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Paul Goldsmith: National's Finance Spokesperson reacts to Budget 2020

Simon Barnett & Phil Gifford Afternoons

There are accusations that 'loose spending' is in the Government's nature.
The Finance Minister today announced a $50 billion relief fund to rebuild the economy.
It includes a business support package, infrastructure investment and new funding to strengthen health and education.
But National's Finance Spokesperson Paul Goldsmith told Simon Barnett and Phil Gifford it's too vague.
“We need to remember this is the Government that promised us Kiwibuild and talked about light rail in Auckland, and nothing has happened with that.
“It’s great to announce stuff but you actually have to deliver it.”
Goldsmith says his party would have, of course, had to borrow as well.
“The question is whether returning what might have been a $50, 60 or $70 billion catastrophe into a $140 catastrophe. That’s the real issue.”
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