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Kerre McIvor: Ponsonby bar controversy an example of cancel culture at its worst - Kerre McIvor Mornings Podcast

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We still don't have a US president and we probably won't have one anytime soon.  At the moment, it looks like Biden will get the 270 electoral votes he needs, but Trump could conceivably get there as well - although a betting man wouldn't put money on it. 
Speaking of Trump, I could not believe the righteous little tit that was on Heather du Plessis-Allan Drive show last night.  This young woman stormed into a Ponsonby bar with her band of woke warriors demanding that people stop wearing MAGA hats and has since called for the boycott of Hoppers bar.
Here's the thing.  I don't like Trump's persona.  I don't like his divisive politics.  I find his attitude towards women appalling.  I doubt that I would vote for him - I don't know because I'm not an American living in America. 
But there are millions and millions of people that did.  And as I said yesterday they're not all mouth breathing knuckle grazers.  Hispanics voted for him.  Women voted for him.  African Americans voted for him. 
Are they racist?  How does whatsername account for African Americans voting for him?  How does she account for an African American wearing a MAGA hat at Hoppers? 
If you don't like the bar, don't go.  There are thousands of bars in Auckland all catering to different tastes and interests.  Don't like one, go to another.  But don't you dare try and tell others what they should and shouldn't do, what they should and shouldn't think, what they should and shouldn't say. 
It's like the woman who’s had her books removed from Amazon because of her derogatory comments about Nanaia Mahuta.  Nobody had ever heard of her before her ignorant tweets and deservedly so. The only people who had ever read her self-published books were the people in her own echo chamber - the Lindsay Perigos, the Mark Hubbards.  Giving her oxygen - and that's why I haven't mentioned her before and why I'm not mentioning her name - gave her far more attention than she deserved. 
However, in this Hoppers case, giving this ridiculous example of cancel culture works in its favour.  I drove past Hoppers and it was packed last night and will probably be packed to the gun'ales over the weekend.  By people who are of different ethnicity, who come from different backgrounds and hold different political views.  Who are able to sit and have a beer together and a discussion without shrieking at each other.  Who are more highly evolved humans than the cancel culture Neanderthals.
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Kerre McIvor: Ponsonby bar controversy an example of cancel culture at its worst - Kerre McIvor Mornings Podcast