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Atopic Dermatitis: More than Just a Rash

December 21, 201625 min
Your chronic rash may actually be atopic dermatitis.Atopic dermatitis is chronic eczema, and it doesn’t respond well to steroid cream treatment like a regular rash. People with atopic dermatitis are susceptible to systemic issues, like asthma. It affects the body with chronic and continuous low-level inflammation. Exercise can help regulate that inflammation. Triggers vary from person to person, so you may have to discover your own. Keep stress levels low. Track your eating habits over a week and see if your dermatitis flares. Try eating seasonal, local produce so you’re taking in nutrients from your local environment.As for treatment, you may be able to calm a flare-up with yogurt and leafy greens. Topical application of Neem oil may also help. Sea buckthorn is a natural dietary supplement that has aided skin inflammation.Finally, talk to your dermatologist if you have chronic rashes. There is help for suffering. Listen in as Chef Elizabeth Falkner shares her story of life with atopic dermatitis.
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