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April 27, 201619 min
You can improve your home-cooked meals with a few simple tips from a brilliant chef.Americans are more likely to cook if they know how to prepare simple, delicious meals. Food trends have chefs returning to old techniques and tastes.You can improve the quality and flavor of your homemade meals with a few simple tweaks. With just a few steps, you can turn yourself into the best chef in your household.First, incorporate fermented foods where you can. Fermented foods are living foods that have prebiotics and probiotics. You can make fermented foods from scratch.Second, learn how to properly cook basic meal components. By learning how to prepare chicken and fish properly, you can use that knowledge to get creative with the vegetable and sauce combinations. Train on how to cook a few things really well.Third, consider waste-based cooking. Restaurant chefs learn to use most parts of each fruit or vegetable. You can save the parts of the vegetables you don't use in the dish in a bag in your freezer. Once a week, you can make a vegetable stock by boiling those bits and straining them out. Finally, be smart with your time. Put aside an hour or two on the weekend to cut vegetables, make stocks, and do food preparation for the week's meals. This keeps you from coming home from work to prepare a dish from square one after a long day at the office.Listen in as Chef Luca Paris shares how you can up your cooking game.

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