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Healthy Food Shopping 101

July 25, 20169 min
Learn some simple tips to make your healthy eating quest more doable.If you've decided to start eating healthier, more nutritious foods, it can be a bit overwhelming at first.Don't let that stop you from making this transition.Ramona Fusula, Certified Holistic Health Coach, joins Clean Food Network host, Lisa Davis, to share some simple tips to make your healthy eating quest more doable. 

Mostly shop the perimeter of the supermarket ("mostly" because things like brown rice, quinoa, and beans are in those middle aisles). 
Color code your veggies. Think of your shopping cart as a Crayola Crayon box. Every color has something that will benefit your health. For example, red foods (strawberries, cherries) are great for heart health. White foods (cauliflower) boost immunity. Orange foods (carrots) contain beta carotene and are full of antioxidants. 
Get some healthy cookbooks (either purchase of at your local library). Look through the recipes and make your list from there. Do your week's meal shopping and preparation on Sunday (or whatever day is your "day off").
Make sure you have certain staples in your pantry, particularly healthy grains (brown rice, quinoa).
Rotate your greens/veggies every day.

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