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Adopting Restaurant Practices in Your Kitchen

July 13, 201618 min
You can improve your food experience by adopting some restaurant practices in your own kitchen.Some of the best restaurants provide an incredible and personalized food experience.You can adopt some successful restaurant practices in your own kitchen to enrich your food experience at home.Great restaurants use locally sourced foods. The food may be a bit more expensive, but it supports local agriculture and has local flavor. Farm-to-table food is better for your health.Preparing food at the right moment of ripeness will enhance the flavor in your meal. Fresh tomatoes are great on salads. Overripe tomatoes create better flavor in a bisque. Professional kitchens try to waste nothing. Find recipes that work for your produce at various stages of ripeness.Freshly prepared food nurtures health more than food made for convenience that's later reheated for serving.Listen in as long-time restaurant professional Robinson Shaw shares her experience in the food industry.

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