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Food, Body & Mind

March 16, 201619 min
How does food influence the mind and body?What you eat in one meal can change your microbiome in 24 hours. Food changes your body.Your brain tells your body what you need via hormones. You need fats for proper brain function to keep your body running.Best foods for your mind and body:

Root vegetables, turmeric, and garlic provide steady energy.
Greens help fight off sugar cravings.
Ancient grains provide amino acids, protein, fiber and vitamins so the body can function. They also calm you and provide a steady, natural stream of energy.
Herbs are great for gastrointestinal balance.
Healthy fats are calming for the brain and help the body absorb specific nutrients.

When the body is happy, the mind follows. Depression may be an allergic reaction to inflammation caused by excessive sugar. You want to feed your body so it works well for you and lasts a long time.Avoid or limit the following for optimum mind-body balance:

Cane sugar
White flour
Artificial sweeteners
Cheat days

Dr. Rob Silverman joins Dr. Mike to discuss the food-body-mind connection.

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