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May 29, 2024 127 mins
Matt Thomas and Ross Villarreal of The Matt Thomas Show recap the Houston Astros losing 4-2 to the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday, making it two straight road losses. The Astros are now 5.5 games back from the lead in the AL West. Hunter Brown started on the mound, allowing only one run on four hits and no walks while striking out nine in six innings. Even though Brown had one of his best performances of the season, things would unravel for the Astros as Ryan Pressly blew his fourth save of the season in the eighth inning. Third baseman Alex Bregman recorded a home run after moving back in the batting lineup; however, he would also commit a throwing error to help the Mariners rally for the win. Matt and Ross react to the Texans signing wide receiver Nico Collins to a three-year, $72.75 million extension, discuss the criminal charges being dropped against world No. 1 golfer Scottie Scheffler, tell people to "Shut Yo Bum Ass Up, Ain't Nobody Got Time" and more.
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Lunchtimers. This is the Matt ThomasShow, twelve OHO, two nights,
CHAWD. What's happening, lunchtimer isgood afternoon to you, and welcome to
a Wednesday EDITIONE of The Matt ThomasShow. We're back in our studio,
but I sound like I'm in adifferent studio. Oh you okay, you

hear them normal headphones. You don'thear yourself. I hear a small echo.
Okay. So whatever y'all can doback there to fix that, much
appreciated. We have had some technicalissues here at the radio station today beyond
our control, so we're kind ofgoing back and forth between studios. Normally
we give you a little musical interludeto open up the radio program today,

but we are okay. Whatever youdid work, Thank you very much for
that. Uh, that's not gonnahappen at least for this hour. Connor's
moving from back Studio A to StudioB. So we are here, we
are live. We're here to entertainthe hell out of you. We're here
just to beat your late night frustration. I'm talking about sexually or your bad
dates. I'm just talking just ingeneral general sports frustration. If you got

other frustrations you can find on theshows for that. Oh, you can
call us with those two. Youcan sure why? I mean, I
would take I would take the call. I'm not saying I wouldn't, but
yeah, I'm sure you'd be intrigued. I'm sure you'd like to hear a
little spice and drama. It's true. I'm doing the tenth inning tonight,
now, Oh you are. Idon't know if you put on a pot
of coffee, well, yeah,that the margarita machine's gonna be shaken later

tonight. I don't know if Danggot any calls last night. I'm assuming
after a loss the way in whichthey lost, that there may be a
yeah, a few folks that werekind of cranky. The clearly Astros Twitter
was cranky last night as usual.The case fire, A spot of fire,
brown Fire, Bago, Jeck Cress, Jim Crane, sell the team,

Jose Bray, you go back tosingle A. All the varieties that
make Astros Twitter the worst Twitter insports. I wonder if Red Sox Yankees
Twitter is as bad as Astro Idon't know. Yankees Twitter seems pretty toxic,
just from from an outsider's perspective.I don't know. I bet you
deep in the game. Yeah,I bet you. Every city has a
worst Yeah, Like, for instance, I'm guessing Steeler Twitter after a loss

to the Bengals is not particularly fun, especially if Joe Burrow's not quarterbacking.
True. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know why Astro's Twitter.
Look, I understand it. Wewon't. Jose A Braho's at bats were
horrible last night. That is accurate. But they're paying him a bunch of
money. They're gonna give him onelast chance. It is what it is.
I mean, you can go andspit against the wind and rail against

it, and you get all upsetand publish, you know, a bunch
of posts on your blog about howthis is the worst decision in franchise history,
which it might ultimately be, butnot you can't do it right in
this second. Yeah, they're gonnagive him a chance. Is it likely
that he turns it around and allof a sudden he starts hitting two seventy
five with power? No, helooked over match yesterday offensively and defensively.

Now, in fairness, John Singleton'snot making those plays and anything either,
I would agree, yes, youregardless of whether or not, Joe John
has played better at first base thanhe has in years past. I think
we could argue that that's not anargument that he has played a better first
base, but pound for pound,you are not getting any sort of really

good defense for MEI the one ofthem. Yes, I agree with that.
That's just the reality of it.So the ground ball on the first
base line, the errant throw,the Bregman throw, was totally his fault.
He should have ate the ball,allowed the run to score, which
it already was going to save yourselffrom putting people in scoring position with the
errant throw, especially when you havea below average first baseman, whether it

was Singleton or a bra You overthere covering the bag. Yeah, and
that that ball in first base,Yeah, he was going back to cover
the ball, and then it kindof I mean he got a glove on
it. I didn't think it waslike, oh my god, that's to
play. Absolutely one hundred times outof one hundred the Jose Bray should make
no neither one of the plays.The pregnant throw was bad. The ball

that scooped over the bag at firstbase, you're gonna have to get in.
You're gonna have to have an aboveaverage to elite first basement. I
mean, Gury, I'll make theplay, probably would have gotten it.
Would Bag will have probably gotten it. Yeah, but the Astros, that's
not what they have. They broughtin jose A Brau to be an average
first baseman and a super slugging firstbaseman and neither one of those things happened
so far. Correct and the backups. He's gonna hold his own, but

he's The Astros absolutely will have tofigure out who's going to play first base
for them in twenty twenty five becauseit will not be the one of these
two guys on a regular basis.And if it is, they're in a
very difficult position or things have turneda great way. How you're selling it?
Okay, that seems about me positive. I kind of like that.

All Right, we are with youtoday until three o'clock, where we will
discuss everything about last night's game,and we have. We were having a
hard time. I actually I wasin bed last night watching this complete implosion.
I was like, I, guys, start thinking of a song because
I was googling all sorts of things, and the first song I thought of
is a classic song, but ithas a little bit of a long interlude

going to the chorus. So we'regoing to try to find a little brevity
once we get our studios back.Work well, we're working on it.
Well, it's a it's a workin progress. So we will maybe try
the at one o'clock. But itwas on a good day for the Local
nine except for Hunter Brown and Brianor brayw and for that matter, Bragman
until the commits that the two costlythe error there that allowed the runners going

on the bass paths. By theway, the exit VLA on the Bragmant
home run, I believe was atfourteen point three. It was ninety four
point something. It was twenty onepoint nine. It was in the nineties.
It was a softly fly ball.Yeah, out the left field.
The XBA, don't care the thethe the XBA was point zero nine zero,
ok, whatever that means. Let'sgo. It was a home run.

It was thirty parks. It wasgone, and I love the I
take personal pleasure of the lazy flyballhome run because the saber Metric people are
like bet youd have lit the ballpark. It did well. It did it
look good because I mean he pulledit all the way to left field,
so perfect for him. How aboutthis? How weird is it the Astros
only score in one inning of gamesthe last week or so? Spin bizarre,

It's it's one of those things baseball, right, we just say it's
just baseball. They can't score inany inning but except one in a game,
and that's all you can move himaround, be five or two or
one. Yeah, it's it's veryvery odd. So, uh, needless
to say, we're a little crankyon the local nine. And I'll tell
truth be told. I'm a bigRyan Presley fan. I like him.

He has been a huge part ofthe Astro success of the last handful of
years, including uh being a closerin the most important spots and being really
good at it. Has he beenmister one two three for a lot of
his career? No, does heget the job done? Yes, And
frankly, after a very very tumultuousstart of the season, had settled on

quite nicely the last few weeks.Again, not a big one two three
guy. Not done any favors byhis defense. Yeah, hit him where
they ain't kind of in that situation. Did allow the double, did allow
the walk, but didn't get anyhelp from from a pass ball, didn't
get a help from Alex Bragman,didn't get any help from a play made
it first base that would have beenmade probably by a third of major league

first baseman maybe about fair, youknow what, half might be too much.
I think it was a difficult play. But they were base runners in
some part, well, actually inlarge part because of Ryan Presley putting him
on the base pack. Yes,if if Braidy doesn't have to cover the
bag at first base, he canlet the ball ground, ground ball,

pass the first base bag grab itthan tasso to Pressley's it's all about defensive
alignment. He did strike out theside, yeah, but eventually it took
a lot of pitches and a lotof sweat and a lot of frustration.
My wife's like, what are youdoing yelling at the at the television,
and I'm like, it's Presley time. But Ryan's having a very underwhelming by

and large, not by and large, it's an underwhelming season. It's a
season that if you were to takea look at it has got a lot
more low downs and ups. Andoh, by the way, you only
score two runs and back to backgame, Yeah, you're not gonna win
a whole lot of baseball games thatway. It is what it is.
Ryan, Ryan Presley can give upa run, you give up four runs,
It's nobody cares if you have sevenseven runs. Yeah, but it

does make you think that in aone run game, are you putting yourself
in a very bad spot, butputting Ryan Pressanther, who does not allow
any room, who he needs alittle bit of a breathing room. If
you're saying it's Taylor Scott season,Ryan Presley had been a lot better last
ten to eleven times that I'm sayingI this was a This was a an

outlier to what has been a prettygood about three week run here for him.
But it was an opportunity and anan opportune time. Just wasn't the
right time give up your runs whenyou're up like four, now when you're
up one and yesterday and I knowthis is going to not necessarily a sparkle
conversation, but last night, maybeit was because it was late, Maybe

because the fact that there are somany parts of this team, whether it
be offense, relief corps or startingpitching that just doesn't gel except when they're
playing the A's yes, thank godfor there's it's starting to rear its ugly
head to me that this isn't goingto get a whole lot better, and

that you can say, well,you're playing the Seattle Mariners, the krem
de la Creme of the America LeagueWest. They're barely over five, so
they do have the great they havegreat starting pitching. Yeah, but it's
so they don't score runs either.Yeah. Their offense is frankly worse than
the Astros. That's honestly. Theresults of the last two games aren't really
shocking. Three to two and afour to two loss. Yeah, it's

not like you're just getting the doorsblown off of you. It's it's Seattle
Mariner's baseball. Guess what, theygot another great starter going today. Guess
what, they got another great startergoing tomorrow. That's just who they are.
And they're not gonna hit much,so you're gonna end up in low
scoring games. So of course becomesunder that much more of a microscope.
You have to make the little plays, the Jose Bray who needs to make

that play. Alex Bregman needs tonot chuck the ball away otherwise you're gonna
lose. And that's what happened anddo some and do some damage and more
than one inning per game. Yeah, that'd be nice. So it'd be
cool. And I got I'm saying, there's so over one hundred games left.
I'm into that, and I knowthat things could yess but to but
yesterday for me, and again I'mgonna maybe chalk it up to being eleven

fifteen at night, but it justlast nighte toen me felt like I don't
I don't want to describe it.This is who they are, this is
Yeah, that's probably what I wouldsay. This is just who they that.
It's going to be very painful toreally beat the elite teams. You
can get fat and happy off ofthe Tigers and the A's and the Rockies

and the Reds, but you stillhave got Baltimore's coming up. You still
got a bunch. You get anothercouple series with Seattle straight ahead, you
can beat the Halos. You thinkthe Rangers are not gonna be a piece
of cake despite their five hundred record, and I'm looking for a it's almost
like got them. You know,they call me mister analogy Ross. Okay,

it's like your son or your daughtergetting a bunch of c's and d's
and they got an A in aclass and you're like, oh, we've
turned the corner. And then youfind out six weeks later they got a
D in a their class. Again. It's like they're regressing back to what
they are this year. Maybe that'swho they really are, and I don't
want to believe that, but yesterdaywas the first sign in my life,

not my life, but in thisseason life that I thought, maybe this
is just who they are. Ithink they can be better than the Rangers
and Mariners, and that's all theyneed to do. I'll put it that
way. Twelve thirteen Matt Tommy Showseven one three two one two five seven
ninety seven one three, two,one two five seven Nightty. We take
this program in through till three o'clock. We got shit yo, bumass up

at one thirty. We have NicoCollins, very rich, and I'm ready
to put my name on something whenit comes to the Texans. Twelve fourteen,
Sports Talk seven ninety more Matt ThomasNow on Sports Talk seven ninety We're

still good enough in the rotation.We have five guys right now and given
us quality starts, I mean,Blanco's been outstanding for us. Jay Z's
turned the corner. He's been good, Tramper's been better, and you guys
saw what Brown is doing. Youknow, when Arraghetties turn in the corner.
This team, this pitching staff isgood enough. You know, if
we have Pamier or Katie, that'sgonna make us even better. But ultimately

we're still good. That's not gonnabreak us. You know. We want
those guys to be healthy, wewant them back, but we're still good
enough. Yeah, I wouldn't counton it with Katie, and definitely urkatie
optimism. There sounds like from whatDanas said, Key doesn't sound good at

all. Maybe Javier, Okay,well it's good. If I'm gonna choose
to have one of them for therest of the season, you would be
Christian Javier. Yeah, and you'refrankly lucky that you didn't put a lot
of money in jose Keatie's pocketbook.He really didn't. I mean, I'm
sorry for that and sorry that hegets hurt, But I mean he's never

been like an eight level guy.No when the playoff, except when the
calendar turns to Octo over for somereason. Yeah, I mean the only
money you've really spent on a picturethat just hasn't been able to give you
anything for what you've asked for.Ransom, who, as I said,
is a gut feeling yesterday, willhave an impact positively on the twenty twenty

four campaign. Let's go, babI got you, all right. I'm
good with that. They need him. You do need them. By the
way, you double crossed your fingers. Yes, I was always told you
only do it with one hand.I to do it. Okay, Well,
next time we go to the Crabstable, Yeah, I want you
to double crap, double cross yourfingers. Hold on, uh, mister

Thomas, I thought you had retiredfrom Crabs. I have, but I
want to. But I don't wantto snitch on anybody. I went to
Circa this weekend and got lost moneythere too. I don't know. It's
like a habit. I don't know. Yeah, hold my own against Blackjack
and I can't do our Vegas tripon it. That's fine, We're going
back to Vegas. Peoples love withSPECTACU. It was absolutely Spectator. I'm

so happy because you're not the biggestBeatles fan, but you love it.
I do like the Beatles. It'sI just like to get more than liking
the Beatles. I like to giveyou bleep, just like I love Stevie
Wonder and I love songs in theKia Life. It is one of the
greatest albums of all time. Apple, Apple, you frankly underrated it put
at number six. Yeah, remembernumber three or four could have been.

Well, you know it's no FrankOcean's Blonde. It's no Lauren Hills.
Is there anyway Lauren Lauren Hill?Okay? Uh but yeah, Uh what
was I going with this? Uh? Yeah, well we're going back to
uh Las Vegas and April for abig contest of ross. Be telling you
about next week or not April August? Yeah, you're close, Well we

could be. I mean, Idon't mind going as often. I'm down
downtown. You know what, I'vegraduated. I'm old now, I just
got I ain't got anybody got timefor a number of things. It's downtown
or nothing for me. I toldmy wife that yesterday that I said,
I think I'm staying downtown the restof my life. I mean two dollars
PBR and dog three to two blackjackeverywhere. Circa is a top level a

casino in the entire city, andit's in the heart of downtown. They've
got three to two fifteen dollars blackjackall day, every day and one of
the most gorgeous books in the entirecity as well, and of our friends
at the road and Rugged right nextdoor, which I you know, I
can get some good room rates theretoo. So yeah, now film it's
place great. He didn't spend money, so I'm not said I didn't give

it the name. I want tobe consistent. But where Yeah, the
downtown is where I'm going to be. The strip is insanely expensive and you
don't get much value and they don'tappreciate it. Triple zero roulette down there.
Yeah, it's ridiculous. Yeah,it's not good, all right,
back to it. So Dana feelsconfident by the pitching, and again when

you're Acida related all out, itdoesn't sound bad right from or can he
be good in Verlander? And RenelBlanco is still spectacular at least he was
against the AA. I don't knowif we have to have some Hunter Brown
got your quality. Sorry yesterday,Hunter Brown is dealing. He was getting
a ton of swinging missus. Hewas, which is huge pitching in rhythm.

I mean it looked like you know, I don't have the data,
Matt, but it looked like hehad from my eye that he had pretty
good shape on his pitches and hewas getting whiffs. Yeah, he looked
great. Yeah, it was reallygood. Deserve the victory. I feel
externally bad for him. Yeah,he has been much maligned this season.
Let's go to uh Doug on sevenninety at twelve twenty five, Doug,

Good, afternoon, Hi guys,how you doing good. So you know,
it's like you said, we've gotgood pitching. They've got good pitching,
so they're gonna be close games.And so in those kind of situations,
you would think you would want youryour most consistent hitters in the ball
game, because you know, thedifference between winning and losing may be you

know, one RBI, two RBI, you don't know, but you take
you know, a guy with twentyRBIs same amount of RBIs as alto they
has, and set him on thebench for two games when we could sure
use a run or two to notlose. And you got Mauricio Dubon and
oh, by the way, hehappens to be a Gold Glover so if

you have to put him in afirst he probably does make that play.
I don't get it. I don'tknow why you would experiment the way he's
doing now against a team that canbeat you when you really need to beat
him if you want to get intofirst place. Mariso Dubon is terrible against
right handed pitching. Luis Castillo isa right hand pitcher. They are going.
It's also I understand that this isa big series and everybody and we

just are in this mode where everygame, oh, this is the biggest
series of the year. It's it'sthe end of May, and they're gonna
give jose braider chance. Is heworse than a brain? No, he's
not, but they're gonna give youthat chance. I don't know if you
know this, Doug. They're payingjose A Braill a lot of money,
so they're gonna give him every chanceto perform. I don't think he's gonna
it around, and I just likeI don't. You probably don't think he's

gonna turn it around. But thisis what they're doing. This is what
they're gonna do. Joseah Brady isgonna be out there. He's gonna get
a chance and he looked terrible inhis at bats last night. I'm with
all of you on that. Butthis is the chance that he is going
to get. It is what itis, and it's not like Maricio Dubon
is some sort of All star hitterwho's opsing over nine hundred and he's a

slap hitter, hit singles, andhe's terrible against right hand and pitching.
So that's why he wasn't in thelineup. And also because they're giving jose
A bray You a chance. Ijust feel like you ought to give jose
A bra You a chance. Youare giving Jose brai You a chance.
That's exactly what you just say.They're giving him a Jose a Braia chance.
It gets a team like the A'snot the Mariners. You're not gonna
pick and choose. And it's likelike the Mariners are the twenty seven Yankees.

They've got good pitching. But itis what it is. He's gonna
have to hit there. They're tryingto get him back to whatever semblance of
competency he can have, which doesn'tseem like much. But they're giving him
the chance because he makes a lotlot of money. I get it.
Anyway, that's just my that's mytwo cents, all right, Doug,
thank you, Yeah, I am. I'm glad you just took that one

because I feel like from here onout we need a unit. I need
to rotate the Dubon. Yeah,the Dubon fan club is real, and
I appreciate Joe and I love MauricioDumont too, But that's just what it
is. It's it's not like hehe is just this huge, slugging hitter
that they're just leaving on the bench. Yeah, I mean he's he's having
a really good season. And honestly, to a little bit of Doug's defense

on this, with the way theteam ross is scuffling offensively, maybe would
play him a little bit more.Yeah, I don't think there's any argument
to that. But to say thatthe Astros offense would be fixed by Mauricio
Dubon and his one home run twelveRBIs this year probably isn't doing. It's

probably putting too much pressure on him. I mean his numbers, here's the
numbers. They're both good. Imean two three against righty's which is not
terrible, really actually very good,three sixty eight against lefties. His ops
is seven seventeen against righty's nine toone against lefties. So he's obviously said
this year, Yeah, this isI'm looking here. I mean, this

is baseball reference. I'm going,yeah, this is her career against Rightyes,
he's he hits two forty eight witha six thirty forty. Ops,
he's having a good season. He'shaving a really good season. So his
numbers are skinned higher. But againthere isn't a lot of pop. But
frankly, there's not a pola popfrom Jose a break at this point.
And yeah, this is the thing, this is something we please, we
have to realize, we have tothink about this when we see somebody who

say, oh my god, MauricioDubond's hitting three nineteen. He has to
be in the lineup every day,don't you think maybe he's hitting as well
as he is because the Astros areputting him in the best matchups. They're
putting him in the best possible situationsto succeed, and that's why he's thriving
in those. So they're trying tosteer him away from situations where he's not
going to hit as well and thenput him into situations where he is and

then his numbers are going to begood. You can't just extrapolate those and
say that's what. He's not gonnahit three twenty if you put him in
the lineup every day, he's nottwo things. One, he's not gonnet.
Three. I feel extraordinarily confident he'snot gonna hit three twenty every single
day. Number two, this isthe one that hurts. The Astros have

got to figure out if they getanything out of hose for you, and
and that's just the reality if theyIf they don't, this will be a
moot conversation in forty five days.Yeah, if the playoffs started today and
our Braidy was in the lineup,that is managing an organizational malpractice, Like
they're screwing up. I would saythis may yeah, yeah, because what
they're doing is is they're not onlynot playing Dubon, but they're also slowing

down the process of a Joey litBrafito to figure out this guy can hit
major league pitchin So I'm not lookedat triple A number. Uh is is
lower Fido playing at first base atall? At this point it had been
and clearly they did not feel comfortableputting him there. When he was up.
All right, it is a twelvethirty on Sports Talk seven ninetie.
The Matt Thomas Show continues. Wegot shut yo ball Max up at one

thirty this day after do come onand be a part of our program today
again, work all basically on thesame page. We're just here to kind
of give you the the real informationabout why some things are done. And
the reality is they've got to figureout if jose air Bray you can stand
this major league roster, induce somethingto contribute because there's a huge financial investment

with him. Seven one three twoone two five seven ninety. We're gonna
see Chas McCormick anytime soon. Bythe way, what I mean the last
two days you got yourn and leftfield. Let's check in on all the
various fan clubs of the Houston Astros. All right, Dubon fan club pissed

all in abundant. By the way, three years ago, when he first
got here, y'all despised, hatedhim, wanted him off the team.
Why does he have to catch jeerbuddy didn't play center field with Vernin or
he sucks? And then he steppedin for two months of l two when
he was gone. It was spectacular. It has been great ever since and
good for us, Yes to theastro. Isn't good for Maricio Dubon's career.
He's won a Gold Glove. Clearlythey don't like if they put him

in first base two games last yearand one game so far this year.
By the way, do you thinkit did? I don't think does Yann
here speak flew in English enough togo him on a radio show. I
don't know why is he coming onthe show? No, because I think
it was Dubon that gave me itwas going to give me a glove.
No, it a lead miss,Daz, a led miss. This is
from a couple of years you saidif they win the World Series, you're

going to owe me a glove.I thought it was a led miss.
Okay, maybe it was. Yeah, you're probably right. All I know
is that we got our guy.Kyle Tucker was gonna get home from my
birthday next Wednesday. Send gifts.I'll take them, though, Okay.
Mis Diaz, by the way,not in the league this year. Pro

way. Go check on Blake's now. I forgot to think I was listening
to a stand North lady. Ohcrime. Many who who's still asking for
more pitching. Our good friend BlakeSnell is zero and three with a ten
point four to era last pitched.Hold on, I'll pull up his goo

old fashioned game logs. I thinkhe has pitched. I know he had
some comments recently. Yeah, let'ssee. He pitched on the twenty seventh
a couple of days ago, fourinnings and he gave up three earned runs.
Not a quality stern really lowered asera though, that's true, went
down from it went from eleven fortyto ten forty. It's gonna happen.
It's good. Shout out to thoseof you with the era's slightly above ten.

I was wondering if it was ashot at Scott Boris. He had
some comments basically saying like it wasstupid to to have my first game facing
live pitching, Like to miss springtraining was a bad idea. Yeah,
well, I think I think ScottBoris has been put in his place a
little bit. Jordan Montgomery, Ibelieve wasn't it. Didn't he fire him?

I think so fired Boris. Somewe fired him last year too.
I think, yeah, I thinkthe I run baseball, not anybody else.
Notion that Scott Boris has is false. He's very powerful, no one
could possibly argue that. But Idon't think he did his clients any good.
I think you're going to see aseismic change in the way that Scott

Boris treats his clients. When termsof getting guys in a lot sooner rather
than later. Apparently Boris were demandingat least one hundred and seventy million from
Montgomery. He ended up getting twentyfive million, and then Jordan Montgomery fired
him. Yeah, good for him. Scott Boris is evil, I mean,
great agent, but a lot ofhis players would disagreement. I understand

that. But he's bad for baseball, yeah, well, and he's bad
for his clients. It's well,he's just taking advantage of the imbalance system
that baseball has where they just refusebecause the players union is show strong.
There was just there's no salary cap. No, so he's gonna try to
take advantage of the best his abilityand so far his clients at leads and

again granted body of works. ScottBoris is the goat of of of frankly
sports agents. I think he's betterthan sports agent. Doesn't that mean you
had to have a little bit ofd bag in you, right, not
a little bit, a lot,okay, a lot ruthless yes, uh,
no emotions whatsoever. Take care ofthe clients and screw everybody else,

including teammates. Self aggrandizing as theywould say, yeah, yeah, looking
out for number one. Scott Boris, Garrett Cole, Grees, Garrett Garrett
Cole, don't have any problem ScottBoris. I think it's I think it's
Scott Borrows. Juju's that he's sick. It kid me a big contract.
Let's go to James and klin.On the Matt Thomas showed James, what

do you have? Yeah, Iwas watching the game last night and uh
in the and the seventh inning,Brian and Bright shut everybody down. And
then they said the woman up Presley. And I'm sure everyone was thinking,
with the one run lead, you'regonna bring in Presley. My thought is,
why don't you bring up Bray whoback in the eighth. He's already
faced three batters, so if hedoes get in trouble, Presley's already ready.

But when you bring Presley and he'sgot to face three batters now,
so you know the chances of you'regetting out of that inning with him having
to face three batteries. Is theway he's been pitching lately is not very
good. So I don't understand whythey just don't do that. Let Brian
Bright who come in the eighth inning, if he's not doing good, well,
then you got prison already warmed up. Uh no, so you don't
have to do two things on that. Again, this is just I think

it's prettycher preference. One is,because you've got to break you out of
the cleaning, you not have himavailable for you today if you need him,
as compared to if you put himin for a second thing, you
probably don't have him for one ortwo days. And secondly, you asked
for my explanation, I'm giving itto you. Do you want I mean,
I mean, okay, thank you, I appreciate that. And number
two, most relief pitchers like tocome in in a clean inning within any

traffic on the base pass that's inlate inning. Guys, that's their preference,
So we'll go that. Yeah,I understand closers like to do that,
but back in the day, andI know you don't want to hear
it back in the day, andI don't want to hear back in the
day, got in trouble, that'swhen they brought the relievers in. They
got well, we got rather startingpictures losses to bring the believer and to
shut it down. And to me, it's like, Okay, Gray,

he's already faced the three batters.Bring him in, and if it gets
in trouble, then already it's May. It's May, James, you're managing
a bullpen for the entirety of theseason. Briana Bray, who's not normally
a guy you have six outs.Josh Hater's done it a number of times,
but that's also because it's been inextenuating circumstances. As far as oh,
this game went into extra innings,it's not something they normally are going

to do with him. And you'retrying to keep him fresh for the majority
for the length of the season.You're you're not. It's you're leverage.
Guys aren't normally getting you six outs. It's just not normal. In in
May, in May, go ahead, and oh, by the way,
Ryan Presley had been really good lately, but go ahead, Okay, well,

I mean you you earlier said thesame thing about President oh Man.
This could go south. And that'skind of what you implied. This could
go south, go fast. AndI thought that too when he came in.
But nevertheless, I don't want totalk about that now. I don't
want to talk about it. Don'tyou think? Yes, just need to
make a trade to turn this aroundand tomorrow tomorrow, Yes, make a
trade tomorrow. Let's trade Ryan Presley. Yes, let's trade Chans mccarmick.

Let's see mankick tyres On Jose Brey. Maybe a culture change of city,
a different city. Okay, uhfor for Trek a Scuobel, you know
what they need to do, callthe a's yes, straight up for that.
Mason Mason Miller, Guy, MasonMiller is a freaking horse. Seriously,

Mason Miller. He probably has thebiggest stones in baseball. I can
throw one hundred and four and beatyours cannot hit it, and you can't
hit it. Go try me beach, is what he says. Yeah,
it's like six' four, six' five, huge throwing one. One

of throws a slider at ninety one. Now he's been getting six outs.
I'll go look a look at oldmI'll go look at old Mason Miller's course,
Mason Miller could also have a shatteredarm within two weeks here. Yeah,
he doesn't pitched very much because theA's don't win a whole lot of
games. Let's go to Jesse attwelve forty one. Hi, Jesse,
Hey, how're be going great?Yeah, so my gripe would be with

the coaching and not a spota.Okay, so let's run that down.
Let's go out. Let's go tothat. Tell me who you don't like
on the Astros staff and why,Well, there's no reason a Hunter Brown
should have regressed how he is withCitron coaching. That's true. Wait a
minute, yeah, well yeah,why hasn't Alice Cintron? Do you think

Centron needs to do a better jobwith Una Brown? No? Well,
how has he regressed as much?This is what his second or third year
pitching? And he looked great whenhe first came in. Okay, So
you want Alex Centron to take thefall for Hunter Brown's lack of success.
Well, the coaching has to bethere, right, I don't disagree,

And you know what, that's agreat point by you, Jesse. I
think we got to start calling outnames here, Alex Centron, let me
tell you some alex centron. Youknow you're ahead from your ass when it
comes to Hunter Brown's development centron.You need to wear this and another thing

you can't. I'm not Donner,I'm not done. Ryan Presley, not
your fault, Troy Snicker, It'son you. And another thing Bregman's issues.
Bill Murphy, answer me on this. Why hasn't Gary Pettis been working

with Hunter Brown a little bit morehimself as well? Let me tell you
something, Dave Clark, I don'tknow what you're doing to Spencerrogatty, but
he has a difficult time getting intoseventh inning of games. Let's fix that
right away. Twelve forty three OnThe Matt Thomas Show seven one three two

one two five seven ninety seven onethree two one two five seven ninety going
to blame coaches. I get it, I just do seven one three two
one two five seven ninety. Listenedto Matt Thomas Anywhere with our free iHeartRadio
app Number one for music radio andpodcasts all in one, you know,

like Matt Thomas, Sports, nut, Cheese ball, and Hotel Snob all
in one. More on the Astroscoming up at the top of the hour.
This coming in just a few minutesago charges being dropped against Scottie Scheffler
and illegal saga. It began withimages of the top male golfer being arrested

in a handcuffed at Louisville, Kentuckyduring the PGA Championship. Free Scottie.
So now he's free. That happening. It was about ten days ago,
give or take. I guess.So, yeah, I think you and
I said, let's slut everything settledown if the story is straight. Yeah,
I had louis police like video comeout to where it looks like nothing

happened. Yeah, terrible. It'spretty crazy to me that this officer flat
out blatantly lied on the police reportwhen they're there's video evidence. I mean,
I guess it shouldn't surprise me.And then all by the way,
first time he did not turn outhis jacket either with the video camera on,
and so that didn't help the causeeither, and got admonished by the

Louisville Police Department for not having hiscameron. I mean, is it too
far to say that this person shouldbe removed from their job? How can
you be an officer when you blatantlylied you filled out a police report?
And filed one that it was acomplete fabrication and they have you on video.

We don't need to really get it. Yeah, I guess can I
just can give you a generic say, Okay, I just think it was
a five o'clock in the morning,terrible scene with a vitality. And I
know that cops are are supposed towork in into all different types of circumstances
no matter what the time they traviseddespair situation. It just felt like to

me, this was just a massive, massive, big misunderstanding. Okay,
but the guy said he was draggedfor twenty feet and had wrist injuries and
bruises. Don't forget it's broke hisgens and his pants were irreparably damaged.
It said, where's that guy thatcalled this? And said one percent,
Scotty Schffler was in the wrong.Oh that guy won't call Okay, yeah,

I'm a police officer, Scotti Scheffler. This is one hund percent.
Do you know who I am?He's in the wrong. So I'm going
to tell you something for the restof my life. And this gives you
yet another example of let's hold offhere, give de terminate guilt judgment.
Yeah, guilt or innocence. Youknow, I don't know if you don't
know this, Uh do you knowthe first time that I think we ever

had to deal with whether or notan initial story we were supposed to believe
was true or not. This isthis was this is a sports that would
be when Paul Revere said the Britishwere coming. No, No, I
was not doing radio at the time. Oh, okay, radio sports is
Bill Clinton and Monica Lewentz. No, this is not this something sports really
Okay, Duke Lacrosse. Ah,that was a big, big, big

deal. That was. I wasn'ton air. I don't remember. I
was in high school or college.I think that was younger. It was
younger in my career. But thatwas a huge firestorm conversation. And now,
to a much smaller extent, haveyou heard about the former Jacksonville Jaguars
kicker what's the guy's name, BrendonMcManus briand McManus now with the Washington Commanders,

Yes, has been accused by twoflight attendants on a flight last year
between Jacksonville and London of sex ofsexual misconduct against not just one but two
flight attendants on the flight and thereis obviously there's some lawsuits being filed sexual

assault, sexual assault, which I'mthinking and again I'm not the investigator on
this situation, rubbing himself and grindingagainst them. Yeah. So here here
are my two quick observations on that. Number One, how does look?

I know a seven forty seven isa big plane, but is there a
lot of sneak away area where hecould do that with two people and not
a single person noticed that what wasgoing on? And you had all these
people on the plane, his teammatesthat were saying nothing about this. Did
you see who's representing the two women? I did not. You can probably
guess. Is it rhyme with BustyRarden? No? These other one?

Oh no, are oh busty witches, Busty Barden. We're not talking about
your late night Google searches. Giveme the who is it? Then?
Tony Busby, Tony Busby, RustyHarden's representing the the young man that's suing
Florida. I think that is correct. And Billy Napier, Yes, University

of Florida for yah. Yeah,yeah, okay, So that's the first
thing I thought of was, howdoes this happen in a relatively small area
doesn't mean it couldn't have happened.And number two, that plane trip took
place during the last season, whyare we just hearing about it now?

And I guess time just doesn't Acounter just does not determine guilt or in
And I mean there are there arewomen who have these types of things happen
sure never come for for sure becausefeelings of guilt and not being believed and
all that stuff. So again,what we're gonna do here on this show
when it comes to that particular case, and then we're gonna be discussing the

case, but we're gonna hold offjust we kind of like we held off
on the the Sean Watson situation.We had to hold off, and we
kind of had to until certain moreand more cases came out and more and
more evidence came out. And byabout case, once we got the case
for to we kind of figured theguy's a sexual predator. So uh,

but that just again shows you that, first of all, we don't ever
practice law on this radio show orthis Orange Sports radio and we shouldn't.
But there were a lot of peoplethat ran to this radio show the day
that happened that We're ready to convictScotty Scheffler of being bigger than the law,
and do you know who I am? And that was just the opposite.

So that's all I'm saying. Let'sjust hold off. No, we
got a rush to judgment. Wegot to a hot take immediately, and
then, by the way, whenevidence of the contrary comes out, we
dig in our original take. Idon't I don't care what they said.
I know what I know. Basically, let's go to Jason and King one
of the Matt Thomas show. Jason, what's going on thy guys? Uh

so, Matt, did you I'mout there in Kingwood. Did you hold
power yesterday? No? Oh,it must be nice man. We were
without power again for another thirteen hours. Well that's why you got to call
seven one and three quality. Mybrother, seven one three quality gets that
generation stand by a generator. Let'sgo what are you waiting for your big
Jason? Your big money Jason?You your big money Jason Vegas. We

did, thank you? What youyour big money? Come on? Now,
let's go send one three call right? Yeah, I wish, I
wish. So he's a quick questionfor you guys. What n L team
do you think is going to makethe most sense for us to trade chass
to to get a relief Patrio,because ultimately we're gonna need one. Ryan
Presley had another melt down. Idon't know if that's gonna work out for

us in the long term. SoI feel like we're gonna end up moving
him forward some reliever, and Idon't think it's gonna be from a team
in the AL. What do youguys think? I'll have a good day.
Thanks for the phone call. Firstof all, I would not exclusively
hold it to an American to aNation League team. Now, do general
managers like to work with deals withteams they had a relationship with before.
Absolutely, but I would if theAstros are going to make a deal,

I wouldn't necessarily say it's guaranteed tobe a Nationalague team. It's probably a
Nation League team, yeah, probably, but but I wouldn't say it's a
it's a guarant it's definitely gonna happenthat way. So, Mason Miller,
how's it going over there? MasonMiller? Is gonna cost somebody's team multiple
high end prospects? Yeah, Andthe Astros have zero high end prospects and
I mean zero what I don't know. Joey Loprafito would like a word.

Uh, Joey lo Perfito is notbringing is not bringing you back? Man?
Do you mean Joey loperfdo is thesavory of this organization? Have you
not heard people on Twitter? Youcould send Joey Libraffito, Pedro Leon,
Will Wagner all that it ain't gonnabring you back, Mason Miller. But
I'll say this if you if youwere to make it, if real quick,
we'll think about this for thirty seconds. If the Astros made a trade

today, right this second, whatwould they go get? It would be
shocking. But we can discuss afterthis time out. We also have shut
your ball mass up at one thirtyand unfortunately a musical tribute to last Night'saint
Thinning. And you'll be fun friends, but we're here for each other.

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two rolph ball softly hit right sideright at bliss. He picks it up
and throws out Regnant two out Regmanreaching for a breaking ball off the plate

away and now the endfield can backup this. Alvarez is still a third
a two to one brown ball leftside waiting on it the third basement Rojas,
he has it, guns it overto first in time, and the
side is retired. Astros had arunner at third and one out, but
failed to score. The one roundedsharply off the glove of a diving up
bray You and in the right field. Class A scores. Bliss goes to

third, Rojas in the second andit is a two two ball game.
Blistard by Rojas. A bray Youdiving had it hit off it looked like
the thumb of his first basementsman andcarried on in the right field for an
RBI doubles peeled in the one twobrown ball weekly hit. Ragman charges gloves,

doesn't have a play at hope andit throws it away to first,
so Plea's score it already. Rojaswill score as well. Rodriguez goes to
second on Regnant's blunder, and theMariners have a for to two League one,
a disaster for the Astros to one, and Singleton hits it in the
air. Left fields coming in IsraelLeague. He's there, makes the catch.

If that is the ball game.Houston Astros blow a one run League
Marenders scored three times in the eighth, and Seattle picks up the four to
two victory to take the first twogames of this four game series. Oh
the walls did a Cumlin crumbling down, singer jcp Oh goodness. We're blaming

coaches, We're blaming managers, We'reblaming front office or blaming ownership. When
you're a massively under five hundred,underachieving, you're gonna everybody's gonna catch him
a blame. It is what itis. This has been the most underachieving
baseball team in Major League Baseball thisyear. I think I would agree with
that unless you had high expectations forthe Reds. I don't know maybe,

and I don't know. Didn Marlin'sfans think they're gonna be five hundred team
this year? I hope not.All I'm saying is we're catching a blessing
here. If the Astros are playingin a normal American League West with normal
good teams. Yes, they're outof the playoff race today, and we're
thinking about selling this franchise off pieceby piece. Even with the losses the

last two games, they're five anda half hour. If they were in
the AL Central, yes, theywould be thirteen games back. Yeah.
Now that we can't even say theEast because Houston's ever been the East of
anything except the Rockets back in theseventies, so we can't count that.
Okay. If they were in theNational League West, which could have been
a possibility, if Arizona would havegone to the American League and the Astros

would have stayed in the National League, what would have happened at this point?
They would be it looks like tengames back, all right. And
if they were the Astra if theywere in the Nation League Center, which
they were for many many years,where would they be at this point?
Well, if you're making me doall this quick math, they would be
seven and a half games back.Okay, so we're in a good spot.
Yes, five and a half out. Astro's the worst division leader in

baseball is the Mariner? Yeah,Astros on Deck seven thirty. I'll have
it for you tonight and I'll beon the tenth Inning show. Wow,
which means I'm gonna be really crankytomorrow and you won't see you till eleven
fifty five. That's fine. Wework but the less we see each other,
the more with the better we worktogether. Is that how it works?
I think? So less is more? Okay and the boy And now

you'll be doing a ninety minute nightcaptonight. Do you want me to?
Yeah? I do you really do? Why do it for you? You
mean to tell me you'd rather haveyou want to subject the audience to Rob
Poka and Chris Busad for half anhour? I think it's a great lead
in for you. No, I'msaying, well, I don't think you're
a particularly a great host, andno one really listens that show. It's

hey, if my mom listens,sometimes it's better than dull noise or horrific
sports shakes. And that show isa terrible, terrible leading to astros Ondack.
Okay, six to seven thirty,it is the night cat. Oh
well, actually you got to getapproval of somebody else who let me go?

Look, wait a minute, whywhy are you wait? Somebody's worked,
somebody's working the double shift today.We wait a minute, where's Dan
Matthews. He's out today, he'svery busy. What is he doing?
I don't know probably screaming about theastros lineup somewhere. Now, wait a
minute, so I hold the hold, hold you have to work all these
hours today? Yeah, oh mygod, are we paying? And we've

gone off there and we've had toswitch studios and then we had to switch
back, and then you're asking forJohn Cougar Mellencamp. I'd resign right now.
We'd be paralyzed without you at thispoint. I'd go in to ericson
right the second and say double pay, be your I'm out, and then
he'd say, all right, seeyou later. He wouldn't, Actually he

would, but that's a different issuefor a different time. You might be
you might be like the second longestproducer tenure we've ever had in the history
of this show. How long haveyou been here? Probably like eight months
now. When you get you,when you get two years, eight months,
we're gonna get you, We're gonnahave We're gonna be a massive celebration
for you. Yeah, tell uswhen you hit a year since the Halloween
I've been here, I would say, we would like to keep you right.

Because you were wearing the Batman costume, we would know, we would
like to give you attention bonus.But we don't get bonuses out here ever,
so that's never gonna happen for you. What are you talking about?
One time one year we got jacketsfor a bonus. Why don't you go
to Eddie's office again. You'll giveyou a big high five, so you'd
be lucky that you're working, allright. Seven one three two one two

five seven Natty seven one three twoone two five seven Natty. It is
a bad Tapas show. We'll getyou. We'll get you that eleven dollars.
Sometimes it gives you to get theMoody's marm of view. They're a
sponsor. We can say, let'sgo to Kenny and Meadows place in the
Mount Thomas show. Kenny, goodafternoon. Hey guys, I'll tell you

what I got to give you alot of credit for hanging in and such
a bad time. But uh,you know, I started listening to to
the Cold forty five. I wasa little kid in the radio, you
know. And actually my first jobI was walking up down Colt Stadium saw
on ice cream and a styfham.I have a styrofoam cooler with with dry
ice in it. But uh,anyway, this this year is just I'm

just just so frustrated. You know, it's just some things going on that
doesn't seem like anybody's accepting responsibility forit. You don't know if it's the
manager, the coach, you know, the front office or what's going on.
I mean, I can't believe theysent low fr Fedo back down.
I can't believe they're not playing duVaughn all the time. I mean,

with what he's doing, he shouldbe in that lineup and bregnant that guy
at the first base and third base, you know, it's just killing him.
And uh, you know, Iguess I can just hang up and
listen, but oh my god,I just can't be just just just just
a tough deal, you know.Yeah, I'll appreciate you guys. All

right, Kenningropate, thank you forthe phone call. This is not pleasant.
I mean, it isn't. We'vehad such a good time covering talking
about this baseball team for the longestperiod time, but we knew it was
going to come to an end.I thought, well, maybe we were
a year away from that. Ithink still we are. How about that.
What's up? Okay, give usthe eternal hope that you are.

You need to spread of the audienceright now. Renault Blanco has been an
ace from Ravaldez is going to beokay. The jord On Alvarez is going
to hit eventually. He hasn't reallybeen hitting consistently all season long. You're
going to remove the absess that isJose A. Bray You from this lineup
within a couple of weeks if hedoesn't produce, and then you're gonna call
back Joey Liperfito or whoever, oryou're gonna go to du Bonnet first.

The lineup is gonna improve that way. Ryan Presley wasn't good last night,
but in his last ten eleven outingshe's been very good, as has been
Josh Hater and Brian A. BrayYou. Taylor Scott has been a revelation.
And oh, by the way,as I mentioned, you have the
fewest wins of any division leader inBaseball's in the American League West. If
if we were in the Central orany if the guard if the Mariners had

as many wins as the Guardians,yeah, I'd be with you. They're
done. They got a shot,and then you get into the playoffs and
the rotations whittled down. If youcan have like Blanco Verlander. Well,
we're not gonna count on the Colors. And if you want to see Jose
Brian Bray, you pitch two innings, He'll do it for you. Yeah,
and then you're gonna get those guysgiving you six innings. I'm a
sixty six outs. Yeah, I'mnot giving up. I'm just saying this

is. I don't this is.This is more painful than we thought it
was going to be. They hadwon twelve out of fifteen and now they
just lost two one run game ina two run game. And here's the
thing. As good as Seattle's pitchinghas been, we've seen it for the
last two days. We're gonna seeGeorge Koby today. George Kirby is.
I don't know what Regaez has nothad the amazing year that people thought he

was going to have. Yes,and with George Kirby struggling this year,
but he has always shut down.I mean, does he has he even
surrender to run to the astros is? George is George Kirby name you would
use as a hotel alias name,George Kirby. Uh No, remember when,
uh when I thought you were gonnabe da Helios when Jan Brady said

she had a boyfriend. His namewas George Glass and nobody believed it until
George Glass came over. That's true. Maybe very Brady movies underrated. Oh
uh, Christine Williams who played Marciavery properly rated. Oh is that u
Ben Seller's wife? Yeah, she'svery very pleasant. Okay, but yeah,

George Glass was a real thing,and George Kerby is a real thing.
Yes, you guys want to findme in the road this year in
the NBA, I'm going to useGeorge Kirby's in alias multiple places. That
sounds good to me. All right, So don't give up on the Astros.
I mean it's not looking good.That had been fun. No,
but again five and a half andguess what ROSSI use put in the next
two games? Very possible one rungames. You know what. You're three

and a half out going home careeragainst the Astros. Four starts, one
fifty nine era for George Kirby,one fourteen of the Matt Thomas Show.
Shut your bum ass up a bitfor your pregame. Ooh I could use
that. Thanks for that. OnDecad seven thirty, Uh, shut your
bum ass up in fifteen minutes hereon the Matt Thomas Show seven one three,
two one two five, seven ninetywith a word right now for Tecus

Internet t ac ch Us dot comslash Radio. I want to tell you
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You don't sign a contract, youpay month a month in that rate
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too. That's Taxis dot Com slashRadio. Matt Thomas returns on Sports Talk
seven ninety. We need to congratulateNico Collins for getting a big fat contract

to sign an extension with the HoustonTexans. Gonna put him in some pretty
high salary numbers among NFL water receivers, but not the highest. Didn't reset
the market. Yeah, three yearsseventy two. How much of that is
guaranteed? I think fifty something,Yeah, Hannah Adam, like's a good

day. Oh yeah, Human SportsCenter will have a complete down to the
scent fifty two million. I justlooked at it again. I but you
know, my general philosophy is aboutsalaries, is that if if your lights
out and play amazingly well, noone really cares. Like no one would
have cared of Rafael Montero would havea sub three ERA for every moment of

his astro's career after signing that bigdeal, we would just applaud it.
Jose Brey, you hits three ohsix with twenty six bombs. Nobody cares.
Making nineteen and a half millions outhere. Yeah, well he's having
dream Oh no, what kind ofdreams he's having. I'm dreaming of him.
Having a competitive ab is better inthis first game than a second game

for sure. Back to Niko.So I'm ready put my name on something.
Okay, get the file out rightnow and let me get the nose
strongest file. It's fine. You'regonna hate it when I'm right okay.
And by the way, Connor,who's working a twenty four hour shift here
at seven ninety and his Texans geartoday. Don't get mad at any Texans
inside when I tell you that.Okay, I'm putting my name on this

one, which means if I'm right, I super brag about it. If
I'm wrong, you are to destroyme. Yes, Stefan Diggs one and
done in Houston, Texas. Yeah, okay, uh, you know what,
I'm putting my name on this.It will be humid in Houston tomorrow.
No, wait, man, that'snot That's not the same under any
circumstance. Okay, you are saying, oh, they could franchise tagging,

they could go Yeah, I'm notsaying that. I'm puting my name on
it. Stefan Diggs place one seasonin Houston, period, end of story.
All right, there's no second season. Yeah, I think I think
at this point with with the dollarsbeing spent on Nico Con Nico Collins,
yes, the sign is clear thatAnd we talked about this today that Stefan

backed out of the last three yearsof his contract. There was only gonna
be room to pay for one ofthem. Yeah, you've got Nico Collins
locked up for a years and yougot tanked oll look at the situation since
any right now, t Higgins.Higgins is still pissed, He's still not
very happy, He's still not happyhe got friends. I mean, I
don't know, and there might bea case of this, but how many

NFL teams, Rossie, do spendcrazy money on their number one and their
number two receivers. There probably issomewhere that there's big money spent, but
I just nothing comes across my mindwhere Mike Evans and Chris Godwin making big
money in Tampa Bay. That's thefirst that would feel like that, that
would make some sense. I feellike it's happened. It's rare though.

You don't normally spend a lot ofmoney in that position, and especially I
mean college receivers. It used tobe it would take you what it would
be like Nico Collins. It'll takeyou a couple of years to really have
an impact. I mean, lookat what they now. You're having a
lot of rookie guys come in andhave a huge gym. Look at the
chiefs did they said, you knowwhat, Tyreek Hill, you're just making
too much money. We're going tosend you off. Well yeah, I

mean, if they made the Dolphinsmade him the highest paid wide receiver and
when he went close, they justcouldn't afford it. And well they went
back to back Super bowls without them. Yeah, alms, they have that
guy named Patrick Mahomes. Yeah,well that they basically said, we can
put. We're going to pay reallyamong our past catchers, only super big

money and there wasn't enough room forTravis Kelsey and Tyreek Hill on the same
team. H helped me out.Who was the uh Vegas receiver that moved
DeVante Adams? Davante Adams from GreenBay to the Raiders. Yes, they
paid him a crazy amount of cash. Yeah, and they said, you
know what, oh, Davonta Smithand A. J. Brown are making

a bunch of money. That's agood example, but it's rare. So
with that being said, I thinkwe need to sit back and enjoy this
and hopefully Stefan Diggs gets the textinto a spot that they're in the Super
Bowl. By the way, areyou a big pro football focused guy?
What do you think? I thinkyou love pro football? I like it

a lot. I don't think it'san end all be all as far as
the ratings and stuff like that.Now, you do believe those people do
have sex with people. They don'tjust stand there in their parents, married
with children. Yeah. Okay,they have the Texans on their after their
off season as the seventh best teamin the NFL. Uh Okay, Now

that doesn't that that that puts teamslike Kansas City in front of them,
Philadelphia in front of them. Howare they ranked in Super Bowl odds or
no? Just roster composition. Okay, I'm going to the website. I'm
trying to pull down. Okay,as far as talent on the ross,
yes, too deep, roster,how they draft, how they address things
in draft, how they address thingsin for agency. And that's that's a

spot that text has not been invery much in their in their entire NFL
career. Yes. And the recommendationfor their nine and a half win told
take the over. Okay, theysaid strength receiver room, Yes, weakness
offensive line from last year. Yes, those are the strengths and weaknesses from
last year. Yeah. So Ithink if you're seventh, which they have.

Actually they have the Texans ranked higherthan the Bengals, that should give
you pause to say, you knowwhat, not every one versus two and
PFF's rankings go to the Super Bowl. Every higher than the Cowboys, Yeah,
higher than the Bills. You've gotBaltimore in front of them. You've
got Kansas City in front of them. And who else is in front of

them? Another one? They havethe nine Ers. Okay, AFC,
let me pull up the list.I mean I have the list, but
it's the Chiefs are second. Thenthey have the Jets fourth. Yeah,
they love the Jaron Rodgers is there. Yeah, game changer on that and
they have a lockdown defense. Soput it this way, it's not going
to be an easy challenge to winthe AFC. But there are good enough

people that are gonna say, youknow what, this this squad is currently
constructed, it's got a puncher's chance. I would say this. Don't you
feel more confident about them making adeeper playoff run than even after all those
AFC Syle Championship teams of the lastten years? I would say so.
I mean the confidence level was reallyhigh with Deshaun Watson, but I think

their their defense wasn't good enough.And then Deshaun Watson would have a spectacular
season, didn't They have a greatseason, won the year and they went
four and twelve. Yeah, hewould throw for three fifteen four touchdowns.
It wouldn't be enough. It justfeels different a little bit for whatever reason.
With c J. Stroud. It'sit's a certain something that I just
can't put my thumb on. Ifeel much more confident with c J.
Stroud and this offense, the weaponsthey have, and then Demiko Ryans at

the helm of the defense. Ithink as the head man. I think
the reasons why you feel the waythat you feel is that Demico Ryans is
the coach we actually one hundred percenttrust and not gonna be perfect, but
is going to still have a bettergrasp of things than the back days of
Gary Kubiak and ending to Bill O'Brien. Bill O'Brien, Yeah, and Demico
o Ryan's greater than Bill O'Brien.There's no argument. Jay Stroud, I

would say, greater than prime DeshaunWatson. Even I know it's I know
I'm not ready to do it.I'm not I'm not gonna do it.
It's too early because because what's gonnahappen shots the games, Baby, he's
making the throws. I'm going towatch the games, that's right. I'm
not gonna jump at conclusions. I'mnot jumping to conclusions in Twitter. I

sinked it. Ce J Stroud isthe truth. I like to watch a
month of play the month. Okay, four games? Okay, give me
twenty, give me sixteen eighteen startstotal of his career. He missed two
games, right, yeah, twogames something like that. So give me
give me nine twenty starts. Okay, and I'll annoying to him. We'll

have a big ceremony here on theshow. Dipping your toe in the water,
you can be ready to jump.Let me tell you something. If
that water's hot on my getting out, the water's cold, I don't want
everything shriveling up. What's wrong withthe hot tub? If it's too high,
it's gonna burn you. Well,Deshaun burned us. Okay, that's
true. You know what. Iwill also put my name on this.

C J. Shroud will not gettwenty five women suing him for sexual misconduct
and putting my name on it.You're say anything less is okay? No,
I don't think you're saying that.Twenty four we'll see. Oh my
gosh, you're the worst. Ladiesand gentlemen. It's time for us to
tell some people to shut their bumbasses up. You have any idea I
can guarantee you kind of. We'regonna let you go first today because I

feel like you got a few thingsyou want to rattle off if you want
to tell somebody to shut their bumbass up. Seven one three two one
two five Sevenatti seven one three twoone two five Seminy. Ain't nobody got
time for something? Let us knowabout that too. Seven one three two
one two five Sevenatti here again,here again here, let me get tampa

it here, let me get tampait. Dear, let me get damp
deer again. Tamp here again here, let me get tampa it. This
will be the most cathartic twenty fiveminutes of your work week, of your
life for that matter. Wow,we don't judge. We let you spout

a little bit. Well, wewill certainly judge you quiet like. Yes,
ain't nobody got time and I justdon't. That's not just some good.
It's until tomorrow. We don't doit tomorrow, sastros, anybody got
time for that? And shut yourbump ass up? Okay? Set one
three two one two five seven NINTIsept One three, two, one,

two, five seven ninety to theuber driver in Las Vegas? Was I
there? No? Okay? Whowas playing eighty M music so loud in
our car that my son and I, who were in the same backseat couldn't
have a conversation. Anybody got timefor your crappy music that no one likes

except you? Dosh, you gotBush, you got Buffus for a tip,
so suck it. Did you giveone star as well? No?
Okay, no tip is fine,but seriously, the stars up. Look,
uber drivers, we love you,we appreciate you, and I do
tip you ninety eight percent of thetime. But blaring your music is just

rude. Yeah, putting it onvery loudly is bizarre. But also I
don't know is that I'm trying tosee his perspective. Maybe people talk to
him too much and he doesn't liketalking. I don't know why I'm not.
I'm not ready to talk to you. If you want to have a
conversation, I'm good, but Iwon't start it. I will sing nothing
and close my eyes and be veryhappy. But don't play music that is

first of all god awful, andnumber two, play at a level where
I got blood coming out of myears. I got one for you.
Our Uber driver to the airport inVegas said that he had been driving for
sixteen hours and then when he wasdriving a little shaky, he was like,
in between the lane, Oh no, me and my brother are looking

at each other like anybody got timefor bad? Everybody got time. And
if you've been driving for sixteen hoursstraight, don't tell you your passengers.
Nobody wants to hear that you you'rein desperate need of sleep. That was
concerning I guess I'm not that.Nobody got time for that. Nobody got
time for more? One more forme? Sorry? Okay, anybody got

time for you? B bork bborkfrom my son who loves roller coasters to
charge twenty five dollars for a ninetysecond ride and the re ride is only
ten dollars. Ooh, two ridesfour minutes, thirty five dollars. Ain't
nobody got time for that. Ain'tnobody got time used to get all day?

Passed the six flags with a canof coke and a dollar or two
dollars. And by the way,everybody in Las Vegas maids matrodees Dorman,
Yes, that got it. Thatcalls your cab, puts your day hand
back inside your pants, your pocket, or you're pocketing around. Time for
chipping every single human being on earth, everybody you get nickeled in dimond.

Nobody got time for that. Theygot time for that, all right?
I one more Vegas one Matt,Yes, and you will appreciate this one.
I was at Merca Messino. Okay, casino, we're gonna be there
in August, that's true. Andfor the second time in my life I
saw this. A young man gota six and a six in blackjack.

The dealer was showing a ten andhe split. The absolute worst decision you
could make on that felt I believewould be splitting sixes against a ten,
and he did it. Ain't nobodygot time for that. Ain't nobody got
time. I got one more.Let's go me and one of the guy
at the table. Dealer showed asix bus card, he had a twenty.

He split his twenty. That's thetechnical right, Ah, it's a
technical right. Twenties win what ninetypercent of the time I don't even know.
Totally take the damn twenty and don'tbe a greedy bac shut your bumb
ass up. Split in ten guy. Shit, So bum ass up,

man, Donnor, we're delayed ingetting to you. You have the next
minute and a half at least gofor it. Well, yeah, as
you guys already alluded to, Igotta have a long day today. It
started off with some technical difficulties.You were off the air, having to
scramble to a different studio. Sojust as of late, been dealing with
a lot of technical stuff. Anybodygot time for shows not running smoothly.

Everybody, including the audience, wantsit, so anybody got time for it?
Nobody got time for it? Uh, and then anybody got time for
me having to do thirty extra minutesof work for Ross's nightcap today. Hey,
and then you're gonna said I wasgonna go first, and then got
some five minutes into the segments.Shut you. Oh my shitsup, man,

I didn't hear you say he wasgoing first. I missed that,
So that's my fault. You don'twant to do We're gonna make We're gonna
do a pull question. Yeah,okay, between seven and seven thirty do
we do sports RV after Dark?Is that the name of your show?
It's called The Night Rob Brussard andChris Park or whatever the hell their name
is, Rob rob My Soughts.Is it telling me the New York Nicks

have finished? Well, so well, let's let the audience aciety. I
actually don't this is I'm gonna haveto leave the room. Yeah, I'd
be uncomfortable. I know, Isaid anybody got time for it, but
I kind of agree with what Mattsaid. So his reasoning was too good.
So we have to do it.We have to do an extra thirty.
Okay, seriously, that show isembarrassing our network, our network.

You want to do a weekend showtogether, you and I we called the
rosst Matt Show on weekends would bebetter than anything. Oh well, although,
boy, Ryan Hounds is a showon Sunday. So here when they
cut the check, let's go,let's go. I'm you know I'm doing,
We're doing. I'm gonna be comingup here. No, he's here's
the access at home? Okay?Yeah, all right? Oh look who's
here? Our buddy James and gardennotes. Christ keep it brief seven one
three two one two five seven ninetyseven one three two one two five seven.

If you're mad about something, getit off your chest. Seven one
three two one two five, sevenninety James on seven ninety, Good afternoon,
High James, Well, thank youfor taking my call. Man.
Hey, listen, I got winof this a little bit late. You
know that series that ended, youknow, tragical me for my New York
Knicks and everything. They had anice little season and everything, and that

Jalen brunching is great. But thatstunt that that punk ast dude put when
you put on that sweater and youknow like that, you know, and
it it signified that you know thatthe Knicks trope. No, it wasn't.
It wasn't. It didn't go downlike that. It wasn't like that.
And that was a nice ending forhis season against the Boston Celtics at
least I know for sure if theKnicks would have been healthy, wise they

would have put up a better showingagainst the Celtics. But this wasn't about
that anyway. Thank you for takingmy call. I don't understand a word
he said, which one is puton a sweater about the Knicks in the
Celtics. I don't know. Let'sjust move on. Thank you James for
your insycle analysis. We don't understanda word you said. Fantastic as always
set one three two one two fiveSecinnati said one three two one two five

Sevenati, Terrence, what's the matterwith you? To the Uber passenger who
complained about the volume and choric ofmusic of the driver and didn't politely ask
him to turn it down? Shutyour bumb ass up man, shits o,
bum ass up man. To thecollar on the radio show, who

I don't think I have to explain. We're the customer, not the shut
their bum asses up man, shitso, bum ass up man. Yeah,
blaring music as a as a driveris a little weird. I don't
think I have to say anything.You know what I used to do when
I was an Uber driver. See, I wish you would do some more
Uber driving. We quite frankly,Houston, misses you. I didn't do

so hot in Vegas. You have, I'm calculating my funds. You'd have
such great material on the show,but none of it that would be on
the show. So I would seea group of people and then I would
try to guess what type of musicthey liked. And maybe this is just
profiling, but I would be like, Okay, it's a young couple in

their twenties. I'm going to putit on this station and see if they
liked the music. And then whenthey did, it was just like a
little game I made for myself,just randomly. You deserve no stars,
no tips. Why would you dothat to your customers. No, I'm
trying to guess what music they liked. Try to get something they like,
you do. I thought you weretrying to air them. No, I'm
not foll you know what. Anybodygot tired for you? I was reading

this one. This is from NickMatt. Can you tell at our underscore
forts and ain't nobody got the timefor him missing a very fun bachelor party
in Arizona and then our underscore fortscomes back? That's bull I just had
a kid, Lol. Nick,you cannot leave the wife, you kid.
Nick. You cannot tell Ryan toleave his new child. You can

tell him, but telling his ladyis a different thing. Why don't you,
Nick, Why don't you go runhim miss Fortune and find out what
she has to say about this wholesituation. Yeah, she would tell you
to shut your bumb ass up.Mah, shut your bum ass up,
man? Absolutely, uh uh,Brian, you did the right thing,
Nick, Does Nick have kids.Is Nick married, Nick have a girlfriend

or is he just a single?Oh no, he's got bachelor party,
so he must have been his mess. We say this. Listen how this
hey, Nick. In a coupleof years, we'll see how this thing
turns out for you when you whenyour boys go to Vegas and you can't
go because you got a new child. A bunch of frogs seven one three
two one two five seven douty sepone three two one two five seven Ounty
more of shut your bumb ass up. Now you know who hasn't called yet,

So maybe we get a full halfhour without a certain caller to the
show complaining about something. Okay,we had James of Gardoaks, Yes,
who also is usual a Thursday stapleof shut yobamass up. He who shall
not be named. That's exactly right. Seven one three two one two five
seven Autie with a message here forthe Shell Federal Credit Union Shell FCU wants

to give away eleven thousand dollars thismonth and every month through the month of
August. And you can get apart of it right now by doing one
of two things. Be one oftwo lucky winners to grab five hundred dollars
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fc gets a debit card, usesit twenty times for things like restaurants and
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to win eleven ten thousand dollars.So a total of eleven thousand dollars given
away each month, every month thissummer, all through the Shell Federal Credit
Union. Where Dreams Do Come True. For more details, go to shell
FCU dot org. That shell f'udot org. Start envisioning your future.

Dreams will come true, especially withmoney in your pocket from the Shelf Federal
Credit Union. Matt Thomas Life GoalsWatch Cheer Win Repeat. Oh you thought
I was talking about sports. HellNo, Matt has serious prices, right

dreams. How he has time forsports in between reruns just boggles the mind.
All right, here we go seveone three, two, one,
two five seven ninty. What's thematter with you all? Today? We're
here for you. On the MattThomas Show seven one three, two,

one two five, seven ninety.Let's go next to longest wait Roger on
seven on it, Roger, what'sthe matter with you? Hi? Got
happening? Matt Hey? Uh?She just slows out to Jeff Bagwell Dana
Brown for taking or busted ass orbray you and saying, oh yeah,
he's great. Swing looks very brilliant, like never before, and then dragging

him the sugarland where he's probably ahuman wind will jelly. Brad's again.
Oh yeah, swings like never before. He's corrected, He's good. And
also to uh to James's Only Coloredradio show, a Houston based radio show
and forever talking about what's ever goingon in New York. As you can
see tell it by the swamp assdeveloping in your shorts. This is not

new All. This is Houston.So that I say, shut your bomb
ass up, shit, Tobam massup man Roger. I think James is
the leader of getting people that Ilove. Brad is up there. Can
I tell you something And this isnot a nice thing to say, but
you know what we speak in Isay yes, I love collar on collar

of violence. Absolutely, it's great. I love hosts on host violand sometimes
oh we know you do love thatmatter? Fay we do for a honest
ross segment, aren't we soon rightsaying I've already answered all the questions about
seven eighty times other topic? Please, we got we got time Parker on

seven ninety Parker, what's the matterwith you? Hey? How's it going?
Hope you are having a good day, great show, Thank you.
I just wanted to talk to allthe people who complain about a break you
and Bregman uh two nights ago,who got the RBI single, also drove
a runner over the third with lessthan two outs, so we were able
to get the second run in ona sack fly. Oh was that a

break you? Who had two RBI'slast night, our only two rb eyes
of the night with a home runwhich was the second hit of the game.
Was that Bregman? Y'all got tofind the right things to complain about.
Shut your bum ass up. Ifwe want to complain about something,
it needs to be the right things, like do bone catching the splinters in

his butt from not playing. Ifyou're gonna use a break you, single
team can't be used at the sametime. One of them needs to be
at first base. That DH spotneeds to be used for du Bond if
he's not spot filling starter for somebodyelse, and the top four the lineups
should never change. Tucker Alvarez,Tucker, I'll two of eight. Alvarez,

pa is your one through four?It should be thank you for taking
my call. You guys, havea good day. Thank you, Parker,
appreciate it. There you go.That was maybe the first defensive of
Jose Bray you probably in the showin a couple of months. It's been
on a minute. The abs werenot good yesterday. Yeah, the swings

and missus were three pitch strikeouts,two of them not good. Not good.
But you know what today's new single? What was he the day before?
Was he one for three? Yeah? Batting average? All right,
let's go to uh is this Bradwood? Is that really his name? Bradwood?

Bradwood, Bradwood? What's the matterwith you? Bradwood? Hey sponge
Man, Hey Ron, how isyour vacation? Don't care anyway, y'all
heard me last week I had aproblem with my big to me she well,
I saw a commercial with Yosha.No, we got mymoto and I
tried to get a subreu but thatdidn't work either. Anyway, James and

Garden of Names are losers, andBrad I don't care what you gotta say.
Shut your bomb ass up, byeshits, obamass up. Man.
Okay, let me. I'm sureto wrap my head around what just happened.
It wasn't squid word, it wasbreadword. Was that that was somebody
impersonating Brad as squid in as Bradwork. Yes, that's exactly I figured

it out. Now, this isthe most brilliant thing I've ever heard in
the history of the show. Bradword. I literally for the first like five
seconds, I was like, isthis Brad doing a voice? So that's
a guy doing Brad mixing Brad squidword. Yeah. By the way,
I know it's crazy. By theway, we never usually allow a second

person to call in the same segment, but James and James and garden Oaks
want let's keep it. James,do you want to discuss your haters?
What's going on? James? Okay? Look, that thing I was talking
about was that the jersey that thisguy wore of Richie Miller, and he
did an insinuating thing that of chokeholde, you know, like that the

nixt choke Okay, And I quickthing about that other dude and all these
other haters like Roger the Rabbit.Listen, dude, you can't be I
hated just because your asters are doingpoor and an impersonator of Brad. I
don't even know you either. Andthe one that that's the loser is you,
pal. Thank you have a greatday, everybody, see man,

you know, I simply love thisshow. My god, Doug, God
seven Oti, Doug, what's aboutit with you? Yes? For all
the cardcane members of Astros over areaction and you know who you are because

you always post on Twitter after aloss and you always post on Twitter after
a win to complain because that's howyou roll. Shut your bumb ass up,
me, he's telling Astro Twitter justgenerally speaking to chutch your bumb ass
up. These Astros Twitter streets aretough these days. It's a miserable bunch,

it is. And they'll never behappy until they won the World Series.
But he and they had a DustyBaker theay they won the World Series
we wanted despite him literally on thatWorld Series runs, people were calling in
to complain about Dusty Baker after gamesthey had won. Yeah, yeah,
it's it's the worst, and it'sit's gonna take I don't even think that

it Even Texans Darlene and battle RedBob can make that as bad as that
stra They're not as miserable. They'relike pigh eed optimists. Yeah, which
I would welcome. They're always glasshalf full. Rob on seven ninety Rob,
what's the matter with you? I'mbringing this one back from a couple
of nights ago because I didn't getto call in and say anything bad about
him the other day. I won'tever blame the umpire that I'm going to

from a couple of nights ago,Larry van Over, that was one of
the worst performances I've ever seen behindthe plate. Seventy nine percent correctly called
strike accuracy is pathetic. Overruling thethird base empire and a call that you
didn't have. Even if you didhave a correction, he had it wrong.
It would have worked for us.Shut Jo bumbass up. Thank you

very much. I appreciate that.Larry van Over is sixty eight years old.
I saw his face yesterday. Helooks eighty eight. By the way,
Wow, a bunch of miscalls yesterdayand a plus point six to eight
runs in favor of Seattle. That'sa big number normally like this other game.

Point point six for the Padres,point four for the Phillies, point
six eight for Seattle is pretty gettingthe crude solid last I mean, look
it, it's gonna balance out overthe season. I don't think people,
you know, I don't think ourgood friend David Rackley hates the Astros or
Larry Vanover. It was brutal lastnight too, Corey, Corey, what's

the matter with you? Well,Matt I called him the other day patting
a bunch of things about Scotti Schefflerand the video that was gonna come out.
I say, shut your bambus upto my coat because it was started
and he never should have been chargedand the video showed that. So Corey
apparentland shut your let me take yousomething. Shout out to you, Carey.

How about calling the show and sayingwhat I said last week sucked?
Was that the one that was likeone hundred percent he might have been.
Yeah, good for Corey. Coryis a caller of the day. Appreciate
that. G O on seven Outyg O, what's the matter with you?
Hey, guys, A great showyou. I just want to go

ahead and give him prettymature, sucha moment. Us up to brand because
I know he's inna call sooner orlater. And uh for James and Gardens
Man, well, dude, I'mpretty sure you're a nice guy. All
right, you sound like a niceguy. I'll see you leave me tae.
But then, come on, dude, this is not New York.
Stop calling with these New York takes. Man, shut up this, Saint

sixty six, w n A,what's the deal? Stanton Island, Let's
go Money's stat nineand on sixty sixJalen Bruntson can hold John Spox's Jock Man
wal Clyde Fraser would never let thishappen. Last, but not least Brad,

what's the matter with you? Ilove me some James. You know,
James, I was born in Brooklyn, New York. Next time we
have this outing, I'm gonna buyyou lunch. But uh, as far
as these other nuts that call,guess what freaking idiots, I've been around
a lot lower than you were born, stupid little idiots, and every guys

die, I will outltt sell thiscalling the show. Guess what, take
a high? Shut your baumb messup. I will live on forever.
Excuse me, nightmares. Brad forLife, Brad for Life. Final hour
of The Matt Thomas Show starts withsome sad news on the Astros. Neck

said Sevendi lunchtimers, this is theMatt Thomas Show. Oh that was one
of our favorite Shut your bamb messup for a long time. Bradward calling
in, Brad calling in James andGardiner's calling a second time. You know
what it is? It helps usout because the Astros lost the second straight

game last night. Oh god,it's been man, it's kind of sad.
Yes, I mean the wheel,you're you're leading in the eighth,
you'd expect to win. But letme ask you this, and I don't
mean to make you go back andlook in your mind win probability, But
did you were you a little nervousabout the game last night thinking that two

runs wasn't gonna be enough? BecauseI certainly did. After the leadoff double.
Once Ryan Presley gave up the leadoffdouble, I was like, that
run is scoring. I want myRyan Presley back. I know, is
the r in the last month hasbeen a lot better than first month,
but it's still he and you knowhe he was never known for being a
one two three, get in,get out anything and guy. When he

came over, Roberto as sooner wasthe closer. But even so when he
came, when he became the ninththing, he would he would pick himself
into some trouble. Occasional had somelockdown seasons in an Astro's uniform. He
was no He's been fantastic as anastro, buying large the some of the
parts. Is one of the bestclosers, excuse me, one of the
best relievers. Maybe an Astro's historynot the best, but one of the

best in terms of durability. Savesholds, but ain't they ain't the prettiest
thing. Sometimes can run into alittle bit of trouble. And he ran
in some trouble again last night.What did you do there? Wild pitches

this year? He had two allof last year. Do you you know
what hard point six part of thattwo is? And and this is gonna
hurt y'all. But jan Erdgez stillhas some work to do behind the plate.
He's still not a professional upper echeltdefensive player. Yet doesn't mean he

can't be, doesn't mean he doesn'twant to be, certainly physically can do
so. This redhead on this can'tI can't focus. Yes, this right
had an MLB network goodness. Okay, sheeesh, I gotta start staring at
you. Unfortunately, Uh, backto my point before, I was so

just thrown off. I'm changing theChanne'm putting Pat McAfee on with no no,
no, no, no no no. He has work to do.
He is, he has not beena pitcher's best friend. And I think
Maldon, I know, for asmany deficiency as he was getting, as
he was getting longer in the tooth, saved some pictures, some wild pitches
along the way. I will alsosay this, and I know people don't

want to hear this because they leastlook at the results. But I think
he's had a bit of bad lucktoo. I think it's been a little
bit of soft contact, falling down, speaking impress off the off, the
end of the bat, going fora double last night. That's happened to
him before in an outing. Doeshe need to pitch better, yes,
but the defense wasn't helping him out, and it's not like he was giving

up a bunch of rockets. Theentire timer has been all season. But
again, when you put people onthe base pass, yeah, it does
alter your defensive strategy. And it'smagnified if you don't. If Ryan Presley
goes out there and gets one,two, three, everybody goes, you
know what, that's what he's supposedto do, and we forget about it.
Yeah, it's when he gives upthe runs that's it's burned in our
memories. And I understand that's beenhis issue a number of times. That's

been his issue there. But Istill think he can be effective. You
don't need him to be shop JoshHater. He's not going to be.
You don't need him to be Brianto bray you. He's not going to
be. But I still think he'sgot a little something left in the tank.
But and he has been turning itaround. But this is and by
way, this is not about velocity. He hit ninety five on the gun

a couple of times last night.This isn't a question of him not having
his fastball. This is about pitchlocation and pitch selection. The one a
Hanneger hit was a hangar and hesmacked it very hard right and controls control
either you throw strikes you don't.He just in the previous years could wiggle

around trouble and he's just not beingable to do it nearly as effectively as
he's done in seasons past. Andthus the reason why I think the Astros
Taylor's got leverage time. Let's go. Basically said before the end of the
start of this season, we're notone hundred percent comfortable. As Presley gets
longer in the tooth a little bit, it's thirty five now, that can

he can be that shut down one, two three closer guy we need.
And I think when they went andgot Josh had and paid him a lot
of money, they said, notonly do we think you can knock things
out for us in the ninth Inny, but we may need you in the
tenth, We may need you inthe eighth to get a fourth out.
And Josh Hader said, you wantto pay me what I'm think I'm worth,
I'll give you those four outs.On occasion, I'll give you a

fifth out and maybe I'll have himpitched two innings. The thing that really
is just disappointing about yesterday, besidesthe fact the Astros offense again only scores
on one run, only scores ona lazy pop fly left the yard yesterday.
But the fact that Hunter Brown reallyhad his best game, probably in

about a year, so sharp againstagain not a great hitting saddle team,
but a professional hitting team. Itwasn't like it was a four A Sacramento
as it was a real team.Go get him tonight, somehow, get
to George Kirby. I'll be ondeck at seven thirty. Should be a

quick game for you, Verlander,Gay, you know, really George Kirby
throws a lot of strikes. Yeah, I mean I think I'll be a
sleep by eleven forty five midnight,midnight, midnight, Okay, depending,
and I'll see you eleven fifty fivetomorrow. Well, if it's like close
in the eighth and Presley goes inagain and gives up another lead, you
might be up to about twelve thirtyone. Oh, you wouldn't say that.

I'm not saying it. I'm justwell, Montero. Montero's available tonight.
Didn't pitch yesterday, that's true.Taylor Scott be available today. M
Josh Hater, Josh Hater will beavailable. Oh, I'm five, you're
set seven of Verlander. Eighth inninggoes to Scott ninth inning to hater,
I'm out in two hours and sixminutes. Okay. Astros went three to

three to two, one run game. Okay, George Kirby, was it
fifty nine against the Astros or onefifty four? Well, that means two,
it means two. He's round up, he's he's due to give up
some runs. Definitely do to giveup. All right, what else going
out in the world of sports.Let's see c J Stroud that he got
an award good Guy Award, Yes, from the Pro Football Writers Association Association.

Yeah, poor Stan thinks he's gonnaget him on the show. I
believe in Stan, I choose tobelieve in I believe in Stan Norfold.
I believe in the Texans Network notallowing that to happen. So, needless
to say, CJ will not bemaking an appearance in the show still despite
being I mean, we'd like tohave him on the shout of congrats for

being a good, good, greatwe appreciate him. Not gonna happen and
franchise quarterback and you will not behearing to makeo Ryans on the show.
No, when's the last time wasthere ever been? Did Gary Kubiak come
on the show? H I thinkmaybe he did come on the station once.
I'm trying he was hired or something. Trying to think the last time

we had organically had a Texans guest. Then Rick Smith came on before a
couple of times. Noother regular organicallywe used to. We used to have
a relationship with them where they wewould help them with promote a various event,
like they're going to have a autographsigning or a charity event, and
they'd say, hey, let's we'llsegue that conversation. But that was pr

people are going out, that's notgonna happen. That's okay. So that's
fine. I mean they have theyhave their own place to put their own
doctor U of h Folks get TankDell on MM. It's combably gonna cost
money. Oh well that's true.Yeah. Tank's been asking for a lot
of money for appearances he's been gettinghe's been getting it for him. We're
wishing him the best. Yeah,we just don't. I mean, he's
on a third round rookie contract.Got to make some cash somehow. It'd

be fine. It's gotta stay healthy. Yeah, you ready call your shot
on that? What seventeen weeks?No? I know, I wouldn't.
I would say calling your shot onany NFL player playing seventeen weeks is foolish.
Okay, what's what's the over under? Right now? I have no
idea. I still say this.I'm not afraid to take Tank Dell in
my fantasy drafts. Okay, overunder on Tank Dell games, I will

put it thirteen. Okay, whatdo you play last year? I think
thirteen over? Perfect? Sure?Why not staking dinner on this? And
I don't know any more than youdo? You're right it, doubt,
but I feel like you've owed mequite a bit of beals. I've been
trying to pay you a lunch forlike six months yesterday, yea late Thomas

over here, that's not true atall? All right? Seven one three
two one two five seven ninety ifyou want to get in seven one three
two one two five Sevenini Dana BrownRoss. He talked about jose A Bray
You. We'll hear some of thosecomments. Next, it is the Matt
Thomas Show. It's two twelve onSports Talk Sevnati. This is the Matt
Thomas Show. Matt Thomas on SportsTalk seven ninety two seventeen of The Matt

Thomas Show. We take you tothree o'clock here on seven ninety at seven
one three two one two five sevennine zero seven one three two one two
five SEVENINTI. Dana Brown was aregular Wednesday guest here on this radio station
at nine thirty and jose Abray,who was a topic of conversation. Yes,
a couple of things from Dana Brownon Jose Bray, You first talking

about his return to the lineup.Yeah, I mean I think it's more
so you know, he's a veteran. You're hoping that he turns the corner.
You know, we had him downin Florida. He was sitting over
three hundred, over at nine hundredops. We had him there for multiple
weeks, and so you want togive this veteran died the opportunity to see
if he could turn the corner.And if he can't turn the corner,

then we're gonna have to deal withit. I don't I think we You
know, we have a ton ofgames, but in this season, so
uh, you know, one hundredand seven games stuff. But you know,
we we we need to figure out, Look, is this guy gonna
be a guy if he's going tobe a guy that can turn the corner,
can get hot, And thought whenhe went one for three in the
first game with an RBI, hey, maybe you know he's going to turn

the corner. Last night it wasa little bit more difficult, and so
it's definitely a joey spot a question. But you know, as we move
forward, we know that if hedoesn't get hot, we're gonna have to
make a decision. I like thetransparency on this. If he doesn't get
hot, we're going to have tomake a decision. This decision on what

Matt when to eat the contract that'sa big contract. In early gut feeling
I had was this was not tobe resolved or I should say decided until
next season. But nobody when wemade that initial gut feeling, no one
would have thought he was ever goingto go down to West Palm Beach front.

I think no, I didn't.I think at the beginning of the
year, I had the unfortunate gutfeeling that this is his last year as
an astroisk I know, I sayfor sure. Here's one more comment from
Dana on the Jose Brow here's alittle bit more from Dana Brown talking about
Jose Bray hopefully turning it around.Yeah, I mean I could see it.
I just don't know how far.You know, how many games you

want to go ultimately, you know, you may not play him every day.
You may give him a day off. You know, maybe he'll get
a day off today, Dan,You'll bring him back see what he could
do the following day. You haveto give him an opportunity to see if
you could turn a corner. Andyou know, like anything else, if
you if you can't turn the corner, you have to make a different decisions.

I mean, it's it's it's insight. I just don't know how far
it is. You know, it'sit's insight. Though, and again,
when the question was basically, howlong is paraphrasing how long is the leash
on jose site? Oh? Bythe way, I said on April thirtieth,
he will not be an astro byJuly fourth? Really, now,
I don't remember saying that on me. You differently, okay, July fourth,

but wrong. I guess, well, I'll put it this way.
I think we'll have a decision.I mean I don't know how they're taking
he said, it's insight. Imean, Dana Brown, like you said,
he's being very transparent. He said, it's insight. I don't know
how long we're gonna give him,but it's insight, like, we're not
gonna give this. He ain't gettinga month. He can't go out there
and stink up the joint for amonth. But how do you how do

you? How do you navigate this? Let's say he hits two sixty for
the next month with some power,with a little bit of power, and
then all of a sudden he batsone twenty five in the next month,
And then I mean, are arewe? Yeah? Is he on a
month to month not contract? It'sbeen of the contracts through next year,
I think, But it's here ina month to month stay with the team
kind of. I think they're movingparts to that. Is the team losing?

Is the team winning? How closeare you in the division? How
much? I mean, as JoeyLoperfido continue to tear it up in Triple
A, I think if you're losingand he's struggling, he's gonna be gone
faster. You know what I doknow? And I think that we can

all share the sentiment on this.We know this is not gonna end.
Well, doesn't seem like it.I don't think what I saw yesterday was
a guy that went down to Floridaand figured it and figured it out.
No, will he even be inthe lineup today, Dana Brown calling that
into question. We'll find out lateron the Astros on Deck Show seven thirty

with Matt dobbinds. Oh, it'sgonna be fantasich my gosh, I can't
wait to tune in. Yeah,it's not gonna end. Well, it's
gonna be. How does it end? And what it's gonna end? And
here's the thing is that we've talkedabout this several times. It feels like
in the last year and a half, this move has made Jeff Bagwall not

public Enemy number one. People arepretty damn close they hate him, which,
by the way, is weird.Did not everyone dance in the streets?
Okay, not literally when JOSEA Bradywas signed, everyone and you all

look out Murderer's row. How arethey gonna start stop this lineup? Jose
Abrah's here, let's go. Hit didn't work out? Now, of
course, it's not all it's noton us and the fans and media to
be the judges of jose A brawand his decline, And there were signs

of his decline before the deal wassigned. But I was still happy about
the deal, like, it's notmy money. Yeah, third year for
that twenty million, there's a reasonteams didn't want to get in that third
year. Clearly we're seeing it rightnow. Well, I think there if
you really go back and look atit, if you really were to pull
some honest general managers, they probablyalso said the dollar amount was probably crazy

too, but I think it's moreso than the third year if you can
take it for two years, Yeah, especially if it's decent years or whatever.
Yeah, that's it is because youthought he was he still hit over
three hundred, even though he hada terrible last couple of months of that
season, didn't have a lot ofpower, lost the power. Yeah yeah,
yeah, I'm this is just thisis it's a mess. It's a

mess. And what you what youdid is you took a guy that you
thought was going to be a nicedifference maker, that you thought was gonna
be better than Juli Guriel, bothoffensively well, certainly offensive not defensive but
offensively, and you ruin the position, and you also ruin the legacy of
the guy, the greatest guy everto play at first base for your team
because Jeff Now again, Jeff's goingto be still beloved, but only to

his face. Yeah, I gotno problem with Jeff Bagwell, the Astros
all time war leader. It's notclose. Let me tell you about Jeff
Bagwell. He is one of thegreatest Astros of all time, four home
runs of famer as a player,but he ain't gonna be the first guy

that decided to get the front officeand goof things up, and he won't
be the last. His career opsis nine. If you had a nine
to forty eight, ohps, youhad a great season. That was his
career. Yeah, and ran thebases beautifully. Yes, you have multiple
thirty thirty and defended his position nicely. But I don't think Joey Lipraffido has
played yet for triple license coming beingdemoted. Uh oh, it's been a

couple Well, they don't play onMondays. Yeah, I'm looking at the
box. Trey Cabbage played first baseyesterday. How's he doing? How many
strike how's he f did you youintentionally asking me this question. I mean,
I'm I didn't see it. Ipromise zero for five last night,
four strikeouts. No, I swearto you, I did not see her.

Hear that. I just guessed.God, seriously, that's cruel.
You asked me how he did.Literally, I look at the box score.
I'm like, Ross, don't askme how he did. Don't ask
me how he did. Well,I said, how many strikeouts did he
have? So they were off onMonday. He got to mote it on
Sunday. So this so in theory, well he gets spent. Look at

look at this? Why am Inot the voice of the Space Cowboys.
They played They played four games inLas Vegas, right the heart of the
week. Oh night games, Alittle little warm. Well, you're finding
the press box. Yeah. Andby the way, we were just there.
The weather was perfect, Oh mygosh, the evening really pleasant.
And compared to it, it feelslike there are ten blow dryers on you

or hair dryers on you in Houstonat night. When the breeze blows through,
it's supposed to be a cool breeze, a light breeze, A little
lighter today. Yeah, all right. Two twenty six on Sports Talk seven
and eighty. So I think wedo have to keep an eye on on
low per Fetal playing first base.I don't know if the outfield is as
crowded as it is, especially becauseChess can't even get out there right now.

And frankly, two thirds your lineupis every days Myers and and Tucker.
Why would you continue to try tosell us lowper Fiedo playing the outfit
unless you just have absolutely no faiththat he can play first base, Because
if you're innerneda spot, you're gonnaneed a first basement when you indeed release
Jose Bray. If you do thator Dubon plays a lot of first base
rest of the way, then youlose your utility infielder. Although great Kester

is sitting around like I'll do anythingat this point, Grace is chilling eating
good food. That is great.I mean do we even does he even
get to ride the team bus?I think so he's not carrying everyone's bag
or kid forever seven one three,two, one two, five seven out
of seven one three, two,one, two, five, seven nine

zero. I want to tell youabout Galveston Island. I love, my
family loves Galvezon. We have rentedbeach houses, we've done the condo bit.
We've actually gone for a hotel fora couple of nights, and that's
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visit Galveston dot com. It's agreat site to start planning your getaway for
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you possibly want about Galveson Island canbe done by checking out the website visit
Galvas dot com. What is yourisland time? The answer will be at

this website visit Galveston dot com.All right, it's two thirty two on
the Matt Thomas Show seven one threetwo one two five seven ninety seven one

three two one two five seven ninezero. Last night, the Extender was
out doing his extending sky Foster helpedMinnesota extend that series to by winning a
game in Dallas last night three toone in favor of the Marterage. I
had the game on kind of inthe background while watching the Astro Yeah,
and that's I didn't see a bunchof egregious calls. Was no, there

was nothing controversial, and I actuallywatched quite a bit of it because the
Astros game for a little bit waskind of The games have been close.
I know it's three to one,yeah, but every game of that series
has been really close. Yeah.There is amazing star power in this league.
And it's it's hard because I lovethe I love a good NBA game,

so much good big time when it'sthe last two minutes in a close
game, so much good rama.And here we are at two thirty four.
This is the first time we broughtit up the entire show today.
It's probably gonna be less than thisentire segment. MAVs Celtics will be,
in all likelihood a pretty good finalsif it happens, if the Timberwolves could

pull off the impossible, which wouldbe a great victory for my must win
game axiom. Yeah, nobody everdown three has ever come back to when
it's not in basket, not inbasketballs have been in baseball a little bit,
is it? Has it happened inhockey? I think it has?
Right, tell you we need thehockey expert of the Yeah, where's our

NHL insider? The Rangers won andovertime? Or sorry, the Panthers won.
You're not even listening to show.You're listening to something else. Busy.
It's fine. Something's gonna ever comedown from three in a series and
won a hockey series. I thoughtthey had. I don't know. I
know three one has happened a lotin hockey. I'm rooting for the hockey
to come to Houston because you're reallyyou are a hockey fan, right,

you do enjoy the sport. Yeah, most of my growing up as playing
hockey, so you before it's happenedfour times in the NHL. So if
if we get a team here,well, I actually give you your own
segment. If you want it,you don't have to have it. I
would love it. We would callit Puck happens Puck You with uh with
Connor McGovern, I like it.We've done this before, Okay. A

couple of weeks ago, I feltlike we've got nothing original on. I
think we said what the puck Ibelieve is what we said that I can't
do any more because I'm going toget in trouble. We are, uh.
But yeah, it's I want theRockets back relevant for multiple reasons,
and I'm going to a particular order. Number One, you call the games

number one. I all the games. Number two. I'll get some more
money. Yeah. Number three,we carry the games number three. It'd
be great for us to talk aboutyou just okay, Yeah, I'd like
to be done with fourteen minute monologuesabout the Rockets every after every single game,
unless Jalen Green has went two forthirteen and the everybody wants to call
in and hate on Jalen Green.By the way, there are there are

some rumors out there that say theRockets are going to openly shop the third
pick in order to hope to grabpotentially a star. Donovan Mitchell could be
third pick Jalen Green, and thenit's going to take a little bit more,
I think to get Doneovan Mitchell.Some is you're you're selling this pick
and it's thought of a very poordraft. It's not. I don't know

if it's thought of it. Ithink it actually is going to be.
It's give me a bunch of playersI've never heard of before. Yes,
and it's going to be heavily influencedby the international game, which doesn't mean
there can't be stars over there.Yeah. Look at don just thinks there
can be stars internationally. Yeah,that's right. Oh would you see who
was sitting courtside for Game three inDallas? Derk Novitski, Well he was

there. Yeah, it was PatMahomes and Travis Kelsey. Oh okay,
Well Pat Mahomes is kind of whatis he from? Tyler? Is he
a Mavericks fan? He's from He'sfrom somewhere up there. He's definitely in
Texas. Can he went to uhsomewhere in the middle of nowhere. I
thought, Yeah, born in Tyler, went to UH well, White House

High School in white House, Texas. And then when he played his college
ball at Texas too. Yeah,was not heavily recruited. I don't think
I'm correct. Yeah, so yeahhe was there, and then they go
five and seven with Pat Mahomes.Good job, Cliff. Cliff's got a
lot of nine lives in his lifethat is probably tearing up everything too that
he can get well. As thisis right, I've never seen my wife

fall her to her knees when she'slike, I think as Cliff kings where
we were, we were at adinner. She did, what the U
of H what did you say shedid? She's like, her knee started
trembling. Okay, her niece startedbuckling. So case Keenum got case Keenum
was honored at the UH Alumni Awardsor whatever that I went to. I

forgot what it was. Yeah,and she's like, there's there's Cliff Kingsbury.
I'm like, no, it's not, And it was. I said,
Cliff. Cliff's at USC. He'strying to help his team win some
games or something. He was.He was busy coaching before a football game
or something. You had him onand we went to big twelve media days
when he was at Tech. Yeah, and he shook his hand and he
had that dude must hit the weightswith no gloves on. He had the

worst calluses I've ever felt on anybody'shands. It was weird. Yeah,
like moys is a little bad callouses. Yeah, it was like shaking the
shaking hand with a Kmodo Dragon.It was weird. When's the last time
he did that? So six weeksago your Komodo dragon rear exctly head there
am I going with that? Idon't know what we're we talking about.

Oh, Pat Mahomes, Okay,how they Yeah, it's a Mavericks game.
And I really really missed that becausethink about the first five years of
me doing Rockets games. We're inthe playoffs ever year mm hmm, and
leave one Western Finals in that mix. I don't know when you started.

They made it in I was therefor Golden State eighteen. I was not
doing full time or any I wasjust doing part time. Eighteen. They
made it. Yeah, fifteen,they made it. Sixteen was the weird
down year when Bickerstaff became the coachI've had, I've only had I've only
had D'Antoni as a coach as acall in games and stylast was when Dan
Tony took over, took over andthey lost in the second round or first

second or first round to the tothe Spurs. Oh that was Spurs and
six when James Harden he played sopoorly we thought he had a concussion.
When Monogenoboli blocked his shot from thirtyfeet out, Yeah, but there was
no time left on the clock,so of course he's going to try to
blow it. She missed the Eltimate'sfirst fashion job. That it's bad,
ninety year old man Wagenobli, butit's still. Playoffs are so fun.

There's a different energy and vibe inthe building and I can I could even
feel it watching the game last nightin Dallas. I mean when the Rockets
went on a good run that therewas more people in the building and it
was fun and there was energy.I remember, I don't remember. It
was like one of the games andI just like, I was like,
well, there's a buzz in thisbuilding. You mean talking about this past
year. Yeah, yeah, therewas. We had more buzz in ten
games this year, in ten ofthe forty one that we had in the

previous one hundred and twenty one ofthose years was COVID that was zero buzz,
and that it's very different kind ofbuzz. Yeah, but it's but
I and I don't know if it'llever really translate to our general audience until
the until they win a championship.I just I don't because even during the
we were winning the West and goingto the playing Golden State, it felt

like still it wasn't. We tooka lot of calls out did but James
Harden's not going to do it.Trade James Harden. He's not good enough
wise, Trevor Resa taking thirteen threesper game. Yeah, it's a different
time now. We did. Wedid have some fun with Hertenstein, some
more playing time. We did havegood fun with Chris Paul. If Chris

Paul would have played, the eightRockets would have won one of those last
two games. Don't bring that up. They would have. They would have
beat the greatest team of all timewith your boy Kevin Durant on there too,
But they didn't. It's Kevin DurantaPhoenix Sun next year. I believe
I got feeling that he's gone,did you okay? But also they get

rid of Vogel, so maybe he'llstay. I'll say this, it's not
gonna work out. You cannot haveit's too redundant with Bradley Beal, Devin
Booker and Kevin Durant. You needa you need a big man in a
wing, or you need two guysat least if they're gonna work that they
can pass the ball like Luka DoncaJakyrie Irving works. They both need to

dominate with the ball. But Lucais an all time great passer. Bradley
Beal, Devin Booker, and KevinDurant are not great district tributors. They
can get assists, they can kickit out when they get double teamed,
but they are not great playmakers.I think that part of the reason why
the Mavericks are as good as theyare is because I think Kyrie, for

the first time in his career,said, look, I can help you
guys win, but the ball's gotto be in Lucas hands in the most
important parts of the game. Andthey have a terrific supporting cast. PJ.
Washington getting that deal from Charlotte,Daniel Gaffer coming over from Washington,
Derek Lively, Okay, I knowhe's got a neck injury. He missed
the game the other night. Hemight be able to play play, but
I always wondered to think. Hesaid he's day to day. But that's

that's just that's a great team witha super megastar, a really good player,
and outstanding compmentary pieces. Yep,and the rock complimentary piece. I's
got really good compmentary pieces. Thequestion is going to be, does is
Outrnd Shangoon or Jalen Green or evergoing to be a superstar to pull a

Matt Thomas. I will say theyhave the side dishes, they don't have
the entre because here's the problem.If Amn Thompson could ever become a better
shooter, which is saying a lotbecause he's twenty two years old and he
has been shooting a lot of basketsin his life. He has the physical
tools to be a major star inthis a great feel for playmaking, and

just very high basketball like you.Yeah, but it's your right to pull
a Matt Thomas. Lots of sidedishes. And by the way, you
can eat a good me off sidedish. You can. You could go
to mac me and then just getthe veggie plate with all side dishes.
Well, you want to go tomovies. That's what movies. Movies loves.
Offering the five side bees sounds likea kid's fat camp. You can

go to Ruby's and get the fivedishes to side dishes with a roll.
Now I'm hungry. I know metoo. By the way, are we
down to like five rubies left?What do we got? What do we
got? Either? Locations still open? There's still Last time I went to
one, it was the one ingreens Point is back real quick, got
twenty seconds. Okay, the ultimateRuby splatter fried fish mm hmm, chicken,

fried steak ttter sauce. And I'mnot a huge mac and cheese person,
but get me my mac and cheesewith my fried fish. Boom.
I go with the chicken, friedsteak and some strawberry pie, un sweet
tea with lemon and maybe steal anegg. Not steal, but buy an
egg an egg on top of theno, no side egg stuff deviled eggs.
Oh fried egg on your pie?No no, I've heard a slice

of cheese on the pie That isvery popular in the Midwest. That's Seddar
cheese. Because as I was workingat Cheddar, somebody asked for that and
I was like, what the hellare you talking about? All right?
Believe it or not? What wasthe topic today? I'm working on it.
It's coming up in five minutes.By the way, Rangers with a
one nothing lead bottom of the fourthat home against the Arizona Diamondbacks who change

their uniforms every other day. Sevenone three two two five seven ninety seven
one three two you won two fiveseven ninety If you want to play believe
or not? Believe? Is itnot a Nico Collins? Is that right?
It's not a Nico Collins. It'sa guess. It's for a great
prize. Find out next as weplay Believe it or Not? Seven one
three two one two five seven.Matt Thomas continues on Sports Talk seven ninety

Not that it matters, but we'replaying Tyron Leu believe it or not.
He got a new deal with theClippers. I think the Lakers wanted to
get him. He said, nah, I'm good with that. I'm not
gonna have Lebron fire me. DidLebron fire him once? Already? Get
him? I know, I don'tknow if they were in crossing paths or
what the case was, but uh, the name that won't go away,

is JJ Reddick? Yes, Becauseit's been all quiet in the Laker coaching
front at this point. JJ Reddickhas been mentioned with jobs. He does
that podcast with Lebron which is fantastic, by the way, called Mind the
Game. I think, okay,I think it's down to one job.
The Charlotte job already got filled.It's it's either gonna be JJ's going to

the Lakers or he's gonna stay onESPN. M By the way, ESPN,
Jeff Van Gundy, you are missed. All he did was basically say
how much he thought of phiciating wasinconsistent and bad, and it cast him
his job. We crushed a lotof the league rules and all this other
stuff in the state of the game. Maybe got a little bit too negative

for the NBA's liking. Yeah,and again, you gotta be careful,
and he did a great job.You gotta be careful. There's a line
to toe yep for everyone, everybody. And ESPN's like bye see leader.
And they also got rid of edwardor to their NFL guy, and people
are losing their minds over this.Jerry Jones's bff Edwarder. Yeah, I

thought they got that's what they didit in a while ago. Is that
recent they rehired him and they lethim go again they did. Yeah,
that's tough. Well, hopefully he'sbeen saving his money again for anybody who
had to pay Pat McAfee somehow.That has kids that want to be in
journalist. Forget about journalism. Justbe over the top and have a couple
of sources. But don't worry aboutbeing incredible, don't worry about checking your

sources. Just go run to yourTwitter account with crazy stuff. Man,
I'm already having an existential crisis aboutbeing in this business. Don't make it
worse. Well, I'm just tellingthe truth. People always ask all the
time, what's it like. Iwas like, get out, don't do
it. That's when we ever havesome young college kid who wants to come
up here, that's the first thingI say, all right, well,
first thing about my advice about gettingin this businesses don't do it well.

I always say when I was younger, and unfortunately I was able to start
in Houston, but most people haveto start somewhere very small and we have
to wake it up. Not anymore. Everybody wants to get to the fast
and get to the big market assoon as possible. And frankly again,
sports teams don't hold media accountable.They credential everybody and their mother, whether

they're trained or not. If youmake a mistake. So what if you
kiss that team's asked, I'll letyou, and they'll let you go out
and cover stuff. One team intown more so than another. That's true.
You talk nice about their owner,and you take pictures of their charity
events and whatnot. You're gonna getcredentialed if you hug them out and I
forget it. Move on, man, I'm moving on. Five minutes up

to go on the show. Whatshould we do? We should play America's
fastest growing sports radio game show.We simply call it Believe It or Not.
It here South Works, you callseven one three two one two five
seven ninety seven one three two onetwo five seven NINTI. Today's edition to

Believe or Not is brought to youby Memorial Herman, Health Player and Healthcare
at MH medicare dot com. We'lltake more about them momentarily. Category today
is all things about Tyron. LouI'll read your statement about Tyron loop statements
completely utterly accurate. You'll say thisbelieve at the Samement tironeus full of ball
can made up? You'll say thisto believe or not? It's and all
things about. Tyron Lou wins yourprize. What are you playing for today?

Connor? A pair of tick isto see Sir. Mix a lot
on July seventh at the House ofBlues at a seven ninety T shirt Tim
on seven ninety Tim, what's yourfavorite mix a lot song? Us?
On Broadway. Tyrone Lu's first nameis spelled that t y r a n
N. Believe it or not Nope, t y r O n N.

Statement number two for the win.Tyrone Lu played college basketball at Nebraska,
where he was a sociology major.Believe it or not? Uh oh he
was. I've said at once seta thousand times. You gotta know what
your NBA head coaches study while theywere in college. Matt on seven ninety

Matt, You're ready to play.Believe it or not? Believe it.
Tyrone Lue's number ten jersey is retiredby the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Believe it or
not? Believe it? Yeah,believe same number two for the way and
Tyrone Lu finished his professional basketball careerwith Real Madrid of the Spanish Liga ACB.
Believe It or Not Believe It?No, you should have gone on

I can hear it your voice,Frank on seven NINTI Frank, what was
your favorite part of today's radio show? Just your voice? Matt always All
in all? Tyrone lu played forseven different NBA franchises Believe It or Not?
Believe It? Yeah, he didBelieve it Sam and number two for
the Way, And in two thousandand five, Tyron lou told Slam Magazine

he loves talking about his iconic Alaniverson Step Over a Moment because that man
means he gets to talk about winninga championship Believe it or not not?
That's right, youngentulations appreciate your luckyin my voice A R on seven ninti
A. Are you ready to playBelieve It or Not? Believe It?

Tyrone lou is first cousins with theBoston Self to Jason Tatum, first cousins
Believe It or Not? He is? How did I have a family train
in front of you? Lord Raymondon seven ninety Raymon, what's your favorite
part of today's radio show? More? Was the one where you were arguing

about fiastros Man Tyrone lew is alreadythe third winning his coach in Clipper's history,
just ahead of Jack Ramsey. Believeit or not, believe it.
There you go. Congratulations. Allright, let's go Memorial Hermy Medicare ad
managed coverage and care. You cancount on caring for you like family.

Your Medicare made personal. It's yourtrusted home plan and they're gonna help you
live your best life. For moreinformation about these wonderful people, go to
mhmedicare dot com. That's men MHmedicare dot com to learn more all about
the Memorial Herman Advantage HMO, whichis provided by Memorial Human Health Plan Incorporated
Care Advantage Organization with a Manicare contractand a contract with the state Medicaid program.

Again, that website is mhmdicare dotcom. All right, tomorrow we
have astros twelve until two and thenAstros on deck two to two forty will
be joined by Brian McTaggart as partof that. During the course of the
show, we didn't do I justdon't get it tomorrow early we probably should

up next, look at this gearyguys, Look at this outfit he's wearing.
He's very preppy today, preppy Clintonstepping in today. Normally he's jersey
wearing guy guys never wearing. Well, what do you want me to say?
Did he touch the shirt in?I don't know who's more preppy,
you or him. I can't figureit out. We'll find out next.
Of the next three hours, Iwill talk to you for Astros Baseball at

seven thirty. From six to seventhirty tonight. I think we're going dead
air up next. It's THET onSports Talk seven ninety w
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