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Interventional Pain Management for Cancer Pain

June 7, 201510 min
The Interventional Pain Program, under the Department of Anesthesia, provides comprehensive pain management for both cancer and non-cancer related pain.There’s more to cancer care than simply helping patients survive. Cancer patients should report their pain to their caregivers, and enlist their doctors to help them manage it.Interventions such as minimally invasive nerve blocks, joint injections, radiofrequency ablation of nerves, intrathecal pain pumps, or neurostimulators are used in conjunction with medications, psychotherapy, physical rehabilitation, and even hypnosis to reduce pain and improve quality of life for each patient.Andrew T Leitner, MD, an assistant clinical professor of anesthesia and interventional pain, is here to discuss City of Hope's Interventional Pain Program and how City of Hope’s approach to cancer pain treatment is different and leading the way in interventional pain management technology.

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