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June 4, 2024 127 mins
Matt Thomas and Ross Villarreal of The Matt Thomas Show look back on the Houston Astros defeating the St. Louis Cardinals 7-4 on Monday at Minute Maid Park. Starting pitcher Justin Verlander struggled in the first inning, giving up two home runs, but with bullpen help and home runs from Yordan Alvarez, Alex Bregman and Yainer Diaz, the Astros earned the win and moved to seven games back from the lead in the AL West. Astros manager Joe Espada joins to give updates on Kyle Tucker, who left the game in the third inning after fouling a ball off his right shin. Matt and Rossd review the latest comments from wide receivers Stefon Diggs and Tank Dell from Texans mandatory minicamp, discuss the advancement of artificial intelligence, give their "Gut Feelings" and more.
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Lunchtimers. This is the Matt ThomasShow, twelve two in h Town.
What's happening to lunch timers? Goodafternoon to you, and welcome to a
Tuesday at issue of the mac ThomasShow. This is Sports Talk seven ninety.
Here's the pitch rac and pitch crackedthe right high. Indeed, what

do you expect? Twelve homers downthe season for your don the June crusher
three two and Ragman hits it inthe air tape to left field and you
can't gets it. Goodbye. Offthe community later signed Ragman Smith hold run

at his last seven games and we'retied at four. Well, they needed
somebody to step up. Bragman didit last ending on defense. This happening
he does it on offense with ajack to left. Bill rak Nes ninth
whole run of the season. Firstpitch and d has cranks it down and

left field line hooking. If itstays fair, it's trouble and it's a
fair ball old run. Yiner Dsputs the Ashros ahead, two run shot
makes it six to four, firsthomer since April eleventh, headed doints off
the chick fil a foul pole theEiers slams his bat down on the ground

as soon as he hit it oneoh and high in the air, shallow
right over toward the line of brayyou and l two ve are round over
is McCormick. Mccormicks traveling the line, makes the catch at foul ground,
and that is the ball game.Come from behind win for the Houston Astros,
going four in the bottom of theeighth to vanquish the Saint Louis Cardinals

tonight by a final of seven tofour. We just need some baseball year.
We've had so much depression and sadnessand close but no cigar and rolling
it in all sorts of songs withthemes. Sometimes you just got to pull
out the og of baseball songs totalk about not only a game where there

were multiple home runs. Yes,there was a very effective bullpen and crooked
number in a single inning and acomeback much needed singing mister Fogy and thoughts
and prayers the water tower for KyleTucker's shinnon leg. Oh my god,

I want to see a picture ofthat gnarled bruise that he has because he
took a bad one, I thinkon Saturday. Yeah, and then in
the exact same spot, a worseone yesterday. I mean, could you
imagine after the game taking your sockand your shoes off your cleats. Oh
no, how gross that looks rightnow? Oh my god, it's so

probably worse today. It's a tool. Yeah, it looks like dald Uma.
I'm sure it looks. Yeah,as a kindergarten cop reference for the
folks. Yeah, I've never sawthat movie. Start to finish the quote.
Yeah, so good news mostly abound. Astros gain a full game on

the Rangers because the Tigers, ourfriend AJ and his Tigers beat the Rangers
last nag and the Mariners were off, So the Astros will enter play tonight
against the Saint Louis Cardinals, sevenback of first place in the America League
West, seven back in the lastwild card spot. A lot of meat
left on that bone, a lotof work to do, and we're not
gonna over celebrate. It's just Ithought, you know what, let's put

a good old fashioned normal baseball songon sid is good. Yeah, I
can celebrate, I think. Okay, it wasn't a must win game,
Matt, nobody said it was,but for my own mental health, it
was nice to get that one becauseI I mean, I thought they were
gonna lose, especially after the wayJB gave up two tankers in the first
inning went out there for the fifth. He's so desperately trying to get to

three hundred wins. No, no, no, no, no. I
think he's going for innings threshold iswhat he's going for. I think he's
going for three. Well, heprobably both. Then, well, the
first goal is the inning threshold thatautomatically kicks the contract forty away from three
hundred. I don't think it's happening. How long would it take for JV
to get to three years three?Yeah, you have to start racking him

up quicker. He's got only threethis year so far. Was he two
sixty right now? I think yes. I believe he's at two sixty on
the on the note, So let'ssay he averages. If he's averaging eleven
wins a year, it's going totake him four years or thereabouts. That's
what I'm saying. He's like threebig years. Well this plus this one
and two more. Hmmm, he'sgonna fall just short. But he's going

in the Hall of Fame, sohe shouldn't worry about it. I mean,
it's a cool thing to have becausethere's so few three hundred winners.
He won thirteen games last year.He's only won three so far this year
despite a three point six three yardYeah, but looked, uh look the
part of a guy that was servedand meat balls early on. But thanks
for the Astros. How about AlexBregman continuing to have this June resurgence because

look, people may weren't pretty.I want to give you a gut feeling
win. If he hits I meanclose enough, he's got to be closing
in on seven under oh ps Andby the way, I need, I
need ruling on a really old gutfeeling. Okay, what did I have?
The Astros bullpen e r this year? Top five in the American League
or in Major League Baseball? Ithink you're looking pretty good. I don't

think we'll go look it up orshuld we wait till one o'clock? Well
look it up? Yeah? Iwant to know. Did I say America
League or Major leagues? Because AmericanLeague I'm in a real sweet spot.
Major League I may not be inas good a position position. Oh did
I not write this down? Waitjust a minute, don't have bullpen or
with one word you know you werehere for because we don't talk about it.

I remember it, but maybe youput did you put your name on
that? Maybe you put your nummy? Pull up the note tarongest. Fi'll
give me cheez go tug baseball.All right, here's what we got today
on the radio show. Normally wehave Joe spot Of joining us at twelve
thirty, but he's got something goingon today. I don't know what it
is, but he will join usat two thirty this after dude, Oh
you put your name on it?What did I say? February? I

wrote the date down February twenty third, twenty four Astros will help have one
of the four best bullpen eras inMajor League base for best for best League
base It's not gonna I'm gonna haveto have a really good second half an
order for that to happen. Butit's getting a lot better. Their month
of May was spectacular. In june'soff to a really good start. I

think it's been close to top five. I think in the entire managin leankues,
I'll pull it up. Okay,excuse you keep talking again. All
right, so let me tell youwe got Joe spot I coming up at
two thirty today, other ninth.How far are they from? Four?
Verre ninth at three point five nine? Atlanta is fourth with three point three.
Okay, that's not crazy. Itcan happen. It can happen.

I don't not feeling great about it, but it's at least. When I
heard how good the numbers were inMay, I was like, oh,
you know what, I We'll checkthe numbers here a little bit. Cleveland
number one, New York Yankees numbertwo. Yeah, Yankees. By the
way, I watched some of thegame against the Giants on Sunday. There.
They're really good. They're ferocious.Can I go ahead and call them?

You know what I got? Ihad the World Series already knocked,
locked and loaded. Astros versus who. I don't want to answer that question.
I shouldn't even said it, youdid, but I'm gonna do it
all right, Yankees versus who.I think the Philadelphia Phillies are outstanding.

They are forty two wins. Dodgersare gonna be pretty tough. Mm hmm.
It's gonna be an East Coast WorldSeries. This is gonna annoy the
hell out of us. Oh,the Philly. Can you imagine all the
loud mouths phil versus Yankee. Youmention all the fat, obnoxious people between
those two cities, unattractive women betweenthose two cities. Yes, jumping on

grease poles some in those two cities. Philadelphia didn't deserve any of that.
It's just a miserable, unhappy town. Doesn't that mean they deserve it,
though? Because this is all theyhave. This is why I mean these
Northeast cities are so passionate about theirsports teams because they have anything else.
They don't have good food. Phillyhas got good food. Food, Their

weather blows. Yes, everybody's alwaysin a rush to get somewhere. Yeah,
serious thing. We should actually rootfor them to have this less Okay,
all right, I just make sure, all right, So Joe spotted
two thirty, we might have aplayer at two o'clock. I'm still a
waiting word on that. I putthis way. At twelve eleven, we

haven't heard anything. I'm not hopefulof that, so okay, but you'll
hear from Joe Spotted two thirty.And if you're a Mashinski next week,
then no. The player we're supposedto be getting is to be something you
really really would like. Okay,really really good. By the way,
you'll be hearing this two thirty conversationas part of Astros on Deck, so
I will be asking minimal questions becauseyou will be hosting the on Deck in

tenth inning today. Oh okay,wonderful, because that's what you like to
do. I mean I would usethe relevant snippets. You use the whole
thing. That's fine, relevant tothe conversation. All right, that's good,
whatever you want to sell it tothe audience. I was at the
ballpark yesterday. I was able toget some Dana Brown. You were.
That's what you do when you whenyou hustle the beach streets, you get
some good stuff. That's good.You didn't rip a hamstring or anything.

You do it all. I walkeddown there briskly. I didn't run,
okay. I was in jeans andmy tennis. You are chasing down stories.
You are astros Inside. I wason the field. I was talking
to the people. Wow. Goodkind of getting the scuttle butt if you
will. Yeah, you're hitting thebonds some grounders at first, getting them
some working. I was asking aboutlow braffeto. Yes, I gotting all

the good stuff, all right,So today at one o'clock we got gut
feelings. Were you guys calling withyour sports predictions? Yes, two thirty
Joe a spot it and maybe aplayer a little earlier that maybe is saying
around two o'clock we'll we'll figure thatout for you. If not, just
a lot of us. Okay,And apparently Stefan Diggs is going to speak
today at Texans thee Stefan did sowell, you know, we'll do We're
gonna we're gonna do a should wedo it? Witch talking about Steffan,

we could. I don't know whathe's gonna say. Has Connor been a
part of what you talking about?I don't think. I don't think.
So. I tried it with fefor what he's gonna say. We tried
doing with Demiko last year and itjust kind of fell flat. He's just
all coach speak. I think wecan do it, Okay, it's up
to you. No, I thinkit's a fantastic coach spak. Yeah,
Demiko, it just wasn't fun becauseyou were first well knocking it down because

it was just the most generic coachBut that's why I wasn't fun because I
was nailing it. No, Iwould rather you nail it and have crazy
ass responses. But Dimico just doesn'tdo that. He's just a cool,
calm and collective seven one three twoone two five seven ninety seven one three
two one two five seven nine.If you want to get in, you
gotta feel good about your local nine. Right, it's just one game.
But he did make up a gameon the Rangers and to gain a half

game on the Seattle Mariners. Andyes, I am Scoreborough watching, and
I am standing Is watching already herein early June. All right, A
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lunchtimes. This is the Matt ThomasShow. We thank you for spending

part of your day with us.It is the Matt Thomas Show. What's
so funny? Are you enjoying yourselfthat they says something funny? You're making
fun of me. You're getting thetext us out everything about you, Matt.
I believe this in this particular case, it is true. All right,
I don't even have my phone out. All right, I gotta tell
you a very funny thing that happened. Okay, let's hear it. You

know our buddy Adam clayt yes,I do. He is a part of
the three to six show. It'sit's the Adam Wexer Show featuring Adam Klain.
That's true. And uh, youknow when the astros win he puts
a video up that is true,and uh, he always tags me in
it. He does whether we're inHouston or somewhere else, Okay, and

I always, every single time hedoes it, I always talk about how
we're not there or in my case, i'm there because I actually do work
outside of my time slote m casein point. Yesterday, yes I was
at the ballpark, got some DanaBrown, did the show, did the
pregame show, wonderful, Left ofsix eighty, went home, did the
tenth inning show from the Kingwood Studios. So he puts his video out on

his YouTube and it's excuse me onhis a Facebook page. Uh huh,
Meta, AI is becoming quite surlywhat happened. So what I will do
is I will respond to him aboutsomething that makes no sense to anybody but
he and I. It's kind ofjust inside jokes, inside jokes. Wonderful.
And I said yesterday because he puta video up for the Astros beating

the Colonel's. I said, Iwas there, Adam Clinton, you were
not. I worked the pre andpostgame shows. You mean, while spent
all last night working on your YouTubechannel. I'm sure it's very interesting.
You're cooking your mayonnaise chicken bake livewill definitely bring in plenty of yours.
Okay, just just yucking it up. Okay. AI decided to jump in

the conversation. Mm hmm. AIsaid the following. The comments are enthusiastic
and celebratory, with fans expressing joyover a comeback win. Some fans are
defending you on your ideas, whileothers are poking fun at detractors. One
comment stands out, jokingly criticizing AdamClinton's YouTube channel and questioning his baseball expertise.

Now, where is that? That'son the thread of comments that you're
on. That's where is that?That's that's on his thread on his on
his facebook post. So now Ihave to go to Adam Clinton's Facebook Now,
so AI might have bet might beonto something here. Isn't that hysterical
that that was artificial, that wasnot done by a producer or that was

done by something that somebody artificially thatjust yes, put them to play right
the meta whatever AI is? Someta AI is adding comments? Meta AI
just said that. Okay, I'mtrying to find it. They commented on
your comment. They comment at thevery top of it. So one of
his Facebook friends says, Matt Thomasmet a AI comment for the win,

okay, and I responded, Uh, what I say on this? I
said, Uh, I love MetaAI because it pretty much hits. I
mean, I was criticizing his YouTubechannel and mocking his baseball expertise, yes,
and his love of mayonnaise and hislove of mayonnaise. He MEDAI,
I did not bring that up,Rossie, I will have to say this,

And I was talking about this beforethe show. I think generally speaking,
we should be very very scared ofAI in one way every way,
like it's going to uh, it'sgoing to be the end of us.
It's going to be it's going toput a lot of people in a lot
of trouble for the wrong reasons.Like Adam Adam I talked this morning.
He says that Teresa uh is peopleare trying to AI her all her different

music shows that she's on okay,like make her AI voice Yes, Okay,
that's dangerous. Uh huh. Ihopefully at this point no one will
ever do this with us. ButI guess you could try to AI to
show if you wanted to, butthe spoken word is much more difficult to
do that over say a music station. So I don't know why that is,

but I was just told that.Yeah, Google, you know,
Google Search has been giving AI answerslike at the top of its search,
and it's been having issues because theAI. It's been having trouble discerning real
posts from like onion posts, sopeople will be googled. There was somebody
that googled something like what can Ido to make my pizza crust stick together?

Or something like that. Yeah,it said put superglue in it.
Oh, because there was like ajoke article super glue makes your your pizza
and say, AI has no senseof human AI have exactly, just like
AI right there in that Facebook commenthas no sense of him pick up sarcasm,
Yeah, exactly, and I reekof sarcasm. They call me mister
sarcast That's true. They call youa lot of things well, and in
this particular case they call me mistersarcasm. They call you defended. But

its exactly. So there has beensome AI issues that are that are popping
up all over the place. Andyeah, like you said, there there's
people making videos that look real deepfakes they call him and stuff like that,
or voices as well. Now youI don't know do you follow this
much at all? I really don't, except that today I'm keeping the AI
game. But I would say Ihave a So, what is when AI

was created? And I'm asking thisout of ignorance? Uh huh? Was
it to add layers to something?Was it? What's the positive benefit to
get everything done faster? I meanthink of the Let's say you want it.
You have a project that you wantto work on, and you put
ten people on it, right intheory to get it done faster. If
you put twenty people on it.What if you put artificial intelligence that can

computer that can work faster and figurethings out more quickly than anybody else,
then problems are gonna get solved quicker. It's supposed to make the world better.
Like, for instance, one ofAdam's videos, he has Michael Jackson
speaking yes with his verbiage typed inor whatever he did. Yeah, that's
that's dangerous. How somebody can simulatea voice and put things out there.

Now, Michael Jackson obviously is dead, so it was done in jest,
but a live human being, becausesomebody could make one of Matt Thomas saying
like I like to kick puppies.Yeah, and then people think it's real.
I hate Ross, He's a notalent clown. Where we have actual
videos. Oh it's actually we dohave that recorded somewhere that's actually legit,
all right. I just thought thatwas interesting that was brought up so a
very heavy You definitely have to havea discerning eye when you look at some

of these videos that are AI andthe deep fakes and stuff like that.
You have to like these. Whenthis whole Kendrick and Drake beef was happening,
people were making well. First ofall, Drake got in trouble because
he used Ai Tupac and AI SnoopDogg in his song. He had to
pull that song because the Tupac's familyestate or whoever had to like threaten legal

action. And then there were fakesongs leaking. There was a song that
was like, I'll say, thisis not a Kendrick Lamar song, but
it sounds like Kendrick Lamar because theyjust use AI to make it. I
would just think, and we aremembers of the of the We have a
microphone, so we're out there inthis world. We ultimately could find ourselves
in a very tough position. Heretrying to people trying to amilate our voice.
Yeah, well I'm just gonna emilateyour voice and just put a bunch

of hot takes and then we're gonnaall be out of a job. We
go on vacation. Could just belike the A I A I M.
T Show and Ross Show. Wecan hear how it sounds, didn't we
do? So? What was whatdo we do the other day that we
did a bunch of answers on something? What do we do with that?
On? Well, we had somepre planned answers already. Oh I know

what you're talking about. What dowe have you record about us? That
was pre planned, that was alreadyknocked out. It was about Trevor Bauer.
Oh that's right. We haven't takenany Trevor Bauer calls just in case.
Do you have this ready to what'sthat for? That's for two things?
Back to a baseball card and lineupchanges this week? What about pinch

hitting? We didn't have to endthe experiment pretty soon. We the astros.
What's that the Mosee memoru, theMosee mamorus. We'll talk more about
that coming back. We will.We'll talk to you as well seven one
three two one two five seven ninetyseven to one to three two one two
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Matt Thomas continues on Sports Talk sevenninety. Hi, boys, our buddy,

Chris Gordy, you here on nextUp Tend to Noon. Yes,
just pulled up an AI description ofthe Matt Thomas Show, so I will
simply ask you guys, believe itor not, this is legitimately what he
just found out on the AI versionof the show. Okay, tune into
taking a chat GPT or what.I don't know that you're getting outside of

my comfort zone here we go.Tune into the ultimate Sports Talk experience with
the Matt Thomas Show. This dailythree hour powerhouse covers the latest on your
Houston Astros, Rockets, and Texans, in depth analysis and insights on the
biggest games and storylines, unfiltered opinionsand hot takes them a true sports fanatic,
entertaining banter, and lovely discussions withpassionate callers. Whether you're a diehard

fan or a casual sports enthusiast,the Matt Thomas Show is your go to
source for keeping up with the latesthappenings in h town sports. Immerse yourself
in the action and never miss abeat. Huh, I mean, AI,
you got it spot on, bro. I know I'm not even mentioned
that is one hundred percent accurate abouthow can we go about things here?

I'm sure there's another paragraph, butross YEA. Believe it or not,
it's an exciting segment done every daytwo minutes with tons of preparations advance.
I'm used to it. Damn.Hey, I I kind of love you
AI. Maybe I was wrong aboutAI. Maybe now you love it.
Maybe I owe an apology? Okayyou should? You know we used to

talk to we had the computer allMaybe we should ask char gpt things now
what's difference in chat GPT and AIand chat GPT? Is an AI chat?
Oh? Okay, it's artificial intelligence. You can chat with it.
Now. What is Siri basically thistoo? Or is this something different different?
Hmm? Well, have Connor explainedthis? He's young, He's gonna

be out cutting a rug now,going on on the streets, dancing away
his whole life. All right,thank you, Chat GPT, thank you
AI. You've hit the Matt Thomasshow. Run of the Head Weekday is
new to three Sports Talk Semary.Let's go to the phone here. Let's
talk to Mike in Sugarland of SportsTalk seven. I mean, Mike,
good afternoon. Hey Matt, Hi, I have a confession to make.

I aied a recommendation letter for oneof my students. Okay, time out.
Uh you where do you teach?Uh? Well, you heard where
I was calling from. Okay?Is it? What level? Is that?
Elementary? Junior high? High school? Well? Right, you're in
recommendation for elementary school, because highschool? Okay, Matt. Sorry,

I'm just trying to get some backgroundhere. I like you calling him out,
Mike man, Mike, Damnita,what do you think he was recommending?
Him for a daycare. Jeez,get a mic, go ahead.
You know I would have caught youknow, I would have caught that one
of my students if they turned thatin that little wreck, that that little
thing about your show. One word, what if you had to guess what

word in that whole thing? Brilliant? No? What banter? No kid
today use the word banter? Damn. Anyhow, I'm calling about the Oldstowan
commercial that plays fifty times a dayor fifty times a game in an Astros

game. Okay, so what doyou get? You're asking about a sponsor
of the Astros, And do youthink I had the answer to this question?
I just want to know what theheck is going on in that commercial?
Was it made for TV and theyjust kind of just thrust it into
radio because you know, Nolan Ryancomes chiming in about some kind of foundation
problem. But I get it.If you pulled Ken Astro's listeners, I

bet not one of them would knowwhat the heck is going on in that
commercial, you know the one I'mtalking about? No Oh, impossible,
it plays like fifty times a game. Now, I'll say this, I
do I do? We do?We do impersonate Nolan by going this is
Nolan Ryan for Old Shan Financial.That sounds like a serious foundation. Yeah,
so okay, I've heard it then, So what's the problem If you

think you're going to take a shotat my one of my childhood heroes,
you're flat out wrong, sir.Something about Ryan. It's about what is
going on in that commercial. Itsounds like some guy like slides down a
hole or something. I don't evenknow. I'm just that's all I'm wanted.
Mike. You might be at youmight be a teacher at Rowless High
School, right, or you mightbe a teacher at what else is there

out there? Why didn't you callOld Shane yourself and ask them what's what's
going down? Because because this isthe entertaining banter that AI talked about.
So basically, you want me tochase down the production company and find out

exactly what the hell No and Ryan'sdoing down that shaft. I don't know.
I just I'm curious if you knowwhat's going on in that commercial because
I share that dout. I can'tname any more sugar in high school?
Is that bad? I'm my part. It doesn't matter because because Bill Ridge
is no longer around correct, which, Bill Ridge, I think your rhyming
is throwing I'm throwing you off fora loop of this. What about high

schools in sugar Land, Dullars?What else is there? There's clements,
there's uh what else is there,Marshall, there's uh? What's the one
out way out in Siena? Theywent to state recently. That sounds like
that's sound like the one you workat? Why can I think of that

one? But no, I don'twork in that one. What do you
teach I'm not coming I'm not comingout of you on this. You're not
Let's get back to you. Whatdo you teach? Teach chemistry? Damn?
You know I avoided chemistry in highschool. That makes sound about right.
Why why would you say? Doesdo you think a broadcasting major needs
to know anything about chemistry? Oh? Hell no, you don't to talk
about COVID with your listeners. Chemistry, that's true, But I don't need

to know about the little the scale. What do they call the thing the
periodic table? The periodic table,I have no interest in that whatsoever.
I don't use a periodic table intwenty twenty four. That's my fault.
I should have better at it.Now. My daughter takes chemistry, so
she's obviously a lot smarter than I'mever going to be. Hey, Mike,
I will do that. I will. I will call Old Shane and

find out what the hell's going onand report back to you soon. It
is humanly possible. I'm just curiousif the listeners, if any of your
listeners know, because I don't know. I've been listening to Askers for years.
They haven't changed that commercial in liketen years, if not longer.
Yeah, it just sounds like aserious foundation problem. That's what it sounds.
It sounds like you need to getwhat sliding into a Yeah, yeah,
how's your foundation? Right now?Let me ask you that, how's
your foundation spectacular? Well, youdon't worry about then, No, you'll

never get to meet Nolan Ryan.Why don't you fake fact. I'm just
wishing it. I'm wishing they couldmaybe AI a commercial and getting Noll into
retail. Oh no, no,no, no, not with my hero.
I don't I want full on aone full of Nolan Ryan. I
don't wanna know AI on Noe Ryan. No one can do banter. I
know it. All right, We'llsee you later. Good good hearing from
you. We take some weirdo calls. I love Mike, great guy.

That was a serious call, Mattfrom Micing shut. Let me tell you
you can catch yourself jumping into aNolan Ryan. I do it at home.
That's a I need some cool RanchDorado's, Matt, Honey, it
was for dinner. Did you watchthe Tom Brady roast? That Sarah Sniverman's

kind of sneaky hot. Although Iheard she doesn't shave her armpits. Nicki
Glanzer did a fantastic job. Ithought she was hilarious. See here's what
we're gonna do one night. Rossand I are gonna say we're gonna go
drink somewhere. Okay, We're gonnapick out a particular bar and we're just
gonna have a couple of cocktails,just sip on the knuts, and we're

just gonna we're gonna talk Nolan Ryaninto Mac Brown to Jim Adler, just
fun in rotation. You've got morecranberry than ocean spray there, Matt,
and I'll I'll bring my Westwood Onevoice with me. Okay, oh no,
you don't do that. You're gonnarun out and then and then I'll
be on right on things the samewithin five minutes. All right, I'm

surprised you guys don't want to getinto a deep dive on the Texans Mini
Mini camp here, let's do it. No, we got people want to
know about AI, they want toknow about Chad GPT and they certainly don't
want to know about it. WhatNoel Ryan and is foundation issues and for
that we respect that. And I'msure the Astros appreciate Old Sham being a
fine sponsor. They're broadcast, theyspend money with us. I think we

r Yeah, I think they spendsome money with us. We can talk
about they're they're wonderful people. Imean, I don't own a home,
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Yeah, you're an economic impact.I think they're gonna die a renter,
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Matt Thomas Show continues on your smartspeaker. Listen to Sports Talk seven ninety

on any device with our free iHeartRadioapp. All right, we got gut
feelings coming up at one o'clock todayand at either one twenty or one thirty,
depending on how we do in thegut feelings that people have some guts
they want to get off their feelings. I don't know, that didn't sound

right. We will play some SteffanDiggs who was speaking at Texas on training
camp, so really the first timewe've heard from him since the acquisition from
the Buffalo Bills, and he apparentlyis all smiles, and of course he
would be when he's going to beable to test a free agent waters after
this year. Hmm, and uh, hopefully be a part of the best

receiving trio in the current NFL.There's a candidacy for it, for sure.
Nico Collins delle stays healthy. StefanDiggs place to what he's done the
last couple of years. There's noreason why they can't be a top in
throw. Dalton schultzon no reason whythey can't be a top five receiving corps
top one. Yeah, CJ.Shroud, what's up? Who's better,
Waddle and Hill. That's pretty good. Sorry, Wattle's hurt all the time?

True was their third? Mmmm uh, who's their tight end? It's
that guy with the Italian guy Gorzhinskior something like that, isn't it Giseki
was he was with the Patriots lashyear. Okay, whatever, I don't
follow the Miami Dolphins go Dolphins depthchart. I think we wanna be in

a good spot. They have likeDevonte Parker and he well he retired,
he became a Patriot and retired too. Oh wait, they got Odell Beckham
junr. I forgot about that.Odell Beckham Junior, Waddle and Hill and
John Hu Smith. Oh okay,there you know what. The Texans can
be the second best. Oh Daledidn't do much of anything last year,
but he's still scary, not asscary as he was five years ago.
Off, No, that is notnot anywhere close. Well, they can

still be a top five. Okay, top five seven one three, two
one two, five, seven ninety. Let's go to Jordan in Oak Forest
of the Matt Thomas Show. Jordan, thank you for holding Good afternoon,
Matt, good afternoon. Did youjust see the breaking news as show?
Hey got completely exonerated, but basicallybecause his translator confessed to the whole thing.

So gut feeling, I know it'searly, yeah, gut feeling.
This is totally corrupt. I cannotbelieve. You know, last time I
called in, we talked about it, you said you wait till the investigation
was done. I kind of hitit at that. I didn't think MLB
would do any investigation. And Ithink it's just about money. I mean,
they crucified us, you know,for everything, and he seems to

be completely walking scot free basedupon thisforce guilty plea. So I'm I'm just
curious. Are you holding the LAmedia friends of yours to the feet of
the fire here? I have nofriends in LA media. There's actually why
won frombody's a boy Bill PLASKI werebros. He's the voice the Alia Lakers.
I don't think he cares one wayor the other. So I don't

know. I don't know. Imean, if you're telling me that he
that this interpreter pled guilty to bankand tax fraud and it midstealing seventeen million
dollars, what else is the showhe is supposed to do. Maybe I've
checked his bank receipts. I mean, this guy had one hundred and sixty
million dollars coming in him out ofhis accounts, and you're telling me he

did not notice, he wasn't involvedat all with his best friend. I
think this is about a middle schoollie. I've told stories and lies like
this with moms in high school toget out of trouble. I just don't
believe it. I think that haveyou read all the police reports and court
documents and all this on this Thelast time you asked me how the MLB

teams that were and I got itright, But I've not read every court
document. That's a pretty tough requestfor your listeners. Okay, So then
then why should I Why should youdistrust the system if you've not done the
homework on reading everything about it.I mean they had all of his text
messages and all this stuff, right, I mean I haven't read the court

documents either. Just because someone pleadsguilty doesn't mean that they are not taking
the fall for someone like like Butdidn't they have thousands or text with him
in this book and this book maker? Yeah? Well true, but his
story change, Like you remember,like once the lawyers all got involved,
all of a sudden, his storycompletely changes and and La is not.

He's not been suspended one game.Blanco got ten games for a glove ros
and incident. Okay, well you'reyou're all over the place, Jordan.
Come on. First of all,there were no bets on baseball during this,
which is the number one thing majorLeague Baseball was concerned about period into
story. That that that is,that is an evidence. There is no

there were no wagers on baseball.So as far as Major League Baseball is
concerned, Shoeo Tony may be guiltyof having dumb friends and giving out too
much personal financial information, but hedid nothing to at this point, based
off of the evidence, do anythingto compromise the game. Why is everyone
protecting him? Who's protecting him?Just giving you the information we were receiving.

Why would I want to protect showwho's doing that? No one's thinking
about this. You don't think Manfred'slike completely protecting him here and just sweeping
onto the rug because this is ahuge agent market sort of like we no
because because federal prosecutor said, thisnot major League Baseball. This is the
just the FBI got involved in this. The FBI said there was no any

evidence of any wagering of baseball atany point by either the interpreter or by
the guy or by Shohey himself.I don't know. I find the whole
thing highly suspicious, sir, thewhole thing. I think that, uh,
you know, when your best friendis taking your money and placing bets,
you should you should know. Likejust It's similarly like if you were

to, you know, my wifewere to be funding a drug cartel,
and I just said, hey,you know that was on her. I
didn't notice one hundred million dollars comingin and out, not that have it.
I too can't afford a mortgage.But uh I I just think that

the idea that like you're totally naiveand oh my gosh, I don't speak
you know, I don't speak thelanguage. I don't know what's going on
is is a terrible excuse. Itdoesn't exonerate you from a crime. I
think, Tony Soprano, oh yeah, the hold on before and I don't
want to go too much longer,as I think I'm losing my audience by
the second. Here, what crimeare you accusing Oshoiho Tani of committing?

Well, I think he's definitely arico crime. I think he's involved in
wire fraud, what across state lines. Yes, you can not be transferring
money illegally to be gambled through yourbank accounts. He's definitely associated with this.
But I'll let you go. Idon't wanna. I don't wanna take

up too much here too. Youdid. That's what we still love you,
Jordan. You took up a lotof our time that we love you.
Anyway, Thank you very much forthe phone calls. All right,
I mean, at the very least, it does. I mean, it's
suspicious and that all this money wouldbe moving hands and show hey didn't know
anything about it. That is notpeople have said that. I mean,
interpreters having bank account information is somethingthat is commonplace. And again I'm not

completely dispelling everything in Jordan's saying.It is that large sum of money does
it doesn't smell right? I Iunderstand that, But I all I can
do at this point is go offof what the FBI is saying. And
the FBI is saying that Otani didnothing wrong. So I mean, I
guess I could spend the rest ofmy life going through this and trying to

figure out what connections are, Butif it was just Mange League Baseball,
you could probably say, well,maybe Manfred's trying to protect the brand,
but it's out of his hands.Minzahara confessed to stealing nearly seventeen million dollars
from Otani, money then used toplace the legal sports bets and payoff gambling
debts. There you go real quickbefore the top of the hour. It's

been an interesting first hour of theshow, has it not very interesting?
Ryan and Montgomery on The Matt ThomasShow, Ryan, good afternoon, Good
afternoon. Jordan took up all mytime. Frank. One thing, I
don't know why, but here recentlythose old Shane commercials. I think the
dude's falling through this slab. Butis it just me or does Nolan Ryan

sound like a redneck squidward two?Who cares about show? Hao tany I
mean really like, I'm not goingto be like those Yankee fans and still
say things like oh too vyheado buzzer, I don't care, I really don't
care. And three Chad GBT islegit? I fixed so many is you
just put it in like skill words. You're like, make it all this

stuff for an entire resume and it'lldo it for you in like thirty seconds.
It's awesome. But anyways, youall got to get to break and
Jordan, nobody got time for that. Man. I tweeted at it,
tweeted at you, but I'm gonnatell him a nobody got time for that.
I I just saw her tweet Ryan, thank you very much. Hey,
you guys learned something on the show. Well, there's a listener in

Houston, Texas that is passionate aboutthe fact that he believes show Toddy's crooked
by the way. Killob also thinksthat show Hay is full of it.
So maybe Jordan and tracks with herStevie Wonder opinions. Hey, that's my
girl. You don't talk about heropinions on that especially they're spot on.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.If you didn't think that first hour was

good enough for you, who wegot a doozy for you an hour number
two. Uh, it is timefor gut feelings where you get to make
your sports predictions. Whether you thinkthat show hayes a coming or not,
that's not really a sports prediction.I've got some gut feelings we need to
hear from you right now seven onethree two one two five seven ninety seven
one three two one two five sevennine zero. You got gut feelings,

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my low dot com launch timers.This is the Matt Thomas Show. What's
up? An't that Thomas? You'lllike got a good dealing. This is

their gut feeling on the Matt ThomasShow. Side note, there needs to
be more softball games on perfectly Californiaschools. That's all I got. It's
a small auditorial opinion. Why Californiaschools? I don't know, just saying
what's wrong with the Oklahoma and Floridawho are getting after it today? Okay,

Florida's good? What do you mean? Well again, they're all good.
It's the World Series, Matt,not going down that road. Well
you said it, so I said. I just said more California, more
clarification, no check my AI account. Okay, all right, seven one
three, two horns. They're intothe finals already. Good for you.

Sorry about your baseball team, that'sfine. It's a big guess. You
get crushed by the occasions. Whata terrible season. David Pierce out.
We'll see how many breaking new sounderswould that be on the show. Five.
That's not true. It's like nuclearwar break like one and a half.
Maybe Hey seven one three two onetwo five seven ninety seven one three

two one two five seven. Ilet's recap last week's gut feelings. Yeah,
we're doing the second. We're notin a break yet. I know
we just started the show and you'realready going to go to break. Oh
my lord, No, appreciate advertisers. I'm not ready to go to break.
It's just I was not prepared becauseI don't know. We're talking about
softball, and I got distracted.See it happens all of us. Yeah,
so Google, they changed Google Docs. One second here, all right

again, if you have a predictionabout anything sports, you let me let
us know. Seven one three twoone two five seven nine zero. Uh.
You said last week Javier and Orkidiout for the year. Yes,
and I've I've remained very firm onthat. Or Kati is Donzo. It
looks like you're probably the astros sevenconfirmed it yet, but yeah, you're
right. You had a jose Abray You multi hit game within the next

week. Nope, that did nothappen. I said one of Javier and
Yourkidi out for the year was mygut feeling. But it looks like it's
gonna be both. I said theAstros lose the series of the Mariners,
which they did. Yep. Isaid Hunter Brown quality start Bingo, which
happened. I said, jose OBray you home run within the next week,

dang, which happened. Good foryou. And I said Boston and
five in the I guess in theNBA Finals, which still haven't started.
So by the way, I winone from two weeks ago. I had
the Florida Panthers beating the New YorkRangers in the Eastern Conference finals. Remember
that Connor, our NHL expert.Maybe I'm the inside on the NHL more
than any other people on this show. He had Rangers in six and Dallas

and seven, with Dallas winning theStanley Cup. Yi both wrong? Ooh
that's okay, No, hey,people care about hockey. Yeah in Canada
and Canada northern markets. Let's see, I said, Lance mccullors will pitch
this season and have a positive impacton the year. Okay, I'm going

to race that one. I'm keepingit, baby, let's go in,
Lance, I trust all right,I'm ready to. On this week's edition
of Gut Filling Well, I gottaget Connors real quick. Yeah, the
Astros split the series versus the Marinersand that didn't happen. Nope, okay,
go ahead, matt uh. Thisis not a gut feeling. This
is to put your name on it. Oh yeah, you heard name.
File out. Get the file out. Seven one three two one two five

seven nine zero seven one three twoone two seven five seven ninety. If
you have a gut feeling, okay, Jose erkaty, we'll never pitch for
the Astros again. I would sayArkety will never never pitch for the Astros
again. Yeah, okay, okay, guys have come back from multiple Tommy
John's, but guys have also hadissues issues. And he's got a year

and a half off in a contracthe's arbitration eligible for next season. Then
he's a complete free agent in theyear twenty twenty six. It won't matter.
The Astros will not offer a qualifyingoffer to him. He'd have to
get some kind of minor league dealfrom somebody. Probably. Yep, he's
done as an Astro. So ifyou loved Jsi Archidi, you're sad.
If you thought he was just anaverage pitcher, then you're not feeling overly

emotional one way or the other.He was average, but then he was
locked down in the playoffs. Yeah, but he's he can live off that
playoff charm. He can. Yeah, he did help, but by and
large, the last couple of yearshave been nonexistent. All right, let's
get to this week's Besides that,what do you guys got uh, I'm
gonna stick with Boston and five forthe Yeah, I'm gonna stick with it.

That's fine, Boston in five,Okay for the NBA Finals. I
am not deleting my Lance mccullor's juniorprediction. And I'm gonna say, Chas
McCormick home run with them the nextweek, what's up? Hmmm, And
I'll say overall, he's gonna befine at the plate. Okay. I'm

a little more worried about you onyour da is just because of the catching
duties perhaps wearing on him. Buthe did have the home run. Yes.
My gut filling this week is thathelse Bray, who is not on
this baseball team. August first,Okay, let's see that they have tried
and wished him the best, givehim some breathing room, gave him some

time down in Florida just hit ahome run, Matt. They just used
him in a pinch hit situation lastnight, Matt. And how those three
pitches go ross? Well? Strikeone? Yeah, I was followed by
a good couple pitches, strike two, and then you got I missed.
I'm gonna go for another one.Go Hashtro's trade trade for first base slash

outfielder. All right, I willgo with the Astros. I'm gonna Oh
man, I don't. I don'twant to do this. Who's gonna be
there every day? First Basement?Well, I don't think little Brafito is
gonna have good it's gonna be readyin a month. I mean they have.

They certainly have not given him awhole lot of extended run down there
at Triple A at this point.Maybe that's the plan. Maybe they're just
gonna work him out at first andthen put him up here every day.
How about this? Okay, Well, no, I can't say that.
I can't. I can't say thatMercier de Bonn's gonna getting more playing time
at First Place. Your first prediction, I forgot to write it down.
Oh that Orkitie will never play forthe Astros again. Okay, but I
put that down as I put yourname on it. Yeah, and then

the brother prediction was that August firstbreves only at the team. Thank you,
by the way, the Celtics willwin in six okay. And what
else I got the Edmonton Oilers winningthe Stanley Cup in five games? Okay,

heys, in five? You gotthe last one right in oi Werst
Championship. It would be oh geez, don't even go like the accomplishment.
All right, Connor, were youguys this week? Jannard Diez hit his
first home run last night, thisfirst one since April eleventh. Yes,
that's correct. Correct, So he'llhit another one by this time next week.
So you're he's averaging one home runper week. That's good. By

way, Am I still eligible formy Alex Bergman eight hundred? Ops?
No, seven, seven hundred?No, you said June first, seven
hundred. Where's he now? He'sat six ninety two. Oh, I
got close. I got close.That's the fourth on the first. He
was like, it's six thirty something. Hey, that's why Ops moves so
quickly. It's like a stock baby. Yeah, when you hit home runs,
it goes up very nicely. Allright, we need your gut predictions,

gout fillings in right now at sevenone three, two, one two,
five, seven ninety. Let's goto James, who was something in
his gut this week. James,what do you have? Yeah, my
gut feeling is that Dana Brown willmake a blockbuster, blockbuster trade and he
will lease, we'll we'll lose something, but we'll get something really big.
Put his maga heat on, makeAstros great again, and he'll make a
trade. I'm gonna go with justthe opposite. I think the Astros will

make a trade, but it willbe barely on the radar. I got
a new gut feeling too, Astrosto make a trade and and it will
be barely on the radar. Yeah, I'll talk about you. Yeah,
barely on the radar. New gutfeeling. Longhorns win the softball National Championship.

Oh, because Florida just went deepto run blast. What's up,
girl, Let's go Gators. Bigcrowd there too. All right, let's
focus here, let's go watch.You're the one that focusing. I be
one giving these sports predictions. Youhave heard nothing from you? Are you
talking about? I just said theLonghorns are gonna win The song just brought

that up after you were watching it. To run home run, I said,
I said, Chassy Fizz is hittinga home run? Is Chassis feel
still on the baseball team of thedeadline? Yes, it is Mauricio Dubon
on the baseball team and the tradedeadline. I feel way more confident about
saying, is Alex Bragman on therebut for the trade dead Sorry Brad.
I think Brad had Bragman being traded, all right, So I got another

one. Yeah. I don't evenknow how to make this prediction, but
I just think Ryan Press is gonnabe fine. Like Ryan Press is gonna
be good. He's had some badluck, Like you're gonna say that,
he is going to bounce back wherehe is right now, will not presley,
will be reliable by the end ofthe season. I don't know how
how do I I'm gonna give youone. I'm gonna give you one for
the end of the month, youknow, because I'm bringing that, I'm

bringing these gut feelings to the show. Let's go. Rockets are trading third
pick. Rockets trade the number onthree pick for what But they will not
be drafting third and they may draftthere, but they will not be keeping
that, you know what, Iwill fade empty on that. What we'll
keep the pick. Not for lackof trying. Okay, I think they're
gonna find the deal. I thinkthey're going to try and try and try,

but I just don't know if anybody'sgonna be interested. All right,
gut feeling, let's your gout,phillies in next seven to one three two
one two five seven ninety seven toone three two one two five seven nine
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seven ninety often that Thomas, Yo, they got a good dealer. Lunchtimers

gut feelings continue now on the MattThomas Show. All right, we will
hear from Stefon Diggs coming up thishour. We'll also hear from manager Joe
A. Spot of the Astros attwo thirty This afternoon, it is the
Matt Thomas Show at seven one three, two, one two five, have
a ninety Robert, what is inyour gut today? And Katie, thanks
for calling. Well, y'all endedthat last segment on exactly what I was

gonna talk about, and that isRyan Presley. I think the Astros are
gonna trade for some type of reliefpitching because we desperately need it, and
I think Ryan Pressley is the onlything that he just I don't know.
I hate to say it, buthe just he might be better off somewhere
else this year. I don't know. So you're saying the Astros are gonna

go They're gonna trade away Ryan Presley, that's what he said. You're saying
moving, moving away? Are yousaying trading? I get, yeah,
get yeah. So we're gonna makea trade for pitching, and I believe
Ryan Presley is gonna be in thedeal. Now I don't. I don't.

Thanks for the phone call. Ithink if the Astros fall flat and
don't get any closer than say,seven games, that Ryan Presley would be
certainly upper conversation. But he doeshave a no trade clause, So that
would be a situation where he'd haveto accept where he'd want to go,
and my guess is he'd want togo only somewhere that was contending and also
a team that was also looking fora closer as compared to being an eighth

inning guy. But you're not movingRyan Presley for another reliever unless you're giving
them giving the other teams additional valueback, and Astros don't have anything to
give. He's one of the highestpaid relievers in baseball. Yeah, but
he's also a fren agent at theend of the season, correct, So
you'd be buying it right now.You're you're not trading a underperforming reliever for

a performing reliever. So he hasa fourteen million dollar mutual option with a
two million dollar buyout. The optionis guaranteed with fifteen games played in each
this in last year, which fiftyI'm sorry, fifty. Okay, he
was at sixty five last year.He's already at twenty four this year.
He's probably gonna get to fifty barringany sort of injuries. Uh, yeah,

I could. I'm not guaranteeing thatRyan press is here the entire season,
and I'm not I also also saidthat I could see them going after
a reliever, but I don't thinkthey're going to be part of two different
deals. If you were to makethat happen, if somebody loved Ryan Presley
for the ninth inning spot, ifthey did, that would be kind of
weird because he's not been very goodin the eighth inning spot so far this
year. He's gonna be a right, I don't disagree. I'm team Presley.

I think, frankly, there's beentoo much criticism, a little old
hanging fruit, but the results arehe doesn't give you as many clean innings
as he hasn't. He's not eliteanymore like he was three four years ago,
but he's still good enough. Ithink he'll be fine. All right,
Let's go to uh Tony in Baytownon the on Sports Talk seven.

Hoy, Hello Tony, Hey fellasHi, Hey, get feeling if he's
also signed Albert Pujos and the Cabrerathey would both out bat That feels rude.
That feels very rude. It is, but I don't know if they
could do any worse. I mean, Cabrera probably the sloppy right now,
but Poos, I mean he didthat, you know, three sixty or

three fifty three times. I thinkhe could at least bet a buck in
the quarter. What do you like? No, I think those guys are
done done. Thanks for the phonecall. The Jose to bring you comedy
tour is never ending. I'm actuallytrying to think. I think Cabrera out
hits Jose like right now. Yeah, I think pooh Hooles would be pretty

close. How about this? Whohits better right now? Former Astros first
baseman Juli Guriel, Former Astros firstbaseman Lance Berkman, Former Astros first baseman
Jeff Bagwell or current first baseman atleast part time Jose I Bray, you

put him in one to four Joseone, Julie two. I guess Berkman's
younger, so we'll go Berkman three, Bagwell four, Yeah, Bregman's I
mean, Kirkman's in dad bod shape. Uh No, Bagwell can't use his
arm anymore. No, sooner.He's got a home run too. It's
too two now, and cheez,put go pet McAfee back on. That's

what you need to focus. Let'sgo Gators. All right, it's not
great, it's kind of depressing,actually, what's that question? First base?
Like last night somebody called it,so, why in the world is
Jose Bray you pinch hitting? Whichagain I don't disagree, but it one
like you were getting any production exceptthat one wall from John Singleton. John's

not been hitting much here. It'sa left handed pitcher. You're going with
the reverse and we are going withthe platoon thing. You ready, you're
going with I got a better chancewith my soft ending right hand or hitting
over my softending left handed. Yeah, it's unfortunate, but it's justifiable.
Down to that, it is justifiable. It is justifiable. I mean it
doesn't feel good. No, I'mnot. I'm sure. Joe Spot it

was like, isn't like, Man, this is the greatest thing. I'm
so lucky I got that weight.Yeah, and Dubond had already been burned
because of Kyle Tucker getting hurt.And it basically hurts your your depth in
your middle, in your infield,and you have attached two underperforming players at
one position. Tom is with uson seven Honey high Tom, Yeah,
gentleman, Hi, uh my gutceiling. No, Ross is not gonna

like this, Oh boy, pleaselet it be about soccer. Closing the
spot down, no UT football.Okay, they will beat Oklahoma this year
pretty handily, Matt will they willlose. They will lose a barn burner
to Arkansas, and then Texas Aand M is going to run them off

the field. Texas A and Mis going to run them off the field.
You know what, I feel goodabout this, Tom, because your
gut feelings over the years have beenabsolutely horrible. Well that's true, but
that's where my gut's telling me.Okay, thank you. I mean,
we'll see gonna happen. They're gonnaplay. No more talk. Can we

have a special week of A andM versus Texas coverage? What do you
mean you want to go out there? No, I'm just saying we should
get your son on. We shoulddo a family feud of Aggie's versus Longhorns.
Uh huh. We should have broadcasters, ex players, a couple of
coaches kind of really build it up. Yeah, we can have it.
We'll do a full segment on alltheir football successes the last twenty five years.

I'm sorry a full second. Thatfeels personal, Rossie. It's not
personal, it's just it's personal.Billions spent and no conference championships. Great
job over there, but what ifdid you put up another national champ?
Will be depressed if they lose.Of course I will be depressed with the
long horn take Will you take Mondayoff? I wouldn't take a day off,
which you'll be sad. I wouldsay, of all the sports teams

in the world that it really ruinsmy day if they lose. Number one
is Texas football. I was therefor one of those experiences. Yeah,
do you damage? You damage hotelfurniture in Las Vegas. Oh, we're
selling it a little bit. Iam, I am, but it's good
for the show. But it's itupsets me more than it should it'll.
I get irrationally angry about Longhorn footballmore than any other sport. I will

fully admit that. Can you guessmine? Uh, that would be your
daughter's volleyball team. No, I'mI mean, yeah, I do.
I'm not happy when they lose.I do agreeve, but it's but I
don't get Caruger football. They alwaysno, it's not Cougar football basketball.
It's Rockets playoff losses. Rockets playofflosses. It hurt me Rockets playoff losses.
Even when I wasn't a broadcaster whenI was a fan in the PA

announcer in between all that. Rocketseven like game ones of series just pissed
me off. The last time Iever kind of I kicked over a chair
that Dame Lillard game. I wasat our old studios and I kicked over
a chair when they, like Itook calls to like one thirty in the
morning on that night. I hadto work. It was an Astros game
that night, and nobody wanted towork it because the Rockets were the playoffs,

so I had to work it.Yep. This was twenty fourteen,
right, yep, last one Jacobin Dallas? What's in your guts this
week? Jacob? Can you hear? They were telling me that was chopping
here, so quickly go yeah,okay, quickly. My my gut feeling
is the Astros will finished above fivehundred, but we'll miss the playoffs.

Frank Well bened Log, Okay,that is my good feeling, all right,
thank you, Jacob. Jacob callingus from under the sea. Thank
you, Like where SpongeBob lives.Yeah, he's calling us from bikini bottom.
Actually yeah, okay, outside theKrabby Patty, I got you that's

not terrible on that one. TheKrusty Krab, I guess no, Krusty
krab will work, all right?Yeah? And squid Words there is with
him as well. Yes, butwe have bradword on. That's pretty damn
funny. That was hilarious. Y'allare some funny people. Seven one.
Not as funny as us, butyou're pretty damn funny. All right,
let's go back. Do we havethe Stefan Diggs audio in the system?
You at mister McGovern all Connor's littlegrumpy today. It sounds like all we've

done is this plot them? Howgreat? Are you just trying to traumatize
the young lad? What I do? Ask a simple question? All right,
we're gonna hear from the newest Texanwide receiver. Next. It's one
twenty nine here on Sports Talk sevenHoney with a word or Galveston Island.
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island, spend it in Galveston atvisit Galveston dot com. Texan's wrapping up
Day one of Mini Camp and forthe first time since joining the Houston Texans

Sports RV, we hear from theone year wonder Stefon Diggs. Hey,
you what to call him that?Why not? We would be one year
wonderful for the Pro Bowl caliber widereceiver added to fuel their offense. He
will be a one year wonderful theTexans. We'll love every minute of it.
And then he will go play somewhereelse. We'll see or they could

franchise him. Anyways, what StefonDiggs is here and he had a number
of different things to talk about withthe Texans, speaking with the media for
the first time as a Houston Texan, starting off saying he is glad that
he is on CJ. Stroud's team. Now he was not too many seats
from me at the progo where weget dressed and did all that, and
we had topped it up a littlebit, and I kind of like got

some a little bit. I'm like, damn, he pretty cool. So
kind of when things start hitting thefan and Houston was kind of on the
radar, that is damn ironic.I don't believe in coincidence. Everything happens
for a reason what I'm saying,and I asked God to like my path.
Yeah, I am so. Iwas definitely something to get super excited
about. I don't know how manytimes I smiled. I wasn't here here.
I didn't get to share the smileswith Job. I promise you I'm

super happy. What was hitting thefan in Buffalo. I'm still curious about
what that was. I don't know. He didn't seem very happy there,
seemed to be complaining somewhat, andthe contract situation obviously was a reason for
him being dealt. He wanted tobasically here he wanted to renegotiate a deal

because hit four years love him dealone like he could do a whole lot
of maneuvering at that point. Idon't know. Again, I don't know
why this is, but wide receiversare the biggest divas in the NFL by
position, and it ain't even close. Well, I'm glad you brought that
up, Matt, because all seguedid address being called a diva Personally,
I don't take things personal from peopleI don't know. Personally, you know

what I'm saying, Like when you'regoingish your opinion from what you hear about
somebody, it's not different if youknow them or the person I love them.
Not too many people know me orthe person I love, and I
don't particularly share a lot of mythoughts. What I'm saying, I keep
work work, I'm saying, Iturn how to dive into it, like
how I feel about certain things,or like incent people's opinions. And now
I've been in the league too,about to go on my tenth year,

I've obviously put in a lot ofwork to get to where I'm at.
What I'm saying, respect, loveit is always there. What I'm saying
who I'm as a player. Theyknow who I am. I'm a true
competitor. I love to win.You know what I'm saying. I love
it. I love getting better andwho I'm as a person. You know
what I'm saying. But this isa job at the end of the day.
I'm saying, we better family environmentwith your team. Those guys who
know me personally, that's why Iearn and respecting them first along with my

coaches. But I try not totake things personally from people. I don't
know what a person of love.You know what I'm saying, rule of
thumb. It's a good rule ofthumb says he doesn't care what you have
to say. Matt, that's okay. If he's a diva. I don't
I got again. I just think, generally speaking of receivers are born that
way. I don't know why thatis, but the greatest position in football

that carries the most pound for pound, diva is the wide receiver position.
Yeah, for whatever reason, they'rejust built a certain way. They're just
built a certain way. I don'tknow what's the most humble then left guards,
you could say offensive lineman. Idon't think I mean, how many
centers are really a holes? Notmany. I feel like there's a few.
Name a hole center. You gotto get to know him, maybe,

Well, I don't know. Ithink first of all, it's it's
uh, it's the skill position playersget talked to more than anybody else that
gives them a place. It's notnormally running to the right guard. Yeah.
I don't particularly care about a nosetackle generally speaking, unless they're like
the best nose tackle in the scheme. Like when Gilbert Brown was a nose
tackle and he's making all those playswith the Packers way back in the day
and his wide body, then youkind of got into him and who he

was. But you got into him, you know, got into him the
way he was, get getting toknow him. He didn't know him,
getting to know all about him.Yeah, we don't typically get to know
the second or third running back orthe second or third tight end. But
we sure as hell care about ourwide receivers. We care about our quarterback,
We care about our wide receiver.It just seems like they're bill different
for whatever reason. But part ofthe reason why they do. Andre Johnson

wasn't a diva. No, AndreDownan Johnson was on a diva. He
was just very, very self spoken. He was he was almost too laid
back when you are one of theghosts of your team and then Courtland Finnigan
gets his uh his head beat againstthe ground. Yeah, who else would
be among the great Alzheimers? IsKirie Rice a dump a diva? Jared

Rice can be a diva because hewas the greatest ever played the position.
But I'm just asking was a RandyMoss? Was Randy Moss? Owens obviously
Owens? Steve Smith, Andre Risingof Steve Smith is a diva? Oh
yeah, I mean he was loudand he wanted to fight everybody, and
he told people to ice up Son. Yeah, Steve ask. I guess

Tyreek Hill a little bit gotta beright. I guess he's a criminal.
Oh oh, Chadow Josinko major diva. Yes, that's a good one.
Now, going back before that,do we know if necessarily was Steve Large
and a diva? I don't know. I don't know if Raymond Barry was

a diva, If Charlie Joyner wasa diva, Chris collins Worth when he
played at Diva and Flipper Anderson andAndrea bad Moon Horizon was certainly a diva.
Who are the great receivers back wewere growing up. Oh it was
Drew Pearson a diva, don't Idon't know, I don't know it is

had a lot of flash, allright. Anything else from mister dig today?
One more in here? Uh?Him talking about the number of touches
and sharing the ball not a concern, says one Stefan Diggs. That's something
I knew coming in saying before Igot here. I obviously know that Nick
had a hell of a year.Tanka just got hurt. He was gonna
have a hell of a year.And it's always a balance. It's not

my job. Is it's thing topill my job to call the plays.
I just got to get open andcatch it. So for me, it's
not nothing I would worry about,considering you know, you do your job,
you get the ball. I feellike this offense is one of those
offenses that done a lot of horsesin the state. With what I'm saying,
done them all loose. We'll figurethe rest out. I got news
for you. If he gets openRossi and the ball isn't thrown to him,

he'll he'll let us know it's easyto say I got no problems.
Yeah, the ball June fourth,that's that's bs. Come talk to me
September nineteenth, after a game he'sgot two catches and four thrown targets at
him. Wee Chelsea, it's gonnabe let me tell you, No matter
what I think about him long termwise, I think it's gonna be a
fun season for him being around here. I don't think if there's gonna be

any over gret on Stefan Diggs,it's the fact that he was good for
a year in left as compared tohe got here and was a troubled teammate,
or DJ Stroud's not gonna let thathappen, or there's some major injury
and then he's gone after a year. You absolutely have Nick Cassio did roll
the dice. This is a gamble, and there's only really one scenario where

this gamble works out. That's thatStefan Diggs is here, he's happy,
and he's very productive. More thingscan go wrong than can go right with
this scenario, but it's also ifthey do go right, you're a super
Bowl contender. Yeah, if you'reright, it'll be the greatest TREEO of
receivers the Texans have ever had togo along with hopefully the greatest quarterback the
Texans have ever had, to goalong with an improved running back, improved

defense, improved defense, offensive lineimproved, improved, but they still good
enough? Don't know? Well,hell we had Jaxons had a terrible offensive
line last year and CJ strous stillis that will be successful without he is
that dude, because he's a franchisequarterback. Say that, you know,
you're not You're scared now, I'mscared. I'm just I'm not not ready

to jump to conclusions. Okay,you know what, if he wants to
throw for forty five hundred yards thisyear, I'll be damn happy to call
him franchise quarterback. I's seen enough. Okay, you saw what fifteen games?
Yes, okay, if fifteen's plenty, that's good. He wouldn't hurt
him. And then I saw whoin Case Keenum came went in when he

was out. Well, if you'recomparing him to Case Keenum and Davis Mills
Thrills or whatever calling him these days, Davis threw money Mills and money Mills
what it is? What the uh? With his girthy neck. Yes,
still on the team. Currently surprised, we'll see surprisedly somebody wouldn't call her
for put your name or you hada gut feeling about that. I think
he's gonna get traded. He tradedthat. I can see it. The

three quarterbacks that are here now willnot be here starting next season. Still
got plenty of time on that.All right, we'll come back talk to
you. We got Joe Spot comingup to two thirty this afternoon. You
guys ready for that. D Joeas Spot, Joe A. Spott Wonder
join us in forty five minutes.Brandon, you'll talk to you the rest.
If you want to jump in backbehind Brandon, you may do so
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dot Com. Here, touchdown,Texas, You've got sports talk seven to
ninety. Houston's hold of Longhorn Football, The Matt Thomas Show continues. Now,

greater chance of having this person onour show, Steve Sarkusan or Justin
Verlander, Go sark easy, sarkEasy Easy. As the proud home of
long Horn Football and Longhorn basketball,they have to cover the basketball game seven
ninety. Yeah, Ronnie Terry andthe boys ready to fire it up.
Now they do long postgame shows,Yes, they do. The key to

a great broadcast for those of younginsis to do a decent pregame show with
all the things you want to leadup to it. Uh huh. Do
the game the best your ability,and then the post game. Just run
the stats quickly as possible and getout for the network for the call in
show. We want to talk tothe people. Correct. That's why I
appreciate Robert and Steve. They don'tmess around. They don't do a long

diet tribe. They run the highlightsand again at the astros get shut out.
There's no astro highlights. The scoreboardsegments quick. The total number,
I mean they're adding about fifteen twentyminutes. That's about perfect rockets. One
could go along depending on which Adam'sworking it about ten years fifteen years ago
to go like fifty five minutes.Really, oh my god, Oh oh

well, let's go to Brandon onseven ninety. Hi Brandon, thanks for
holding Hi. Thank you, MattThomas. Quick question for you. The
two a's announcer play by play gal. Her name's Jenny Kavnar. Yes,
I've been seeing a lot of thingsonline. She's been getting a lot of

hate. And I did hear acall that was a home run call that
was pretty abboring. And I don'tknow if Connor has that able to pull
it up so you can hear it. If you've ever heard of her,
But it's the best play by playguy on the radio and the nation.
What do you think? I knowTV and radio aren't the same, but
what do you think of the ofher and whether she deserves what she's getting

online? Then I'll hang up andlet it. Thanks, Matt. I
don't feel well. I'm right back. Are you okay? Uh? Okay?
I will speak, I'll answer,Matt. I'll give you time to
collect your thoughts. I haven't listenedto her call games, but there was

a home run call that I thinkhe's talking about that didn't sound great.
And then there was Jose Siri hadwhiffed on a pitch and it was like
the first pitch of the at bat, and she could not wait to get
in her Hey Siri quip and goHey Siri, it's not your night.

And literally the next pitch he hitsa home run. I mean that should
be play by play one oh one. If you're talking about baseball, you
don't try to dunk on Jose Siriwith a tired Hey Siri joke one pitch
into the at bat. Last timeI checked in baseball, three strikes in,
You're out. That was ill advisedand then she appropriately got egg all

over her face when he launched it. I think it was a game tying
home run. Like the very nextpitch that was. I'm gonna say that
was stupid. I don't know whyshe would do that, but I don't
listen to the full games. I'veonly heard a few clips here and there,
and that's I will say my pieceon that. Hi, my name

is Ross, Matt is next.Go ahead, Matt? Can I him
in? How for? If youwant a mess? I mean I tried
to buy you something. Literally thenext pitch, one pitch later from Hay
Serri, it's not your night.This was in the ninth and yeah,

it was a game tying home runin the ninth. This is on the
Oakland, Okayland's Oakland A's broadcast.She splits the games when other person and
Chip Carrey's son, Harry Carey's grandson, okay, no great grandson, gosh,
okay, that's that it matters reallyhere, I go, oh,

geez, let me be, letme be as. I don't think there
are very many good female play byplay announcers. I don't think Jenny's very

good. I have not on fairnessto her. I have not watched a
full nine and in Oakland A's gamewith her on the broadcast, because why
would I ever want to do that? And maybe I should, But the
sample size that I've gotten about hercalling games and public reaction is very,

very poor. In fairness, thenew Chicago White Sox announcer is getting annihilated
as well, and he's male.Yes, my comments about the hay Sie
thing would apply to any mail either. I mean, if you're oh,
you're talking about oh, one pitchnow, it was Mason Miller pitching.

So I mean you're feeling pretty good, that's true, You're gonna get a
strikeout. So please let me bevery honest in telling you. If you're
good, you're good. I don'tcare what ethnicity you are. I don't
care what sexuality you are. Idon't care what gender you are. If
you're good, you're good. Ijust have listened to quite a few clips

now. Granted, when she screwsup a call, it goes up one
national social media right away. That'sanother thing. She could call nine thousand
amazing plays. But the one goofup call she makes will be the one
that people annihilator for. That willbe the difficult thing because I mean you
are Todd Kallis or whoever, orRobert Ford. Yeah, can can misspeak

on a call or mess it up, and then maybe it will get magnified
a little bit more because it's athat's the same space. So knowing how
hard it is to broadcast a game, regardless of the sport, uh,
we all are going to make mistakes. I have been calling sports events,
primarily basketball, then quite a bitof football and a little bit of baseball

for thirty years. I have yetto do a broadcast in my thirty years
of calling play by a play thatI thought to myself that was the perfect
broadcast. Because I'm very hard onmyself. There's always something I wish I
would have said, there was alwaysa wish of something I could have phrased
better, and sometimes, frankly,you just flat out miss a call.

Now, some of it is becauseof the fact that the vantage point that
I don't get when I'm calling gamesthree thousand feet away from the court,
it's hard to miss. It's hardto get some things right because you're having
to guess a little bit. Butfrom what I have heard, it's not
very good. So what I willdo is this to be fair to her

is I will get on Get Hometonight and I will watch an Oakland A's
broadcast if she's working. She onlydoes ninety games, she does know all
of them. You got MLB TVmedic. They give it to me for
free this year. I don't knowwhy they did, but they did.
You come over and the next timethey as are on and I will watch
a full nine in in game,and I will then be able to give

you guys a little bit more ofa a more objective viewpoint of this.
But I would say if you gooff of the A's fan base, it's
meaning social media, and you knowsocial media is brutal astros Twitter, You
guys know how evil you are.A's Twitter hates her, not just says

doesn't have any prefer something else.They absolutely hate her. And I don't
think it's because of the corny jokes. I think it's because you're butchering the
fundamental stuff. The new Chicago WhiteSox announcer is butchering basic stuff. So
it comes to the territory. Iwish everybody that listened to me on Rockets

Radio thought I did a fantastic job. Some people think I suck I get
it. You can't. Everybody can'tthink your great, well, thank you,
But my point being is that everybodyshares your sentiment roal sports Harvey.
So maybe there's more people out therethat really enjoy her call, that love
her a different approach to it.What I've listened, I just haven't been

very impressed because her mistakes are verypronounced and when you're at the major league
level of any sport, football,basketball, baseball, you're not supposed to
make those rather large mistakes. AndI'll leave it at that. And my
name is Matt. Thank you,Matt. Did I do? Okay?
You did great? Because again,it's hard to criticize each other. You

have to give your honest opinion.I don't do spend a lot of time
criticizing other radio hosts, except tosay, generally speaking, there's a lot
of people out there that suck,but we all have our jobs. But
the Oakland a fan base in MajorLeague Baseball hasn't been too kind to her

or the new guy in Chicago.And the new guy in Chicago was getting
in fights with other radio stations intown. Yes, that's fine. So
where do say you know we are? We're just a heavy egotistical, testy
bunch of people. Yeah, Ilearned that a long time ago. That's
not enough from you. Joe wasspotted coming up in thirty minutes. I

think I did okay on that.I think I was polite yet honest,
and that's all I think people werewanting from me. Seven one three seven,
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Lunchtimers, this is the Matt ThomasShow. All right, final hour
of the Matt Thomas Show. We'regonna talk to Joe A Spotta coming up
at about thirty eight minutes from nowseven one three two one two five seven

ninety we have a roster move todiscuss on the astro side of things.
Oh yes, Gray Kessinger, notto be confused with something keppinger Grey,
but Kraley kissing Joe. He's beenon the roster for the longest time.
He's like the hidden astro. Yes, we haven't seen him heard from here.

He's like, what do they callit? Easter egg? He's a
secret easter egg astro. Wasn't hethe guy in office space that just that
lost his job but still coming towork every day? In my bed Length
Wing Swing Length, Deep Blue.That never saw it. You never saw
Office Space, but you know thatpart of the movie. Yeah, because
I've heard of a great movie isthat when Jennifer Asten worked at the REGII

Ridays, Chachkes it was kay wasbasically TGI Fridays, but it was called
chak and she had a lot ofbling on. It's him extreme fajitas or
pizza shooters. Is it a reallygood movie? I'm trying to think if
I would recommend it to Matt Thomas, because Matt Thomas is different? What
do you mean different? I liketo laugh. If it's funny, it's

funny. You didn't like The BigLebowski, which it was, Okay,
I didn't think it was, likeI said, sterical different, Okay,
then I probably wouldn't want it.Then I would say you will like it,
Okay. I think it's good.All right. So Gray Kessinger,
yes, has been optioned to TripleA. Huh, and Trey Cabbage is

going back, which assumes and we'reputting the deduction here. Yeah, that
probably we're gonna Seekyle Tucker out fora few days, I would imagine,
so hopefully not in the ten day, it's fifteen for pitchers and ten for
positions. Correct. Okay, hopefullynot on the ten day, but it

seems like there you're gonna need him. You're gonna need tray Cabbage for a
couple of days and hopefully he canrack up seven home runs for you.
That's the bet we had, andI bet we had the gut feeling.
I had him at seven home runs. You had him a zero at zero.
So right now you are winning.I am, but I'm feeling like,
I mean, neither of us aregonna win, is what it feels
for. No. I think you'reprobably right. You're probably right. All

right. Astros play Game two ofthe series against the Cardinals. They won
Game one yesterday by scoring four inthe eighth inning. What do we make
of that game yesterday? I sayit was really good that you got to
a couple of good members of theSaint Louis bullpen. The Saint Louis Cardinal
defense was not good down the stretch. The Astros got some clutch hits.
Brdman continues to hit home runs andYonder Diaz, how about this, Yonar

Diaz, I believe strikeout first atbat, strikeout second, event weak dribbler
third at bat, and I thinkI put so as I put that outside,
I think I think he's broken,and he's been broken for quite some
time, and then comes up withthe big, big blast like the contest
to help the Astros win the game. Yeah, that's been one of the
things we haven't really talked about much, is the Yan year Diez thing and

how bad he's been for the lastmonth and change. And also another storyline
beyond that, excuse me, isthe fact that jorn And Alvarez gets the
home run yesterday, but he hasnot had much power the last thirty days.
No, but I mean last sincethe calendar has turned to June.
He had two home runs in allof made He's already got three in June,
so that's a good sign. Hehad a couple of hits. I

mean, this is funny that thestandard we hold him to is ops is
eight fifty seven, and we're like, what the hell is going on?
Man, he sucks. He isjust not up to stand. Eight fifty
seven is great, but we ofcourse hold him to nine hundred plus.
Yeah, because A he's being compensatedby that and B he's had a history
of that. I mean they've reallygot him on a bargain deal. Well
that he's nobody forced him Suns todeal, and it's still a bargain.

It is what it is. Andthe Asters have been able to be very
lucky with those types of deals.Yeah. And if I'd have told you
last year Parker Maschinski, Seth Martinezand Rafael monte Taro all through three innings
in a row, you would say, Okay, how many runs they give
up? Five to six zero,bullpen did their thing, and then Josh
hater is himself notching his ninth safe. Yeah, Josh has really looked good

what for about a month now,give or take. And he was always
gonna be fine. Your run isalways going to be fine. There's some
others I'm worried about. I amcurious if young your ideas, how much
of his because I mean, weknow this, baseball players can slump.
They can slump for a month.They can slump for a month. Even
the great like Hosale Tube right nowis in a slump. He's been in
a slump for basically a month.Yeah, and how much of it is

every day catching I mean mental fogfrom that and then physical wear down or
being bogged down in the legs fromthat, because what I don't think it
is is that does it teams havefilm on him, because you can go
through fifty eight bats and teams wouldhave film on you, and he was
still successful way past fifty appearances lastyear. This, to me, the

regression in his game is a byproductof all the things you just talked about.
I think when you go from beingthe three day a week guy to
the six day a week guy,there's gonna be an adjustment period. And
hopefully this justment period is a veryshort time. But right now he's going
through it. The funny thing is, I mean, it's so perplexing because
his strikeout rate is down, hiswalk rate is up. I think it's

just it's apparently he's topping the ball. His ground ball percentage is well up.
He's up from like forty four percentto fifty four percent. So what
does that tell you? I don'tknow. That's a question for Joe spot
who we have coming up at twothirty. Why is his ground ball percentage
so much more up when all ofhis number is like his zone swing,
outside zone swing, stuff like that, Like he swings at everything like he

was last year. But walk ratesup and strike strikeout rate is down.
That's normally a very good thing forbatters. Please ask that question, don't
forget to do it. Write itdown so you don't forget to do it.
Okay, that's a good question.That's going to separate you from the
regular jamokes to talk to coaches andplayers. Uh huh, get in those
stat weeds. Yeah, I don'twant to get too deep in the weeds.
Yeah. Well, I am theweed whacker. I can tell you

that that needs to be whacked,and it doesn't always know what, when
and where to whack. That's MattThomas. I'm just telling you that,
for me, is not a statgeek like you are. Would appreciate.
Thank you. We'll figure it out, well, we will ask. I'm
curious how much of his is physicaland how much of it is mental,

and I imagine the answer will besome of both. All Right, So
we're gonna ask about Kyle. Wewill ask about the pictures. Although again,
what Dana Brown had to say yesterdaywhen I was at the ballpark,
it's probably gonna what he's gonna mirrorabout or Katie and about hobby, or
about trying to get second and thirdopinions. Look, and this has been
an exhausted search for answers on this. And the thing that Joe Spot has

said, I'm sure he'll back thisup coming up in twenty minutes from now
when he joins us, is thathe says, those guys feel fine.
It's one thing to wake up andfeel fine. It's the other thing to
go on a Major League baseball rubberon a hill and throw ninety three miles
an hour. So that's why Ithink there's probably the I think I can
do this, let me give upthere and do it, and then they

get out there and do it,and they know there's something just isn't right.
So we'll talk more about that comingup with him in just a few
minutes. Also today at Texans,let's get to a little bit of Tank
deal here, if you don't mind, I want to pivot to that just
for a second. We had yeah, right here, we had Stefan Dick
speak. We heard a few bitesof that coming up, we did about
thirty minutes ago, and now TankDell spoke, I believe also for the

first time since he had his shallwe say interesting, thankfully not serious gunshot
Yeah, a number of things saidby Tank, and of course is starting
off about getting caught up in thatFlorida shooting and lessons learned there. I
don't want to keep reliving the experience. It definitely changed my perspective of things,

like, you know, hanging around, like just not even hanging around,
but just being around the right groupof guys and stuff like that,
or being in the right situations.But you know, just wrong place,
wrong time. So she just gotto live with it. I'm blessed,
you know, God bless me toget out of that situation healthy. I
was only down for like a week, but I was just like working out.

But after that, you know,I got right back to work and
I'm feeling good. You only sethim back a week. The shooting at
a Florida night club. Crazy.I mean, I don't know if he's
a man of faith or not,but he probably needs to say a couple
of things and say thank you formaking sure I didn't get in the harms
way more than I did. Verylucky that it didn't get worse. Okay,

well a football side, of course. He continued and was asked some
questions about that chemistry with ci Jostroud. Of course, it's even stronger
in your two Cj' been with mesince the all season ended. You know,
we've been with each other in LAhere, in Houston, everywhere,
So that's been great. You knowthat brotherhood not can go nowhere, but
she's been around. Like the wholeteam has been good. You know,
we got new faces and them guy'scool. You know, we all in

there having fun, you know,building our chemistry in the locker room and
then taking onto the field. Soit's just been good. You know,
everybody having fun. You see everybodysmiling. You know we got something special
growing here in the organization and beready to get to work. How good
is that life? You play thesegames and you work very hard in your
there's only a very few number ofpeople that can do this in this on

Earth. And then you go tothe off season, we can basically just
work out wherever you want. Theyrun to lay, they even work out
in the off seas. You knowwhat I'm saying. I mean, how
cool is that you get you andyour body's let's go to l A and
work out for a week. Thatsounds good? Yeah, Like Ross,
when you and I want to workon our radio game. Huh. We
usually go to a restaurant and neatdinner and talk about the show. That's

true. We don't go run outto uh, I don't know, uh,
the Pacific Northwest. We don't.We don't go on to a mountain
hike and say, you know what, let's let's break down this show.
Let's go build this show. Maybewe should. Maybe we need more team
building exercises. All right, SoConnor, you jump on this as well.
If the three of us were togo away on a hiatus, like

I know the Rockets coaching staff goatwent to Austin this past year. Really,
yeah, just kind of a coatof retreat. I don't know what
that's the not me. Where arewe going? If we're gonna, if
we're gonna take this show and gogo deep dive in the rat of the
Matt Thomas show. Where we going? You picked the place you don't like,
Well, it's all about you,Matt, because you're the fancy one.
No, no, I'm humping you'reout. Let's see any sort of

outdoor stuff. You're out. Youneed to be Probably we need to go
to those five diamond Phoenix golf resortsand you probably don't even want to leave
your room. How about this,Let me throw my first idea out and
see kind of you go. We'regonna go. We're gonna go to camel
Back in Phoenix. What is thatthe resort? Okay, camel Beck I
thought was a brand of cigarettes.No, No, it was a brand

of like backpacks. We're gonna gohave steak dinner and red wine the first
night. Yes, we're gonna getmassages the next day. Okay, We're
gonna get into one of our rooms. I'll probably have a sweet and we
will. You're gonna have a nicerroom than us. No, but it's
comparable. I'll get the upgrade.It seems like you're putting me and Connor
and bunk beds. No, no, and we'll and we'll sit down,
we'll get our notepads out and we'llwrite down ten to fifteen things about the

show. Then we will go fora night of gambling, get up,
have brunch the next day, andcome back home two and a half days
reflect on the radio show, getmassages, eat good meals, and gamble.
We just do that in Vegas.That's see when take Down and c
J Strat are are doing their thing. Whatever they're doing in La, that's
what they're doing. That's what thethree of us should be doing. You
know what, they got beaches,and in Puerto Rico or like Costa Rica,

they got gambling slash beaches. Idon't know. Does Dominican have gambling?
I actually don't know. I don'tknow. Yeah, I'm not a
big beach person. But if ifyou said, Matt, it's good for
us to get on the beach andfeel the waves and and feel the the
island breezes, I would I couldgo for that. Okay, let's do
it. Let's go to San Juan. All right, So you want San
Juan, Puerto Rico. I wantPhoenix. Where are we going, Connor?

In your world, We're going upto Canada, to God's Country for
a little hockey. Yeah, wecould do that. We go to the
finals, the NBA finals. Oh, then you buy your mind the tickets.
I thought, that's probably gotta connect. How are we gonna how are
we gonna bond during a hockey game? I don't know. We'll drink beer

the What are the bars like inEdmonton? I have no idea. I've
been that far. By the way, I have been, you know,
I've been to I think of thethree three of us, I've been to
more hockey games and one of you, two guys, I've been to a
bunch of Arrows games when I wasa kid. That doesn't count. Taken
down. Take that Indianapolis ice.I went to a Maple Leafs game.
I've been to a Rangers game.I've been to a Wild game, drank

beer in a Toronto tavern. Goodtimes. I take Canada as the best.
They're so nice up there, andI've been to Western Canada before,
but I've been to Eastern Canada manytimes. Good good people there. I
just googled things to do in Edmontonand number one is the mall. They
have the largest mall in North America, over the all of America. Oh

okay, well, then maybe that'swhy it's number one. You guys want
to go shopping more together and ona retreat. Really? Uh? They
got some buffalo at the Elk IslandNational Park, Now I would check that
out. All right, let's scalerefintion. I think Joe is spotty in
fifteen minutes, take care of thebattop a show seven one three, two
one two five seven ninety If youwant to join us on our retreat.
Let us know where we should go. Seven one three two one two five

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com. The Matt Thomas Show continueson Sports Talk seven ninety. All Right,

buddy, Adam Weser just tweeted outthe list of referees that will be
working the NBA Finals. And bythe way, ross the NBA, the
rocket season has ended, what secondweek of April, and we've taken exactly
zero calls on the NBA playoffs sincethen. This is fine, it's about
two months. Ok. There areno newbies in the NBA Finals list.

What do you mean, no newreferees I've ever worked in finals before.
Congratulations to Scott Foster, were workinghis seventeenth NBA five wonderful. Congratulation to
Mark Davis who'll be working his thirteenthNBA final. Congratulations to Tony Brothers working
his thirteenth NBA final. Okay,and congratulators to good dude Zach Zarber working

his eleventh NBA final. All veterans. Yeah, nobody has worked any less
than two. So there you haveit. And everybody wants to know if
these guys we believe have ulterium motives, they don't like players, or they
want to extend series. You know, they always call Scott Foster the extender,

meaning a series is about to endand Scott Foster can make that change
and extended. Why do they keepgetting the assignments? Do you think there
is a referee because referees evaluate otherreferees, old referees with the new ones.
Do you think that there is apipeline of officials that say, I
don't care what other people say aboutthese guys. These are my friends,

these are and I know that ScottFoster is going to do a great job
for us, and he's not gonnaplay favorites, and I know that at
the end of the day he isone of the finest in our sports.
Is that a good thing? Ifif you're a referee and both sides hate
you well about this, is itrightly? Not? Is it right?
I mean, who would be theultimate judge of whether or not Scott Foster

is really good for the NBA?I don't even know that. What kind
of committee I don't know. Idon't know exactly how these referees are police.
You say there's a committee of people. Are they watching film? There's
constant film evaluation. There's constant refereeevaluation both on site and in secaucas New
Jersey. Hey, you look atgame tapes. I mean they are thoroughly

dissected from the opening tip to thefinal play of the game. And who
has oversight on these people? Isthe NBA doing this or is it the
the referees Union? No, theNBA is their union is a separate animal.
Okay, their union, yes,but the evaluations by the NBA NBA
okay. So if so many peoplebelieve that Scott Foster is bad for the

sport and that Mark Davis is badfor the sport and Tony Brothers is bad
for the sport, help me deducewhy those three gentlemen are now working in
As I said, seventeen NBA finalsfor Scott Foster, thirteen for Mark Davis
and thirteen for Tony Brothers. Isit a good old boys club? Is

it because you've been there, donethat? Or is it when you really
dissect every single official in the NBA, whether they're newbies or they've been around
fifteen twenty years, these three catsare among the krem de la creme of
their sport. It's because Adam Silverhas Scott Foster in his pocket and he

extends these series as the network's seefit the game is rigged. Or it's
because he's the best I guess becauseJoy Crawford. Everybody misses calls, but
those dudes are always working final gamesand you're supposed to put the best of

the best out there. Yeah,I'm guessing. I just imagine whatever metrics
that they have and whatever whatever theirprocess is. And like you say,
there's people at games. I meanthey have binoculars out do they go and
film? I mean they sit inthe stands. Okay, they sit in
the stands and they determine. Iguess there's a number of criteria to judge
them, but we don't know whatthat is. Yeah, so here's my

question. We gotta get to aspot of here. Is there a fourth
year referee that just had an amazingyear but is never going to be running
deep in the playoffs because he's justtoo young? Does that seem Could that
be a possibility? I don't thinkthe answer would be, of course it
would be. I mean maybe theveteran referee, they know the players a
little bit better, they have abetter chance of a heat of the moment,

the pressure dealing with the personalities bothplayers and coaches. Everybody runs a
Twitter and social media to complain abouthow awful NBA officials are, yes,
but it's the same twelve guys thatget essentially the same assignments. This is
the best we can do, folks, And hopefully and hopefully these twelve gentlemen

are fourteen. However they are don'tdecide games at the end of the day.
That's what you hope. Is itall about nothing? In your mind?
I much ado about nothing. Iwould have say so. Yes,
I mean it affects it, butit doesn't stop. I mean, how
many bad umpiring calls did we seeeven last night or the last week?

And bad officiate and calling we don'tcare, We just I mean, it
becomes a storyline, but usually it'sit's short lived. It's as I've said
before, and people don't want tohear this, especially our buddy Adam Clinton.
Then it tends to even out ultimately, Yes it does. All right,
let's talk to Joe as Spotta.We'll do that next year on the
Matt Thommas Shows seven one three,two, one two five seven ninety seven
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thirty one here on the Matt ThomasShow with the manager of the Houston Astros,
Skipper Joe spotted with us here.You miss had a big lunch day
today. How are things? Damn, I'm doing well. Thanks for having
me. Hey, congratulations yesterday.So many nice things about the game.
Obviously seeing Kylego down was not fun. You got great bullpen work, you
got a crook a number inning,you got to come back kind of some

of the things we've missed around theseparts this past season. Would that be
fair to say, uh, yeah, you know what, last night was
a good, great team team win. Bullpen did a great job just keeping
us in the game. We gotsome big hits, some big clutch hit,
big Homer stay at the end ofthe game. We ad him,
we we add him some runs togive our back end of our bullpen a

little cushion there. Yeah, wedid a lot of things. Well,
it feels like to me with yourdecision with the tray cabbage coming up today,
that maybe Kyle's gonna miss a fewdays. Is that accurate at this
point? H Yeah, that's accurate. You know he's going to obviously he's
not in there today. He's stillday to day where he's going to go
see the doctors and just make surethat you know what the X rat show
are are still uh, still accurate. But he is feeling, he's feeling,

he's feeling better today. I'm assumingthat leg looked pretty ugly last night
after the game. Is that right? It did it? Did? You
know? He? I saw himin the training room here a minute ago,
and it was a pretty big bruise. And you know, he's a
he's a tough kid. And yeah, he had a big smiley his face.

You know, he even joked aroundsaying, you know, I even
thought about, you know, outtotaking that pitch. I kind of knew
what was coming. And I'm like, you should have have you know,
you're so good, he's such agreat hitter, you should have trust you
anything. But but yeah, youknow, he's in good spirits and hopefully
we you know, it would probablybe a day or two and then get
him back in there as soon aspossible. Great moment last night for that
young year Diaz home run. Howmuch, of course he had been struggling

even before then in that game?How much do you think it's physical versus
mental? And do we have anexplanation of why why is his ground ball
rate up so much? Uh?You know what, I think the ground
bowl rate is up just because inthe position that he's in in the body's
box, he's just kind of pushingforward, chasing some pitches, catching stuff
out in front. He's got sucha great eye hand coordination that everything he

puts, everything he gets, hegets puts a barrel on the ball,
it's going to go on the ground. Now when he stays back and he
stays behind the ball, he canelevate the ball like he's stowing the last
of bats. So we're trying towe need to get him back to you
know, get the pitches that youwant to hit. Stop chasing pitchers pitches
and go back to hitting the ball, you know, back up the middle,

up in the air. And youknow, I think that you know,
yesterday the bat was was a signthat you know, he's moving in
the right direction. And there weresome swings yesterday where where I thought he
just missed, but he was inmuch you know, balanced, in control
of his movements. So hopefully youknow, the two days that I gave
him off, uh you know,moving move them in the right direction.

And how do you feel just aboutof course everything else that that it comes
with being a catcher, as faras the game planning and the calling games
and how he's been coming along onthat front. Very pleased. I think
that's an area that he's he's he'simproved from last year. He continues to
improve, very coachable, or islooking for always asking questions, always looking
for ways to get better, makehis pictures better. So I think he's

moving in the right direction. Andyou know, I'm just going to make
sure that you know, we balancedthe workload, so we make sure that
you know, he's developing and hisprogress continues to you know, head in
the right direction and get him towhere we know he can get to last
question about jan here, Skip,you have been around professional baseball a long

time. You've seen catchers go frombeing the much helded back up to the
potential star playing six days a week. Guy, what sort of adjustments does
the average catcher go to becoming astarting catcher have to make? And as
Yanni are gone through that or ishe still is that still a process for
him right now? You know,it's a process. And you know,
as a player, regardless of howlong you've been in the big league,

is a process. You need tocontinue to improve your game. You're learning
every single day, you make adjustment, You're you know, you're growing every
you know, the game changes information. You got to trust you instincts,
you got to read swings. There'sa lot of stuff that goes on in
this game, as especially as acatcher that you are constantly working with.

And I think Yan here is it'sgot the the you know, the IQ,
the savviness to do it. Wejust got to help them to do
that, not letting offense go goto defense or defense take you know,
take to his offense. And youknow, I've been around some young catchers
and it's require a lot of patientand discipline, and and you know,

we we have to demonstrate that andand and show confidence that we we know
that he can can be the catcherthat we all expect him to be.
Joe spotted with us here on SportsTalk seven Out of You and Dana we're
both asked about this yesterday before thegame, about the two pitchers that are
heard and obviously you're still waiting forsecond opinions and letting those guys kind of
go through that at this point.But the thing I thought was interesting what

Dana said yesterday Joe, is thathe says, those guys and I don't
know how often you talked to themsince all this is gone and down said,
they feel fine, and they justI don't know if their mind can't
comprehend that there's something that right.What was that like for you to hear
a picture go, I'm ready togive this another try, but knowing that
the body just won't cooperate at thispoint. Yeah, you know, that's
the competitive nature of our players.These guys are winners. These guys who

want to be out there and andand and win and and they want to
post for their for their for theirteammates and for our city and for our
fans, and and I don't blamethem for that. Like these guys,
they they they want to get theball. They you know what, maybe
in two weeks I could go backand and get after it. But we
have to give you know, wegot to give some time to the doctors

to look at them and make surethis is what's best for the team,
for their career, for for ourfuture, for their future. But I
I respect and I like when ourplayers are willing and and and and throw
through pain or hey, I cango out there. Like you know,
Tucker was the perfect example yesterday whenhe was laying on the ground. I
want to I want to finish thisa bad I think they can do it.

I think they can do it.He started walking, he couldn't do
it. Then I'm like, youknow what, Kyle, we got to
wait for another day. But ourguys are fighters, and I commend that
from them. Joe spotted with thishere on Sports Talk. Sonny skip Ross
and I are two of the biggerJoe Ryan Presley fans out there. I

think many people obviously, where thisteam has gone the last seven or eight
years, in large part is becauseof the great bullpen work and what Ryan's
been able to do as a closeto the last couple of years, whether
it's a combination of just hasn't hadthe same stuff, location, bad bounces,
whatever the case would be. Thenumbers, the whip especially is a
lot higher than it has been inthe last couple of years. What do

you attribute that to to Ryan ashe self diagnoses that, and as you
diagnosed that. Where do you seeRyan right now except for the fact that
you want to be able to continueto rely on him as your eighth inning
guy. Well, I am goingto continue to rely on Presley. We
cannot get to the playoffs or championcheers ye Old World Series without Ryan Presley,
So I'm going to start with that. I'm fully confident. Then Ryan

Presley is still that closer that that, you know, that piece that we
have lean on heavily for uh,you know, for the last six seven
years. This guy has been really, really, really good. The stuff
is there, the vello is there, the shape of his pictures to look
look great. You know, Ifeel like he executes a good pitch.

They find a way to put youknow, the bat on the ball and
it feels like everything just finds ahole for a single and we got to
work through that. You know,if he works through that, knowing that
that's going to change, he isgoing he's going to be fine. And
we got to help him, youknow, through that. But but but
when it comes to stuff and andand readiness and toughness, and you know,

he continues to be the same picturesthat we see in the past and
Spencer rag Getty on the hill tonightand coming off of his best start as
a major leader. One thing that'sreally impressed me about him is he seems
extremely not cocky, but but veryjust confident, calm and smart for how

young he is. Yes, youyou hit the nail right on the head.
You know, confidence come from performance, Confidence come from being prepared,
and he is. And you know, we know he's got the stuff to
perform at this level. And onceyou start getting people out and you know
that you can throw all your pitchesat any count and you can make major

league hitters feel uncomfortable, not comfortablein that batter's box, it builds confidence.
And the young man has has allthe weapons to do that. And
I, you know, I expecthim to continue to grow and from from
where he's at. He's he's he'sgot the personality that make up the toughness
to do it. And you know, we expect him today to go out

there and continue to build on thesuccess that he's happed the last couple from
the last what weeks. How baddoes Chas mccormacke need a three hit day
for you? How bad is Chasmcormat need a three hit day from you?
For you and for his own mentalhealth these days? You know what
you know for me? For chess. Right now, he's getting fastballs.
He's making those fastballs. When welook at his swing just looks like a

lit're tardy, like little tardy.You know, I think he came back
from the from the aisle. Justthe timing doesn't seem doesn't seem right.
You know, he's he's putting allthe work in there, and we're going
to continue to give him, givehim opportunities. We need his offensive production
production and and you know it willcome with time. All right, I

think we're all waiting for I knowyou've talked about it. I know Dana
has looking for that seven out ofnine, nine out of eleven to get
back in this thing. And Idon't want to put one game into perspective,
but yesterday, from me and havingbeen there for as long as I
did before coming home through the postgameshow that yesterday felt like the twenty twenty
one, twenty three astros And wherehas that been missing in your mind?

And can we get more of thatnow? Because you're gonna need more of
that if you're gonna overcome this deficitright now in the America League West.
Yeah, it's definitely in there,you know, and we have shown that
fight and from you know, comingfrom behind. You know, we have
gone through stretches when we have wonsix in a row. You know,
we have you know, we haveplayed really well here at home up late,
you know, like we it's seemthere. We just we need to

build on that. You know,we can't just get complacent from one night
and thinking that's there. No,we have to create that mental you know,
we got to go out there anddo it again today, not way
to the nineteen to do it.No, just build on that momentum that
we built, like you know yesterdayin the game and do it from inning
number one. And I like howwe guys are competing, their effort,

their attitude these guys wanted. Wejust got to continue to push and push
and push, not just for onegame, for two. It needs to
come and we need to stay onit for weeks and months if we want
to get to where we want toget to. Thanks for the visitors.
Always have a great rest of yourday. Good luck to night against the
Cardinals. We'll talk in next week. Thanks for the time. I got

it. That's the Joe a spotof joining us here on Sports Talk seven
ninety. Our time is two fortythree. Ross would is today's edition to
Believe or Not Work? It isup next after Ross tells you about Synergetics.
We gotta get We gotta take careof the great sponsors of the show.
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to go for centergenics at fixmilow Teadot Com. Lunch Timers back to Houston's

longest running lunchtime sports show with aguy that yells for a living, Yes,
Matt Thomas. The legend continues nowtwo fifty on Sports Talk seven on

eight. Now tomorrow, Uh ROSSI, I'll be hosting the on Deck Show.
You will be doing the tenth InningShow. No, You'll be doing
the uh Nightcap. The Nightcap program, which basically is gon be Regurt shated
what Wexler and Clayton said for thehour. They rude, I don't listen
to that show. So no,okay, good. So you'll be getting
fresh from you, yes, ofcourse, and of course it's freshest,
and of course headlines with Dan Matthews. Awefully we're looking at mail in a

segment. I'm sorry. I waslooking to give a good entertainment fun segment
and you'll be having you doing alike headline segment because I just get to
riff on a bunch of random stuffthat we probably normally would never talk about.
So I enjoyed the segment. Sowe do headlines in this show.
I mean, with the Matt ThomasShow. It's up to you. No,
I'm asking you. No, Imean I just I just show up
here, okay. Uh. Andyou'll be doing astros on deck today,

yes, I will. And I'massuming that you'll be playing that interview with
Joe Spot. I mean snippets.I'll cut I'll cut you completely out of
it. I'll even revoice your questionsand then then do that just to make
sure you're not in aw meta AIof you. Yes, if you've not
reviewed what meta AI says about theMatt Thomas Show, it's got long reviews.
Yeah, I guess No, it'sfine, all right, uh,

Thursday, we're back with Brian McTaggart. Yes, and chuck your bumb ass
up mm hm, and hopefully anAstro sweep with the Cardinals. And I'll
be doing a nightcap on Thursday aswell. The Astra's fine, get a
day off, I know, firstone in like second one in thirty days.
I think it's been sixty. Ithought the Astros were supposed to the
baj League baseball season was supposed tostart earlier so they can have more days

off. Well, this is thelongest stretch I think that they have as
far as nowadays off. They tooktwo many days off early during that like
that Chicago, Mexico City, Bologney. Yeah it is. Bolooney got a
couple of easy wins against the Rocket. Yeah, you know, it was
very productive. I thought it wasfantastic. Five minutes up to go in
the show what should we Do?Wait should play? America's fastest growing sports

radio game show. We simply calledit Believing or Not? And hear's how
it works. You'll call seven onethree two one two five seven nintie seven
one three two one two five sevenNINTI. Today's edition to Believe or Not
is brought to you by Centergeenics.Give that number on again sports Harvey ticks
my loow t dot com. Heygo for Houston's premiere Low Testosterone Solution category
today is all things about Larry Allen, who unfortunately passed away yesterday at the

age of fifty two. I'll readyour statement about the former great Dallas Cowboy.
Statement is completely utterly accurate. You'llsay this, believe if same as
Hirony's full of ball coming up,you'll say this too, believe or not's
in a row when you're prize,what are you playing for today? Connor
dickets to see the Doobie Brothers withspecial guest Robert Craig Band on June thirtieth
at the Woodman's Pavilion at a sevenninety T shirt would be rue ross If

I skipped the Robert Craig band.And Robert Cray is good, what's his
most blues guitarist? I don't knowif what I enjoyed famous song. It's
good music, so I don't know. I'm going to see the dudes.
Robert Craze is a good blues player, all right, but I'll go see
it. I'll give you a reviewof it, Okay, Kevin on seven
nin Are you ready to play?Believe it or not? Believe it?
Larry Allen was chosen for the AllTime Decade team for both the nineteen nineties

and the two thousands. Believe Itor Not Not? Yeah, sure was
you know that. Listen in frontofhim. You're not gonna win our game
like this, Anthony on seven ninty, Anthony, You're ready to play?
Believe it or not? Believe it? When the NFL named its top one
hundred players of all time in twentyten, Larry Allen was listed at number
nine. Believe it or not Believeit? That is correct statement number two

for the way and Larry Allen playedhis college football for the Georgia Bulldogs,
where he was a communications major.Believe it or not Believe it? No,
he went to Butte College and hewas an acadecic academically ineligible for Division
Ie. That doesn't sound very nice. He's one of the best players of
all time. Also played at SonomaState. Okay, there you go,

Chris on seven ninety Chris, whatwas your favorite part of the radio show
today? Chris Believe it? Thankyou, Chris. Larry Allen was fell
in the nineteen ninety four Okay,Larry Allen fell in the nineteen ninety four
draft after a rotator cuff injury.The Dallas Cowboys selected him in the second

round. Believe it or not?Oh thanks, Larry, so flustered,
Geez, Larry ike on seven ninetyhe was your favorite part of the radio
show today the first part. Larryfell in in ninety four draft because of

a rotator cuff injury, was draftedin the second round. Believe it or
not? Believe it all right?I believe it Statement number two for the
way. When Larry Allen was inductedinto the Pro Football Hall of Fame in
twenty thirteen, he was presented bylongtime teammate Eric Williams. Believe it or
not not? No Jerry Jones didit? Congratulations and thanks Pretending to listen

to the show Freddy on SEVENINTI,Freddy, you're ready to play Believe it
or not? We believe it,Freddy. Larry Allen's son, Larry Allen
the Third played college football for thehard Harvard Crimson. Believe it or not
not? He sure did. Howdid you have that Harvard Crimson line up
in front of him? Showing dearpark on SEVENINTI you ready to play?

Believe it or not? Yes?Man? And I like AI. Thank
you. Larry Allen was a monstertruck enthusiasm and once took pictures at the
wheel of the famed Gravedigger truck,although he was not allowed to drive it.
Believe it or not not, that'sCraig Cross. That was interesting.
Statement number two for the win.In the middle of his career at Larry
Allen said he was motivated to getstronger and better after getting dominated in a

game by Reggie White. Believe itor not? Believe it? There you
go. When you're finally one,I'll see you. Give you redisconcert.
There you go. He loves somesome AI. All right, before we
get you out here, let's remindyou about the folks at Memorial Herman Healthcare
advantage. If you are a newmember of the sixty five club or have
a member of your family that's sixtyfive, how by getting with Memorial Herman

right now by going to mhmedicare dotCom, bigger savings, better access to
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best life. Visit Mhmedicare dot comto learn more from Memorial Herman Advantage HMO
provided by Memorial Herman Health Plan incorporateda Medicare advantage of organization at a Medicare
con teck with a contract with thestate Medicaid program again. For all the

details about the amazing things that youcan get from the MH Medicare program,
the website again is mhmedicare dot com. That's it for the radio show today.
Up next three entertaining hours of astrosrecap Little Texans update from their mini
camp today, and you never knowwhat else is going to happen between now
and six o'clock. It's Adam Wexler, Adam Clinton. They are the team.

They're going to take it at sixfor Ross Well Mail and the on
Deck Show at six right here onSports Talk seven ninety
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