be up here, but he
ain't. He ain't tearing the coveroff the ball right now. A triple
A. And they got to figureout what he's going to be ultimately,
and he's got to pick play sixdays a week, and they're not ready
to make him a first base whenye at the major league level and in
the outfield is already two crowded.So putting him up here for him to

be a casual DH an occasional outfitter, he was sitting six days a week,
so that's not gonna do him anygood. Next, in the Dubond
situation, Murraycio Dubon has been playinga lot the last handful of days.
I know everybody wanted four yesterday.He went on for four yesterday because he's
human. And on top of that, Steve, he is a very good
baseball player, but he provides,at the end of the day, very

little offensive punch. He is basicallya singles hitter. It's not saying that
you don't appreciate singles hitters, becausethey gotta get on the base pass and
move around, and you got toappreciate guys and play multiple positions. But
Dubon is not going to change theplight of what has been the problem for
this Astros baseball team this year,and that is scoring more runs than they
should be. They're not scoring enoughbecause the heart of the order is not

doing its damage. Not Mauricio Dubonnot playing. So, with all that
being said, thank you for allowingme to explain my thoughts off of your
phone call. You may respond ifyou still choose, Well, I agree
with a lot of what you're saying. But when we sent Joey down and
then, yeah, he's not doingwell right now, But when we sent

him down, what was he hittingthree point thirty? He hit in just
about every game he was in.He made a couple of nice plays when
he was in the outfield. Well, we know that he's upside prospect.
Okay, yeah, you're right,and he showed it, showed it when
he was here. Well, itwould have been nice to have him playing
left field yesterday and not McCormick.You know, the chance McCormick was lining

up, but Steve. For thepast two years, Chas McCormack has been
beloved. I don't know how wego from loving a guy for two years
of calling him gutter trash. That'snot fair to himsh I don't like the
business side of this. You're notproducing, Yeah, but you also I
don't know what to do with him. Well, that usually means throw him
to the trash. I mean,I don't know if Chas mcmack cover be
what he was. What are yougonna get for guys on hitting right now?

Help me out with that. Well, you just told me he's not
gutter trash, and then you're tellingme what are we gonna get for him?
That's right, But the witch isis he's a guy that needs to
play and get back on his winningways, and you got to figure out
if he can do that or not. If not, then there will be
a roster spot he will fill.But you can't trade a guy that's batting
two hundred, and you can't alsoconsider a guy that was good for this

team the last couple of years offensivelyand say he's not worth while of giving
him an opportunity to get out ofthis funk. Well, I don't think
we've got the luxury of giving himthe opportunity because the games are ticking off.
Yeah, but that's and that's thepoint I understand. But Steve,
if he's not playing a whole it'snot like he's not getting a whole lot
of opportunities. The only reason why, again, you've got guys that have

got to get some playing time.At some point you got to figure out
whether Chas McCormick can help you out. And it's when was the last time
he started before yesterday? It's beena while, right, Yeah, he's
been inconsistent in and out of thelineup as far as being out there.
But the bottom line is he swingsin a lot of pitches you need a
telephone poll to reach. He stillswings at fastballs up in a way that

he can't reach. So we're justgonna just forget about him. It's what
you're saying, that's what you wantto say. I think you're gonna be
the minority on this because again,it would be two years ago where people
were like, why is Chassy Fazgetting so much wrath from Dusty Baker allth
he does? Last year? Lastyear everybody wanted Chess McCormick in the line
up. Oh no, he's gettingthe Dusty's like I bring him banana pudding.

We're tight. Yeah, boys,why stop making fun of his weight,
Dusty, stop calling him poortly?There were like it's just funny and
you can't call is a lot ofthe prisoner of the moment. Yes,
standhm that we have filips on adime on everything, and I don't think
you do. Bond's the greatest everand Chas McCormick is the worst. And

let's see, I don't know yanYardiez needs to play every day. And
they didn't want to win yesterday.I promise you they wanted to win.
They understand it. Seattle's playing goodbaseball, but you have to use,
with exception of Grey Kepinger, Kessinger, what the hell's name is you have
to use the twenty five guys inyour roster. You just have to.
And I know it's an unpipular take, but you got to figure out if

Chas McCormick can get through this.They've played sixty games. Al Tuove has
been in fifty seven of them.It's not like he's missing a bunch of
games and getting a bunch of randomdays off. And oh, by the
way, he's been struggling at theplate. So a day off is probably
necessary for jose Al Tuve. Butgood stuff, smart advice on the tacks.
Do that tacchus dot com take careof those people? Are yes.
As a matter of fact, Davidwill open up the two o'clock hour with

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h us dot com slash radio awesomeplaying one of my old time favorite songs.
Tell me if this is how youfeel slip slide about the st slip

slid in a way you know,the near your destination more your slip slide.
Are they slipped sodding away from AmericanLeague quest? Yes, this song
he fits the Astros, the tenorof it. Okay, the pulse a
sad wants to put that. Hewants you to put you to sleep.

He's trying to build you up,makes you groggy, makes you want to
go get some medicinal marijuana, makesyou go back and forth. Keep your
complete strangers. I'm afraid that Iwill disappear. Are the Astros? This
slip slid seven and a half outof first slap? You know? The

tour of excellent starts today against theCardinals. I hope, so you better
hope. They're off two series ina row. I think they won four
series in a row or something atsome point. And by the way,
they played Sunday Night baseball asset.They we were in Philadelphia, So let's
let's do the matho. Okay,good game, starts at six, yes,
probably ends at nine ish blank uhblank, shower and shave. Okay,

that puts them at ten ten thirty. Airport eleven thirty wheels up at
midnight Eastern. Okay, our twelvethirty eastern, three and a half hour
flight. They probably got to theirhotel three in the morning, three thirty.
They gotta be sleepy. Astros areready to pounce on, is what
you're saying. I'm saying I'm goingto underdog Fantasy today and I am loading
up on Astros. Well, theyare a minus one ninety on the old

odds, which is pretty good fora bet. It's huge, pretty meaty.
For those of you who don't know. You gotta spend one hundred and
ninety dollars to win one hundred.That's well, that's that's that's that's a
huge bet. Justin Verlander v.Kyle Gibson your male matchup. And maybe
if Justin is good tonight, he'lljoin us tomorrow on the show. No,
probably not, that's not gonna happen. That's okay. He's very he's

very busy. You're not very busy. You got tea time, it's got
up study his game. He doesstudy the film. I respect him for
that. It's busy, all right. Seven seven one three two one two
five seventh Nightey seven one three twoone two five seven ninety We got your
phone calls this hour? Are theAstros slip sliding away? Is there another

poem? Is there another Paul Simonsong you want to go with? No?
No, not at all. Idon't even know if I can name
through it. Well, doesn't hehave one that's named after a girl,
Ophelia or something? Cecilia Cecilia thatwas with Simon and Garfrond Ophelia philas their
cousin. Yeah, I got onefor you. Uh. Do you love
the Astros like a rock? Allright? Stop? It's you and four

other people getting these Paul Simon references? Oh go ahead, nope, no,
yeah, see the years turning?No good? No nope, nope,
nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Thankfully call
me Maddie. You didn't call meAl? All right, let's go on
the phone. Owans talked to herbuddy David and Las Vegas on The Matt
Thomas Show. David, Good afternoon, Heylor, did you guys have a

good time out here? I hearda lot. We had a wonderful time.
Ringo Star was really good. Iguess the food was good, the
music Parker rides were good. ButBeatles Cirque was amazing. Yeah. Great,
No, I love that show.Did you get the thing I sent
you on Facebook on that? Bythe way, I did not? What

did you send me? Say?Is this something that Ringo actually went over
to see the love performance? Hedecided that I got the news. Yeah,
after he did his own thing andthen he actually attended a love performance
to the last Ones. And whatdo you say about it? Oh?
I mean it's pretty cool. Also, and I met a girl and his
sound crew leader who told me allabout her. She was with him over
there too. But anyway, justsomething that happened to Thank you you were

involved in both events. But seeif you can find the little post I
sent you on Facebook. But anyway, I certainly I don't mean to change
the subject from the Astros, butI feel the Indiana Fever season slip sliding
away. I'm to take you back, to take you back to Caitlin Clark
just real quick. I just justwant to say one little observation about the

whole thing. I'm talking about hergetting beat up and the bad start she's
off to just gonna say my piece, uh and then but give me a
second at the end of it'll coupbe completely. All I want to do,
want to give you a couple ofstatistics and make the point about that
too. Who are we are?But anyway, look, it seems like
the whole world's divided on their hatersand then they're complete on a bashed fan

boys and fangirls out there. AndI'm a fan boy. I can't you
know. I'm an Awahawkeye born andraised. I can't claim to be objective
on the substitut Caateman Clark. Ilove her, and so you know,
I'm predisposed to that. But Ithink what's kind of interesting about the whole
thing about her getting sort of beatup and hard fouled and and uh and
and just messed with pretty hard psychologicallyand physically. It's not just what the

opponents are doing to her is tobe expected. It's the rookie treatment,
and it's the resentment and jealousy ofall the popularity and fame and all that
stuff. The interesting angle is herteammates are in on it too, because
they are not supporting her anyway.No, she got she got tackled,
and they're like, bitch, getup, where's the where's the Draaymond Green
coming over? And you know,doing a little none of that, None

of that was happening zero. Andalso more than that, I mean people
are saying that if you watch theirgames. I've watched all but like one
of them. You know, herteammates are setting screens for everybody else except
her. I mean they're really likenot helping her on the floor and uh
and they're dropping a lot of goodpasses and missing a lot of good left
I mean, they're a hard watchanyway because they're not a good team.

But well, I mean, let'sbe fair, the w NBA is a
hard watch. And I love basketball, but it's a hard watch. It
really is anyway. I just Ijust think the interesting angle is is is
there that that's not true of everyrookie? Is how much craps they seem
to be getting from their own That'sthat's that very well. You can make
a million excuses for they played eighteengames and twenty days when like the whole

town aces here Holy played six.They've had six of those games against the
top three teams in the league,the Son Liberty and the ass and ridiculously
hard schedule. She's not off toa great start. Everybody is focused on
trying to stop her. Having saidall that, the girl's eighteenth in the
league in scoring, and you know, the whole league, not just the

rookies. She's i think top amongrookie scores. She's fourth in the entire
league and assists. She does otherthings too. She's getting five point one
rebounds a game. She's died forthirteen in blocks. Remember she's a guy
rebounds and blocks, she's a guard, and she's you know, she's up
there in the rankings. And ifyou take her, you know, points,

assists, rebounds, had them togethertwenty seven point one per game.
That dwarfs any other rookie going on. Right, So as bad as everything
is going, she's you know,way out in front of statistically for Rookie
of the year. So just youknow, just keep that in perspective too.
So there's my fan boy, beyou got it. She did a
really good job. You've mentioned morestats of an NBA player than the history

of the Matt Thomas Show has hadin fourteen years. This is the impact
of Caitlyn Clark. You know what, I'm the biggest star in WNBA.
Here's what I don't know. Idon't know her at all. Obviously we
don't. I don't even know anybodythat knows her or knows or knows her.
Okay, is she just this unassumingI'm just trying to play the game,

learning the sport. Or does sherealize who she is and the star
power and does she saying listen,here teammates you and beyond this chartered plane
event not for me. Back off, have my back or you're gonna feel
my wrath. I don't know ifshe's like that, but she does talk
trash on the court. I meanshe got chucked after she was talking trash.
I believe to that girl, KennedyKennedy Walker Kennedy with a h yeah

so what strange name? Yeah,yeah, yeah. I don't think she's
an angel so to speak. Butthere's obviously some people that just don't like
her. And if it's deep rooted, like as to where was all this
publicity for me when I was scoringtwenty four points a game in college or
is it a this girl thinks herblank done stink and we're gonna show where

that does. I don't know she'sgetting welcomed to the league. That's all
I can tell you. We'll getyou on the WNBA beat Matt. I've
done. I've called. I'd probablyhave called thirty WNBA games in front of
big crowds too. What were theComics drawn back in the day. I
don't think I ever went to agame. Comics home games are drawn probably

thirteen fourteen thousand a game, severalsellouts. Wow, I remember going to
a Phoenix game. There are fifteenthousand people in Phoenix. Cherylan Miller was
the coach of the Mercury at thetime. The Comics beat them in their
building, and after the game,cherylme Miller game to the microphone and says
it was it was a bum phillips. It was we're going to kick the

tour next time we play, okay. And it was like, wait a
minute, Shure, you just gotbeat. You're just telling your audience,
who just watch your team get beatat home, You're gonna beat them the
next time you play them. Okay. It sounds about right. It's something
I guess now. I've also playedin front of three thousand people in Seattle
and about four thousand people in Sacramento. So you know they've been able to
figure out what city's drawn what don't. But there's there. You cannot hide

there. Again, we've talked moreWNBA today in the last month, we
have probably in the fourteen years existenceof this radio show. I'm just checking
attendance right now. Leaders in theWNBA go ahead, fever, okay,
yeah, they all on every gameare sixteen five Liberty our second look at
you, Matt Nice. First gameI ever called at Madison Square Garden was

it was a Liberty lois is AtlantaDream thirty four hundred. Oh speaking of
that, ours over half the leagueis under ten thousand a game. So
I was. I was looking WNBAstats just this morning of the show.
Okay, I pulled up the gamebetween the Atlanta Dream and the Connecticut Son.

Is that right, Connecticut Son?Yeah, the Dream lost at home
sixty nine to fifty yesterday. Okay, that's gonna happen, right, the
Dream the home team in the gamebox score, go ahead. They made
nineteen shots, okay, out ofsixty seven a WNBA team made twenty twenty

eight point four percent of their shots. They were three of sixteen from three.
I mean, how painful would thathave been to watch? I mean
it feels like it can happen ina college basketball game, just saying I
know it can happen a lot ofplaces. But that's supposed to be the
Creminala krem of women's basketball, agrand the dream suck. But apparently scoring

is up. Average points per gameis eighty It's not bad. When it
first started in nineteen ninety seven,it was sixty nine point one points per
game. Why do you have melooking all this up? Because league average
field goal percentage is forty three percent? Well you know our WNBA insider dang

it, okay, you'd like that. Seven one three two one two five
seven ninety seven one three two onetwo five seven ninety What is believe it
or not? Today? Sports?Are we coming up? In forty minutes?
Justin Jefferson, justin Jefferson. Byway, you've been looking for the
Roku channel so far today? Wait, what's the most interesting channel you've been
able to find? It was theone that it was a bunch of are

we there yet? I didn't evenknow that was a sitcom, but it
was a marathon a channel of arewe there yet. Yes, it's incredible.
Now I got this. The softballgame on Let's go Gators? What
are they playing? Oklahoma? Soonersgot you? You hate everything on Oklahoma?
No, I loved hearing all theTexas and a M players talking about
how great Saturday the game was andwith playing their arrival. I thought that

was fantastic. Whatever, play withblow some more bubbles. Children. See,
you don't have this. You don'thave this hatred for Oklahoma like you
have for an M because you're anumber one rivals. I get it.
Don't even play. They're going tostart next year. We're gonna go to
that game? Can we go tothat game? Uh? I think I'm
gonna imagine tickets to get in thereare gonna be out of my price.

Press pass. We can't gonna geta press box and then cheer for the
team. No, you should notcheer. You gotta I'm gonna paint my
face and put on longhorn gear andthen go to the press box. Yeah.
I don't paint my face, butyou could be like the Dave Elmendorf
uh of their broadcast. He openedthe rooster in the broadcast. That's over
my head, that's sorry, he'sthe color analyst for A and M football.
Okay, formerly with Dave South.Oh, okay, now he's retired,

Yes he is. And now whodoes it? Andrew Monico. Andrew
Monico. That's a good name.What makes him so good? I don't
know, just on stately. Hi, I'm Andrew Monaco. He's good.
Does a nice job. Okay,does a nice job. All right.
Let's tell you about underdog fantasy.It is a great way to play.
As a matter of fact, ifyou love the WWNBA so much, you

could actually find some player stats onWNBA players and go hire lower on them.
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Win because you know your fantasy betsat Underdog Fantasy dot Com with that

promo code sports MT. This isthe Matt Thomas Show on Sports Talk seven
ninety to twenty one on The MattThomas Show seven one three, two one
two five seven. Honey, I'llhave the Astrozon deck for you beginning at
six o'clock tonight. So I'm runningthrough some of the highlights here and we're
about to play for the show latertonight, and I'm looking at these low

lights. Your on bases loaded,pops up, al two bay, pinch
hit, roll chance b Hero ninthinning, strikes out, Singleton hits a
fly ball center field. By theway, did you see Singleton's batting averages
and pinch hitter going into that finalin the bat yesterday? What is it?
It was forty it went down,so I'm going to assume it went

down when he flew out the endof the game. What about his on
base he drew that big walk inthe playoffs, hey, before Josel two
base, I'm assuming that. Idon't know if it was career on base
or averager regular season or whatever,but it's not good. Yeah, the
first base problem a serious one.We you know, we've really not gotten
into much of that at all.Matter of fact, today or for that

matter, Munch, it's been back. There isn't a significantly noticeable change.
I know he had the home runon Saturday US against a fastball that was
a ninety four miles an hour.So let me ask the other way.
I'm gonna ask you this question.I'll ask her audience the same question as
well. That's a gut feeling hit. By the way, Yeah, by
the way, I got a gutfeeling win yesterday myself. He did.

We will discuss tomorrow. Are wenoticing enough change to go the three weeks
down in Florida was worth it?Mm? He looks about the same to
me, even though he does havea home run, just about the same,
a little bit better. But hecouldn't have gotten any worse. I
mean, the only thing worse atwhat he did before he got here was
bite. Not getting on baseis literallyhe I mean, he's raised his average

to one sixteen from ninety nine,so there has been a little improvement,
but probably not enough to go worse. Satisfied with the platoon at first base
in John Singleton, and we likeand John's a good guy. He really
has fought his way through a lotof downtimes, not necessarily personally but professionally

giving up. But he's regressing backto what he normally has been since coming
back. Josea brad You is threefor fifteen two hundred, so that's better.
But again it couldn't get a wholelot worse. Two hundred and six
fifty ops is incredible. That's basicallywhat you're getting from John Singleton this year
so far. Yeah, John hasnot come through. And again it's one

of those situations that I go,you know, it's not solved, and
that's why Joey lip Barfido's got toplay every day at first base. And
I don't know if he's doing thatnow. I'm gonna go look at the
boxer in a second, but Iknow he played some first base in that
series against Las Vegas. I don'tknow if he did it again over the
weekend, but there there must besomething about him that either he doesn't like

it or they don't like him doingit, because he didn't even get a
look at first base. Even Marichodu Bond's played a couple of games at
first base. Yeah, I don'tknow they clearly it's I think it is
something I know I had. Ithink I would call on a post game
show say my daughter could play firstbase. Oh no, that was on

a nightcap. I guess, andthat's just it's simply not true. Otherwise
they'd be putting yord On there.They would have put Jan Yard there last
year, they would have put JoeyLipofito there this year. It's clearly something
that the the intricacies of playing firstthat the Astros do not take lightly,
and I don't necessarily think that theyshould. It is difficult. It is
as far as range of motion you'renot going to be running, but as

far as having good chemistry with yoursecond base and with your pitchers, knowing
when you're going to go for afoul ball, when you're going to go
for a ground ball, and whenyou're going to cover first and all that
type of stuff. There's absolutely aton of nuances. I think the scoop
a lot of times. You wishevery throw from uh, Jeremy Paine or
Alex Preman would be right to themiddle of the glove. That is the
case. It's very difficult. Ithink it's a lot more of a difficult,

a lot more difficult position than peopleever give it credit for. To
say, just as far as cerebrallyfrom center field, what are you doing
with center field? Find your cutoffman chase down the fly balls. Uh
low Berfido yesterday played went oh forthree with two strikeouts and drel walk.
His batting average is two seventy two, his ops one thousand, but a

lot of that was before he gotout here. You want to know the
discouraging part of it though? Whatplayed center field yesterday? Oh? Why
didn't they put him in? What'shappening? You're gonna have to figure something
out. So I think we're figuringit out now. I'm gonna go look
at the previous games before that.I don't want to, I don't want
to pre judge on this, okay, but what I'm afraid of now,

if they're mixing and matching because guysin the day off that I don't know,
then I will buy into that.But I got to see what he's
been doing recently and how many timeshe's played first base. Let me so
if I can pull up his statshere, let me go to the game
on Saturday, the first that wasyesterday's game, the second in which he
played center field. The game beforethat, Joey Librafdo played first base.

He's got nine games at first basethis year, eighteen and center three and
left how stray Cabbage doing I'm gonnaguess he's striking out a lot. Cabbage
was one for five with a strikeout, did draw one, Yes, go
baby. Two fifty seven is battingaverage with an ops of nine oh six.
It's good ops. This is alsotriple a Pedro Leon two for four

three Ron Rippyes ops of nine twentyfour. What's going with the Leon outfielder.
It's so funny to me how fasteveryone turned on Chazz. Chaz was
the toast of Astro's fandom last year. You play Lusty Baker needs to be
fired. You played Chass six daysa week. He's hitting twenty five bombs,

driving eight eighty. The Ideas shouldhave thirty five home runs. Chazz
should have thirty five as well.Well, they're playing this year. Just
doesn't work that way. Is thereany other sport we just us and I
use the big three that fans canflip on a dime with the player it

feels like it. Well, Iwould say bench players in basketball, bench
player scores fifteen. Cam Whitmore needsto be in the starting lineup, needs
to be out there every single day, playing forty minutes. Because I'll say
this, I'll use the Rockets.As a local example, the Alpera and
Shangoon truthers have been consistent since dayone. Yes, the Jalen Green haters

have been consistent since day one.They don't, they don't, They don't
flip. If I showed a JalenGreen hater his numbers in March into a
lesser extent April, they'll be like, don't care, it's an aberration,
Yeah, because he's not consistent.The competition was solid. They played Washington,
they played San Antonio. Did tearup the Wizards? Do well?
Yeah, Appria and Shngoon two fornine against the Jazz. Well, you

had to go against who's their sonof these days? Oh, Lauri Marknin
you had to go against one?Marketing is good. Yeah, you know
what I'm saying. It feels likebaseball flips its affinity for the player faster
than anybody else does. Like ifCJ. Stroud has a difficult year this
year, it doesn't put up thetype of offensive numbers that he put up

last year. Are there going tobe flip people flip on CJ? Are
they going to say, well,the schedule got more difficult and well,
first of all, is the truthand he's a franchise quarterback and he might
struggle some, but he's gonna befine. And that's also a quarterback is
a different animal. I think.Okay, so the answers, No,
they don't flip baseball. Baseball fanswill flip on their players faster than you
wouldn't believe. I flip on everybodybecause I'm just like, what have you

not flip on everybody? You knowwhat I'm saying. I'm not stuck.
I don't get stuck. I thinkpeople get stuck. See, I think
I look at the body of workI say that. I don't see.
I will say this. I don'tthink you can be that. I love
Chas McCormick more than life nine monthsago and now think he's trashed nine months
later. I don't think it worksthat way, right. He wasn't He's

not the greatest thing ever last yearand he's not trash this year. Yeah,
he has value. I think he'sa good player. I think he
will turn this around. I thinkBregman is going to continue his Researchence I
think, I mean we've been talkingabout how jord On Alvarez is going to
turn around. He had two homeruns on on Saturday. He had two
home runs in all of May.He hit two in the first of June.
Yeah, he's gonna be fine.Uh fine is good, but he's

what he got. I don't needhim to be fine. Uh, he's
gonna ops over nine hundred. Howabout that? Save it for tomorrow in
just a month of June. What'shis ops right now? Now? You
see, you can just separate itfor those June games only his ops so
far in june's been pretty good.Yeah, that's true. That feels like
I'm taking off of something that mightbe a little easy. Yes, two

thirty on the Matt tom He Show. Seven one three, two one two
five seven nine zero. I believethat baseball fans flip on their players faster
than any other sport. I justdo. And I think we've got great
evidence. So that's the last fewyears here, and I mean, hell,
we had people that were reorady towitch hunt Dusty down for Martin Malonino,
and we've probably taken this year,not a lot, but we've taken

probably ten Martin Malanino cult are missedcalls should be they're like twenty eighth in
era or something like that. TheAstros. My favorite call last year was,
after Dubon's great start, should theAstros consider moving out to Bay Some
Maraice or Drew Bond can play everyday at second base. I mean,
he played well, but he wasn'tin close to you know what. There

was a guy tweeting me, maAndra Dubon got a hit off a right
hand and pitching last week and hewent over four yesterday. That guy in
tweeted, Oh he's he's David andAle. If he knows where you are,
it's weird. He always tweets hewas a different guy. Oh,
okay, all right? Seven onethree two one two five seven ninety seven
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years thirty percent off all from BerkeleyI Center seven one three five two six
eyes. I think I just figuredit out. When Clinton doesn't work,
he does these liners for our station, Bross. Let's run through the liners
that Clinton has run done today onthe show. He did the Matthew McConaughey,

the Beavis and butt Head. Look, Matt, you can't complain,
then we need new liners, andthen we get them, and then you're
complaining about those. Yeah I can't. Yeah, I'm absolutely allowed to do
so. It will suck. Ilove you, Adam, but this suck.
Oh man, that's funny. Youmake me laugh. I'm a funny

person. Wait, is this showalmost over? It's getting there. I
got it right home. You knowwhat I'm you been doing all day?
Carl, I don't know. Allright, sal and pair Land, I'm
gonna talk to you begain and wecannot involve Ross in the conversation because he's
just been incredibly lazy today on theshow. That's true. It's this question
for Ross Champions League Final. Okay, I'm gonna try answer. I'm gonna

try to answer the question from salhere. Sally, you're on seven ninety.
What is your question. I willtry to give you the best answer
possible. Okay, what's your opinionof Real Madrid. That's a great question.
I'm glad you brought it up.I think it's a little bit of
a risky decision. I think themoney that has been given to him is

probably a little excessive. I thinkit's gonna hurt them long term in the
development. I think there could besome resentment because he was such a star
and the other place he was at, and I think there's Harris sang chaum
Mount. There's gonna be some guysin that team that are, uh said,
we built this league off of otherpeople beside yourself and h He's gonna
get physically hit by some opposing playersand they're gonna complain it because if not

for that guy in boot there orwhatever his name is and Bope that we
would be flying charter planes. Arguablythe best player on the planet just joined
the team that won the biggest tournamentin the on the planet, the Champions
League Final O the biggest term inthe planet is like ken This is like
Kevin Durant joining the Warriors if theWarriors won it all. Basically, sal

I like my answer better than Ross's. I think it's as a Manchester City
fan, it makes me very upsetbecause I don't know. I mean,
what are they gonna who are theygonna play up front? Is it gonna
be Rodrigo Venisius on the who isVenetias is gonna move from the left and
go to the right, and it'sgonna be Inape? Like, what are
you gonna do? Stop real quickbefore I answer that question, So listen

to me very carefully, Houston,Texas, very carefully. Since Ross is
taking a minute of the show andSala is about soccer, I am flat
out begging you one person to eithercall about an old school wrestling question or
story I didn't tell you that I'mnot done, or call me about a
game show question seven one three twoone two five seven. Honey. I

am literally begging someone to call sevenone three two one two five seven honey,
old school wrestling a game show questionor something about today's young and the
wrestlers or bold and the beautiful Sallyand ross the floor remain yours? Go
Hey, sorry, man, I'mjust I'm just tired of hearing about I

mean, I'm anationalist fan, butI'm just tired of it because they can
say and if we like the playoffs, you know, if it you know,
well that's a season. Thank you, sal What was your opinion on
the MBAP signing? Are you aMadrid fan or what? Yeah, I'm

I got you, all right,So thank you. Have a great day.
And I hate your squad, allright, I thinks appreciate it.
Yeah, over the weekend they justwon the Champions League final and then they
just signed the best player on theplanet. We're screening calls, okay,
I remember it's only game show.Well, I mean he's calling in about

actual relevant This happened today, Thisis care It happened today is global last
week or last year, this isglobal news. I'm sure it's very exciting.
You mean to tell me global newsand it didn't make the show until
two thirty nine, Yes, becauseyou don't care about it. You care
about it. There's the show,it's not gonna bring it up. Yeah,
you absolutely can, because you're gonnado what you just did. You're
gonna make up stuff. All right, Let's go to Tim and Galveston.

Tim, what's on your mind onthis relevant Monday? Hello? Tim,
So I got a Jeopardy question foryou? Sure, go ahead. A
game is played by old people andresembles tennis. What is pickaball? You
got it? There you go.See we're talking about something other than what

you're talking about before there you go. Thank you, Tim. How do
you feel about Jeopardy as a game? Generally speaking? I love Jeopardy.
I am so impressed, obviously obviouslyimpressed by the people that are involved in
it, because you have to knowa little bit about everything. But if
they don't know about sports, though, they don't know about sports, and
the only categories I could do wellwould be sports and airport codes of airports.

So if those two specific categories,I would clean how it dominate they're
doing now? The champions or whatdo they call it. It's not the
Tournament of Champions, but it's likethe the elites of the elites the last
week and like you feel good whenyou get like one question right, they're
very difficult questions. Steven Cyprus HILLO, what's going on, Steve, Hey,
do you think mister Wrestling two shouldbe in the ww Hall of Fame?

You know I've heard he you know, he just passing them the last
year. By the way, thanksto you for that great phone call.
Was a not a generational wrestler,which was very successful for multiple generations.
But he was so cranky and sonot well received inside the locker room.
Uh, he wouldn't put guys over. But I thought him and Magnetier early

in Magnetier's career was a pretty goodtag team. I thought the hill Turn
was pretty good. I'm gonna goin and say yes. But just was
such a cranky He's like, basicallywho was the He was like the Chris
Carter of receivers. Was so notwell liked among people in his own industry.
That's it took Chris Carter to getin the Pro Football Hall of Fame
in quite a while. So yeah, I think mister Wrestling team should be

in the Hall of Fame. Buta good call on your part. Let's
go to Carl Northwest Houston. Hi, Carl, what's going on? Hey?
I got a wrestling story and aYoung and a Young and the rest
Oh, they we're gonna be bestfriends. Then Carl Okay the wrestling story.
Back when I was growing up inBlocks and Mississippi, cowboy Bob Kelly

was my UH and his bulldog wasmy favorite, my favorite hole that he
used to win his matches with andgoing to going to UH. The airman
used to root for the bad guyswhen they would when they would come to
Keisler there and Young and the Restless. I saw a picture last night.
My wife was on that show backin the eighties, early eighties, and

I saw a picture David Hasselhoff makingout with that Janine Cooper, the old
lady that yes, she died aboutfive years ago. Yes, yeah,
I saw him. There was apicture that someone posted him. He was
like a horn dog, always onthe on the set, but a smart
business guy. Of course. Mywife is Bonn Gideon used to be the

second Jill on the show. Now, hold on, so you've called you
called the show before. I rememberyou telling me this before. So what
years was she on The Young andthe Restless nineteen eighty? She was on
about six months nineteen eighty after theyfired the melodrama queen, what was the
first one's name? If you saidit, I would know? And then
they and then they've what's her name? They brought her. They brought her

back to the fans go, wewant melodrama. My wife has trying to
change the character. But anyway,she learned a lot about she was on
Operation Petticoat as well. But anyway, I saw this picture of Hasselhoff and
it was like, I'm not goingto tell you the story, but that
dude is a creepy dude. Wellit was also forty years ago. Do

you think he's still creepy now inhis late sixties. I guess the answer
could be yes, right, probablyeven worse. I mean, as you
get older, and I can attestto this, you get your worst characteristics
seem to come out uppy. Butyour worst characteristics that when you were a
child, if you were a bully, you've become more of a bully when
you're younger. If you're a bigcandy ass, you're more of candy ass

when you get older. But anyway, he was, he was lots of
pretty boys out there. Thank you, Carl, And tell your wife,
is said allo, and tell herthat she's missing the show even though the
Jill Abbot's been on there for thelast forty years. I know, I
get it. Yeah, thanks forthe phone call. Appreciate no longer rest.

There's definitely still wrestled. I watchedshow every day last one, Javier,
what do you got today? Vier? All right, man, I
need you to give me a hottake. All my friends are bosos,
and they like the Rock more.But who was a better wrestler, Prime
Stone Cold, Steve Austin throwing beers, flipping the bird or angry looking milk
dud the Rock angry milk dud ah, maybe Oil angry milk dud or the

thank you, thank you Javier.The stone Coat stunner is a great finishing
move. The Rock bottom of theelbow the People's elbow. Eh better on
the mic, the Rock better inthe ring. Stone Cold still two of
the all time greats, but Steveas and has a much more legendary wrestling
career than The Rock did, Andnow the Rocks is a phony at this

point. He can't figure out whathe wants to be ross. We both
take care of our issues here.You got your soccer fix in, I
got a little wrestling a little game, string it up, and I got
the Young on the Wrestles in that'sa radio show right there. One of
us talked about relevant sports news ofthe day, and then one of us
talked about a bunch of trash fromthe eighties for a bunch of roided up,

boiled up dudes in their underpants.Alright it in On that note,
let's play Believe It or Not nextseven one three two one two five seven
ninety seven one three two one two. You should talk about characters on the
Young and wrestlers like that seven onethree two one two five seven nine.
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breaking news. You're on the MattThommys Show. That's one. That's two.

Do we go for a third?Yeah, I haven't looked. I've
been writing questions, z Ericchini.Great, that's fantastic. Expected to have
a second Tommy John surgery. Ohmy gosh, it's gonna get a second
opinion and let me pull up theChannel room tweet. But they've been waiting

over a week for this. Thisis absolutely zero surprise. He's going to
see doctor Keith Meister for a secondopinion on his elbow. A second Tommy
John surgery is on the table,two sources telling the Athletic he says ESPN
was first. ESPN's already reporting he'sgonna have that second Tommy John. Jos
Errachid's careers probably over, No careerover, No, I would say,

no, Okay, what's he he'stwenty nine. Now, okay, I
hope I'm wrong, but I don'tthink I am. Okay. Tomorrow one
o'clock sounds like we have to makea bet. Well, we got it's
gonna it's gonna be a long term. Yeah, I'm gonna throw a major

league pitch. Ever, he's notthrowing a major league pitch. Ever.
Again, I don't want to saythat. I don't know. I'm not
a doctor. But the guy youhad multiple Tommy jumps, they have.
But this will be show Tony's ona second. This will be about two
and a half seasons between pitches.Yep, We'll pull up the old list
of guys who've Nathan have all thesehad multiple Tommy Johnson, it's not impossible.

Jim is in tie home multiple DanielHudson five minutes off to go.
In the show, what should wedo? We should play America's fastest growing
sports radio game show. We simplycalled it be leave it out in here,
South Works. You call seven onethree two one two five seven Hontie

seven one three two one two fiveseven Hoti. Today's edition to Believe or
Not is an honor to jose ErKitty. Hope you get the good news.
You want, but doesn't sound likeyou're going to category. Today is
all about Justin Jefferson's sign that bigmega deal with the Minnesota Vikings. If
the stamon I read to you usedby him as a completely utterly accurate you'll
say this, Bellie bab, it'sErnie's full of bunking man up. You'll
say this to believe or not ina when your prize David Artist will be

playing for today. We got apair of tickets to see the Doobie Brothers
special guest Roberto, and that's onJune Thirtie, I'll be there. Well
it's Pavilion Wow, Okay, go, I'm sorry. Have Livenation dot Com.
Also, as always, the SportsSports seventy t shirt. Okay,
if you guys go to Dubie Brothersand find me, I'll buy you a
drink. I believe it's free oxygentank with entry. That's just not right

I get. If you find meat the concert, I'll buy your beverage
and we'll talk blank about you.I could go No, we don't want
you to get some hits. Youknow you're not invited. Joe on Sevenatti
will Joe on Seminati? You readyto play, Believe it or not.
I'll get to do be contured,Mike. According to twenty four to seven
Sports, Justin Jefferson was only athree star recruit coming out of high school.

Believe it or not? Oh,you'll have to buy the tickets.
I'm sorry, Mike. On Seminati, you ready to play? Believe it
or not? As a fourth grader, Justin Jefferson finished third of the National
punt Passing kick competition. Believe itor not not? You sure did.

Why don't you have that number infront of you? Come on, Kevin
on seven ninety Kevin, what wasyour favorite part of the radio show today?
Justin Jefferson's major while at LSU wasgeneral studies. Believe it or not?
Believe it Nope, sports administration.But thank you for playing and thank
you for listening to one of thosechoke majors. Greg on seven ninet,

You ready to play? Believe itor not? Justin Jefferson was a fourth
wide receiver taken in the twenty twentyNFL Draft. Believe it or not?
Believe its right? Statement number twofor the win. Although Justin Jefferson beat
Randy Moss's rookie record for reception yardsin a season. Maw still had more
average yards per game. Believe itor not, that's right, Jefferson in

eighty seven yards per game, Mosseighty two. Nicely done. What's that?
I tried to make a tricky one. He was fine. Paul on
seven ninety Paul, was your favoritepart of the radio show? Today?
All the astros talk. Justin Jeffersonis a supporter of Premier Leagues Liverpool FC.
In twenty twenty three, he hadwelcomed to the stadium. He was

welcome to the state. Welcome,Welcome to the stadium with a custom jersey.
Believe it or not. Believe itno, he hates soccer just like
the rest of us. Kevin andPairland on seven Day America Most Popular Kevin
in the world. Kevin, You'reready to play. Believe it or not?
I am and I especially enjoyed yourstory last week about paid twenty five

dollars for the roller coaster in LasVegas. God love you, Kevin.
During his freshman season in LSU,Justin Jefferson invented his signature gritty dance together
with Jamar Chase. Believe it ornot, Believe it no, he invented
it. With Alan Davis. Wellyou did it with him, he's my
best friends. Yeah, sure,went on. All right, let's go
to Andy on seven ninety Andy,you're ready to play. Believe it or

not. As an incoming freshman LSUJustin Jefferson strained his hamstring in an unsanctioned
foot race with running back Tyrone DavisPrice. Believe it or not. Believe
it, No, it sounds verybelievable. Ross. But then the Hall
of Fame for the week. Yeah, we're out of here. Up next,

the greatest of person enter in thestation's history. Well he's not here,
so Adam Clinton is here alongside Wexler. Up next, it's the team
Astros Baseball at six with me onSports Talk seven ninety eight
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