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June 11, 2024 124 mins
Matt Thomas and Ross Villarreal of The Matt Thomas Show recap the Houston Astros losing 4-3 to the San Francisco Giants on Monday. Rafael Montero allowed three runs on four hits in the bottom of the 10th inning as the Astros received their second straight walk-off loss. Closer Josh Hader joins to discuss the Astros getting back in the race for the division lead. Matt and Ross comment on Caitlin Clark not making the U.S. women's basketball Olympic roster, react to MLB insider Buster Olney having his X (formerly known as Twitter) account hacked, give their latest "Gut Feelings" and more.
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Lunch timers. This is the MattThomas Show, twelve oh one in each
town. What's happening to lunch timers? Good afternoon to you, and welcome
to a Tuesday edition. This isthe Matt Thomas Show on Sports Talk seven
ninety. It's behind three and zeroone Bregman. The kick and the pitch
and Bregman hits it up the middleand through for a bay sit, scoring

his cabbage al two. They goesto second Alex Bregman with a twelve game
hit streak. After that RBI single, Astros lead three to one. They
give him the three to oh greenline. Knowing he was gonna get a
cookie. He got it and sitit right back where it came from.
So one to one and that's aground ball in the center of base hit

around third and scoring is smit BredWiseley is on with his second hit of
the night, an RBI single,and it's three to two Astros the one
zero and that's lifted in the centerand that's down for a base hit.
On his way around third is Wisely. He comes home and scores and a
throw down the second safe at secondbase goes Ramos. We're tied at three.

The pitch round ball and Montero hasit go through his legs picked up
by Payna. Bases are loaded aground ball back to Montero. He couldn't
grab it, went right between thewickets and it just goes from bad to
worse for the Astros. One tozero live in the left field. That's

gonna go over the head of lowPerfeto and off the wall and the Giants
are walk off winners. Bareley scores. San Francisco gets three runs to the
bottom of the tenth after the Astrosscore two in the top half, and
the Giants win it four to three. Astros suffer their second straight walk off
loss. It's a seven. Can'tyou sell close, isn't it? Montero?

You suck? Panya I love you, but you sucked last night.
Or Bray you. I don't havean affiliation if you want to one and
win with the other. But yousucked. I was watching that White Sox
Mariners to Game two because it wason MLB network. Uh huh, I'm
sitting there screaming the White Socks wereWhite Sox. You suck. You're four

nothing in the eighth or well theygot up to nothing on the Luis Robert,
just absolute nuke off of Logan Gilbertand then Michael Kopek cannot get it
out, Like this guy was supposedto be the next big thing. I'm
sitting there screaming at him. Welllike Matthew McConaughey an interstellar, No,

get it out, get it out, Michael. Then the astros Rafael Montaro,
Cantfield, Jeremy paying is for gettingout of field? How's that?
Brave's up in clutch situations and youget walked off two days in a row.
Just spectacular, just just wonderful.I went and looked at the five

stages that I put out in May. Oh, how's it looking? Where
are we at? I think we'rein? Are we at? What the
hell is going on out here?I believe we're in stage three? Firmly
headed to stage four? What isthat? One light? My eyes on
fire? Time to get going islying? Is stage three? Stage four?
His time is running out? We'renot a time is running out?

Oh great? What are we gonnado the rest of the summer Olympics are
coming up? Don't care? Idon't care about the team. I just
I don't care. I thought everybodycares about the at least the women's basketball
team. Everybody's locked in on thatand has an opinion. Geez. And

now you've got people saying it's amarketing tool. I didn't realize that playing
for the for Team USA was amarketing tool. And then this Bomani Jones
character wants Caitlyn Clark to be hiredby NBC or do the color commentary for
the Olympics. I mean, whatdo we do? What are we doing?
How's her go ahead? Can wejust ross enough of Caitlyn Clark,

not her fault, enough of anythinginvolving her, not her fault. The
WNBA, angry women, angry people, people that don't even care about the
WNBA. We are not gonna careabout the WNBA. We're not gonna care
about the women's Olympic team coming upin early after early August. I'm done.

I'm finished enough with taking up myairwaves on sports shows that I actually
watched for five minutes giving me aCaitlin Clark marketing breakdown, and whether or
not Team USA is doing in themof the service. All right, I
got more. Enough with the damnAstros losing extra inning games and one run

games. Enough with crabby Bullpens.Enough with jose O braw I'm done.
That's it. You hear me,Houston, I'm a reasonable major market radio
host. Somebody called me hardheaded yesterday, maybe so I can live with that

ROSSI I'm Michael Douglas in the middleof the freeway with a baseball bat right
now? When was that I'm fallingdown? Oh it's a movie. Okay,
I'll take your word for it.Somebody tell me they've seen falling Down.
I hope that's the name of themovie. I'm all right. I'm

done with Kate alone in the hotelroom cutting yourself with a knife. That's
my apocalypse. Now. I amdone with the astros letting me down.
I am done. What else amI done with? I'm done with Stephen
A. Smith. I'm done withShams and Rod having a fight. I'm
done with Shannon Sharp. You knowwhat I find cathartic? Right now?

What this is gonna be the stupidestthing you've heard all day. I go
to my Facebook reels, okay,and I watched them endlessly. Let me
tell you what Zuckerberg's happy to hear. Let me tell you the variety of
things I'm getting on my Facebook reels. Okay, all right, and this
is an algorithm knows what you're likelike, so let me guess. Please,
busty women, I mean, yes, there may be there might be

one or two of those. Yeah, sure, wrestling highlights, Yes,
wrestling highlights, that's accurate. Funnygame show answers, Nope. Oh yeah,
family feud, Yeah, that's true. Okay, there's two more that
you're not gonna get that I'm notgonna get Lamborghini auctions. No. The
two are an Astor and Fred Sanfordfighting on Sanford and Son when they too

go back and forth, it's hysterical. And for some reason I got on
my reels has me as a bigfan of the old television series Dallas,
which I was, yeah you are, they know you? So the algorithm
knows that's what I do. Soand then there's real, real, real,
And then there's take this pill tohave sex with somebody half your age,
real real real. Hey, givethis to your boyfriend, chew it

and he'll be you know what forhours, real real real. My man
takes these two oboles, real real, real. These are tailored ads.
Mat they got you nailed or theywant you nail him. Okay, whatever,
I'm not having any issues in thatdepartment at this point. Thank you
for asking. If it does becomean issue, I'll let you know.
Fixmlow t dot com. Hey,let me tell you something. There are

guys out there that are having majorproblems. I'm not in that situation.
But if I ever become a situationlike that, thank you, Matt.
You know what, I'll peel thecurtain back. Oh no, no,
this is the curtain. We donot be peeled. Leave unpeeled. Okay,
leave the curtain where it is.Do not touch this curtain. It's
it's mostly it's mostly clinical. I'mso scared. You know what one minute

left in this segment? Should Iwalk out? Stay with it? Here
it is. I'm not gonna staywith you. I had a sect to
me a year and a half,a year and a half ago, a
year ago. Stay with me onthis stay stay say, say say,
and okay. I I had somecomplications, okay. One of them was

urination issues. Okay. So theygave me a medication. Okay, that
helps with your nation okay, butit's also used as a sexual enhancer.
So while my stream was really good, there was other things that were good,

that it wasn't really ready to begood. Does that make sense?
Now? That's it. That's allI said. No, I stand I
said no. I stand by originalassessment that I did not want this curtain
peeled well too, damn bad.I love our audience. We're like family.
God, I thought, this iswhat you're doing to as astros.

You see what you dad? Yeah? Yeah, you brought this upon us.
God. Now I have some ofthose pills off. Ever, if
you want, okay, because Imy stream is much better now, Thank
you for I wasn't asking and Iwill never ask you ever. Ever.
If I ask you how your streamis, shoot me in the head because

I have been taken over by anange, but you know, because you
are with me how I will neverdo that. How painful my vasectomy?
We was well, I I didn'tsee this is okay? What time is
it? How long is this show? How much longer do I have?
Holy smokes? Holy smokes? That'sas clean as I can put it.

We have some good news in alittle bit bad okay, please Joe Hespata
has asked to move his appearance toThursday of this week. Oh okay,
great, that's the bad news.Or in the good news. In some
cases, maybe it's dealing with somethingfamily related. So I don't want to
get into any of what that is. But Josh Hader is going to join
us at two thirty the sepsod Okay, we fingers crossed? Oh well,

where's this happened last week too?Right? No? Were I supposedly going
to? Okay, So there yougo. That's my life. I love
you all. Yes, the astrosare annoying me, and all this endless
Caitlin Clark Olympic bullying WNBA marketing isannoying me. Let's talk about it NonStop,

no or not non stop non stop. Aaron Rodgers is not a mini
camp seven one three, seven eighty. Why don't you call my show and
let's get into the Texan second teamdefensive line. That's enough depth at end
defensive end seven to one. Youknow what, I'll take anything else.
I will take anything else than thefrustration It is the local nine because that
game I'd rather talk at least they'reactually playing games right now. That's true.

That's true. Seven one, three, two one two five seven ninety.
Come on in so we'll get noJoe spot it today. Scheduling Hopefully
for Thursday Friday, we will havesome time with Today at two thirty,
we'll have some time with Josh Hater, hopefully fingers crossed small prayers. Let
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Time, lunchtimers, lunchtimers. Thisis the Matt Thomas Show. This is
song is how the Astros are playingright now. Lit'sten. How sad this

thing is and soft and soft well, I don't want to say fire soft,
but there's listen to this. Imean, you just want to just
take a nap. I wish itwas raining really hard. You can't even
cuddle with a special someone. Youcan't dance to this song. You just

reflect on things. And I'm reflectingon the fact that the Astros have had
two straight walk off losses. Right. The Angel game was a walk off?
Right? Correct? Definitely yesterday wasyou know you walk offs? Back
to back walk offs. I knowthis is really what you choked. You

get in the bed at eleven o'clockat night. You're trying to fall asleep.
Astro score a couple runs at thetop of the tenth, or they
are excited on they bunt twice.Yeah, I'm not a big butt fan,
but it is what it is.It works. Yeah, I mean
I think you bunt in very selectsituations. I mean in the with the
you get the extra runner and extrainnings, that's a good time to bunt,

and then when you get a basehit out of one of them.
I mean, oh, by theway, this is just meme saying this.
I don't have any insid information onthis a brain you hitting in the
eighth inning or not? Was thateighth inning or ninth inning? I think
ninth two runners at second and third, whatever, whatever inning was, either

or not. Again, I'm alittle lost in translation here. That's the
Astros basically saying, maybe field tomanager to front office, you want jose
A bring you to come back andhelp us. Here's where he does it.
You're gonna keep him if you're gonnakeep on this roster, and I'm
gonna have to keep an eye,have to keep playing him. And I've

already burned John Singleton as a pinchhitter. Yes, here's where your boy,
our guy steps up, gets thebase hit and starts the transformation.
The bench was short, no dasbecause of his hand. Correct, And
you've already used Singleton like you said, which you probably if you want to,

if you really want to go backand reverse everything, maybe you let
is it McCormick hit in that situationafter all? Yeah, Singleton hit for
McCormick. Yeah, maybe you letMcCormick hit in another time and you saved
Singleton. But again, here wasa one one game in the eighth.
You're trying to spark, yeah something, and John Singleton has one major league
pinch hit. He's works some walks, Okay, point is my confidence level

of holding on the John Singleton tothe night Again, it did great,
cab By your Scrimsky out there inrightfield. Should have been a hit,
doesn't matter. You know the XBAand that was really good. Yes,
what the XPA said to me,zero zero zero because the out it's unfortunate

Montero, I mean Jesus, Imean we're just when we're thinking we're gonna
start to fill, you can't fieldyour position. You're giving up these big
Hills, God, God, blessant. He's been due, he's been and
it was an absolute dud, absolutedud. So pissed late night Astros come

back, then they give it up. Meanwhile, then I flip on Seattle
Vision and then watching the Mariners walkit off terrible seven and a half out,
falling further and further behind. Fivehundred year five hundred prediction by what
June tenth was just gone. Ifmy prediction the June nineteenth, they gotta
win every single game the rest ofthe way, which is very possible.

I'm just saying it's possible. It'snot happening. Seven one three two one
two five seven ninety seven one threetwo one two five seven nine zero Bart
in Spring on Sports Talk seven NintyHillo bart, Hey, Man, I
don't know if that'll help, butit sounded like Gordy just before you feels
the same way you do. Yeah, but he's busy covering SCC football,

so he doesn't have the same emotionsthat I have. Do you have any
inside information when you're talking about thefield manager of the front office whose decision
was it to trick to let Narrisand Mayton and Stan it go and Keip
Presley. It was Dana Brown's.It was Dana's. Well, I mean
Dane or the or the man orthe ownership group. I mean you're when

you signed when you signed Josh Hayterto the big contract and you move Ryan
Presley up a spot, and youmoved Jose to bring you up a spot.
Uh, you weren't going to signall three of those guys. Maytown
was just a picture average pitcher.Hectan Harris had a good career for the
Astros, and Stannik had his momentsas well. Uh, you looked at
Mayton and press Lee and Stanek andNerris's not lately, Stanik is over four.

I don't know what Narris and Mayitonare. Oh, I guess Dane
has got to take credit for this. Well, you know what, Let
me let me tell you. Letlet's hold on, hold on, hold
on. Bart If I said,you can go get the one of the
two or three premier closers in thegame and still have Ryan Presley as a
good closer. Now he's not hada good season, and I give you

a breve for inning seven, eightand nine. Are you telling me you
would not make that deal in orderbecause you wanted to keep film Aton,
Ryan Stanek, and Hector Nerris.Come on now, No, looking back,
hindsight twenty twenty is way over theirs. No, but Montero you were
stuck with because of his huge contract. Yeah, Montero couldn't get rid of
Ryan Presley you had under contract.Ryan Stanek hasn't been that great for the

Seattle Mariners. I can go lookup Mayton. I got maton right now.
Mayton is zero and two with ane ARA of six point five six.
Okay, so he's not being good. Narris has been for the Cubs
because they were he they had himclosing games. I don't know if he's
still their closer. But you've alsogot he signed. You signed Josh Hater,
and then you sign and Taylor Scottgot a minor league deal and he's
been fantastic. Yes, Scott's beengreat. Yeah, and Martinez has done

pretty good for the Astros. SMartine, I mean, yeah, you're
basically hater Martinez Scott instead of Nears, Stanic and Mayton. At this point
is what effectively has been as faras bullpen usage. Yeah, well,
looking back at it, they obviouslyare doing worse than they did when they
were at the Astros. Yeah,no, nobody is going. I mean

Hector Harris has been used as acloser for the Cubs a little bit.
I don't know. Do you pullup his number yet? A two point
six three e r A. Uh, he's got nine saves for them.
He's got a whip at one pointfour five eight, which is not good.
No, I mean again, fipof four to ten, which is
nice. I'm going to take JoshHater over Hector Naris every single time,

Yes, every single time. Andand Martinez and Scott have been effective,
if not more so than than Maytonand stank or wherever whatever nearis the triumvirate.
Yeah, all right, Uh sevenone three two one two five seven
ninety seven one three two one twofive seven nine zero Uh no, Uh,

Joe spot it today. Hopefully toget him on Thursday would be the
plan for him on that. Weare expected to be joined by uh closer
Josh Ader two thirty sath on theprogram, and we look forward to talking
with you. We got gut feelingsROSSI coming up in just thirty minutes from
now. Great. I don't wantuh, I don't want Connor anywhere near
him these gut feelings. You don'twant me near him. I need.

I got thirty minutes to try toturn my head to a more positive light
because right now it ain't there.You mean like turning, call for just
just generally turn. No, we'renot talking about your streams anymore. No,
the stream is fine now, thestreamers nobody. As I said,
we're not talking about it. Ohokay, well if you ask, it's
fine, thanks, y. Idon't have a good feeling that either my
stream. No, it's fine.There's yeah, there is a cloud of
pessimism over my head with the astrosright now, I'm gonna try to clear

it out by gut feelings. Allright, let me tell you about Underdog
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Thomas continues on Sports Talk seven ninetyTime is twelve thirty five. It is

the Matt Thomas Show. This isSports Talk seven ninety seven one three two
one two five seven nine, ifyou want to join our conversation. I
almost feel like it's anything goes tuessybecause I'm and I don't get irritated much
with my local nine because that's myteam. It's been that way since uh
nineteen seven nine, is what itis. But man, I'm I don't

know. Maybe it's I'm just crabberbecause they're late night games. Maybe it's
because they've had leads in the ninthinning and two of those games and they
were on amble to hold onto it. Maybe it's because I'm watching jose A
bra you strike out with runners atsecond and third with a chance to further
pound the lead. Maybe I'm watchingrafeel Monterera. I mean, Jesus,

Jeff Backwell, what the hell areyou thinking? What the hell are you
thinking? Well, at least Monterohas been good this year. I don't
care anymore. I don't care.It was his third day in a row.
The question is, would you ratherhave Sean Duban? I guess yes,
yes. Scenario retrospect, Yes.Hindsight twenty twenty, let's go.

I love it. I'm a bigfan of Hindsight. They called me mister
Hindsight you don't want to tell yousomething. In that moment, I actually
was like, you know what,maybe Jose Brain I wasn't completely done.
I was like, maybe Jose breakcan come through here. And that guy
he was throwing hundred miles an hourthough, that's the closer for the Giants,
by yes, because I had thoughtabout maybe they would put in low

braffdo to move those the named Dovalout of the and replace him with that
left handed who came in in thetenth inning. But they weren't gonna do
that. I mean, that's ourcloser. You're not going to make a
situation for Joey Librafito so and wellour good yet back. Well, what
the hell are you thinking, JesusJeff, He said, Jose Brady looks
good. Look at the look atthe back of his baseball car. No
what I'm so mad? Bag wasa ninth best player in Austros history.

Come on, now, that's notaccurate, Jesus Christ. Enough back the
playing career. And I'm telling you, and I know that that Joe's not
here to say this, and hewouldn't say because he's going to be very
very politically correct, and I wouldn'tsay this if I was in his spot,
you know you gave me Jose youbray you for the second time because

you think going down to Florida wasgoing to make a difference. Here you
are, second and third, ninthinning. Let's go win this game.
Let's get back to a feeling betterafter the loss against the Angels and boot
Bo strikeout. I mean, ifthey're going to keep him on this roster,
he has to be up. Inthese situations. Whoever is making the
call, whoever is making the call, just awful. So it's so embarrassing.

I'm mad. I'm just and I'llget over it. They win to
night. Let me tell you something. They're gonna win tonight because you got
Renel Blanco going on the mound andI'm hosting the on deck intent in the
show. You think I'm crabby.Now If I'm doing a postgame show tonight
at eleven forty five and then theylose a game like tonight, like they
did last night, for I'll belet me get you hear the margrated machine
in the background. I'll be swearinglike a sailor. I'll be insaulting everybody

else and I'll drop Jeff back oneof the nineteenth best player I've ever seen
astros. Come on, man,you're putting them mind like Rusty stop.
I'll you know, and I'll putCesars Daniel well above him. Come you
know what I'll do. I'll putthat's not fair, I'll put you know
what I'll do, I'll put ChrisBurke in front of him. Hey,
Chris Burke. I'll even take theastro clipper Tony yo, Samie over Jeff
backway. Now we're talking. Actually, you're starting to make a little bit

of sense. That's why I'm pissedoff. Sorry, this sucked yesterday.
It was not fun. Damon orDamien. No, it's just Damon in
Thentaska seat on the Matt Thomas Show. Damon, what's going on? Hey?
Mat r are good? Hey heyMatt, Yes, sir, I
think I think, uh, thespot of needs to get Dusty on feed

now because he he yanks our picturestoo soon. This kid's got a four
hitter, got I mean in thesixth going into the sixth inning and he
pulls him out and look at whathappens. The whole thing blows up.
Yeah, but he wasn't gonna gomuch. But Damon, he was not
going to go much further. Hehe was close to one hundred pitches.
He's a he's at ninety nine.He gives up this really long triple.

Uh, he was out of gas. Martinez came in and was fine.
So Martinez came in and got theout, and then Taylor's guy came in
and got six outs, giving upa run. Yeah, it was it
was the back end of the bullpenthat it was. It was Montero that
did this, it was anybody else. Yeah, you're you're you know,
you're you're right. In this case, it probably does not apply as much
as you know. By the way, if the offense scores more than one
run in nine innings, there we'renot talking about this either. So true,

so true, so true. Nowlook here here's the other thing.
I want you guys and comment onbaseball shows with the game. I hate
the deal putting somebody on second base, and that's that's it's it's you know,
I'm used to it. It doesn'tbother me like that. I mean,
I would have liked to see it, Damon in the eleventh thing is
compared to the tenth. But I'mI'm not bothered by by the way,

are you to drive through right now? Yeah? Yeah, what what's which?
Which restaurant are you in the drivethrough at? Oh? You're jacking
about it like racking the rocks.Okay, so let's talk about your let's
let's let's go to some more importantthings. What is your order? What

did you get out of buttery Jack? Nice? Okay? And tony tacos?
And said no fries? No?Would you get for a drink?
Uh? God? I got water? Okay? So tiny got to keep
it healthy? Tiny tacos and abuttery jack. Let me ask you this,
gentlemen, how do we feel aboututtingbutter on our hamburger? It's good,

it's not good for you? Okay. How's your cluster? Damn it?
How's your clusterol levels it? Okay, okay, then you don't enjoy
yourself then, because I couldn't probablyhandle that at this point, the pe
call you get some hot sauce forthe tacos? Oh, you got to
a jacket? A box hot sauceis actually not terrible for fast food?
Does the rack on the rocks?I'm sorry? Racking the racking the rocks?

Tacos a struggle meal if you're eatingit now, depends what time of
day is it. First of all, when's the laston we went to Racking
the Rocks in the day? Fourtwo AM. I was gonna say,
I very racy ual an actress?Seven PM. Isn't that that's correct?
Like? Who goes a roting forrock over Rock Corral? Who's going to
Rock Corral at one thirty? Notmet guy? You mean AM's fine?

PM? Oh okay, PM,No, No, it doesn't cross your
mind. Doesn't cross my mind.Yeah, buttery, jack and some tiny
taco maybe not on Piper chain.I'm not a huge fan of butter on
my hamburger. I would have gotit. It's a what I just have
to remember not to argue food.Maybe, but I'm sorry, okay,

time out. I don't think mebeing anti butter on my hamburger makes me
some sort of terror. You knowwhat I like at my Hamburger? Rosses
keeps a shock to you. Mustardand catch up. That's what I like
to go with. I don't needno say, I don't need no jack
rocking rocks butter all over my hamburger. Okay, Now, if you want
to get it, obviously you hadone. Yeah, you've had a ruttary

wreck, rhetory wreck and yeah,no you can say buttery jack ain't rutory.
What say these are your rules?That's true. Steak consisted. I
know, well the astro scored three. I like a little bit of you
get a free jumbo jack with theI'm sorry rumbo rack. We gotta buy
a large drink, which is fortyfour ounces of goodness by the way,

yeah, forty four ounces of highfruit dose corn some Well if you get
if you get icy your diet drink, your friend, you got water?
Can you buy a forty four ouncenow? You can't know? You have
to buy your I've done the rackrumbo rack before, and you have to.
I know you have. I'm sureyou've gone to multiple locations to get
them in one day. Are youready for this? My wife is like,
you know what we're doing for yourbirthday next year? I said,

what do you want to vacation?He goes, no, there's like a
list of restaurants that will give youfree stuff on your birthday. Oh yeah,
you can go and like hit acarousel on so basically you she said,
we'll spend the entire day. Shesays, you have to take a
day off from work. I said, Okay, don't know to take a
day off on my birthday. Butthat's people do that, and we'll just
go to from one restaurant to theother. Like you can get free pancakes
from Rye Rop you can get ropwhat else? Oh, you can get

a free car fee from bar Bucks? Really? Yeah, like an eight
ounce it's any size of any drinkyou want. No way, and by
the way, I tried to getmy free birthday beverage at raw Recks on
June sixth. No, you onlycan get it on your birthday. Yeah,
what are you thinking? Why wouldyou try to go a day later?
Because guess what I did the twodays later. I went to Bacco

Mamana and I was able to turnin. I can't figure out what the
hell is going on? Said,I got two tacos from there, okay,
and then they gave me thirty daysto celebrate my birthday on that one.
So thank you, you know what, I'll give them a plug.
Thank you Takoobana for the two freetacos. It worked out beautifully. Twelve
forty three. It used to beno but nor is rocking the rocks,

except the tacos are like that's true. There, that's that's good. That's
good. Two am eating okay,beginning, Get a free bumble back.
You gotta get you gotta get aforty four ounce can I mean you can
share the forty four ounce? Right? Yah, that's right, split it,
DoD drink twenty two. Get somerolls, get a heat a pita.
They still have those. I don'tknow, but I used to love

you. I used to love thejack racking rocks. Conce myself that I
was eating healthier. That's right,that's right. Seven. We got forty
three of fat. It's good comparedto the rest of the stuff they have
there. But you wind up gettinga small curly fried because you're like,
I smell those FRIESE. I wouldhave added a small curly fried meal.

That's the only thing I would havechange. You think you would have gone
with junior tacos and uh, abutteried rack and ah and a small curly
fry. Well, it's with theLuca donches died over there. You're working
on seven one three two one twofive seven Dottie seven one three two one
two five seven Dotty, we havegut fillis coming up at one o'clock speaking

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seven to one to three quality.The Rockets have Red Nation, Mattas Maddie

Nation. Things are going to starthappening to me. Now you made it.
I'm not funny now more. MattThomas, now gout feelings coming up
at ten minutes, I got agood feeling. I'm pissed off. That's
a guy. I can guarantee thatgut feeling hits. I have me on
Deck show at seven thirty to night. Are you gonna scream for thirty minutes?

I man, I could tam.Josh Edardan come on the show at
seven thirty. We're gonna or twothird, we're gonna have a do a
lot of scream all I'll call youfor the pre game. If he doesn't
come on. Really really, no, I didn't think so't call? I
have AI. How was yeah?How was the night camp last night?
Oh? It was spectacular? Waitdid I do one? Yeah? I

did? Yeah, it was good. All right, it's talked to Astros.
You got a nightcap tonight at sixo'clock as well. That is correct.
Hey, we'll all be listening.We'll talk to Astros. Okay,
for the most part. Won't yougive in to a deep guy on Texan's
training camp battles. I'll tell youone phrase. It won't be mentioned on
the On the Night Camp unless somebodywants to call in and talk about it.
Kaitlyn Clark maitland Mark M two CampRhymers. We don't we know who

she is? Jane is it?Twelve fifty on the Matt Thomas showed James
what's on your mind? Oh really, Jay, James did this to us
last time? I think? OhJames, James, James, James Brown
Top five James is go? CanJames con James conn is a good one?

Here we go quickly. Con Brownnot Town's number one Brown, the
singer, not Brown. I meanhe had some legal issues. Yeah,
but have we all bond James BondHarden? Uh where do you put Madison?
James Madison? Hmmm? A presidentand a school named after you.

That's got to be a top five? All right? Thanks James, good
stuff, Thank you, James,appreciate you hanging with us at time.
Dynamite stuff. All right. Uhso there you go if you want to
get in on any of those things. Seven one three, two one two
five seven on your favorite James,you know what I want to talk about
My favorite tailor spelled with an Eand go ahead, Taylor Scott. I
mean, what a revelation. Heis six outs for you yesterday. He's

got an era of one point sixy five on here. Dude's been nails
out of nowhere. Dana Brown byfilm may Times, Peace Out, Mayton,
peace out standing in that beautiful Maynayears. Jeff Bagwell should come out
and take credit for that signing sothat people could feel a little bit better
at him. Hey, hey,guys, I found Taylor Scott in South

Africa. I was playing golf.How much long are we have to deal
with a braye? And I knowhe's a nice guy, but I don't
I mean, I don't. Niceguys can also not make be a major
league baseball We've got two hits onSunday. What's his batting ever since his
return? It was two hundred yesterdayand then he went over four. Okay,
so it's not good. I think, don't hold me to this.

Probably around one fitty. I believehe's seven for thirty nine since coming back.
I think, don't hold me.Well, yeah, that's where because
he was seven for thirty five.We did it yesterday, right, one
seventy nine? Oh man one seefour eight seventy eight, so if they
went around up there, so he'snearly doubled his batting average. He was
at ninety nine, now he's atone twenty seven ops A three seventy one.

This is it's time to end it, fanatic, This is this is
You gave him a shot, it'sjust not gonna work out. Well.
Talk to l Hefe, talk toJim talking about top five, James,
talk to James Crane, and youknow what you're You're not and I get

I want to be fair to theAstros on this. You're not gonna hit
every frigent acquisition. You would lovefor every frigent acquisition to work for you
and to say I fleeced the teamor I got the best guy. And
the Astros have had a really goodrun of being able to do that,
letting players go and those players beingnice for their new teams. But life

went out without George Springer, lifewent out about Carlo's Korea, Life went
on without Gary Cole. I mean, they have been very lucky that none
of these guys have bit him inthe ass, and it's hurt them dramatically.
They've been able to win make AmericaLeague championships, world series appearances,
world series wins. It's been awonderful run. And not every team,

not even when Jeff Luno is runningthings. Jeff Luno signed players and brought
in trades that don't work. It'sjust a byproduct of the sport. The
problem is at some point, andI know that the key component of this
is the finances of it. Butyou have to take an l sometimes in
the Astros' Montero has looked better,but looked completely overmatched yesterday. Probably I

never want to see him pitch threetimes in a week, frankly, but
three times in a row. Idon't want to see that bull. Penn's
been tax it just has been.And I certainly don't want to see hose
Abery. I have been as pleasantabout him as possible. It's just not
working out. And I don't careabout the two hard hit balls he's betting
what I tell you, one seventynine since his return seventy nine, dude's
tearing to cover. Everybody has hithard hit balls. I could hit a

hard hit ball one seventy freaking nine. It's it's it's time, It just
is. They can take them offthe roster. Today, I'm not gonna
bat and I I just don't knowwhat they are. Unfortunately, and this,
you know, because people were comparingJeff Bagwell and Jack easter B.
That's not fair. They have beendoing that. That's not fair. And

even certain staffers and up here atseven ninety hit Ballance. That should be
a shame to yourself doing that.That's not good. But Jack easter B
was a snake oil salesman. IfJeff Bagwell just is not an evaluator,
it is a Yes, it's nota comparison that way. But the philosophical
shift made by Jim Crane and theAstros from a completely data driven organization that

showed great success with that to completelypivot away when it works so well from
you for you, I find itpuzzling. Steve before the top of the
our Hello Steve, Hey, guys, I just want to say that I
don't think that this is the moneyissue with the Bray anymore. I think

that this is a Jeff Bagwell generalmanager ego issue. And I just wanted
to hear what you guys, what'sthe same thing really that the ego is
he signed him to the money?Yeah, I think the ego is to
I've got to save face here.Now. If jose Bray you Steve was
making five million dollars Jeff Bagwood badand I about this, he'd be gone.
Yeah, there is no there's anargument this is. I came out

and said again to a point thatthis is a guy not only worth spending
the money on, but spending multipleyears more than anybody else have wanted to
pay at an additional year. Yeah, of course, is ego driven.
I don't want to look bad.Well here's what you do, Jeff,
Jeff, I'm sorry it didn't workout. You your I did not meet

the criteria of making this, Imean, one of the biggest blunders,
frankly, in Astro's history. Sometimesthe eye tens fails you. And so,
Jeff, we love you. You'rea great ambassador. You can sit
with me during the games, youcan hang out with Danni Brown. But
I'm I'm not going to give youthe responsibility of trying to and and maybe
that was and that's frankly a flawin the Astros organization from putting him in

that position to begin with, becauseJim obviously had a lot of faith in
Jeff. Jeff feels like he owesa debt of gratitude to Jim Cranks.
Look, let's face it, Jeffhad some down times in the last ten
years, and Jim Crane's like,he's my guy. He's one of the
greatest astros, maybe the second greatestand third and greatest astro ever to play,
I think probably second behind Jose Andyou know what, Jeff wanted to

help the team. But you justbecause you play the game well, it
doesn't mean you scout of the gamewell, doesn't mean you gm the game
well, it doesn't mean you coachthe game well. Your eyes failed you
and it has hurt. The firstbase spot for the Astros is very painful

to even look at the lineup card. It's a sinkhole. It's a sink
hole in a place in the lineupwhere you cannot have a sinkhole. You
can have a sinkhold center, maybeshort somewhere else, catcher, first base.
No, you need production and it'snot just not there all right,
Second hour of the Matt Thomas Show. Time for you to make some gut
feelings. Sports Predictions time seven onethree two one two five seven ninety seven

one three two one two five sevenninety do you have a sports prediction?
We'll hear from you next here onSports Talk seven ninety lunchtimers. This is
the Matt Thomas Show. Lift itUp and Piln't that Thomas? You'll ma
got a gut feeling. This istheir gut feeling on the Matt Thomas Show.

I hate you MLB Network for showinghighlights of the Giants astros last night,
but god, your anchors are hot. That's all I would Say'm sorry
about that. Thank you, Matt. What a roller coaster of emotions that
was watching MLB highlights or watching anine, a nine or ten tone run
thro the highlights? Have you everseen a six on MLB network programming six?

Not normally on TV in general?Okay, have you seen anything less
than eight and a half? MLBNetwork has good hiring practices, And I'll
just leave it at that. What'sup here, Santos? How are you
doing? Is that the brunette?It's one of them? All right?
All right, let's focus snap toit, man. We got a segment

to do here. Let's go.Let's see what Pat McAfee and is in
his uh tank top on. Noyou're not, no, no, no,
no, no to keep you fromgetting distracted. I know it is
distracted. To focus a little more. Seven one three two one two five
seven nine. If you've got anypredictions you want to make seven one three
two one two seven nine zero.How did we do last week's sports?

I made like ten good fee feelslast week? All right? Go ou
don't you want to see any ofthis? Okay, Matt, you said
or Keatie never plays for the Astrosever? Again? Yep, you also
put your name on that. Yeah, I feel good about that, you
said, jose Bray, you noton the team August first. I feel
wonderful about that, meeks Ago,I said July fourth, So we'll see
how it looks for both of us. From there. You have the Celtics

winning in six, so you're gonnaneed to win here. You also had
the Oilers in five. This isgoing to be shocking. But the Oilers
are disappointing you aren't They down twonothing in that series? The Olders in
five. I thought I was teamBobcat for a while. I don't know
Panthers. What difference. Yeah,it's fine. Astros make a trade,

but a small one, and youalso have the Rockets trading the number three
pick. Yeah, which I thinkI'm gonna take an L on that.
I think you are too. Ihad Boston in five. I have Chas
McCormick with a home run within thenext week. I don't think he's no.
One has not happened. That's greata loss. I said, Chazz
will be fine at the plate.Got a bum base hit? Yeah,

did he? I mean, Idon't think he's been great, so I
don't. I don't know if Ican brag about that. He's hitting two
ten, which I think is better. He had a couple of hits in
one game over the weekend, Ithink, so. Yeah, we'll just
go ahead and give me an Lon that for the moment. Okay.
Oh, I had the Longhorns winningthis Softball World Series. Hmmm, stupid
sooners, Okay, I said,right. I said Ryan Presley will be

fine and reliable by the end ofthe season. There's still time. I
mean, there's still time. That'snot dead in the water just yet.
But it doesn't look right after whathe did Sunday, and I said Rockets
will keep the number three pick,but if they trade back, it will
be on draft night Farewell, Okay, yeah, I just have one for

Connor. I don't know if hedid others, but this is all I
wrote down. Yan YadA diez,jigantta diez. For those who want to
correct me, that's how he saysthat, I don't know, Uh,
we'll hit another home run by thistime next week. And he did.
He hit like four. Yeah hedid fine. Yes, and now his
thumbs hurt or finger or whatever.Well, it's a good jam. It
wasn't anybody's fault. Yeah, hegot hit by I mean a foul ball

came off the bat directly to hishand. Yeah. Natures are so dangerous
back there. Yeah, I mean, don't raise your kids to be catchers,
raising view left handed relievers. Yes, they did any knee replacement surgery.
By the time they're twenty eight,they can't run anymore. They get
made up funny because of their battingaverage. We had a teacher who her
husband was a college catcher, andshe said that when they leave the movie

theater they have to wait like twentyminutes for him to get up creaky knees.
Yeah, that's just not a goodlife for anybody. And those are
our gut feelings. Let me tellyou the audience what we like to do
here on the show. We liketo be as open and honest as possible.
The only person that's on the phoneright now with gut feelings is Brad.
Oh my god, please call it. So if you would like to
he sucks, jump over Brad andtake your gut feelings in before him.

Seven one three two one two fiveseven ninety. And if no one calls
in, that's fine. You're morethan welcome to drop around town listen to
the show, and for that weappreciate it. But just knowing that Brad
will be the only call we take. I got feelings. So if you
again, he got feelings, letus know now or it's gonna be brand
about a minute and a half.You've been warned. Seven one three two
one two five seven ninety. Allright, I'm going first, Okay,

Astros win the next two games againstthe Giants. I like that. I
can't back you up. I knowyou can't. I cannot, but I
like that. Just said it.I know I do. I like the
pitching matchups in both matchups there significantly. Jordanick's been good. Yeah, but
Fromer was fantastic against Anaheim. Ithink he's starting to turn the corner and

right now blockos big times. Ifhe's due for a bounce back. I'm
going with two astro wins to makeus feel a little bit better. I
would feel a lot better I wereable to happen. Uh, I'm going
with Luca dropped. No, no, no, I'm sorry, excuse me,
Hyrie Irving drops thirty five plus?Next game? What's up? Oh?

Okay, not terrible? Next finalsgame, It's gonna get hot,
Okay. I don't know about Luca. He's got creaky knees, creaky elbow,
creaky ankle, in a little bitof a gut, everything that's not
affecting him right now. No,it's nothing. It never does, although
you could one could argue he's carryingthe extra weight and it's got making creaky
knees an ankle. I mean doesdo guys that carry extra weight? Are

they more injury prone? Yes?They are, I will confirm firsthand.
Yeah, I've seen you walk around. You got arthritis all up and down
your body. I'm walking around likejose A Bray You all right? Uh?
So you got that? Do Ineed an NBA prediction? I'm going
to go away one. Who's thenext head coach? For the for the
Lakers. You got a gut feelingon that. Yeah, I'll go with

it. James Barrego Okay, Ithought you're gonna say JJ Reddick when I
heard I know, I know JamesBarrego. Okay, next Lakers, have
you going from Hurley to Barrego?Brigo is a good coach, great coach,
but is Off has been moved firedtwice. Yeah, not necessarily going
to fire up the Laker fan base. Dan Hurley is coming from the college

ranks and normally that doesn't work out. Oh, will you say that pissing
match that Shams and WOJE are havingabout this? Basically that Shams, like
WOJ helped Hurley become the number onecontender for the job. M interesting and
that Shams says, yeah, WOJ, that Hurley was considered and there was
an offer made, but it wasthere are other guys that were considering.

Isn't it crazy that we live ina world where these reporters wield this much
power. It used to be basketballreporter hears something from a source and reports
the news and that's that. MH. Not anymore, Nope, And
they don't talk to players game.You got a wheel powers and woj not
talked to a player about a breakingnewsdal In for it's about agents and general

managers and owners and Rich Paul.Yeah, ages and general managers primarily.
All right, anything for you,my man, Let's go, Connor.
What do you got he's taking phonecalls? Okay, so what sorry you
feeling? That's not your fault.You were taking calls Jeremy Pinyon Breckman Homer
within the next week. Wait aminute, I like this, in the

same game and the same game,just within the next home runs next two
days. You're telling me in thenext six days of Jeff that Alex Burman's
gonna get one home run. Imean, that's not saying a whole lot.
And he hasn't homer since May seventeen. Yeah, get him, get
him, Connor, Okay, writeit down. Was going to win the
next two games. I'm fighting words. How many weeks you're in the season,

like, I don't know, twentytwenty five? Okay, I'm not
gonna hit a home run every week. You guys have come through because many
of you are on the line.That means less, thank more of other
callers, and less of a brad. We'll go to Ray online. Five,
Ray, what's in your gut thisweek? This is going a little
bit in the future, But Igot a gut feeling and I'm going to
run into you in Vegas the weekof Thanksgiving. Oh for the Cougar basketball

team. Absolutely, and you canbring your son to Well. The problem
is that's true. By the way, my sons are not neither one of
my sons or U of h guyssecond one, but A and M is
also going to be there, arethey really? I think so? Yeah,
check because I'm taking my son.Oh nice, I will say this.
I would love to go. Problemis that the Rockets are going to

be playing during that time. Sothe chances of me missing an entire weekend
for for a tournament and having theRockets not play would be very would be
slimming none. Basically, what ifthey're playing it's Monday through Friday. Okay,
well, you know what, ifthere's a will, there's a way,
and I will and if the Rocketshave a couple of days off,
I will be there. Thank you, Ray for the phone call. By
the way, that tournament will notsurvive long term. Okay, write that

down. This Las Vegas event,what's the what's the They're they're cutting checks
for their cut checks. Every player, anybody that plays getting a check.
It's not going to work. That'scool. Good for them, I mean
yeah, I mean good for them, but it's not you will not be
around long term. It's economical.That money. I don't know. I
think it's a million dollars per team. I think oh, per team,
I'm gonna say per player. It'sgonna make it. Yeah, per team,

Yeah, going I need to sellthe TV rights. You're probably not
going to sell many tickets Thanksgiving Week? When does college When does when does
a national network care about college basketball? Thanksgiving Week? Yeah? With pros
and the colleges, you're gonna belucky to get a title sponsored for Las
Vegas basketball tournament folds or what.Oh yeah, I would say within three

years. Okay, well we'll comethere now. They'll be now, they'll
be other Las Vegas events, butthis is the one where they literally pay
the guys to be there, thenil whatever they're calling it. So good
for the Cougars to grab that moneynow because it won't be there the players
to get their money, all right, Savezar, Andrew, James and Brad
will get to you in a matterof moments. Please we got well,

yeah, we got one phone lineopen to get ahead of Brad. Brad,
we will get you. Don't worryit, just go wait a while
seven one three, two one twofive seven one. You don't want to
wait a while to be frisky inthe bedroom. Ross, that's true,
the folks out, Yeah, youdon't want to or you wann't want to
be low energy like Brad. Youdon't want to be uh, you know,
just not feeling like yourself for whateverreason. You feel like you've been
slowing down. And I ask you, how do you how do you feel?
How do you feel this morning?Did you did you hit snows?

You don't want to get out ofbed, and you're not feeling motivated,
and you're like, you know what, Ross, You're right, I am
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fixmilow t dot com. Fix mylow t dot com. Matt Thomas continues
on Sports Talk seven ninety N't thatThomas Yo? They got a gut feeling,
Lunchtimers. Gut feelings continue now onthe Matt Thomas Show. Andrew in
the Woodlands was in your gut thisweek? I got two gut feelings.

One after the All Star break,they're finally gonna give low Praffito a shot
at first base, and end ofthe season when the Astros are not in
the playoffs, the spota is gone. Okay, so he says after the
season, if they don't make theplayoffs. The spot is gone, all
right? And what was the firstone back going to have happened? Low

Praffito first base after the All Starbreak telling as Chandler Rum pointed out that
low Perfito came into the game lastnight and they put rather than putting him
at first, they put Dubonnet first. And by way, little Ffido has
been sent down already. Oh yeah, that's right, little Fido sent down
with I guess it's says Oar Salazaris going to be up. Yep,
says our Salazars here. How aboutthe fact that Astro's major league team does

not trust Joey lit Brafido play firstbase? Very clear, he would have
been there last night, hasn't playedmuch. It hasn't taken in bat I
think since being called up. Correct. No, and now he's gone and
didn't pinch hit for a bray youand didn't play first base on his return.
No, all right, let's goto uh, Josh, Josh,

what's in your gut this week?Hey, Matt, forgive me if I've
if you guys talked about this withinthe last week. I've been out of
town, but you know, Igot a bad feeling about Presley. You
know, I had a chance tomeet him, not last fan Fest,
but the fan fest before that,and he kind of sucked. You know.
I kind of like how he sucksnow. And I think he's gonna
be gone. He's gonna wave hishis his no trade clause. He's going

to be gone as well as aspata and did I are you guys going
to you guys are going to Vegasin August? We are, Yes,
you're gonna come back about fifteen ahead, brother, Well, I like that.
I like that as a gut feeling. Josh, you're a friend of
that and you're and you're a friendof the show forever. Thank you very
much, Josh. You know what, that's the best call I've ever heard

in the history of this show.Why does why does Brad have such animosity
from our listeners? I don't know. All right, let's go to He
would say, y'all hate me becauseyou ain't you hate me because you hain'te
me. Caesar, what's in yourgut this week? Oh man? Gut
feeling is that uh, father isuh he's duck in the interview today and

that's why he did it. TillThursday, so with his post interview,
he can go ahead and shut hisbumb mass up. All right, thank
you for the phone call. Iuh, we believe that his family is
meeting him today on UH in SanFrancisco. So whether that's all we know
is personal matter. Yeah, we'lltalk to a month third saying that's fine.

Yeah if he if he's got ifhe's going to pay the mount,
if I want to talk to himafter two consecutive walk offs anyway, what
we say, Hey, Joe,Rafael Montero really sucks. Huh? Yeah,
how's how you like putting Jose Breeon a key spot with second and
third and ninth and then you're tryingto make end the lead? Hey,
Joe, it'll feel better when wewhen the Astros win two straight games.

I hope you're right. It's agut feeling I want you to hit.
I've never really rooted so hard foryou to feel and it's hard for you
to root for me for anything.I know, I get it, but
I'm doing it. Marvin and Freeport, what's in your gut this week?
I got two of them. Oneof them is I think that uh,
when Tucker comes back his first game, he's going to hit a home run.
And Uh, I think that ifI invite you two guys to go

fishing with me down here in Freeport, by the end of the summer,
y'all won't go with me. Uh. That's that's accurate. I'm not going
fishing, good fishing and free.What's the last time you went fishing?
Uh with the governor? Well,the it was a former governor of Minnesota,
Jesse Ventura in two thousand and nine. I told you was that when
you had to go, you hadto go. No, I was afraid

I was gonna have to go,and I didn't know. Yeah, you
didn't want to hang over and droptrow correct. I thought you were saying,
I gotta be in a boat withme, the fishing guide and Governor
Ventura for nine hours. And whatif I get a little you know,
what do they call it? Bubblegut? Bubble guts? Bubble guts?
Okay, thankfully I did not.I believe they call it seasickness. Well,

they can call it a writing things. You can also if I'm a
turkey Samuel's mayonnaise out in the hotsun in Minnesota and I feel good either.
Oh, Okay, I'm just sayingI'm glad you made it. I'm
here. Yeah, all right,our buddy, Brad, Brad was in
your gut this week. Brad,Well, you know first to tell you
why people got animosity. They don'tknow me for once, and they're just

being stupid. All those people thatwent to Vegas and threw money out of
their pocket to come see you,every one of them loved me. They
even took me to the side whenwe talked. So none of those guys
that went to Vegas had any hatefor me. And Jay likes me,
so there are some that do.And you know what to go along with

that. I don't give a crapif you don't like me. I have
nothing to do with you in thebusiness world. I have nothing to do
with you in my private world.So you can hate me all you want
for all the stupid reasons you want. So that's that. But my gut
feelings are number one. I thinkI was listening to some things about the
catching and communication all that. Ithink when mal Donado retires from playing that

the Astros are gonna hire him.As you remember when they had Scott Service
that used to call catch in thebullpen and I'm not going to games and
before games, I want I go, what what does this guy do?
His job is just to catch Idon't think they have that anymore, but
I think they're gonna bring that back. And Maldonado was gonna work with all

the pictures to improve the communication situation. Maybe they'll have him out in the
bullpen catching the pictures, giving himadvice and all this stuff. I think
there's a position for that, andthat Jim Crane needs to listen to this
and hire him after his playing days, which hopefully will be this year or

over, and hire him as thatkind of guy, just like they had
Scott Service. And my second thatfeeling is I started reading up more on
this, uh this uh Donovan cleingthem guy. Uh. You notice Corzenas
has a has a nice effect onthe Celtics made him even better. And

that's what The Rockets don't have ashoot three shoot a three pointer blocker,
somebody like a uh Porzingis And Ithink Donovan Klingham fits that mold, and
I think they can't go wrong.If you look at his stats, he
was one of the highest UH threepoint shooters in college sixty three percent and

they have two fives of three pointshooting. It was fifty six per He
said he shot twenty five percent fromthree. I'm pulling it up. Sixty
field goals? Do clinging? Sixtythree percent from the field, Yeah,
and fifty six percent from the spotup. They're two different They said,
there's two different types of three pointshooting. Well, I know it's from

three. He took point two again, sixty. He's a spot he's a
no, you're bounder. I'm literallystaring at you. Wrong. He does
everything. He's the best center besidesthat Tzar guy that's been Bizar Mike Rotello.
Thanks, Brad. See, that'swhy we wait to get everybody in

before we get the brand. Now, I'm just thoroughly confused and a little
nauseous. Actually, he shot twofor eight from three all year. Who
did Donovan Clinging two free that hewas talking about, right, that's who
he was talking about. R Yeah, Clinging, that's that's three percent was
his field goal percent. That's that'sthe favorite picked to me? Third pick.
Yeah, I love kind of blessed. Maybe he's just mixing his players

up, you know. But Icorrected him twice, and he says I'm
wrong. I'm literally staring at thenumbers. I know you you figure it
out, Brad. I've known you'vebeen to be wrong before. I'm staring
at it. Okay, sixty threepoint nine percent zero. He didn't take
any of his first year, allright? And that, my friends,
God was gut feelix. You knowwe had I heard from it in a

while. Who is uh bad?Bradword? It's been a week. Yeah,
I mean I kind of wanted tobe a part of the show on
a regular basis. Now up nexton this radio program, when your Twitter
account gets hacked, the hilarity ensues. We'll tell you who got hacked and

what he said. After, I'dtell you about Memorial Herman Medicare Advantage Plan.
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Herman Healthcare Plan incorporating a Medicare advantageorganization with a Medicare contract and a contract
with the state Medicaid program. Again, that website is mhmedicare dot com.

We had Brad from Spring Branch callthe show and argue with Ross about the
three point prowess of particular draft prospect, Donovan Klingen. And to further the
cause, we have Brad on amobile joining us here. Oh, thank
god, Hi, Brad, what'sgoing on right? Hey? This is
Brad and I would kind cause andI got you guys, because I'm coming

from my burner phone and my gutfeeling is I figured i'd call him before
after the segment, and my gutfeeling is, yeah, you know,
the Astros they're gonna Jim, youknow, get you know, Jim Crane's
gonna he's gonna sell the team.He's gonna sell the team, and as

are gonna be without a baseball teamhere in twenty twenty seven. Thank you,
thank you Brandon Mole calling him witha very very late gut feeling.
Bless you people. I just Ijust love you. It was pretty good
and put the stutters in there,as Brad would say, if you hate

me, you hate me. Iguess I don't think anybody's anyways. All
Right, I've got a few treatsI want to read to you. Okay,
great, they tried to be notreal? Uh oh, okay,
can we get some of my readingmusic. Let's get a little breezing in
a great yacht rock classic. It'sshut up. This is Buster only his

account. By the way, usingthe word baseball is not a good way
to use your your password for yourUh is that what his passwords? I
think that's what had to have beenBaseball one two three, Yeah, ESPN
one two three four not gonna work. That's pretty funny. Uh so Buster
only his account was she has overa million followers, got hacked yesterday.

Huh And basically here's a few ofthe ditties. Okay, this season is
canceled due to COVID? Is thata tweet from twenty twenty that just that
never will get old? Number two? This is a good one too.
Ros show. Hey Otani has beenbanned for life from the MLB in connection

to chargers with gambling. His trialis at August twenty eighth, it is
speculated he could get life in prisonnext. This is just a baseball move.
The New York Mets are finalizing adeal that will send Francisco Lindor to

the Oakland Athletics. Sources tell hasbase or buyers who could have see that
coming. He had one that Idon't have on his person. He has
to know baseball a little bit.Yeah, I make something like that.
Then he had one I don't havein front of me here I'm paraphrasing that
the Baltimore Orioles are leaving Baltimore tobecome the Las Vegas A's I saw that

too. And then the last oneI have for you is he just says
I hate Mets, and that isa bus are only hacked tweets, hacked
tweets. If you want to getyour account hacked, send me on a
direct message your password or your Twitteraccount and we can make that happen relatively
easy. Let me tell you something. I've had my account hacked twice.

That's right. You got your accounthacked by a Turkish person, didn't you,
And the second time was by aTurkish person. Thankfully I was verifying
at the time, and I wasable to get express service to get it
fixed. Now you're not verified Maxbecause you don't pay. You don't got
that check to Elon. That iscorrect, Can I, I mean be
really honest with you just for asecond here, Yes, I'm thinking about

paying for it, huh. Onlyso I can edit my tweets without having
to erase and do them all overagain for eight bucks a month as much
as I tweet? Is that thatmuch to ask? I'm thinking about paying
for it just so I can poremyself out, get as many impressions as
possible, and try to get acheck from Elon. Can't people still do
that? You don't know you needlike three million impressions. Does anybody make

money in their Twitter account? I'msure is there's some people that do.
I want you, by way,and this is not related to Twitter.
I want you to do a deepdive and find out what people are making
on their YouTube channels. That's prettyeasy in a couple thousand for every millie,
every million views. I don't Idon't even know. With the ratio
partner, do you have to havea certain number of subscribers and then they

interrupt your what you're watching with adsin the middle of it, isn't there
like some kid that plays with toysand they make like forty million dollars a
year on you Now you're just makingthings. No, I'm not. Okay,
we'll find that guy. You're gonnaif you're gonna bring out all under
statements like I was getting a littlecrazy with the with the ads. Used
to be like everything was a fivesecond skip. Now I'm watching fifteen's,

I'm watching thirties. Getting a littletoo much Google. Let me tell you
what it's happening to me right now? Is for about the last and I've
been using YouTube to go to sleepat night, but more so in the
last really six months. So Iwill find a podcast that I want to
listen to. Here we go ninemillion Ryan Kagi, nine year old now

he's ten, making about thirty mila year on YouTube. He just plays
with toys. I mean he musthave incredible folluol of followers followers. But
yeah, okay, so here's myYouTube bit. Okay, you're gonna play
with toys. No, I'm notgonna play with toys. So I go
to find a podcast I don't wantto listen to to help me go to
sleep. Huh, there are twoads that run. I can skip the

second ad. I usually can't skipthe first one. Then I put the
podcast on and about three minutes intothat podcast, there's a Rando commercial that
pops up, And if I'm tryingto go to sleep, I'm not looking
for my phone to hit the skipkey. Then these podcasts I'm listening to
are doing ads within their YouTube.So it's you know what, it's becoming.

My podcasting YouTube at one am isnot good. It's so full of
ads. Wait, what the hell? This kids from Houston? Good for
him? Is you? Just likethe Onion is printing this story? That
is a legit service? Ryan Kagyhe has thirty six point seven it a
million subscribers on YouTube. Wow,that is he makes eleven million dollars a

year. Oh this I saw hemade twenty nine million in twenty twenty two.
Now, Trey, our producers todaysays that you're lying the audience.
No, he's not saying. Maybehe made eleven million the last couple of
years. Trey, you think he'slying. I think he's lying. Oh,
come on, he just calling youa constant fiber. That's not true.
He didn't know he didn't know mewell enough to say that. Yet,

you can speak on air if you'dlike, as long as you as
long as you don' embarrass yourself.Let the professionals embirth themselves on a daily
basis worth. What's his net worth? I don't even want to know.
Net worth over one hundred million dollars. My point being is that everybody's running
YouTube. Said, I could becomea rich It could be a radio host.
That could be a TV host onYouTube. Yeah, you could be

working in a barista at a coffeeplay six months to both and try to
build a following. Matt, yougot to chase your dreams. Not everybody's
fresh out of the gate. I'mcalling games at twenty one like Matt Thomas
the radio prodigy. I was workingmy assself at twenty one. No,
don't get rich quick scheme now andin a radio I'm broadcasting. Oh,
I know, I'm fifteen years in. I'm waiting for that get rich part

podcasts about what? I don't know. If I'm saying you got to separate
yourself, yeah, I don't care. I guess I'll do it. I
don't know. There's nothing that Ithink that what I really want to do
a podcast on I mean, you'rea big chess player, that's true.
There's a lot of chests. There'sa million chess podcasts. Yeah, and
chest streamers. They're all better thanme. Do you watch other people play

with chess on YouTube? Yes,I do, because you're learning the trade.
Yeah, that's fine. I cando I can understand it. Yeah,
Like I watched poker knocking around.Yeah, I used to watch a
lot more poker. I watched it, watch it some now. Well,
I remember when the World Series ofPoker was a super big deal. It's
huge. It's like next month andno one's talking about it at all.
Chris Moneymaker, Well, yeah,things, you know, things can pop

and then they die down. Yeah, but remember you go anytime you put
on the regional sports network to beone poker and show up for the other
the poker boom as it was called. Yeah, and then they would show
your heart right of the people,and you know, trying to get over
the top on this kind of stuff. Is this kind of crazy. It's
good times. I love poker.I like poker. I'm just not very
good at it. Let's play somemore. I know you want to play

me because you want to take mymoney from me, because the worst part
about me playing poker is that whenI have a good hand, I start
sweating profusely. Yeah, so Idon't hide the poker face, so to
speak. Uh huh, Just gotto key stay stone face. A pick
one spot in the middle of thefelt and always look at that spot where
there will usually be a logo ofa casino or some kind of logo of

a sponsor. Just pick a spoton the felt and always go to the
spot, and always put your chipsin the same way. I just make
I make it neatly to make astack with my left hand and then but
just push it over the line.That's you know. My biggest regret was
in poker. Was I invested ina poker player about ten years ago and
turn so widulous. Yeah, youbought a little piece of me in a
tournament in cash. It happens onlyten percent of players in any given to

Yeah, you let me down.You let percent of the time. I'm
going to fail. Yeah, soI'm not investing in you anymore. You
were you were You were a junkstock. Oh my god, you were
not. Yeah you were. YouYou cost him money. You did whatever.
That's like, I'm saying, youput jord On Alvarez to plate every
time, he's gonna fail seventy percentof the time. Yeah, but he

does cash once in a while.I put money on you got zero for
one. Jord can't go over one. You know what you are. You're
the Jose You overplaying, That's whatyou are. You do disappoint me.
I'm more of the Babe Ruth maybebad. You're more like the Martin Maldanao.
I'm gonna go with more of likea Paul Bocco. By the way,

we have to get this uh markteam to the All Star Games.
Voted stock Why I'm doing it rightnow? No, you're not. Why
gonna do it? Why not?It's embarrassing. This embarrassing to him.
It's not embarrassing. It's embarrassing.It's much deserved. No, it's not.
That's exactly, it's not deserved underany circumstance. Mean, he's the
eighty or something like that. Itwas his average. All right, what

is believing or not today? Comingup at two fifty? Oh, Martin
Maldonado. No, don't, don't, don't. Don't bad mouth the guy
that helped out this team. Howdid I pad I was a preferred catcher
for many of the stars seventy one. All right, By the way,
we have an official reason why CaitlinClark did not make the Olympics. Oh

my god, I don't care.You're gonna find out. No, I
don't care. It's gonna be verycool. Sorry, this is the biggest
story in the country. Okay,fine, we'll talk. I will talk
about it all the time. Iwill drive my national radio show bout the
national radio such I didn't know thatyou'd be bringing Caitlyn Clark teases to the
to the Forefeld. No, it'sjust shows. You separates me. A

lot of people can say we canjust talk about the same thing over and
over and over and over again.We try to move the We're a variety
of show. We're like what's theGhost the best variety show, But we're
like a circ de sole of sportstalk. I like that about that one
guy four on the Matt Thomas Showseven one three, two, one two
five seven ninety. This is RickyWilliams. I may have worn a wedding

dress on a magazine cover, butit still looks better than any outfit Matt
can put together. Let your wifedress you man. Texas fine, Texas
Fine. Back to Matt Thomas onSports Talk seven ninety All right, Brad,

send an email. I want youto read it. Okay, he
didn't say he was talking about numbersfrom the NBA, from the from the
NBA faced Brad was riding you wrong, you I'm an apology. Three percent
number. He wasn't talking about somebodyelse. He was right, but he
was talking about the NBA combine.He didn't say that, or at least
I didn't hear him say that.Did you. I wasn't paying attention.

I know you weren't. Everybody tunesout on Brad's on because he's the worst
caller in the history of the programin the station. Oh that's saying something.
We've had some bad callers too.I mean, you was right.
He shot sixty three percent and spotup in in the NBA combine. So
right now we're gonna have a specialmoment here on the Matt Thomas Show.
Ross You're gonna say Brad was rightand I was right. I just said

it. Brad was right. Iwasn't wrong. He was twenty five percent
from the field in the regular seasonand he was one for eight in the
regular season. Okay, I wasright, and Brad did not. I
did not hear him specify NBA combine. Now, if he did, I
apologize, but I didn't hear thatpart. I I appreciate your ability to

build that relationship with the two.I'm not building that. I have nothing
to do with Brad for the restof my life. And if it were
up to me, we wouldn't takehis calls. But it's not up to
me, and that's fine. Youcan be up to you if you if
you, if you insist on Thursday, shut your mass up. You're you're
a huge part of this show.If you're saying if you're saying, all
right, ladies and gentlemen, Nope, it's fine. You know what we

should do. No, we shouldn'tdo it anything. No, stop you
don't want to do it? Nope. Okay, I was going an instafle
Is you sure? Keep red?No? Keep Red? Some great content.
Okay. Let's go to Jack onthe Matt Thomas Show at one fifty
one before we get to our majorCaitlyn Clark news. Look, Jack Major,

I'm trying to just oversell it.I'm sorry. Hello, Jack,
Hey, great show, guys.A couple of boot points on the Astros.
First insanity he is to find hisdoing the same thing over and over
again and getting the same result.Watching insanity in the management of the Estros
lineup the first two months. Bregmanor Bray you you know, two hundred

hitter, Bregman or Bray you onehitter in key positions that just fans are
livid. A lot of my friendsand kids are fans go to spring craning.
I'm not sure they're going to goback. Let me let me tell
you something, Jack, Jack,They're going They're going back. They're just
he just filling them. They're goingback. They're going back. That was
dumb. I'm trying not to bea bed you know, Jack, I

love you for that. Sometimes letme tell you something. I've been doing
this for a long time, andsometimes I say stupid thing, and I
go, you know what I shouldsay immediately after I said it was a
stupid thing, Jack, to Flora'syours low Berfido was such a bright light
for us, and then they keepscrewing him and sending him back down.
So then keeping Cormick at two tencabbage uh loop Perfito would have caught that

run bow by the way, Uh, I'll bray you one twenty seven singleton
to ten. We just go whatwe got three hundred hitters on this team
that they aren't playing full task aroundWhere do you want Bregman to do?
You want him off the team oryou want him on the lineup? No,
no, I'm talking about two monthswhere he was betting clean up and
bat and he's betting two hunch.That's what I'm talking about. No,
no, no, no, no, He's coming around now. He's a

late Lake bloem. You know,we know that that's fine. He's good,
he's fine. I'm just saying thefirst two months I would have moved
it, and then they didn't.They moved him back at somethin Jack,
I gotta say, I gotta tellyou this, Jack a spot up.
Moved the lineup constantly, way morethan he wanted to. He had to
because there were so many guys thatwere in and out of slums. So,
I mean, you can criticize Joefor a variety of things, and

certainly that people have done so,but lineup flexibility is probably been one of
his stronger suits. Okay, that'smy opinion. That's it. That's all
I'm saying, except I just thinkthat in one game he had to bray
you and Singleton's batting back to backin the middle of atlant Up. Oh
well, that's painful. Thank youJack. Good to here from my friend.
Don't be a strange with the show. Let me just tell you,

and we're gonna open the two o'clockshow with some more nastiness of yesterday Rossie
that this first base spot's got tobe figured out, and clearly at this
point it ain't Joeying li Berfedo spot. It needs to be external. They
need to make a trade or Idon't know, figure something out and figure
out more importantly what they're gonna dofor the future, because a Braid's not
it, Singleton's not it, Dubonisn't it. No, who you know?

What I got an? I gottaask you a question you don't have
an answer to. Who the hellis starting opening day twenty twenty five for
the Astros at first base jose Brady, No, he's not. No,
you don't even believe that. No, I don't Joey li Praffto, you
don't even believe that. I kindof do they clearly see him as an

outfielder, so let me they wouldhave put him in the first base.
Yeah, they put Dubon at firstbase, and it's low Perfido has played
a little bit at first base.He there must be some sort of like
hush hush, either he sucks atit or he hates it more than life
itself. I don't know, orthey don't trust him, or could be

a combination about I could be.But I mean, if you're a guy
in the minor leagues and you thinkyou got a chance to be in a
major league roster for the full time, wouldn't you do whatever you can to
take that spot? Yeah, hehas, he's been playing for some first
base down there. Well, youknow what, he needs a walk around,
said I'm Joey freaking low Berffeto notto be confused, Not to be

confused with Joey buttafuco. Yeah,that's what a rookie who's barely playing needs
to do is walk around like heowns the place and saying damnit fingers and
damn the first base. Great idea, Look what you're putting out there.
I'm sure that'll go over. Well, you got one twenty five of bray
you and you got Robbie? Whatwhat is Singleton? Batan? Now?
No, he'd love for two twenty. I'll be lower than that. Okay,

I'm two oh five Singleton. Giveme the damn I bass in two
ten with a sixty nine ops isJohn Singleton? It's fine. Are the
walls comeling come tumbling down? Thewalls aren't tumbling down necessarily, They're just

a They're just an average to slightlyabove team that got off with a super
bad start due to a lot ofinjury, a bad injury. So they're
starting playing five. Then you hadto rush up Spencer Arraghetty, who's now
pitching a lot better. But youalso have no margin for error in terms
of going on a losing streak andin terms of injuries, because the depth

is not there both at the position. Clearly, the depth is not there
with the position players, and thedepth is not there with the starting pitching.
After you lose some more guys,now unfortunately they have what is it
five guys hurt that are starting pitchers. Yeah, but Luis Garcia is coming
back when August first, he'll beon a pitch count. June eleventh,

he'll be on a pitch count,and which means you're gonna at tax your
bullpen. Yeah, area, sothey're gonna have to go get another arm.
You gonna have to do it.Yeah, You're gonna have to do
something, all right. Final hourof the show is coming up. We
are expecting Josh Hander to join usat two thirty and that should be a
good conversation with him. Uh,and then we're going to relive the Astros

loss of yesterday. Don't want todo it's our responsibility and believe or not
today at two fifty real quick,I forgot to get the Kaitlyn Clark news
in. Not a breaking news sounder, it's just it is what it is.
Caitlyn Clark lead headline. Reason whyshe's not on the team. Inexperienced,
but they've had rookies before on theteam like that. Don't question USA

basketball. Don't you bring up ChristianLanner's name, Bunch, it was I
think Brianna Stewart. I think theysaid Diana Tarassi and somebody else. Candace
Parker, you ultimate Caitlyn Clark lover. Need to stop with conspiracy. No,

no, no, she's not goodenough. She's wonderful turned the sport
around. Attendance win from seven hundredpeople to seven thousand people per game,
ratings went from zero point zero tozero point six. She's a revolutionary,
but she's nice. She's too inexperienceto be on the Olympic team, and
no one's gonna watch, apparently,says the mad media that's only seen five

at WNBA games in their entire life. All right, final line of the
Matt Thomas Show with unfortunately some sadsounds from yesterday in San Francisco. After
a word for Galveston Island, Iwant you to go to your computer as
you listen to my show right now, I want you to go to visit
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That's Visit Galveston dot com for everythingon Galveson Island, from restaurants took nightclubs,
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to the simple website visit Galveston dotcom. What is your island time?
You get the answer from visit Galvestondot com. Yeah, lunchtimers, this
is the Matt Thomas Show. He'sbehind three and ozer one, bregmant the
kick and the pitch and Bragman hitsit up the middle and through for a

basin, scoring his cabbage. Howtwo by goes to second Alex Pregman with
a twelve game hit streak. Afterthat RBI single, Astro's lead three to
one. They give him the threeto oh green light. Knowing he was
gonna get a cookie, He gotit and sit it right back where it
came from one to one, andthat's a ground ball in the center of

base hit around third and scoring isSchmidt. Bred Wisely is on with his
second hit of the night, anRBI single, and it's three to two
Astros. The one to zero andthat's lifted in the center and that's down
for a base hit. On hisway around third is Wisely. He comes
home and scores, and a throwdown the second safe at second base goes

Ramos. We're tied at three.The pitch ground ball and Montero hasn't go
through his legs picked up by Pania. Bases are loaded, a ground ball
back to Monteiro. He couldn't grabit, went right between the wickets and
it just goes from bad to worsefor the Astros. The one Ozero live

to the left field. That's gonnago over the head of low Perfeto and
off the wall, and the Giantsare walk off winners. Bareley scores.
San Francisco gets three runs to thebottom of the tenth after the Astros score
two in the top half and theit's win at four to three. Astro
suffer. There's second straight walk offloss. It's a seven. Can't sell

clutch isn't he does? Cal rallyeven bat his weight? Ross the hell?
Is that game winner for the SeattleMariners. Does he beat his weight?
Probably not? Okay, I'll seeif he does. Cal Rawley's weight
and current batting average slugging pretty goodafter last night. Yeah, the slugging's

good. Uh, current batting averagetwo oh six. Oh for a catcher
that's got, he's gotta be too. Listed weight in baseball reference to thirty
five. Oh, you don't betyou you don't hit your weight. It's
a catcher just slide. They callhim big dumper. They do what they

call him big dumper. And youwould like to put that in context for
our audience, please, Well,he's he's thick in what in all areas?
Well in certain areas and certain Imean he's called big dumper. You
can figure it out. You're asmart guy. Okay, very good.
I didn't make about me. Youwere worried about me talking about stream earlier

today. This is that was wayworse and it ain't even close. Okay,
I'm talking about a catcher's nickname.I would not want that. You're
talking about the inner workings of yourbody. Yeah, like all are gonna
have. You're gonna have streaming issueseventually. Okay you probably already maybe do
it? Alright, No, fine, Netflix, your streams is good,
all good, Okay, you're theback. I'm forgetd all right? Seven

one three? What is Believe itor not? Today? I don't know.
Does this player suck? That's rude. How about Joey Chestnut? He's
been banned from the Nathan's Hot DogEating Contest now because he wants to eat
vegan franks? Is that a recentone? He has a he has a
sponsorship deal with Impossible and I guessthat's interfering with Nathan's. Well, I

got news for you. It's calledthe Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Yeah,
well that just could you eat ImpossibleBurgers? Doesn't it? Just?
Sometimes you can have a sponsorship withBurger King and still maybe you go to
McDonald's every now and then. No, but you don't enter the McDonald's contest
while eating a Burger King Hamburger.Now, if now Nathan's makes Impossible Franks,

then it's fair. But you can't. You can't have a side deal
and then jump over there and jumpon their side hot dog eating conn I'm
all I'm all I'm team Nathan's.Nathan's You're going you're cutting off your nose
despite your face. He's the biggeststar. Everybody tunes in to see what
Joey Chestnut's gonna do. No,they don't if he's not there. First
of all, I haven't watched itin years. Okay, so having years

because Joey Chestnut was going ahead tohave a tot time some new for some
new blood in the eating world.I guess no, that's his now he
took the cash grab. You gottapay the consequences. Sorry, Charlie.
Oh yeah, sorry, Joey.He's really fretting. He got one point
two million dollars from Impossible Meats,So you know what, he can take
that one point two million dollars andenjoy himself on January and on July fourth.

Let him eat, let him eat, let him eat, work off
of Nathan hot Dog and ain't gonnakill you whatever. And if Impossible Meats
has a problem with it, thenImpossible Meats can forget it. I'm strong
on this, a strong take onpart how come. The strongest take you've

had all week is about Nathan's oddDogs. I've strong Kitlyn Clark tweets and
oh god thoughts too. Do youknow what, I'd rather talk Nathan's hot
dogs than Kaitlyn Clark and the Olympics. All Right, so I got fillings
an hour ago, I said,the Astros are going to the next two
games. Yes, okay, herewe go. I got some more for
you please. They're going to wintwo out of three against Detroit. You

want to add this to your gunsretroactive gut feeling, sure, why not?
Okay? And then they're going towin two out of three in Chicago.
So that's gonna put them. Solet's put this in perspective here to
show you the sky is not fault. They could sweep somebody. It'd be
nice. Two and one against Anaheim, two and one against San Francisco,
meet loafing across the country, twoand one. That's six and three against

the Detroit and two out of three. They're gonna go eight and four in
the over the last twelve games,okay, which we'll cut into the Mariner
advantage in the America League West.I'll put them at thirty eight and forty
one. I mean, Roman buildinga dig for a week now, you
now you have no room for AaronSan Francisco. Yeah, in this scenario

you made up, they need towin the next two. All right,
So I'm telling you right now,I want you to put it down retroactive
to the series they just finished withthe Angels. Uh huh, they will
be starting with an Angel series.Well, they won the Cardinal Series before
that. We'll start with the Angels, Okay, all the way through until
they finish off that series with theWhite Sox. They will go eight and
four in those twelve games, okay, which is a six sixty six percentage,

And you will take that and youwill gain some ground on your opponents
americanly West. So even though we'repissed off today and we and we and
we think Jose Brady should be releasedand that Rafael Moltaro shouldn't be far behind.
Mariners have won seven of their lastten. They are playing the They
got three more with Chicago, ohgod, dangn it. Then they've got

three with the Rangers and three withclos Okay, well, then you're gonna
make up some ground against one ofthose two teams. Then three with Miami.
Oh hell, no, three withTampa, who's not good? No?
Oh, we're screwed Dana Brown.Should we give him the magical verb
that's gonna irritate people and irritate him. He's gonna have to to turn something

into gold if to conjure up somealchemy. So excuse me, So you're
saying Sally sells? What sea shells? Sally's struts? Are you saying sell?
It's June eleventh. No, I'mnot saying today. But he's gonna

have to put that verb into hisvernacular one month from now. One month
from now, it's Bregman and Presleysee you later. Get what you can.
You want the hall, what hallthey want you would get with Kyle
Tucker. I think they'll still tryto run it back. Do you want
to replenish your mono link system?I think it would be a soft cell

rather than a full on blow itup implosion. Presley's a soft cell.
By the way, I've been tellingyou that Presley would be on the trademarket.
That's true. Bregman would be alittle bit of a softer medium cell.
Because the reason why you said thatis because he's gonna be leader.
Yeah, he's heating better better,he plays a good third. He is
leaving he'll make a good play makinggood plays out there. Yeah, all
right, two thirteen of The ThomasShow seven one three, two, one

two five, seven ninety. Ifyou want to get in Believe It or
Not? Today, is it's JoeyChestnut. I thought, well that'd be
good. You want to seven Joeychessnup for the middle of June. Well,
if he's retired, he's not gonnacome up again the show. I'm
retired, But that's good. JoeyChessnut. Believe it or not? Is
that you up with? No?No, no, no, no,
no no no. I gotta dothe dang segment in thirty. I got

it. I got it. I'vebeen talking about it all day, just
asking about it, just seeing it. All right. Seven one three,
two one two five, seven ninety. It's a Matt Thomas Show. Josh
Haterer is gonna join us in fifteenminutes here on seven ninety. The Matt
Thomas Show continues on Sports Talk sevenninety. Again, Josh Hader is gonna

join us in about ten minutes hereon The Matt Thomas Show. Two twenty
on Sports Talk seven ninety. Wehave the Astros against the Giants, and
I'll have the on Deck show foryou beginning at seven thirty here on Sports
Talk seven ninety Kyle with us inParentland to two twenty Kyle, what's going
on? Hey? Man? IfI don't get to hear talk to you,
have a happy Father's Day. Sameto you. Hey. I know

we've been talking aftro Let's change gearsa little bit. I want to talk
a little bit of Rocket. Iknow they got the draft coming up.
What would you suggest a third pickor keep it and try to packing something?
What if you're a ge, whatwould you do. I don't want
the team to get any younger.I would like them to get older and

a little bit more veteran experience.There's plenty of young guys in this basketball
team. I personally myself just wouldsee what's available in a number three pick,
whether it's moving to getting another pickin the future. Problem is a
lot of other teams, Kyle,are doing this because, again, this
draft is not considered to be verygood from an overall standpoint, that the
third pick in twenty twenty four justdoesn't carry the same weight that a third

pick would have in previous years.So if I'm thinking that, so other
teams and That's why I think it'sgonna be very difficult for the Rockets to
move so to pick without getting hisfair market return, and that's why I
think ultimately at the end of theday, they will probably keep the selection.
Okay, I agree with you.Even the last thing I want to
ask, Dallas have a chance tocome back and win this series? No
chance it's over. Do you thinkbecause of the defense of the Yeah,

I think there's just too many components. Drew Holliday has been fantastic. Jason
Tatum has been good. Porzingis,while again he's in and out of the
line because of injury, has beenfantastic when he's on the floor. Jalen
Brown has been good. Uh,they're getting uh what's the name the former
Spur that's the ball guy from theCeltics. Danny White, No, no,

something White, Derek White, Derekdere Derek White has been phenomenal for
them. They've just got a lotof really loaded basketball team. They're really
really good, and they were are. I think Ross and I both agree
Boston was gonna win the whole thing, and they look like there's nothing going
to stop them at this point.Well, Man, as usual, it's
a great talking to you, allright, Kyle, don't be a strange

of the show. Thanks very muchfor joining us here. What's our first
rocket called? Maybe in two months? Ah been get called about Jalen Green
like last week. That's true,that's true, but it's okay, we're
gonna get there. When's the draftcoming up? Three weeks from tomorrow?
Okay, huge, Joe, excuseme. Two weeks from tomorrow, two

weeks from tomorrow, two weeks andtomorrow. I'll take your word for it.
And uh, it's gonna be anevent down at the Georgia Brown Convention
Center. Wonderful. And we'll bethere. I'll be there doing a few
things with the rockets, a fewthings seven ninety so. And you will
be standing at a goal with yourhand up and people can come dunk on
you. Is that correct? OrI can also reject their shot too.
Yeah, but so though you'll begetting dunked on a lot. I think,

have you ever been in a dunktank? Didn't we talk about doing
that years ago? I have.I want to say I've been in a
dunk take. I thought you had, Yeah, in Minnesota, somewhere somewhere.
Okay, it's because I I rememberfalling in it, going this is
how uncomfortable? Are you sure itwasn't a dream or a nightmare? It's

probably more a nightmare for sure,probably getting in a dunk tank and getting
dunked on, or you've fallen inor having a pie hit throwing your face
and hitting you in the face.I feel like the pie. I mean,
what kind of a was the exitvlo in the pie? I don't
know. I have not thought ofit. I don't I don't think even
a soft pie hit would necessarily bea great thing. Hmm. What kind

of pie? A cream pie?Yes, not shaving cream that don't hurt
your eyes. Yeah, that's cream. I mean, that's that's what they
do to rookies and stuff. Uh. I feel like when people smash it
into your face, it could hurtthe cream pie we're talking about, So

that's what. Is it coming offof a machine or is it hand thrown?
What machine throws cream pies? Idon't know. You feel like it's
something clowns could get a hold of. There was carnival circus acts. There
was a skit on The Tonight Showway back in the day. Johnny Carson
was always getting hit by pies.Oh really, Yeah, I thought that

was Krusty the Clown bit. No, I mean, I'm sure it was
Cruss the Clown, But I meanJohnny Carson would get hit by the pipes
too all the time. Interesting,I have had water dunked on me,
I mean water over my head.Unbeknownst to me, we painted your head
with a longhorn helmet. Yeah.I've done a few things to embarrass myself.
It's all part of all for thesake of the show. Yes,

and remember that when was there atime, it was about ten years ago
when people were dunking or putting wateron people's heads for raising awareness of something.
Yeah. Yeah, the als iceBucket changing ice fucking Challenge and Missy
the Ultimates first fan did it onthe roof of our old radio building where
we were used to do the showfrom where the equipment worked on a regular
basis. I never got dunked inice. I just I just donated.

Do you know anything when I didit? I don't think so. I
didn't think so. Let's see,didn't donate when I was doing things for
charity. Didn't buy me a birthdaygift this year. I don't think have
I ever bought you birth Yeah,you know what, one year, I
got you a snuggie for Christmas.That was a fantastic I still have that
snuggie. You're welcome. Yeah.My wife keeps the house ridiculously cold at

all times. I'm always running aroundthat snuggy on what's your thermostat? Normally
on seventy one during the day.That's not that bad. In sixty eight
at night. It's not that bad. I know, I'm a worse when
it comes to that. I couldsee that. That's why I want to
go in the rooms in the hotelseventy two all the time. Okay,
keep it consistent. That's great.That's they call me mister consistency. I

don't think they call you that.All right, what else we got going
to anything? Before we get toJosh Haterer. We talked to our good
friend Josh Hater. I guess yeah, what are we gonna ask him?
What do you get to ask him? I'm very busy. I'm working on
believe it or not. No,you're jumping in on this because you're gonna
replay this for part of the superbusy. Okay, fine, then you
can't. Then you can't replay itduring Uh, you're the bustle. I'm
using it during on deck tonight too, So you can't you really can't replay

it Glaus what no, no,no, no, bad people want to
hear from you. Okay to twentysix on Sports Talk seven ninety, Josh
Hater is going to join us ina couple of minutes right now. A
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three, five, two six eyes. But Houston Astro Astro Astro this exclusive

Astros segment on Sports Talk seven ninetyIt's brought to you by Expinity Street Astros
Baseball from the best seat in thehouse with Expinity because it's only live once.
It is the Matt Thomas Show attwo thirty one, and we are
very pleased to be joined by thecloser of the Houston Astros joining us from

San Francisco getting ready for Game twobetween the Giants and the Stros. Josh
Hater making his first appearance on theprogram. Josh, it's Matt and Ross.
Thanks for joining us. How areyou this afternoon? How's it going,
Fellows? Pretty good? Can't complain. I understand, my Matt,
that you guys have me. Hey, thank you very much. Hey,
let's go back a little bit beforewe get to what's happened last couple of
days and look the last couple ofdays of suck it is what it is.

Take us back to the process whenyou found out the Astros were ready
to commit the big dollars to youin the long term contract and what that
period was like for you trying tofind that that new baseball team. Yeah,
I mean it was a pretty quickturnaround. We had some discussion early
on and of last year and kindof stayed in touch, and then coming

in January, they reached out againand you know, had higher interests and
made an offer. And my wifeand I we have some history and being
in Texas, obviously being in Corpusa long time and playing through the minor
leagues of Houston, it only feltright to kind of bring bring all that

back and you know, try andget a World Series with the team that's
done it multiple times. Was ita little bit of a full circle moment
for you because you were a partof the organization that eventually was sent off
to Milwaukee. Did you feel like, all right, let's buy gones through
bygones, I know what things aregoing a lot better around these parts of
when I left, so you knowwhat, why not join the group?
Then? Yeah? Absolutely? Imean just knew the players as well,

and knew what the staff was about, and knew where the where the team
was headed. So you know,we were really excited to join talking with
Josh Hader here on Sports Talk sevenninety and what has it been like for
you being here back in this organizationand a little bit of a different feel
obviously when you were first here.But you hear a lot of pitchers who

come over talk about the data andthe things that are made available here in
Houston that maybe aren't available other places. Sure, I would I would say
there's there's a mix between that,you know. I think also like having
the guys that we have on ourstaff, being able to bounce ideas off
of them and really just trying todig deeper into the game. You know.

You know, we have a lotof guys that have been around the
league a long time and they knowwhat they're doing, so to be able
to talk baseball them even the youngguys as well, just to talk baseball
with them and and you know,learn different things what works for them and
apply it to himself. And youknow, I think that's the biggest thing
about baseball as long as you're tinkeringwith what you do. Obviously you know

what you do best, but youknow, being able to tinker a little
bit and try new things to kindof hear yourself better. It's always good.
You know, this league is alwaysgoing to adjust to you, so
to be able to kind of tryand stay one step ahead is always a
great idea. And there's been alot of talk at least last year about
you on your Diaz and learning tobe an everyday catcher and calling games.

What's it been like with you yourexperience working with him and also Victor Caratini.
Oh, it's great, you know. I think the real big thing
is just you know, trying toyou know, know what we like to
do in certain situations. And Ithink that's been a really good thing for
for your honor and also just Bickas well, just you know, getting
to know each and every one ofthese guys and you know, really just

going through the stressful parts of ofyou know, accounts at bats. I
think that's when you really learn abouteach other, is when you have to
you know, make pitches, makecalls and do all that. So it's
been real fun, you know,obviously just getting to know them as well.
Obviously I've spent some time with Vikeand Brewers, but you know,

it's really good relationship between us.I don't know how many at bats you
had against your current teammates, youknow, having been primarily National League guy,
But was there anybody that when yougot to camp, You're like,
I'll never have to face you again. I feel pretty good about that,
honestly, I don't. I thinkwe've maybe faced just in one time,
at least myself personally, you know. Obviously you know, thankfully I didn't

have to face them too many timesbecause this lineup it's hard to especially if
you were a starter, just tomaneuver around this lineup that's in the top
down guys you know, can puta ball out of the parking time of
the day. So it's definitely niceto be on this side of the tracks,
that's for sure, Josh. Alsopart of you this year has been

the ability to give the team morethan three outs, and I think it's
been a little bit of a storyline. And when did that conversation come into
play? Obviously you said, look, you're committing to me long term financially,
and the least I can do isgive it to you. And I
think, uh, from an aspectof physically you can certainly do it.
But the mental of having to stepin and go back out for a second
inning is this is that a largeadjustment period or do you feel like,

look, I've been there, donethat, it's not that big of a
deal. I don't think that wasactually ever a conversation that really came up.
You know. I think coming intothe team and coming into spring training,
it was you know, you're thecloser and kind of do one ending
thing, and that's how it is. But I always told him, like,

you know, I'm available for multiplesif we're gonna need it. But
I think, you know, kindof having the opportunity to have a routine
that I built over the years thatyou know, allows me to be ready,
you know, the arm care thatI do and just really just trying
to stay strong throughout every thing.So I think that just gave me the

ability to know how to, youknow, be prepared for that second ending
when you go out, you know, how to you know, get your
body recovered to bounce back for thefollowing day. And it's just you know,
really just experienced through doing it earlieron in my career and then get
an opportunity to just strengthen my armand just have good bounce back recovery routine.

You've been in the bullpen with twodifferent teams. Is the bullpen shatter
about the same food, politics,TV? Women? What? What's what's
it like here as compared to otherplaces you've been. I don't know.
I've never been a bullpen with allthat other stuff, but I guess they
say keep it low key. Youand Spencer Arraghetty swap haircare tips. Nah,

not not really. But he doesgot some good flow. He's starting
to let it flow. I toldhim, I said, man, I
think it looks bettered down He hedefinitely pulled that trigger of keeping it up.
So you know, you gotta letthat stuff eat well. You know,
you carry a huge responsibility besides beingthe closure. Josh Ryan Sanek had
great Maine for the Astros the lastso full of years. You know that

that carries a huge role for thisorganization. Yes, yeah, for sure.
That's why we got Spence over there. He's taken some of the holds,
so we got to take it together, you know, yeah, hey,
before we let you run. Obviously, the the ups and downs of
this season is not what we allthought was going to happen. What's the
clubhouse like? Is it steady?Is it sometimes a little more tense?

Is it relaxes. It mean,take us into that world that you know,
I think fans live and die witheach los because there's been so much
success here. But for you asa player, especially a new player coming
in, where are we when itcomes to walking in to see where the
overall temperature of the team is rightnow? In your urgency to get back
in this American League West race,Look yeah, I mean this clubhouse is

top notch. Every every one ofus are are fighting for each other.
We have a great group where thecamaraderie is is top you know, so
the clubhouse aspect of that is isgreat. But you know, obviously we
know that we have we need asense of urgency to start pulling series together.
You know, we need to startwinning series. And and we all

know that, we all know that. You know, the longer we get
into this, you know, thethe shorter of opportunity we have. So
just for us to stick to stickto what we know, we got to
play good baseball. We got toput things together and put all the pieces
to the puzzle. So we wewe have the sense of urgency of what
we need to do. And nowit's just going out there and making it

all happen, and yeah, Ithink I think we we know what we
have ahead of us, and weknow it's not going to be an easy
fight. But you know, whatI know about these guys is that they
never quit. So at the top, you know, that's all we can
ever ask for, is you know, going out there, get its one
hundred percent and you know, puttingputting everything in the right right place.
And you know, once we oncewe call the one sixty two, you

know, hopefully we'll be in thespot where we need to be. And
very last question, tell the audiencehow different it is being in Saanrusco for
a night game as compared to aday game. I've never froze so much
in my life in the month ofJune watching them play there. What's it
like for you trying to keep warmon a on a June night in San
Francisco. Honestly, it's it's it'sthat Chris cool air, you know.

I think that's that's where it comesdown. I mean, it's like fifty
five, but it does feel likeit's about forty five. But I will
say I've never sweat so much ina forty five degree attempt. So you
know, once you're moving and you'regetting around. It's it's it's not as
bad as you think. But ifyou're sitting there watching a game, you
can freeze your butt off, SoI will say it's it's a different,

different feel from daytime to night time. Well, Josh, day warm to
night And thanks for joining us forthe first time on this shows. It's
very nice to visit with you.Continued success us, good luck and get
you guys, get a series oneout in there in the in the Bay
Area. We'll talk again soon.Thanks for the visit, absolutely, guys,
I appreciate it. You got aJosh hater with us here on the
Matt Thomas Show. Two forty oneis the time. And uh he was

nice about the whole weather thing.I'm telling you, I thought I was
gonna get serious pneumonia when I waswatching those night games of San Franz.
I got toughen you up. That'sfine, you can hand I can definitely
handle it. But you said youwere you said you were a cold west
earlier. Yeah I am. Buta day game you need to put your
snuggie on when your wife has itat seventy one degrees. But a day

game in San Francisco is a wonderfulthing. Well though that'll be tomorrow hopefully
another win. Yep, get onetoday, Thanks again to Josh Hader for
joining us for a couple of minuteshere on the radio program. All right,
let's play Believe it or Not,and the category today will be Joey
chestnutt. Yes. By the way, somebody on Twitter just compared it to
a live golfer playing in a PGAevent. Don't they allow that they do?

Okay, Joey tell impossible? Franks? Well, does imp Do they
have their own hot dog? Idon't think so. Okay, but you
gotta shove a Frankfurt in your mouth. It's got to be a Nathan Fraanfurter.
Okay, you don't want to shovesomething impossible in your mouth? Two

forty. I'll see you on Friday. That clip, I hope not.
I think I think you're doing editingat this point. Seven one three two
one two five seven douty seven onethree two one two five seventy. Let's
play believe it or not? Yes? Next here on Sports Talk seven out.
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Matt Thomas continues on Sports Talk sevenninety all Right, nightcap tonight at six

o'clock. I, what I understandwill be one of the better night capsule
find in America should be spectacular.Okay, I'll have on deck at seven
thirty and that will not disappoint anyof you. Well, and I'm go
doing the tenth inning show hashtag prayfor two hours and six minutes. Let's
get a let's get a twelve inningcrushing loss blown by Rafael Montero. Why

do you want me? Why doyou want that for me? I don't
want that for you. Actually,I don't want that for me more than
you. I don't want it foranybody. We don't want for anybody.
Don't us deserve any of that.He just win games for my own mental
health? Yeah, no kidding,no kidding. It's been tough out there
on these sassuros Twitter streets. Alot of muting and blocking. Is your
best friend? Oh? I knowthe mute button has stayed active, all

right? Uh so? Uh hm? I uh I called somebody a dirty
horror on Twitter? You did?I did? Who was it? It
wasn't Caitlyn Clark? Was it HollyBaylor? You? Okay, that's not

just mute that peron Holly Baylor onTwitter. They're not real confirming. I
spoke with a source today with theASTROS organization who told me they're signing Trevor
Bauer. It's not real. Forthe second of my tweet could be real.
Okay, remember what I said earlierthis week on the weekend. If
you if you're on Twitter, youreport something and you're wrong because you're not
a real person. You're a realperson. Yeah, it's it's a it's

a troll account, troll account oror real person that thinks you remember of
the media and you call them.Yeah, what's the penalty for that?
I guess there's none. I mean, if she's married with children, I
feel sorry for that. She's notreal, I think. So what are
we watching? Time? It's onthe Astros? Anything else? Go?

Stanley Cup play. I thought theywere over. I mean not over,
but I thought they played last night. They did? Yeah, edvanton one
four one or something the other one. The Panthers won four one. We
gotta they pulled the gully and theythe guy got scored that a guy got
hitting the cross with a stick.It's a good time. That's not very
nice. We got any w NBAgames? Were you watching? I'm sure

Caitlin Clark's on NBA TV. I'lltake a look. Let's who she played
for again? They're not playing tonight. You've got mystics and dream links at
Aces and the sparks at the Storm. I like the Aces minus the points?
Is there even a can you betWNBA? Absolutely? Let's take a
look here. Uh you said youlike the Storm tonight. Google w NBA

spreads. Oh that's that's wrong.You know you think I have issue,
but you're the You're way worse,way worse than me. I'm sorry,
you know what. I like topersonally apologize for that. There are peep,
there are w NBA fans in thistown. There are a feat minus
six and a half man. We'reabout to hit the doldrums. That's what

the Astros have got to stay relevant. Wenna have Matt's lack of a week.
I got the Storm minus the pointsversus the l as. It's my
June pick to remember on a recordedline. Let's do it. It actually
be a decent bit betting w NBAlines. I think we should well Like
I lost. We went to Vegasand I bet on the I think I

bet on the Connecticut Sun. Didn'tyou bet on soccer game one time?
But I have before? Yeah?Why not? Millions of people bet soccer?
Matt millions is a strong term,okay, but it's also accurate.
You think if I go, ifI go to Lake Charles right now and
say, how many soccer bet you'regetting in worldwide? Oh well, I'm
out there. But the world theeuro is getting fired up this weekend.

Why it's every four years when theCouple of America. Of course it's a
regional. It's like the World Cupat regional. Man, y'all are the
World Cup of this? And youknow what I mean? There's the there's
the America confusing, there's the conkcalf, there's MLS, there's we laugh,
there's the I mean we laugh.Yeah, the World League of Americans

Soccer. Is that right? Idon't know if that sounds made up?
Five minutes left to go on theshow. What should we do? We
should play America's fastest growing sports radiogame show. We simply called it Believe
it or not? In here shotworks. You'll call seven one three two
one two five seven ninety seven onethree two one two five seven eight rossa

just to shut my computer down.I'm sorry, in I'll cancel it,
all right, Canceler show. Allright, here's how it works. Uh,
you will call sevene three two onetwo five seveninety seven one three two
one two five seven ninety. Today'sedition of Believe It or Not is brought
to you by Galveston Island. Goto visit Galveston dot com to make all
of your summer vacation plans for theGreat Island of Galveston. Category today is

about Joey Chestnut. I'll read yourstatement about Joey statements completely notaly acher,
You'll say this, believe it Ifthe statement erroneus full of bon coming up,
You'll say this, Yeah, tobelieve it not's in a row.
Win You're prize will be playing fortoday. Connor a pair of tickets he
sticks in four for the Renegades andJukesbox Heroes Tour stopping at the Williams Pavilion
on June twenty second, and aseven ninety two shirt. Now Anthony and
Hobby Ross calls the show every dayto play this game. So Anthony,

I will ask you what was yourfavorite part of today's radio show? Oh
brad Man, infightful guy right there? Oh yeah right. Reilly stimulates the
brain in that one. Joey chestnutthas an honorary degree in nutrition from Bethley
University in his hometown of Hammond,Indiana. Believe it or not? Believe

it? No, but we'll talkto you tomorrow actually Thursday. Paul on
seven nine, are you ready toplay Believe it or not? Believe it?
Joey Chesnunt is an avid runner inorder to stay in shape with all
of his eating, and has completedmultiple half marathons half marathons. Believe it
or not? Believe it? No, Sorry, he doesn't like to run.

He likes. He likes to eata big meal and then take a
nap. That's me actually too.Caban on seven Kevin, you're ready to
play believe it or not? Believeit? There is only one thing that
Joey Chestnut will not competitively eat becausehe finds it repulsive. That is bluckily
best of broccoly Believe it or not? Believe it? No, it doesn't

eat Roysters broccoli. You don't havephone out of favor with Brussels sprouts a
little overrated. Oh I used tohate them, but they're good. They're
okay. Get them roasted a littlebacon grease and that's good. John on
seven nine, Are you ready toplay Believe it or not? I'm always
ready. Joey Chestnut has his ownYouTube channel and has over two point one

million subscribers. Believe it or not? Believe it? Nope, just two
hundred and seventy eight thousand. Sorryif I said it once that a thousand
times. You don't know how manypeople own a YouTube channel, how many
subscribers, and how many in thereare former radio hosts that can't survive in
radio and do their YouTube channel.Anyway, Let's go to a Joe in
Deer Park on seven ninety. Joe, you're ready to play? Believe it

or not? Yes, it's Lisa, Lisa. You know you don't sound
like a Joe. Lisa, nota Joe. Is that Joe in the
background? Uh? Yeah? How'syour relationship or colleagues? What have you
go? So you're not even romanticallyinvolved? Oh no, oh cool?

I like that. I'm not goinghot with Joe. Joey Chestnut's best showing
in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contestwas in twenty twenty one, when he
downed seventy six dogs and buns inten minutes. Believe it or not,
believe it? All right, goodluck, Lisa. Joey Chestnut is married

to fellow competitive eater Micky showdo Joeyor po oh, Miko showdo Joey proposed
after the twenty eighteen Nathan's Hot Dogeating contest. Believe it or not?
Believe it no, Joe? WhatI got right now? Don't get out
of here. Joe wants to goout with you. By the way,
Damon On seven ninety, Damon,you're ready to play. Believe it or

not? Believe it Damon. Intwo thousand and seven, Joey Chessun had
to go to the emergency room andwas kept overnight after eating one hundred and
seven whole jalapenos in eight minutes.Believe it or not not? That is
correct statement number two for the way, and Joey Chessnunt has stated that he
lost about half his net worth whenMajor League Eating filed for bankruptcy in twenty

twenty. Believe it or not not? That's also not Finally a winner today,
Ross these had great questions. Hewas almost all knots. All right,
I'll talk to you. I wouldn'tlisten to the Nightcap. It's not
gonna be very good. I justtell you that advance. I'll be with
you for our rocket for estros ondeck at seven thirty up. Next answer
my good friends Adam Klan and AdamWexer. They are they They're taking you

between now and six right here onSports Talk seven ninety SI
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