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Positive Effects Clean Eating Has on Other Areas of Your Life

May 16, 20169 min
How can clean eating affect your career success and relationships?Leanne Jacobs is a Holistic Wealth Expert and entrepreneur who helps career-minded individuals integrate nutrition, wellness and fitness into their business plans.She's also a mom of four, which means she's invested in her own health as well as the health of her family members. Leanne's goal is for her family and her clients to eat clean and eat alive. She advises creating what she calls a "radiant life force fridge." Start by taking out foods that aren't aligned with optimal health. Replace them with things like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, hummus. While this type of transition can seem overwhelming, Leanne suggests taking it in baby steps. It's not about doing a whole overhaul, but rather enjoying the journey to more radiance and energy.A large part of that consists of placing value on yourself and creating a relationship with yourself... putting yourself as a priority. Leanne joins host Lisa Davis to share how you can get started on your own wellness journey, tips for getting your kids to eat healthy, and a simple recipe for a daily green juice.

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