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May 31, 2024 5 mins
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This gentleman goes on to write,I've been told by someone who said that
he heard from a state trooper thatthe guy who struck and killed the trooper
on I eighty four yesterday is nonEnglish speaking. Of course, that leads
to the question could he be undocumented? He drove five miles past, hitting

the officer, and only stopped becausehis pickup truck could not continue. He
got out and then ran into thewoods, later being caught. He was
caught at three pm yesterday. Asof eleven pm, the very time I'm
writing this for you, his namehas still not yet been released. Why

A belief of many people, rangingfrom my friends to the infamous and culter
comment a while back on Bill mahershow is that the longer it takes to
release a criminal's identification, the morelikely they are not. A straight white
male is an email to me.If yesterday's hit and run driver had been

a SWM single, why man,we would know his name almost immediately.
A TV news would already be talkingabout his social media, especially if he
was a Trump supporter, and theywould have interviewed his neighbors. I mean,
that's all true. Is it terriblethat people think that is it terrible
that it turns out to be truein most cases? So I read that

first thing, this suppose about fouro'clock this morning, and I did the
right thing by y'all, and Ispent the last twenty minutes checking on every
story. I've got one story updatedtwenty nine minutes ago. I mean,
it's fairly recent. There's still noname. I cannot find the name still

of the killer. And let's facefacts, this is a killer. This
is vehicular homicide, speeding someone undocumented, someone who knew were not going to
be able to speak to each other. We're not going to be able to
understand each other, someone fearing deportation. What we've also got is representation in
Hartford who aren't ultimately at the endof the day, going to care about

that. They'll half staff, itwill film, the procession, will mourn,
and much like Bristol, decidedly differentsituation, but equally obviously tragic.
Move on. Now, Lamont didspeak on this subject. He directed,
already all US and state flags wouldbe lowered to half staff. You already

did that, he said them.Devastated to learn about the loss of this
trooper first class killed today in aligneof duty serving the people of Connecticut.
Tragic reminder about the dangerous law enforcementface every day when they leave their homes
and go to work. It's ashame you weren't thinking about that very thing
when you sign the Police Reform bill. Smack dab in the middle of quarantine.

That's exactly it, the dangers theyface every day when they leave their
homes. Don't forget and their wifeand two very small children behind to go
and do this, to not evenbe able to stand outside a vehicle on
a highway and not get picked off, like some latest version of Grand Theft
Auto where you score points for it. But nowhere anywhere have I found anything

about the name. And there issomething to it. There is something too.
We wait just long, and that'snot reporting, man. We wait
just when you're under the thumb likethat, we release the name. I
am getting that feeling, getting thefeeling. I could already see the I

could already see the mugshot. Icould already see the struggles I'm going to
have with attempting to pronounce the name. I could already hazard a guess?
Should I hazard a guess? Isit unprofessional? Dylan says, it is
so then I won't say that.I'll probably at some point been in Connecticut

less than six months. But youknow the media does not do their job.
And I'm going to applaud you foryou know, you talked about that
the trooper incident, and we haven'treleased a person's name. You're absolutely correct.
I gave you a message a whileago in Merried and they had a
fatal motor vehicle accident out in Pedestianbeen illegal. No one reported it in

Meriden except for one or two outletsin Connecticut. The major media in Connecticut
will not approach that, just likewe haven't heard on that what actually happened
in Bristol. No one's covering itanymore. Yeah, and I applaud you
again. I've turned you your showon to so many other people. You

have the heartbeat of what's going on. I really appreciate you saying that.
And and uh, I
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