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Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

April 17, 201511 min
Researchers in the Department of Population Sciences are working to better understand the causes of cancer, including hereditary (genetic) and environmental factors that may influence a person's risk of developing cancer. 
Their job is to determine the health problems (after-effects) that can result from both cancer and its treatment.They work to identify groups of people who are at high risk for developing cancer and after-effects of cancer treatment, and find ways to best provide services to these people.Most importantly, to discover the most effective ways to prevent cancer, and to prevent the after-effects related to cancer and its treatment.
Some of the most often asked questions to researchers are what actually is cancer?What causes cancer?How is cancer diagnosed and staged?How do genetics play a role in cancer?How do diet and physical activity affect cancer risk?These and other questions will be answered by Dr. Lacey, an associate professor at City of Hope's Division of Cancer Etiology.

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