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Epilepsy Innovations: New Advances in Epilepsy Treatment Options

February 15, 201410 min
Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders in our country, affecting approximately 2.5 million Americans of all ages and backgrounds. This medical disorder is thought to be caused by abnormal nerve connections, genetic causes, other medical conditions, trauma, poisoning or abnormal nerve signaling chemicals called neurotransmitters.Seizures from epilepsy can be alarming, but can be treated successfully in many cases. These seizures may take various forms – including the type that appear to have an absence of recognizable symptoms except for stiffening of the body (tonic) and the other form of seizure involving jerks and shaking (clonic). Seizures may range in severity from mild to grand mal seizures. Seizures can also be classified as partial, or focal seizures—both simple and complex, and the generalized seizures.Fortunately, many seizures can be controlled through medication. When drug therapy has been tried and is not effective, epilepsy surgery is an option. Other therapies for epilepsy treatment include the ketogenic diet and vagus nerve stimulation.Remarkable advances in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy have been made in recent yearsMyEpilepsy app is our free educational iPad tool that allows you and your physician to effectively manage your epilepsy. Listen as the experts from Cleveland Clinic give you the most up to date information on Epilepsy and how you can get the best care for your Epilepsy.We're Talking About Your Health with Cleveland Clinic!

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