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May 28, 2024 129 mins
Matt Thomas and Ross Villarreal of The Matt Thomas Show review the Houston Astros defeating the Oakland Athletics to earn a series win; however, the Astros traveled to Seattle and dropped the first game against the Mariners. First baseman Jose Abreu returned to the lineup in Monday's 3-2 loss, recording an RBI single. Astros manager Joe Espada joins to discuss his plan for how Abreu will find himself in the lineup. The Astros had some difficulty with umpire Larry Vanover's strike zone, and right fielder Kyle Tucker joins to provide some insight on the matter. Matt and Ross say goodbye to controversial umpire Ángel Hernández after he announced his retirement, comment on Apple Music's 100 best albums list, remember NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton, give their latest "Gut Feelings" and more.
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Lunch timers. This is The MattThomas Show, twelve two and eights town.
What's happening, lunch timer is goodafternoon to you, and welcome to
and Tuesday edition of The Matt ThomasShow. This is Sports Talk seven ninety
over run and on top of it, the hardest hit ball home of his
big league career. And now he'sfinding out about Angel and Andez strikes What

that wasn't even close call? Andthat's time to fight down a little winer
and record best get out in thiskind of man. Angel can Angel gotta
quick feels the wrecker, complaining thather name is is at a white strike
zone all night. He made alittle winer and he's getting himself in trouble

now, and that I thought wouldlove himself, and especially on a team
like this and the one one Angelher name days is in mid season four
Yeah, lets not make this gametoo fast, Angel, that should have
been ball four to two. Youhave all to be kidding me. In

the world, We're just completely lostit here. This is just bad.
Three consecutive pitches well off the plate, Catchers happy to move the glove back
a foot to try to frame thatthing. I mean that's just so obvious.
Well, remember you Angel as beinga terrible umpire, bad strike zone,

getting in spats with players and managers, cockey, arrogant, a pompous
ass, wants to be a broskee, keep the music up. We gotta
honor him, and basically suing yourown sport because you were never named a
cruchie or made playoff assignments claiming racism, but it was really your incompetence.
Yeah, if you want to wish, Angel Hernandez is a fond retirement,

We're here for you. End ofan era, thirty years of misstrike zones,
uh ejections, unfairly tossing of players, managers, the ability to be
able to keep a jobs by beingone of the worst at your profession.

And that now, once Angel hasretired, which is apparently going to be
today, that honor will now goto last night's homeplate ONMPYR Larry Vanover because
Larry you absolutely sucked last night.God, that was horrible. Seven one
three seven one. I can doit, man, It's okay. Take

a second, a second two onetwo five seven ninety Sarah, don't let
your life pass you by. Angel. I would consider a name change.

I really would, because when yougo to a bar or restaurant, or
you go to a I don't know, a civic association, you say,
ladies, gentlemen in the crowd thatI'm Angel Hernandez, people are either going
to boo hiss at you or notclap at you. You can't. You
can't even do a speaker circuit booktoo. He's gonna retire. Mean,

obviously he's got money, hopefully nothingthat needs accuracy. I hope he's not
gonna be like a guess the weightguy at the carnival, Like, what's
Joe West doing right now? Everybody'sgonna get a prize? Yeah, Joe
West is doing country music. Weknow that. Joe West, also,
by the way, is well backin the day. You're not gonna believe
this, but I have this onvery good authority. He was quite a

hound. Oh well, wow,yes, I think what apparently in multiple
cities just put that in your pocketand smoking. Oh ross, Hey,
Matt, how's it going well?I mean, we were gonna Usually we
usually run highlights of the Astros Marinersgame, but that game was it was

great. It was it was Itwas kind of frankly boring. Well,
Hooseiah Brady highlights. I hope wedo have one, and Joe's spottable.
Jodan's coming up in twenty five minutes. I mean it was was it a
game? One? Great game?It was three to two late nine games.
By the way, shout out tothe game for not going three hours.
I'm very happy about that. Iwas very happy about that. Yeah,

you were the host of the tenthInning show last Yes, I talked
to myself for a little bit andgot out that's I was gonna say.
I did not listen. It's okay, I got tenth Inning shows started at
eleven thirty pm on a holiday,Mondays, I have I have that duty,
not tonight but tomorrow. Who's doingit tonight? I'm Dan. I'm
assumming Dan because I was gonna saythe wextor Clant wouldn't do it. If
I know it's not me, Idon't care. Okay, that feels that

feels right. But yeah, I'msure whoever it is, they'll do a
great job with Dan. Then wecan bring the schedule up. I have
it somewhere all right. Well,yeah, I'm definitely doing it Wednesday and
then Thursday I'll be doing the onDeck Show, and you'll be doing the
tenth inning show. So it'll beDan Matthews tonight seven thirty pm. Oh
that means I have a nightcap.You should go to a lot, you

should go six to seven thirty.Yeah, I'm very busy. I don't
think you're that busy, very extremelybusy. You went short with the pressure.
So you know what we got?Yeah, we got a spot it
today. You know what, maybewhat if he want wants to run a
spot Dibbs, But I just calledDibbs. But we have also Kyle Tucker
on the show today. Dibbs isbinding. I called DIBs on that too.
What I'm just here taking both theinterviews report Dan, and we'll have

a lot of great original fun contentfor you on the nightcap. It's basically
a regurgitation of this show. It'snot true, all right. So if
you have ant make fun of yourtakes on that show from the show,
I would say I would listen tohear those things. But yeah, you're
busy. I'm kind I'm very busy. I think I'm napping during that time.
All right. We have a programtoday to you that's going to be
spectacular. But I hope everybody hada happy, safe, relaxing Memorial Day.

Uh, you did some of that. You did even didn't do anything.
You didn't work too much right inthe pregames, a little much based
no interview when you can't mail itin like you. Matt's like, hey,
guys, I'm gonna pick up thisgame. Everybody. It's Tuesday.
You basically Spot is on. Youbasically cut and paste the game notes.
You just pick up Tuesdays and Wednesdayswhen A Spot and Dana Brown are on,
and then rerun those. I don'tthink I'm not up to your gift

to your game. I don't doit that way. Yeah, I worked
a Saturday. What did I doon Saturday? Not a damn thing except
give great original content. I'm surewe Spaculus, That's what I thought.
You're still talking about it at thewater cooler, even you didn't listen.
Seven one three two one two fiveseven ninety seven one three two one two
five Sevenatti, we've got Joe Spotcoming up here twenty minutes, we have

Kyle Tucker two o'clock, and believeit or not, today rip Bill Will
one of my favorite people. That'swhat we actually should have done a tribute
to well, we will play someof the best of Bill Walton. There's
some in the system, or Iheard something on Sean's show this morning,
so we can play that. It'sjust what Bill Walton was much morect And

this may be a false claim forsome, but Bill Walton to me was
much more impactful as an ambassador tothe sport of basketball than he was as
a player because, frankly, asa player in the NBA, he was
hurt a lot. He was justinjured too much. He had terrible feet.
Again, most seven footers would havethat. He did have a very
successful early career in Portland with theBlazers, but then injuries got to him.

Went down to the Clippers and playedfor a while and could never stand
the court free length of time,and then ultimately went back and finished his
career as a member the Boston Celtics, helping. When helping the Celtics is
kind of a big man off thebench win a eighty six championship against our
beloved Rockets. Yes, it's thegreatest team of all time. Some have
Yeah, so a good way tokind of wrap things up for his career.
But to me, Bill Walton wasa fine ambassador for the sport of

basketball. He loved his UCLA Bruins. He loved the PAC twelve conference.
And by the way, how ina bizarre world that we live in,
he passes away of the day atthe last Pack twelve event that ever took
place, also took place yesterday.They're done. They had their PAC twelve
baseball tournament. There are no morePack twelve events. It's over. He

died with the PAC twelve. Isn'tthat kind of surreal? That is weird
because he always used to go atthe Conference of Champions And I've had Bill
Walton on my show over the yearstwo or three times. I remember the
one time at the Final four hewas he was too sick to come on.
Yeah, but one time I haven't, though he was on with other
stations. I know, I know, I'm not going to begredge that there

was a picture of me talking tohim in twenty twelve, Oh okay,
where I asked one question about himand a chem Elijah want and fourteen minutes
later I was able to get asecond question. That's Bill. But he
was one of those people that ifthere was a Rando West Coast USC versus
Arizona basketball game. I didn't care. I wanted to put Bill waltmough because

it was something he was gonna say, something really bizarre and weird. He
was interesting, he was funny,he was I mean, apparently everyone around
him that knew him loved him.He was very genuine. Yeah, wanted
everybody else to be happy. Yeah. Great person, it seems like.
Yeah, and was a big partof the NBA and NBC which is now
going back to them starting out nextyear, but the year after that.
So all right, Peter Bill Waltonwill honor him, unbelieve it or not?

Today all right? Seven one threetwo one two five seven ninety Astros
do fall. Will give you detailson that and the jose A Bray you
return. Would you deem sports Harveyto be successful? We'll discuss that next
twelve to twelve of the Matt ThomasShow. Seven one three two one two
five seven ninety Lunchtimers, Lunchtimers,This is the Matt Thomas Show. Some

of their feet in Portland with theirBlazers play Las two games and nine Walton
on the line, Godeah quote chickengross but a secrets for the Blazer again
twice is a basketball I can't believethat. First Brent Musburger calling the nineteen

seventy seven NBA Finals Portland Treiblazers,Bill Walton basketball Hall of Famer All fifty
and All seventy five too. Ijust don't have a great frame of reference
from him except for his Celtic days. I mean, I know you won,
he won the Blazer Championship in thelate seventies, but I don't thought
of one of the greatest passing bigmen yeah ever And that's why he worked

so well in that eighty sixteen withLarry Bird one of the greatest passers ever
as well. Yeah, for sure, for sure. So uh but yeah,
when I think of him, Ijust think of the tire pass I
was playing with under coach John Wouldn'tat UCLA, the NBA Championships, Blazer
Mania, and then I just rememberyears of just not being able to stay
healthy because of the feet injury.Yeah, he all just had leg injuries

after leg injuries, but he wasable to stay healthy that eighty six season
they traded for him. I thinkI can't recall that he was out and
then he came door. Did hecome back? I did go back to
look all right, it'll be unbelievingor all oh yeah, believe it or
not? Today all things about Uh, the one and only Bill Walton.
May he rest in peace at theage of seventy one. All right,
seven one, three two, sevenninety Again, we've got Joe spot On
joining us in about eleven minutes fromnow. Uh. Like I said in

the first part of the show today, not particularly entertaining game last night.
Uh, Seattle scoring all their runsin the first inning. Uh, it
looked like Fromber was gonna, unfortunatelyhave to melt down again. But he
settled down, gave you six bullpen. Well, Montero got you a little
bit of a hole, but gotout of that. Okay, did his
job. Yes, and then TaylorScott is mister shutdown. Taylor was an

e yes, so friend of theshow, more like an acquaintance. I
won't say friend, that's fine.I mean he's been on the show.
Yeah. I don't know if ifwe're gonna go out and have bruised together
or anything like that, but Iwould I would too, especially if he's
gonna pay. It's the drink ofchoice in South Africa. I was gonna
say that red label that would bethat's okay. No, But I thought

last night the story of the game, beyond the fact that jose Ko Bray
was able to come back and getyou a hit and get his an RBI
as a matter of fact, wasthat the strike zone was bad for both
sides. But really, and I'mnot trying to be partial onto this,
but really bad towards the Astros.It was our good friends at umpire Scorecards
put these together and normally, yousee, they'll give an overall favor if

one team got favored of the other. Usually it's fractions of a run like
point one point two. This ispoint five to four plus runs for Seattle
last night. This is bad.Average cold strike accuracy is eighty eight percent.
Larry Vanover was at seventy nine percent. He missed nine call nine called
strikes were true balls, which isI mean that that's a lot, I

want to say, and I don'twant to be a agist. So yeah,
he's like seventy overall thirteen miss calls. Overall accuracy ninety one percent.
Average is ninety five percent. Ibelieve or expected was it whatever that means,
But yeah, a horrible can Icall over Larry Vanover is sixty eight

years old. Again, I apologizefor those of you that are sixty eight.
I will be sixty eight in approximatelysixteen years. Matter. Friend,
my birthday is a week from tomorrow. So yeah, people shall get you
something. No, because I'm it'san astros Nay game. You got,
you got lucky, Okay, I'mbusy. Yeah, I'm cash strapped.

I I don't mean, I don'twant to do this, but I have
to do it. I you mayhave to start putting some age prime some
of his umpires, because he wasabsolutely horrendous. Now, I don't know
how many sixty eight year old umpiresthere are right now in Major League Baseball,
and if there are, are theyvery good. But I can tell
you that one of them that wassixty eight years old was terrible. Yeah,

he is among I like a atump scorecards. Larry Vanover is one
of the worst in baseball. Heis second worst, is our good friend
Cebe Buckner. He's the fifth worstin all of baseball. The last time
I was calling balls and strike thelast time Larry van Over worked a playoff
game was two thousand and twenty.It was a wild card game. This

is before the best of three WorldCard Series. It's the one and out.
He last worked a World Series intwenty sixteen. He worked the World
Baseball Classic last year. But thatdoesn't I don't think that means much to
me. But his best days arewell behind him. And I thought yesterday,
I don't think he was doing itintentionally because I don't think he's got
a extra either one of the teams. He's just competent. He was incompetent

and I that to me was moreof a struggle than even hearing about Angel
Hernandez. Because the pitch framing bywhat's his face, cal Raleigh Raley,
cal Raleigh cal Raley, your favoriteRichmond, Virginia. I used call salesman.
He was bringing the ball back intothe I mean, if you want

to talk about pitch framing, that'sa pitch frame in some of be that's
what that's what that was. Callit whatever you want. And the calls
were just flat but they were flatout missed. And if you're Larry Vanover,
you're sixty eight years old and you'vehad this distinguished Major League baseball career
as an umpire, you're looking atthat game film last night. If you're
going back to the hotel or andyou're embarrassed. You were absolutely one d

percent embarrassed about a number of callslast night. You should be, and
well baseball should be embarrassed that wereIt's twenty twenty four and we still have
this in perfect system where a sixtyeight year old is crouching over somebody and
basically guessing what is a ball anda strike. You're guessing, you don't
know, you're giving your best evenas a proponent, I as I am

of the challenge system, you'd besitting there for an hour and a half
with all the challenges. Yeah,you missed thirteen calls. How many challenges
is that? Yeah? So Ijust again it played a factor in the
game yesterday. It just I mean, Jeremy Payne it was I mean,
got the sombrero. Unfortunately last nightwith all the strikeouts, Jake Myers was

getting Bregman got squeezed a couple oftimes the bray you. It was bad.
It was bad, and I justI thought it. It wasn't the
main storyline, but it was definitelya storyline of the game, and that's
not supposed to be the case.Yeah, So there you have it,
all right, we will talk moreabout the game, we'll talk about a

little bit of you thought about tobray you strike three call. His was
right at the edge, very close. Could have gone either way on this
first one he got called out onHe yeah, he wasn't gonna do anything
with that pitch anyways. He wasjust took it and you take and pray,
take and pray. That's what hedid. Then he goes out to
right center for the base hit,and then his little lazy popped to the

second baseman on the third time out. So you know, rom one built
in the day. He got hisaverage up to one to eight. I
mean one for three does do thatfrom ninety nine? I mean he did
one for three one hundred and twooff the bat. Wasn't harror Man Singleton
struck out in the game yesterday?Yes, so ROSSI to be brutally honest,
We've mentioned this when we were talkingabout a break coming back. It's

not like John is hitting three fourteen, smacking home runs once a week,
exactly. He's not. He isa fully replaceable player. He's a nice
player. He has helped out bigtime in the in the void of a
bray you but it's John. It'sstill John Singleton at d the day.
It's still John It. Yeah,it did hurt that you had to send
Joey Lo Brafito down because he's donenothing to earn a demotion. No,

and he's just won play. Yeah. So you got Chas McCormick, he's
trying to get some time in there. You've got Bragman batting clean up right
now, which is uh, he'sback to slumping again. And he woke
up for about a week. Yeah, it had been had been good since
unfortunately. All right, Joe spotI will join us next year the Matt
Thomas Show seven one three, twoone two five, seven ninety if you

want to jump in and talk withus. After we talked to the Astros
manager and again Kyle Tucker to jointhis radio program at two o'clock today,
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Medicare at Matage. Yes, let'sgo, Hey, let's go, guys.
Let's spend ten to twelve quality minuteswith a manager of the Houston Astros,
probably brunching as we speak. Rightnow. It's ten thirty in Seattle,
twelve thirty back here in h Town. Skipper Joe spotted with this Matt

and Ross Skip. How are youthis afternoon? I should say this morning,
good morning to you. I'm doingI'm doing. Oh thank you for
having me. Guys, all right, I'm gonna tell you something right now,
it's just me and you talking.If you want to do a GoFundMe
for the umpire that was horrific lastnight behind the home plate, I will
help you contribute to your fine ifyou want me to do that for you
next time, I'm there for youon that listen. I tried. I

tried. I think you know,I gave Larry a piece of my mind.
I think he knew that he missedsome pitches and he had a he
couldn't. He couldn't throw me orScott Servis out of the game last night.
Yeah, we both tried. Honestly, the reality is, Joe,
it wasn't just yours, it wasthem. I mean, it was just
a bad, bad night. AndI for those that want to respect the

sport and the umpires, and wecertainly do, this is a very difficult
job. There was just way toomuch last night that I think both sides
had it. And look, JeremyPaney was clearly affected by it and the
four strikeouts for him yesterday. Doyou pull him aside and say, hey
man, sometimes those ten things aregoing to happen. No, they don't
want to eat. The players don'twant to hear that. They want to
they want to see the umpires doa better job. And you know,

and calling Bass's right, you know, we I want I want to fight
for the players. I don't wantthe players to let those calls affected at
bats or you know, our abilityto compete. You know, that's our
job. And like I said,me and Scott Service would both try to
do our best to get our ourponent across. But you know, Larry

just has always had a big strikezone and and he knows it. You
know, he looked over both ofus and he's you know, he's playing
played his case, but he justhe just missed a ton of pitches.
You're right, all right, let'sget to the game itself. Uh,
Fromber had the tough first inning settleddown for you the bullpen at its job
as well. What were some takeawaysfrom what you saw from say Fromber after

inning number one? You know what, he actually settled down. His sinker
was more like the action off hissinker was was more was much better in
the first inning. You know,his two seamer kind of stay up and
flatten it up. And you knowhe he got He got hit around a
little bit in the first inning,but after that the change up the breaking

ball much better, drop executing histempo was much better, getting quicker outs,
quicker innings. You know, hethrew the ball really well. He
gave us a chance to win.We heard that there was supposed to be
some imaging done with Christian Javier andJose Eric keaty have you do you have
any updates on that? So well, I'll get some updates when I get
to the ballpark here in the nexthour. But you know right now that

we're both getting some seeing the doctorsthis morning, getting some imaging done,
So I'll have some information once Iget to the ballpark and I speak to
the media around four o'clock. Wasthere any part of you that when you
heard of both guys going here wego again. We can't stay healthy for
a link this period of time thatevery team goes through this. But you're
trying to assemble a five man rotationand put some competition with some of those

guys, and Laura knows you probablycould go for a six man with a
lack of days off. This hashad to be kind of news you didn't
want to hear. Yeah, youknow, it's been it's been tough.
It's been tough all season, youknow, and then he you know,
throughout the league, you know,a lot of starters I've gone down,
a lot of pictures have gone down. And he's frustrating because you're trying to
get back into the race and youknow, you get this, you know,

there's punches on the gut. Andbut I spoke with both pictures.
They're you know, they're they're notfeeling great about the news. And you
know, hopefully we get some somegood news from the doctors, but you
know, it's disappointing because we reallywant to get these back. This guy's
back, we need them back inour rotation, and that's not the case.

But we'll see, we'll see whathappens. Staying with the pictures,
how often do you get updates onLance and Luis and a j P these
days? Not daily. I geta report from those guys daily from our
trainers. JP. Still no throw. Lance. He's continued to improve,
and you know he was moving inthe right direction like Louis. Course,

he is the one that is uhis ahead of schedule. He'll start facing
some hitters here pretty soon and hopefullywe'll get him going here on his rehabit
on a rehabbit timent. Well,that's very encouraging on that. Tell us
what it was like when Jose jumpedback into the fray with you guys arriving
at the clubhouse. Kind of goodto see you mischief that kind of thing.
And then when you set the lineupcard, do you pull him aside

and say, here's what I'm thinkingyou're gonna do. Have you discussed in
terms of how much playing time,whether you're platooning or dhing, what?
What? What has it been likethe last say, twenty four hours having
him back with you overall? Youknow, the guys, we're really excited
to have him back. You know, the coaching staff we all pulling po
hoosy. We you know, wetold him how proud we are of the

work he's done. You know,you know, two weeks down on West
Palm Beach to get he's swing back, to get his mental you know,
preparation back. It's you know,being a veteran, being in the Big
league for so long and been takingthat assignment is not easy. And you
know, and I take my capto him. I told him that I
said, dude, listen, we'reall very proud of you and the work

you've done. And he listen,his swing looks different in the batter's box
yesterday. The timing was better.There was some mechanical adjustment, very noticeable,
and he hit that ball hard towrite center field. He got on
top of that fastball, something thathe's been having issues of trouble with.
But he did a really good job. And you know, we had a
conversation about he's playing time. Youknow, the only way we could find

out if those changes he made areyou know, our working is by him
playing. So he's gonna you know, he's going to get it plenty.
He's going to get playing time,you know them as John Will. You
know, there's some DH for bothof them. There's some first base playing
playing time for both of them.You know, we need all these guys
to continue to contribute. We needthe entire roster for us to compete and

get to where we want to getto. So everybody's going to get an
opportunity to play. As a manager, as you know, oh you do
have to have difficult conversations with people, and I imagine you had to have
one with Joey loberfdo yes, yes. Also, you know, Joey came
up here, he did a reallygood job for us, you know,
but it was kind of a numberof things. Right now. It's it's

hard to very difficult to get himsome playing time, and you know,
getting McCormick back, getting a breakback, your dam will play some mot
feel on days that frime about deadpitches. So it was just hard to
get him so my bats and forus to finish his development. You know,
he needs every day at bats,he needs every day reps at first

pase, he needs every day repsto the outfield, and unfortunately, right
now that's not the case here atthe big league. Joe spotted with us
here on Sports Talks, Rennie.I asked you a few weeks ago about
what's the bigger challenge maneuvering through abullpen of maneuvering through a lineup, And
it feels like right now, becauseyou got Chazz back, and you've obviously
got a Jose back, you're havingto do some wiggling about who's playing left

field, who's playing center on occasion, who's playing first base in DH Is
that is that what's probing your mindthese days of how to get everybody the
playing times. And you know Chaswants to get back out there and contribute
as well, and you're getting himand trying to get Jose in there on
a regular basis. That's got tobe some interesting times for you trying to
formulate your lineup. Yeah, andand and you know, a very important

communication, you know, talking tothose guys to make them understand that.
Listen, you know, we gotto get everyone involved. This is my
plan. This is the games thatI see you playing. And you know,
our guys want to play. Youknow, that's that's their attitude.
They all want to contribute. Theydon't want to be part of it.

And but yeah, it's it's it'sbeen tricky, but you know we have
some you know, it's also niceto have pieces on the bench that could
come up the bench and can pinchit. You could run with some of
those guys. You know, duBoni is one of those guys. That's
also the versatility swinging the bat well, so you know, finding him some
playing time is also you know,kind of a tricky part of the puzzle

right now. Also another part ofthe puzzle, which I think is you
know, we thought we saw alittle bit of bounce back in Alex's bat.
It has suffered a little bit inthe last week or so. And
I know there's a lot of folksthat would like to know about the decisions
to continue to bat him forth.Where do you see that. I know
you want to put confidence in him. I also know he feels comfortable in
that spot, but right now theproductivity is just not there. Yeah,

you know, and I talked toBraggy yesterday. I'm going to drop him
to fifth today. You know,if we look, you know, if
we looked at his last two weeksof production, you know, he's ops.
He's close to eight hundred. Hedoesn't appear to be, but he's
at bat that actually have been thalid. He's has walked more, he's gone,

you know, he's hitting the ballhard, just no no love behind
him. He's done from diss It'sjust we haven't seen the Alex Bregman,
the consistency and Alex Brigman that we'veseen in the past. And I get
that, but the quality of thebat actually I've been there, agent,
balls are not falling in there forhim. So the plan is now to
probably put him back to that fisbutot somewhere where we got him going a

couple of weeks ago, and hopefullywe could get him going and get some
production from those guys in the middleof the lineup, because you know,
we need we need, we needsome big hit from those guys for us
to take, you know, theload off some of the some of the
guys that right now have been carryingthe team for the first two months of
the season. In Alex's case,because he's such a student of the game,

is there some times and this couldbe just him, it could be
a variety of the players skip thatthey overthink the subtleties of the swing change,
whether it's a video, whether it'sextra batting, cage time, or
do you think as a major leagueplayer, it's just part of the process
where you're always having to make subtleadjustments when you get to the play and
when you do it before and duringthe game. You know, I think

you make adjustment during the game.I think you make adjustments, you know
bat sometimes pitch by pitch and it'sa fielding I think we you know,
guys gets in the bodystacle, theygo in the cage and if something doesn't
feel right by nature. You wantto get that feel where you feel like
you know what, I'm on mylegs, you know, I get I
feel the barrel out in front,I'm staying inside the ball, and you

have to tweak your swing just tomake sure that you feel and you see
the ball in the zone with plentyof times so you be able to attack.
Every hitters do that. You know, some hitters are able to make
the adjustment quicker and and they getresults right away. And just I just
think that, you know, Bregmanis not getting the results right away,
but he's always been a guy thatmakes adjustment. I'm back to a bad

you know, game by game,just to make sure that he feels comfortable
in the bodies blot. And youknow, so far this year he has
to being able to get the resultsthat he's gone in your past. We're
wrap about a high notes skip JakeMyers, you told and the organization did.
This was his job in center fieldfor the most part, even going
back to the beginning of spring trainingand uh, defensively, great catch last

night. His bat's been ridiculously comfortableand to me, that's been the most
positive storyline of this year is yougave a lot of faith in a guy,
and he's not let you down interms of his performance, both offensively
and defensively, especially on the offensiveside. No, yeah, he's uh,
he's been. He's been terrific.I you know, he's he's one
of those guys we were just talkingabout making adjustment you know, day by

day, back by a bat.He's been able to do those adjustment a
bat by a bat, laying offsome some tough pitches, really handling you
know, the fastball, being ontime, the work he's done to be
in the spot that he's right now. I you know, I keep my
hat on him because he has workedreally, really hard. He's confidence also

just getting into about his box.You know, you get that sense that
he know exactly what he wants todo every bat, and the production that
we've gotten for that we've gotten forhim has been remarkab boy, and you
know we we got to keep himgoing because right now he's getting some big
kids for us. Skip great visitors. Always, we'll talk in next week
and enjoy your arrest of your tripand look forward using you back at home

next week. All right, guys, thank you, you got it.
Joe Spot of joining us here onthe Matt Thomas Show, and again,
if you did not catch moments ago, Joe announcing that he's going to bat
Alex Berkman fifth. It's just theright thing to do, and I think
Alex has to understand that, andI think he does. I liked it.
Joe's been doing that. I mean, if you've been performing, we're
bumping you up. If you haven'tbeen performing, we're bumping you down.

And the reality is that, Iknow guys like consistency, but baseball's an
inconsistent world. It just is.Yeah, and you got to go with
the out side of the first inning. I mean, you can be coming
up at any time. Yeah,all right, twelve forty three on the
Matt Thomas Show. If you wantto comment anything that he had to say,
seven one three two one two fiveseven ninety seven one three two one
two five seven nine zero twelve fortythree, it's a Matt Thomas showing.

This is sports Talk, seven ninetyquick cannimal fact number two hundred and thirty
three. Most whales don't watch sports. They're Dallas fans. And when I
think of whining, I think ofDallas. Oh. And speaking of Wales
back to former whale Matt Thomas,I'll be back to my girlish weight of
two eighty six Fun Sports Talk sevenninety So on our TV screen, we

have the choice of Crowding versus SouthernNevada j C No Division I Junior College.
Did JUCO be World Series or Patmcafe take a bet on this.
We're going with I'm going with crowdingover versus Southern Nevada. Yeah, this
is a that's a no brainer.Way more energy JICO World Series. Let's
go all right. Uh so,I'm gonna presume we probably should have asked

about this about I'm gonna assume thatpainting bumps up a spot I would have
guessed, and pen has been battingforth he'd done very good in that spot.
He's not shown a ton of power, but he's hitting like three twenty.
Well, how about the fact forlast night about the Joe's like,
yeah, painss pissed, And I'mlike, yeah, you should be pissed.
Terrible strike zone last night. Ohit's bad. God, it was

bad. I again, you knowme, we've worked ogether for a long
time. I'm there are other peopleto the dark side. Maddie No I'm
not talking about it. I'm nottalking about it. I'm talking about umpire,
referee base of bashing in general.Full abs, let's go. But
that was horrific last night. Thatthat was that excusable. That to me

was again agism coming into play.That's sixty eight year old guy slumping over
to watch about two hundred and twentyfive, two and thirty pitches and he
just had a bad night and healways Manny Gonzale is worse. This is
according to I'M scorecards accuracy ratings.Cebe buck Nor second worst. Yeah,

it's just terrible. Mike Esterbrook,Alfonso Marquez the other rounding out the bottom
five. I don't want to bein the bottom five of anything. I
mean, I'm I don't necessarily bein the top five of things, but
don't put me in the bottom five. Okay, hmmm, I can think
of a few categories. Oh,I know, you can't just keep that
to yourself, you know, butyou're also the top five and in so

many categories. Matt, it's toolate seven one three two one two five
seven ninety seven one three two onetwo five seven ninety If you want to
come anything that Joe had to say, we'll have Kyle Tucker joining us at
two o'clock this afternoon. I thinkKyle is firmly excuse me the number two
spot. Okay, never to leave? Was last night? Uh, not

a must win game, but wasit very important? Because I'm gonna give
you the next three probable matchups,Matt, and I want your your gut
reaction, maybe even your you anaudio, Yeah, I want your audio.
Go ahead. Tomorrow it's Hunter Brownversus Louis Castillo. What's tonight?
I mean, sorry, tonight tonightis Hunter Brown versus Louis Castillo. That

Louise Castillo. Yes, Tomorrow JustinVerlander versus George Kirby. And then Thursday
it will be Spencer Arraghetti versus LoganGilbert. Oh, hey, it would
have been nice to get that onelast tag two or three and bad Bryce

Miller's really good, But it wouldhave been nice to get that one last
night, especially if it's starting hittingreally hard in the middle of the game.
You had a no on going fora while, and then all of
a sudden the Astros started to poundthem a little bit. I'm gonna imagine
this is just a guess that theAstros are gonna be underdogs in the next
three games. Yeah, but Idon't worr about that. No, you
don't have to worry about it.I'm just saying, just a contact,

just saying. I'm saying they werefavorites last night and they lost. Yeah,
because three two games, because theycouldn't muster anything offensively. The only
person with a multi hit game.Do you know who it was? Jake
Myers? Jake Myers. Now oneof them was a checks roller up the
middle. Yeah, are you reallygonna claim that one? I know it's
gonna look out on the box scoreis a line drive in the box score?

That is absolutely crazy. He's upto three hundred, he's hitting.
What's his ops? His OPS isit's over eight hundred, eight ninety eight.
Okay, I want you to realquick. We got a couple minutes
here. Remember, seven fifty isabout average ops. If you considered it
eight hundred, that's a good ops. If you're nine hundred, that's excellent.
If you over a thousand, thatmeans you're an elite MVP candidate.

Correct, run through them quickly.Uh oh, the ops of the team.
I know that I'll have to pullit up. Kyle Tucker was over
one thousand before last night, butover here. But Jake Myers is second
on the team. I know're comingin last night. Al Tube eight nineteen,
Ops. Tucker over one thousand.Oh, he's still over one thousand,

Okay, Alvarez seven ninety one,And this is surprising because again he's
only hit I think one or twohome runs this entire month. He where
is my yard on? Alvarez?That's the one that puts fear into people.
He's been gone. He's just aguy rightes. Ever since he moved
to three in the lineup, Matt, he's been struggling. You have whoa
whoa whoa that guy Rdne needs tohit three reals. He can't produce.

Guy has been been missing an actionfor about a month. Yeah, it's
funny. Bregman's ops is back undersix hundred and five. Hey, got
feeling you had him at seven hundredby the end of the month. I
got three days he goes. Ifhe goes twelve for twelve, you'd have
to go six for twelve with fourhome runs. Twelve for twelve, multiple
home runs. Pain is at seveneighty eight. Not what you'd want from

a five place center, but itis what it is. Myers eight ninety
eight, Singleton's seven seventeen. Again, Singleton's very replaceable. Yes, Bras
ops is two eighty five mm.And also ops is running low this year.
That's why our good friend ops plusone hundred being average, Singleton's at
one o seven meaning seven percent aboveaverage. Okay, so yeah, why

why is because I don't know.Pitchers are just throwing so well this year.
I'm not exactly sure has something todo with the ball. Probably good.
Isn't that crazy? Every day wegot to figure out what's going on
with the ball. Yeah, thatwe can't talk about stats that we have
in twenty nineteen or twenty twenty twowithout talking about, well, how was
the ball being woven together? It'sjust odd maybe, Martin Maldonado, we

don't talk about that in basketball.It's bringing ops plus down. Martin Maldonado
and Jose Bray, You we don'ttalk about the basketball all the leather and
is a We did a little bit, remember when it was giving guys blisters?
They changed, But how often havewe done that compared to talking about
baseball? Once they changed the syntheticball and Steve Nash or somebody was all
mad talking about how I was givingthem blisters. So they moved back to
the leather ball, right, Butthat's once every twenty years. We don't

talk about that in football. Andthen then they moved from Spaulding to Wilson
Homes. Like this football sucks.I'm giving another football. Give me something
a little more texture to it.Yeah. Yeah, By the way,
we're all Blanco looked good today,but we should We mentioned to talk about
that. We were wondering a lotcooler in Oakland. They were about the
same. That's true. It's likesixty day. If we could just get
him, can we get him oneof those air conditioned suits. If I'm

Renel Blanco that he doesn't have sweatrunning down his arm like a river,
I'm gonna go to the Minnesota Twinand say what do you want? Yeah,
hell had their games or forty degrees. Man, that's brilliant. Matt
you should be his agent and anythingnorth of the Mason Dixon line. By
the way, I did watch alittle bit of the Twins game yesterday because
it was just flipping around. Therewas nothing on TV because to moral day,

Carlinos karay Is is a and GeorgeSpring. I watched them at the
Toronto game too. They were playingwho are they playing? I forgot who
they're playing? Oh shuck a WhiteSox. Well, everybody looks good and
it's a White Sox. Springer's havinga terrible season. Yeah, Correy is
this pedestrian? Uh? Cray sitin two seventy ops eight on nine.
I just pulled it up for thirtyfive million dollars a year. Not good
enough. If you're playing gold glovecaliber shortstop in the ops eight hundred,

that's solid, it's good, notthirty five million dollars. It's Look,
the Asters are getting a better much. They won that deal. It'd been
great to have Carl's great here.But if you're paying Carl's career at thirty
five million dollars a year, thereare a lot of other players that are
out here because of that. You'renot pulling off the Justin Erlonard deal like
you're not. You can afford adeal like jose A Bray You and Ruffael
monteroching on air? Are you aresorry? I had barbaracue from lunskinting deal?

Uh? You know, I don'tthink you got Josh Hater here.
No, I mean again, youyou have spending thresholds and spending limits,
and I think that would have putthat would have put a lot of money
in the Springer's case. You couldhave offered in the moon. He was
like, I'm getting hell out ofhere. You didn't bring them to it
was twenty five. Yeah, Ithink yeah. He was holding the grudge
and Garrett Cole want to be Yankee. So I mean, even if you

would have said money, well spent, let's go get him. George Springer
said, I got your soup withtwo right here. I got you twenty
five. Remember when a certain Xradio host would run through the stats of
uh, yes, Springer made awhole bit George spring huh when will they
them up? I don't know ifwe have that, said Jerry Seinfeld doing
that. Yeah, I think soit was realized. Jerry Seinfeld was so

with George Bringer, when's little supertwo? I I don't even want to
know it's I sort of know whatsuper two is, but I don't want
to get into a deep conversation aboutit. It's about service time, all
right, So you're ready for thegut feelings. I'm ready. I hit
one. Although I kind of backeddoor my way to open. But you
were going a rapid fire. Youhad like eight last week. So let's
the reality. I know I gotone, but it wasn't. But it

wasn't. I'm not super proud ofit. Oh okay, expect I'll explain
much. One is coming back,come back, all right? If you
gotta gut feelings, where you comein and you tell us your great sports
predictions at seven one three, twoone two five seven ninety seven one three
two one two five seven ninety callin. If you get predictions right,
we'll let your brag on them.You get them wrong, just forget about

it. No worries. Seven onethree two one two five seven ninety lunchtimers.
This is the Matt Thomas Show.Listen, appeal. Wasn't that Thomas?
Yo? They got a gut dealer. This is their gut feeling on
the Matt Thomas Show. All right, seven seven. The weather is starting

to get dicey out there, Soif you cannot call because you're focus on
driving, please understand. We understand. There's a huge band of red storms
up in the north apparently, Ohmy god, safe again. It is
it is. Let me just giveyou those of you it is east of
Kingwood, which would be right.The Spring area is getting pounded right now.

Kline area is getting hit hard.To the north, Conrod, you
are getting hit hard, cut andshoot. If I'm mentioning any these neighborhoods
in which you live in, becareful. Magnoia hit hard. Check your
radars. This is all Red Hempsteadperview. I mean, jf zeek ah

when when's ain't nobody got time forthat? Ain't nobody got time for these
thunderstorms every other day, every otherday? So please, if you can
call us, please do. Ifyou can't because you're driving you on hands
on ten and two in the wheel. I'm more than okay with that.
Ross. Let's go over last week'spredictions, last week's gut feelings. Let's
start with you, Matthew. Youhad the Panthers in six in the NHL

playoffs. I don't even recall whothey're playing. The Rangers. Yeah,
I think the Rangers are up toone. I think, okay, Rangers
up to one. Okay, therewe all look, we get the hockey
expert here, how's Panthers in six? Looking, Connor, I mean,
yeah, Rangers are up two gamesto one. So it's doable that the
River get some work to do,you know. Uh. You also had
the Minnesota Timberwolves in six, theMavericks really the Mavericks up three zero.

Ye by the way, Boston lastnight finishing off Indiana and Forced. Yeah,
we thought we were gonna get thesegreat playoffs and then we might have
two sweeps in the conference finals andthen this is gonna be like a week
and a half wait because and finalsdates are already set. Uh. You
had Boston in five, close,close, you'd the Astros winning the next
two versus the Angels. Nope,now they've split. Right. So here's

when my back door. I hadseven to three, and they did finish
seven and three. Oh, okay, but they were they were seven and
one or six and one going in. Okay. That was from a couple
of because I just see strike strike, strike, strikes strike on this.
I had seven to three. Okay, well you're oh for four of the
ones we just ran through, andthen you had the active Astro traded.
If it was going to be anybody, it would be Chas McCormick. I

agreed with that. I also hadRangers in four. I just kind of
made that up. So that's astrike Connie, and six strike Boston and
five strike quality start from Christian Havier. Well, let's see, he gave
up four runs in four innings.His velocity was down. He's on the
I L and now he's getting imagingdone on his forearm YEP strike. He

has a bad gut feelings. Hey, I had to Connor do change it
up. All right, here's ConnorMcGovern. He had the Rangers in six
possibility looking pretty good Dallas and sevenat least he had the right team winning.
Yeah, Dallas is up two toone in their series. Oh are
you talking about the Mavericks. Yeah? Oh wait, you know what,
No, you you know what?No, it's it's the Star's never mind.
I'm getting confused. Yeah, becauseyou're all on hockey. You're locked
on hockey. Dallas wins the StanleyCup and then you had the Astros losing

the series to the Angels, whichwas correct. You are credit, You
are just a you weren't an Astroshirt today and he's still a hater.
I'm the Astros realist, all right. I am going to give you one
of the most unpopular gut feelings I'veever given in the history of this show
seven one, three, two,five, seven ninety I you know what?

Are you ready? Can I guess? Yeah? Does he wear number
seventy nine? No? Okay?And my guess is what I think we're
going to find out? Oh?No, see you're thinking kind of what
I am. I think hobvier andinner and don't pitch again this year.

No, see, you're an ass. I said you'd hate it. I
hate you. I hate you somuch. I said you'd hate it.
Well, first of all, Ihate you for saying that number two.
I was going to have a similargut feeling. I was going to say
at least one, at least oneis for and put your own in there.
You so, because well we werebasically saying the same thing you're saying

both. Did you not Joe aspot? I kind of gave us a
little hit, you gave us alittle not good news, a niblet yes,
or, as mctagger would say,a titbit. I don't want I
don't want you to. It's it'snot like I have any medical evaluation material.

I don't have their expers in frontof me. I'm just saying that
no, this, this, this, this feels I doesn't feel good.
Huh, So that's why you feelit in your gut. Your gut says
doesn't work. By the way,Southern Nevada has five errors in the game.
Their line score in the middle ofthe sixth, they're down six to
three. They have three runs andfour hits with five errors. And you're
playing for you're playing for a juniorcollege national championship. You got five airs

j go ball. Yeah, butit's five airs. It is five still
five airs? Fives in the WorldSeries. Seems at all egregious, it
does. It's not. Hopefully it'snot all wild pitches by the pitcher,
is it. They don't count forerrors? Oh? I thought? Why
did I? Okay, BeO,this is why I turned to you for
baseball. No catchers interference are errors? Or a past? What about a
pass? Now? No, okay, those are not errors either. I

think think catchers interference errors. That'sit. Wow, And a drop pop
fly would be you know, infoul territory. Oh okay, all right,
continue on. What were we talkingabout? My gut feeling? Now,
I was gonna say, I thinkone of them is out for the
year. You said both. Youhurt me. I didn't mean I'm not
stuttering. I don't want to stutter, but I don't feel good about this.
Can you tan them? MRI?Can they take it together? You're

like, buy one, MRI,I get one free. I hold hands
for strength. No, okay,I guess they got to keep there for
it because that sounds like a soap. But then you can mix the results
up. One guy's like, Ithink I'm done for the union, the
one's like, no, you're good, and then they go, we switched
it. So let's put this inperspective. If JP France still hasn't thrown

mm hmm, and we think Hobvierand or Akidi are going to be both
gone for significant periods of time,that means Arraghetty is here for the rest
of the season, Hunter Brown ishere, and you're basically winning on Luis
Garcia and Lance mccollor's to come back, both coming off of serious injuries.
Hashtag it's time to make a tradewith what little you have in your system.

This is I know we got alot of the time left in the
segment. You shut up, that'sfine, I'll take I will take a
two minutes about it. I'm justkidding. Oh my god, So well
didn't he say whatever, I don'tknow, this is bad. Go ahead,

make some predictions. Can be somethingelse. I mean, uh,
what's left on this? Three games? Astros lose the series to the Mariners.
Really, you're saying Seattle's gonna wintwo out of three? Okay,

yeah, that's a loss. Wouldbe the loss eve a split would be
done. Okay, it's a fourgame series? Yes, all right,
Connor, go and say, becauseyou want to you love doing this.
How's the Astros man end? Ifhe says they get swept? I mean,
I'm not gonna bat really an eye. I'm gonna say they split.
Oh, positive, of course he'sjust being a contrarian. Just be a
contrarian. That's fine. You knowwhy he's wearing the Astros shirt today like

that insider. He thinks he's gonnaget some gifts from the Astros. They
don't send us much. Oh man, I don't even know what to say.
I'm still flum mixed from you andyour probably accurate. Let me give
you a few more things. Okay, I'll give you one Hunter Brown.
I don't know if he's gonna giveyou a quality start, but Hunter Brown

will not be terrible. What now'sthat. I can't give you much work
about this one. Confidence today.I don't know. It's gonna shut up,
Hunter Brown, Quality Start, let'sgo, I said it. Okay,
all right, sorry, we writethat right now, write that down.
I got one for you. It'sgonna rain today. May not rain

a lot, it's gonna rain.That's the kind of analysis you're getting from
both sports serving and his baseball takes. Start Quality Start, Let's go.
You got one last night from fromBro. I don't know if you're gonna
win, all right, Okay,Bray, you by the time we visit
again next Tuesday, we'll have amulti hit game. Oh okay, I
thought you're gonna say we were momentmon, No, I haven't had that

great You know what I'm gonna doit? Do it, jose Bray,
you home run within the next week. I feel like I'm daring you with
these guts feelers. I don't care. All right, come at me,
Bro, Josea. Bray you homerun anything else? Connor, although I
think a week ago or two weeksago, I said three home runs in
the next nine games for yourd ona. He hadn't hit one. No,

he's been he's been, that's gone, he's been mid Okay, I'm
sorry, what did you say,Jose Bray? You multi hit game?
Yep, at least one multi hitgame? Okay, did you say something
else or only that one? Inthe jave? Aeronnikidi anything down Rain,
Okay, I don't count that.Okay, NBA Finals, I'm gonna go

Boston in sick you jerk. Youcould have beat me to it. Fine,
Boston and five just to be different. You don't. You don't even
believe that. No, I don't, because let me tell you that backwards
really good and Kyrie have been They'vebeen great, and the pickups of PJ.

Washington Daniel Gafford have been fantastic.Two for downs, So I think
Dallas given a run, but theSix are just much better defensively, agree,
I agree? All right? Lastcall for gut feelings. Okay.
I think the weather is kind ofprecluding some people good, which is fine.
We're to be safe out there,as Yeah, we don't. We'd
love for you to call, butif you're busy, we totally understand.
I'll give you one from Brad Miamilast week Timberwolves NBA Champs. That's gonna

fall a little short. Yeah,it happens. It's a gut feeling.
Oh. By the way, I'mready to put my name on something.
I've been saving this. Let meget the file. Yep, let me
get the no stra wrongest file.That's just what I call it, Matt.
You know. Here we go,that's what it's called him in right
now. In three we gotta goto break. Okaylives three A take three

two one. Lebron James is signingwith the Lakers. He ain't going anywhere.
Put you I'm putting my name onit. Okay. I don't care
where Bronnie James he's a free agent. Yeah, I don't care where Bronni
is going to go. I don'tcare where Brownie wants to go. Yeah,
I don't. I'm telling you,Lebron James ain't leaving l A.
It sounds like Bronnie doesn't want toplay with Lebron James. I think Bronnie's

get out of my way. Yeah. I want to go smoke my whatever.
I'm gonna smoke by myself. Well, everybody's doing that in the NBA.
Yeah, but you don't want tosmoke in front of your dad.
Maybe he does. Maybe that's howthey bond. I don't think so.
Maybe maybe Lebron sipping on vino andbronni is no. I think Barnie wants
me by himself. I think sotoo. He don't want Dad chaperon him

on going to the clubs and stufflike that. But yeah, Lebron,
Save the Lakers. One thirteen ofThe Matt Thomas Show seven one three two
one two five seven nine. Ifyou want to jump in seven one three
two one two five seven ninety,we more in the passing of Bill Walton.
We're gonna play a couple of clipshere and there throughout the course of
show. Over the next couple ofhours, we'll play something funny coming back
from him. Also, we willget to a very interesting and potentially very

disturbing story about a former Jacksonville Jaguarkicker. Did you see this? Well,
Tay, More about that coming up, evolving a charter flight seven one
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it never will change with Texas thachusdot Com slash Radio. That's Texas dot
Com slash Radio. Matt Thomas continueson Sports Talk seven ninety Sucks and Angels

at the Diamond in the Park.This is your first ever baseball game doing
this job right, This is ajob that's true. Well, I understand
that it starts and then you playyep, but that the offense can't touch
the ball, and that the defensegoes first, and then there's no time

limits and you just go until somebodysays it's over. Sounds very much like
a dead show. It's a timelessgame. I love timelessness. You're timeless.
Oh, the great Bill Wock workinga Chicago White Sox game any moons

ago. Oh man, it's thenational treasure. Yeah, we're gonna miss
him. Yes, he will bemissing he. I don't know if you
remember this. I think you do. He was on the number two broadcast
team for a while and then gotto number one on NBC. But number
two was it was like Greg Gumbel, Steve Snapper Jones and Bill Walton.

Yes, that was a great trio, guys. Snapper Jones is great too.
He rest in peace as well.Yeah, excellent and unfortunately got on
think Greg gumbles in good health either, which is sad to say, but
yeah, but that was ay theywere You had gumbled the straight man.
Steve Jones was just trying to beas analytical as he can. Yeah,

Bill, Bill is often a weirdYeah. Matter of fact, when I
went to the PA in the ninetyfive finals, you know, the NBC
carried it, and I think hewas working the game. He must have
been bumped the number one crew forthat year because we played It's a small
world after all, for the magic, for the magic, And I think

Bill Walton was talking about this inrelation to like marv Albert one of Marve
Alvert's favorite songs. Okay, Ithink if I can find the clip,
i'll try to plant. We'll punand play it here. But just one
of the strangest people you'll ever meetin your entire life, and he was
very comfortable in his own skin.On that. I mean Grateful Dead a
couple of hits, uh oh,but vastly overrated. Faris. I haven't

listened to their catalog of music,so I don't know. Maybe I'll listen
to some Grateful Dead and i'll getback to you wait on the way home
today. I don't think you wantto listen to Grateful Trying to go through
some of the Apple Music's top onehundred, Oh my god, can we
talk about that for one second?Yes, all right. I don't know
who was in charge of this AppleMusic one hundred Greatest Albums of all Time?

Huh. Now, granted, ifyou took the one hundred greatest of
anything, you're gonna get a widespecter. And there's been a million albums,
a million albums with a million people. Now, I don't know who
is on this executive board that puttogether this list, uh huh. But

it was crafted with a group ofartists including Pharrell, J Balvin, Maren
Morris, Julie xcs X. Thatsounds like nobody over forty. So put
it just like there are some Thereare some people in this fifty one in
this band here that are very good. George Michael A se DC A C
D C. There is Mary J. Blige, I'm talking Snoop dog is

in this. Of course, you'vegot some Michael Jackson, You've got some
Fleetwood Mac, You've got Elton johnBut let's get to the Let's get to
the top ten, all right,and this is where you got to step
in a little bit here. Idon't know how I'm gonna agree with you,
but you're gonna at least have tostep in. So at number ten,

let me see, I gotta goall it lead by Beyonce. Okay,
I don't have n't I don't havethat. Okay, because of this
list, I've already gone through.Miss I knew mis Education of Lauren Hill.
I had that CD back in theday, or at least my sister
did from Columbia House. She gotlike thirty CDs and then she went into
debt as like a fourteen year oldand uh, I think I borrowed it.

It's a great album, and Irevisited it and it's a great It
is to me it is one ofthe all time great albums. I don't
know if it's a number one ofall time. It probably isn't, but
it's a great album. I alsostarted to listen to Frank Ocean's Blonde,
which came in five. I Ididn't really know anything about it, but
so far I'm coming away with thinkingthat's a great album. But I don't

know if it's number five all time. Okay, so Lemonade Beyonce. I'm
gonna have to go and figure outThriller, of course great that was number
two. Abbey Road three, PrincePurple Rains in there. It's Purple Rains.
Four, Frankish Songs of Akhia LifeVerse six. Great album, great
album, not disputed. Kendrick Lamar'sGood Kid, Mad City is seventh.

I guess if you're adding in acommercial appeal, it depends on the criteria,
then you can put Good Kid,Mad City above to Pimp a Butterfly.
But I think to Pimp a Butterflyis a better album overall as far
as impact and stuff like that,but good Kid, Mad City had more
hits, so I don't know.Then back to Black Amy Winehouse, I
guess is Amy Winehouse, according tothis survey, has the eighth greatest album

ever produced, ever produced. Yeah, never mind Nirvana. Great album is
nine Rumors. Fleetwood Mac is afantastic album, one of the greatest albums
of all time. Beach Boys PetSounds that the twentieth, just behind Doctor
Dre's The Chronic. See that's anotherthing. I mean, we're talking about

Pet Sounds Beach Boys, which Iof course, as you know, Beach
Boys hater, but Pet Sound I'mnot even I'm not a big Beach Boys
fan, but yet I appreciate howpopular Pet Sounds. It's an album that
drove the sphere of pop music forwardinto a new era along with what the
Beatles were doing in the nineteen sixties. So I respect it's greatness, But

I mean, how do you comparethat with Doctor Dre's The Chronic from I
guess like ninety one or ninety two, And it's literally the term would be
incomparable because you can't really compare it. Yeah, how do you listen to
one and the other be like,you know what I've got the chronic edging
out pet sounds. Okay, soyou go through all of that and you
can debate that. But the numberone album of all time, I mean,

we're talking about Madonna, Prance,Yes, uh, Beatles, We're
talking Billy Joel and John led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, your favorite, The
Grateful Dead. It's a funny one. Drakes Take Care at forty seven,
ahead of a Love Supreme by JohnColtrane at fifty four, like I mean,

in comparison Byretha Franklin, I meanStevie Wonder. I mean, there
are generations and decades and decades inall different genres of the very very top.
It's a great album, though,I'm gonna tell you I don't agree
that it's number one, but Ido tell the audience what number one is.
No, it's the Miseducation of laurnHill by Lauren Hill. Also,

this is the theory people have comeup with Lauryn Hill releasing a new album
soon. I don't know if thathas any tie in with Apple Music.
Oh, I'm sure it does.You mean to tell you mean to legitimately
tell me that there are people thatcover music for an industry, just like
we talk about sports. Yes,now this again, this is maybe this
is out of our comfort zone,but you know what, it's it's raining

hard. The Astro's played a threeto two West Coast game. Let let
us have this minute here. Okay. You're telling me that if I got
the twenty five biggest experts in musicthat cover journalism, that had the history
of it, that have deep appreciationfor many, many multiple genres. Yes,
that you're telling me that Lauren Hill'swhat is it called the miss what

the Miseducation of Lauren the mis EducationalLawn is the greatest album ever made.
Well, you have to listen toit, that's true. Should listen to
it, Matt. But I'm gonnatell you right now, if I listened
to it one hundred times, Ijust don't get it. Rolling Stone in
twenty twenty and they're five hundred GreatestAlbums of all Time had a number ten,

so obviously it's very very good.In twenty eleven they did their one
hundred Best Albums of the nineties,they had at five. So this,
I mean, it's been, it'sbeen at the top of lists or near
the top of lists. But I'mlike I said, I'm with you.
I don't think it's the best albumof all time, but I do think
it is a great album, justsaying see to me, I don't think

an average person meaning you and me, okay, can go what's the greatest
album of all time? And youcan't have a definitive right hand. You'd
have to literally have to study thegenre of music. You do it for
clicks and content. And we're talkingabout We're on a sports radio show and
he's talking about there you know whatI brought it up. That's on me.
Sorry, you know, the show'sthe diversion. We could talk about

Texans backup linebackers, but no,we're gonna actually talk about something you can
actually talk about. Okay, allright, okay, Computer by Radiohead number
twelve ahead of jay Z's The Blueprintnumber thirteen. This is like weird.
It's a weird list. And thenBob Dylan next is Bob Dylan Highway sixty
one? Red be like saying,what is the greatest food of all time?
Okay, greatest food, the singlebiggest greatest food and the answer and

and I think naming the euro wouldbe like naming Lauren Hill the greatest of
all euro is pretty good. It'sgood, it's pretty strong. Hero is
good. I'm not arguing the Euro. I love me the Hero especially like
you're arguing the Euro. But theEuro is not the greatest food I have
ever. Okay, my answer steakfahita on a taco on a tortilla.

That's it, with a maybe acouple onions. Boom, Okay, the
greatest food I remember one on theMatt Thomas Show. Come argue with this.
I don't care. Seven one threetwo one two five seven ninety seven
one three two one two five sevenninety Hey, Astros will be home this
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sports MPT for twenty dollars off.Sorry, hey a story Eastony. It
is good for listen to Rockets Radioor your a smart device. Just ask
told late Sports dot seven ninety oniHeart Radio. This is good. Reach
up a very pleasant boy. DamI forgot about this. Lauren hill Cains
sing it's a euro you know whatthis is? This is like a really

good cop sat with some good zatziki. Yeah, this is like a you
know, maybe Philly Cheese m claire. She's got a beautiful voice and clearly
she sold a lot of records.This is actually the only album she ever
released. Why she's been much malignedby I think mental health issues and stuff.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that. I mean, I don't know
the whole story, but yeah,she'll always like show up late to concerts
and doesn't want to get into thestudio and some other stuff. Oh so
she's somewhat of an enigmatic figure.Hill. This is Yeah, she was
with the Fujis. You remember theyhad that cover of Killing Me Softly,

Oh big fantastic san and then shesplit off with made her own album,
The Miseducation of Lauren Hill, andthen since then she's just been kind of
floating them on earth Buck doing concertsevery now and then. And I don't
know. All right, let's goto Jeff in downtown. Jeff, First
of all, are you okay?Weatherwise? That's hard the dark outside,

it's raining, rube nice and uhheavy, and it's actually going to cool
things off for a couple of minutes. So sure, are you? Yeah,
Well, we're in a studio withno windows, so we have no
idea what the hell's going on?That's true. I have a question about
your by the way, why areyou are you in the bathroom in the
bathroom are you are you urinating rightnow? What's going on with you?

No? Absolutely not. It wasnoisy rain is keilty against the window.
I wanted to ask you about yourBeetles cult for corporation. I had a
couple of questions that they're kind ofburning in my head here. During the
seventies, during the Heyday Wings,do they really used to turn off Winny
McCartney's equipment on sewer? And whenyou saw Raino, what did everybody do

after you played four songs? Idon't understand. I can't understand your question.
I think he's trying to Okay McCartI'm going on the road, and
I think I have heard. Wecan't get the damn decent phone. If
you're gonna come in and up theBeatles, come on now, Jesus Christ.
I mean, I don't mind calls, but let's go let's get a

decent phone. Oh my god.Yeah, no, you don't stick with
that, And you're sticking with theStickma not going on my show anymore because
that phone sucks. You just don'twant to take the question. Why don't
you call me about utip football likeyou normally do? Oh man. By

the way, we went and sawRingo star at last Wednesday night and he
was good. He's eighty two.How's he moving? Just as good as
ever? Okay, but honestly,min at Work. The lead singer for
them, Colin whatever his name was, was better. Oh okay, Well,
yeah, Ringo's not a singer.He has some hits. They didn't

they even let him sing on Beatlesalbums. Didn't everybody sing but Railroad guests.
Oh, he's singing on like Octopus'sGolden He's sang Little Submarine, one
of the most famous songs of allthat song. And by the way,
and uh, a little help formy the Little Help of my Friends another
very popular song, and that wouldsuck too. Really help was better than
need a little help for my friends. By the way, I'm gonna tell

some other people on I don't careif you don't like my music. Suck
it. I didn't ask whether ornot you liked my music or not.
This is like grateful dude, youcan't you like being alo. You don't
need get to review. I don'tcare about your grateful dead takes. If

you don't care about Mary Manilo takes, that's fine, But I'm never gonna
come to you for your music takes. Period. That's why this this Apple
Music survey was ridiculous. You're takingbasically forty gen xers or no, yeah,
it's a gen xers. Basically itseems like it. Well, I
don't know Forrell Williams is, Idon't know how J Balvin is. Uh.

It does not take an account anystreaming figure figures on Apple Music or
any streaming device. I mean outcastEquimini forty one two. Only two Beatles
albums on the list, Yeah,Revolver and Every Road, No White album,
Ken, Sergeant Pepper's Sargeant Peppers tome a little overrated? What's your

favorite Beatles album? Oh? EitherRevolver or ever Soul? Okay, what
are what was rumors again? FleetwoodMac eleventh. That's a fantastic I was
like, that's even a little low. Maybe that's prime rid that's not a
euro that's prime and Matt if youhave it ahead of Back to Black by
Amy Whinehouse Stevie I thought, what, I'm not a big fan of Amy

Whinehouse's song. Right, you gonnasee that movie? By the way,
sophomore, it's kind of by abiopickout. She doesn't. I saw the
documentary, but I don't know ifI have the documentary with like the actual
footage of her. It was depressingas hell. Yeah, all right,
let's go speaking depressing as hell,let's go to Uh, we're gonna have
I got it? There you go, Hi, Brad, Hey, why

I got a little brainstorm? OLord, I can't wait for this.
It's a category five. I'm sureRonald Lettyr went down and he could be
out for at least two years.And our gms used to work for the
Atlanta Brais, and the Atlanta Braidsmight be on the side of a little

desperation. I know there's other teamsout there, and we could use a
future, real near future first basemanand or third baseman. So how about
maybe either McCormick, for what heknows the farm very well, maybe he
can ask them for a future firstbasement or third baseman, or saying we

can even throw in an extra picturein the minor league something, so we
can uh you know, have somethingelse so we won't be worried about first
base and third base. Of course, it's not gonna be a for sure,
for sure deal, but still they'regonna get McCormick. That's the best
thing they can probably do without havingto give up way too much. And

so I we don't really have wewe got too many outfielders, I think.
So, I don't know what doy'all think it could happen? You
mean, just throw some raindo picturesin the trade. I will say tell
you, Chas McCormick is brat talkedabout him being traded. If Brad could
have just said I see Chas McCormickbeing traded, that in itself would not
have been a horrible take by Brad. No, I do believe that Chas

McCormick is gonna be on it's gonnabe on the track a deal with the
Braves since they lost to COONa.Yeah, that would again, Brad,
I don't mean to give you credit, but why wouldn't the Braves called Dana
Brown on this for instance? Imean, I mean, I think he's
been legit on this. Chas McCormackcan going in and play immediately he's not

untouchable. Sure, yeah, Iwant to let you in there because it
sounds like you can battle in storm. Plus, I like Bradever hangs up
on anybody, so that's fine.He'll stay on hold for about half hour.
That's fine. Maybe I wants tolisten to the show. I think
I would wordly listen to the show. Yes, I'm gonna give you all
my music takes. IBO just cango, oh this sock. You know.
Guess who cares? Nobody? Ilove talking when you When you get

your show, you tell me howyour music take is. And I'm gonna
call your show and tell you howyour music sucks. Y'all can suck it.
You really can't. Oh man.I can respect your baseball takes or
your sports take, but I adn'trespect the music takes. Everbody's got their
own music takes. Period. Nobody'sgonna tell you how. I can tell
you whether or not Jose Bray youshould be bat in six days a week.
I can tell you whether Alex Beectmanshould be bat in the fourth spot

of the five. I just stilllove looking at this list. Let's they
put a David Bowie album twenty fourA Miles Davis album Kind Of Blew twenty
five, one of the great albumsof all time by the way, highest
selling jazz album of all time.And then My beautif Dark Twisted Fantasy by
Conyeyu West twenty six. I mean, what a run twenty four to twenty
five twenty six. It's impossible.So basically we should just we should just
completely get in a room and say, hey, you know what I've got

Dark Side of the Moon. Uhno, here here it is led Zeppelin
two at twenty seven, My BeautifulDark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye West. Hey,
Matt, what do you Where doyou have led Zeppelin two just a
head of Kanye West's My Beautiful DarkTwisted Fantasy. Is there anything from Elvis
in the group? Uh? Welldid you? I don't know. In
tho at least in earliest career wasmore of a single okay, so that's

I mean, there's albums later inhis career, but no, apparently there's
not. Hmm, so no Elvis, but it wasn't an album type of
music culture. I get when atleast when he was first coming out.
All right, John and Larry getsto you coming up next one forty three.
It's a Matt Thomas show seven onethree two one two five Carls,
this list is invalidated. I don'tdisagree with you. This is to it's

completely ridiculous. One Ray Charles album, all right, this is over.
It's over, not one Dams album. Well let me see all right?
Back with morning moment lunchtimers. Backto Houston's longest running lunchtime sports show with
a guy that yells for a living, Yes, Matt Thomas. The legend

continues now to steal a phrase fromthe great late Vince Lombardi. What the
hell is going on around here?I mean forty five? Is that completely
flooded? That's at forty five?And equipment that's just south of it,

that's completely it's just south of downtownor what? Or is that yeah,
I forty five north equipment that isheading into downtown. Or are they all
stopping to try to get protection fromhale hmmm, because it looks like the
it's looks like it's not completely floot. I don't know, mm, which

I believe you're not supposed to doas a health and safety measure, is
to to block traffic just to preserveyour own car from hail damage. But
that is correct because somebody you're savingtwenty cars to get I don't know,
and everybody's basically what if somebody's anemergen had to get somewhere, you know,
you're stuck. So yeah, ifyou need to get to the hospital,
there's an ambulance behind. I meanit's anyways, what is going what?

Yeah? What is going on?What the hell? Can we get
a weather expert on here? Wehave somebody on the weather radio seven.
Well we could call justin Sampleton,but he's probably what's going on our channel
too. That's every buddy's over thereat channel two. I don't know.
I didn't watch the station or whatever. This okay, I'll change it same,
we got it else. Let's takea couple of fo change the station
here. Let's talk to some people. Uh, you know what, Johnson's

Spring? Hey, John, what'sthe What I like in spring? Right
now? So right now I'm canningand get into my house. My street
is flooded, so I'm hanging outlistening to the Matt Thomas Show in the
car. You know what, John, let me tell you something. We're
here to help you the rest ofyour day. You are a friend of
the show. We're gonna take careof you and your loved ones and anything
you need to do. We're herefor you, John. I appreciate that,

Matt. I wanted to talk toyou and I wanted to apologize to
you your audience. A year ago, I said the Kyrie Irving trade would
be the worst trade. I ameating those words right now. I compared
it to the Ragehon Rondo trade almostten years ago. Ouch. I was

not a Kyrie fan, but youknow, as the biggest Mavericks fan in
the city of Houston, I canclearly say that I am very, very
wrong, and I'm happy to bewrong. But you know, Kyrie's been
everything and more for this Mavericks fan, so so you actually clapped for him
when he makes baskets. I wasn'tat first, but now I see him

driving to the rim. I seehim setting up guys, especially Gaffard,
And you know when Derek Lively eventuallydoes come back, he has great chemistry
with him. I mean, PJ. Washington and Derek Jones are getting their
own shop. I mean it's havingtwo great playmakers on the court at the
same time. And I just couldnot have been more wrong about Kyrie Irving.
Are you a Dallas sports fan refreshmentmemory? You are you just a

Mavericks fan. I am a mostlyDallas sports fan. My one outlier is
the Astros. Okay, so let'sput this in perspective here. Dallas has
the world champion Rangers. They're aboutto win the West and maybe even pull
off the upisode would be an upsetif they beat the Celtics. The Stars
are going for a Stanley Cup.I mean, Dallas life right now doesn't

suck. They have to make upfor the Cowboys. Man, No weather's
better than ours these days too.We used to make fun of their weather
all the time, but were likeice and tornadoes and massive amounts of heat.
Now they're like laughing and they're laughingat us big time with all these
storms we get. So, John, I appreciate you coming full circle and
apologizing the city of Houston. Thecity of Houston right now is just worried

about getting home, but they doappreciate your open and honest approach to your
Dallas Maverick's reversal fortunes. When itcomes to Kyrie Irving, appreciate that,
Matt. I always thank you forhaving me on man anytime. Anytime for
you. John. Be safe outthere, y'all be safe. We can
talk about how overrating the grateful Deadis, but most importantly, it's just
about being safe. It looks likethere's a bunch of hail coming down downtown

as well. Right now. Ithink we'll just spend the night here at
the office. I mean, I'mhere till seven. You want to be
on the night, Captain? Now, I don't rather just listen. You're
not even gonna do that, mayNo. What I'll do is I will
I will be. I have alot of anks between three and six,
okay, trying to figure out howto get home, and then I'll take
a little snooze when I listen.You're safe out there, Matt. I'm

sure I do here for a littlewhile. Honestly, we'll see. I
don't want to. I know youdon't want to, but I may have
to. It looks like a messout there. Let's let's go to the
Galveson Bureau to Matt Thomas show Larrywhat's going on. Well, I'll tell
you what, Matt. I hateto hear about the nasty weather that is
hitting Houston right now. But rightnow, I guess Galveston ought to be

preparing for the storm because right nowit's just cloudy, but there's no rain,
so everything's cool. But what Icalled about is how long is it
going to take Joe's spot to pullhis head out of the sand and realize

that in your cleanup spot, youdon't need someone that is rarely betting two
hundred Alex Rigman, when you haveJeremy Pinya who is betting three hundred along

with Jake Myers and John Singleton,batting a decent batting average and sliding Gregman
back to the what so the numberseven right positions? Well, thank you,
thank you for listening, Thanks forlistening earlier today, Larry, he

is batting fifth tonight. Thank god, there you go. It's gonna solve
Everything's gonna solve everything. The onebat the one roster spot moving down from
four to five should cure all theastros two runs yesterdays, say, fifteen
to day. So I'm hoping forthat's what he's hoping for. Don't don't

speak to him under your breast.They're gonna get to Luis Castillo tonight,
just like we're gonna get past hisweather. Weather people are already out of
power. Shut up, my pops. If he's sitting, shout out to
anybody got no power right now.It works for denter roint Energy. They

literally just like fluid. All thesepeople to rebuild everything, and it's gonna
get torn down within a week.Apparently the at iha hit seventy five mile
an hour winds. We'll stick youonna check weather delays. Let's take a
look at the delays on a hobby. Okay, go ahead, there we
go. How about when will wecome back? No, this don't take
very long. Okay, I lovethis. I'm a fly. I like
aviation for some reason. Why Ido? Yeah? Weird, I am

weird. Departure delays, Oh,average delay at Intercuntment Airport. Right now,
we're like to guess what is thedeparture What average delay for flights?
Right? Uh? One hour anda half. Damn eighty eight minutes?
What do I win? Not adamn thing? But damn you're good at
this. I also, like Isaid how I said that? Like I
was from eighteen sixty one hour anda half in twenty twenty four, Yeah,

nineteen not six, All right,final hour of the Bad tap of
the show Kyle Tuckersy, Kyle Tuckeris gonna be in much better weather.
I think alost are reigning be coldand saddle today, but they're gonna play
baseball. We'll talk with him ina matter of moments. One fifty six
at the Matt Thomas Show. Thisis Sports Talk seven, Etty lunchtimers,

This is the Matt Thomas Show.It is two o'clock on Sports Talk seven
ninety. Listen, everybody, Itis ridiculously bad out there. Two hundred
and fifty thousand people have already lostpower. Downtown. Downtown is a disaster
right now. It's all covered inexcuse me, I'm sorry. Southeast Texas

is a complete disaster right now.Do not go anywhere. Stay where you
are, do not go on theroads. Just listen to us and our
good close personal friend who we believewill be the American League MVP at this
point, the one only. KyleTucker's gonna join us for a couple minutes
on the show. Tucket's, Mattand Ross. How are things in the
Pacific Northwest? Oh it's all good, look calm but tall good? Hey

what is that stadium? Like?I mean, because I feel like every
right field i've ever seen play there, including you. There's some funky wind
blowing. I mean, is itharder to play there than his other places?
Because again it's sort of a roof, but sort of not a roof
too. No, that's all right. I mean, obviously, when it's
raining and you got that kind ofweather, that'll close the roof, but

for the most part it's open.Probably I don't know, I guess a
normal amount of wind, but it'sit's pretty nice. It's a nice stadium.
They have some good fans and prettypretty nice to play, right,
Just tell him to stop boonell toit. It's getting kind of old,
don't you think. Uh yeah,I mean you know that's you know,

kind of just how it goes rightnow. And regardless of what the fans
are doing, you just got togo out there and play, and you
know, that's what he's been doing. Speaking of fans, could you hear
yourself sprinting around the bases in Oaklandbecause there were no fans there this weekend.
No, we had a good amountof ass those fans out there.
I mean, you know, wetraveled pretty well on the road, and

you know they came out in supportedus out in Oakland. There's a few
of them here in Seattle as well, So I mean we have a good
amount of you know, Astros fanstraveling with us on the road. I
think in Oakland you can actually heareveryone and go, yeah, Kyle,
that was great, great four backs. Congratulations. You can actually introduce yourself
as you're going between first and secondbase. Hey, congratulates on your season.

The home run count has been fantastic. I gotta ask, you have
been with batting gloves without and thenyou changed from cleats to different colored cleats.
Is this just who you are?You're You've always tried to tinker with
various things, whether they make ahuge difference or not. Or is this
one of those situations We just happenedto catch you with a different colored cleats
and you said, screw those things, I'm gonna go with something else since
work out better for me. Yeah, I mean, I mean I've probably

been wearing gloves paths year and ahalf. It was probably mid middle of
the year last year, and thecleat thing this year is probably just very
notice the bowl because had Neon greencleats because it was Orbit's birthday and I
had cleat for him. And thenit just completely twitched the orange. I
think it was a lot more noticeable. But I mean there's little things like

that. You're like, oh,I'll just go back to my other stuff
because it was working or out playingwell when you know, I was wearing
it, so and then it justkind of happens out like that. But
yeah, I mean, you're you'rea little superstitious when it comes to stuff.
Uh. I can't believe you've everuttered the phrase orbit's birthday in a
baseball conversation. So I applaud youfor that. What what do you do

for? Like, was Al twoWay's birthday? Do you some special for
him too? I mean, andwhy why are we getting all this special
treatment? I don't know. Imean they fly in the mascots, you
know, the one one game ayear, and they do a whole thing
and it's like a promotion out thefield and stuff. So I just I
don't know. I just had somecleats. I had some Brandley cleats before,

and I was gonna wear it openingday and he was there or not
the first pitch and stuff, butthey didn't come in time, so I
just held off on to it untilit was his birthday. So I don't
know. I guess I got todo everyone's birthday now. Kyle Tucker with
us here on Sports Talk seven ninetyand I'm just curious, Kyle, what
do you think has been the keyto your season that you're having and coming
into the year. Was there anysort of different philosophical thoughts about your approach,

for example, your walk rate isup and stuff like that. I
don't know. I mean, Ijust try and you know, control the
zone best I can, trying barrelpitches in certain areas of the strike zone
that I'm looking at or looking forpitches in. I mean, obviously you

don't want to chase, but you'regoing to, you know, at times
it is just baseball. But Ipersonally, like I've just been trying to
get better at the controlling the strikezone because when you're not chasing, you're
hitting pitches over the middle part ofthe plate, You're gonna walk more,
you're probably going to strike strike outlast, or your barrel stuff more.
So. I mean for me,I think, you know, that's kind
of the biggest thing. If youcan control the strike zone, swing a

good pitches and lay up to otherstuff. I think all your numbers just
across the board can go up,and I've just tried to do that as
best I can. Speaking of strikezone, how'd you like that one last
night? It sucked? I cansay it. You don't have to say
it. I'll say it sucked.Don't get him fined, all right?
I mean, I mean, stillgotta hit the ball. I mean you're

gonna You're gonna swing itself at somepoint throughout that bat. You gotta put
it in play. So it iswhat it is. You're being very politically
correcting for that. We applaud you, We believe, we don't well,
we'll take the fine. You don'ttake any fines on that. Kyle Tucker
with a couple minutes here on theshow. Kyle, Look, it's it's
been a chase towards getting towards fiveHunter. You guys been playing better baseball
as of late, but you're stillnot where you want to be. What

would you attribute the first month toand more importantly, what would you like
to see in the next couple ofweeks as you guys get back in this
race, Because honestly, with thefact that Seattle and Texas aren't playing great
either, it's a lot of alot of you guys to struggle a little
bit but still stay in this raceright now in the division. Yeah,
I mean, you know, thefirst month, month and a half first
so whatever it is, didn't youknow our started the season wasn't you know,

really what we wanted it to be. Kind of just weren't getting runs.
I mean, we were getting guyson base, we just weren't getting
as many of them in you know, other teams were just finding holes and
scoring runs and kind of just workedout how it did. You know,
we have good amount of injuries too. Pinching Staff's kind of been banged up

all year. But I mean,you know, pretty much all the teams
have, you know, injuries,But you know, like like you said,
we're only i think four were fourand a half games back or so
in third place, right behind theyou know Mariners who are playing right now
in the Rangers. So I meanwe got you know, one hundred and
ten games left or so, sothere's you know a lot of a lot

of games left, a lot oftime. We just gotta you know,
start winning series, winning games andgetting on a roll here. And with
those struggles that you guys have had, there has been some shuffling of the
lineup. Do you have any sortof preference or what are the conversations like,
obviously you've done very well in thetwo hole. Yeah, I mean

personally, I'm not I don't reallycare that much. I mean, we
have all of our guys have beenhitting, you know, pretty well all
a year, getting on base andstuff. So personally, I don't really
mind where I'm going. Uh,when it comes to the batting order,
you know, I think Joe doesa pretty good job of putting guys where

they are in the lineup and alsokind of just rotating between you know,
the d H days and you knowcertain guys off days and stuff like that.
So we just got to do abetter job at you know, scoring
or putting up more runs and youknow, playing the better defense to you
know, not you know, letthe other team scores when you're on pitching

staffs on a lot better last acouple of weeks months or so. So,
I mean, if we just keepdoing what we're doing, we'll grind
together some wins and you know,get it get on a roll. Well
leave it with that, friend,Uh, enjoy your lunch. Thanks for
spending some time with us today.Congratulations your success so far, and we
are rooting for your MVP candidate.So you just let you know that ahead
of time. And by the way, you're smoke. You know you did

something for Orbit for his birthday.Minds a week from tomorrow, you guys
play a day game. I'd likeat least two baits hits, one of
them being a home run from you, and you give me that baseball when
you're done. All right, Iwould appreciate that day too. There you
go, June fifth, Write itdown. Saint Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals
suck. You should be able toat least get one home run off of
them. Well, we'll see,we'll see, we'll see how it goes.

I feel like no promises whatsoever fromnow. Thanks, Kyle, We'll
see you later. Appreciate for somebodytalk talk to you. So all right,
we'll see you. That's Kyle Tucker. You wouldn't give me a home
run? What was it? Didn't? Uh? Didn't Paul O'Neil hit two
home runs for the kid on Steinfeld. Yeah it was an ailing child,
okay, and you're an older malehaving his birthday. Yeah, you never

had an athlete hit home run onmy birthday. Man probably had found ball
from James Casey that I did.And Lemis d is old owes you a
glove? He does? Yeah forgold glove, Yeah he does. Well.
I don't think he did. Heget a gold glove. Yeah,
I thought it was for just winningthe World Series. No, it was
gold gloved has got one? Yeahit was Mauricio Dubon. Maurica Dubon got

a gold glove. But we're talkingabout Lemons dis owes you a glove?
Oh, who're confusing your story?Whoever you? Whoever owes me and needs
a payout. And I got KyleTucker to guarantee me a home run on
my birthday. No he didn't.I literally he literally did not guarantee.
I felt like he just did.No. No, all right, Uh

this what that? What is this? We got the funnel clouds? Now?
What the hell is this? I'mmoving? Oh? I thought my
mic was off starting. We're moving? Where are we gonna go? Where
can we go? With the weather, it's just beautiful all the time,
San Diego. And that's it.Let's go Padres talk seven ninety. We
can do. We can do Padresand nothing else astags, I guess can
I stay in your garage apartment?I don't know if I can afford a

place in San Diego. You knowwe're gonna do. We're gonna wait tables.
I'm gonna have to get us ata high end state restaurant. Okay,
sure, why not. It won'tbe nearly as interesting as this show,
but we could be a little morelucrative. Throw that out there.
Two ten on the Matt Thomas Show. By the way, South Santa Fe,

Texas City, Bolivar Peninsula, GalvesonFreeport, Brizes Sport. If you're
listening to us in those areas,you're about to get hit. It's got
pink, that is. I don'tthink that's good. I thought red was
the worst. I think pink ispurple, purpleish pink, a magenta.
What is that? A future?It's worse the hell. Let's come back
with a definitive rain song. Comeback. I'll let you guys aside.

Mine is a little more old school. Wouldn't do it because I don't want
to be ridiculed by others. Raindrops keep falling on my head. No
rain by the Beatles is good.Okay, I thought you're going with Neil
Sedaka Laughter in the rain. That'snot a bad song either. I know
it's one of your favors. Itis one of my favorites. You said
that'd be your walk up music.I believe I don't think I ever said
that. I don't think I saidat all. Bj Thomas. Rain drops

keep falling on my head. There'sa number one in my mind. We'll
play number one to twelve on TheMatt Thomas Show. If you mess our
Joe Spot of Conversation found them thehour here on Sports Talk seven to twelve
on seven ninety. The Matt ThomasShow continues on Sports Talk seven ninety.
Well, this hits actually flooding.Spring ID reporting multiple campuses without power,

transportation delayed, Spring Branch ISD reportingbuses are having to pull over to the
side because of flooding. Oh mygosh, HISD canceling all after school activities.

Well, there's some good news.Twenty percent chance of showers up to
four o'clock today. Forty five North. They're driving in water oh Boy North
and north at North Street. That'sgonna be hitus area of forty five right
or they're uh, are we onthe air? I hope? So is
this being on Hello, any ofyou out there. God A'm mighty.

By the way, Stevie Rayvaughan,Texas Flood live at the Elmcombo. You're
welcome. Just google that if yougot ten minutes to spare on some great
music. Probably people were trying toguess on Twitter what song you were gonna
go with? Okay, uh,Who'll Stop the Rain? That was?
That's a very very good credence clearWater and Revival. Yes CCR, as

the kids called them. Yes,of course those kids are now sixty six.
Well, they're maybe older. Itwas in sixty six. I did
tell Peyton to day we were togo see Ringo Stars, and you were
you were young in this audience,so yeah, I said, hell,
I was. I was young onthe audience. So it's good that he
got to see Ringo before he croaked. That's not nice. Why Jesus,

I just said it's good. Doyou ever say, hey, it's good
to see you before you die?Why not? Don't you think your son,
when he's in his old age andhe's got a bouncing grand baby on
his knee, he's gonna say,you know what, I got to see
Ringo star. Yeah, I'm sure. Yeah, I guess, yeah,
I saw him in eighty two inVegas. Is the baby's gonna spit up
on him? Yeah, Lisa willalways been the the you know, yeah,

yeah, he I think I thinkhe'll think that. Yeah, that's
that's not a bad thought at all. On see, I'm being positive.
I don't. I don't know.So great to see you before you die,
yeah, because says the same thingabout you. Absolutely, I don't
think anybody's in line to see me. Yeah, but I mean you can
say I saw Rossford died. We'recanceling the tour. That's right. Low

ticket sales. That happened to theBlack Keys. They had to cancel their
They thought they were going to sellit arenas, and they just canceled their
whole tour. The whole thing.I think, like most of the dates.
I don't know about the whole thing, but that's a shame. I
don't they drop an album every sixmonths. Who's the what's the most famous
Black Key song? Oh? TightenUp? Maybe was kind of a hit.

But I like the Black Keys earlywork when there were more blues and
then they kind of just turned intheir brothers. A part of that or
something. They had an album calledBrothers. It wasn't like Kate Hudson married
to one of them. I don'tknow she was. She was on uh
maybe Howard Stern. No, okay, okay, I'm making it up.
They did a song with Black Crows. Black Crows, not black Keys.
White Keys are good. I meanI went and saw them. We got

some free tickets from work Toyota Center. I was gonna buy him. They
were good. So you're you're mister, Uh, well, did you ever
see a band You're like? Iwouldn't pay to see him, but if
I got tickets, i'd go.That's yeah, I'll be going to do
I'll be going to see the newbieBrothers that way, exactly. Yeah,
I respect that. To shame me, Well, it's easy to do it
that way. You're America's guest.I don't want to hear from you.

I'm not an America's guest. Thelast one I want to hear from about
freebies. I mean, people giveme things, so I'm I supposed to
say no, I don't want freestuff. You're begging for stuff. She's
like you did with Kyle Tucker.Yeah, but times it was a special
day. It's my birthday. Didn'task for like on a rando in October
or August seventh or something, Isaid, look, it's my birthday.
Yeah, I thought the Black Keyspeaked with Rubber Factory, and then since

then it's been they've been turning popOkay whatever that means. All right,
Uh, all right, So theheadlines today, Uh, when she'll hear
coming up with if you missed partof the conversation with the Joe Spotty,
we're gonna play it for you alittle bit here that Alex Bergman's gonna get
moved down a spot in the order. Okay. Uh, he doesn't know
any word about the pictures. Myguess is it's not gonna be good.

He's going to have a word inabout two or three hour. Man,
it's not gonna be good. MattThomas had a gut feeling at one o'clock
and he said that they're both gonnabe out for the year. And I
wanted to hate you and be madat you, but you're probably gonna be
right. And by the way,it's not because I want this to happen,
but but let's be there, let'sbe realistic about this. Yes,
if they both leave, Javier probablystings a little bit more. It sings

a lot has been good in twoyears. He just hasn't. Yeah,
but he unless it's the playoffs.But I mean, for however reason them
to live on October jose Erkety ofthe rest of our life, we can't.
Yeah, I mean he's a buthe's fourth fifth starter. He's decent,
But you'll be okay, especially withthe emergence of reneld Blanco is saving
the astro season right now and I'mnot even Joe. That is absolutely right.

Let me ask you this, whodo you think, at the end
of the day is going to havea longer, more distinguished major league career,
Spencer Arraghedty, Hunter Brown or Joseer Kety. I think a kitty
finished his third in that battle,really, I do. Behind Hunter Brown
on Hunter Brown got the I likethat toragedy. I think he's turn around
to the point where he's like afour or five guy. But that's also

what our kids, that's what is. And he's gonna be cheaper and six
and one hand half and he's healthierat this point. At this point,
he's also younger. I mean whenwhen Rkaty pitched for sugar Land over the
weekend and he throws it. Hethrows a pop up and then he's like,
I'm he walks on the mountain beforeeven nobody get there. That's a
sign that he knows something's really wrongand hove here. I'm telling you,

Ross. The next time I seea pitcher who has velocity three to four
miles prior below what he normally throws, he's hurt. There's no there's no
more guessing to it. Help us, Lance mc collors Junior, you're our
only hope. Got I help?You're right, but uh, guess what
gut feeling retroactive? Can I dothis an hour later, Lamb Colors?
Uh? Material positive impact on theseason. I don't know how we quantify

that. I would. I'll letyou dumb it down a little bit.
Lance mccullors throws a pitch in aMande League game this season. Okay,
do it right now? He willpitch. I've okay, I have some
doubt about that. I want youto put your name on that one.
Lance Colors will pitch and have positiveimpact on the season. That would be
fantastic if that happens. Let's goand Lance, we trust. Are you

gonna say the same thing about LouisCarcia. We'll see because, honestly,
tell me, John, I meanit sounds like Louis Garcia is ahead of
the game, Like he threw atwenty was a twenty pitch bullpen, I
think on Sunday or recently, Ihave to go look that up. So
recently he threw a ball. Sofrankly, if the two guys, if
you're gonna narrow it down to whichtwo makes a bigger impact, I'd probably

go Wis Garcia. Okay, butI think I think Lance mccullors Junior has
a higher ceiling. I know everybodyhates him and they want to and everybody
gets mad and all this stuff.And we had a producer who said he
needs to apologize to the city ofHouston. We let that guy go.
No, that's not true. He'sstill up here somewhere. We should have
it. Lance mcullor should apologize.That was That was one all timer,

only to be surpassed by the Heycan you play a song from Creed?
And he played a movie song fromthe movie and not the band. I
was in my hotel room in Arlington, Texas. Tears were coming down my
that's good. I'm glad you figuredthat out. I was like, we

got to make a damn change quick. Oh that was That was an all
timer moment on the show. Great, it's fantastic. We've had some crazy
things happen on this show over theyears. Our guy, Justin Stapleton's busy
on Channel two right now. Bythe way, what sounds like a southwest
of US is getting pummeled Sugarland,Needville, Ward turning red. It's ridiculous

lights Election Night twenty sixteen. Everything'sred. See and Stapleton's over there just
right pointing things. This looks bad. Oh, this looks bad. I'm
going back to school in the weather. Okay, here here's the fundamentals.
Rain goes west to east. Uhyeah, in America generally speaking, the

winds go, and the summer it'shot with three PM storms, well or
in our case storms and every howyou should do it in somewhere where it's
like the same weather every day,like in normally around the equator, like
in Mediane, Columbia, every singleday it's seventy two degrees and it rains
at like two o'clock. Basically thatwell, you can also do San Diego.
Today's highs sixty nine lower sixty seven. Puerto Rico is very similar.
It's like eighty every day and itrains at two or three o'clock like Orlando.

Yeah, oh my god, lookat that radar. Holy well,
friends would clear like League City paralleam. Oh my goodness, hobby, this
is depressed. Well, wet's check. We'll check airport delays. Oh,
I'm sure they're racking us. Isnot gonna be good. Oh what nothing?

Hobbies report only forty four minutes.If you're going to hobby inter cutting
all is aka the kids say,the big airport, there's one hundred four
minutes. Last time you twenty twominutes older two hour delays on flights.
Right now, you've been around peoplein an airport when it's a flight delays
like that? Cranky. Yeah,there's nowhere comfortable to be. And now

I would say they should put beds, but then people are going to start
fornicating on them, So you can'tdo that. Having sex and terminals.
You think people wouldn't if they putbeds in there in the airport in the
middle. I could see in themiddle of a nineteen let's hook up together.
No, nobody's doing that. Yeah, probably at least under the blanket,
a little action. They'll be tryingto get it. You get wait
if you get on the plane.Yeah, because you hit the Buffalo Wild

Wings, you had three pints ofbeer, show a spot stress. It's
enough, so you're basically having You'regoing to have me. I'm saying people
would do it. Multiple beers atRuffalo Row Rings and then you and then
you're having sex at C nineteen.Okay, that makes a lot of sense.
Third base. Maybe Joe's spot isup next to twenty eight. On

Sports Talk seven ninety, Houston AstroThis exclusive Astros segment on Sports Talk seven
ninety. It's brought to you byExpinity. Street Astros Baseball from the best
seat in the house with Expinity becauseit's only live once. We had a
Joe as spotted join us earlier onthe show today and we started our conversation

with obviously something that bothered us fromlast night, and that was the work
behind home plate. Listen. Itried, I tried. I think you
know, I gave Larry a pieceof my mind. I think he knew
that he missed some pitches and hehad a he couldn't he couldn't throw me
or Scott servis out of the gamelast night. Yeah, we both tried.
The reality is, Joe, itwasn't just yours, it was them.

I mean the it was just abad, bad night. And I
for those that want to respect thesport and the umpires, and we certainly
because this is a very difficult job. There was just way too much last
at that I think both sides hada And look, Jeremy Paney was clearly
affected by it and the four strikeoutsfor him yesterday. Do you pull him
aside and say, hey man,sometimes that those ten things are going to

happen. No, they don't wantto. The players don't want to hear
that. They want to They wantto see the umpires do a better job.
And you know, and calling Bass'sstrikes, you know, we I
want I want to fight for theplayers. I don't want the players to
let those calls affect their bats oryou know, our ability to compete.
You know, that's our job.And like I said, me and Scott

Service, we both try to doour best to get our our ponent across.
But you know, Larry just hasalways had a big strike zone and
and he knows it. You know, he looked over both of us,
and he's you know, he's plentyof play his case, but he just
he just missed a ton of pitches. You're right, all right, let's
get to the game itself. UhFromber had the tough first inning settled down

for you. The bullpens at itsjob as well. What were some takeaways
from what you saw from say fromEr after inning number one? You know
what, he actually settled down.His sinker was more like the action if
his sinker was was more was muchbetter in the first inning, you know,
his two seamer kind of stay upand flatten it up. And you
know he he got he got hitaround a live in the first inning.

But after that the change up,the breaking ball much better, drop executing
his tempo was much better, gettingquicker out quicker innings. You know,
he threw the ball really well.He gave us a chance to win.
H We heard that there was supposedto be some imaging done with Christian Xavier
and Jose Eric keaty have you doyou have any updates on that? So

I'll get some some updates when Iget to the ballpark here in the next
hour. But you know right nowthat we're both getting some uh, seeing
the doctors this morning, getting someimaging done, so I will have some
some information once I get to theballpark and I speak to the media around
four o'clock. Was there any partof you that when you heard of both
guys going, here we go again. We can't stay healthy for an this

period of time that every team goesthrough this. But you're trying to assemble
a five man rotation and put somecompetition with some of those guys, and
Lauren knows you probably could go fora six man with a lack of days
off. This has had to bekind of news you didn't want to hear.
Yeah, you know, it's beenit's been tough. It's been tough
all season, you know, andany you know, it's throughout the league.

You know, a lot of startershave gone down, a lot of
pictures have gone down, and he'sfrustrating because you're trying to get back into
the race and you know, youget this. You know, there's punches
on the gut. And but Ispoke with both pictures. They're you know,
they're they're not feeling great about thenews, and you know, hopefully

we get some some good news fromthe doctors. But you know, it's
disappointing because we really want to getthese back. This guy's back, we
meet them back in our rotation andthat's not the case. But we'll see,
We'll see what happens. Staying withthe pictures, how often do you
get updates on Lance and Luis anda JP these days? Daily? I

get a report from those guys dailyfrom our trainers. JP. Still no
throw. Lance. He's continued toimprove, and you know, he'll moved
in the right direction. Like Luisgarcis the one that is is ahead of
schedule. He'll start facing some hittershere pretty soon and hopefully we'll get him
going here on his rehabit on arehabbit tignment. That's very encouraging on that.

Tell us what it was like whenJose jumped back into the fray with
you guys arriving at the clubhouse.Kind of good to see you, we
mischief, that kind of thing.And then when you set a lineup card,
do you pull him aside? Andhere's what I'm thinking you're gonna do.
Have you discussed in terms of howmuch playing time, whether you're platooning
or dhing, what what has itbeen like the last say, twenty four

hours having him back with you overall, you know, the guys, we're
really excited to have him back.You know, the coaching staff, we
all pulling poos. We you know, we told him how proud we are
of the work he's done. Youknow, you know, two weeks down
in West Palm Beach to get he'sswinging back, to get his mental uh

you know, preparation back. It'syou know, being a veteran, being
in the big league for so longand and taking that assignment is not easy.
And you know, and I tapmy cap to him. I told
him that. I said, dude, listen, we're all very proud of
you and the work you're done.And he listened. His swing looks different
in the batter's box yesterday. Thetiming was better. There was a mechanical

adjustment, very noticeable, and hehit the ball hard to write center feel.
He got on top of that fastball, something that he's been having issues
of trouble with. But he dida really good job. And you know,
we had a conversation about he's playingtime. You know. The only
way we could find out if thosechanges he made are you know, our
working is by him playing so he'sgonna you know, he's going to get

a play he's going to get playingtime, you know, fam As John
he you know, there's some dhfor both of them. There's some first
base playing playing time for both ofthem. You know, we need all
these guys to continue to contribute.We need the entire roster for us to
compete and get to where we wantto get to. So everybody's going to
get an opportunity to play. Asa manager, as you know, you

do have to have difficult conversations withpeople, and I imagine you had to
have one with Joey Loberfido. Yes, yes, Also, you know Joey
came up here. He did areally good job for us, you know,
but it was kind of a numberof things right now. It's it's
hard to very difficult to get himsome playing time and and you know,

getting McCormick back, getting a breakback. Jordaan will play some mot feel
on on days that from about deadpitches. So it was just hard to
get him so my bats and forus to finish his development. You know,
he needs every day at bats,he needs every day reps at first
base, He needs every day repsto be out, and unfortunately, right
now that's not the case here atthe Big League. Joe spotted with us

here on Sports Talks, and Iasked you a few weeks ago about what's
the bigger challenge maneuvering through a bullpen, of maneuvering through a lineup, And
it feels like, right now,because you got Chazz back, and you've
obviously got a Jose back, you'rehaving to do some wiggling about who's playing
left field, who's playing center onoccasion, who's playing first base in DH
is that is that what's probing yourmind these days of how to get everybody

the playing times. And you know, Chaz wants to get back out there
and contribute as well, and you'regetting him and trying to get Jose in
there on a regular basis. That'sgot to be some interesting times for you
trying to formulate your lineup. Yeah, and you know, a very important
communication, you know, talking tous guys to make him understand that.
Listen, you know, we gotto get everyone involved. This is my

plan. This is the games thatI see you playing, and our guys
want to play, you know,that's that's their attitude. They all want
to contribute. They don't want tobe part of it. And but yeah,
it's it's it's been tricky, butyou know, we have some you
know, it's also nice to havepieces on the bench that could come up

the bench and can pinch it.You could run with some of those guys,
you know, du bon If oneof those guys. That's also the
versatility swinging the bat well, soyou know, finding him some playing time.
He's also you know, kind ofa tricky part of the puzzle right
now. Also another part of thepuzzle, which I think is, you
know, we thought we saw alittle bit of bounce back and Alex's bat

it has suffered a little bit inthe last week or so. And I
know there's a lot of folks thatwould like to know about the decisions to
continue to bat him forth Where doyou see that. I know you want
to put confidence in him. Ialso know he feels comfortable in that spot,
but right now the productivity is justnot there. Yeah, you know,
and I talked to Braggy yesterday.I'm going to drop him to fifth

today. You know, if welook you know, if we looked at
his last two weeks of production,you know, he's ops. He's close
to eight hundred. He doesn't appearto be, but he's at bats actually
have been slid. He's has walkedmore, he's gone, you know,
he's hitting the ball hard, justno no love behind him. He's done
from this. It's just we haven'tseen the Alex pregnant of consistency and Alex

brigmant that we've seen in the past. And and I get that, but
the quality of the bats actually havebeen there. He just faults are not
falling in there for him. Sothe plan is now to probably put him
back in that fist spot somewhere wherewe got him going a couple of weeks
ago, and hopefully we could gethim going and get some production from those

guys in the middle of the lineup, because you know, we need we
need, we need some big hitsfrom those guys for us to take,
you know, the load off someof the some of the guys that right
now have been carrying the team forthe first two months of the season.
In Alex's case, because he's sucha student of the game, is there
some times and this could be justhim, it could be a variety of
the players skip that they overthink thesubtleties of the swing change, whether it's

a video, whether it's extra batting, cage time, or do you think
as a major league player, it'sjust part of the process where you're always
having to make subtle adjustments when youget to the plate and when you do
it before and during the game.You know, I think you make adjustment
doing the game. I think youmake adjustments, you know at bad sometimes
pitch by pitch and it's a fielding. I think we you know, guys

gets in the body tackle, theygo in the cage, and if something
doesn't feel right by nature, youwant to get that feel where you feel
like, you know what, I'mon my legs, you know, I
get I feel the barrel out infront, I'm staying inside the ball,
and you have to tweak your swingjust to make sure that you feel and
you see the ball in the zonewith plenty of times so you'll be able

to attack every hitter do that.You know, some hitters are able to
make the adjustment quicker and and theyget results right away. And just I
just think that, you know,Bregman is not getting the results right away,
but he's always been a guy thatmakes adjustment I'm back to a bat,
you know, game by game,just to make sure that he feels
comfortable in the body's box. Andyou know, so far this year he

has to being able to get theresults that he's gone in years past.
We're rap about a high notes skipJake Myers. You told and the organization
did. This was his job incenter field for the most part, even
going back to the beginning of springtraining. And uh, defensively, great
catch last night. His bat's beenridiculously comfortable. And to me, that's
been the most positive storyline of thisyear is you gave a lot of faith

in a guy and he's not letyou down in terms of his performance,
both offensively and defensively, especially onthe offensive side. No, yeah,
he's uh, he's been He's beenterrific. I you know, he's he's
one of those guys. He wasjust talking about making an adjustment, you
know, day by day back bya bat. He's been able to do
those adjustment. I'm bat by abat, laying off some some tough pitches,

really handling you know, the fastball, being on time, the work
he's done to be in the spotthat he's right now. I you know,
I keep my hat to him becausehe has worked really, really hard.
His confidence also, just kidding intoabout his box, you know,
you get that sense that he knowexactly what he wants to do every of
that, and the production that we'vegotten for it, we've gotten for him

has been remarkable, and you knowwe we got to keep him going because
right now he's getting some big kidsfor us. All right, keep going,
Jake Myers, because the president fanClub is sitting in my right very
excited about how's the club growing?Is it growing? Are you having like
a board meeting? You're gonna havelike a shareholders get together soon or what?
Yeah, we've actually had to hirea couple of assistants. I mean,
the applications are flying in daily.You bought off the space everyday.

It's just the whole thing. We'rejust growing exponential. Where's the Houston Convention?
Won't be on West simmer today apparently, well we're gonna Yeah, the
meeting for today has been canceled,So keep your limit squares? All right?
Are you okay? No? Ijust saw something on TV I'll never
want to ever see again. That'sall these storms, I imagine. Correct.
All right, let's play believe itor not. All things about Bill

Walton, Yes, may he restseven one three two one two five seven
ninety if you want to play sevenone three two one two five seven ninety.
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website is mhmdicare dot com. Mhmdicaredot com. Lunchtimers, Lunch Timers,
This is a Matt Thomas show tenat Highway six. Good Luck. What

is that? It's a tree.A tree, that's a tree on the
interstate. Be safe out there,folks. I'm going fifty nine north.
Anybody can help me out with thathook a brother up. I almost spend

the night at Ross's house. Yeahyou can. I got a spare room,
do you really? Yeah? What'sin a clean bed? Really clean
bed and TV? For you?The smell and arcane there? What do
you mean if you change shees lately? I mean I think so. I
think they're clean. Nobody's been inthere that much, read that much.
You don't even know, not thatI can recall. All right, tomorrow

is Wednesday. It shuts your ballmass up Wednesday, but a good time
for that. Hold on, what'syour address? Let me putting acadocious.
I'm trying to see how long it'sgonna take you to get home. Let
me let me check he real quick? What's a near landmark? Do you
promote your something coming up? Uh? Follow sports MT if you want some
great, wonderful tweets. I don'tknow about his daughter playing volleyball or something.
Hey, the King what high schoolschedule came out today? So that's

good. It's great. I'm gonnaput the Kingwood Big City Wings we'll see
how long it takes you to Okay, here's normally I can get Normally,
I can get home in fifty oneminutes. Listen to me if I can,
if I get out of here rightat three, Yeah, shut up.

You don't take tolls, do you. I've taken the hov lane before.
Oh you've been right now. It'sgot me in an hour and eighteen
minutes. That's actually not that bad. It is completely solid red on the
West Loops south heading to to tenak. You know what wants me to
do? It take It wants meto take Memorial downtown. We want to

get downtown. So basically, getall do not take ten into the city,
is what it's saying. Yeah,but there could be floodwaters in there.
I don't think so on Memorial Drive. Maybe I don't know. Yeah,
it's what I'm watching to do.I think you should wait it out
and do what you always take.You take a nap. Hmmm, all

right, Okay, there's there's fiveminutes left to go, five minutes left
to go on the show. WhatI'm worry about driving five minutes lething to
go on the show? What shouldwe do? I'm trying to move me
along here. Thank you. I'mjust worried about getting home time for us
to play. I'm better because fastestgrowing sports radio game show. We simply
called it be Leave it Out andhere you set works called SEV one three
two one two five seven seven onethree two one two five SEVENINTI Today's edition

to Believe or Not. It's broughtto you by Big City Wings. Shout
out to you guys. Category todayis all things about the big redhead Bill
Walton. I'll read just himing aboutBill. Statement's completely utterly accurate. You'll
say this, Tamon Tiernis, fullof ball coming up. You'll say this
two Believe or Not. It's ina row win You're prize what you're playing
for today. Conder a pair oftickets to see Sir Mix a Lot on

July seventh at the House of Bluesand a seven ninety t shirt favorite Sir
Mix a Lot song Ross Baby GotBack. I was gonna go with the
Girl is Mine. Let's play jerI think that's a Michael Jackson song.
You don't know that for sure?Yes I do. Actually, well doesn't
mean that Sir Mix a Lot tonever didn't cover it On to Seattle's finest.

Let's go to h Jeremiah on sevenhoey jeremih you're ready to play.
Believe it or not believe it?Jeremiah, good luck to you. In
ten NBA seasons, Bill Walton onlyplayed more than seventy games a total of
one time. Believe it or not, Yeah, he sure did. We're
talking about injury issues before. Thanksfor listening, Bill. I believe you

like sir, mix a lot.Would that be fair? Let's go,
baby baby. Bill Walton's brother Brucewas a stand up offensive lineman at UCLA
and also played for the Dallas Cowboys. Believe it or not? I know
Ross, I'm going to lose,but not believe it. I had to

share seven one three to two laterseve one three two one two five seven
Ninti Adam on seven ninty Adam,You're ready to play. Believe it or
not believe it. Bill Walton wasa big collector of bobbleheads for both sports
and music figures. Believe it ornot Believe it? There you go leave
it. Statement number two for theway and Bill Walton refused his selection of

the nineteen seventy two Olympic men's basketballteam as a protest against the Vietnam War.
Believe it or not? Believe it? No, he just didn't like
the coach. That's it on thatone. Sorry, all right. We
got two lines open seven one threetwo one two five seven ninety seven one
three two one two five seven nine. If you want to play Bill Walton,

believe it or not? Anthony onseven at Anthony, you're ready to
play believe it or not eave it. In nineteen seventy one, the UCLA
newspaper The Daily Bruin nicknamed Bill Waltonthe grim Reaper because he asked them to
stop, because but he asked.But he asked them to stop because of
the negative connotation believe it or not. Believe it? No loss me that

off are like? That was notbad. That's the best of potential right
there. Seven one three two onetwo five seven ninety damon on seven ninety
Damon, you're ready to play Believeit or not? Believe it. Bill
Walton had estimated forty different surgeries torepair his bones, ligaments and tendons and
etcetera. Beyond that, believe itor not, forty different surgeries not he

sure did remember he did battle injuredinjured ip definitely, John on seven Hine
eighty, John, what was yourfavorite part of today's radio show? The
Bill Walton would be the Bill Walton, The Bill Walton. In nineteen seventy

four, Bill Walton was thrown outof an r Old Guthrie concert after patrons
complain when he refused to sit downduring the set. Believe it or not
not, that is right statement numbertwo for the win. In order to
avoid being bench While at UCLA,Bill Walton lied to head coach John Wooden
about his use of marijuana. Believeit or not. There you go.

That's an easy one. All right. Before I get Johnny, let me
tell you about the folks at visitGalveston dot com. Once this horrific weather
goes away and you're planning your summervacations, you're gonna want to do it.
Don in Galveson. It's one ofmy favorite places to go, and
you should be able to get downthere, whether it beef just for the
day, maybe go for a coupleof days, maybe rent a house staying

at one of their great resorts,and all the information can be found by
going to visit Galveson dot com.Question I have for you is what is
your island time. That's right,what is your island time? You don't
have an answer yet, Go tovisit Galveston dot com. Where you're talking
about exercising, relaxation, shopping,going indoors or outdoors. Putt putt golfing
is a big favorite. Maybe goingto Moody Gardens, maybe going to the

beach, maybe just doing some greatfine shopping and eateries all in Galveston Island.
Visit Galveson dot com. Staying aday, stay a week, stay
a month. You'll stay down thereand have a wonderful time by checking out
visit Galveston dot com. All right. Thanks to Joe Aspota, thanks to
Kyle Techer, thanks to Ross,thanks to Connor McGovern, rip, Bill

Walton, and also the legacy ofone on Hell hernandez up. Next,
Angel's favorite sports radio duo Clanton andWexler. They are day team and we'll
talk to you tomorrow weather f comittingat twelve noon right here on sports Talks
of Ita.
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