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Real Food vs. Fake Food

August 8, 20169 min
Is that really lobster in your lobster roll?You’ve seen the headlines: parmesan cheese made from wood pulp; lobster rolls containing no lobster at all; extra-virgin olive oil that isn’t. So many fake foods are in our supermarkets, our restaurants, and our kitchen cabinets that it’s hard to know what you’re eating anymore. In his new book, Real Food/Fake Food, award-winning journalist Larry Olmsted explains why real food matters and empowers consumers to make smarter choices. Olmsted digs into the unregulated food industry, revealing the shocking deception that extends from high-end foods like olive oil, wine, and Kobe beef to everyday staples such as coffee, honey, juice, and cheese. It’s a massive bait-and-switch in which counterfeiting is rampant and in which the consumer ultimately pays the price.Listen in as Olmsted joins host Lisa Davis to share more about his book, and why the disparity between real food and fake food is becoming such a problem.

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