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April 25, 2024 4 mins
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Be on your best behavior today withsomebody visiting from the company your child to
work day. Oh god, youdidn't see the iHeart email that went out
a couple of weeks ago. Ipaid no attention to that. Breakfast and
lunch, games and karaoke and alot of elliots saying the word queen prizes,
special surprises and more happening between ninethirty and noon today. I hate

this day here for a lot ofplaces, it's all day. Yeah,
is it really? They will stilluse this as an excuse here to not
work all day. Right Dustin doesn'teven have kids and he's leaving at noon.
Well to take the kids home,got to get somebody's got to get
them back to school exactly. Yeoh, oh, you hadn't seen anything

leading up to today. I don'tpay I feel like the news has covered
it all out. Oh I tunedthat out. Yeah, I don't pay
attention to take your kids to workday. Remember Remember last year I taught
Aaron's kid to say Danny Krapnik insteadof Danny Bortnick. By the way,
did anybody get invited to his happyhour next week? I don't know what

you're talking about. Oh, Iguess they're having because Danny was like a
but they're having a they're having ahappy hour for him. Oh yeah,
I was not invited. No,no, I didn't get that in until
now. Hold on, what,Kristen, what? Don't let this distract
you. If a kid walks by, I have to know, absolutely make

sure if you hear her pop onthat you look over and confirm it's not
a child who has stolen the micaway from her, because these days,
but Duke can kind of confuse Christian. What word do we yell if we
see a child that shall say allright, very good, very good,

properly bounce the S word. Yes, but I'll say the Q word.
Oh god, queeth queen. Thereis queve. Oh there's two of them.
Queen queen. What about you couldhave just made it plural queves.

No. No, So here's whatI was going to say. Take your
kid to work. This is thedumbest thing ever. Okay, the here
they come? Are they running?How's the productivity today? I bet they're
on that side, on the otherside of that wall, are they?
I don't know. You heard thosefootstops stop, footsteps stop? They were

like, whoa, what's that word? Mommy, right, yes, it
is mommy. Actually it's not daddyanyway, I need something very specific.
There's Caruso and Russo's kid Queef.No, no, that's just the nickname
for your dad. Kristen, isthat coming through? Can people hear that?

They're kids screaming all over the place, by the way, you know
what would be fun. I'd haveto get Aaron to buy into it,
but just for fun. But youcouldn't let the employee. No, fire
someone just for fun. No,you're not really firing them, but they

don't know that. They just thinkthat it is happening. Have the kid
do it? No, but justread from this script. No, but
like, let's fire Caruso. Kristen'snot talking to them her glass. She's
explaining what it is. Listen,all right, Kristin, I need somebody

that's a teenager. He definitely knowswhat it is. Definitely bleeding over there.
Oh okay, Oh it sounds likea school. This is just absurd,
right, Diane opened the door.No, please, Diane opened the
door. Who is that guy?Hey? Hey, hey, no,
he just went around the corner.They're they're like literally doing laps and he

was going shy I'm standing right nextto the door of a studio. Shit.
No, but I just want tobe able to yell queen at them
or fire their parent. That's anothergood. Gid's maybe five, that's okay.
I feel better yelling it in frontof him.
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