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Furious doctors call for alcohol delivery ban during lockdown - Simon Barnett & Phil Gifford Afternoons

Simon Barnett & Phil Gifford Afternoons

Tauranga doctors are calling for a ban on online alcohol sales during the Covid-19 lockdown after seeing a spike in family violence and further strains on the public health system.
Alcohol is listed on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website as an essential service that allowed the online sale and contactless delivery of alcohol.
But 12 Tauranga doctors have signed a letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern urging an immediate halt to the harmful drug, alcohol, delivered to people's doorsteps.
Mount Maunganui GP Tony Farrell, who specialises in addiction, told Simon and Phil it’s ludicrous to allow home delivery of alcohol while the nation is in lockdown and already under enormous strain.
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