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June 12, 2024 7 mins
Matt Thomas and Ross Villarreal of The Matt Thomas Show react to former Houston Texans head coach and general manager Bill O'Brien, who made an appearance on the "Next Up With Adam Breneman" podcast to reflect on his time in Houston, saying he regretted taking on the general manager responsibility.
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Bill O'Brien said, a couple ofthings. I have not heard this,
but it is making the social mediastreets. Connor help us out here.
Where was this audio obtained from?It was on somebody's podcast or somebody radio
show or something. It was apodcast called Next Up? What Yeah?
Next? Next Up with Fleet andand and what is it? He calls

him? He also calls him somethingelse, g money or something like that.
Doesn't thee okay, Gez Geez,that's a guy, Gez Gordy International.
He calls him g Z. Allright, so, uh, he's
on a podcast. And Bill O'Brienadmitted that maybe his time not so much
as a coach by himself, butcoach and a general manager could have gone

differently. That was a tough timeat in Houston. We were we were
a good team. We made somedecisions relative to the organization to try to
fill the GM role. We wentafter some guys we couldn't get him,
and at the end of the day, we went a full year I think
without a GM. Really myself andanother guy did it. And then there

was a year where they were like, well we're just gonna, you know,
make you the GM. So inthe end, that's not who I
am. That's another lesson learned,right, Like, you know, I
didn't really enjoy being the GM.I didn't enjoy negotiating contracts. I in
some respects I lost relationships with someof the guys that I was coaching,
you know, because I was alsoI didn't really enjoy that. In my

opinion, there's very few guys inthe history of football that can ever do
that, and they're the greatest ofthe greats. And you know, I
feel like I'm a good coach.I know how to coach. I think
you guys know that, But thosethings I'm not great at. I can
evaluate talent. I know how toevaluate talent, but I'm not I don't

I shouldn't be negotiating contracts and thingslike that. So in the end,
that was a mistake by me,and I wish I really didn't do that
to go to be really you knowwho loved him negotiating contracts with Laramie Tunzel.
He thought he was a great negotihe thought he was amazing. He
was the best. The Miami Dolphinsthink that Bill O'Brien is a great general
man. There's a lot of there'sa lot of athletes that have zero issues

with the with the Bill O'Brien.Now, he said they went after guys,
that's not necessarily true. They wentafter one guy, Nick Cassario,
and the Patriots said, shut yourball ass up, get out of my
picnic, get out of my littlepig ROAs or my or my lobster bake,
get your ass back to Houston.Here's tampering charges. Yeah, and
I'm gonna sue your ass if youdo this again. Yeah. So I

think we're trying to recreate history alittle bit here. How about when he
said, you know, I'm agood coach. I'm a time by where
you guys know that. Well,maybe they don't know that. Maybe they're
like nine, We don't think you'rea good coach. We think you're a
douche. I mean he's got tobe. He's got to have some level
of competency. He's been around forthis long. Yeah. Yeah, Now,
good luck to the BC Eagles,which is really weird. Yeah.
I guess ACC football that's there forthe taking a girl, but that's a

different issue. I said, ACCvolleyball, come get your girl. What
Yeah, what are you talking aboutsaying I'm not I'm saying Accy football has
bien. You're talking about your daughter. Yeah, okay Ac. In the
middle of this, Bill O'Brien said, yeah, yeah, okay, I
said ACC football, but ACC basketballnot bad ACC volleyball. Yeah, okay,
okay, back to it. Yeah, he's he's in his rightfle spot.

He can he can be the boorish. That's why I called Bill O'Brien
borish. Bill, Okay, hecan borish. Just hearing his voice kind
of makes you cringe. Sure,at least me makes you go. This
guy didn't. Speaking of bat Man, he was able to evaluate himself in
the NFL when we were running itat the Houston Texans. Yeah, we

made some controversial decisions, but youknow, we made some good decisions too.
We traded some top picks for LaramieTunseel. Laramie Tunseel is one of
the greatest left tackles in the historyof the game. In my opinion,
he still plays there. I don'tthink he gave up many sacks this past
year. So there and there's otherexamples of guys that we brought in there
that were really good players that wemade decisions as when I was a general

manager or when I was doing itwith somebody else, So it wasn't like
it was all terrible. Now,you know, the media narrative as it's
terrible, But for me it justpersonally, it's more about being a coach,
you know, and that's what Ithat's what I love to do,
That's who I am. He wouldn'teven mention name. I know that's number
one. And then also the mediannarrative is that it was terrible. Okay,

No, he sabotaged the franchise.His moves were, his moves were
terrible. He was an I can'tsay good coach. I would say a
decent day three times, Brian threetimes. Yeah. But I think he
is trying to revisit history and recreatethe facts that we all have vivid memories

of. M hm. It's funnythey didn't bring up the you suck,
you suck too part of the BillO'Brien regime. Here I pulled up a
list of some of his moves.Trading a third rounder for Duke Johnson.
That was bad. Trading Jevin Clowneyprobably wasn't that worst. Oh the worst
idea. Larrymy Tunsel, Yeah,you got a good player, but you
gave away multiple first round picks andthen made him the highest paid tackle on

the market, well overpaid for him, and he laughed with his He laughed
his ass off when he got tonegotiate with the second rounder for Brandon Cooks.
I guess that's okay. Oh thiswas bad. A third rounder for
Gary on Conley. Oh that wasa horrible move. Oh crime in DeAndre
Hopkins. Of course, in theDavid Johnson movie, I haven't even mentioned

that, the one that made youand I for two straight minutes ago.
What what? God? Yeah,he is reinvent he is he is re
uh what do you call when youreinvent it? Reinvented history? History,
he's reinventing history. Yeah, Iguess. I mean we all kind of
do that. I know, Iknow it daily. Mm hmmm, Like

when you embarrassed yourself in front ofa woman or something like that, and
then years later your buddy's try tomake funny for it and you're like,
it wasn't that bad, Or wewound up going out after all when you
never did no, or you know, she was with another guy and she
really couldn't go out at the timeyou fell, and everyone laughed. You're
like Oh I was. Everyone wasn'tlaughing. It wasn't that bad. Yeah,
yeah, yeah, we have somebodyoffice. These guys are overplaying.

There somebody in this office that doesthat. Really, I'm not naming names,
but we got a guy. Wegot a guy that likes to reinvent
history. Remember that time you saidRyan Leaf was the greatest all of time
and he was gonna be better thanPeyton Manning. I don't know if I
don't know if that's really what Isaid. Do you know we've talked about
this before. I had Ryan Leafover over Payton Way. I brought it
up. Yeah, but I'm notbut I'm saying that you can make mistakes.

Now I didn't. I didn't saywhat you just said. You're now
embarrassing a little bit. Hold onnow, I'm just kidding, but I
know. And that's one of thosethings you go, you know what you
missed the sports day. But thatwas a pretty big we made some good
move that other one that other peoplehave made too. You you goofed on
that from a guy was on theleague within three years to a holiday quarter.

Actually I figured it out. It'syour fantasy team, like you're you're
like four and nine. Yeah,and you're like, you know, we've
had some injuries, we made somegood moves. Okay, we picked up
Christian McCaffrey number one overall, likethe simplest, easiest move. Ever,
how about this a good move?Yeah? How about this one? We
were we were just one score awayin all those games, one one drop
pass or one complete shit or onebig hit or one free throw made.

Yeah, Justin Tucker scored fifteen onme. Was it my fault
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