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Why Your Dog May Have a Better Balanced Diet than You

August 29, 20169 min
Is it possible your pet is eating a healthier diet than you?When you choose food for your pets, the considerations are very rational. You take a look at what veterinary science says is the best, and then you provide that food. Your furry friends have very little choice in the matter. When you choose food for yourself, there are many more variables, such as convenience, taste, discipline, trends, and eating in social settings. As a human placed in certain situations, you're more likely to make poor choices and unhealthy compromises. Freshness and variety is a great concept, but you should also have a few go-to options that will provide essential nutrients (both micronutrients and macronutrients) and other compounds.Douglas (Duffy) MacKay, ND, joins host Lisa Davis to explain why your pet may have a better diet than you and how you can meet your health goals, simply by slightly tweaking your choices.

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