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Barry Soper: Michelle Boag stands down as Nikki Kaye's campaign after Covid-19 privacy breach

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Former National Party president Michelle Boag has stood down from Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye's campaign for the upcoming election, a spokeswoman has confirmed.
Kaye told the Herald Boag no longer has a role with the campaign.
"Michelle held a position on the Auckland Central electorate and was on the campaign committee. She has stood down from both roles," the spokesperson said.
Last night, MP Hamish Walker and Boag confessed to being behind the massive privacy breach of Covid-19 patient information.
The National Party board is meeting today to decide the fate of the MP who leaked Covid-19 patient details and leader Todd Muller wants Walker out.
Muller has written to the party's board asking it to remove Walker from the party.
Muller says there needs to be consequences for the leak and his advice to Walker was to "think deeply about what the honourable next step is".
Muller said his "personal view" was Boag should step aside from having any involvement with the party.
Muller said he had "no idea" what the motive was behind the pair's actions.
Boag last night said she'd made a "massive error of judgment on my part" and apologised for doing so.

MP Hamish Walker has confessed to being behind the massive privacy breach of Covid-19 patient information. Photo / file
"The information was made available to me in my position as then acting CEO of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (ARHT), although it was sent to my private email address.
"This was a massive error of judgment on my part and I apologise to my colleagues at ARHT whom I have let down badly.
"I very much regret my actions and did not anticipate that Hamish would choose to send it on to some media outlets but I am grateful that the media involved have chosen not to publish the 18 names that were contained within it."
Boag said she has resigned her position as acting chief executive of ARHT because of her conduct.
"My actions were mine alone and should not reflect at all on the professionalism, integrity and outstanding reputation of the Rescue Helicopter staff.
"They are an amazing bunch of dedicated community servants and I know they will be very disappointed in me."
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