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Pelvic Floor Disorders: Don’t Let Them Slow YOU Down.

November 23, 20158 min
Although an estimated one-third of American women are affected by pelvic floor disorders, which include urinary and fecal incontinence, as well as uterine and vaginal prolapse, cultural constraints keep many sufferers from discussing their conditions, or seeking treatment. If you have bladder control issues such as frequent urination or incontinence, extreme vaginal dryness, pelvic prolapse and wide vaginal openings due to multiple births, pelvic pressure or pain, or stool control issues, City of Hope can address the problem.Solutions range from physical therapy and medication to Botox injections and surgery. Many conditions can be cured, and almost all can be successfully managed. Kristina Wittig, MD is here to explain that with enhanced urinary diversion techniques that minimize interference with everyday life, you can live a better quality of life and not let pelvic floor disorders slow you down!

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