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Gallbladder Surgery

April 21, 201410 min
Surgery to remove the gallbladder (cholecystectomy) can become necessary for many reasons:Moderate to severe gallstones and inflammation of the bile duct can send someone to the hospital with intense pain.  Inflammation of the abdominal lining (peritonitis) , high pressure in the blood vessels near the liver (portal hypertension)  and other conditions might make it necessary to see a surgeon about these conditions.   Gallbladder surgery can be done laparascopically – with several small incisions in the abdomen – or, via open surgery with a single large incision in the abdomen.  Dr. Richard Nitzberg, board-certified surgeon with Summit Medical Group, has performed more than  2,000  laparascopic gallbladder surgeries.  He discusses all the “ins and outs” of laparascopic gallbladder surgeries.

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