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Deliciously Easy Vegan Recipes

June 27, 20169 min
Whether you're just starting on the vegan path or are upping your vegan game, Jason Wrobel's new cookbook, Eaternity, is a great place to start.Becoming a vegan is much more doable now than years past. And, the meal options are much more diverse.Whether you're just starting on the vegan path or are upping your vegan game, Jason Wrobel's new vegan cookbook, Eaternity, is a great place to start.Unlike most cookbooks that merely tell you what to eat and how to make it, Eaternity gives you the current research and science behind common public health concerns, and explains why you should eat certain foods based on your individual goals... whether it’s to lose weight, have more energy, sleep sounder, feel stronger, or get your libido running.For example, what should you be eating for better sex? Magnesium helps with optimal blood flow. B-complex vitamins are important for both men and women. Brazil nuts (selenium), pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate or raw chocolate are specifically essential for men. What about eating for more muscle? There's been a long-standing myth that vegans struggle to get the recommended amount of protein. That myth is being dispelled. Quinoa, chia seeds, hemp seeds, dark leafy greens are just some of the protein sources you can incorporate into your meals. There is truly an infinite number of sources of plant-based protein. Jason also advises eating for an alkaline-balanced body, 80 percent alkaline, 20 percent acidic. Too much acid can cause a myriad of health problems. Research has shown that cancer cells can only thrive and proliferate in an acidic environment. Test your pH and aim to get to the balanced 7.2 level. Listen in as Jason joins host Lisa Davis to explain the benefits behind a vegan diet, as well as some easy ways you can make veganism easy and fun.

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