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Foods to Fight Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes

August 1, 20169 min
Which foods can help prevent pre-diabetes and diabetes?When you eat, the food you take in is stored as energy so that you have enough "get up and go" to make it through the day. But, when you've stored too much energy and you're not expending enough, this creates insulin resistance and your blood sugar levels go up. This is important to understand, because insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and diabetes are becoming huge health concerns in modern-day society. And, the number-one cause of heart disease and cognitive decline is elevated blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.If you're not exercising regularly or eat too many carbohydrates/sugars, you're not utilizing your energy stores.You can also tailor your diet so that you use energy more efficiently.For instance, eat more smart fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil). Eat carbohydrates with more fiber and a lower glycemic load (beans, lentils, legumes, leafy greens, asparagus). Avoid carbohydrates like flour-based foods and traditional potatoes.Listen in as Dr. Steven Masley joins host Lisa Davis to explain why foods play a crucial role in preventing diabetes and other insulin-related health conditions.

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