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June 7, 2024 9 mins
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It's the eightieth anniversary of w eElies Leora Italian. Yes, eighty years
ago, a show about all thingsItalian aired right here on this very station,
and who better to bring it backthan Vinnie Penn. So earlier this
week, Adrian sent me a clipon Facebook of Vic d Beteto, who's

been on the show a few times. Funny guy, he's saying, the
guy rocketed to fame with I gottaget the milk, bread or you know
whatever. We've had a lot oflaps on the show. And she attaches
a skin of his about what hecalls the Italian broom. We're gonna play
it for you in a second,which is a funny bit. Guy's hilarious.

Grew up with a million of theseguys in my life. Adrian seems
to be of the opinion that Iam one, or I'm in the throes
of turning into one, because shewrote OMG and then tag me Vinnie Penn,
why do I see you doing this? But other people weighed in,
like Gina miss Back, who I'veknown for a million years, saying,

oh, I can totally see ittoo. I was listening to Vinnie Penn
mocking pizza just this morning, whichI love that. And then Loriann Murgo
legged saying, my husband Rick,he doesn't have the uniform, because there
is a uniform. And we'll getinto all that. But the broom is

out weakly in our house, andshe throws out a fixture of Rick Virgo
and he is the Italian room isthe hose. The Italians love the host
the driveway hose off the house,the whole thing. And it's something I've
mocked my entire life, but Imight not be mocking anymore. We're gonna
get into it. Kim Nolan,my girl, says guilty. I don't

do it anymore. It kills meto not be able to host down the
driveway, especially after I do myyard work. Oh, she must have
loved Kim Naught hosting all of theshards of grass that made their way over
to the driveway after mowing the lawnbecause she's recently relocated. I told them
all these allegations will be addressed liveduring Leora Italian this morning. But first

things first, let's play the hilariousDe Badetto's clip Hey what do you hear?
What you say? My Facebook,YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google
Plus, Your sisters asked the Pontiuspress VI. The boteto here to give
you the history of the Italian broom. Now, before I get into it,
you have to basically dress like thiswhen you operate the Italian broom.

It makes the flow of the waterbetter and you have more precision with the
trajectory of the stream of water ofwhat you are hitting. Now you have
to wear sandals or black socks anda guinea tea or a white beater.
And if any of those expressions defendsyou, bend over, I'll give you

an Italian enema. That's the wayit is. My grandfather dressed like this,
My father dressed like this. Myson he does even know how to
turn it on. There's no appto how to turn on the Italian broom.
The Italian broom could be used formany things. Obviously, the Italian
broom is used to clean the sidewalk, the walkway, the papers. I

mean, right in this area.There's a whole bunch of things I could
do with the Italian room. Youcould wash the car, you could crush
your wash the house, you couldwater the plants. There's other things you
could do with the Italian From Walsta, one of my favorites is cleaning the
driveway. It's sort of like azend moment. It's almost as good as

when Eddie Herr is in bed atnight. Don't you hate when the dirt
gets on the papers? The ItalianRoom, So relaxing. The Italian Room,
Baby does it? All birds hiton the house. The Italian broom.

How about that annoying powering and sleepthat comes under franchure every summer?
You want to get a leap upyour pool cover? The Italian Room more
burden? Got it? You canwater your flower pots as you're sitting and

be waxing from a distance. Gota piece of bridoles stuck in your teeth?
The Italian Broom. You want toknock the sneaker out of a tree,
No problem. The Italian Room.I don't like drinking that prep before
a colonoscope. The Italian Room.You want to get rid of a nosy

neighbor. The di gotta move yourfrontiture around, and you don't want to
get up. Oops, I gotthe umbrella, okay. The trajectory.

When I first saw this, Itook offense. This is old man territory.
Adrian, Why do I see youdoing this? And he had the
wife beat on and the flip flops. There are flip flops with white socks
on, and that the black socksthat he was, you know, but
he's Vic Dibdetto, he knows.And I spent years making fun of the

absurdity of what are you doing?What are you hosing down? More than
Sebastian man of scalcoal Route was mewas I'm just being honest right now.
I'd go more of the place ofwhat he's call inside, make something to
eat you? What are you hosingoff of the driveway. But I watched

the clip and then one day duringthis week, kids were out, both
cars were out of the drive Ihave a very long driveway. Last house
I had a very long driveway too, So I've been doing for twenty years
now the walk down the driveway inmy bathrobe like Tony soprano, and like
feeling that moment not for the paper, but like when I bring the trash

cans in and to grab the mail. And I like the walk, So
I already got that Italian thing goingfor me, Like I like the leisurely
strolled down and I got a hot, pink bathroom, and I was looking
at the driveway this week and itdoes. It's all polling another weird.
It's just filthy and something click,something cruel, something crazy click, And

I'm like, I think I wantthis, I don't have it. I
got the hose, I don't have. I assume all the pressure and the
action comes from the gun that you'reputting at the end. It comes from
the nozzle man, right right.I mean, I got a hose.
I crank it all the way up, and I know how to do the
old trick. You put the littlethumb over it. You can make a

little action happen. But nah,you can't. You need the gun.
The thumb over there. It barelygets the bird crap off the window,
because I will use it. Inthat regard. You need a gun,
maybe with three gears on it.I think point is. I looked at
it and I thought, oh mygod, I'm there the zen quality.
He nails it. I remember watchingmy father with the He didn't clean it.

My father didn't go that route either, and he didn't do the wife
beaters. Now I'm not a postto those. I don't like the way
they fit. I loved my grandfather's, my pops on my mother's side,
so I bought a bunch a coupleof years ago, and I'm like,
I'm gonna start rocket these. Thekids loved it. That's when I got
the sweat the Puma sweatsuit. Idon't like the way they fit. They're

not comfortable under the arms or alittle too snugs, so they're just not
for me. They weren't for myfather either, but he would tend to
the garden in the backyard of thetomatoes. I had never saw more peaceful
ever and in my lifetime than whenmy father just had the hose going.
Thinking the purr of it. There'ssomething the way it sounds. But I
watched this clip, Adrian. Idon't know, maybe you're making fun of

me, Gina. Maybe you thoughtof and he's gonna mock this. And
for many years I would, andit would be good stand up comedy,
like we get a lie, whatare you doing? Go in the house,
make love to your woman? Whatare you doing hosing? Would the
debris off the dry I want oneof these so bad. I want it
for fathers that I want the nozzleto attach to the end of the hose.

I could spend hours out there atpower washing cleaning fifty six has been
a transformative year where I am nowembraced. I'm fully embracing all things.
They can swing freely from my shorts. I don't wear underwear anymore when I'm
out there. I'm out there inmy moodans just like the old man,
let the coconuts fly. I don'tcare anymore. Fifty sixty is five minutes

away, and I'd like to spendthe day cleaning this hose, this host
that I'll take it to a bunchof things. The only thing that concerns
me is you could take that hoseto clean off, so you'll rip a
shingle right off. You might biteoff more than you can chew. But
Adrian, I hope I didn't disappointyou. Gene, I hope it.

Vic dibdetto here has only inspired me.
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