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June 21, 2024 102 mins
Do you trust the Reds to develop players offensively?
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What covers the Bengals like ESPN fifteento thirty, Cincinnati's sports station. Here

we go, it's the mo EggerShow. I am not Moegar. I
am Chad Brindle Billian from O EggarToday. I don't really have a voice,
but that's okay. I have abag of throat lozenges. I have

a fifty ounce something Stanley cup fullof water, and we're gonna do our
best to get through it. It'scrazy, Tarran, because my voice was
getting better. I had bronchitis liketwo weeks ago, lost my voice.
My voice is getting better than Ihad to go to Orlando for AAU Nationals

Volleyball Nationals for my daughter, andyou know, you cheer on your team.
And I woke up Saturday morning,Tarran, and I could barely whisper.
Now. All the kids and parentsat the volleyball tournament were thrilled.
It was the best revelation of theweek that I had lost my voice.
They were all very excited about that. And it is on its way back.

We are in recovery. We willsee how that goes. After three
hours on the microphone here today,thank you as always for choosing me.
Thank you for tuning in. Canyou imagine the delight Terran when everybody found
out that I couldn't talk? No, all right, sorry I was talking

somewhere, tarn I'm talking. Ineed you. I don't really have a
voice. I need you today.Well then I'm I guess I'm somewhat celebrated.
Lakers got a head coach. Ohwho'd they get? Jj Reddick?
Four year contract? Okay? Ilike JJ, don't. I don't know

how it's gonna work, but hI wish him well. I think he
is a he's an excellent basketball mind. He had a great podcast that the
podcast game takes a hit, right, I mean yeah, A player and
the coach can't be doing a podcasttogether that. I don't think. You
wouldn't think like that would probably crosssome lines that people wouldn't want crossed.

It would be fascinating and everybody wouldlisten. But you know, good for
the Lakers. Are you sad itwasn't our guy Danny Hurley? H No,
not really. I don't think Dannywould do came at expensive price.
It's the Lakers. They got munchy. You're not chipping in. It's not

college where the boosters pay the bills. Do you care? I care a
lot. I'm I'm a Lakers fanfirst and foremost, like unless Lebron was
leaving, Okay, then throw thehouse at them. Okay. Uh,
we do have a lot to getto today. We got some some excellent
guests coming up. Uh, myguy Klay Snowden from Just Baseball will be

here to uh to talk Reds andand try to make some sense of of
this team right now. It is, uh they're in a weird spot because
they're they're okay, they're not bad, but they're also not good. And
I was driving in today and thisthis is gonna be topic one today and

you know, well we'll get intoit a lot more of the next segment,
but just to to to plant theseed. There was a lot of
talk about the the two different timelines, the timeline between the development of your
young players because this is still ayoung roster and winning now and what that

means as a fan, what thatmeans to a fan. As they watched
the Cincinnati Reds in twenty twenty four, and I was initially planning on talking
about something similar, but as Iwas listening, Austin had a good conversation
about this with Joe Daneman. Itwas one of the bigger topics in talkbacks

and it got me to thinking.What it got me to thinking is how
comfortable are you in in trusting thedevelopment of talented offensive players into offensive stars

for this Reds team. And thatgot me thinking on how much we have
seen that talent develop here over thepast ten or twenty years into let's just
say all star level talent. Maybethat's a bit lofty of a bar,
but you would think if you're doingit a high level, Like if you

go look at Saint Louis, Iwould guess they have developed a bunch of
guys that have had all Star typeseasons that came up in their system.
When you really start to go backand look over the list, haren it
is sobering. Yeah, you readit to me earlier. Yeah, how

few guys have come up in thissystem and developed into an all star talent?
Right now, Ellie de la Cruz, Spencer Steer, you look at
you know, you just rewind alittle bit. Jonathan India was Rookie of

the Year his rookie year. Youdon't want to look at what Jonathan India
has done since then. It isnot pretty It is not league median.
Forget all star level, it isnot league median. Tyler Stevenson was very

close in that same Rookie of theYear race. He's stumbled for two years
now. He's having a solid seasonthis year where you feel better with him
at the plate, but he hasnot developed. Ellie has gotten a little

bit better. The walks are up. You know, he is above league
average in most everything. He's leadingin a league in stolen bases. He's
top twenty in runs, so youare seeing some development there, But how
much of that is just Elie Dela Cruz is a generational talent. Spencer

Steer has been wildly inconsistent. He'shad a couple of weeks where he's kind
of carried this team. He's hada couple weeks where he literally didn't get
a hit. TJ Friedel is hittingtwo fourteen. Jake Fraley is hitting for
average, but that's about it.He's got one home run. His nine

RBIs Tarren Jake Frayley has played fiftyeight games, he has nine RBIs.
If you look at the pitching,the development over the last two decades has
really been pretty outstanding. On themound, it has been very, very

good. Mike Leak and Johnny Quatoand Edison Volcaz and Luis Castillo and now
you're talking, you know, HunterGreen and Nicolodolo are establishing themselves as top
of the rotation guys. The bullpenhas had a lot of guys really show

out in their their stents out ofthe bullpen for Cincinnati. But offensively,
let's be honest, this team kindof stinks. They can hit bad pitching.
They can hit guys. When theyget a guy on the mound with
an ERA at four and a halfor above, you can count on them

having a pretty good day. Ifthey get a guy that they're facing that
is very good. It does notbode well for the Cincinnati Reds offense.
Tarrenvs. Cincinnati scored more goals lastnight than the Red scored in the entire

Pirate series. Ouch, that ain'tgood, friend, That ain't good.
By the way, the goal byLuca Acosta, I'm not a big soccer
guy, you guys know that goatThat goal was absurd. He was one

dribble inside midfield and put an absolutedart in the upper right corner of the
goal. From the left side,there was an incredible shot. Some were
arguing last night the most impressive goalin SC Cincinnati history, that one would

be hard to bet against. Butanyhow, with this Reds team, I'm
just having trouble project out which oneof these guys if you know how many
of these guys are going to takethat next step, because you know,
the last time this franchise was reallyreally good and it didn't result in playoff

success. But two thousand and nine, twenty ten through twenty fourteen, and
you had a bunch of guys inthat group that developed. Obviously, Joey
Vado, Jay Bruce was solid,although a bit surpri Is it surprising to
you that Jay Bruce only made oneAll Star Game? Very now? He

made two? He made two.I'm sorry, hype became hurry. I'm
an idiot. He made three.Never mind, that was a bad point,
Okay, I didn't. I forgotabout the twenty sixteen when he made
a little bit later in his career. But anyhow, I just I don't

know, like Zach Cozart made oneand we never really heard for him again.
Suarez was the one I was talkingabout. Did it surprise you Suarez
only made one All Star Game?I feel like he was better here than
that, not really on the calmmember for that forty nine home run season,
right Yeah, And I, likeI said to Austin off the air
earlier, I guess he was alsoone of those guys that he was traditionally

a slow starter and then heat itup as the summer went on, which
makes it tough to make the MajorLeague Baseball All Star Game because it's mid
season. But I just I'm ata point where I don't have a lot
of confidence. Yes, is therean abundance of young talent? Yes?
Do I have confidence this franchise offensivelyis going to develop that young talent?

Unfortunately I do not. Twenty twentythree, Alexis Ts, twenty twenty two,
Luis Castillo, twenty one was Castianosand Winker then obviously Winker was was
gone shortly after that. There wasno All Star Game in twenty twenty,
Castillo and Gray in nineteen. TheFlash and the Pans start from Scooter Jeannette

and then Suarez in eighteen, Cozartand Vado in seventeen, Bruce and Duval
in sixteen, Fraser and Chapman infifteen, and then the Alstar Game that
was here in fourteen, Fraser,maserako Queto, Simon, and Chapman.
But of all those guys, whatFraser was homegrown? Bruce was homegrown,

Duval was a bit of a journeyman. Jeannette was a bit of a journeyman.
Suarez was homegrown. That's it.Cassianos was a rental essentially, the
way that they treated him. Hewas only here two years. Where is
the homegrown, high level talent thatyou're going to count on to carry this

offense? Because guess what, thefarther and farther we get into this season,
the more and more I believe thispitching staff is pretty good for a
while, pretty good for a while. But if you can't score, it
doesn't matter how good your pitching staffis. You just have a bunch of

good arms. You can try itout there to lose games one to nothing
where you get two hits, twohits, two gosh darn hits. Can't
say that on the radio. Itdoesn't matter. Nobody's listening a major league
for you there. We're also goingto talk some Bengals tarn. We have

heard a lot about this offense sinceJoe Burrow was drafted. The highest they
have been is eighth in the leaguein total offense yards gained, not bad,
not bat But when you hear everybodytalk about Joe Burrow in this offense,

wouldn't you expect maybe a couple higherfinishes. Eighth is is good.
They've been down around tenth and thenthey've been you know, you've had the
Burrow injury seasons. We have talkedabout this defense going from thirty first to
where where are you comfortable with thisdefense landing in order for this team to

have Super Bowl aspirations following a seasonwhere they were thirty first. I think
the other thing that could happen toalleviate some of that is Joe Burrow orchestrates
the top five offense. You've gotJamar Chase, You've got t Higgins,
You've revamped your running game, nomore Joe Mixon. You've got Ja Seki,

a tight end who has proven tobe a pretty good pass catcher.
A safety valve for Joe Burrow.Not exactly sure what it's going to be
in the slot, but you've gotthree or four young guys that are chomping
at the bit to be a partof this offense. And you've got a
veteran, old, tough, physicaloffensive line. Isn't it time for this

offense to take the next step?Isn't it time for maybe this offense to
I don't know, carry the teamearly as lou Anarumo gets this defense hopefully
back to at least the middle ofthe pack, because I think we agreed
if the defense can find its wayback into the top fifteen to sixteen,

top half of the league level,then the Bengals are a Super Bowl contender.
But it's probably gonna take some timeearly as they sort this thing out
and get on the same page.Is the offense ready to take that next
step? Especially in t Higgins walkhere? So we'll touch on that,

and we'll also touch on something thatit was a topic on the Bearcout Journal
podcast last night with me and mypartner Dave Simone. When looking at the
world of college athletics, we haveseen so much change over the past two
years. I think the next questionbecomes, when does the game of musical

chairs stop? When do we finallyget back to a sense of normalcy Because
for the longest time, we knewsomething like nil was coming because of the
court case losses and the way thingswere trending. We got a two year
preview of NIL, which became exclusivelypay for play almost now. Revenue share

is coming. Now, an expandedmen's basketball tournament is coming. Now,
an expanded twelve team college football playoffis coming. They're already talking about making
that bigger. How long is itgoing to take? We had a decade
worth of conference realignment? The PACtwelve is dead? Is the ACC next?

How long is it going to taketo get to flat ground again instead
of this roller coaster that we've beenriding. It's an interesting question how many
fans will they disenfranchise in the process. Let's take a break more reds Klay

Snowden coming up here in about tentwelve minutes. Since that, he's ESPN
fifteen thirty Cincinnatics tearing on the scaleof like like one to a million.

Where does last night rank in thegreatest nights of your life? Top five?
Top five? Yes? Wait wereyou were? You glued in and
consume the entire time, start tofinish like the internet buzz like, all
right, I gotta go see thisthing, No I tid I'll watched it
from the very beginning. He didkind of lose me, like because I

was familiar with the first set ofWest Coast artists. Yeah, he brought
out I knew once Timy the Clowncame out. That's when I got into
it, cause I knew who.For those non hip hop heads, Kendrick
Lamar had an event in ls lA last night, and uh, he
basically buried Drake for good. Idon't think there's any coming back from this

for Drake. Well, he's stillreleased a couple of hit songs in there,
here and there. Yeah, probably, but Uh, as a popular
artist, his time is pretty muchover. I'm just saying, uh,
before we get to clay Let,let's let's let's look at this real quick.
Ellie de la Cruise of the youngguys, is having the best season.

He's hitting two thirty six. Now, he's slugging four thirty five.
His ops is seven sixty nine.That's it's good. It's not you know,
the the greatness that that we hopeis to come from Elie de la
Cruz. But his head's above water. He's holding his own. Will Benson
is hitting one nine, slugging threeninety three ops of six eighty four.

Spencer Steer hitting two thirty eight ops. Seven twenty nine. Just go down
the list and you're looking at ateam offensively that is not performing and the
young guys, I know you expectsome some to take some time, especially
in year two. The tape isout. Pitchers know what your hotspots are,

what your cold spots are, alot better than in your rookie year.
But with this track record of developmentin this organization, I'm concerned.
I'm concerned. We'll talk to ClaisNoden from Just Baseball about that very thing
right after this, since an he'sESPN thirteen thirty Cincinnati's he told me he

roll wait, we're going all WestCoast today art routine. Yes, parent,
you know it's dangerous to play asong that starts out with Nate Dogg
singing. Is then I can't talkuntil he's done. Did you make it
a great challenge? Well, luckilyhe goes to write this loop spart.

I know when I think of groupyou love, the first thing I think
of is Clay not And from justHi, Clay, Hey, how's it
going? Uh? You know myvoice is a little strained, but you
know it's like the I'm like theit's like the Jordan flu game. I'm
fighting on Oh oh man, youknow everybody in the greater Cincinnati area is

very proud that you decided to showup today. Well, I had to
call out like a week ago becauseof the same problem. Uh my voice
got better than I went to Orlandofor AAU Nationals for my daughter. I
cheered for my daughter's team. Myvoice went out again because I don't know
how to shut up. Uh Soseg probably would have killed me. Yid

probably would have killed me if Icalled in again today. So here I
am. Yeah, that makes sense, Uh, Clay, What do we
really make of this team? Right? I know so much of it is
hard because Christian and Karnacia, Imean we're almost at the halfway point.
Christian and Karnosia and Strands only playedtwenty nine games. We haven't seen the

wel v Marte. We we haven'tseen Matt McLean. There has been a
lot of shuffling and mixing and matching, but but we have seen guys underperform.
We have seen this offense still gothrough multiple lengthened droughts. What do
you make of this team as wenear the halfway pole? Yeah? And

you know they have, like youhighlighted, they are missing some key players,
right, but sure saying that everysingle year with every single team,
and right, this year is moredrastic than usual. Look at the Dodgers,
they're missing players. Look at Atlantathey're missing Like it happens and it
boils down, Yeah, exactly,and it just kind of boils down to

depth and expectations of what you haveon the roster. So, you know,
I thought they should have added anoutfield or I've probably said that every
single time I've come on here,and they didn't. They rolled out what
they were and it was several playerswho were good, several players who are
okay, and if you that couldtake a stab might take a step.
They didn't take a step. Sothe outfield has been underperforming. Jake Fraley

just doesn't have any power at all. I don't know n nine RBIs on
the season. Most of us hitsare singles. It's just been kind of
ugly. I think that the startingpitching has been pretty good. And the
main thing for me too is youknow, you look at Alexis Giaz and

you think this is a player thatyou can count on that you know it's
a good player. That's what wetold ourselves two years ago. Well,
if you really really watched, younotice the same issues have always been there,
and that's command of the zone.And some years it's gonna get lucky.
You're gonna get people swinging. Themore tape these guys have on them,
the more time on task against them, they're gonna know, we don't

have to swing as often, andyou see what happens. You cannot trust
him right now at all. Andit's not a send him to the miners
figure it out, being like,I just think this is who he is
and how he's going to be.So if you want him to be the
quote unquote closer, you're just gonnahave to, you know, clinch your
butt cheeks together each time in thenet ninth inning. It's there was a

lot there's been a lot of talkabout the two timelines, the development timeline
and the winning timeline. And thisis my kind of my lead for the
day, Clay is, are wecomfortable, knowing what we know about this
organization over the past ten, fifteen, twenty years, are we comfortable that
offensive talent young offensive talent is goingto develop here because it hasn't happened very

often, and we're counting on thisfranchise becoming a championship level franchise on the
back of these young, talented offensiveplayers becoming a cohesive, dangerous, competent
offense. They have not shown itin the past. They can do it,

and they are not showing it rightnow with where things are at,
and I think it's that is wherethe biggest question mark is with the players
that are missing. Like Matt McClainwas fantastic last year in Karassi on Strain
was awesome in a small stint.Same with noel Lee Marte. Those are,

you know, three of the betteryoung players. I think Spencer Steer
is. You know, I forone was thinking, man, this guy
could really break out and be somethingbig, and he's shown he's not that.
And he doesn't have to be thateither. Not every one of these
players has to be that. Ifhe can be the solid average, slightly
above average player who can fill insome different spots, give you a two

war each year, whatever kind oflike we kind of thought Jonathan India might
be, then that's perfectly fine.Because I think Ellie is still a great
player. I know that there's alot of back and forth on him.
We don't need to get into thatI'm not as worried. To me,
it still comes down to the outfield. TJ. Friedel might be made of

glass. I don't know. Thatguy seems to be hurt a lot,
and I'm he's been a really goodplayer, but how much can we count
on him? And because of that, you need to have a stronger outfield.
And the thing with the platoons,I know everyone wants to talk about
platoons. To me, if youdon't hit left handed pitching, you only
hit right handed pitching, you don'tget to do that at an average level.

You have to be significantly above average. If you're going to sacrifice half
of your game, then the otherhalf must be twenty twenty five percent above
average or else how much of avalue are you? And I think we're
kind of seeing that with like JakeFrayley, Will Benson. It's just a
little bit, and even to anextent Stuart Fairchild, who literally can hit

right handed pitching. Like if theseguys are not able to do half of
what they're asked to do, whichisn't a big deal, but you have
to do the other half extremely surely, Well, there's too many of those
players on this roster and it's whyI think and I'm delusional for this.
I'm sure it's the perfect time tomake a big trade at the deadline.

I don't think they'll do it,but it lines up and it makes sense.
How often do we say we needto trade X, Y and Z
because they have multiple years of control? Well, why can't we ever be
the team acquiring the multiple years ofcontrol? Right? If we work and
we do in a limited resource environment, there's no salary cap, but we

all know the team has one onthemselves, regardless of what you think limited
resource environment. Okay, so goout and get the player who's on a
cheap deal with years of control andpay for it. It's gonna cost something.
But you can't hoard every prospect.All of them have to be added
to the forty man At some pointyou're going to get into a crunch.

And I just think that they haveenough minor league talent plus don't forget plus
that number two overall pick. It'sgoing to be a tough I don't know
forty overall prospect in baseball. Soyou're going to reload to an extent,
you know, right off the bat. So you can go out and get
a player with a couple of yearsof control. Even if the team doesn't
look like their World Series bound thisyear, guess what you added a vet

bat. You added someone who's beenthere. You've strengthened the lineup. Teach
these guys how to win and rollthat into next year. Uh. The
way that I'm new to this,so I'm not sure the way that the
lottery works in baseball. Do theReds get the second pick in every round
or is it just the first round? I believe it's just the first roundund

and then they slot in to wherethey would normally slot. Yeah. I
really hope you don't ask me draftquestions. I have no interest in,
like, you know, learning aboutthese guys until they're drafted. I don't
care a high schooler in Indiana.It also guy who's about to sell insurance
in five years play. You're talkingto somebody that has to deal with high

school recruiting and football and basketball already. If I had to deal with a
baseball I'd run my head through.UH this. I want to have a
long conversation with you about that atsome point in time, because I think
it's the most intriguing thing ever.Is how a college football and recruiting feeling.
We have a couple of great podcastswith Zach Grant on the Bearcat Journal

Network that I think you would lovelistening to that he explains kind of their
philosophy and how they how they approachit. Ellie Lance had a piece up
today about this town not being goodat handling superstars. You're already getting people
that are you know, essentially sayingthey're out on Ellie. He is having

a solid season. Is he havingan all star season? No? Is
he is? He is? Heelevated already to one of the best you
know, people at his position inthe sport know. But he leads the
league in steals, He's top twentyin runs. For all the things that
he's not. His fielding needs toget better. He needs to cut down
on the strikeouts. Some his walkrate his way up. Like, appreciate

what you have, Red Fan,Reds Fans, because Elie day La Cruz
is incredibly good and still getting better. He is twenty two years old.
Yeah, he's always going to strikeout a lot. That's okay. People
hyper focus on the worst part ofhis game for some odd reason, and
it's usually people of a certain agegroup and they're not. You know,

they've just been told strikeouts are bad? Strikeouts are bad? Would you rather
have him? You know, hittingbloop singles and a couple of those get
caught. It's the same result rightout, you know, Now, I
do get it. Strikeouts can beworse because you don't put the ball in,
and I do subscribe to that.However, he is so much better
at all the other aspects of hisgame than the average player that you have

to look at it as a whole. And he's a twenty two year old
player who's going to get better.We've already seen it look better. Defensively,
he gets lazy, in my opinion, with routine plays, and that
is something I truly do think,Like, all right, what's the worst
part about his defense? He makesmental errors that seems like the easiest thing

to correct in terms of just defensivemistakes, you know what I mean?
He has range, speed. Ido think people are expecting and I you
know, this is just society.They're expecting immediate return in baseball at twenty
two years old, and there theycomplain about him. You go around in
other Ballpark's a quick story. Iwas in Detroit, kid in front of

me. A twelve year old kidI don't know opens up a pack of
baseball car cards and goes nuts.He has a Toronto Blue Jays jersey on
is going nuts because he got anEllie de la Cruz card. That's the
type of impactful player that the CincinnatiReds have and we should appreciate it and
learn that it's not flawless. Arewe at a point where we're really really

confident about Hunter Green and Nicolodolo asthe long term future of this staff?
I am, I absolutely am,And they are the perfect example of why,
you know, we have to bepatient. These guys have been in
the league for a few years nowand they're finally starting to It's not that

we didn't see flashes of it,but it's starting to look a little bit
more consistent, a little bit easierfor them both. I mean, I
don't know their mental side of it, but you can tell they aren't,
you know, rattled, They aren'tas upset, and everything about the game
looks like it's slowing down for themand they're producing at a very high level.

And to me, I'm confident inif. Of course, you've always
got to talk about injuries with pictures, suasteris injured, pictures get injured.
Okay, cool, move on.I think that they're both very good,
but think of how long it tookthem to get here. Think of how
long it takes these younger players toadapt to major league hitting or pitching and

get to where they ultimately want togo. When we talk prospects, we
talk about their prime, what youexpect them to be in their prime,
And too often people expect prime tobe twenty one, twenty two years old
right off the bat, and itjust doesn't work like that. It's a
game of patience, and we allobviously struggle with that. Yep, where

can they find you? Clay onTwitter at Clay Underscore SnO and at just
baseball dot com. All right,man, great to hear from you.
Always love talking to you, andwe will catch back up soon. Happy
late Father's Day to you as well. You as well, brother, We'll
talk to Thanks class, I'll havea kid. I thank you anyway.
Happy Father's Day anyway. Alright,alright, thanks like Taim. All right,

let's take a break. We'll beback more after this. Since that
he's ESPN fifteen thirty, it's amurdy Cincinnati Sports station, Cincinnati Sports Station.

Here we go our number two.It's the Mowagger Show. I am
not Mowagar. Chad Brenda in forthe day. Think will be back tomorrow?
Is that right, Terry? Yeah, live from the Holy Grail.
Here you go. Oh Mo isnot gonna miss a Holy Grail shows.

That's what tomorrow is all of out. I don't blame him. I don't
blame him at all. We've talkeda lot of Reds, almost all Reds
in our number one. Time towork in some Cincinnati Bengals. Our guy
Richard Skinner will join us next hereon Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen thirty ten. And

I'm double duty in it today.I'm in a war with Xavier fans on
Twitter right now while hosting a radioshow. Wait wow, what do you
do to Xavier fans? So yousee, announced that they were starting a
podcast. The podcast will be hostedby Dan Hord and we'll involve U see

greats from the past, present andfuture. Yes, Steve Logan, yes,
yes, and Xavier fans all ofa sudden have apparently invented podcasting because
Sean Miller does a podcast and andyou see as just copying Xavier's formula because

Xavier created podcasting. So I'm havingsome fun with Xavier fans for their stance
on you see, entering the podcastworld with a completely different podcast, because
this is a podcast with a legendarybroadcaster that is deeply affiliated with the program

hosting a podcast. Xavier has apodcast with their head coach that is wonderful.
It's a it's a good show.I've watched it a couple of times.
It's entertaining, it's it's insightful.If you're a Xavier basketball fan,
congratulates us to them. But thispodcast has nothing to do with Xavier having
a podcast with Sean Miller. Thisis a different genre of podcasts. It's

not the Wes Miller podcast. It'sthe Dan Horde podcast. So just everybody
calm down. Plus it's summer andi haven't argued with Xavier fans in a
while, so I'm just having somefun with it. I've been behaved on

Twitter for a while. Aran,It's not the old me that used to
get in the Twitter war, youknow, three four times a week.
I felt like I haven't been inone in a while. So I'm having
some fun with Xavier fans. Let'sget to the Bengals and the path to

success in twenty twenty four. Lastyear, because of Joe Burrow starting slow,
coming off of an injury, andthen having a much more serious injury
to his wrist that cost him therest of the season, we did not
get to see much of Joe Burrowin twenty twenty three. But twenty twenty

four is a very important year forthis Cincinnati Bengal offense. Their offensive line
is essentially intact. You add TrentBrown and Orlando Brown on the outside to
behemoth tackles to the continuity that theBengals have had for now. This will
be the third year with Kapa andKris and Vernon Golston. Not Vernon Golston,

what's the guard's name? You knowI'm talking about. You have Joe
Burrow, you have a different lookat running back, but you still have
Jamar Hayes Chase, you have tHiggins. There'll be somebody new in the
slot to replace Tyler Boyd, which, unfortunately, as great as Boyd was,

his production had started to dip andit was time for the Bengals to
go younger and in a different direction. There My contention is you now have
a guy who has tied the TrevorLawrence deal. Is insane to me,
tarn the Trevor Lawrence that the Jaguarsare paying him as much as the Bengals

are paying Joe Burrow. But that'seither here nor there. You have the
highest paid quarterback in the NFL,you have two number one receivers. You
should be effective, more effective inthe running game because I think Joe Mixon
was just kind of hitting that pointin a running backs career where you see

the production start to slide. Andyou have a defense that was second to
last in the NFL, second tolast in the NFL last year. This
offense is going to have to dosome of the carrying. And that is

on the back of when you golook at their run to the Super Bowl
and their run to the AFC ChampionshipGame from twenty one to twenty two,
when the offense slowed down a littlebit when they played great defenses, and
that's not a surprise. The higherlevel defense you play, the less likely
it is you're going to have big, explosive games on offense. But this

has not been a top five offense. With Joe Burrow at the helm,
the highest they've reached is eight.They've mostly been in the teams in the
middle of the pack, and thenyou have the knee injury year and the
wrist injury year. I think ifthis Bengals team is going to be a
Super Bowl contender, I think thatnext step is to have a top five

offense. And you're talking about anew offensive coordinator with some different vision.
We heard this through the mini campprocess. There's a lot more formations.
There's a lot more misdirection or confusion, things that are trying to disguise what

they're doing to the defense, becauseI don't think there was a whole lot
of that under the previous offensive staff. I think it was pretty much we're
gonna line up and we're gonna havebetter players than you, and we're going
to execute our game plan. Ifyou are watching what's successful on offense in

twenty twenty four, the Dolphins,the forty nine Ers, the Chiefs,
a lot of it is confusing thedefense, even if they have great players.
The forty nine Ers have great players. The Dolphins have great offensive players,
but they use the element of surprisejust as much as they use those

great players to create advantages. AndI think it's time this Bengals offense to
enter that era. You have adeadly accurate quarterback who can push the ball
down the field, who can throwit short, who can throw it intermediate,
who can use his legs to createsome time and space. He's not

gonna run like Lamar Jackson, obviously, so that element is not going to
be part of your offense. Buthe can move to get a first down,
he can move to keep a playalive. Am I crazy thearn for
thinking there's another step this offense cantake. I just I think they have

been very good. I don't thinkother than there have been a couple stretches
where Joe Burrow has taken this toanother level. But there have also been
dips, especially against some of thebetter defenses in the league, where the
defense has had to win the game. The defense has had to save them.

Look at the second half's against KansasCity where the offense was able to
come back. But that doesn't happenif the defense doesn't get the stops that
they were getting in those games againstthe Chiefs offense. Is the defense going
to be able to do that thisyear? We don't know. We don't
know because they did not look goodlast year. They struggled to stop the

run, they couldn't stop the deepball, They got beat over the top
for splash plays with great regularity.Those are all things that have to be
a concern going into twenty twenty four. And if it's going to take some
time for lou An Arumo to getthis defense operating back at a high level,

then something is going to have tostep in and replace that. And
I think that has to be JoeBurrow dialing it up a notch. That
has to be this offense dialing itup a notch. Now I've seen some
people talk about T Higgins and willT Higgins play through injury? Will T

Higgins really, you know, puthis body in his game on the line,
playing under the franchise tag? Youknow what you can't do if you're
T Higgins go into free agency nextyear with this continuing belief that he's fragile,

that he's a guy that's not goingto give you seventeen games, that
he's a guy that is going tobe out to three, four or five
games every year, because that's whatwe've scene. Is he an immense talent,
Yes, but there are still questionsfor him to answer. If he

is going to break the bank infree agency next year, he has to
have a great year. So Idon't think there's any concern there. I
do think with the mix of youngand old, I do think this is

a situation where the offense can takeanother step, where they can go from
really really good to consistently great,where they can match the hype that's around

Joe Burrow, where they can saywhen we need to have one of those
days where we go out and putup five hundred yards of offense to win
a game, that they're able togo and consistently do it, that it's

not spotty, that it's not somethingthat involves a hot streak, that it
is the regular, that it isthe norm. Now, does that put
a lot of pressure on Zach Mossat running back? Sure, he's twenty
six, he's never been he's nevergone into a season as a featured back,

so there is going to be pressureon him to step into that role
and perform. But if he does. Hypothetically, let's just say Zack Moss
steps into that role and he's verygood. Why can't this be a top
five offense in the NFL? Whycan't this be a team that, through
the first half of the season iscarried by their offensive weapons. We've talked

over and over and over about thenumber of offensive weapons they have. Twenty
twenty four is the time for themto step up and cement themselves as one
of the elite offenses in the NFL. And if they can do that,
this is a team that has achance to win a Super Bowl. If

not, woof. Let's take abreak. Richard Skinner up next, then
we'll get to your phone calls.The back end of the hour is open.
Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen thirty. Cincinnati's Iit here we go rolling on the

Moegar Show. Since that he's ESPNfifteen thirty. Chad brendle in for Moegar.
Can find me on Twitter at ChadBrenda where I'm I'm having some fun
receiver fans right now. That's whatTwitter is for. You're supposed to have
fun. People take that stuff awaytoo. Seriously, speaking to somebody that
likes to have fun, my guyfrom Local twelve, Richard Skinner, skinny,

Uh, do you have any adviceyou've done You've been in this business
for a long time. Any advicefor when your voice just will not get
back to one hundred percent, stoptalking and uh and wait for it to
get better. I've tried to fightthrough that, with all the remedies,
the keys and the Honeys and theBourbons, and truthfully, I've thought through
some like we all have. Butliterally, the only thing you can do

is just just shut it down andlet time take its course. So I
have kind of planned that I've canceledeverything between the end of this show and
Sunday. So hopefully probably you rememberour friend Dan horde Haad that happened.
Yes, I think any turnover gameat halftime to mode to finish call the
ten half he did. Sometimes itjust I mean it went So here's where

I'm an idiot. It went outlike a week and a half, two
weeks ago. Uh, And thenI rested it and it and it got
a little better and was on themend. And then I went to Orlando
for my daughter's volleyball tournament and insteadof shutting up on there on the sidelines,
you know, cheering the team on. And I woke up Saturday morning
and I like I could barely whisper. I was like, oh, this
is bad. Yeah, it iswhen I was coaching AAU basketball and we'd

play eighty games a summer, acouple of tournaments where I just still,
I can't, I can't do this. My voice is gone, Yeah,
let's let's get to uh, let'sget to the Bengals topic first, since
I just let off the hour withthis, the highest that this offense has
been ranked in the Joe Burrow erais eighth with the defense as kind of

and we've talked about this a workin progress. We we both I think
think lou An Aroumo can get themback on track, but it might take
a little while. Does this offensehave the capability with a new offensive coordinator,
with maybe some new vision, tobe a top five type offense in
the NFL? I do, AndI'll give you reasons why. I think

this is the best offensive line they'vehad. And I'm even leaving that with
the with a question at right tacklestill there. I mean, I know
what Trent Brown has been. He'sbeen a decent star in this league.
I don't think you've you've downgraded fromGeneral Williams, but I think the upside
for it is is better and andand and plus you know you got four
to five starters backs with some cohesionthere. So let's start from that point

that that's point A. Point Bobviously is point A A plus is a
healthy Joe Burrow. So I dolike what they're going to do. What
they did a little bit no tasit's always hard to tell because the eleven
on elevens really aren't eleven on elevensand whatnot, But they were moving guys
around. Jamar Chase was not involved, but they've made it pretty vocal they'd
like to move him around. Therewas conversation of different packages of wide receivers

to try to create mismatches, andI think they have that they've got an
extra weapon now in Jermaine Burton.I think they really like what they've gotten
andre Yoshabash, and I think thatthe fact they can move some guys around
had different packages up. I thinkthis is this with Mike Kasicki, and
you know he's never been a greatinline blocker, but he's always been a
top flight receiver. And what TannerHudson did, I think this is the

best you've been at the tight endposition. And I know there's a lot
of Joe Makeson fans out there andwhen Joe was in his prime. Heyday,
if you will, Joe's good back, but you know he was not
very explosive last year. That it'snot just my eyes telling me that.
All analytics and numbers tell you that. I mean, I still stick with
my favorite quote of the year,which really came home to roost when we

were talking to Brian Callahan about therun game and he said, we get
what's blocked and not much more.And that's that was a slight I hit
a little bit of a backhanded didJoe at the time. I do think
they're more explosive potentially in the runninggame. You know, they went into
a lot of light boxes last year. Yeah, it didn't get right.
This year. I really think you'llsee some of that. So yeah,
I think on paper, this isthe best offense they've had, and I

think I think it will come tofruition. I'm not asking for you know,
I don't know what case Brown doesin a seventeen game season from a
durability perspective, but I do knowwhat the ball in his hands he showed
us. He was like, Idon't know what I'm getting with Jermaine Burton
yet, right. I love thepotential of it, But for the most
part, it's guys we've seen whohave done it. Mike Sicky's done it
in this league. You know,Tamer Hudson got to the trust of Joe

Burrow last year. You know,we've seen what a healthy Tea and Jamar
can be together. And so Ithink all of those things, I do
think it makes this more than potentiallya top five offense. That slot spot.
What do you think is the planfor that as we go into you
know, we'll run five weeks maybeless away from the start of camp.

Yeah, here's And it's funny yousay that because I initially the whole concept
was who was replacing Tyler Boyd inthe slot? Right He was the slot
receiving That's what he was. He'sno longer here. So the conversation was
who's going to be the slot guy? And I've evolved that now into who's
going to be the third wide receiveron the field guy? And I think
that's where they're at with this.But you'll see Jamar Chase in the slot

more often, which means somebody hasto be the other outside receiver. That's
where a Yoshuvas or Jamaine Burton comesin, I think you'll see Jermain Burgen
works come out of the slot.Obviously, Terlin Jones was drafted to be
the slot replacement for for Tyler Boyd, but we saw him working OTAs and
in the mini camp saw him atoutside receiver. So I truly think it's

it's no longer in terms of whothe slot receiver is as like a you
know, you got T and Jamar, who's the slot guy? Know,
it's who's the third wide receiver onthe field with T and Jamar? And
how do they mix and match thatstuff? And I think it's going to
be fascinat. I mean, heck, you're gonna see sometimes Kasiki's the slot
guy with an extra tight end inthere, so you know, two tight
end package, two outside wide outs. But they feel like maybe they got

a smaller guy working out of theslot and Gasiki can work on that guy
physically. So I do think it'sa it's a bi committee approach, if
you will. And that's why whatI've been righting it slightly I haven't been
right is, Okay, here's theslot replacements, Here's what the third wide
receiver on the field will be ongiven downs, and I mean, I'm
just trying to think of slot cornerstrying of trying to coverage more Chase on
the move. I think that's goingto be a real difficult matchup for teams.

Was that the biggest difference you sawoffensively with with Dan Pitcher in this
first round of uh the o ta segment of the off season. Yeah,
and they had another package. Itwas kind of interesting because I think
a couple of you actually tweeted out, looks like Trent Brown's working your guard
and he really wasn't. He justhad Maarius Mems outside of him in a

giant jumbois offensive lineman bad. Imean that's a third and one off right
tackle. I mean that's that I'mlooking for the first time I see that
snap because it will be really interesting. And then of course you've got to
have because because it was Mims wasthe farthest outside, so I'm assuming he's
technically the wing back in that formationor port. I am saw on them

all here for the Marius Mims touchdowncatch on a third or fourth and goal
from the Warner two. Yeah.So let's get to the Reds. I
had this epiphany today, Skinny There'sbeen a lot of talk about, you
know, the development timeline and thewinning timeline, and you know, year

two, as a lot of theseyoung guys develop, it might not coincide
with the type of winning that fansanticipated this season. And it got me
to thinking, are you confident thatthey can develop young offensive talent in this
franchise because the number of times they'vedone it over the last twenty years,

I only need one hand to count. I am with this group because I
truly think and it's I mean onewas self induced with Marte being suspended and
I you know, on the timehe played last year he hit. It's
a small sample size, I know, but he's the miners and I do
think he will He will help thisoffense a lot. He won't be the

savior for this offense because they stillhave any other parts, especially in the
outfield, but he will help thisoffense. You know, Christian Across sans
Stran, we did look at hisnumbers and go, well, I didn't
really developed that well. He alsoplayed hurt and probably shouldn't have played hurt.
And now he's done and we haven'tseen Matt McClain, and we all
know what Matt McClain could do forthis offense, and Ellie has taken stride.
It's been you know, a twentiethbat sample here and a fifteen at

bat sample there, and it's stillit's it's still eye popping some of the
things he beat us up and does. And you know, I don't think
he was ever going to be projectedas a two seventy five to eighty hitters.
Too many swings and misses. ButI do think he's going to steadily
improve as he gets older with hisoffensive numbers. And then you know,
listen, I don't expect Stuart Fairchowdto be a big piece. I don't

expect Jacob Hurt of these to bea big piece. I really never expected
Will Benson to be a big piece, and they're proving there. I'm not
even sure of the major league caliberplayers. So I think the guys that
they were really counting, unfortunately twoare hurt, one was suspended. Again.
Give me a Christian across you,I'm trand that played the last month
of last year healthy, and Ido think it's a big difference in the

most lineup. Give me Matt McCleanand it gives it's a big overall difference
this lineup. Give me to ElieMarte. I mean the lineup that went
out there yesterday with with the fairChild's and the Herd of Bees's and the
uh you all. I mean,that's just a terrice. It's a terrible
light up. It's terrible. Sojust listen. I know David Bell's getting
more heat again and and and that'sfine. The needle doesn't move either way.

You fire him, I'm not gonnalose. I'm not gonna lose my
sleepover either. But I made thepoint on my podcast today of you know,
I'm not trying to defend the guy. Well, and you're looking at
the at the position players available,and you're going, all right, I
need to give my catcher a dayoff. So I got to put late
Luke Maley in there. And Ilike Luke. I mean, we know
Luke, good dude, you justcan't hit. And so he's in the

line up. So they should pluggedin at number nine. Man, I
got my one eighty five hitt andherd of bees? Where do I put
him? I got my two ohseven hit nests? But all he's my
third basement. They don't right now, anybody the backup Elire Cruise. Why
the poor guy plays every day andhe meets the day off. So yeah,
I do have faith because I sawwhen these guys were helping what you're

capable of doing, and I thinkyou'll see that again. It's just been
a crazy, weird score of injuriesand a suspension. Would you consider the
pitching well ahead of schedule this yearbecause the bullpen's been good and they haven't
been perfect, but very few peoplehave a perfect bullpen. But the starters
have been really, really good andvery few dips. We have not seen

extended stretches. Maybe a start hereor there where the other team kind of
roughs the guy up and he doesn'thave it, but consistently over roughly eighty
games, man, this staff hasbeen really solid. Yeah. I mean,
anybody who watched Nickladolo early last yearand didn't fall in love with what
he could be just wasn't watching.And then unfortunately the injuries sidelined him.

And he's showing in that he isa top of the line rotation guy.
So I you know, he's twentysix years old, so his time is
now and he's showing it. Youknow, her thing's never been in a
big lay for three years and he'smade the progress necessary and to your point,
it's no longer Oh well, itwas a great twelve strikeout performance followed
by it early he just gave upfour runs and three innings of performance.

It's he's got a couple of roughpatches, but he's actually done a pretty
good job of pitching around those ingames. You know, still like to
get a little more out of himfrom a lengthening standpoint and and innings pitch
standpoint, and I think that's stillto come. And I think all Andrew
Abbott did last it was simply hita wall at the end of the year,
and up until then he pitched aboutthe way he's pitching right now,
very capable as a middle of arotation guy. So yeah, I think

it's on schedule. I only getsbehind by any stretch. I mean,
I know everybody want one hundred tobe a CIL winner. The first moment
he came up, that's just notthat's not gonna happen. So I think
he's taking those steps to where nowyou go, Yeah, this guy's would
hit. I mean, listen,I was in the camp and I'll be
the first admit I'm wrong. I'vebeen all on plenty of things is going.
I'll be the first admit I thoughthe was trending early in this year
to go and yeah, it doesn'tgonna be much more to the bullpen guy,

and he's taking a giant leap fromMarton now, which is great to
see because it's what you hoped andexpected. And so yeah, I love
this storting pitching. And that's whereI think once you get the offense and
back on track to some degree withwith health, I think it's clearly a
playoff caliber team. It just isn'tthat at the moment with what you're having
to run out there, especially inthe outfield today, the outfield thing,

they just have not developed outfield talentand it feels like an eternity. Yeah.
Well, I mean I think kJFreedom if he's you know, when
he's healthy, is a is aquality player and he's a replacement. He's
Okay. I like him, butthat's I think you good talk. But
again, I mean Stuart fare Tell, the best is a fifth outfielder.

I don't know what's happened. JakePhilly is one. I don't know what's
happened with I mean, run homerun after what he did last year.
I know, you know he wassickuler in the year and admitted that he
needs to get his strinths back.Well, that's been a good six seven
weeks ago, and so his nineRBIs said yeah, and I never listened.
He did great last year, andhappy for him, but he was

never more of the excuse me,a fourth outguler events best well bench is
no more the fourth or fifth outgular best heard is no more than the
fendan And that's what's choosing from rightnow. It's frustrating. Uh. One
more thing I wanted to get fromyou. You're a You're a long time
member of the Northern Kentucky high schoolbasketball community. Jake Thielen replaces the legend

UH coach Ruth satz At at CovingtonCatholic comes from the University of Cincinnati bench.
He's a he's a young guy.Uh. He had a lot of
success at CUVECAT as a player.He has had a fast and abrupt rise
Uh in college coaching. Where yousurprised they went with Jake? And and
how do you think he will doa Cuffcat? Yeah, I'm not surprised

they went with him. I'm alittle surprised Jake took it because I and
Jake, you know, it belaterthan I do, because he worked for
you see, I thought he wantedto be a college you know, coach,
head coach one day, and Ithought he was kind of on that
normal track, right of kind ofan underling for a bit. And you
take the next step up, andyou know, hopefully you're on a hot
staff, and you get off thathot staff and get your first chance at
a bit major and off you go. And this isn't to say that that

you know, you can't go fromthis to that, but you know,
mostly most college coaches come somehow inthe college ranks. I mean, you
see guys start a student managers,moving the grass, moving to the video.
Guy, I'm moving to the andthat's the track that you're on.
Very rarely, especially today, yousee a high school coach go to the
college ranks. Maybe if he's gota hot shot recruit, maybe he joins

the guy's staff and proves himself enoughand moves up that. You know where
that's extraordinarily where, sure, youknow, because that skip possible as a
high school coach. You know,there's been there's been plenty of them that
have done it just doesn't seem likeit's fat tracked anymore these days. So
I can see why Cupcap did it. I just was surprised Jake did it.
And and listen, it's a greatplace to do well at. You've
got a lot of resources, youknow. They they've got a great pipeline

in northern Kentucky from the Catholic schoolcommunity to get players. It's it's the
place where a lot of kids wantto go. And as somebody that coaches
at their arrival in the district atBeechwood High School, you know, it's
it's a it's a challenge for usto go against. But you know there's
one thing though that the one thing, the only thing is working against him.
And I think you would agree withthis. I don't want to follow
a legend management the guy who followsthe guy who follows the legend, so

that that's that's hard. But listen, he's part of that community, he's
a graduate. Uh you know,I think you always want the romance of
the grant coming home and doing well, and sometimes that's not the case.
But I can certainly see why theywent for him. I was just surprised
that did. He wound up takingit, and then I wish him well
other than when he plays us theone thing, And you know as well
as I do, Jake is anawesome dude, so well that it feels

like this when you start getting reallyold. I mean, I covered him
in his covering high for the inquiry. It feels like that was ten minutes
ago. Me too. Man.All Right, Skenny, I appreciate it.
You have a wonderful weekend, andI'm gonna take your advice and I'm
gonna try to shut up for threeor four days. I don't know if
it's gonna work because I'm not goodat it, but I'm gonna try.

I'll just say, you still gotallar twenty two minutes of this show to
get, so good luck to you. All right, I'm gonna take some
calls after this. How about that. That's a good deal? All right?
Thanks, Kenny. There you go, Richard Skinner Local twelve. You
can find him at Local twelve Skinnyon the Twitter machine. We'll take some
calls after this. Cincinnati's ESPN fifteenthirty Cincinnatis. Do you anythink we get

flipping something for a dance in areal way? Here? We go Burnaman
and Jones on baseball up next.But let's get to the phones. Let's
go to Tim. Tim wants totalk about the Reds development of players.
Tim, what's going on, myfriend, a young chan, how they're

going. I'm going good. Myvoice could be better, but the rest
of me is doing fine. Yeah, I hear you. Yeah, man,
you're spot on with the with theReds development. They lack it.
They've lacked it for a while now. They've been terrible at it. And
that's one of the main reasons Iworry about, you know, all these
players, all these young players gettingdeveloped, especially Ellie. I mean that's

they don't give me no faith thathe's going to ever reach his potential.
I mean he might, you know, in five years or whenever when he
gets a contract. He might reachhis potential somewhere else. But I just
don't have any faith that they theycan, uh, you know, developed
players like that. Well, there'ssome of it that Ellie's just so talented
that ultimately the Red side of itisn't going to have you know, they're

not going to be the uh thebe all end all in Ellie's development,
some of that is going to bejust because Ellie is as talented as you
know anybody that's that's playing baseball currently. Uh, but you're right the finer
points like I still you know,I talked about this about a month ago
and it hasn't changed much. Ido not see a team that walks up
to the plate that looks like theyhave a clue what the plan is?

What? What? What is?What are you sitting on? What are
you what are you trying to workout of the picture. I just don't
see a lot of good at bats. We were we were driving home yesterday
from the airport and I think thiswas the sixth or seventh inning, top
of the sixth or seventh. Wegot off the exit, uh to go
to my house, and I don'tthink we gotten a mile and a half

down the road and the Reds hadmade three outs. Like we got through
one stop light and the Reds hadmade three outs. I looked at my
dad, I said, are youkidding me? Yeah, unbelievable. You
know, every every every every batjust looks like they're they're up there,

guess and yeah, you know that'sthe worst thing you can do, is
yes. But uh, again,as far as what like I heard your
conversation with Richard Skinner, and hewas, uh, you know, it's
not even just you know, thebar Charleton, the herd of bees and
the guys that shouldn't be here.I mean even the guys that should be
here. It's like they're producing either. Go look at Betson's numbers. They

are dreadful. Yeah, everybody keepsblaming the bottom of the lineup. It's
the whole line up, right.I don't feel good. I don't feel
good when two, three, fourfive are coming up. Really yeah,
it's it's frustrating, crazy, it'sfrustrating. Thanks to appreciate the call,
and you got something else Dot.Thanks all right, Jeff in Virginia.

I'm going to get to you assoon as we come back, I promise.
Brennanman and Jones on Baseball up nextthree o'clock hour, coming right at
you, Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen thirty.Tired of boring lunching, No what covers
the Bengals like ESPN fifteen thirty,Cincinnati, He's sports station. And anyway

we go our number three, theMoeggars Show right here on Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen
thirty. I am not Moegar.I am. I am chand Brendle Parcott
Journal dot com. Find me onTwitter at chand Brendle x whatever it's called.
I thank you as always for choosingme as you guys know. I

you know, I don't really callit X It's not really my thing personal
reasons. Let's get to let's getto the phones. We've got Jake Thielen,
new head coach at cuvcath for basketball, coming up at about twenty five
minutes. But uh, Jeff hasbeen on hold for a very long time.

Let's get to Jeff, Jeff,what's going on? Brother? Hey,
Like I said on X Chad,you're good, no problem with my
comeback was supposed to be funny,and I laugh at it, just like
I can't believe you're in Twitter warswith Xavier fans. I find that impossible
to believe. I know, it'sit's it's hard to fathom, is it
not? Yeah, exactly exactly.I don't know if I ever discussed this

with you. But there's a localyoung lady from our high school who's playing
Lacks that you see, and herher younger sister is going there in the
fall as well. Oh wow,one of the assistant coaches I've gotten to
know pretty well on the lacrosse teambecause she has multiple maloma and she's in
remission now after a stem cell transplant. So yeah, I've got a soft

spot for the Cincinnati lacrosse team.Yeah, I hate, I hate to
hear that, but they're certainly makingsome inroads in northern Virginia. And it's
It's one thing. If I evermeet Kelsey, I just do want to
ask her, did Maryland ever tryto recruit you? With her being from
Baltimore and all that stuff. I'mdying to ask her if coach Reese Everard

came after or anything like that.So we'll see. So I agree with
Skinny, and I'm going to sayone thing right now, Marius Mims is
going to startle people with how goodhe is. I think he has a
chance to. I mean, he'sbig, he moves well, seems to
be about the right stuff, whichis always hard to tell until you know
the bullets start flying. But interms of talent, I mean, the

kids got everything you could possibly wanton that that list. Yeah, I
think simply they you know, peoplelike, well, he didn't play in
very many games, blah, blahblah blah, simply based on all the
number one draft picks that he wentup against in practice every day for two
years plus. You know, Iwatched every Georgia game while my daughter was
there and since then too. Theguy, the Guy's gonna make it.

I think that. I think therunning games can improve, and it was
good who was a Daaner and Jayhad Lou on their podcast today and all
the little things that need to getcorrected are going to get corrected. Yeah,
I just think it might take alittle bit of time to really get
it humming. And in that time, like they cannot afford another slow start.

They have got to They've got towin some games early. And I
think the offense is going to haveto be the catalyst. I agree.
I think Joe's ready to well,Joe doesn't really have to step up.
He just has to be Joe,that's all. And you know, I'll
be heading out the case for thatgame. I can't believe I'm going,
but I'll be looking forward to that. And I'm with you on the Lawrence

contract. I have no idea whatJackson Wills thinking of that. I mean,
did you see somebody put something upthat his numbers are almost the exactly
the exact same as like Mac Jones. It's crazy, but I mean maybe
they had the money and maybe youknow who knows what goes on and that
felt front offices. The thing Ido love about it is that it's painted

the Cowboys into a dead end corner. Now, sure, I will,
I will say the one thing ifyou're Jacksonville, you can't let him get
away. Like he might not beBurrow or Mahomes or Josh Allen or Lamar,
but he's the best chance you gotto get there. And I don't

think you know, you want togo back into that pool of hoping you
hit. I mean, he's atleast good. I don't know if he's
going to be great. Yeah,well, we'll see. And I guess
I'm pretty much a minority from talkingto everybody about this Hard Knocks thing.
You know, we'll see how itpans out. And I'm just curious.

I think I asked Paul or Jamesabout it. Is you know those guys.
I guess since he's on every Wednesdayand every Sunday after the game,
those guys you never see them getJoe at his locker, And I'm just
curious how hard knocks people are gonnawork with that as well. If he's
gonna, oh, Joe's in thetrainer's room, he's not at his locker.

I think it's gonna unfold really reallyinteresting it is. I mean,
the pitcher thing, I think isgonna be really telling if they do give
Joe kind of that modern offense wherethey are disguising things. That was my
one problem with the previous offense isI think the philosophy was just we've got

better guys than you, and we'regonna line up and we're gonna be better
than you. And that was effectiveto a point, but that's not what
is, you know, controlling theNFL. It is making defenses confused and
putting them on their heels and creatingsituations where guys are running open. I

just there haven't been a whole lotof guys running open in this offense,
even with Joe at quarterback, andparticularly since we see them running open against
us left, right, backwards forso exactly. All right, we'll get
some rest on that voice and havea great weekend. Appreciate it, Jeff,
thank you, see you. Let'skeep it moving as always, enjoying

talking to my guy Mike from LosAngeles. Mike, what's up, my
friend, my amigo. How haveyou been, Sir? I am great,
My voice not so much, butwe're making do. Yeah. I
got a little Louis Armstrong with alittle little crackly dear one man. Yeah,

just got back from Orlando. HadAAU Nationals in volleyball. Uh.
That is a big contributor of thevoice being out the the The APEX thirteen
ones did not have a great week, but the girls, it's a great
group. So I really enjoyed theseason. And now we get ready for
the start of high school. Andthe volleyball train never stops. We basically

get November and December to hit thepause button, but other than that,
it's ten months a year, NonStop. Yeah. Well that's yeah, Yeah,
that's cool in a way. Ikeeps you busy and active and having
a good time. Not to you'renot that way anyway, but still well,
I went up to drive up toSanta Barbara last night to play some

golf. This morning. It's beautiful. I gotta tell you, it's seventy
degrees. It's just too much nice. And I'm saying not to make you
feel bad a little bit, butit's it's the surface of the sun here,
Mike. That's what I saw inthe weather. I felt bad,
and it's been that way for theguys for a while. That's not cool.

It'll be over soon, man,it'll be over well, Chad,
I got the bad news is Igot a Stage four thing going down,
Mike. Yeah, I went overto the liver so I came up here
today. I feel pretty good inthe mornings, and then I just run
out of gas by about noon orone, and uh, I was gonna
play eighteen holes and hell, Igot out there and I couldn't even finish

nine I got too tired. SoI was kind of pissed off about that.
I'm sorry. Anyway, we'll bethinking, Yeah, I'm gonna fight
this. So we're done. We'regonna We're gonna win. I know we
are. Hey, I'm talking aboutthe Also, I agree with with Tracy
Ladola is the only Bona fight.Also, you got on that team there.
It's it's pretty obvious. I thinkright now he's the top five pitcher

in an international league. He's certainlymaybe he knows how to fight, he
knows how to battle. He getsin trouble. He's got the uh,
the stones to pitch himself out ofit. Uh. He's just a lot
of fun to watch on the mound. He can be a little bit more
pitch efficient, which should come withtime. But uh, you know,

he he's a pitcher. He's nota guy that's just out there throwing.
He understands how to get guys out. He does. And I didn't realize.
He's pretty big guy. And hisdelivery is so smooth, Chad,
He's got a real smooth delivery.Don't you think he does. I mean,
it's it's very uh and and thatkind of makes you scratch your head

on why he's had some of theinjury stuff that he's had. But mechanically
he looks good. And Ali,sorry, Pale, you're gonna have to
wait. You're not gonna start inthe All Star Game. And short stuff
hitting two forty, that ain't gonnahappen. Oh, he's not one of
the best shortstops in the league yet, No, he's not. And there's
so many great short stops. That'sone position that's always as the years go

bike it's more and more loaded withtalented you know, because everybody wants to
play shortstop. It's going not pitchher, sure, but he'll come around
eventually. You know, this year, Chad, it's like a twenty two
year low in batting average. Theaverage guy now is in the league is
hitting two forty. Yeah, it'sthe art of hitting has gone awry somewhere.

And you know, you hear peopletalk about the obsession with exit velocity
and launch angle and those things,and there is a place for that,
but I think it has become tooconsuming in Major League Baseball because the pitchers

are just too good. Like you'renot going to get perfect launch angle,
perfect exit velocity, Like you needto go up there and just try to
put the ball in play to keepthe line moving. And there's not enough
of that in the sport anymore.Yeah, Like, like Cleveland did a
good job. They had a pick. They had a choice a few years

ago of keeping Steven Kwan, who'sgreat at putting the ball in play well
Will Benson, and so we knowthey made the right choice there because Will
is on the on the regression slidebig time. It's it's a shame too,
because he's a fun guy and he'sa hell of an athlete. You
can just look at him until he'sa good all around athlete, and I
was really rooting for him, buthe s hit the kids pretty bad.

Hey, did you happen? Iknow you got to go because you always
got to go. I was lookingchat And speaking of hitters, there's only
twelve guys hitting over three hundred inMajor League Baseball right now. Twelve guys,
doesn't doesn't that sound crazy low toyou? I mean it should sound
crazy low to me, but itdoesn't because I watched the sport. I

mean there's teams that are barely hittingtwo twenty five or worse. It's the
norm now. It just it makeswatching the game a little frustrating because you
just you watch a lot outs andyou wait for something to happen in between
the outs. There's not a lotof guys on base anymore, no,
and yet three of them are Dodgers, two of them are Yankees, two

of them are Padres, and thenBobby Wits in there and a couple other
guys that Bobby Wit. I don'tget the team played, but that gun
must be some kind of ballplayer.I've seen him a few times for Kansas
City, but he must be quitequite the all round ball player. I
hope I can see him more,maybe come playoff times. We'll put one
last one the other night during therain delay for the Red Pirates. Did

you get to see that thirty thirtyLakers Celtics. No, I've been in
I didn't get back from Orlando untilyesterday afternoon, so I've actually been pretty
disconnected from the sports world for thepast week, which was delightful. Really
yeah, I bet no, Ibet it was. And I find myself
getting more and more like that.The older I get. I'm not as

passionate as I used to be.I love it, but the passion's not
really there. But Mike to Dragley, it was on. That was kind
of fun. Although I thought youwere going to be out. I was
a little bummed out, but Mike, Mike did a good job. And
he and I didn't know he's fromBoston and we got to talking and he
said, you know the great rivalriesyou know, Yankees, Red Sox and

a couple other ones to the OhioState, Michigan. But he said he
agreed that ten year period in theeighties where either team was in the finals
every year that turned out to maybebe the greatest rivalry and I mean a
serious violent rivalry. Ever, doyou agree it's one of the best for
sure? For sure. I meanyou had Bird and Magic, you had

the stars, you had the secondaryguys were weren't superstars, but they were
stars. You know. It wasI was younger at that point in time,
but still consumed as much of itas I could. And it was.
It was elite basketball, it was. It was great. Michael Cooper
was kind of the only guy thatcould give Bird fits. He was a

hell of a defender. But butMike, you know, because I talked
to a lot of guys and theysay, younger guys, you know that
I know. And they say,well, Jordan's saved the league. I
said, no, boys, you'rewrong. Everybody knows. It's all of
the NBA Magic and Birds saved theleague. Yeah, Jordan took what they
did and elevated it. That's whatit was. But they really did save

the league ins and and I didn'trealize how dramatic it was. But listening
to guys that really know the nb A, it's obvious. It sounds
like it's just to give them.But that's the truth. Yeah, ye,
all right, I appreciate it.Mike, thanks man talk soon.
Let's take a break more after that. Since that he's ESPN fifteen thirty.

Cincinnati's Big So Bag Like what's uploadingwindows other frames? Putty Win Big So
booping the bag Like, what's uploadon windows other frames? Putty big So.
Yeah, now we're talking. We'regetting that town. I'm gonna I
think I'm gonna make it to thefinish line. Think I'm gonna make it.

And Yosemite anything never used always Welcomeback to Moagger Show. Since not
E's ESPN fifteen thirty, bring itto cub cast. New head coach Jake
Dielan here momentarily real quick. Inthis segmentary, the nc DOUBLEAU looking to

expand the NCAA tournament. We're nowstarting to get some parameters and it sounds
like it's either going to be fouror eight teams. Uh. It will
not change the format. They arelooking to add a first four location where
they would either play two games orfour games, and essentially just mirror what's

been done in Dayton. Personally,I don't think this really changes much.
There's talk of most of these games, if not all of these games,
being playing games of the at largevariety, which essentially means more at large
teams make it on selection Sunday,by half of them will not be in

the field the Thursday of the tournament. I hear people throw a fit about
this all the time. It doesn'treally move the needle for me. It
just means I get to watch morebasketball, which I'm fine with. People
freaked out when it jumped to thirtytwo, when it jumped to sixty four,
sixty five, sixty eight. Therewill be people that say it's,

you know, the worst thing inthe history of sports. But I think
in you know, two years,it'll just be normal and life will move
on. I don't think it willbe that big of a deal. Yeah,
you know, it's just just change. Yeah, people don't like change.
But I say, get a fewyears still, they'll be with it.
Especially what if it brings more basketballduring the day. Look if they

went to ninety and like they changedthe format of the NCAA tournament and they
added a weekend, or you know, they changed what is an institution in
American sports, I would get theoutrage. But if you're adding a couple
playing games, I just don't care. It doesn't move the needle for me.
Maybe I'm different. I don't know. I'd like to see a play

in you really want to change itup. I'd like to see a play
in game for every road team.So nine seed through sixteen seed, let
people play in for all of thosegames. Do you want to buy be
up wear white first the first dayof the tournament, then everybody else has

to play in on Tuesday and Wednesday. I don't know. I think it
would be fun that way, andit would make things a little more difficult
for the top eight seeds because theywouldn't know who their opponent is until a
day before they play them. Let'stake a break when we come back.

Jake Thielen, new head coach atcuffcath High School, former assistant at the
University of Cincinnati, joins me.Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen thirty, Cincinnatis. Here

we go, keeping it rolling,Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen thirty. This is the
mo Egger Show. I am notMoegar, but I have made it two
and a half hours with a voicethat is h's not doing great, but
it is time to uh to talkto a friend, talk to a guy

that I have enjoyed working with andworking around over the past couple of years
as he transitioned from the University ofGeorgia to the University of Cincinnati, and
now he gets a chance to goback home and coach his high school alma
mater, the Covington Catholic Colonels.Jake Thielen, the new head coach at

CUFFCAF. Jake, how is lifeand uh, have you been busy over
these past couple of weeks? Yeah? What's going on? Man? I
appreciate you guys having me on.Your your voice sounds a little raspy.
Yeah, that's what happens when youhave bronchitis and then you go to AAU
Volleyball Nationals and you cheer your daughteron for a week. I woke up

Saturday and all I had was awhisper. And I tell you why.
The parents and coaching staff of theteam have never been more excited than when
they found out I couldn't talk.I'm sure, I'm sure, but no,
I I appreciate you guys having meon. I'm I'm extremely excited about
this new opportunity at Cuff CAF.And uh, you know, I'm ready
to hit the ground rolling. Andit's been a great couple of weeks getting

to know, uh, getting toknow the new players, know that,
know the parents, you know,work with the great administration and mister Rowe,
our principal, and mister Batskalupar area d So it's been a great
experience so far. I'm really excited. I'm fascinated about the timeline of this
because, Uh, Scott ruthsas withwhat was a legendary coach at Covington Catholic.

He won two state championships. Heelevated a program that was great and
made it even better. Uh,he steps aside and the job goes open.
What was that interest? Like,how did things kind of get sparked
up? And then when you haveto make that decision, how tough was
it to leave a path in collegethat was kind of a rocket ship for

you being a director of basketball operationsat Georgia, being on staff at Cincinnati
than becoming an assistant. Take usthrough the process, and then how hard
was it to make this decision?Yeah, it was. It was an
opportunity that just really excited me.Obviously, Tough caath is where I went
to high school. My dad wentthere, my grandpa went there, all

my uncles went there, my cousinswent there, So for me, it
was personal. It's a place thathelped shape me to who I am today.
So uh, obviously that was ahuge part of of my decision.
And and you know, after meetingwith mister Rowe, it gave me incredible
energy and it was something that reallyexcited me. Uh. And it was

just a new opportunity for me tobe a head coach and I think,
you know, that's that's always beenmy goal. And in cuugh Caath,
I think is the best job inthe state of Kentucky. And I'm extremely
excited and extremely blessed and honor toto be in the situation. How difficult
was it to walk away from college? I know you had a great situation
at Cincinnati. It's a staff thatreally gets along and works well together.

Uh, guys love working for West. It's a lot of work. But
how tough was that call to tosay, you know what, I do
think the the allure of coaching myalma mater is is the next path for
me? No, it was.It was tough, but but I say
this to people all the time.Life's full of of of hard conversations and
tough conversations, and uh, youknow, Coach Miller is an unbelievable person,

and and and he's more than justa boss to me. He he's
a friend. So he was extremelysupportive of me. He was extremely excited
for me, and and and sowas the staff. Like you said,
they're all great people. And uh, life's all about people and working with
good people, I always say,And it's all about relationships. And I
think, you know, working withthose guys, uh, what was an
unbelievable experience. And they've been nothingbut supportive over these past couple of weeks

since I had the conversation with allof them. How much do you think
what you've learned in college, beingat at Georgia with Tom Crane and being
in Cincinnati with Wes, how muchof that do you think is applicable as
you move into the high school game. I think it all is, because
I think again it's it's all aboutpeople and relationships and who you're around.

And I've had great mentors and andTom Creane and and and experiences have shaped
to be ready for the opportunity.And like I said, I'm extremely excited
out But I think all of thoserelationships, all those experiences that I've had

have have made me ready for this, uh for you know, you know,
for this job at Cuff CAF.I know when Gino Goodooley was that
you see, Uh, anytime ashis quarterbacks had a question, he would
he would kind of point up tothe to his name on the ring of
Honor and be like that's me.Uh, are you gonna pull that card
to Cuff cath Like, do youdo you guys know how good I was?

Do you guys know I led allof college basketball in field goal percentage?
Do you know I was an AllAmerican? Are you are you gonna
let him have it a little bit? No? No, I think I
think I learned this a long timeago. It's it's it's never about me.
It's it's about who's around me,and it's about it's about the players,
about the kids. And you know, I think I think all my

experiences, especially when I played,you know, have have helped me understand
players better, have helped me understandwhat they're going through better. Uh.
And I think them knowing that Iwas a good high school and a good
Houee player, you know, givesthem a respect level towards me that I've
been through it, you know,I've done it at high levels, So

I think that's you know that that'sthe cool part of being a head coaches.
You know, those things that youdid when you were playing, you
can help them get through some ofthose tough moments when they're going through as
players as well. Cuff Catha hasbeen on a great run for a long
time. I mean, I Iwas did you know I crowdsurfed the crazies
at rupp Arena in two thousand andfour. I did not, and I

hope you get to do that againhere in twenty twenty four. I'm a
little there. They don't. Iwas a lot smaller back then. I
don't think they want to crowd serveme up and down rupp Aerna anymore.
I did a I actually did adocumentary with coach Listerman where we had full
access into the locker rooms the hotel. It was called Colonel's to Rup And
I think they finished that year inthe semi finals against Linel Dewault of Warren

Central down in western east western Kentucky. And so yeah, we were there
at one of the games and oneof the seniors in the front row was
like CrowdSurf, and I was like, I mean, sure, why not?
So they sent me up. Theysent me up, and then when
they got me up, the seniorsdown in the front were like, send
them back, and I was like, I did not agree to go back

up? Like you can. Youcan get down on your way up when
they's the momentum of sending you onyour way back that was That was not
nearly as fun as the other.Uh, that's a funny story. I
play the Colonel Crazies are unbelievable.Yes, they support night in, Night
Out, and it's it's uh,they're they're They're unbelievable. I can't wait

to coach in front of them thisyear. It's gonna be really fun.
So how do you what's the summerlike? How do you how do you
get to know the roster? Becauseyou haven't been around it. You're you're
an alum and you obviously keep intouch, but you haven't really been able
to with your college schedule, Iwould assume be super familiar. How do
you do that that indoctrination process offiguring out what you got and what what

the what the past the winning mightlook like. Yeah, I think I've
talked to a lot of people obviouslyaround the program, and I've been around
a little bit. Uh, Butnow that's that's a great question, I
think. So the dead period forKentucky High school basketball for for Cup cast
starts tomorrow yep. So it's gonnagive me three weeks to really plan and

get organized for uh, you know, the rest of our summer schedule.
It's gonna get me planning organized,to understand these players more, you know,
where they're from, you know,kind of kind of get some more
information on their background. But honestly, I've had great support in the assistant
coaches that have been here, thathave been around these players, and in
our administration with with mister Rowe andand mister Batchka group have been great and

kind of giving me, uh somebackground of these players and who they are
as people and their family. Sothey've given me unbelievable information. That's been
awesome, and it's been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks. But
like I said, next week,we're really going to get organized and get
our schedule together. And I can'twait to get going in July. I
really can't. And you assured meI want this on the air. I

want it on record. You assuredme my guy, Zac Tobler, former
UC walk on uh and close personalfriend, is going to be part of
the Cuughcast staff going forward, becauseif not, Jake, I'm out,
October will be on the staff.I can promise you that that has been
unbelievable. He's been great. We'veobviously had a long, a long lasting
relationship. So yes, Tobes willbe on the staff. And Uh,

I'm excited to get to work withToabes as well. Did you guys play
together? Uh, we played togetherfor like two years because he's a year
or two younger than me, sowe played together for about two years.
But we grew up together. Ourdads were great friends when they both both
went to Tough Cast. So I'veknown toab since I was very little.
Well, Jake, I don't wantto keep you too long. I know
you're busy, but I just wantedto talk to you for a few and

and and congratulate you and get kindof the lay of the land as you
make this shift from a college basketballto Covington Catholic and congratulations you are now
the headman of one of the moststoried and tradition, rich programs in the
state of Kentucky and in the triState, and now you got to go
win. No pressure, no doubtabout that. I appreciate you guys having

me on. Thanks so much.Yet, all right, there you go.
Jake Thieln new head coach at CovingtonCatholic High School. Like I said,
Jake is an awesome dude. I'veloved getting to know him over the
past couple of years and I'm reallyhappy for him to get this opportunity at
his alma mater to take Cove CAFforward. One last break. We'll close

it out after this, since notHe's ESPN fifteen thirty visit Hollywood Casino,
Lawrenceburg this summer for exciting live sportsaction. We've got woke up quick at
about noon, just stuff that Ihad to be in Compton soon. I
gotta get drunk before the day begins. Before my mother started about my friends
about to come win. I'm prettysure I still know everywhere to this.

One's not gonna lie. I knowI'm not going to do it. I'm
just saying that's how much. That'show often I listen. I funny story
from you know when my daughter wasI don't know, ten couple of years

ago. She was listening to somethingthat my my younger brother did not approve
of. That. You can't lether listen to that. I said,
when we were at that age,we were listening to n w A.
What are you talking about? He'slike, oh, yeah, we were,
weren't we okay? I mean it'sit's always the same thing that you

were doing when you were a kid. It's just not okay now because you're
older, you think you know better. But I don't know, Arran,
I enjoyed listening to w A atthat age. Of course, maybe it
explains a lot, but you know, I'm not sure what's your daughter listened
to, but it couldn't be muchworse than n w A. It's not
it was. I think it wasCardi b Oh yeah, yeah, come

on. I mean, you knowyou probably don't want to listening to it
at that age, but you pickyour bottles. And I was not throwing
a fight. You're throwing a fitover that, considering we listened to Iced
Tea and NWA and two Live Crew. I've seen some reaction videos on Twitter
since the new eminem came out ofpeople like going back and listening to the

stuff we listened to, and therewere gen z ers listening to Old two
Live Crew and I wait recipe bythe Marquise. Uh. You know.
Anyhow, some FC Cincinnati news thereports out there that the Matt Miosga situation

is a long term injury months notweeks, so that is that's not good
news or the Orange and Blue.But there's also another report out there that
they are making a play for midfielderUS men's national team midfielder Weston McKinney from

Hoofenthos. So that would be abig one if you can get a mainstay
on the US men's national team inhere. They're gonna need some offensive firepower
because me Osga is an excellent defenderand you lose one of the best defenders,
if not the best defender in MLS. That's not easy replaced. So

you go out and you get somemore offense, seems wise. The Reds
are back in action tomorrow night againstthe Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox
come in forty and thirty five fivegames over ten and a half games out
of first place in the Al East. They have been playing well lately.

They have won eight of their lastten. They are on a five game
winning streak, so that was ateam that had struggled a little bit,
but now they are heating up.They are twenty two and fifteen on the
road, so that's going to bea tough series for the Reds. They
don't get ace quality pitching. CutterMartin Crawford is the starter for Tomorrow night

for Boston. He's three and sixwith a three point fifty four ERA,
and then on Saturday, Nick Pavettawill tow the rubber for the Red Sox.
He is four and four with athree eighty eight ERA. Friday it
is Andrew Abbott. Saturday it isFrankie Montas both teams with the always dreaded

TBD on Sunday, it's gonna wrapit up. I made it, Tarren,
welcome back. Thanks. It wasgood to be back. It's been
a little while. I was Iwas asked to be in a couple times
while we were gone, and Iobviously couldn't make it from Orlando. I
guess I could have taken the comradesto Orlando with me and done the show

down there, but I don't thinkthat would have gone over well. No,
no, so wouldn't hit the same. I am back Wednesday and Friday
next week. So I am goingto leave here and I'm going to rest
my voice for a couple of daysTV try to get better for next week.
All right, Thanks to everybody fortuning in, much appreciated. Thanks

for dealing with my voice situation.But we got there. I'm Chad Brendel.
Will be back tomorrow live from theHoly Grail. This is Cincinnati's ESPN
fifteen thirty. I'm listening to thesad pro I just want the not you

wrong. When you're alone, itgets fine. Who don't act as if
you did? I know? Shelet me play with her rod. I'm
working late, I said, I'llsoon be home. All about the girl
was home home. Let me tellyou what she cried for? Why?
Because I'm flying super fly. Nay, I'm flying. You know he's super

fly. But me, I'm lookingwith duper and I'm super duper fly fly.
This reporter is sponsored by oh

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